Murder Inc.

part 3

by Ri

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"Where is the music coming from, Alex?" They were sitting at the table finishing the meal that Alex's chef had been working all day on with an incredible desert.

Alex smiled and pointed to the beam over the french doors, "Hidden speakers all along there. Are you done, Patty?" She asked with a breathtaking smile.


"Would you like to dance with me?"

Pattyís eyes sparkled, "Oh yes, that would be wonderful," She replied shyly with a delighted laugh.

Alex stood up gracefully and presented Patty her hand. Patty placed her hand in Alexís elegant one and was gently pulled to her feet. Alex led her to a part of the verandah that was perfect for dancing. It was slightly raised and had a multitude of flowers and plants around it making it appear enchanted to Pattyís all ready lovesick gaze. As their arms entwined Pattyís hand fell naturally on Alexís broad shoulders. Alex pulled Patty close and lay her head on top of Pattyís, inhaling her wonderfully sweet smelling hair.

Alex sighed. If she died right at this moment in time she would be happy. This was the ultimate joy except what might be coming later. She tightened her hold and smiled dreamily. This was going to be at Pattyís pace. She was in no hurry. She loved the way their relationship was developing, so peacefully, so easily. She felt so comfortable and at peace with the familiar young woman. No one in Alexís whole life had ever touched her very soul like this sweet and gentle young woman.

* * * * *

Patty was in the same dreamy and contented state as her companion. She simply could not believe she was doing what she was now doing and that she was so damn happy. She felt as if she and Alex were floating on a beautiful cloud, totally excluding the rest of the world. She smiled as she felt Alex pull her into a tighter embrace. She felt so loved and protected in her arms. It was like a coccoon where no one could intrude.

* * * * *

Suddenly Alexís butler stood at the door of the verandah. He looked at his preoccupied mistress and cleared his throat once. No response from his employer. He frowned and cleared his throat louder. Still no reaction. He was quite puzzled. He had never seen her so distracted that she didnít recognize his discreet signal. Finally he had no choice he walked a little futher out and said quietly, "Ahem, Miss Alexandra."

Alex and Patty both jumped as they were so unaware of their surroundings. Alex whirled on her old retainer in a barely controlled rage, "Damn it how many times have I told you not to do that? You scared us." Though Alexís voice was calm the man saw ice in those beautiful blue eyes that spoke clearly to him of her anger. She had an arm around Patty and she was gently rubbing her back to calm the scared young woman. Her voice went an octave lower as she said to him, "I canít accept this type of intrusion... What is the reason for it?"

The butler stared at her for moment. She had never spoken to him in this way before, never. Not even as a child did she treat him with anything but respect. Her parents had many times but young Miss Alexandra treated all household members with respect. He really must have displeased her to warrant this, though he didnít understand how, "I apologize Maíam. You have an urgent phone call and I have been trying to get..."

"Weíll discuss this later! Who is the call from?"

"A Miss Val, Maíam."

Alex cleared her throat, "Excuse me, Patty. Enjoy your coffee. I will be right back."

* * * * *

She strode to the phone and picked it up in one long angry movement, "What!"

There was heavy breathing for a moment then Val answered very quietly, "Robby is dead."

"What?" She asked in a totally different tone of voice. Her disbelief dispelling the anger completely.

Valís voice quivered. It was breathless and upset, "I donít know who took him out. The person was good, very good. No traces, no evidence, just Robby lying in his own blood, dead. He was stabbed at close range. Alex, he was a rookie, but he was good. Who could of gotten close enough to do this? Did you change your mind..."

"Donít be ridiculous. I like Robby. I could never have done that. It goes against everything I stand for. This even goes against the family's ethics...What do the police think?"

"My contact says that it looks like a professional hit and that poor Robby must of been dead for at least 8 hours. I ...I should of gone over when he didnít answer his page. Maybe if I had heíd still be..."

"Donít do that to yourself, Val. Let me think about this. Donít go home. Go to the safe house. Iíll call you tomorrow after I figure out our next move, bye."

"Ok, bye." Was the quiet reply from the other end and then a dial tone.

