Murder, Inc.

part 7

by Ri

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Alex and Patty entered Alexís den hand in hand. The men were engrossed with the game on T.V. and Alex rolled her eyes as she bent down to whisper in Pattyís ear,

"I think we could of stayed up stairs for a while."

Patty smiled and nodded. Alex winked at her then she cleared her throat as loud as she could, "Excuse me but I believe you required our presence?"

Two male heads snapped up to look at the smooth, rich voice addressing them.

Vito jumped up and said, "Alexa! About God Damn time! What are we going to do about Val?"

Alex smiled grimly, strode over to the coffee table and turned off the game with the remote. "I see you boys were in a deep discussion about it yourselves..."

"That's not fair, Boss. You're the strategest." His voice betrayed the hurt he felt that his boss and friend would think he would play instead of act when Valís life was in danger.

"Thatís true but you both have good brains and I would like this to be a meeting where we exchange ideas, not just me spouting out orders on what I think we should do. Vito, Tommy...I...Iím not an all knowing Goddess with all the answers...I ...." She began to falter when she felt a gentle rubbing on her shoulder from a small hand. She looked over her shoulder and smiled as their eyes locked. Through that eye contact strength was exchanged and Alex continued, " Come on you two sit let's have a real meeting."

The two nodded in agreement and a true meeting of minds was begun in Alexís elegant den. Alex really hoped this was how her meetings would be handled from now on.

* * * * *

A familiar telephone truck pulled up in front of a non descript house on a non descript block and two men hopped out. The older man was carrying a clip board and the younger one was carrying a tool box.

There was rhythmic knock on the front door that Val recognized as the a safe signal from Alex. She answered the door cautiously and was stunned by the sight before her. Vito talked to her in a quiet, professional tones and Val invited him in. Tommy shook his head and replied loudly that he was going to check the lines and would be right back. Vito followed Val into the house.

"What the hell is going on!?!"

"The Bitch knows where you are and we're going to move you out now right under her stupid nose. Tommy is moving the truck into the alley and Iím going to slip you out back so we can move you to another place..."


"I donít know! Damn it Val, Do you want to get anything besides that?" He asked as he pointed to the pearl handled revolver.

"No, Iím ready."

"Okay Kid, lets go. Now!"

* * * * *

Alex was driving her convertible very fast down the highway. She was constantly checking all her mirrors to see if they were being tailed.

"Alex, We are going to get the police on our tail if you donít slow down."

Alex smiled and slowed the car down. It was decided during the meeting that Alexís very private and remote retreat would be safer then her mansion. So they were now speeding up the mountain to get to it before dark. No one knew the location of the retreat except Vito. This was the first time she had ever taken anyone else to it. She was sad about the reason why they were going up there but she was very happy to finally have someone to share it with. Especially the woman she loved.

"It's another hour at this snailís pace are you sure?"

"Yes Darling, Iíd like to be one piece when I get to see this wonderland of yours."

Alex chuckled and reached over to caress a soft cheek, "Not quite wonderland, My Love, its a bit too rustic. But I think...I hope you like it."

Iím sure I will, really Alex I just canít wait..." She noticed an eyebrow go up in question, "No Alex, Please lets go at a snail's pace."

Alex nodded and kept the speed at merely 80 miles an hour instead of the 120 that the Mazarati convertible was capable of. Besides she would not of been able to continue to feel soft skin beneath her fingers and maintain that speed, and Alex was enjoying the feel of it as they drove to the safety of her cabin.

* * * * *

After depositing an argumentative and testy Val at the new safe house, Tommy and Vito headed back to the office per Alexís instructions. They were pleased that it all went as smoothly as it did. They didnít expect that. They slipped Val out of the house through a grove of oak trees in the back yard to the gate of the alley and the waiting truck. Then Tommy left and Vito went back through the house and made a show of talking to the non-existent resident. Then he walked down the front sidewalk two feet up the block where the innocent looking truck was waiting to pick him up. They left the neighborhood at the legal speed limit and were calmly on their way to the new place.

Once Va,l arguing all the way, was placed in the new safe house outside of town they followed Alexís plan and headed back to the office. Vito was astonished at Alexís desire that a group discussion was better then making the decision alone. She had such a brilliant mind that it never occurred to him that she would want to share other's thoughts on such an important decision. It was almost impossible for him to take in. He could tell by Tommyís expression at the time that he wasnít shocked. After they had left the mansion to get the truck Tommy told him that he had seen this coming for a long time. This was her style of management at Toys. She was transforming every day more and more into a regular excutive; less and less the gun for hire that she was at the beginning.

"I donít think you relize how much she loves Toys and hates M.I. This transition has been happening for years, Vito. Patty was just a catalyst to make it complete. Thatís why she handed M.I. to you, Vito. She's not the same woman she was when she took over the family."

