Murder, Inc.

part 5

By Ri

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Peter was pacing in front of Alex as he struggled with what she just told him. Alex's blue eyes followed him in quiet sympathy, "Peter will you please calm down? We'll be ok."

"Calm down? It'll be okay? How can you say that? Alex I hired an assassin. Your enemy for God's sake!! Shit Alex I really messed up. I'm so sorry, you've always been so good and supportive of me and then I go and, and..." The man was a crumbling wreck and Alex couldn't stand it.

"Calm down." Alex was beside him her arm gently around his shoulders gently settling him in one of the chairs in her large office. She lowered herself to her knees so she was eye level with her distraught friend and said quietly with strong conviction in her voice.

"You could not of had a way to know this, Peter. Come on, this is really unusual isn't it? We both know that there was not a single way for you to know this! So why this desperate need to blame yourself? Please stop trying to project yourself into this mess, Peter. It started a long time ago and has nothing really to do with you."

"Then who does it have to with....?"

Alex smiled gently, "Me, of course. Her name is Julia Zarelli and my father killed her family. This is her revenge. The beginning of it at least. But," Now Alex stood up and moved around her desk to the small monitor on her desk. On the screen was Peter's empty outer office. "She will not end this revenge the way she thinks she will I assure of you of that. We will be ahead of her, old friend. Now can you go down there and pretend like you don't know any of this?" This was very important to Alex's
plan. She wanted Peter to go down and give her some duties while he trained Patty in accounting. She wanted Patty far away
from this spider while she spun her web. Alex intended to be a large can of Raid.

"Yes I think I can do that. What do you want me to do?" Peter asked quietly.

Alex smiled grimly and she went over her plan step by step her trusted employee and friend.

There was a knock on Alex's outer door just as she was walking Peter to it.
She opened to reveal a worried Vito, "Where the hell is Tommy? You have no protection, Alexa!"

"With Patty, Vito. Peter go down to accounting and send Tommy back up. And Peter never leave Patty alone. If you have to go back to your office, call Tommy and wait for him. Then go. Don't leave her for a minute! Even if she insists it's all right and she will follow my orders, you got that straight old friend?"

"I understand, Alex."He replied his eyes betraying a slight fear not for himself but for everyone.

"It will be ok, Peter."

"I know, Alex."

"Good man. Off with you now, she's waiting." He nodded and left the outer office quietly.

"Come on in, Vito. We've got alot to discuss." The older man nodded and followed Alex into her inner sanctum.

Patty was totally concentrated on the column of numbers. Peter was next to her smiling and shook his head in wonder. ' The kid really picks up things quickly. Alex is lucky. She really is amazing.'

Two figures entered the office unseen by the two occupants with huge smiles on their faces. Peter looked up his face full of tension and then it relaxed just as quickly when he saw who had entered the room. "Ok Patty Its break time."

"No Peter, I almost got it!" Replied Patty still staring at the computer totally unaware of the others presence.

"And you will get it. But all good little worker bees will take their breaks when the head bee says so. This is the law." Said Alex with a huge smile.

Patty's head jerked up and then her smile matched Alex's, "Oh hi."

"Hi yourself." Alex and Patty's eyes were so drawn to each other that Patty didn't even notice the older man by Alex's side till he discreetly coughed.

Alex chuckled and said, "Sorry Uncle Vito."

Alex walked over to Patty and put her arm around her shoulders. With a glowing pride she said, "Uncle Vito, this is the Love of my life, Patty Darcy. Patty, this is the only truly loving relative I have, My Uncle Vito. "Tears were evident in everyone's eyes as these two important people in Alex's live smiled shyly and said hello to each other.

Discreetly Peter left the room to the family that was forming before his eyes.

Vito walked over to Patty and put a gentle thumb under her chin and said, "So you're the little girl who stole my Darling's heart?"

Patty nodded her head as tears rolled down her cheeks and replied quietly, "Yes Sir, I guess I am and you are the man who made it possible for her to love me..thank you, sir..."

"Please call me, Uncle Vito."

"It would be an honor, Uncle Vito."

Alex stood back very choked up as she watched the two most important people in her life acknowledge each other. Tears poured down her cheeks as she watched them hug each other. She walked over and hugged them both.She looked into two equally teary eyes as she cleared her throat and said, "Can I interest anyone in an early lunch?"

Julia Zarelli entered her domain. She was known at Toys by the name Julie Rani and she had accomplished step one of her plan. She had made Alex notice a deadly presence, and she was sure no one knew it was her. She was an expert at hiding both her identity and her emotions. Her Uncle Tomas, the only other survivor of the Bennett Vendetta, was well situated in Toys thanks to her. So she joyfully acknowledged to herself they would be able to get the revenge she sought.

What she didn't expect was how hands on Alex was with Toys. She had always assumed that her beautiful adversary was a figure head, and all her time was consumed with Murder Inc. The fact that Alex was not only not a figure head but she was involved with every aspect of Toys inc put a wrench in her plans. She wasn't worried though, she knew she could act very innocent around the powerful woman. She'd been doing that all her life.

That was why Robby had been so easy for Julia to take out. 'Like a stupid fish in a barrel.' She thought to herself with an inward smile. Now she wanted to get Alex's little girlfriend, that new girl Patty. Alex had more then mere affection for the girl. Julia was sure of it and if she could kill her she knew it would cripple that dark haired harpy.

Patty was safely in accounting with Tommy and Peter. So Vito and Alex watched their quarry on the new surveillance equipment.