Alex brought the phone to her chin and snarled in anger. She shook her head to clear her thoughts. She started to retrace her steps back to Patty. How would she face her new friend, her new love with this teeming inside her? She was so upset and yet she wanted needed Patty near her. ĎFrustration to the left of me and frustration to the right of me. Iíll just put this aside for right now. Iíll face it in the morning. The most important person in my life is waiting for me and I wonít disappoint her or myself.'

Patty was gazing at the stars. Her head slightly tilted back. In Alexís loving eyes she sparkled more then the brightest star.

"Hi," Alex said and smiled down at the beauty before her.

"Oh...Hi." she stuttered a bit startled, "Sorry I guess my head was a million miles away. It is beautiful here, isnít it?"

Alexís eyes never left Pattyís, "Yes, very beautiful,"She replied quietly.

Patty blushed fiercely as she realized that Alex was talking about her.

"Red becomes you. Come on let's continue our dance. We wonít be interrupted anymore." Alex said quietly as she guided her back to the verandah where they had danced earlier. Now dancing slowly and sensuously they became entranced by each other's rhythm and the feel of the other's skin. Hands were exploring backs and Alex lowered her head and kissed Pattyís neck. Slowly an earlobe found its way between Alexís perfect white teeth. Within the same trance that held them captive both heads slowly lifted till eyes met, Patty nodded and they silently left the patio hand in hand.

* * * *

They entered Alexís master bedroom quietly. Alex shut the door. They couldnít seem to gaze deep enough into each other's eyes as they were drawn into a sweet embrace. Alex lowered her head and kissed Patty passionately. Patty was so deeply drawn into the kiss she didnít even feel herself being lifted into Alexís arms. Alex wasnít even sure how they had gotten on the bed but she cuddled the smaller woman in her arms and whispered into Pattyís ear.

"Nothing is going to happen here that you donít want, My Love. All the shots will be called by these lips," She kissed Patty again deeply and when they came up for air she continued hoarsely, her voice full of passion, "I will follow your lead."

Blue eyes delved into green and awaited the next decision. The trust and hope in Alexís eyes nearly broke Pattyís heart. She snuggled into Alexís neck and whispered back softly, "I want you to teach me how to love you, Alex. I donít know how to lead because I donít know what to do."

Alex smiled gently and kissed Pattyís forehead as she replied "I know this but I donít want to scare you or overwhelm you, Little One. I want it to be beautiful, we will go very slowly..."

"I donít want to bore you, Alex. Iím sure you have more urgent needs..."

"I only need two things. I need your love and I need to make you happy. That's all. Oh my love, you are far too exciting to ever bore me. Why would you think that?" Alex asked as she very gently kissed Pattyís nose, then each eye and then nibbled her ear awaiting a repy.

Patty couldnít breathe for a moment much less answer. Each time this woman touched her she felt she would explode from the pleasure of the contact.

Alex nuzzled her neck as she said, "Patty you are a very exciting woman and I want you so badly that I can hardly breathe. But please my darling tell me what you need?"

"You," Patty answered in a hoarse whisper. "I need you. I want to please you, " She started to kiss Alexís neck with delightful little butterfly kisses that inflamed Alexís soul. She arched her neck in pleasure and just let the young woman explore. Slowly Patty descended down to Alexís breasts but found what she most wanted to taste was encased in the sexy dress that Alex still wore. She made an unsuccessful attempt to remove it and delighted Alex with her tiny cat-like growl of frustration.

With a mischievous smile Alex said, "Iíll help you if youíll help me?"


Slowly both woman undressed themselves giving each other a bit of show that further inflamed them. When they were both bare they smiled simultaneously and said, "Beautiful" at the same exact time.

Chuckling Alex said, "Two great minds with a single thought," Then Alex brought her head down to Pattyís breast and gave it the attention it desired. Slowly, naturally, they explored and loved each other's bodies till Pattyís moment of truth came.

Alexís eyes, dark with desire, looked deeply into Pattyís eyes. They were hooded and glazed. Alex's voice was just barely a whisper as she asked gently, "Are you ready, My Love?"

Patty nodded and smiled, trust radiated from her and Alex cherished and deflowered her with such gentle love that they both came at the same timeless moment.

