Murder, Inc.

part 8

by Ri

Please see part one for all disclaimers.

An ambulance with lights and sirens blaring in the night pulled into the rear entrance of Mercy Hospital. Two men hopped out and hurriedly pulled a gurney out from the back of the ambulance. They rushed through the emergency doorsand were met by a doctor who escorted them to a private room and shut the door.

Once the door was shut one of the male drivers said quietly, "Ok, you two, you can come out now." The blanket on top pulled back to reveal a healthy Alex and peeking out from the drapes below was an equally healthy Patty.

Tommy smiled and held out a hand to the smaller woman, "You ok, my friend?" He asked as he pulled her gently from her hide out.

"Yep. That was interesting but I think I want to be on the top on the way back, Alex."

"Awww, you're always on top," Alex said with mock disappointment.

Patty blushed a deep red at the remark and Alex laughed quietly and said with a smirk, "Well you are." Patty turned a deeper shade of red and Alex had to pull herself back to their purpose for being there.

"Ok, Sam how far is the patient from here?"

Dr. Samuel Peterson was Alexís personal doctor and a good friend from when she was a kid. One of the few real friends she made as she grew up. He treated her like a person and an equal. They never talked about her family. When she went to College and started Toys he hoped she was breaking away from all that horror. It was only when she came to him shot in the leg from an assignment gone wrong that he realized she was still in it up to her neck. It had only been recently that heíd seen a difference. She had been conflicted about MI and though they never talked of it, he saw she was finally pulling away and into her own life. He was glad because she was a good person and she deserved more. What truly amazed him was this new side of Alex he was seeing right now. ĎSheís so peaceful, she looks 10 years younger. It must be this girl. Remarkable.í He thought as he studied his friend.

"Heís two floors up. I need you two change into these scrubs so I can get you unnoticed into ICU."

Alex nodded, "Right, when will the specialist get here?" She asked as she went through the scrubs to give the appropriate sized garments to Patty.

"In about two hours. Come along, gentlemen. Letís give these ladies some privacy to change." Alex's eyebrow shot up at the term 'lady', but her friend just smiled and winked as the three men left the room.

* * * *

Three people in scrubs and two ambulance drivers quietly entered the ICU unit. They followed Sam to Peterís room. Alex nodded to the policeman outside of the room placed there by Jaust at Alexís request. The patient was awake when he heard several people enter his room.

An elegant warm hand enclosed his and he knew instantly who that warm hand belonged to, "This is not your fault, Alex." He said quietly to his friend. Alexís eyes were instantly full of tears at these words, "Then whose fault is it, my friend?"

Peter smiled sweetly, "No not you, itís Zarelliís of course. I...I should of been more...cautious. You warned me...I was stupid..I...uh...."

"Stop. How on earth can you blame yourself, Peter? Why arenít you blaming me?" Alex asked incredulously.

Peter shook his head and sighed, "Iím the one who pulled that wire. I was warned by you to be cautious. I guess its all perspective. All you have done since this began is try to protect all of us.How can I blame you?" He asked reasonably.

Alex breathed deeply several times till she felt a small arm encircle her waist and looked down into concerned green eyes. "Alex feels she should of seen this coming. That she should not of allowed that woman to remain at Toys. But, as she pointed out we have no evidence directly against her and to fire her would of been more dangerous. I think Alex that you should listen to your own logic. Zarelli is responsible for this, not you." Patty said quietly as she rubbed Alexís belly and with her other hand she caressed Peterís cheek. "Peter, Alex has arranged an eye specialist to take a look at you. Maybe with his help you will...well..."

"Iíll see again," He finished the sentence quietly. There was little hope in his voice though.

"Yes," Alex said her voice barely above a whisper.

"Its a nice thought you two but..."

"Its perfectly possible," said Sam. "I know heís the best in business. You have an excellent shot."

The room was very quiet as they each sent silent prayers up that Samís words would be true.

* * * * *

Alex and Patty were staying at the mansion for the night. They would be leaving to go back to the cabin tomorrow after the results of Peterís tests were revealed by their specialist. They were trying to unwind watching television when a footman entered the room.

