Murder, Inc.

Part 4

by Ri

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One naked wet blonde was definitely taking Alexís mind off her troubles. She watched as the golden haired beauty frolicked in the water like a skilled dolphin. A sudden urge sent Alex under the water reaching for her beautiful preyís lovely leg. She gently grabbed the leg and then seductively climbed up her heavenly body till she had embraced her in long arms. They surfaced to take a deep breath, looked longingly into each otherís eyes and then descended again as their lips met in an erotically passionate kiss. When they next reached the surface of the water, deep breaths were necessary; but neither woman objected since it added to the visual for both pairs of enchanted eyes.

"You are so beautiful, Patty." Alex said as she cupped both cheeks in her elegant palms.

"I am?" Green eyes looked into blue full of vulnerable need. The two woman sat on the top step of the pool, Alex caressed the blondeís cheek.

"My darling you are the most beautiful, precious part of my life. Umm, Patty... all I want is for you to be happy and safe...I.."

Two wet naked bodies sank deeply into a mutual embrace as Patty answered Alexís declaration, "I love you Alex...I donít think Iíve ever felt like this before...Oh God, Alex..." She moaned as Alex kissed her again.

"Thank you my love, I donít think, I know that I have never felt this way in my life. Patty...Will you stay with me?"

Patty looked confused, " Alex, I am staying with you..."

"No, Patty...I mean forever?" Alex was completely open and vulnerable in that moment. She knew with one word Patty could devastate her but she also knew that she couldnít live without the special young woman.

"I would be honored to, but why me?"

Alexís eyes filled with tears of joy and grief. "My love, I...God, how can I explain...I never really thought I could feel this deeply. I need you. I love you. You inspire me to want to be a better person...I..."She was sobbing uncontrollably now, Patty threw her arms around her and held the tall woman as close as she could. She gently rubbed her back and kissed her cheek and neck.

Slowly they parted and Alex took a deep breath and looked deeply into Pattyís eyes as she came to a decision. She quietly rose and said, "Get your robe on my love I donít want you answering my request until we go to my office and discuss a few things.

* * * *

They were both dressed in jeans and a Tee-shirt as they entered Alexís office their hair still wet from the swim.

"Please have a seat." Patty went to sit in one of the visitorís chairs,

"No Patty please sit here in my chair." She waited till the smaller woman was comfortably seated then she started to pace.

"Patty, you know all about Toys Inc. and our facilities, right?"

Patty nodded unable to understand what her lover was trying to tell her.

"Well what Iím about to reveal to you may end all you feel for me, but I really have to be honest because I love you so very much." She reached over Pattyís shoulder and entered a coded document file marked MI. Then she selected three sub-documents within it and enlarged them for the girl to read.

"Patty read this one first, then the second and the third. Then my love youíll know all of me. Not just the executive and your lover but my hidden dark side, my demons. Iím going to my room to make some phone calls. If you want to get the hell out of here after youíve read this I will understand. If you want to talk...Well then weíll talk."

Before Patty could reply the dark haired beauty was gone, unable to watch the love her life read the story of the horror of her past.

* * * *

Alex had called Vito to make arrangements to find out a little more about their assassin, in the guise of Peterís secretary. She then called Val to make sure she was following instructions. After her calls were completed, she took her tea and sank into the deep white chair by the large picture frame window in her bedroom. She was miserable but she had to do what she did for Pattyís sake. She didnít hear the quiet entry of the other woman. Patty stood in the door way looking at the devastated visage before her of the woman she loved. She felt several emotions at once. Anger, fear, betrayal, love, compassion and sympathy. While she was reading, betrayal and compassion seemed to fight for attention in her heart and mind. Now as she stood watching this sad, special woman it was love and sympathy.


Alex turned her eyes were red and she had a look of disbelief on her face.

"Youíre still here?"



"Because above all I love you. I am very hurt that you didnít trust me and Iím very scared by the things that you did for your father...but I do trust you. Even now. I know youíre not that person. The last paper told me what I really needed to know."

"You mean the letter of intent?"

Patty nodded her head and walked to the edge of Alexís baby blue bed.

"Did you decide to give" Patty couldnít hide her contempt for all Murder, Inc. stood for, " Before or after you met me?"