Once they calmed Alex cradled Patty in her arms and asked, "Are you all right, sweetheart?"

Patty nodded her head.

"Will I hear your voice ever again?"

Patty laughed gently and said in dreamy whisper, "I love you, Alexandra Bennet."

Alex had tears in her eyes as she replied, "I love you with all my heart, Patricia Darcy." She lowered her head and kissed her with a need deeper then she knew she had. She knew at that moment that this was her soulmate and her home.


The next morning Alex woke curled around the woman she loved and cherished. She held Patty tightly to her and wondered how she was going to protect this precious woman from the vendetta she knew was coming. Robbyís death was a calling card to her. She felt it in her soul. The only way to really protect Patty was to never see her again. A darkness fell upon her choking her and a tight, death like grip squeezed her heart at this thought. She felt the effect of it to such a degree that she knew if she did that she would die.

ĎNo, separation is not an option, Alex.í She thought to herself as she bent down and kissed a golden eyebrow causing it's owner to wiggle slightly but not wake up. ĎSo how do I protect you, My Sweet? How do I protect us?í Alex took a deep breath. She nuzzled her love's hair breathing in the sweet fragrance as she thought deeply. ĎThere is only one way. I have to find out who is behind all this and stop it before it starts. But how?í

Suddenly Alex was distracted by sweet little kisses between her breasts, up her neck to her chin. She opened her eyes to find deep emerald orbs looking back at her.

"That's better," Patty said at Alexís delighted smile.


"You looked so sad. I just wanted to make you smile."

"Well My Love, you found a delightful way to draw it out. Ok, it is Saturday. What would be your pleasure on this beautiful day? We have no plans and no work today, and since I love you so much Iím going to let you choose."

"Oh gosh, Iíve never had a weekend off. I wouldnít even know what to choose. You do it this time, My love and then I will next time, Ok?"

Alex sighed deeply and then brought Patty into a deep embrace, "To tell you the truth I would love to just stay cuddling in bed with you all day."

Patty kissed Alexís cheek and snuggled into Alexís warm hold, "Wouldnít that be a bit boring for you, Alex?"

"With you? Never! Patty, why do you keep saying that?" Alex lifted her head so she could see into her love's eyes.

"Until I met you, Alex... I never had anyone tell me I was anything. Not beautiful or attractive or exciting or even fun. You are the first person who ever said any of that to me. I guess it's kind of new...Iím sorry...I...."

"Shhh, Donít apologize, My Love. It's not your fault you were involved with such blind, stupid people. Well you are all those things and so much more. I am intoxicated by you. Just seeing you makes my heart pump faster. Touching you and having you in my arms is beyond heavenly, you are so special, My Love. It is beyond my ability to adequately describe it." Alex smiled at the deep blush that quickly spread over the blonde's entire body. Alex started to kiss and taste her till she was writhing in pleasure, "Oh my Patty, I think you are now my favorite breakfast. Let's have seconds..."Alex slowly went over the edge and took her lover happily with her.

* * * *

Alex was in her office at the mansion completely engrossed in the computer. The phone rang and she grimaced, "Who the hell is calling me Saturday afternoon at home? " She said to the ringing instrument before she reached for the receiver. Patty was in her den on another computer working on some sales homework Peter had given her. So Alex was going through her exclusive files trying to figure out who killed Robby.

"Yes," She said briskly into the black instrument.

"Alex, it's Val..."

"Valerie, Goddamn it I told you to go to the safe house and maintain silence until I contacted you! Why the hell..."

"Alex, I am at the safe house. I just wanted... I .. well I think I remembered something from Robbyís apartment that might help."

Alex looked kind of sheepish, "What did you remember, Val?" Her tone had changed into one of interested inquiry.

"When I looked at the rug next to Robbyís body there was some extra red. Now that I think about it, it wasnít blood. It was something else, some kind of a designed shape, like a the letter Z."

"The letter Z? What do you think... Wait a minute, you donít think that it's..."

"Alex, do you know for sure that Zarrelli is dead?"

Alex stared at the black receiver in her hand like she didnít know how it got there. "No Val I donít know. You stay put! I mean it Val donít move. I donít want you looking into this. Donít call anyone else I mean it. Donít even call your Mother. Donít call me or Vito. I will call you and from now on only on the scrambler."

