Murder, Inc.

by Ri

Disclaimers: These two characters are all mine. Any resemblance to anyone real or on TV is not intended. This story is meant for mature readers. If you are under 18, or if two women falling in love bothers you, please find something else to read.

Of all the things Alexandra hated, Christmas shopping had to be on the top of her list. She wanted to get it over with, so in a determined stride she entered the crowded mall. The tall beautiful woman spotted the little cafeí outside of Macyís and decided to get a cappuccino.

At the stand a cute strawberry blonde smiled at the raven haired beauty as she approached. ĎWow! What beautiful eyes,í She thought to herself as those pale blue eyes smiled warmly back at her.

ĎWow! What beautiful eyes.í Alex thought as the vibrant green eyes shined at her in anticipation. "Hi, may I have a chocolate cappuccino, please?" she asked as she slightly tilted her head to one side.

"Sure, coming right up," Patty thought the tilt was endearing.

Alex was enjoying watching the girl work when a sudden movement to the right caught her eye. Without any hint of movement on the tall womanís part she suddenly leapt over the counter and protected the girl with her own body.

Suddenly there was horror everywhere as shots rang out and a patron that had been only two feet from Alex was lying in his own blood. Alex looked over the counter into the eyes of the killer. Her eyes held no fear, instead they were scalding the gunman with anger. The assailant looked stunned than ran out of the mall looking over his shoulder sure he was going to die at any moment..

ĎMaybe later, Robbie. I have more important things to look into right now.í Alex thought to herself as she looking into terrified green eyes. She held out her arms and let the girl wrap herself around her crying. She held her quietly, calming her with slow easy strokes against her back.

* * * *

After talking to the police the beautiful executive took the lovely young waitress home. She sat across the table from the nervous young woman as they both sipped some water. As Alex reached to get an ice cube she was stopped in mid motion by a gasp from her new friend.

"What's wrong?" Alex asked instantly alert.

"You have blood splattered on you. Would you like to use my shower?" she asked, then realizing what that sounded like she stuttered, "I...mean...uh..."

"I know what you meant Miss Darcy. No I think Iíll regretfully leave you and go home to take care of this." She put the glass down a little too hard and it cracked startling both woman, "Iím so sorry...I..."

"Thatís ok Miss Bennett, I know you're upset..."

They smiled at each other both stunned by the emotions they were feeling.

* * * * *

Two hours later Alex entered her building and headed for her office. The Bennett building was the center of the biggest distributor of toy soft ware in the world. It was also a front. A very good front and Alex was damned if she was going to let one rookie ruin her business.

Tony had no doubt of his boss's mood as she strode into her office. There was no friendly greeting or inquiry of any kind. Just a brisk order and the slamming of her office door.

Alex sat behind her desk and booted up her computer. She grimly thought of the meeting ahead of her. ĎMaybe I should retire and give this side of the business to someone else. I canít let it affect me this way if Iím to...If Iím to what? Enjoy this? I havenít had that rush in quite a while. It's purely business... that makes me see clearly why I donít want to be here anymore.í

Her thoughts were interrupted by a discreet knock, "Come."

As Tommy quietly entered her office she looked sheepishly at him, "Sorry, Tommy. You know that Iím not pissed at you, right?"

Tony smiled, "Alex, your apartment and car have been scraped and the clothing replaced. Anything else?"

"Yes, an innocent was next to me at the time of the action. I want her place very, and I mean very discreetly scraped. Her car too. Sheís not to know, Tommy. I mean not even an inkling. Hereís her address. Donít leave a single trace, same with her car."

"Do you want me to take any precautions with her..."

"Fuck No!!!" Alexís eyes went from calm to angry in a flash and Tommy blinked.

"I donít want anything, I mean anything at all to happen to her! I want her to stay whole and healthy. If anything happens, I mean if one of you guys causes her to break a nail I will see personally to that person's discipline. Do you get my drift here, Tommy?" The rest of this statement was very cooly said but Tommy could see the deadly glint in her eyes.

"Yes Maíam. Not a hair out of place, I promise."

It was silent in the room again and then Alex took a deep breath and sighed. She sat down again. She was unaware that she had even stood up. Every protective instinct was aroused by this stranger. ĎWhatís up with me?í She thought to herself.

"I trust your discretion, Tommy." She said smiling at the quiet man before her.