Alex looked up and raised an inquiring eyebrow.

He knew that it was a warning that this interruption had better be good, "Maíam, Detective Jaust is here to see you."

Alex smiled, "I wondered how long it would take him to visit me. All right, Jonathan send him in."

"Very well, Maíam."

Alex looked down at Patty whose head was comfortably in her lap. She bent down and gently kissed her forhead, "Why do I always get the feeling that Iím in the middle of murder mystery whenever my household staff comes into the room? Really my father must of grown up watching old ones and decided thats what heíd hire when he staffed this place." She said with an ironic grin to the beautiful blonde below her.

Patty giggled, and then gently slapped her loveís hand, "Oh you, I think theyíre all really nice."

"I know, they wouldnít be here if they werenít. This one seems to have the personality of Lurch from the "Adamís Family."

This caused Patty to burst into laughter and Alex couldnít resist joining in. Jaust walked into the room admist rollicking laughter.

"Well beautiful women laughing has to be a good sign, right?" Jaust asked his friend with indulgent smile.

"Yep. What have you found out?" Alex motioned for Patty to sit up which she immediately did. Patty, this is Detective Jaust, He is a Lieutenant but for some reason he prefers to go by Detective. He is in charge of the Vice Squad, and my friend. Jaust, This Patty Darcy, the love of my life, whom we are both going to protect, right?"

Patty as always blushed and looked away whenever Alex said things like that. But Alex made her hold their gaze till she projected all the love and confidence she had in the younger woman. Jaust waited and then when Patty could tear eyes away from Alexís she took the hand held out and shook it with firm yet gentle grip.

"Itís nice to meet you Patty. Iíve heard a lot about you, " He winked at her and smiled putting her at ease, "Donít worry it was all good."

"How could it not be?" Alex asked sincerely and Pattyís blush deepened. Alex put an arm around her shoulders and whispered in her little red ear,"You're beautiful when you blush."

Pattyís reply was to hide her face against Alexís shoulder. Alex smiled at Jaust and he winked back at her. "Well it seems the love of your life is shy. Very unlike a certain blue eyed vixen I know."

Alex stroked Pattyís hair, "I know its one of the many things I love about her." She kissed the top of her head and leaned back against the arm of couch bringing Patty with her so she could continue to hold and stroke her hair. She looked up at Jaust waiting for him to tell her what he knew.

"Ah, this is my cue to get to business. Ok, weíve had a tight surveillance on the psychotic duo and they have basically been keeping far away from each other since the explosion. Uncle nut case has called his niece twice. It seems the old man is in an all fire hurry to get their master plan underway."

"What is their plan?" Alex asked briskly. Patty had already sat up and they were both waiting for an answer expectantly.

Jaust swallowed a couple of times then he answered quietly, " To kidnap Patty is still their major card, Alex. They havenít been able to because they havenít gotten near her since you're with her every minute. Julia doesnít know that you know it's her yet so she figures that Patty will be an open target sooner or later. She told him they just have to be patient."

"Well they can be patient till the God Damn cows come home Iím not letting Patty out of my sight for a second!" Alexís arms tightened around Pattyís waist and Patty was snuggled against Alex once again.

"I agree, have an idea."


"You could be a guinea pig..."

"No!!"Patty sat bolt upright and said, "I will not allow Alex to sacrifice herself for me!" Alex brought her love gently back to her and started to stroke her back and neck to get her to relax again.

"I would do anything for you, Patty," Alex quietly whispered as she continued the gentle massage.

Pattyís tears were falling as she said, "I wonít lose you, Alex. I just found you."

Alex's eyes were blazing when they met Jaustís. He actually took a step back in reaction to the murderous look in his friends eyes.

"Whoooa, ladies I have no intention of allowing anyone to sacrafice themselves. All I want is for Alex to lure the wicked witch of the west into the open. I can arrange it so you donít even have to be at the meet Alex."

"No," cried Patty still terrified.

"Shhh, its ok, Iím not going to do that, Darling. Calm down. Jaust I have a better idea. One that will get these two on real evidence and please my love." She said with a wry grin to her friend and a sweet kiss to her loveís still bent head.