"Both..." Alex sighed and closed her tired, red-rimmed eyes. "I never wanted it but my Father made sure I would follow through by convincing Vito that he couldnít...and then.. when Dad was killed...I ..lost it." She said in a small, hurt voice.

"That was the vendetta in the first document?" Patty was outraged and scared by Alexís own description of her grief and rage, the result of which was the cruel erasing of a whole crime family. It was like a page of some horrible crime novel, but this was true life and Alex did it.

"Yes, I was not even human...I lost my heart. "She looked at Patty with grief stricken eyes and said, "Vito reminded me after it was all over. He is the only person in my life who ever saw my heart...till you, My Love. Did you read the second document?"

Patty nodded, "That man that shot at me worked for you and now heís dead and you were saying how worried you were about us all..."

"Yes, if I had a brain in my head it would convince me to make you stay away from me so you will be safe..."

":Funny, I think your concern for us all in that document convinced me not run. Because after I read the first one I almost ran like a bat out of hell. I gotta to tell you that third one told me I have to..."

"No Patty, you donít have to..."

Patty now got up and walked over to the still seated woman. She sat on the edge of the chair and put both arms around her neck and said, "Yes, I do. You see, Alexandra Bennet I am hopelessly in love with you. I always knew there was something...hidden and dark. I felt it twice very strongly. The first time when you confronted my boss at the stand and you practically had him sweating in a panic just by looking at him. The second was the night that phone call interrupted our dance. I see the flashes of worry and sadness all the time; I am not blind. Now I know itís deeper then I ever imagined, itís not profit or greed; itís life and death. I think my love youíre on the crux of changing your life and I very much want to be a part of that."

Alexís blue eyes were filled with tears that slowly fell down her beautiful cheeks, She put her head on Pattyís shoulder as she replied very softly, "Please my little love be very careful. This crux is on a pinnacle and we could both plunge to our deaths."

Patty gently put her head on top of Alexís. "I know that Alex. Remember before you said you need me?" She felt Alex nod her head against her shoulder, "Well I need you too. Weíll stay balanced on that pinnacle because we have each other."

* * * * *

Patty and Alex were seated in the kitchen. They were completely alone in the house since the staff had the day off. It was the first time since they were in Pattyís apartment that they were totally alone and they were both just as nervous as that first time even if was for a completely different reason. They were silently eating sandwiches that the cook had left them. They were both so filled with emotions and thoughts that words didnít seem to be able to pass their lips.

Finally Patty had to say what was on her mind, "Can I answer your request now?"

Alex looked up from the food she was playing with more then eating and replied confused, "What request?"

Patty smiled gently, "Have you forgotten your request by the pool so soon?"

Alex blushed, closed her eyes and shook her head. She didnít look up at Patty again.




"Yes, what?"

"What do you think?"

Alex slowly looked up and saw a vision of calm, dignified, beauty before her. "Yes, why... I mean my God, Patty Iím not exactly a good risk."

Patty shook her head, "How little you know yourself. Yeeesh Alex. You were slowly changing yourself through Toys Inc. long before you met me. You have already separated yourself emotionally from that dark world. Now without any help youíre doing it legally and physically. Iíd say that is a person I should invest in. .. besides I love you and I want to be with you... forever," Then Patty walked around the table and gently brought tear-filled eyes up to her and asked, "If you still want me?"

Arms reached around Patty and drew her into a tight, emotional embrace. "Want you? Of course I want you. God, how I love you. You are so damn special. You are...a miracle." She brought the sweet lips to hers and kissed them deeply.

"No, Iím not a miracle," Patty replied as they parted slightly. "Iím just the one who was lucky enough to be in the wrong place at the right time and had an avenging angel save me from her own manís stupid mistake...God, I am so very lucky..."

"No. Iím lucky. I saved you and found you and youíre mine forever....

Do you really want to...?"

"Oh Alex, and you say I need help with my ego."

Alex smiled and kissed her forehead gently then shifted ever so gracefully pulling the smaller woman onto her lap, "Iím only vulnerable with you, my love, because I love you so much. Thatís how I know that you are the one...I feel so vulnerable...I cared what you thought of me from the very beginning. I never felt that way with anyone else before. Only you brought that out in me, my love, only you."

