Murder, Inc.

part 9

by Ri

See part one for all disclaimers.

Julia paced around her small apartment in a pure rage. She had already thrown every breakable object in the room but nothing could satisfy the anger she felt. The moment she got the call from her Uncle it had begun. She told him calmly to keep his big mouth shut about her and that he was acting on his own. She also told him not to worry, that she would get an attorney for him since blood was blood.

"Stupid, egotistical, ssshole!! He attempts kidnapping her right in front of a God damn cop! What a God damn imbecile! I can’t believe we are related by blood. " She ranted as a framed picture of her beloved father flew across the room.

"Ok Alex, its time to take the gloves off. You and me to the death, bitch!"

* * * * *

Alex and Patty arrived at the cabin well before dark. Alex turned off the ignition and turned to look at the sleeping woman beside her. ‘You are so precious to me, My love. I am going to protect you at all costs. I will keep my promise to you but my darling, if it’s a choice between you and Julia you will win hands down.’ She thought grimly to herself. She sighed and gently shook Patty’s shoulder.

Sleepy green eyes opened and she mumbled tiredly, "I take it we're home?"

"You take it right, Sweetheart. Would you like me to carry you in?" She asked with an amused smile on her face.

"I think I can make it under my own power," Said the small blonde as she slid out of the car and stretched the kinks out of her neck and back.

Alex smiled at her as she came around to her side of the car. She slid an arm around her waist and gently guided her tired love to their home. "How about a massage tonight to ease the strain?"

"Only if I can return the favor." Patty said with a delighted grin.

"Deal, little one."

* * * * *

Patty wasn’t able to return the favor. She’d fallen back to sleep under Alex’s gentle hands as Alex knew she would. Alex slipped out of bed, put on a robe and went down the hall to the living room to make calls to Jaust and Vito. Once the all arrangements were made she slipped out of her robe and back beside Patty. She was on her back with her hands under her head looking at the vaulted ceiling. She listened to the deep breathing of the woman beside her and thought, ‘I could of lost you today, My love. I’m grateful you thought so quickly but this is unacceptable to me. I need you safe and by my side. I have to end this thing with Zarrelli and get out. Oh God, Patty, I really hope this plan works. As soon as this is over I’m out of it forever. I want to go away for a while. Somewhere quiet like here, just you and I with no past just a bright future. I want to relax and discover everything about you. Then when we do come home it will be just Toys that I have to worry about.’ Alex smiled to herself it was all she really wanted. ‘A peaceful, legal, life with the woman I love by my side. Please God, make it so.

Alex rolled onto her side and cuddled into Patty. She heard a contented little sigh as she made contact. Alex smiled sweetly and brought the rhythm of her own heart into that of her love's and fell into a deep peaceful sleep.

* * * * *

Alex awoke the next morning to the feel of soft caresses against her stomach and small jets of air against her belly button.One blue opened to see that she was exposed all the way to her waist. A blonde head was blowing the small jets of air against her waist. The other eye opened and she smiled at the other woman.

"May I ask what you are doing?"

Green eyes met blue and sweet smile graced Patty’s face. "Well I couldn’t think of another way to gently wake you and I still owe you a massage, my love."

Alex shook her head and chuckled, "Where do you want to start?" She asked throatily.

"Mmmm, I think it would be safer to start on your back. We may never get out of bed if I start on your stomach." Said Patty trying for a lecherous grin but succeeding only in a delighted smile.

Alex chuckled and turned over so her back was upright. She pulled her hair to one side, looked at Patty over her shoulder and said, "All yours."

Patty smiled and got the oil from a drawer in the bed side table. She then proceeded to ease the tension out of every inch of the skin beneath her fingers. As Alex relaxed under Patty’s gentle massage she found herself falling into a deep sleep. It was several hours later that she found herself alone and fully covered by a blanket on their bed. No sign of Patty anywhere.

She got out of bed and glanced at the clock to see that the time was now 3 P.M. Her eyes widened at the realization that Patty had let her sleep all day. She left the bedroom calling for Patty as she walked down the hall.

"In here." Was Patty’s reply from the kitchen.

Alex came to find Patty in the midst of making a large meal. "Are we expecting guests?"

"Yep, Juast and Uncle Vito will be here at 5 P.M. so you have an hour and half to shower and change."

Alex smiled and shook her head at Patty’s calm voice, "What did you do all day after you gave me that sleeping pill you called a massage?"

"Well I slept too. Then I cleaned a little. Then I talked to Uncle Vito for an hour and found out we were going to have guests. So I cleaned the guest bedrooms and put on clean linens then I got cracking on this dinner." She smiled over her shoulder at Alex. Then she put down the spoon and turned to face Alex with a crooked little grin.

Alex shook her head, "Come here, you. I need my morning 'hello'."

Patty gladly went to her and they embraced and kissed. Alex was amazed as always by the wonderful sense of calm she felt when she was in Patty’s arms. She pulled back slightly so she could see into the sea green eyes and said with a crooked grin of her own, " So in other words you’ve been quite busy. Why did you let me sleep so long?" She asked then brought the blonde head back to her so she could lovingly kiss her forehead.

"Come on, Alex! You were exhausted. You stayed up all night driving us up here and then settling us in, then you massaged me to sleep. I know you were up worrying all night after that. I think you needed someone to watch over you for a change. So I took the job." Patty’s arms tightened around her and a small hand was stroking Alex’s hair relaxing the older woman even more.

