Murder, Inc.

part 10

by Ri

Please see part one for all disclaimers.

Alex was in her own office at her own desk working on her own computer. It all appeared normal but she knew that it wasn’t. She also knew she was being carefully monitored by Detective Jaust downstairs as well as Patty and Vito back at the mansion. It was not a happy girlfriend that she left this morning. In fact the melancholy was still soaring through her soul as she tried to concentrate on the figures on the spreadsheet on her screen.

"Alex, isn’t there another way?" Patty asked as they ate their breakfast at the cabin. They had already loaded the car for the trip back to the city. Uncle Vito would meet them at the mansion and Alex would go on to the office seemingly all alone.

"No Sweetheart, there isn’t. I know you think this is too much of a risk but...Patty I need to end this. I want to be free...I..." Tears began to fall down Alex’s cheeks and she brushed at them impatiently turning her head away from the woman who meant everything to her.

Patty got up and came over to Alex, She gently lifted her chin and wiped the tears that were still falling despite their owner's best attempts to stop them. "Its ok, you don’t have to say anymore. You don’t owe me any explanation...I really..."

"Yes, I do!" Alex exclaimed throwing her arms around Patty and bringing her as close as possible to her in a tight embrace. The next words were whispered passionately to her from trembling lips. Patty had to struggle to hear her voice it was so low, "I owe you everything. My love, my loyalty and my life. You are my whole world, Patty. I would die for you, but I am going to do better then that, My Love. I am going to live and win this battle. I will win this fight and my freedom. I want us to be able to plan our lives together. I want to create what I hope we both want and deserve. A happy and peaceful life. I want us to be content together as long as we live." Alex then brought her lips to Patty’s and passionately kissed her with love and devotion...


Alex’s eyes snapped open to see Cindy with a smile her lips. Alex realized she had drifted off with her thoughts and kicked herself knowing how dangerous such a lapse could be for her. She had to remember she had to job to do and focus.

"Yes, Cynthia?"

The other woman smiled and with a slight of nod her head said, "You asked to be reminded when it was 10a.m. Ma’am."

Alex smiled back and nodded her head in acknoledgement,"Yep, I sure did thanks."

"My pleasure, Ma’am." Cindy went back out, closed the door and sat down at Tommy’s desk.

‘Well my little bird flew into our cage, did she?’ Thought Alex with a smirk turning back to her computer. The signal was arranged that what ever time Julia arrived, Cindy would announce it as the time Alex wanted to be reminded of for reasons known only to the boss. The reason of course was so Alex would know when her tormentor had arrived at the office. Alex flicked on the monitor hidden on a shelf on her large desk and watched as Julia began her day in Peter’s new outer office.

‘Damn her, she acts so normal! She just puts her damn stuff away and gets coffee. She doesn’t even ask around to see if I’m here yet. Come on Bitch move already! I need to get on with my life.’

The phone rang on her desk and she answered it, her eyes never leaving Julia on the small hidden screen. "Alex." She answered briskly.

"Alexa, calm down." Vito said calmly over the wire.

A small smirk came to her mouth and her head turned toward where the hidden camera was picking up her every movement.

"What makes you think I’m not?" She knew the phone was safe because she had the place swept on arrival this morning.

Vito chuckled, "Oh come on, you're as jittery as a God damned bird, Alexa. Now calm down. I think Patty has already gnawed off all her finger nails."

At the mention of her love's name Alex’s expression visibly brightened.

"Is she available?"

"Is the Pope Catholic?"Vito laughed good naturedly and handed the phone to his companion.

The next voice in her ear brought peace to her heart, "Alex?"


"Hi, are you ok?"

"Of course. Don’t I look it?" She whispered.

"You look beautiful and very nervous. I see it and so does Vito but no one else would. Its the little things you pick up when you love some one."


"Your jaw is very tight, you're playing with your hair and drumming your fingers on the keypad...."

"Ok, I get the idea."She interrupted with a chuckle. "I....Uh...I just want to get this over with already. I want to get out of here and back to you."

"Me too."