Patty kissed Alex deeply, then she kissed her neck and caressed her cheek. Lifeís funny. You are the first person in my life since my Grandma that didnít see me as weak. She always made me feel so special, like you do. I feel invincible with you. Weird, Huh?"

Alex interrupted, nibbling a delicate ear to reply softly, " Very weird," her voice was horse with passion as she rose with the petite woman in her arms, "May we continue this somewhere more comfortable?"

* * * *

Two figures were peacefully sleeping in Alexís sun drenched living room. They were lying on the floor on deep faux fur rug cuddling contentedly in each otherís arms.

Alex felt sweet little kisses between her breasts as she smiled a look of pure radiant joy. She opened one sky blue eye and her vision was filled with vibrant green.


"Hi, What time is it?"

"Eight P.M."

"Well it was an interesting day, wasnít it?"

"Yep, are you hungry?"

"Not really, I could just lie here with you forever...But I can hear the gentle rumblings of your tummy so lets go feed you...."


A huge smile spread across Pattyís face as she felt Alex kiss her way down to her tummy. Then the executive put her head next to it and looked up with a wicked glint in her twinkling blue eyes, "Yep, Iíd say the Anvil chorus."

Patty started to laugh making Alexís head bounce and the dark haired woman laughed with her in utter delight. ĎThis so wonderful. Damn, whoíd of thought my confession would bring us closer? I never thought it would, but Iíve never felt closer to another soul.í She looked up at the laughing blonde.

"Come on lets feed the musicians."

* * * *

Alex and Patty were once again in the kitchen, this time eating cheesecake. Alex looked at Patty with what could only be described as a soulful expression, "I think I like this meal better then the last one."

Pattyís eyes twinkled at her as she replied, "Me too. I love cheesecake.!"

A napkin landed neatly in her face.

"Nice, this is not a good example of your table manners." Patty said with a smirk.

"Oh dear, and is there a punishment for this lack of decorum?"

"Well I could deny you the pleasure of my affections. But that would punish me as much as it would you."

Alexís face suddenly turned serious. "No. That would be a true punishment, Patty."

"For me too. I wouldnít do it." She replied just as seriously. "Alex, letís not get serious. Letís be silly, Ok? Thereís more then enough serious stuff ahead."

"Youíre right," With that simple reply, Alex swept a squealing Patty in her arms and carried her upstairs to enjoy a more comfortable surrounding for being freely silly.

* * * *

Alex couldnít sleep. She made arrangements to set up the trap for Zarrelli and to take the day off with Patty. She knew there was only two things she could do when sleep failed her, work out or bake. Her only culinary skill. She slipped out of the beautiful blondeís embrace and went down to her kitchen. The work out room was next to her bedroom and she didnít want to wake her little love.

* * * *

When Pattyís eyes opened she saw a sea of pastries, a huge bright smile and pale blue eyes that were lit from within. She blinked her eyes a few times and asked huskily,

"Whatís all this?"

"I must have made them wrong if you canít tell."

"Ha-Ha, cute Alex. Wait, you made this?"

Alexís smile brightened even more and she answered with pride in her voice, "Yep, I sure did."

"Wow!" The green eyes widened in surprise. "Youíre full of surprises. They look delicious."

"They are. Here try one, please?"

"Pick one for me."

Alex chuckled and picked a chocolate eclair knowing Pattyís weakness for anything with chocolate. "This one?"

Patty had a very mischievous urge which she fulfilled, "Feed it to me, please?" She requested with a puckish smile on her face.

Alex looked astonished, then delighted, "Oh yes, My Queen. We can not allow your delicate hands to be filled with chocolate now can we?" replied the amazed Alex as she held the eclair close to Pattyís already sweet lips.

Patty took a huge bite as raspberry jam, mixed with pastry and chocolate in her mouth in delightful combination. Alex was intrigued by the delightful tongue that popped out to wipe the remnants. ĎHmmm , letís test this theory,í she thought to herself as she held out the piece for another bite of the eclair. "Another bite, My Queen?"

"Oh yes, my drop dead gorgeous serving wench. MMMM.