They were both silent for a while as they drove and remembered the wild and uncontrollable young girl that Alex had been at 18 years old. She was truly mad with grief when her father was killed and had almost stabbed Vito to death in a frenzy of anger during that time. It was the realization that she almost killed the only person besides her Mother that had ever shown her love that finally snapped her out of the blood lust that had been her driving force for almost a year. Vito calmly got her back on her rightful path; the one she was on before her father was killed by the Zarrelli gang. She still ran the family but Vito had her go to college and get her Masters degree in engineering and computer science.

It was during her final year of school that she started Toys Inc. as a cover company but as she became immersed in the growing company she found that she loved it. The more she loved her legitimate company the more she despised everything that was Murder Inc. 'Until one day while Christmas shopping at the mall an uncalculated error brought her face to face with her future,í Tommy thought to himself with a smile of fondness on his handsome face.

* * * * *

That future was twirling in the foyer of Alexís cabin in pure joy. Alex watched Patty twirling in circles fondly with a smile of love on her face reflected in her glowing blue eyes.

"So I take it that this means you like it, huh?" She asked with a smirk.

Patty stopped her twirling and after a few seconds of balancing herself to control her dizzy head she looked up at Alex in astonishment.

"Of course...Oh." She stopped after realizing she was being tweaked, She gently hit the older woman in the arm, "Oh you!" she said laughingly then entered the cabin.

Alex chuckled and then bent down to pick up their luggage as she followed her love to their private nest.

* * * * *

Tommy sat at his desk intently working in the computer as the assistant chief engineer entered his office. He never glanced up or acknowledged the older man, he just gestured toward a chair and kept working at his computer. He could barely contain his anger at the older Zarrelli for putting his beloved chief and her love into danger. But Alex had a plan of attack and Tommy would stick to it. "Please sit, "He said politely but coldly, not at all in his usual friendly manner.

The big man sat down and fidgeted. He was very uncomfortable being summoned to the CEOís office. Vito buzzed Tommy. Tommy looked into the calm brown eyes of his enemy and said briskly, "Go on in," Then immediately went back to his keyboard.

The large man entered the elegant office nervously. His first surprise was that he was not met by the tall, blue eyed beauty but the older Vito instead. Vito was seated behind the large desk and looked at him with expression of command.

"Sit." Said the older man in a professional manner, though in reality he wanted to take the manís head and twist it off with his bare hands. They had a plan of attack and he would not mess up anything of Alexís despite his personal feeling of revulsion at the sight of the man. He forced himself to smile cordially.

The big man sat uncomfortably. He was sure he was caught and was looking for a possible exit. Vito smiled inwardly quite sure he read the mans thoughts accurately, ĎYou are caught you jerk but Alex is not ready to spring the trap till our old friend Jaust can put nice shiny bracelets on your wrists.í Vito was hoping it would be sooner then later.

"Miss Bennett, needs your talents for a new project. You will be working with Miss Rani in our sales office putting together a new logging system. Do you think you can handle that? Miss Bennett wants it done by next Friday."

The startled look on his face was priceless and Vito wished they had some of the surveillance equipment in here so Alex could see it.

"You a...mean you want..."

"Well if you canít handle it..."

"No sir, I can handle it. I am so...overwhelmed ...but I do ... I want to do it."

Vito nodded and said," Ok, then go to it man. Miss Rani will advise you on whatís needed."

Vito watched him sprint out of the office and said quietly after the door had closed, "The trap is set, Alex."

* * * * *

Alex and Patty were in a cuddle on the couch by the fire place. Alex had her arms around the smaller woman. They were both naked and yet on fire. Alex was kissing Pattyís neck and Patty was tracing the muscles of Alexís taut stomach. They had just made love and was basking in a glow of contentment. Alex was working up Pattyís chin to her waiting lips. She grinned seductively and kissed the younger woman with all the love and passion that pumped through her veins till Patty moaned in pure reaction.

"I love when you make that sound," Alex purred into her as she brought her into an embrace.

"Is that why you bring it out of me all the time?" Patty asked as she reached a rib and tickled it.

Alex chuckled and squeezed her tighter, "You betcha." She started to gently nibble an ear, "God, you taste good. I could hold you and do this forever..."

"That's a good time frame," She replied enthusiastically, "God, I love you so much Alex. Donít ever leave me..." Suddenly tears were slipping down her cheeks.

Alex gently repositioned herself so they were face to face as she lovingly wiped her eyes, "My Love, I will never ever leave you. I promise. I will always be with you. Always." Alex suddenly felt such emotion come over her she had to stop and swallow a few times. She kissed Patty on the forehead and then brought her head down to rest on her breast.

