Murder, Inc.

Part 6

By Ri

Please see part one for all disclaimers.

They arrived at the house and were met by the head of security and the butler. Alex gave her orders while Tommy escorted Patty inside the mansion. Alex followed them in a few minutes later and politely asked Tommy to make himself comfortable in her den. She then took Patty by the hand and led her upstairs to her bedroom and hugged the stuffing out of her. Patty returned the hug and rested her head on Alex's shoulder as she asked the taller woman, "Are we really safe here?"

Alex gently kissed her forehead and said, "Yes, I'm making sure that there is both physical and electronic sweeps of the area every 10 minutes..."

"Won't that be expensive...?"

"I don't really care if it is or not.You are my life and I couldn't care less about money when your life is at stake. I will not allow that woman anywhere near you." She hugged her fiercely once again. Then picked her up and took her to the large bed. She started to undress Patty slowly kissing each exposed area.

"I think we'll be in conference for the rest of the day." Whispered Alex hoarsely into a pink ear.

Patty could barely breathe let alone respond verbally. She did the only thing she could. She reached up and gently pulled Alex into a passionate kiss.

When they parted she whispered, "I know you love me and want to protect me. I just wish I could ease your burden."

Alex carressed her cheek and replied gently, "But you are...believe me. Damn you are so beautiful." She kissed her again and then began to caress every inch of the woman she loved, till they both went over the edge forgetting their problems in pure joy.

"Alex what are we going to do?" Patty asked as they cuddled against each
other in bed.

"We're going to impliment your plan." Alex replied between nibbles on Patty's neck.

"How?" She asked while extending her neck for Alex.

"I have many skills." Alex said as she continued her descent down the neck toward Patty's already begging breasts.

"That I know," Patty said hoarsely as her hands moved down Alex's strong back, "But what are you going to do?"

Alex started to tease Patty's breast with her tongue and she looked up with passion filled eyes and asked, "Do we have to discuss this now?"

"Yes, because I won't relax til...I have some...Idea..."She panted as she wiggled under Alex's assault.

Alex stopped the assault and kissed her love between her hot mounds sweetly and looked into passion filled eyes as she replied, "All right let's do this quickly so we can get back to more important issues. I have a contact at the police department
named Jaust and Tommy is calling him right now to advise him of our friend's involvement with Robby's death and to make sure the little dear is off balance. On top of a police investigation, Peter just gave her a major job to keep her and her uncle busy. Hopefully between both those things she will not have time to strike at us. Does that satisfy you, my love?" She asked breathlessly. All she really wanted to do was to continue her loving assault on the beautiful body beneath her.

Patty nodded her head and unconsciously moved her breast closer to Alex's mouth, "Yes, Alex."

"Good, now on to what's really important," She said as she continued down the path she began knowing it would temporarily lead them to forget their problems and enjoy their bond.

Alex was pacing in front of Tommy in her upstairs office. She had to get Val out of the safe house but she didn't want to leave Patty for a minute. Even though she trusted Tommy and her staff she wanted to protect Patty herself.

"We'll just have Vito go then."Tommy suggested quietly.

"Under normal circumstances that's exactly what I'd do but Damn it Tommy this isn't normal isn't circumstances. Vito is a target too, remember? I can't ask him to risk his life but..."

"Vito can take care of himself, Boss. He wouldn't want you to risk Patty for him you know?" Tommy asked reasonably.

Alex nodded her head in acknowledgement, "You're right about that. Shit, this is such a mess! What the hell are we going to do?" She asked quietly as she finally settled in her comfortable chair.

"Get Val out and keep Patty safe."

"That's brilliant, how?"

"I'll get Val out and bring her to the new safe house and you stay here with Patty, simple."

"Simplistic you mean. The Bitch proably has it staked out. If you move Val out she will kill her and proably you too. No, the only way to do this is to figure a way to move Val without it seeming like it's happening ."


"I don't know! If I did we wouldn't be having this conversation I'd be God damn doing it.! Alex exploded getting up and pacing like a caged tiger.

There was a gentle knock at the door and a blonde head popped in. Tommy was astounded by his boss's change of expression. She went from scowling anger to bright joy in a flash of an istant.

"Hello love, what's wrong?" Alex asked Patty gently.

That's what I was going to ask you. I thought I heard shouting," Patty said quietly with a sweet smile.

Alex looked at Patty through her bangs, "I.. uh...was. Sorry."

"Why were you shouting?" Patty asked reasonbly.

Alex went to her love and enfolded her in her arms and hugged her tightly. Then she brought her head back slightly so she could see her concerned green eyes. "I'm just trying to work out some logistics and I'm a little frustrated."

Patty gently moved some hair out Alex's eyes and asked sweetly, "Am I a part of that frustration?"

Alex nodded and looked down not able to meet the honest green eyes, But Patty wouldn't allow it and she gently lifted the chin and met ashamed blue eyes, "Tell me what's happening. Maybe I can actually help."

Tommy decided to say something for the first time though he knew he risked Alex's wrath, "Why not Alex? We're going in circles by ourselves."

Alex turned toward her trusted secratary and briskly nodded her head. "Ok, it can't hurt." She gently brought Patty to the couch and sat down patting the seat beside her. After Patty sat down Alex patted her chest and smiled. Smiling back Patty lay back as Alex closed her arms around her affectionately.

