A New Goal in Life

Part 10

by Ri

The two women rushed into the hospital as fast as their feet would carry them. As they reached Jimmy's door his doctor opened it and closed it quickly behind her. She stood there waiting to intercept the two women before they saw her patient.

        “Slow down you two, I need to speak with you before you see Jimmy.”

        Roxie looked at her with a very angry expression, “Mom says he wants to see me that's all I need to know. Let me by so I can see my baby brother.”

        “Roxie calm down I will, I just want to prepare you first…”

        “For what?” Roxie was sick of medical jargon and conditions; she just wanted to see her brother awake.

        “He is awake…but there is some paralysis. He can speak but it's very slow and it's bothering him that he can't communicate normally. I just don't want you to react too much to it. I was trying to warn you first…”

        “Oh.” Said Roxie very embarrassed. She felt two inches tall. Candy was gently rubbing her arm and looking up at her compassionately. Upset blue eyes met the doctor's compassionate eyes as she said in a whisper, “I'm sorry Doc. I just…”

        “I know Roxie, I understand. Go on in but please just don't react when he talks. He gets really upset at himself and I want this to be a happy reunion.”

        Roxie nodded, she took Candy's hand and brought it tightly her chest to give her strength. Then she took a deep breath bringing it to her mouth to gently kiss the open palm. She looked into the loving green eyes and nodded slightly. Candy smiled encouragingly as Roxie held her hand tightly and entered her brother's room. A lot of apparatus had been moved out since the day before. Jimmy still had a breathing tube but he no longer was under the oxygen tent. He was leaning against a stack of pillows sitting straight up.

        At first he looked ok to the anxious women but then they could see his left side was slightly slacked when he smiled.

        “Hi Sis,” He said in a slow slightly slurred voice.

        Roxie's eyes suddenly filled with tears of relief and joy. “Hi Brat!” She then ran over pulling Candy with her. She let go of Candy threw her arms around his neck and hugged him gently. She looked up at him and kissed his cheek and gently pushed back a lock of hair. Then Candy went to the other side and kissed his other cheek saying softly, “Welcome back.”

        “Thanks Little Sis the second.”

        Candy smiled and blushed. She looked at Roxie who waived for the smaller women to come over to her side of the bed. Candy came over beside Roxie who pulled her over as close as she could. Then she looked at her brother with her eyes full of joy, “Well brat, you scared the hell out of all of us. I…”

        “Don't please…you want me to make me cry too?”

        “No…” She sat on the edge of his bed and took his hand staring at him with utter relieve and joy in her tear filled eyes. Then her eyes flicked toward Candy and back to him as she said quietly, “I really want you to walk me down the aisle…”

        “What?” Candy couldn't say anything else she was flabbergasted.

        Jimmy laughed and said, “Look at the beet red shocked face. Can't say I blame you Sis.”

        “Isn't she beautiful when she blushes like that,” Roxie said as she pulled her startled love back into her arms kissing the warm red cheek.

        “Yep, Um, I don't know about me walking…”

        “One thing at a time,” Said the doctor leaning against the door with a big smile on her face. “Let just get you stable first, ok?”

        “Torturer,” He replied with a smirk. “So Candy when is your brother coming to town?”

        “My brother? How did you know about that?”

        “That's easy, Rox told Mama and she told me.”

        “Mother!” Scolded Roxie shocked.

        Their mother shrugged not looking at all upset and said sweetly, “It just slipped out when I was babbling to him about everything.”

        “Can you ask him down soon, Candy?” Asked Jimmy sweetly.

        Candy looked at the three people looking back at her lovingly and nodded, “Um, ok if you want me to.”

        Roxie nuzzled her head against her loves shoulder and said softly, “Of course we do.”

        “Ok, I'll call him tonight.”

        Jimmy looked very happy and winked at his mother, “Great!”

        ***                ***                ***                ***

        Roxie and Candy were cuddled in bed they were both exhausted but relieved and happy.

        Roxie was gently kissing the smaller woman along her neckline as she asked softly, “So when is he coming in?”

        “Mmm, tomorrow afternoon,” Muttered Candy her eyes closed enjoying the attention. “Is that ok?”

        “Sure, I'm really looking forward to it.”

        Candy chuckled, “Well he is really, really looking forward to meeting you too. You should have heard him cheer when I invited him. He thinks your pretty remarkable anyway but since you fell for me well you've been elevated to Goddess status…I mean…I…” She pulled back a bit worried by what fell out of her lips.