"I want to help Alex, I need to. For Robby. Besides if it's Franco this is serious shit. I know you're good but you canít do this on your own. This will be deadly."

"You said it my friend. Iíll be in touch, Chao Val."

"Chao Alex. Be careful."

Alex hung up and stared sightlessly at the computer. Franco Zarrelli was an expartner of her fatherís. Her father had him dispatched after a botched kill was discovered to have been his doing. Alex and her Father were to be the victims of car bomb in Alexís beloved porche. It was only discovered because Alex couldnít get her cd player to play her music without a strange metallic sound. Her dad figured out what it was in time to save their lives but Alex lost that beautiful car to the explosion.

The Zarrelliís yacht was blown to bits in retaliation with the entire family believed to be aboard. At least that what Alexís dad thought at the time. If not, then there was one of three people it could be. Franco, or his son Tomas or his daughter Julia.

This information could be deadly for Alex, Vito,Val and now...Patty.

"Damn." Said Alex to her reflection in the computer.

* * * * *

Patty knocked gently at Alexís office door. Alexís head snapped up and her worried face transformed into one of delight. Just seeing Patty before her calmed and soothed her soul. It didnít solve the problem and it certainly didnít make it go away but her love was safe and with her and that's all that mattered.

"You all finished with your homework, young lady? Do you want me to check it for you?" She asked with a huge, mischievous smile on her face.

Pattyís smile matched Alexís, "Yes Mom, make sure I get an "A". Ok?"

Alex shook her head and tilted it, "Believe me, My Love, maternal is not a way to describe how I feel about you."

"Yea, I know...Thank God, huh? Alex, are you ok? You looked really upset when I came in, " Patty asked as she slipped a protective arm around Alexís shoulders. Alex felt warmed by the gesture and she didnít want to lie so she used the old standby, "Iím ok, Sweetheart, just some business worries. You know how it is when you run a company as big as mine. Even on Saturday I get hit in the face with them. Um... Patty, when you got the tour around the office did you notice any redheads? I mean "Raggedy Ann" red?"

Patty was a little startled by the sudden change of subject, "Wh... a man or woman?"

"Both," The Zarrelli family had only one common trait. Natural bright, red hair that they were all incredibly proud of. So it was doubtful they would cover it up or dye it. Their ego wouldnít let them. Patty was given a tour of the facility yesterday by Peter and she was bright and observing. It was a shot in the dark but Alex was hopeful that her intelligent love would have noticed one of the Zarrelliís if they were there.

Patty sat on the edge of the desk and crossed her arms. She was still confused but she answered the best she could, "There were two. One was a man, an engineer, and the other was a woman, Peterís new secretary. We both had to go through all the training yesterday. Why Alex?"

"Hmm, two positions that could of heard through gossip of Robbyís mistake and fate if they were nosy enough. Iíll have to tighten security and look into these two. Especially Peterís new secretary. Only a nice looking woman could have gotten that close to Robby.í Out loud she smiled and said, "I have some concerns about espionage. Software is vulnerable to that sort of thing and I had a tip today that it might be happening. I thought with your talented eyes you might of noticed something. And of course you did." She finished with a grin. She reached up and pulled Patty into her lap and kissed and hugged her with graditude. She felt bad about ending up with a lie but Patty just didnít need to know about the danger they were all in. Alexís job in life was to protect her and that's what she was going to do.Alex pulled back slightly and tilted the womanís head up so she could see her beautiful eyes, "Now would you like to do something fun?"

"Yes! What do you have in mind?"

"Do you swim?í

"You mean in the indoor pool you showed me?"

"Yes, but you didnít answer my question..."

"Of course I swim, Alex. It sounds like fun, lets go." She replied, excitedly pulling the older woman behind her.

Alex had a big smile on her face for two reasons. The first was that she succeeded in distracting her love from the problem she was getting interested in. The second reason brightened Alexís smile even more. It was the thought of skinny dipping with the beautiful woman who was now pulling her toward her pool. ĎWhen life is good, it is very, very good.í Alex thought to herself as she followed Patty down the hall.

To be continued...

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