Murder, Inc.

part 2

by Ri

See part 1 for all disclaimers.

Patty was pacing outside her apartment at 615am. She was so nervous she was making a hole in the sidewalk. Alex told her that a blouse and skirt would be fine for her new job. So she had on her best plus an old cashmere sweater that she kept like new. It was a gift from her grandmother and she kept it in loving memory of her kindness. She was furiously trying to figure out why Alex would be doing all this. She was so kind to her and under the circumstances it probably should have ended after Alex took her home. But it hadnít. She was so...well, attracted to her as well. She had never even glanced at another woman in her gym. Patty thought she was sexless. She just wasnít interested in either sex...till now. She suddenly felt some unknown emotion grip her heart and squeeze tight. ĎWhat the hell is wrong with me? Ď She thought grimly as she continued her pacing.

Alex was excited and very nervous as her limo pulled up in front of Pattyís place. The strawberry blonde looked adorable in her shop girl skirt and little cotton top. The antique sweater set the look and Alex thought, ĎDamn Iím in trouble,í as she tried to calm her wildly beating heart.

Patty bent down and smiled at her. Alex had to take a couple of deep breaths because the pretty blonde unknowingly gave Alex an eyeful of cleavage. ĎBreathe damn you, breathe!í The aroused executive scolded herself as she returned the smile from the young woman with one of her own.

"Right on time! Good girl." Alex said as Patty sat down next to her.

"Actually Iíve been here for ten minutes."

Alexís eyebrow shot up and her smile widened, "Why so early?

"I was anxious." Patty replied thinking desperately for more then one reason, "And I didnít want to disappoint you..."

Alex gently placed her hand on the girl's trembling hands, "Patty, I told you last night. You will not; can not disappoint me." Alex felt a tingle in her hand from this slight contact with the girl. And looking at Pattyís reaction to the touch she knew that she did as well. First Patty had looked startled and then comforted.

ĎThis is nice', Alex thought to herself not breaking the slight contact. She wondered if she could accept just being the young womanís friend. ĎYes, I would and be happy with that. It's enough for me as long as I never lose this.í She thought to herself and smiled at Patty, squeezing her hand gently.

Patty did feel better. And she felt comforted and something else...confused by this feeling. She pushed it aside to reflect on later.

"Thanks." She said simply to her new friend.

"Anytime my friend, anytime."Alex replied with bright smile.

* * * *

Once Patty was set up in her new office, Alex instructed her Sales and Operations Manager Peter Destin to start preliminary product training for Patty.

Alex headed to her office to handle her delayed meeting.

As she entered her office she smiled at Tommy and said, "Good morning.."

"Good morning, is it Maíam or Alex?"

Alex laughed good naturedly and replied, "Alex. Sorry Tommy. You didnít deserve that. I must say I am looking forward to seeing Val and Roberto this morning. It should be fun!"

Tommy chuckled and shook his head, "You're something else, boss. Are you going to...take care of..."

"No, like I told you yesterday I realize some of it was because he was cut loose way too soon. Some of it was pure accident. His punishment should be very interesting. I canít wait to tell him. Valerie will also be included. After all she really is responsible since sheís the one that let the rookie loose too soon."

She walked to her office door and then turned to face Tommy again, "Iíll go get stuff sorted in my office. Book this for an hour and then book the rest of the day as training in Toys sales department..."

"What about your two p.m. with Uncle Vito?"

"Crap! I forgot about that. Call him and ask him if he can make it three instead. Iíll have Peter work with Patty till Iím done with him."


"Yes, my new protege for Toys."

"Is she...?"

"No! She will not be in any way involved in "MI". In fact Tommy, sheíll be up here alot. Protect her for me. I trust you. Please donít let any of the "MI" side anywhere near her and if it does, bring her somewhere, anywhere else on my order."

"Wow, she must be a special lady?"

"She is," Alex replied and she couldnít believe it when she felt her own cheeks betray her with a blush.

"Boss...Iím glad. You deserve it. Iíll protect her with my life, I promise you."

"I know, and thanks, Tommy. You're the best!" She said with a wink and quickly turned to go start her day.

"Wow." Tommy said aloud again shaking his head but there was wide boyish grin on his face.

* * * *

"Tommy, she said seven am sharp. We were both here at seven am sharp! What the hell is going on?"

Tommy looked up and calmly said, "Sheís busy. Sheíll call you when sheís ready. Why donít you sit down?" Tommy knew this was part of the punishment. Alex was just in front of her computer setting up Pattyís training for later. She just wanted them to sweat a bit.