* * * * *

They came to the hospital by ambulance again and were quietly waiting for the results of Peterís tests in his room. Alex had made sure her friend had the best of everything including a fully private room. The policeman outside the door knocked and the specialist came in.

He was a tall man with a kind face. He smiled at the various faces in the room looking at him anxiously for the right answer. "I have good news, Peter, you will see again. I do not make promises I canít keep. It will be a slow progression till your full vision returns and youíll never be allowed to fly a plane..." He joked as the room burst into a joyful din of noise.

There were tears and laughter as Peter reached for the hand that was next to him and in a quiet grateful tone of voice, "I wish I could see you now, to thank you. Iím so very grateful..."

Alex hugged him and replied sweetly, "Why grateful? If it wasnít for me..."

"If wasnít for you I would be blind for life."

"If it wasnít for me you wouldnít of been hurt in the first place."

"Oh Alex, how do you know that? It could of happened another way. It was probably fated I learn some lessons from this. If it did happen another way and I didnít know you I would be blind for life. Somethings just happen. Please stop blaming yourself. You know damn well, Julia Zarelli is the only one responsible for this. Iím mad as hell at her and Iím mad at myself for not being astute enough to see through her charade. Iím not at all upset with you...Patty, please help her." Heíd felt a tear drop on his arm.

Patty was beside them in a second her small arms around the distressed woman stroking her hair as she felt the tears soak through her scrubs. "Honey, are you ok?"

Alex nodded her head and in a gruff voice said, "Yea, Iím just so damn lucky to have people who love me despite all my faults..."

"No, no, darling because of all your strengths," Replied Patty sincerely. "Would you like some coffee? Thereís a machine right down the hall."

"Yea, that would be nice. Send the policemen, Love. You stay here."

"No, I need to go to the bathroom anyway, Iíll get it on my way back."

"Let me go with you..."

"Alex, Iím a big girl, I can go to the bathroom all by myself. Its only three doors away and the coffee machine is in between. Besides the policeman is right in the hallway, Iíll be fine."

Alex struggled with her instincts which said she shouldnít let Patty out of her sight, but she knew Patty was right, the policeman was right there.

"Please be careful, love." She said finally relenting though very unwillingly.

Patty rolled her eyes and then crossed them to make Alex smile.

Patty left the bathroom and was waiting for the steaming liquid to finish falling into the first cup. Behind her a big orderly approached her until she could see his reflection in the machine. Something about him made her nervous; he had a cloth loosely hanging from one hand and he was wearing a surgical mask and no scrubs. It all clicked instantly in Pattyís mind and she grabbed the now filled cup and threw it in the approaching manís face then screamed and ran toward the policeman.

The policeman was instantly alert, his gun drawn and was about to put Patty protectively behind him when a figure streaked out of the hospital room and instantly put herself between Patty and this assailant.

"Well Mr Zarreli, donít you think itís about time you picked on someone your own size?" Alex said with savage look on her face.

The bear of man was still trying to wipe coffee from his face when it registered that Alex knew who he was and that he finally was able to get his wish, a face off with the woman who killed his family. He ignored the policeman and his gun and charged at Alex.

She easily side stepped his attack and placed a perfect side kick to his upper right ribs and he doubled over in agony.

"Not a very elegant performance," she mused as she gracefully turned and gathered Patty in her arms, kissing her deeply to assure herself that her love was alright.

"Bitch!"He yelled as the officer dragged him out of the hospital.

"Oh that is original," She said to his back. "Are you ok, Sweetheart?"

Patty nodded, "I should of listened to you....Iím so....sorry I..."

"Shhh, hey, Iím proud of you. You did very well."

Alex said with pride in her voice.

Pattyís head snapped up, "I did?"

"MmmmHmmm, that was a professional believe it or not. And you stopped him in his tracks, and alerted us that you were in danger. Very well done, my love," Alex explained and then bent down and kissed her again deeply and lovingly.

Patty blushed when they parted and said, "I was going on pure instincts, Alex...."

"Perfect instincts. Really, my love, that was very well done. I think we're going straight up to the cabin now. Once Julia finds out about this who knows what sheíll come up with for a counter attack."

To be continued

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