Murder, Inc

part 11

by Ri

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Julia smiled at the quiet, still figure before her, "I think I have the drop on you now, Alex. You canít escape my wrath!" Her eyes glittered and she laughed in a crazy, high pitched tone which made Alex shake her head in pity.

"Donít count on it, Red," Said a familiar voice from behind her. Juliaís mistake was to turn her head slightly allowing Alex an opportunity to display a perfect flying kick that dislodged the gun and sent Julia landing on her back.

Tommy completed the movement by delivering a karate chop to the neck but the maniac's adrenaline level was so high it had no affect. She rolled out of it pulling out a knife she had sheathed in her high heeled boot. Quick as a flash she drew it up and slashed Alex in the hip straight down her leg. Blood gushed from the wound as Alex fell to the ground. Julia lifted the knife to deliver the death blow but suddenly blackness engulfed her as hands tightened around her throat and choked the life out of her.

Tommy and Alex looked up into the eyes of Val. Val nodded toward them, smiled grimly and escaped out the passage of the side door as Jaust and Cindy came running in the main door. The last thing Alex remembered before she lost consciousness was Jaust cursing his head off.

** ** ** **

ĎWater, I feel water,Ď Alex thought groggily as she felt a few little drops of water hit her skin. ĎWhere am I that water would be falling on me?í She tried to open her eyes and heard someone groan.íOh, someone is in pain, if only I could open my eyes I could help her

** ** ** **

Patty sat in a chair leaning over Alex, tears falling down her cheeks, droplets fell on Alexís neck and face. Suddenly the tall woman moaned. Then there was a movement, a twitching around her eyes and she moaned again.

"Alex?" Patty asked in a trembling voice. She took Alexís hand and gently kissed it. "Alex, come back to me, you promised."

** ** ** **

As Alex tried to open her eyes again she heard the poor woman cry once more. Then as if from a great distance she heard a familiar voice call, "Alex?" As the voice came closer, she realized that it was a part of her heart . It said, "Come back to me, you promised." She knew her soul mate's voice and her dry lips tried to form her name as she felt waves of pain. Then a gentle kiss on her hand. "Patty." said a shaky, unrecognizable voice she knew was her own.

** ** ** **

A scratchy voice moaned a name which was barely audible, but the woman whose life was riding on it heard her say, "Patty."

"Oh Alex," She cried harder as she kissed her lover's cheek. Sleepy, painfilled blue eyes fluttered open and a barely visible grin appeared on the injured womanís face, "My Patty."

"Alex, oh God, you kept your word!"

"Of course, " She whispered. She tried but she couldnít seem to lift her arms as much as she wanted to embrace the special woman before her. She just couldnít seem to, "Could you kiss me while Iím awake, please?" She whispered. She needed Pattyís kiss much more then the I.V. going into her arm.

"Anytime, anywhere." She answered passionately bending down to kiss her love's gently on swollen lips. When they parted Alex smiled and said with a slight slur, "Sleepy Patty."

"I know, Love. Go back to sleep."

"Donít leave..." She slurred as she drifted off again.

"No never." Patty replied firmly sitting back down in the chair and caressing a beloved cheek.

* * * * *

Two days later the wounded excutive was whining to her blonde companion.

"Come on, Love. I feel much better canít I go home to heal the rest of the way?" Alex turned large pleading puppy dog eyes on Patty in the hopes they would do the work for her.

"Oh for God sakes, its only been two days since you regained consciousness and you were out a whole week from loss of blood."

"But I feel soooo much better, Patty. You took such good care of me, Love. I really am ready to go home right now!"

"Donít even try to butter me up..."

"Of course not, Iíll save that for when we get home."


"Well Iíd do it to both of us."

"You are so impossible!" Patty said as she turned to stomp out of the room.

A long arm grabbed her hand as she passed and pulled her back towards the bed.

"I need to go home. I need you with me all the time. I canít take this hospital hours stuff anymore. Come on, talk to the Doc. Let me talk to him! I know what buttons to push."

She had gotten Patty all the way on the bed on her good side and was undressing her and kissing her passionately. Patty didnít fight the kissing, but she did try to keep her buttons from coming apart from Alexís now deft hands.