"Well she certainly acts legit," Said Vito from Alex's comfortable chair. Alex was sitting on the edge of her desk her arms were crossed and she was staring at the monitor. She nodded her head, "Yea, well I didn't expect to see her draw out maps and work out time tables for my demise, Unc."

"Then what do you expect, Alexa?"

"I don't know exactly. I just know I got to keep watching her...wait, who the hell is that?"

"What the hell are you doing here?" Julia asked her uncle in exasperation.

"Relax Julie, no on is here. Where is your boss anyway?" The older man asked with a cruel smirk.

Julia returned it, "Upstairs training the big boss's new protege."

A big smile came on his face, "Ah our little target. So when do we make our move?"

A matching smile lit up Julia's face, soon very soon. The bitch is more involved in Toys then I suspected. She's always around. I need to get the little innocent alone when the terror of the world isn't around. What the hell are you doing here, Uncle?" She looked over his shoulder to make sure no one was over hearing them she closed the door and turned to the older man.

Tomas smiled and said, "I thought I could help out when you take the little innocent hostage."

"No, I don't need you then. If I can't take care of one little innocent then I am not Franco Zarrelli's daughter..."

Alex was now pacing in front of the monitor and her eyes were pure ice. Danger poured out of every pore as her enemy so
casually talked of touching her little love.

"Uncle Vito, we need to get Patty out of here, right now. I'll take her home with Tommy to protect her. I trust him and us and no one else will get near her. My God, she just casually threatened the sweetest human being on the planet like she was ordering lunch. We need to move...

"Wait Alex they're saying more...."

"I found their safe house," Tomas was saying to his neice, "I can take the other one out..."

"No, Not just yet. First the innocent. She means everything to Bennet. The assassin is just icing on the cake. After we take out the innocent, then the assassin and the uncle. Then it will be just her and I. I want this show down with the woman who destroyed my family and I want to cripple and then destroy her..."

"Oh you'll get your show down, my evil little friend. It just won't be like you foresee. It will be in my time and my place." Alex answered the woman on the small screen. "Come on, Vito. I want to get Patty to safety right now. I don't like being a sitting duck..."

"Ok, wrap it up you three." Alex said smiling in the office doorway. Three pairs of surprised eyes looked over to the executive.
"Change in venue, Patty and Tommy are coming home with me. Peter there is a new assignment for you go to my office, please go and wait for your instructions." She said calmly knowing Vito was waiting there to tell Peter what she wanted him to do.

Peter nodded and quietly left the accounting office, "Ok you two come on, we don't have all day you know?"


"When we get in the car love." She said quietly to the young woman who nodded and obediently shut down the computer and
stood beside Alex. Tommy followed suit and the three of them quietly went to Alex's limo. Once safely in the car Alex calmly explained the situation to her two confused companions. "I'm sorry about all the mystery you two but I now know for certain that Patty is a target. I'm sorry love I had to get you out of there and to safety as soon as possible."

Patty's eyes widened in fear, "Why me?"

Alex enfolded the small woman in her arms and replied quietly, "The bitch knows how I feel about you. It's all part of her damn
master plan. You and Uncle Vito. Vito can take care of himself, but you my little love I need to get to safety. My house is safe
and with Tommy there to protect you I'll feel much better," She said smiling over Patty's shoulder at her secretary.

"Thanks Boss. Alex, what are we going to do?"

Alex sighed and brought her arm around Patty's shoulders bringing the smaller woman's head toher shoulder. "First we get this one to safety." She said affectionately kissing the beloved head below her. "Then I'm going to confront the lunatic..."

"No! " Patty said her body suddenly filling with tension, "Please Alex, I can't lose you..."

"You won't sweetheart, but I must use the knowledge I have and strike before she can..."

"But why fire to fire? Why can't you use water and put her fire out?"

"What?"Alex asked confused.

"Instead of a showdown with you getting shot at why don't you just set her up to be arrested for Robby's death. After all she did kill him I'm sure you can discreetly let the police in on it..."

"Hmmm. I really never thought of that. Patty you are a wonder! I was so blinded by my anger that I didn't even think of the obvious." She kissed the younger woman deeply, then rubbed noses with her gently, "You are brilliant you know?"

Patty's eyes were bright with tears, "No, I'm not. I just don't want to lose you. I'm desperate..."

"So am I, but you can see things that I can't. Thank you my Darling."Alex kissed her passionately making Tommy suddenly
interested in the sights outside of the limo window.'Wish I sat up front with the driver. It's getting awfully warm back here.' Thought Tommy as he stared at the other cars whizzing by.

Alex looked over Patty's shoulder at her secretary and smiled apologetically, "Sorry Tommy, I forgot you were there."

"Skay Boss. Now what do we do?"

"Same idea just a little different twist. We go to my house and try to figure out how to point the police in the right direction. Meanwhile we keep this one safe," Alex replied tightening the hold she had on her beloved.

When Peter entered Alex's office he found Vito waiting patiently for him."Sit down, Peter." Vito ordered quietly.

Peter crossed to the chair that he had vacated earlier in the day. He sat down quietly and looked up expectantly at the older man. To Peter this was a rather shady figure. Vito was around Toys once in a while and said very little to the employees on the Toys side of the business.

"It's not your fault Peter, but that woman you hired wants to take out me and little Patty. We ain't going to let that happen. Alex is taking care of Patty right now and I can take care of myself but we need your help Peter, Are you willing?"

"Is it legal?"

Vito smiled, "Of course it is. It's Alex's idea and she wouldn't involve you in anything that isn't. She would never hurt you, don't you know that by now?"

Peter nodded his head yes.

"Good, This is what I want you to do...."

End part five
to be continued................

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