"Thank you, Maíam," Tommy smiled gently at his boss. He sensed her confusion and suspected the reasons for it. He had known Alex for a long time.

"Donít worry, Boss. The innocent will remain as you like; all innocent's are to remain untouched."

Alex smiled at her secretary and friend, "Good man." She leaned back in her chair and looked up at him with intense blue eyes, "Now to the other matter. Did you send for him?"

"Heíll be here soon, Alex."

She nodded and Tommy knew he was dismissed.

As Roberto reached the Penthouse he knew he was in big trouble. The company had few rules. One was that no innocent would suffer at our hands to complete a job. Rule two was that Alex would never be involved in any scenario. He blew both of them. He blew one through miscalculation and the other through bad luck. ĎHow the hell was I to know Alex would be at the mall? She hates shopping,í He thought glumly to himself. He knew her penalties were swift and sometimes deadly so he was more then a little unnerved as he entered her outer chamber.

Tommy looked up and nodded grimly toward the door, "Go on in, Robbie. Sheís waiting for you."

Slowly he entered her beautiful office. It was tasteful and stylish; pure Alex. Alexandra Bennett was the CEO and founder of Toys by Me.Com and ran that highly successful company gently and firmly. She was also CEO of Murder, Inc. which she ran with an iron fist. And Robby knew he was about to run right into it..

"Sit.," The beautiful executive ordered as he walked quietly to his chair. She waited with a grim expression on her face. She shook her head, "Two rules, Robby. Two fuckiní rules. Is there any reason I shouldnít have you taken care of this minute?" She asked, gazing at him with those pale blue eyes that held no hope for his outcome.

To his credit he gazed back, his eyes full of penance and answered quietly, "No Maíam."

She nodded her head and then started to pace behind her desk back and forth like a lioness in a cage. "Why Robby? Why a place full of innocents?"

"It was the only time he was clear, Maíam."

"But he wasnít, was he? Do you realize I got his blood on my favorite trenchcoat? Do you understand that two innocents were at a table two feet away and another was behind the counter only a foot away? If I hadnít been there that girl would of been hit by your stray." Alex shuddered at the thought of how close Patty was to being hit.

"In hindsight, yes Maíam but at the time, no I didnít see those problems. I just thought it was a good opportunity to fulfill the contract." He replied honestly.

Roberto knew one never lied to this powerful woman. She always saw a lie a mile away and the results of such a mistake were always deadly.

Alex sat down and drummed her fingers on the edge of her computer pad. "I really donít want you to be taken out Robby. But you hit a place that I was at...."

"But it wasnít in the book, Maíam..."

Her eyebrow arched at the interruption and Robby shuddered. "Yes, Robby I was going to say that. You know how I feel about rudeness Roberto." She said his full name in such a tone to emphasize the point. "You are on very thin ice, Robby. Since I did not get detained and you didnít really hit an innocent I will let this pass. But," She said the word with such quiet force it stilled his blood, "you will not get a second chance. Do you get me, Robby?"

"Yes, Maíam. Thank you, Maíam."


Roberto practically tripped running out of her office.

"Iím getting soft." Alex thought to herself as she started to go through her in-box.

The buzz on her desk jolted her out of her thoughts as she thought dreamily of a certain strawberry blonde. "Yes," She said into the phone after banging her finger down on the reply button, highly annoyed.

"Miss Darcy on line 2," Tommy replied calmly.

"Thanks," She looked at the blinking light, íDo I actually have butterflies?í She thought to herself. Then she shook her head in an attempt to clear out the little dears and hit line 2, "Miss Darcy, how are you?" Alexís voice suddenly became warm and she hardly recognized it.

"Iím fine. Thank you, Miss Bennett. I just wanted to make sure you were all right. I was really worried about you." Patty replied sweetly.

Alex smiled. Someone was worried about her. Now that was a switch. "Iím fine, Miss Darcy, are you ok?" That bullet was way too close to this special young woman for Alexís peace of mind.

"Yes, Iím really fine thank you, Miss Bennett."

ĎThis formality is getting on my nerves,' Thought Alex as she drummed her fingers on her desk. "Would it break any rules, Miss Darcy if you called me Alex? This Miss Bennett stuff is really beginning to bug me." Startled the young woman began to apologize. Alex shook her head and laughed, "Iím not upset. How about I call you Patty and you call me Alex? Not one of my employees calls me Miss Bennett. Not even the parking attendendant."

