Love Look At the Two Of Us

part 3

by Tigerlily

*disclaimers*- see part one


part three

Samantha drove straight to Laurethís apartment after her disasterous dinner with Paul, his father, and her parents. She had tried to at least appear to be interested in what any of them were saying, but her mind had been solely on Laureth. When she couldnít stand the mindless conversation any longer, she had got up to leave, in spite of her fatherís insistance that she stay. For the first time in her 26 years she had disobeyed her father. How could she continue the charade for him? Knowing that it was Laureth who had finally set fire to her soul.

Samantha knew she had woken Laureth up by the amount of time it took her to answer the door.

"Whoís there?"

"Itís me, Samantha."

Without words, Laureth opened the door and pulled the taller woman inside by the hand. She saw confusion in the beautiful blue eyes.. she saw the hurt and longed to make it better. She also knew that she could not help Samantha unless she opened up to her and told her what was wrong.

"Samantha, are you ok?"

"Iím fine."

"You donít seem fine."

"I just needed to see you, to be close to you."

Samantha took Laureth in her arms..kissing her neck, her ears, while her hands rubbed Laurethís firm backside.

Laureth felt herself melting in Samanthaís arms... she took her face in between her hands and lifted it up to meet her mouth...running her tongue slowly across Samanthaís lips. She felt Samanthaís hands underneath her night shirt, her fingers pinching hard nipples..teasing them.Then Samantha lifted the night shirt completely over her head, taking in Laurethís nakedness.



"My knees are about to give out."

Samantha grinned, and in one swift motion picked Laureth up and carried her to the bedroom.. placing her gently on the bed. Samantha quickly stripped off her clothes, standing before Laureth, silently offering all she had to give..her body, her soul, her life.

Laureth reached out a hand,"Come here my Love."

Samantha smiled..grabbing Laurethís hand..laying beside her..looking into her soft emerald eyes..she wanted her so bad, she was trembling. She kissed Laureth, soft at first..then with urgency, her tongue darting into her hot mouth. Her hands cupping Laurethís ass, pulling her closer to her...she broke the kiss, panting..lowering her head to take Laurethís nipple into her mouth..sucking it..running her tongue over the hard peak..then the other..biting until Laureth let out a gasp...

Her fingers went to Laurethís wet opening..rubbing the hard clit as she kissed her again...

"I want to watch you Laureth.."

Samantha knelt between Laurethís legs..watching as she brought her hands to her wetness, then inserted three fingers...stroking her clit with the rhythm of her fucking..

While Laureth pleasured herself, Samantha brought a finger to Laurethís tight asshole...slowly inserting Laureth moaned in pleasure..Samantha began to pump her finger in rhythm with Laurethís fingers...she could feel her tightening on her, her body close to release...

Samantha moved Laurethís hands away and replaced them with her own... she lowered her mouth to taste Laureth, her juices flowing all over her thighs..Samantha sucked on her clit hard and fast.. getting pleasure from the act in itself.

"Sam..not so me slow.."

The request almost made Samantha come..desire coating her voice... Samantha slowed down..her tongue running the length of Laurethís sex..then inside as far as it would reach. She applied feather like strokes to the aching clit, as she inserted two fingers... it was all Laureth could stand..


Samantha brought her lips up to kiss Laureth....her juices coating her nose and chin...letting the other woman taste herself...

"I was trying so hard not to come, at least not so fast."

"You are so beautiful, Laureth... you canít know how much you turn me on."

"I think I have a pretty good idea."


"I can feel you dripping all over my leg!"

Samantha blushed...grinning shyly she lowered her head to Laurethís chest and listened to the steady heartbeat.

Minutes passed and then Laureth asked, "Can I do something?"


Laureth got up and went to her closet, taking out a box. She pulled something out and then went to the bathroom with it. Samantha lay in bed..curious as to what her lover was up to.

When Laureth finally came out of the bathroom, she had attached a purple leather harness with a pink phallus.

"I got this a while back as a gag gift, but never had anyone to use it with."

Samantha propped herself up on her elbows and said, "Well, then come here and use it."

That was all Laureth needed to hear. She climbed back onto the bed..laying on top of Samantha..kissing her softly on the lips. She used one hand to guide the phallus inside .. Samanthaís wetness allowing an easy entrance.