There was buzz from Tommyís intercom and he nodded toward the door. Two very nervous people entered Alexís office and she said, "Sit down." She didnít look up or stop working on the program for Pattyís training. ĎIím really enjoying this! I love to see people from "MI" squirm. Damn it Dad, I hate, despise and loathe what that division does. Why did you stick me with this? Why the hell didnít you hand it over to Unc and leave me my life!í She thought morosely to herself. She made the nessary adjustment in her thoughts and facial expression before she finally looked up at the two people in front of her.

"Well you two made a mess of this didnít you?" She asked quietly. One lift of an eyebrow silenced Valís expected outburst.

"Donít even start with me, Val. And sit all the way down because you damn well may fall down when you hear all I have to say. I have talked to Vito and you are both off assignments. You Val will personally re-train our friend here all the way from the very beginning. As if heís a fresh recruit...."

"But that's not fair..."

"It's better then dying Val! That is what my Dadís punishment would have been for you if he was still sitting in this chair. Both of you! Not only Roberto for making the errors but for you too. Val, he would of taken you out for not training the kid right." Silence descended in Alexís office like the final curtain in a play as the truth of what Alex said slowly sunk into their heads. Alex looked at Robby who was staring at his shoes and then Val whoís tan face was suddenly white as a sheet.

"Good, now that you're calm, Tommy will give you your travel documents to the farm. Turn in all of your equipment, every single thing, donít bring anything with you. You're starting from scratch and I do mean that. Dismissed." She then calmly turned toward her computer and began to work on her overwhelming email.

The two shocked people got up and quietly left her office.

"Forgive me Dad. I canít and won't do it your way. Let the family be hanged."

* * * *

"Good, Patty perfect!" Alex was standing behind her with a hand on her shoulder. She patted it and said, "I told you that youíd be good at this."

Patty was beaming and she put her hand on top of Alexís, "Thank you..." There were tears falling down her cheeks. Alex turned her around and plucked a tear gently off her cheek,"Why are you crying? Whatís wrong?"

"It's graditude. Thank you, Alex, I..."

Alex turned her chair around till their faces were inches apart, "You donít need to thank me. It's you that is doing this. Iím just guiding you." She had both of her hands resting gently on each cheek and she simply couldnít help herself. Slowly she lowered her head and suddenly they were kissing. Alex, now beyond control, deepened the kiss and sunk into the softness.

They parted and both their eyes opened in shock. "Oh my God, Iím so sorry Patty...I didnít... I wouldnít...Iím dreadfully sorry." She looked down at her thighs, the desk, any where but at Patty. ĎShit, I promised myself a thousand times I wouldnít do this and then I, with a will of jello, I do it, Shit, shit, shit...í She blasted herself in her head.

Patty uncharacteristically was calm. It all seemed to fall into place with that one kiss. She gently took her index finger and lifted the beautiful womanís head so she could look into those sky blue eyes. Once that was accomplished she whispered, "Alex, do you like me? I mean did you kiss me because you felt some emotion in the pit of your stomach that you couldnít resist? Thatís why I kissed you," The pretty blue eyes widened in shock.

" If thatís why you kissed me then there is no need to apologize. I have never felt anything remotely like this before. I felt a connection. Did you?" She quietly asked the stunned woman before her.

Alex had to clear her throat. She had so many thoughts and feelings soaring through her soul at that moment.

"I kissed you because I felt an overwhelming need to do it. Actually I have felt this from the moment I met you but..I...I didnít want to scare you. I had promised myself I wouldnít do what I just did." She looked into darkening green eyes in wonder and realized her feelings were returned.

"Patty, I think we should take a really long lunch,"She finally said with a big bright smile extending her arm.

Patty smiled back and stood up to take the arm and walk toward the destiny she had been waiting for her whole life.

* * * *

After a very stimulating lunch at home which consisted more of necking then food, Patty and Alex returned to the office. Alex dropped Patty off in Marketing with very specific instructions to Peter as to both her training and who she should and should not meet.

Alex was very happy, but she still felt she needed to protect Patty from the darker part of her life. Part of that life was waiting in her office. She smiled broadly at Tommy as she strode into her outer chambers.

"Your Uncle is waiting. He didnít look to happy, Alex." He returned her smile and felt sad that the bright sunshine he saw in those beautiful eyes would dim so quickly.