Patty smiled and it showed in her voice, "Iíd like that, Alex."

"I would too. Now may I be so bold as to ask if you have any plans for lunch?"

Patty laughed and Alex decided she really loved the sound of that sweet laugh. "Iíd love to have lunch with you. My lunch is at 1pm and I have an hour."

"Ok. It's a date. Would you like me to pick you up at your stand?"

"Yes please."

"See you at 1pm Patty.í

"I'm really looking forward to it, Alex."

"So am I, bye."

"Bye, Alex,"

There was a quiet click and Alex couldnít help but feel it inside. There was such a connection to this young woman. Alex felt herself care. She wanted ...needed her in her life. "Bizarre." She said out loud in her empty office.

"Maíam," Tommy caught Alex as she left her office.

"Yes?" She replied impatiently. She wanted be with Patty as soon as possible.

"The innocent has been scraped and left untouched. Do you have anything else you need for us to do for her?"

Alex smiled, "Anything else I will communicate myself. Iím meeting her for lunch. And Tommy I donít want any unpleasant interruptions."

Surprised and yet not surprised Tommy simply replied, "Yes Maíam."

"Good man," and she was gone.

"Well well a taste for innocents', huh Boss?" He asked quietly under his breath.

Patty was lost in the depths of pale eyes as she listened to Alex tell her about a recent trip to Asia to set up a contract for her soft ware. She ate absently mindedly and listened to each and every word as if they would explain the secret to life itself.

Alex was just as transfixed by the sea green eyes before her. It was beyond her understanding but she felt so comfortable with Patty. She felt like she had known the young woman forever. She was talking to the green eyed beauty non stop and could hardly believe that she was still Alex Bennett. Normally a very quiet person, her nerves pushed her to keep chattering away in order to keep this woman with her. "Patty, I have a proposal that you may think rather bizarre. Iím really sincere..."

Pattyís face reflected puzzlement but no apprenhension so Alex continued while she absent mindedly played with her salad. "I have a position in my sales department that I think you would be perfect for. I really think it would be a good change for you. It's selling soft ware to childrenís stores all over the world. You have the perfect personality for that. Would you be interested?"

Alex actually crossed her fingers under the table. She wanted this woman close. Putting her on the legitimate side of the business would give her daily access.

Pattyís eyes widened in shock, "Why...I mean...You donít know me. I donít know anything about software...I..."

Alex was both pleased and amused. She was pleased because Patty didnít want or expect anything from her. She was amused because of how cute the girl looked when she was flustered.

"Donít worry about that. We can train you. Would you be interested? It would mean alot more money and...I could see you every day..."Alexís voice trailed off. She felt she had just gone too far. She didnít want to scare the girl into next week. When Alex peeped up through her eyelashes she was stunned to see a brilliant smile and a pleased expression.

"For that I would train forever!" Patty replied enthusiactally. Then she remembered who she was talking to, "I mean you're a very important person. Iím sure you didnít mean you would train me personally."

Alex was astounded by the reaction. Alex had an image float through her head of Patty sitting on her lap as she went through every nuance of her new job. She shook her head slightly and smiled, "Actually that is exactly what I have in mind. I would teach you all about our soft ware. Then your training time would be shared with my sales manager who will show you our phone and management techniques. Youíll see both of us every day for a month. What do you think?"

Patty was overwhelmed by three things at the same time.

1.The offer

2. Alexís smile

3. The thought of seeing Alex again.

Most of all was she was overwhelmed with the joy of seeing this beautiful incredible woman every day for a month!! With out further thought Patty replied shyly, "Iíd love to."

Alex's smile widened and her heart started thumping loudly. She was very excited. She didnít want to go back to her damn office. She certainly didnít want Patty to go back to her booth. "Patty, this is an outrageous request but could you quit today? Iíd really like to spend more then an hour with you."

Now Pattyís heart was thumping wildly. She was so excited. She would agree to anything just to stay in this womanís presence.

"Yes, Iíll do it...Sam will be very mad..Do you think you could come with me? Iím ...well ...Iím kind of scared of him. He was mad that I left after the shooting. He has a really bad temper...I donít mean to impose..."