Itís very good Alex, delicious, in fact. " Taking another bite and the little tongue poked out again causing the smile to widen on an already delighted face.

ĎYep, it will happen every time. Good. Time to enjoy the rewards of this little discovery.í "Last piece, My Queen." She said out loud.

"Only of this one, right?"

"Oh yea, here finish it so I can wipe my hands." She offered the last piece and quickly wiped her hands watching Pattyís mouth carefully. She leaned in close and when the little pink tongue popped out of the sweet mouth, Alex quickly sucked it into her own. Once captured Patty gasped then sank into the delightful sensation, the game became a gentle exploration, developing into a passionate, deeply connected, kiss.

When they parted for a breath Patty said with a wide smile, "If we continue this I wonít get any more goodies."

"Oh my Darling, donít worry I think youíll get all the goodies you desire."

* * * *

"NO DAMN IT!! Valerie I will not allow you to leave the safe house!" Alex yelled into the phone from her office on the second floor of her mansion.

"Come on Alex, you need my help. I..."

"I do not!" Alexís voice was so loud that Patty could clearly hear her down in the kitchen. Breakfast was interrupted by the phone and that put the raven haired woman into bad mood before she even picked up the receiver. Now Alex was seething she paced back and forth in front of her speaker phone like a panther prowling her territory in search of intruders.

"I am not alone. I am also quite capable of handling this with out your help. Now you will stay put and stop arguing with me or I will have you restrained, Got Me?!" She growled angrily into the phone.

Patty was now in the hallway just out of sight. She awaited for the appropriate moment to enter the room to see if she could prevent the woman she loved from giving herself a heart attack.

"I care, Alex." Val replied quietly through the speaker.

Alex stopped looking at the phone and she some her anger in acknowledgment of her words.

"I know you do, Val but why be fool hardy?" She replied to her employee less harshly then she had before.

Patty breathed a sigh of relief at the reduction in anger she heard. She popped her head in the doorframe.

Alex saw her immediately and motioned her in. Patty sat in one of the visitor chairs as she watched Alex continue her pacing.

"Then I guess Iím a fool. Alex, Robby didnít deserve to die..."

"Who does, my friend? Remember what your profession is; you are an assassin. Val, I already have the beginnings of a vendetta on my hands. Let me handle this my way, maybe I can prevent more blood shed. Come on, please?" Her request was asked intensely. Her eyes ablaze with passion as she stared at the instrument on her desk.

"I guess youíre right. You are the boss."

"Damn straight. Iíll be in touch. Goodbye VAl."

"Goodbye Alex," Then a dial tone was heard.

Alex walked over and turned off her speaker phone and then looked at the woman in her visitorís chair. "Iím sorry Patty. anger was caused by pure fear. I will not let anyone be killed by this maniac. Val is just too hot headed..."

Patty grinned impishly, "And youíre not, Love?"

Alex smiled and nodded in acknowledgment, "Youíre right, my love. Are you mad at me?" She asked her soul mate in open vulnerability.

"No, just worried. I heard you yelling all the way in the kitchen, you know. I was afraid youíd give yourself a heart attack."

"Instead of being killed by a bullet you mean?"

"Alex I donít want you to die at all. I canít help it. Just like you need to protect me I have that same driving need to protect you. Could we continue our nice peaceful mini vacation or does that phone call end it?"

"I have taken the day off and so have you. Peter will start training you in accounting tomorrow. I need to...I am having a surveillance unit set up in Peterís office tonight and I donít want you anywhere near there till I can see everything that goes on in that office..."

"You donít think Peter...?"

"No, I do trust Peter. Itís that new secretary of his that you told me about. I think she is the one that killed Robby. Only a woman could have gotten that close and if itís her you are in danger. It was very obvious last week how I feel about you ...It makes you a...."

"A possible target?" Patty asked in squeaky voice.

"Yes." Alex replied lowering her head.

Patty got up and put her arms around Alexís waist and her head on her chest. Alexís arms automatically went protectively around her and her head on top of Pattyís completing her physical need to protect her love. Quietly Patty spoke into Alexís chest, but Alex heard each word clearly, "I think I understand you fully now, Alex. I..God...Iím overwhelmed by your love and my own need for you. Please... donít allow yourself to be killed because of me...I couldnít bare it.."