Laureth got on her knees and began pumping in and out of Samantha. She loved hearing the little moans that escaped her lips each time she thrust inside...she bent forward and took Samanthaís nipple in her mouth..licking and sucking on it in rhythm with her fucking.

Laureth pulled out and laid next to Samantha, "I want you to ride me."

Samantha straddled Laurethís hips..slowly lowering herself onto the extension...she groaned at the sensation of being filled up...she bucked her hips, lowering her chest to Laurethís waiting mouth. She could feel herself getting closer to her peak...especially when Laureth began slapping her ass with both hands.

Laureth rose her hips to meet with Samanthaís..." feel so good."

Samantha threw her head back in ecstasy..the orgasm convulsing her body as she let out a cry to the gods....

She lifted herself off of Laureth and moved to lay next to her..." me get this thing off!"

Samantha got it unbuckled and lay it next to the bed. Laureth pushed her back onto the bed and let her tongue travel the length of her body. "Now, I want to taste you."

She brought her tongue to Samanthaís wetness...letting it circle the sensitive nub...flicking it roughly..then softly, noting which method got the better response. ĎRough it is, my lovely.í

She grabbed onto her thighs..pushing her face into the hot wetness..lapping up the juices..loving the reactions of her lover, as Samantha moaned and pulled on her hair. it wasnít long before Samantha was lost in another orgasm..lights and stars exploding behind her closed eyes as she screamed her lovers name....


Laureth lay curled against Samanthaís body, fighting sleep. She could tell that Samantha was bothered by something, but when asked, she replied, " Nothing."

Their lovemaking had been slow, sensuous...Samantha savoring every taste, every kiss. She had felt an overwhelming urge to possess Laureth, with her mouth, her fingers, going so far as to leave red love bites all over her neck, chest and inner thighs. Laureth had quipped, "You know, that felt really good while you were doing it, but now it hurts like hell. Guess I better get my turtlenecks out!"

Samantha had grinned shyly, "Sorry."

They laid together in silence after that, lost in thoughts and emotions. Samantha smiled to herself as she thought of Laureth, the woman she had come to love. She knew she couldnít marry Paul, not now. To hell with the company, the money, everything. All she wanted was Laureth. She knew she had to tell her father as soon as possible. She also had to tell Laureth exactly what her intentions were. Looking to her right, she saw that Laureth had fallen fast asleep. She looked so peaceful. Ď Now thatís a sight I will never tire of.í

Rays of sunshine danced upon Samanthaís face, waking her. She blinked against them, slightly annoyed, still feeling exhausted from the night before. "Laureth?," she called out. hearing no response, she got out of bed and searched the apartment, finding only a note posted to the bathroom mirror. "Had to go to work. See you later. I love you..Laureth."

Samantha showered and dressed and locked the apartment up behind her. Holding up a hand to block the sun from her eyes, she didnít notice the car parked across the street from hers. She also didnít see the man inside, slowly and methodically snapping pictures of her leaving the apartment and driving away in her car.


It was Friday and Samantha was fiending for Laureth,whom she hadnít seen in two days. It seemed as though some unknown force was keeping them apart, Samantha in meetings with her father, and Laureth with very demanding brides. Samantha decided she needed to have Laureth all to herself for the weekend. Dialing her number, she was a little surprised when Laureth picked up on the first ring.

"That was quick, waiting for someone?"

"Yes, actually I was."

"Who is she? Should I be jealous?"

"Well, sheís gorgeous, beautiful eyes, a great body, and I wonít even go into what this girl can do in bed."

"Looks like I might have to have a little talk with her, tell her to stay away from my girl."

Itís too late, I already am hopelessly in love with her."



" I love you too, assuming I was the girl you were speaking of!"

"Of course silly!"

"Iíve missed you something awful. Iíve been in meetings with my dad, heís been trying to groom me into his replacement. Anyhow, do you think you could escape with me for the weekend?"

" Sure, where to?"

" Ever been to Las Vegas?"

"Not since Iíve been of age."

"Pack your stuff, weíll leave in an hour."


Laureth slept most of the drive, Samantha holding her hand and occasionally kissing it as she drove. When they arrived at the hotel, Laureth was immediately taken aback by the large suite that they were staying in, especially when she saw the view of the Las Vegas strip from the window.

"Sam, this suite is bigger than my apartment! Itís beautiful."

"And so are you."

Laureth wrapped her arms around Samanthaís neck, bringing their lips together. Their tongues danced around one another, setting fire to both of them. Laureth broke the kiss.