Alexís newly discovered protective streak surfaced again, "He was mad at you for that!?!" She said more fiercely then loudly. Pattyís eyes widened and Alex instantly calmed down. "Patty, that reaction wasnít toward you. Iím really pissed that your boss would do that to you. Yes, Iíll come with you and if he says one nasty thing or raises his finger toward you I guarantee you heíll hear a lot from me."

Patty was pleased and shocked by what Alex said, "But why Alex? Why are you soooo mad? He didnít yell at you. He yelled at me. Why do you care?" Then she placed both hands over her mouth and closed her eyes as she realized she had just said that to her benefactor.

Alex smiled,íGood question,' she thought to herself. Out loud she replied gently, "To be honest I really donít know why. I do though. Can you accept that?"

Patty nodded and smiled shyly, "It's weird Alex, but I feel such a connection to you. Itís like..."

"Weíve known each other forever."Alex finished the sentence in a soft voice that she didnít even recognize as her own. They both sat, each playing with their food while deep in thought. They suddenly looked up at the exact same moment and burst into a fit of giggles. Once Alex got herself under control she said blushing, "I havenít giggled or blushed like this..since I was 10 years old." Then she looked up at her companion, "Come on let's get you your freedom."


Two people paced nervously in Alexís outer office when the phone rang suddenly. Their headís whipped around as they listened intently to Tommyís every word.

"Toys software, Oh God, Alex, where are you?" Tommyís expression changed rapidly to shock. "Uh Alex, you had a meeting and...but their... Ok, ok, fine, Iíll relay the message. Bye, Alex." He looked at the two people in his office as he put the receiver down. He cleared his throat nervously, "Alex will not be in for the rest of the day."

The two people stopped dead in their tracks and stared at Tommy for a full minute. "What?" Val exclaimed, "I was under direct orders from her Tommy. She had us in quarantine practically until she saw us and sheís cancelling?"

"Hey, Iím just the messenger,Val. She said to reschedule for 7am on the dot tomorrow. She also said to stress the 'on the dot' part as she would be busy for the rest of the day."

"My God..Tommy!!" She screamed.

"Do not scream in this office, Val. We are three feet from the excutive offices of Toys and you know how Alex feels about..."

"Being professional at all times around Toys. I know, I know, it's her mantra. Tommy not showing for a meeting requested at 11am for 3pm is not professional either..."

"Val, are you going to tell Alexandra Bennett that she is being unprofessional?" Tommy asked her, stunned and amused at the same time. Val stared at him and then turned toward Roberto who said quietly to the agitated woman, "Iím in six feet of deep trouble, Val. Thatís why Iím here. Iím not going to say anything but "yes Maíam" and "no Maíam" to her.

Val growled, shook her head wildly and stormed out of the office.

Roberto quietly followed.

Tommy stared out the window, "What's up with you, Alexandra?"

Sam looked up at the intimidating woman and then down at his sweet faced employee. He really wanted to scream and yell. He wanted to call her an ungrateful bitch, but the moment after Patty quit Alex had stepped closer to her. With one look into those ice blue eyes he knew he had to watch his step.

"Patty, canít you give me..."

"No she canít. She politely quit and now you will politely write out her check. Then I can get her started on a real career. "Alex interrupted him in a quiet voice full of deadly ice.

This was the first time Patty had heard this side of Alex. Weirdly, it didnít scare her at all. She felt it was familiar and she knew instinctively that Alex would never use that side on her. Oh, Alex would get mad at her but as long as she was honest and tried to do her best, Alex would always be the sweet kind woman she was at their lunch.

Sam quietly wrote out her check and held it out to Patty but Alex got it before Patty could even move a finger. Alex grabbed the manís arm in a vice like grip and asked quietly, "This is it? What about severance pay, sick days, vacation? Sheís worked here six months! Sheís entitled to more then a lousy two hundred bucks!"

Patty quietly said, "It's ok, Alex."

Alex turned to Patty and in entirely different tone of voice, with her eyes suddenly warm and sympathetic said, "Patty, this is not acceptable. It is in fact against the law. Isnít it?" She addressed the last to the man in her grip with icy eyes once more.

Patty was stunned at how quickly the woman could switch like that.

Sam quickly wrote out a second check for four hundred dollars, "Is this acceptable, Maíam?"