Pattyís heartbeat had been erratic but the moment her head touched Alexís breast it slowed to beat in the same rhythm that she heard beneath her head. Patty closed her eyes and said quietly, "Thank you, My Love. I think I needed to hear that right now."

"I mean it Patty. I donít care what I have to do! I will be with you forever."

"I love you, Alex." Patty said sleepily.

"I love you too, Patty. With all my heart and all my soul." She was stroking her long blonde hair and smiled contentedly as she heard her love's breathing slow into slumber. She kissed the top of her head and said softly, " No matter what the fates have planned, My Love, I will never leave you."

* * * *

Patty woke up in the same position. She opened her eyes to see the still sleeping Alex, her hair falling into her eyes covering up her face. Patty gently brushed the dark hair out of the way so she could see the beloved face beneath. Blue eyes fluttered open and Alex smiled.

"Hi," Said Patty quietly.

"Hi," Alex replied caressing a cheek.

Patty looked down, "Iím sorry I got so..."

"No, its ok. I feel the same way, I ... wouldnít survive with out you, Patty..."

"Donít say that!"

""Its true...I...would die without you...If you ...I wouldnít..."

Now Alex was crying and Patty held her stroking her hair and said very quietly, "Well we just need to make sure it doesnít happen, we need each other too much."

Teary blue eyes met misty green eyes as Alex replied quietly, "Deal, My Love. Thats a deal."

* * * * *

"So would you like to learn to fish?" Alex asked, amusement played over her face as she watched Patty change into her fourth outfit in a row.

"Yes, but Alex what's appropriate to wear?"

Alex laughed, "Any of the clothes that you have put on would be fine. I just love watching you change so go on and play..." She ducked as pillow sailed toward her, "Good shot!" She laughed even harder as she saw the pink, frustrated face. She walked over, lifted a defiant chin up and smiled into a blushing face as she said gently, "I love when you blush," Then she ducked her head and kissed Patty deeply. Small arms encircled her waist as the kiss was returned with equal passion. When they parted Alex chucked her chin and asked, "Better?"

Patty smiled and blushed a little more replying quietly, "Yes."

"Would you like me to teach you to fish now?" She asked as she rubbed the little nose in front of her with her own.

"Iíd love it."

"Ok, lets go before all the fish go home."

Two lures bobbed on the lake as two happy woman rested under the shade of large oak tree.


"Mmmm?" Alex replied sleepily.

Patty smiled. She had never seen Alex this relaxed. It was a nice sight. "I like this."

Blue eyes popped open and Alex smiled, "Yea, I do too. When this is all over Iím taking you on a long extended vacation, just you and I in a peaceful setting like this."


Alex chuckled at the excited flush on her lover's face, "Yea really."

"Oh Iíd like that."

Suddenly one of the poles started to bob more violently, "Patty your line!" Alex said as she jumped up to grab the pole. Laughing they pulled in beautiful fish, large and succulent.Alex was taking the hook out and was amused by the squeamish look on Pattyís face, "I suppose this means I have to skin it too, huh?" Asked Alex with a smirk.

"Ewww, Oh Alex, do I really have too..."

"Its ok, love. Iíll do it, Iím used to it. I used to do it all the time when I was a kid."

"Really, did Vito teach you?"

Alex nodded her head, "Yea, he used to take me when I was a kid. It was the only time I felt... normal I guess." The dark head was bent as she placed the fish into a bucket while she spoke quietly to Patty, "Iím glad we came here, I missed the simplicity."

"Thank you for taking me, Love." Patty replied quietly. She was very moved by Alexís words.

"Its my pleasure, " As Alex looked up through her bangs she had a smile on her face and tears in her eyes. She stood up and cleaned her hands on an old towel she brought for that purpose.

"Come on lets set up your pole for another fish."

* * * * *

Julia and Eric were working side by side in her office. Peter had already gone for the day as had most of the staff.

"Well arenít we lucky I was the engineer they picked for this project?"

Julia looked up suddenly,íYea lucky,í She thought to herself. ĎIs this too much of a coincidence? No Peter couldnít know and Alex hasnít even been in the office all day. Just fate I guess.í

"Uncle I do have an idea. We can do it tonight after were done here."

"Why are we doing this? I mean why help that Bitch?"

"Just look at it this way, its a perfect cover for.. sabotage."She said with a sly smile and an insane twinkle in her eyes.

Eric, blinded by the same insanity, smiled brightly, "As well as or instead of kidnapping the brat?"

"Well Uncle, we canít kidnap her if she isnít here so we have to be adaptable. I think a nice explosion here in her pet company might do the trick to draw her out of hiding."

"Ooooh that's good, kid. That's good."They smiled at each other as they continued to work and plan.