"I donít intend for anyone else to die. This will end soon, my love. Vito signs the papers tomorrow and weíll start the transfer of operations for MI immediately. Hey I really want you to meet Uncle Vito. He already likes you and he hasnít even met you yet..."

"I already like him because he loves you so completely. I want to meet him."

Patty looked up into warm blue eyes. She smiled and continued, "Since business is now complete can we continue our playtime?"

"Oh yeah," Alex eyes twinkled at the thought of the play she had in mind, "Let the love begin..."

* * * *

They were on the deck of the outdoor pool area; lying side by side their hands entwined and enjoying the feel of sun on their tired bodies.



"Can we get a puppy?"

A dark head popped up, "A puppy?"


"Why? "

Now a blonde head popped up and green eyes met blue, "You need something to lavish all that love on..."

"I have you for that..."

Patty smiled brightly at her love as she interrupted, "Someone beside me. A soft vulnerable puppy full of love for you. Unconditional love and devotion would be a very good outlet for you."

"But my love, youíve already given me unconditional love. Isnít that enough?"

"Nope, besides I want a puppy too!"

"Who says I want it?"

Patty locked eyes with Alexís vibrant blue ones just above her. Alex laughed and kissed her deeply. When they parted she said quietly, "Ok, ok, weíll go puppy hunting after work tomorrow."

Patty beamed, "No breeders, we get the puppy at the pound, time to save another life, Alex."

Alex eyebrow rose, "Another life?"

"Well you saved me, and Valís by keeping her at your safe house. I think the puppy would be a good addition to that. Donít you?"

"You are a very sneaky psychologist, my love. I guess Iíll concede this argument though, weíll get the puppy at the pound. Any thing else you want in our home?"

"Only you." Patty said, lowering her head onto Alexís shoulder.

"But you already have me," Alex replied, kissing her forehead. "Anything youíve always wanted besides a puppy?" They had Alexís butler go to Pattyís apartment with a list of things to get. They would be moving the golden haired woman into the mansion completely next weekend.

"Nope, I feel quite content."

Alex sighed and tightened her hold on the smaller woman in her arms,

"So do I."

* * * *

Peter was pacing in Tommyís office waiting for an impromptu meeting with his boss. "Tommy, do you know what this is all about?"

"Yes, relax Peter, youíre not in trouble," Replied Tommy gesturing to a chair in the visitorís area.

"Then why am I locked out of my office?"

"For a very good reason, my friend." Said Alex with Patty by her side. "Tommy, would you take Patty to accounting? She has a training session there this morning."

Tommy nodded and smiled at Patty, "After you Miss Darcy."

Patty rolled her eyes at Tommy. They were becoming good friends," Drop the formality old man and lead the way, " She replied with a smirk.

"See you later, smart alec," Alex said with a grin.

"Bye Boss," Patty replied with a gentle caress of the arm.

Alex watched them leave and then gestured for Peter to go into her office. She closed the door and gestured toward the visitorís chair for the nervous man to settle into. Once he was seated Alex sat on the edge of her desk and crossed her arms. "Weíve had a breech of security in MI, Peter. Iím afraid it came from Toys; more upsetting for me I assure you. The worst is itís in your department. Peter Iím protecting you."

Peterís eyes got wider and wider as Alex had spoken. He stuttered a single word in reply, "Who?"

"Your new secretary. Itís...shall we say ...sheís not who she appears to be. Youíre not to be blamed; sheís good. We need to string her along so I put a surveillance unit in your office..."

"Wait, Alex if sheís not...then who is she?"

Alex looked compassionately at her friend and trusted employee, "An assassin who killed one of my people..."

"You mean Robby was killed by...?" Peter went very pale.

"Fraid so my friend. Donít worry she wonít get away with it," There was an angry glint in Alexís eyes as she said this.

Peter swallowed and then quietly asked, "What are you going to do?"

"Set her up and then go in and sweep out all her people. I will not have my reign end with a vendetta. I promised I wouldnít and I wonít." Alex replied her voice full of conviction.

ĎShit,í Thought Peter for hiring this woman, ĎWhat have I done?í

end part four

to be continued.....

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