Alex studied it and said, "Yes, it will do. Patty, do you have anything here or anything you need to turn in?"

"No Alex, I already turned in my apron and hat."

"Good girl. Okay say goodbye and let's git." Alex said sweetly and with a beautiful smile for her new friend.

Patty grinned brightly back at her and then turned to Sam to say a kindly voiced goodbye.

ĎUh oh I am in big, big trouble.í Alex thought to herself as she led her friend out of the mall. ĎI have done things in the last 24 hrs. that I have never even thought of doing before. And Iím so damn happy about it!í

Alex drove Patty to her mansion and then escorted the young woman on a tour around her home. After instructing the butler that there would be two for dinner she settled her new friend comfortably in the living room. Alex then sat down next her on the beautiful yet comfortable, warm brown couch smiled proudly and asked quietly, "What do you think?" She was amazed to find that she was nervous about the reply. ĎWhat the hell is the matter with me?í She thought to herself.

"I think it's beautiful Alex... wow! You have incredible taste. Iím so in awe of you. Youíve accomplished so much. Iím amazed..."

"Whoa, slow down. First off I inherited this place and the money to start Toys. The only thing Iíve accomplished is to make more money for my company and make my idea a success. I also redecorated the mansion. My mother had it in 1950ís modern, you know the uncomfortable kind of modern? Yuck. I like this look with antiques and classics. Do you really like it?" Alex asked her new friend meekly.

Patty smiled brightly nodding her head, "Of course. It's beautiful. I love this stuff. I browse the flea markets and the stores at lunch in the mall. I like to sometimes imagine I owned stuff like this. Silly huh?"

"Why silly?"

"Alex, I couldnít afford this small end table. Even with the new salary you are starting me at. I just like to admire it. I know Iíll never own it." Patty replied sincerely.

Alex had an overwhelming desire to invite her to stay here forever. She would have to know a few things first before she even entertained the idea of asking her. Her instincts screamed that she could trust Patty but she knew she had to be cautious.

"You never know Patty, One day you could be a vice president and then we could have matching estates." She finally replied with big smile.

Pattyís eyes widened and she shook her head, "You expect way too much from me Alex. Maybe...Maybe this is a mistake. I donít want to disappoint you."

"Patty, You could never disappoint me and I really think that you think too little of yourself. I see so much potential in you. I would never have made you this offer if I didnít." Patty had lowered her head. Alex made the girl keep eye contact with her by taking a long elegant finger and gently bringing her chin up. Alex suddenly had to swallow as she looked into those beautiful green eyes and clear her throat to continue. Her voice was quiet and soothing. "You are bright and I have more confidence in you then you do. But Kiddo, we are going to change all that. Under my training you are going to learn to believe in yourself!"

They stared deeply into each others eyes for a long time until a discreet cough made them both jump. They hadnít heard the butler enter the room they were both so intensely staring into each others eyes, soul reaching out to soul.

"What is it, Henry?" Alex asked gruffly, annoyed at his interruption.

"Maíam, dinner is served," Henry replied with complete dignity.

"Thank you weíll be there in a minute." Henry nodded and withdrew.

"He was from my parent's time and he can be very maddening." Alex explained her bit of terseness.

"He was just doing his job, Alex," Patty replied gently. "Youíd have been upset if we missed dinner. Wouldnít you?"

ĎNot really,í Thought Alex. She nodded and smiled saying, "You're right. Come on, lets eat."

Alex sat at her beautiful redwood antique dressing table from the 19th century. She was brushing her long raven hair and staring into her big blue eyes and said with great conviction to herself, "Alex, you are so much trouble. You're falling in love. Damn, and you donít even know if she is a member of your club. I will not do a damn thing. Iíll just let this go naturally. I will not lose her or this precious friendship, damn it." She looked at her reflection and shook her head at the force of her own words. Then she started to gently smile as she thought about her dinner with the beautiful young woman. As she walked her to the limo she told Patty that sheíd pick her up at 630 sharp. Her eyes widened in the mirror as she remembered the feelings of loss that ripped through her as the car pulled out of her long drive way to the road beyond. What was really shocking to Alex was that she felt no panic at these new feelings. She was excited and very happy.

"Oh boy, I am in really big trouble here," She said out loud to her image as she continued to brush her hair, her face reflecting the joy she felt.

End Part One

To Be Continued.......

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