"You’ve got the job...for life, my love. Now if you keep this up you’ll put me to sleep on the floor of the kitchen and what kind of impression will that make on our guests? Is there anything I can do to help?" She had pulled away slightly but still had Patty in the circle of her arms.

Patty smiled up at her and shook her head. "You never cease to amaze me, you know that? Well if you insist you could toss the salad."

Alex kissed the cook's nose and said with a wink, "You got it, Boss."

* * * * *

At 5 P.M. sharp Jaust and Vito arrived together. Vito had driven Jaust up and in attempt to protect Alex he had done it the whole way with the policeman blindfolded. Jaust allowed the old man to cover his eyes with a soft, cloth scarf good naturedly. He knew the purpose of the blindfold, but he found it amusing since his sense of direction told him where he was anyway.

Alex was touched and amused by Vito’s precaution when the policeman told her of the old man’s attempt to hide her location from everyone, even him. She couldn’t resist the urge to tease her uncle as she hugged him in thanks, "Got keep these coppers guessing, huh Unc?" She asked with a barely suppressed giggle.

Vito good naturedly took his niece's ribbing knowing that she needed the distraction. "Next time I’ll let the ingrate follow a trail of bread crumbs." He grumbled.

This caused laughter all around. Patty recovered first and said, "Dinner will be ready soon. Would you like to get started on the delicious salad that Alex made?"

"You cooked?" Vito asked stunned.

"Unc, you don’t cook a salad. I simply took the ingredients Patty laid out for me and tossed it."She said with an indulgent smile as they all sat down to begin their meal.

Jaust looked around the warm and cozy cabin, "This is really nice, Alex. Did you do the decorating up here?"

Alex smiled proudly, "Mostly. The prettier additions were introduced recently. Huh Patty?" She answered while trying to catch a blushing blonde's pretty green eyes.

Patty took a big bite of salad and then said desperately trying to change the subject, "This is really good, you did an excellent job, Alex."

This caused an unexpected fit of laughter from the two men and with an embarrassed blush Patty said," Um, I think dinner is ready. Excuse me."

With an amused grin, Alex put her napkin down and said, "Excuse me too." She followed Patty into the kitchen and leaned against the door watching the expert cook pull the lasagna out of the oven. "You know I think you are beautiful when you blush?"

"I figured that out since you make me do it all the time, Alex."

She smiled up into amused blue eyes and said, "Now make yourself useful and take the garlic bread out of the microwave."

"Yes Ma’am."

Two calm happy women brought out dinner. It was eaten and enjoyed by the whole party. After the cook was complimented to the point of blushing once again, they all went into the living room for a meeting they all dreaded but knew was absolutely necessary.

* * * * *

Patty and Alex were seated together on the couch, snuggled together.

Vito and Jaust were seated in comfortable chairs and Jaust began," Everything is set, Alex."


"What did you decide?" Patty asked nervously.

Alex stroked her hair and kissed the top of her head. "Well you know that Julia has been under surveillance?" Patty nodded her head. "Well I just let out a small stream of gossip that I will be in the office from very early till very late tomorrow. Its the end of out quarter so that's not shocking. Before I met you I rarely seemed to leave the office. What I’m hoping is that if the bitch thinks I’m alone she’ll attack..."

"No!" Patty sat straight up almost knocking Alex off the couch.

Alex got hold of her, "Easy love, easy. I have no intention of setting myself up for a hit. I just want to make her think that I am."

"But Alex, you’ll be there all alone and vulnerable to..."

"Yes, she’ll be there, Patty. I promise you she won’t be alone or vulnerable," Jaust interrupted trying to calm his worried friend.

Alex nodded and said, "Thats right, it will only appear that I am alone, Sweetheart. I won’t be. I’ll either have Jaust or a policewoman with me at all times. Tommy will be pretending to be out sick when in reality he will be one of the people watching the bitch. The policewoman will be playing my temp secretary. Oh by the way, Jaust she better be convincing, Julia’s no fool and she will check her out.

Jaust smiled smugly, "Very convincing my friend, Cindy worked her way through school as a temp while studying administration of justice. She knows the job extremely well and helps at the station when someone blows Lotus or Excel."

Alex smiled and nodded her head approvingly. "Good man. Anyway what I’m trying to get across is that I will be her target, but I won’t be a target. OK?"

Patty was still anxious but she understood it had to be done. She nodded her head much to everyone’s relief especially Alex’s. "What about me?"

"You are staying right here with Vito..."

"No, Alex..."

"Shhh, you’ll be able to keep tabs on me all day, my love. You will watch me on the video equipment that Jaust put in this morning. I’ll never be out of your sight." With an embarrassed chuckle she added, "You’ll be able to watch me in my private bathroom. Uncle Vito insisted, but you make sure I retain my privacy, ok love?"

Patty’s eyes widened at the thought, "Of course, Alex."

Vito laughed, " I used to change your diapers, you little brat!" Vito was very amused by Patty’s reaction.

"Well I’ve changed a little since then, Unc." They all laughed.

"Do you think she’ll risk trying to do something to you, Alex?"

"Yes, Sweetheart, but don’t worry at all. I have several interesting plans for Julia. Believe me the only one who will be unpleasantly surprised is the one who deserves it." Said Alex with a feral look glinting in her suddenly icy blue eyes.

To be continued.....

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