"Patty....When this is over...I...Uh..."She was interrupted by a knock on the door. "Hold on a minute, Love." Her eyes flicked to the screen and saw the bitch wasn’t on it anymore and then they flicked back to the door . She visibly changed into the head of Murder Inc. "Yes?" Her voice was strong and steady.

Cindy opened the door. She noted the transformation with approval, "Ma’am the package is on the move. I believe it would be better if we meet it."

"Yep, you're right. Hold on a minute, "She picked the phone up and spoke quietly, "Love, I’ll call you back."

"Be careful, Alex."

"I will. Talk to you in a bit." She stared at the phone for a split second after she hung up. When she looked up her eyes were now icy, "Let sort out this God damned package once and for all."

* * * * *

Julia was estactic her target was here alone without Tommy or anyone to protect her. No one really to see to her needs except for a pretty temp she saw but said nothing to in the bathroom. Her smile brightened as she saw the little thing with glasses who was introducing herself to another Admin as Cynthia, the boss lady's temp.

‘This is so great, I’ll just wait till this little girl takes her first break and then boom bye, bye, Alex forever!’ She thought gleefully to herself as she casually went down the hall to the excutive suites. She was at an angle from the break room so she could see Alex’s office and the front door to the room. Knowing she could slip out the side door and finish the job she sipped her coffee and waited.

Patty and Vito waited in the den of Alex’s mansion as Alex and her police protectors switched from one view to the next looking for their target. Julie was found down the hall, Patty’s grip on Vito’s hand tightened as she saw the enemy on the small screen.

Vito patted the little hand gently and smiled, "Don’t worry darling. That bitch has no idea of what she is up against." He turned Patty’s head to face him so he could look her in the eye, "You know the sweet soft side of Alexa. The best part, right?" Patty nodded her head. "You bring out all that goodness in her. You are a true blessing to her. But my young friend, she is still the head of Murder Inc. and even if she hates that part of her personality, there is not a more deadly enemy then my Alexa. Especially at a time like this when the ones she loves are threatened. This woman’s biggest mistake was in targeting you and I. All of Alexa’s protective instincts have been provoked. You watch my darling little girl, your Alexa is like a female tiger protecting a den of cubs.

She is deadly." Patty’s eyes widened.

Vito put a fatherly arm around her as they watched Alex quietly speak to the two policeman explaining her plan of attack.

Patty had read all the files in the computer and knew what Vito said was all very true. She had never seen Alex that way, not really deadly just protective. She was excited and frightened at the same time. She was also something that she never expected from herself; she was turned on. She took a deep breath and shook her head as she turned attention back to the screen and the woman she loved.

But some how Alex had left Patty’s sight. She watched as Jaust and Cindy headed in opposite directions, "Where’s Alex?"

"She went through the access way in her private bathroom. Were you daydreaming, darling?"Vito asked the young woman curiously since her eyes had never left the screen.

"Something like that," Patty answered very embarrassed. She was beet red and Vito wondered what was going through that pretty little head.

Alex went into her bathroom and climbed up into the accessway that extended through the entire building. She had dressed with care this morning knowing she had to appear to be business as usual but she also needed to be ready for action. She wore black leggings and a black tank top under a bright red silk jacket with matching high heel shoes. Hidden in her briefcase were a pair of black tennis shoes and she slipped them under her desk knowing she could change in seconds since she usually kicked off her heels and ran around her office barefoot. So before she went into the bathroom she slipped on her sneakers, took her jacket off and she was ready for action.

As she carefully crawled along the accessway she thought,’Sometimes I really wish I didn’t inherit Dad’s height. This would be so much easier if I was my Mom’s size,’ She chuckled silently as slid her long frame down the route to the break room. ‘I hope Jaust gets that side door locked in time.’

* * * * *

Cindy meanwhile confronted Julia in friendly secretary fashion. She entered the breakroom so fast and blocked that exit that Julia had no time to retreat. "Hi, my name is Cynthia, " She had said to redhead who was trying to get to the side door so she would be out of Alex’s line of sight.

"Hello my name is Julie," She answered impatiently.