"Valerie's position has been compromised. I have to find a way to get her out without telegraphing it to Zarrelli. I'm split in two Darling. I have to go to the site and get Val out but I can't leave you alone. I know logically that you're well protected and I
do trust everyone here but...emotionally I can't leave you...I'm sorry."Alex had tears falling down her cheeks though she had no idea why.

Patty was touched on many levels. First the trust Alex had in her by telling her the plan. Second the love that caused the tears that she felt on her neck touched her heart, and last was Alex's need to apologize for that love. This strong woman was so very open to her that she would allow her to see into her heart even if it showed her as weak in front of Tommy. This deeply touched her heart.

"Don't be sorry my love I know this is pure love. I think you should fix the logistics and then go help Val. I'm well protected her, right Tommy?

"That's what I said, Kiddo. But the Boss is still worried about you and I can't say I blame her," Tommy answered, touched by the scene unfolding before him.

Alex looked from one to the other of the two occupants of the room and she couldn't argue the logic, but she couldn't fight her instinct either and they said to 'stay here and protect your beloved, you will be needed'. Alex cleared her throat and said quietly, "I know you're both right but... I can't. My instincts say I'm going to be needed here and I simply can't leave you, Darling. I just can't..." The arms around Patty tightened and she lay her head possessively on Patty's shoulder.

Patty gently stroked Alex's hair and said, "Okay plan B. Tommy can go with Vito to help Val but you think of the strategy."

Alex head popped up, "Yes that's right. If I plan it really carefully Tommy and Vito should be able to pull it off! You are so damn brilliant, Patty!!" She began kissing the smaller woman' s neck.

"I think I'll go get some coffee while you two confer," Tommy said, getting out while the getting was good. He cleared the door just as a burst of giggles broke out across the room.


Peter walked briskly into his office till he was face to face with his seceratary. He had his orders and he would follow them to the letter trusting that Alex knew what she was doing.

"Miss Rani I have an important project for you. Please come into my office." Julia followed in her meek pose of the docile young woman. She sat demurely and looked up expectantly.

'Damn she is good.' Peter thought as he watched her play her part.

"I'm going to redesign our logging system. I need you and one of our engineers to initiate it. I will give you all the data and graphics then you and the engineer that Miss Bennett assigns will set up the system. I really need you to put a full effort on this project since Miss Benett wants it completed by next Friday. That gives us 10 days. I know you're new, so I need to know if you have any personal issues that will prevent you from completing this project?"

Julia was stunned. It was an important project and she could see that it was an excellent opportunity. To keep her place she couldn't turn it down. On the other hand, this was going to throw a wrench in her plans. She decided to go with the flow and see if it opened an opportunity for her to strike at her enemy.

"No Sir, I have no problems with my time."

Peter nodded and sat down behind his desk. "Very well. Do you have your pad?" She held it up, "Good let's start with the matrix..."


Vito, knowing Peter would follow through to the letter, headed over to Alex's place to find out what the next step in her plan was. He knew Alex had confidence in him he just didn't have any in himself. His brother made sure he always knew just how inept he was and that his young niece was far better able to handle the business at 18 years old then he did when he was in his late 30's. That feeling stayed with him and he always saw Alex as his superior. It never diminished the love and affection he had for her but it always annoyed Alex that her beloved uncle felt that way.

He arrived at the mansion and spoke to the chief of security. Satisfied that all was well he went toward the stairs leading to Alex's office.

"Uh I wouldn't disturb Alex right now, Sir." Tommy said quietly from the living room door. He had heard the older man walk toward the stairs.

"Why not?"

"Um...she and Patty are in conference..."

"Conference. What are...Oh I see. So what are you doing?"

Tommy smiled, "Watching TV and waiting for the all clear."

"Would you mind company?" Vito asked with a grin.

"Of course not. You do like football, don't you?"

"You bet your ass I do Kid."


Alex and Patty were still cuddling on the couch of Alex's office.

"Do you think Peter started your plan?"

"Yes, Peter is damn loyal. He would of made sure that the Bitch is overwhelmingly busy and this project includes her scumbag of an uncle too. I hope it at least keeps them off balance."

"It will. You're brilliant."

"It takes one to know one," Patty replied with a giggle as Alex licked her nose playfully. Then she kissed each eye and gently brushed back her hair, "You melt my heart. Did you know that? All I have to do is look at you and I feel such happiness, and
believe me, my love that's an inept word to describe it. Thank you for coming into my life. I love you."
Tears were falling from her eyes and Patty threw her arms around the older woman and hugged her with all the love she had in her heart.

"I love you so much I can't believe you feel the same. You're so.. special. I'm overwhelmed by these feelings. But I feel so strong and happy with you Alex. Thank you."

Alex kissed Patty passionately and then seductively began to kiss down her neck as she quietly replied., "All I want from you is love. I really don't need or want thanks, Darling. I'm the one full of gratitude."

There was brisk knock on the door and Alex's face changed to pure annoyance, "What?!"

Patty stroked her hair to calm her as the butler said, "Madam, Mr Bennett was wondering when you'd be down."

Alex rolled her eyes and said, "Tell him in about an hour..."

"Alex," Patty whispered, "He's worried about Val."

Alex looked at Patty and raised an eyebrow, "Priorties?"

Patty nodded and smiled, "We have been ...Um...well at this quite a while."

Alex snorted, "Yes, well this is more important to me then anything else. But you are right, My Love. Val's life does come first...Um can we continue it later?"

"Yes please." Patty said throwing her arms around Alex's neck and kissing her cheek.

Alex turned her head so their mouth's met in a deep and well connected kiss. "Deal."

To be continued...
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