"Iím hungry."

"Me too," Sam growled, her teeth nipping at Laurethís neck.

"As wonderful as that feels, I really need to eat. Iím starving."

"How about we get changed and go out and get something?"

"Sounds good, what did you have in mind?"

"Letís go to the Hard Rock Casino, I think youíll enjoy it. Itís a much younger crowd than a lot of the other places."

"Cool, letís hurry."


The women decided to take a taxi to the casino, Samantha not wanting to have to deal with the Vegas traffic. Though Samantha tried to give the driver money, Laureth insisted on paying the fare. It was a simple act that charmed Samantha. Having money had always attracted the wrong kind of people to her, and her kindness allowed these people to take advantage of her. She had given out loans, bought people cars, and yet none of these people ever offered to pick up the check at resteraunts, much less pay a cab fare. It warmed her heart to know that Laureth was different, and her love for her was growing by the minute.

They walked around the casino, the circular walkway filled with slot machines with the likes of Jimi Hendrix and Sid Vicious on them. Laureth loved the rock and roll atmosphere of the place, and she tugged on Samanthaís sleeve when she spotted a place to eat.

During the meal, Samantha was once again shocked by Laurethís appetite. She not only ate her plate, but half of Samanthaís, then she devoured dessert.

"How on earth do you eat like that and stay so thin?"

"I work out, though I havenít been able to much since we got together."

"I think we get a pretty good workout anyhow."

A blush rose from Laurethís neck to her face.

"Youíre so cute when you blush."

Laureth giggled, then stuck her tongue out.

"Save that for later."

"Alright,but what should we do now?"

"I like to play blackjack. What do you want to do?"

"I think Iíll try those Elvis slots I saw."

"Here, take this."

"I donít need your money Sam."

"Take it, play whatever you want. If you win, we can discuss repayment," a crooked grin spread across her lips.

Laureth reached up and planted a kiss on Samanthaís lips. " Okay, Iíll take it. Good luck Sam."

"Iíll come and find you in awhile. Good Luck."



After a few hands at blackjack, Samantha had turned her hundred dollars into six hundred. She decided it was best to leave the table while she was ahead, and wandered off to the roulette table. Thinking she was on a lucky streak, she placed six hundred dollar bills on black. The little ball spun on the circular wheel..... finally landing on black 26. Samantha couldnít surpress the grin on her face, she was never lucky like this. She promptly took her $1200 and set out to find Laureth.

"Come on..three 7ís..three 7ís..."

"I take it things arenít going too well?," Samantha playfully ruffled Laurethís hair.

"Nope, not too good. I think Iím ready to move on."

"Alright, oh, before I forget, here you go."

"Samantha why are you giving me all of this money?"

" I won it, I guess youíre my lucky charm."

"I canít take this."

"I insist that you do."


"Laureth, itís not like I need it. It was a game, I had a bit of luck, and now I want to give it to you. Play with it, do whatever you want, just take it."

"Are you sure?"


"Youíre so good to me Sam," she said as she threw her arms around the taller womans neck,"Now letís go."

The women casino hopped for a few more hours before Samantha had to physically remove Laureth from one of the machines.

"I am exhausted baby, itís 3 in the morning."

"But Iím hungry again."

"You can order room service."


Back at the hotel, Laureth polished off bacon, eggs, hash browns, fruit, and hot tea. Samantha struggled to stay awake, but she could hold her eyelids open no longer. After finishing her meal, Laureth kissed her sleeping lover and followed suit.


Paul was irritated by the incessant ringing of his cell phone. He pushed the sleeping blonde away from his side as he reached to answer it.


"Itís Dave."

"Have you been following her?"

"Of course, and youíll never guess what Iíve come up with."

"Just tell me."

"It seems like you and your fiance have quite a way with the ladies."


"Samantha has been staying at an apartment with a cute little blonde. At first I thought they were just friends, but seeing them hugging and kissing all over each other has proved otherwise."

"Where are they?"

"A very expensive suite in Las Vegas."

"Do you have pictures of them together?"


"Get back here."

Paul hung up and began to tremble with anger. ĎNo wonder you donít want anything to do with me, Samantha. Youíre sadly mistaken if you think Iím going to let you fuck me over for some pussy. Letís see what you have to say for yourself when I show you those pictures, pictures Iím sure you donít want daddy to see. How much is it worth to you to keep your little secret?í



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