* * * * *

Peter entered his outer office noticing a mess of data on a side credenza. He walked over and noticed a wire sticking out of the mass of papers. His head cocked to the side in confusion, "What the hell?" He pulled the wire. Suddenly there was smoke and a loud roar and then nothing....

* * * *

Vito arrived at Alexís cabin at dinner time. He heard music drifting through the door as he knocked. A cautious dark head peeked out the door. When Alex saw it was Vito she pulled the snubbed nosed revolver back and slipped it into her ankle holster thenshe gave her uncle a proper greeting. She gave him a kiss and hug, then she escorted the beloved man into her home.

Vito smile widened at the sight of how homey the usually sterile cabin looked. There were flowers everywhere and music playing in the background and the smell of dinner wafted in. Patty had a huge smile of welcome for the older man as she walked over to give him a hug and kiss.

"Uncle Vito, It's great to see you. Can you stay for dinner? We have plenty."

"Yes Munchkin, I can stay and from what I can smell dinner is a wonderful thought."

Alex was smiling broadly with one arm around Vito and the other around Patty.

"I didnít cook it which makes it an even better thought." They all laughed. "Sit down, Unc. How long till dinner is ready, Love?"

"About thirty minutes... Do you want me to..."

"No Honey, thatís not necesary, what I need to say you both will want to know."

Instantly alert, Alexís eyebrows shot up and her expression transformed from a relaxed niece to the head of M.I.

"Uncle Vito, Whats wrong? Is Val ok?"

"Val is fine, Honey. Your plan went two sit, ok?"

Alex and Patty met in the center of the large sofa and Alex enfolded her love in long, comforting arms. They sat down together and looked up expectantly at Vito.

"What happened?"Alex quiet voice made it sound like it was a command.

Vito sat down in a large comfortable chair and closed his eyes to give him the strength for what he was about to tell them. Slowly he opened his eyes and confronted a pair of concerned blue eyes and frightened green eyes.

"There has been and explosion at the was seriously injured. He is expected to recover but he may not be able to see..."

Alex jumped up her face reflecting the pure rage she felt coursing through her body at the news. "Its my fault! Fuck!" She yelled. "I shouldnít of left that Bitch in my building I.. I should...." Suddenly there were two small arms around her middle stopping her in mid stride.

"Stop!" Patty said loudly.

Alex stared at her. The strength of Pattyís voice startled her into silence. "You canít read other peopleís minds, Alex. You are not a Goddess. Just like you said, you're a human being just like me and Vito. You are remarkable, brilliant and talented but you canít know all and see all. Now sit down." She gently led the still angry woman to the couch and made her sit. "Am I right or wrong?"

Alexís eyes which seconds before were blazing with anger now shined with unshed tears and confusion. "You're right." She answered quietly, "But what are we going to do? Vito where is he? You said heíll survive. What condition is he in? How bad are the burns..."

"Shh Alexa. Come now I brought the report. I knew youíd want to see it." He pulled the report out of his brief case and handed it to his anxious neice.

After reading the report Alex didnít feel better but she was calmer. Peter would live. He had third degree burns on his hands and face. All the burns were treatable and he would recover fully except for his eyes. That was the worse of it for her. Her brilliant Vice President of sales would never see his own software again.

"Oh God, Patty," She started to softly cry then sob onto her love's shoulder.

Patty gently stroked her hair and the soothed her with words of love and hope. Vito put their dinner in the refrigerator, then he turned off the CD player. He kissed them goodnight and went to bed in the guest room.

Patty gently guided Alex to their room and prepared them for bed. Once they were settled in each others arms she began to gently soothe the distraught woman.

Alex eyes met Pattyís and she quietly asked, "How did I ever get so damn lucky to meet you and have you in my life? Damn you are the most remarkable woman. Thank you, Darling...Thank you."

"Shhh, I did nothing but tell you the truth and love you. That's not remarkable."

"Yes it is, Patty no one has ever stopped one of my mad tirades like you just did. You are brave and strong when you need to be." She hugged the smaller woman stroking her back, " Yet so soft and adorable. God above I love you, Patty. If I donít survive..."

"Shhh, stop. Please donít say that. You're not going to die. I will not let you. God, if only there was a way for you and that woman not to meet in a fight. Thats what she wants you know in her perverted mind, a fight to the death. Either your death or hers it doesnít seem to matter to this woman. I wonít let her," She looked into beautiful blue eyes full of tears and love, "Between us my love we have the brains to defeat her."

Alex kissed Patty deeply and started to caress every inch of soft skin till she reached her breasts. She sighed and put her head down against the soft pillow, "Between us, My love, no one on this earth can defeat us."

She said hoarsely as she continued to make love to the most important person in her life.

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