Love Look at the Two of Us - Part 2

by Tigerlily

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part two

That night, laying in bed, Laureth couldnít resist crying..the tears flowed freely from her swollen eyes. Ď Iíve known her for one day. One day and she has this...this hold over me! This is one you have to let go.í

The more Laureth tried to convince herself of that, the more she pictured herself in Samanthaís arms, looking up into those amazing blue eyes. And that kiss! It was driving her crazy. Ď Sheís getting married, she couldnít possibly love me. Iíd just be a fling, something to pass the time.í

Laureth continued trying to persuade herself into believing that Samantha was all wrong for her, but deep down, she knew she had found the woman she wanted to spend the rest of her life with...


Three days had passed before Samantha walked into Laurethís office. She was immediately met by disbelieving eyes. Oh, those green eyes! They turned Samantha inside out.

"What are you doing here Sam?"

" Iím glad to see you too, Laureth."

" I just wasnít sure if you would want to see me."

" Well, youíre coordinating my wedding, remember?"

" How could I forget?"

" Can we go somewhere?"

" Iím hungry."

" I figured you might say that!"

" I think Iíll let you take me to lunch."

" Let me, huh?"

" Yes..letís go before I change my mind," Laureth said, a smile lighting up her face.

The two women drove along the coast, occasionally glancing at one another.. smiling shyly.

When Samantha began to pull off of the road, Laureth asked, "Why are we at the beach?"

" For lunch."

" Where? Thereís nothing around here."

" Look," Samantha pulled a blanket and picnic basket out of the trunk

They laid out the blanket on the soft warm sand, and Samantha unpacked the sandwiches and red wine she had brought for them. As they ate, Laureth couldnít help staring at Samantha.

"What?," Samantha asked.

" Do you know how beautiful you are?"

" It must be you. You bring out the best in me."

Laureth grabbed Samanthaís hand and brought it to her lips..chills ran down Samanthaís spine, and a heat rose in her lower half. " Iíve been thinking about you Laureth. All day, every day."

" I know what you mean."

" I can barely function."

Laureth leaned over and planted a kiss on Samanthaís lips. Samantha opened her mouth, letting Laureth claim it with her tongue. The women moaned, hands lost in hair... Laureth pulled away, breathless.

" I need you Sam, now."

" Letís go."

The women hastily packed up their supplies and ran to the car. The drive was a hard one for Samantha..they couldnít keep their hands off one another, all this while Laureth attempted to give directions to her apartment.

Laureth fumbled with her keys, trying to get the door open. Samantha slipped behind her, pressing her body against the smaller womans backside.." Relax Laureth, we have all day," she whispered in her ear.

Once inside, the women locked in a heated kiss. Tongues probed mouths, hands tore away clothing. Laureth led Samantha to her bedroom..climbing to the middle of the large bed, pulling Samantha on top of her. She loved the feeling of the taller womans muscular body over hers. Laureth took one of Samanthaís breasts into her mouth..running her tongue all over the swollen nipple. Samantha gasped at the wonderful sensations stirring within her, she could feel the wetness dripping from between her legs.

Laureth wrapped her legs around Samanthaís waist, pressing her wetness against her.

" are so wet..."

" Itís all for you, Sam."

She flipped over so that she was on top of Sam..her hands traveled down her body..over her breasts and belly..lower to the moist dark patch of hair. Upon contact, Samantha moaned. Laureth easily slipped in 1, 2, and then 3 fingers.

Samantha gasped," Oh..yes..please..harder.."

Laureth began a steady rhythm, loving the feeling of Samís tight, hot grip on her fingers. Laureth began to lower her body, leaving a trail of kisses along Samís neck, breasts..her belly, until she reached Samanthaís wetness...she opened her mouth over the aching clit..sucking it, running her tongue up and inside of Sam.

" Oh yea..Laur..feels so good.."

Laureth flicked her tongue over Samís hot opening..her engorged clit. Samantha bucked her hips against Laurethís mouth..her hands wrapped in her hair, bringing her mouth into her...

" Ahhhnnngghhhh!"

Samanthaís orgasm filled her entire body..her screams echoing off of the walls. Laureth stretched her body over Samís..planting soft kisses on her new loversí lips. " Youíre amazing, Sam."

Samantha struggled to catch her breath..."My turn."

Samantha straddled Laureth, reversing herself so that Laureth got a full view of her round ass and still dripping sex. She hooked Laurethís legs under her arms..bringing her mouth to Laurethís wet center...plunging her tongue inside of Laureth, she ran her thumb over her clit..the nub swollen and begging for attention. Sam inserted two fingers, keeping a furious rhythm with her mouth.