She really didnít think she should be doing any of this because Alex's deep tissue wound had just started to heal. Slowly they parted slightly so they could get some air, Patty smiled at Alex and started to suggest she get off the bed when the now strong arms pulled her back down to smiling lips. Just then Jaust and the Doctor entered the hospital room.

"Well I guess she is feeling better, huh Doc?"

"So it would appear. You are amazing, Alex."

Though they separated on the menís entrance into the room, Alex wouldnít let Patty out of the circle of her arms. "No, this one is amazing."

A blushing blonde had her head against Alexís shoulder. Alex stroked Pattyís hair and looked up at Jaust questionably.


"The autopsy found that Julia died from a blood clot to the brain. Probably a defect in her system from birth. She was walking time bomb."

"What!?!" Both woman said simultaneously in shock.

"But, I saw Val...."

"Val did..."

"Yea, yea, I know but she did die of embolism so let's let sleeping dogs lie.

Val escapes blame and we have a clean death on our hands." Jaust said with a grim grin turning toward the Doctor.

The Doctor smiled at his old friend. "Life is stranger then fiction, old girl. She would of died then if Val had been there or not, it was fated by genetics."

"Wow," Said Patty astonished.

Alex was suspicious, "No set up?"


"No fiddling?"





The two womanís eyes met in astonishment.

"The Gods do work in mysterious ways." Patty said quietly.

"The Gods?" Asked Jaust.

The girls looked at each other, their eyes never strayed from the other's as Alex quietly said, "The Gods."

* * * *

Alex and Patty were all set for the getaway that Alex planned from her hospital bed. They were now waiting in the back of the limo for Uncle Vito to show up to say good bye.

"Where will we be stopping?"

Alex had an indulgent smile as she replied, "I already told you, Love, all the islands."

"Youíve been there right?"


"Uh...will you be bored?"


"But Alex..."

Alex put her hand over the sweet lips and said, "I could never be bored with you, Love. I said that when I first met you and I mean it. It will be like seeing them for the first time because I will see them through your eyes." Then Alex removed her hand and kissed Patty sweetly.

Patty melted from the kiss and the words and molded herself to Alexís body."Wow."

"The Greek Islands are that big a deal to you?"

"No, its really nice, Alex, But the wow is that I mean so much to you."

Alex slowly lifted Pattyís head up so their eyes met, "I love you more then life itself. I thought you knew that."

"I do, but to know... you...I...." Tears poured from her eyes, " I feel the same way."

"I know, Love. I know." Alex said, gently wiping Pattyís eyes then she brought the salty lips to her own. What started as a tender kiss turned into an inferno. So much so that when Vito showed, the driver suggested the older man wait till they took a breath.

Vito smiled sweetly and said to the young man, "Oh, Iíll wait. They deserve as much of that activity as they can get."

About ten minutes later Alex pulled back and looked at her watch, "I wonder where Uncle Vito could be. Heís never this late." She said to Patty as they hugged and nuzzled against each other.

"Waiting for you two to take a breath."

Alex and Patty smiled at him, "Oops," Said Alex with a wink toward her Uncle.

"How long?"

"Ten minutes. Its ok. I really think that you deserve it. Now get going! Off to the Greek Islands for you two and Alex when you get back youíll be a civilian. Do you think you will be able to handle it?"

"With this one in my life, I know I will,Unc.," She said hugging Patty tighter to her. Then she released the smaller woman in order to hug and kiss her Uncle goodbye. "Bye Unc, I love you."

"I love you too, Alexa."

Patty then hugged the stuffing out of the older man, "Bye Uncle Vito, I love you and Iíll miss you."

"I love you too, Little one. Iíll miss both of you. Take care of each other, Have fun." He said as he waved, and closed the door to the limo. Then he stood on Alexís driveway watching the two most important people in his life drive off for some well deserved rest.

The End

I would like to thank everyone who wrote me and enjoyed this story all the way through. I feel kinda sad ending another tale. If you would like to see what happens next to Alex and Patty please email me at ; SARRABI@HOTMAIL.COM

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