It did. Her wide smile quickly became a grimace as she answered her friend and secretary, "I didnít expect him to be happy about it, Tommy. But, if he wants me to continue in this position he better accept or I will shove this whole damn division in his lap! Iíd happily move them to Las Vegas and let him run it! "

"Whoa Boss, what suddenly brought all this on?"

"Exhaustion and pressure and my conscience." She took a deep breath, "I better get this over with now."

Tommy nodded quietly as Alex entered her office. "Canít say I blame you, Boss." he muttered under his breath.

Uncle Vito stood up as Alex entered and immediately started in on his powerful niece, "What the hell are you doing, Alexa?"

"Sit," She replied sharply.

Vito was a small round man and under normal circumstances would be described as kindly. But his face held a mask of confusion and anger. He was about to argue with the girl but a look at the carefully hidden rage on her face changed his mind, He sat quietly and looked up expectantly.

Alex sat on the edge at the front of her desk. She folded her arms and lifted an elegant eyebrow. She was trying very hard to be patient with her uncle. He had been the only source of love in her life since her Mother died when she was little.

"I know you expect me to run this place the way Dad did, but Iím not him. I only do this because of sense of obligation to him and to you. I love and respect you but damn it I will not fry some one for an honest mistake! I will not lose two good people for rules older then time itself. If you can not accept this then I will happily transfer the whole company to you in Las Vegas. I frankly do not want it. I never did!"

Vito stared at his niece unable to even work his mouth to respond for a full minute. "Alex...Why? I mean...Why would you give it to me, Honey? You know why your Father gave you the leadership. You are so powerful and I...I..."

Alexís face softened and her voice was sympathetic, "Unc, Dad was very harsh in his judgments. Always was. Even towards me his only daughter. Do remember what his reaction was to my lifestyle?"

Vito nodded, " Yes, pure rage. He did really love you and since your Mother died you were all he had left. I guess that finally tempered his reaction if not to acceptance then at least tolerance. Honey, do you really want to quit?"

Alex quietly nodded her head, " I have for a long time now...Unc, Iíve met someone. It's changed everything..." She faded for a minute. Her mind drifted to their cuddle session at lunch. They had no time for more and Alex didnít want to rush their first time. What they did do both satisfied her and wetted her appetite for later. Suddenly there was a clearing of a throat and she whipped her head up and blushed a deep red. "Sorry, Iím in very deep trouble, Uncle Vito," She was winding and unwinding a paper clip unconsciencily and felt her self drift back to Patty for a second. She then shook her head and continued quietly, still looking at the paper clip. "Um...I think Iím falling in love. Head over heels in love and I really want to protect her from "MI." Uncle Vito, couldnít you please take that division? I mean all of it...Iíll continue here at Toyís Inc. Youíll continue to make your usual profit from it. I ...want to stop. I want..." Tears now flowed from her eyes, "I want a life!"

Vito got up and crossed to her. He gathered her into his arms as he did when she was a child. He hugged her and petted her hair, cooing soft reassuring words at this beloved child. "This is really different, isnít it Honey?" He asked chucking her chin. With a sweet smile he said, "I havenít seen cry since you were six and you lost your favorite fishing pole. Alexa, I think you are right.

Are you sure Iím the man for the job? I mean, you know what your Father thought of me..."

Alex looked her uncle in the eye wiping the tears with the back of her hand. "I donít give a crap what Pop thought! Unc, you are a good man and you are more suited to it then I ever was..."

"That isnít exactly true, Sweetheart. You are very good at it. You never liked it. I see that now...But Alexa changing hands will not clean yours. Moving the division will not protect you. Honey, even if I take over the operation you will still have the day to day operation, and you still made enemies. How will you protect this lucky girl?" He asked gently.

Alex nodded and slowly moved out of her uncleís embrace. She walked to her window and looked out as she replied, "I know that, Unc.'s a start. Weíll do this gradually. First weíll have the lawyers draw up the papers. Then weíll move the staff to Vegas." She turned and smiled at him. "You have two on their way already. Tonight in fact. Val and Roberto as punishment. Val will retrain him from scratch. Just keep them there and Iíll transfer the others..."

"What if they want to..."

"Thatís what contracts are for, Unc. They are obligated to Murder Inc. not me, They have to do it. If the documentation says you are in charge they have to accept it. No arguments, no demonstrations and if they do theyíll get the severest penalty and thereís no reprieve."

Uncle Vito knew what that meant; death. He looked rather shocked.