Cindy seemed not to notice the tone and went on, "Nice to meet you. I’m just a temp. My assignment is up in just a couple of days."

‘Sooner then that my young friend,’ Thought Julia with an inward smile.

"Oh, where do you go from here?"

"Who knows. Thats what I like about being a temp you never know what to expect." The pretty blonde said with a grin, she pushed her glasses up her nose and took a sip of coffee.

"How do you like the Boss lady?" Julia asked seeing she wasn’t going to be able to budge the temp.

"Oh, I like her alot. She’s full of surprises." Cindy had just caught sight of the grid moving away from the vent over the side door carefully and quietly toward the still hidden figure of Alex.

"Really?" Julie asked, her back to the vent and taking a sip of her now cold coffee.

"Oh yeah. Well I better get back to the boss, See you." She said with a pleasant grin. ‘You move like a God damned panther, Alex!’ Thought Cindy to herself as she headed back to her prearranged position.

"See you." Julia said shaking her head as she put down her cup to try to get a visual on the Boss again. She was completely unaware of the stealthy figure behind her with a cheshire cat grin.

* * * * *

Cindy walked back to her office and called out, "Hey boss!"

Jaust slid out from Alex’s doorway, "Yeah?"

"The mouse is in place and the cat is in place. You handled all means of retreat for the mouse so I’d say the stage is set. When do we start our next part?"

Jaust had a huge grin on his face and said, "As soon as the cat meows."

* * * * * * * * *

"Good Morning, Julia." Purred Alex from behind the startled red head. Julia spun around and the expression went from shock to anger, "How?"

"How what? How did I know you were here? How did I get here? How did I know it was little you? Ah, so many questions and so little time." Alex answered sweetly. She was leaning against the wall in the back of the break room, her arms were crossed and an amused expression played over her face. She was no worse for wear from her trek down the accessway.

Julia looked at the sleek woman dressed in black and thought immediately of a panther stalking her prey. She angrily shook her head no and thought desperately, ‘I’m the tiger and she’s my prey.’ She had an angry growl in her voice as she asked,

"So how’s your little girlfriend?"


"And Peter?"

Alex smile changed to a scowl, "Sighted, no thanks to you!"

"Actually I’m glad Peter is okay. I like him. He was just a means to the end. And you know the end always justifies the means."

"No, it doesn’t. Peter is a good man. A non-player. You broke the rules and you know it."Alex replied angrily. She didn’t move an inch but Julia suddenly felt like the wagon’s were circling her.

"When the means leads me to the death of my most hated enemy then it does justify them."

"Why exactly am I your hated enemy?"

"You killed my family."

"Your family killed my father and destroyed my life, I’d say we were even..."

"Never, not until you are in your grave!"


"Because you killed my father!" She screamed at the calm woman.

Alex shook her head, still deadly and calm. She walked over and poured herself a cup of coffee never letting Julia out of her sight. "Your father killed my father, why exactly are we different?’

"You survived, you prospered! Look at this place, the way you live. You're so God Damned happy...and ....I’m not...."

Alex laughed grimly and Julia looked up at her in shock, "You think that its money that has made me happy?"


"Then you're totally wrong in all your great research. Well I’ll tell you. I was never happy till the day I fell in love with Patty. Money did nothing for me. I always had money, Julia and I was never happy. Love is what finally has made me happy. It makes me capable of living a real life..."

"Bull Shit!! " Julie screamed spitting as she vented her outrage. "How dare you talk of love, you're a murderer!!!"

"So are you." Replied Alex calmly sipping her coffee and leaning back against the counter. "You killed Robbie, you tried to kill Peter and Patty. The only real difference between us is that I hate it and I never killed an innocent. I never will. I have only done a contract on players. I do not believe the end justifies the means. I am going to give up Murder Inc. and try to redeem myself while you sit in jail."

"I am not going to jail! You will never get a chance to redeem yourself. You're going to die!" She pulled out a small pearl handled pistol and aimed it point blank to Alex’s head.

Alex didn’t move. She merely set the coffee on the counter and raised eyebrow looking over Julia’s shoulder.

To be continued......

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