Laureth knew she wouldnít be able to hold out for felt so good.

"Sam..Iím gonna..."

" Come for me baby!"

Laureth followed the command, an intense orgasm tearing through her body..her nails digging into Samanthaís rear.." Sammmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!"

It was awhile before Laurethís breathing returned to normal..she snuggled into the crook of Samanthaís arm, resting her head against Samís breast. " Sam, that was so good. You wore me out!"

Samantha grinned," Thanks, you werenít too bad yourself!"

Laureth playfully swatted Samanthaís arm, then threw an arm and leg over Samís long body....sleep claimed the lovers quickly.


Laureth awoke to find that Samantha was no longer in bed with her, and upon further inspection, she was nowhere to be found.

" Fuck and run, huh Sam?"

Laureth went back to her bedroom and jumped into her rumpled bed..she smiled to herself thinking about what had transpired on that bed just hours ago. Looking at the clock next to her bed, she saw a piece of paper that she hadnít noticed earlier.

" L., Donít think that I just up and ran off on you. I had some business to attend to, and since my father keeps reminding me how the company will one day be mine, I figured I would make the effort. Thank you for the most amazing afternoon..Hereís my cell phone me anytime. Iíll talk to you soon. All my love,S."

Laureth immediately dialed Samís cell phone..she had to hear her voice.


"How did you know?"

"Just hoping. Did you sleep well?"

" I would have slept better if you were here."

" Sorry about that, my dad has kind of been on me lately about being more responsible."

" So when am I going to see you?"

" As soon as I can get back over there..miss me already?"

" I miss you all over.."

" Well, when you put it that way, I guess I better hurry!"

" Iíll see you soon."

" Uhm..Laureth..I..I.."

" I know you do Sam, I feel it too."


Samanthaís father walked back into the conference room as she was hanging up the phone. People said that Samantha was the female version of her father..the same blue eyes, the same straight to the point attitude. Santos always got what he set out to get, and Samantha had always followed his example. She couldnít say no to her father, which is why she had agreed to marry Paul in the first palce. Her father had told her it would be no big deal, the couple could lead seperate lives if they had to. Paulís father wanted to retire early, and when Santos asked to buy his shares in the company he agreed only on one condition, that Samantha marry his son.

"They donít have to be in love Santos. I just want Paul to settle down, maybe theyíll learn to love each other, maybe give us some grandkids."

So Santos had asked his daughter for this one thing, letting her know that her future depended on it. Sure, she would be a rich woman owning part of the company..but she would be the richest woman in the states with complete ownership. Of course, money had never meant much to Samantha. She enjoyed having it, but she never flaunted it, or was greedy about it.She was very generous when it came to money, "a definate fault," Santos had thought.

Samantha was lost in thoughts of Laureth, remembering the joining of their skin..the heat..the wetness.

"Samantha, weíre having dinner with Paul and his family tonight."

"Dad, canít we make it another night? I had plans."

"Sam, Iím sure you can break them, after all, he is your fiance."

Samantha waited until the very last minute to call Laureth..she couldnít bear to disappoint her.

"Itís me again."

" Hey..when are you going to get your cute ass back over here?"

"Listen, I wonít be able to make it. I forgot about these plans with my father, Iím kind of stuck"

" Sam, you donít have to lie to me."

" That obvious?"

" Yea. He is your fiance. I canít compete with that."

" There is no competition.You have my heart."

" Just call when you can fit me in."

Laureth hung up on Samantha and immediately regretted it. ĎJust my fall in love with the soon-to-be-married girl...í She buried herself in a book, then fell asleep.



Over dinner, Samantha tried to show some interest in her companions, but it was a game she couldnít win.Though her father and Paul tried to engage her in conversation, her mind was with Laureth. Samantha picked at her food, and decided she couldnít fake it for long. She rose to leave.

"Samantha, we arenít finished," her father said.

" I am."

" It is rude to leave us all like this, especially your fiance. You two should try to spend a little time together."

" Isnít it enough that I have to marry him?"

A collective gasp rose from the table. Samantha saw her mother down her 4th martini in one gulp.

" Sorry, but I really need to go."

Samantha walked out before anyone could say a word.


Paul put up a cool front for his dinner companions, but inside he was seething. What on earth could Samantha be so preoccupied with? Or whom? He had to know. ĎDamn her! She should just be thankful Iím marrying her ass. I wonít let her ruin everything..not when Iím this close..I can smell that money of hers. And it wonít take long for me to make it all mine!í

to be continued......

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