Alex shrugged, "I didnít write it, Dad did and they all signed it and are obligated to it. No one forced them, it was their choice and they knew it clearly. Dad always explained a contract before a recruit signed and so did every other officer of Murder Inc."

"What about any contact here? After they all move, will they report to you?"

"No Unc, once you take over it all yours. I donít want anything to do with it. Toys Inc. will be my sole responsibility and "MI" will be yours. You can have all the profit from "MI". I make plenty here. I want Patty and I to have a chance for a life together."

* * * *

Peter was standing behind Patty feeling very happy about his pupil's progress. ĎWhat a winner,í He thought to himself.

Alex walked in and Peter nodded his head and smiled broadly at her. Alexís face broke into a dazzling smile in pure reaction to the progress her love was making.

Patty looked up into the smile and was indeed dazzled. She blushed a deep red and asked. "Why are you smiling like that Alex?"

"Because from Peterís happy expression I see you're doing as well as I thought you would."

Patty looked over her shoulder and Peter laughed and patted that shoulder gently. "My friend, you are doing exceedingly well. Alex, you picked another winner!"

"I know I have in every way." Alex replied and then laughed as the blush deepened on Pattyís face. ĎDamn she so cute when she blushes.í

"Ok young lady it's time for all good little worker bees to go home."

Patty looked at her watch and was astonished to see what time it was. "Wow, it's five oíclock! Time went so fast! Could you drop me off at my place, Alex. Iím sure you have a lot to do..."

"Actually, I have other plans. Come on," She held out her hand, pulled Patty to her feet and started for the door. "See you, Peter," floated from behind them as well as a confused, "Good night."

The stopped at an exclusive store and picked up a package that Alex was very mysterious about. Then they were taken to Alexís house. Alex gently took Pattyís hand and gracefully led her to an upstairs bedroom. She then took the boxes she was carrying in her other hand and placed them on the bed. "Get dressed." Said Alex in a barely heard whisper and then she gently shut the door behind her as she left the room.

Patty spread the three boxes before her side by side. She opened each one very carefully her face blushing bright red when she opened the first. Foamy underwear in surpisingly the right size lay before her. In the second box was a gorgeous blue-green dress. The third was thicker and held shoes and a breath taking jewelry suite with stunning, matching emeralds.

She slowly sat down on the edge of the bed, took a deep breath and whispered, "Oh Alex."

* * * *

Alex was dressed in an cobalt blue evening gown. On each ear was perfectly matching sapphire that made her eyes sparkle even more. Her hair was pushed up in a perfect french twist which showed her off her cheek bones and neck in perfection. She looked stunning and very, very nervous. This was her very first seduction with the right person and she wanted it to go right.

She was pacing on the landing outside of Pattyís room waiting for her love to get dressed. She had just turned back toward the room that she put Patty into when the door swung open and Alex froze to the spot. Before her stood a vision in blue/green. Everything she had bought fit like the young woman was with her when she bought them. Patty was smiling brightly and twirled.

"How do I look?" Patty asked bashfully and she shyly smiled at the beautiful woman in cobalt blue. "You look stunning, Alex. God, I wish I looked like you."

"Iím glad you donít," Alex said as she walked slowly over and took Pattyís hand in her own marveling at how they fit so well together. "God, Patty you donít know how enchanting you look. I can hardly breathe. Come on let's enjoy our evening."

"Where are we going?"

Alex chuckled, "Down stairs, youíll see."

The walked down to first level but instead of going to the dining room, Alex led her to the verandah. Patty gasped. It looked like a wonderland. She had tiny little white Christmas lights strung across the verandah. There were pink ones up and down the trellis and their table was perfection in pink and white. With beautiful antique china and Florentine crystal glasses in red.

Now Patty felt faint, Alex noticed the look and took her to her seat at once. She quietly whispered in her ear, "Do you like it?í

Patty just nodded her head. Then there were tears falling from her eyes

Alex knelt down and put a finger to her cheek to wipe a tear, "Tears, are you...Did I..." Panic started to rise in Alexís throat in reaction to the unexpected display.

"No, these are happy tears."

Alex breathed a sigh of relief and hugged her. "Oh, Thank God," She backed up a bit so she could see Pattyís face, "I want this to be so perfect and gentle. And more then anything I want to see you smile. Am I asking too much?" Alex asked in an unfamiliar shy voice.

Patty shook her head 'no', "This is perfect. It's beyond my imagination. Thank you."

"It has not even begun, yet..."

end part two

to be continued...

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