        Roxie looked deeply into her loves eyes and rubbed her nose with the smaller woman. Then she whispered, “It was really easy to fall in love with you, my Darling. It happened so fast it took my breath away.”

        “Me too. I am sooo lucky…”

        “I am too…” Roxie kissed the small woman with all the passion that was building inside till it exploded when they both touched each other's souls. Roxie's loving hands caressed the soft skin as she began to tenderly make love to her one true love.

        Candy closed her eyes and held her love close as her hands stroked the strong back her body shivering in reaction to what Roxie was doing to her breasts with her hot mouth. Soon dark blue eyes met dark green and Roxie pulled back to come back up to soft lips again. After kissing her passionately again Roxie pulled back and whispered in a rough voice, “I love you so much. I am so blessed that I found you…” she was over come with need and started on her way down the beautiful body again knowing that she wanted to show her love just how much she loved her in the gentlest softest and most passionate way she knew how.

        Panting her head thrown back in reaction to the electric shocks going through her Candy whispered back, “ I love you with my whole soul…”

        After tasting and teasing her way down the beautiful body beneath her Roxie at last reached her goal. It was calling for her and she gladly answered it hungrily. She breathed in the scent of her beloved moaning in pleasure as she tasted her wanting to indulge in more, the more she touched, it was intoxicating.


        “Mmm, soon Sweetheart. Almost there…”mumbled Roxie. She was determined that though her drives were making her want to go faster, this time would be slowly, gently and tenderly. None of that manic need would service this time. She wanted Candy to know how much she loved and appreciated her.

        She slowly entered her love and then all thought ceased only feeling soared. When she heard her name tear from her loves lips rattling the panes of motel room she did stop and pull back. She crawled up the body of the still reacting woman pulling her close and holding her like the most cherished thing in her life which she was, “Love you…”whispered Candy softly as she drifted into a deep sleep.

        Roxie kissed her on the forehead and whispered to sleeping woman cradled in her arms, “I love you too. You are my very heart.”

        ***                ***                 ***                ***
        Roxie was fast asleep in bed while Candy drove to the airport to pick up her brother. The phone rang and one blue eye popped open. When it rang again she scowled at it but knowing it could be her Mom she picked it up and said politely, “Hello?”


        Roxie growled and rolled her eyes, “Oh hi.”

        “I know your going through a really tough time but…”


        “But Rox…”

        “No, I don't care why or what. No. I am not doing any promotion right now. I am going to stay right here till my brother gets stable. We have six months before we even start the season, Joey and I will not bullied!”

        “Ok, ok calm down,” The press agent said trying to get his star to at least listen to his plan. “Rox, come on just calm down. I have a great idea and I don't want you to leave there. Not at all. You don't have to open anything or go to an expedition. Nothing like that. I promise. I wouldn't dream of separating you from your family right now.”

        Roxie's eyes narrowed, “What are you plotting in that bizarre little mind?”

        “Um not much really. Would consider going on a local talk show, its on cable, to talk about your ordeal. Think of the millions…”

        “No!!!!!!!!!!” Roxie sat straight up in bed screaming at the top of her lungs. She looked at the phone with such a lethal stare that she knew if the press agent were there she would have attempted to strangle him with the cord.

        “Shh, calm down would you. We don't want everyone to know our plans do we?”

        “No, I don't want anyone to ever hear this plan Joey. I am not doing it. How dare you even suggest it.” Roxie said in a calm voice but it sounded like she was about to pull the trigger and if Joey had any sense he would have backed off.

        He didn't have any sense, “But Rox, you'd be a sensation…”

        “That's exactly what I would be afraid of…”

        “No, I mean you will touch their hearts. You left your fabulous career to care for your ailing brother…”

        “I didn't leave anything it was already the end of the season.”

        “And you stayed by his side night and day…”

        “No I didn't…”

        “Praying for his recover with the local clergy…”

        “I did pray but all myself or with my family...Joey would you get a grip! This is the dumbest idea you have ever had. Anyone who has a brother that they love would do just what I did if they became sick. Why are you making such a big deal of it?”

        “Because you're a star and they aren't.”

        “Not at the moment all I am is Jimmy's sister.”

        “That what I mean. Oh Rox, that's a perfect quote.”

        “Shit Joey, shut the fuck up ok!” Roxie threw the phone across the room in pure disgust. She could hear the drone of his voice from the phone across the room.

        Candy came in with her brother. She took one look at her face and could see someone had pissed the dark woman off.


        “Hi…just a sec, ok?” She pulled the phone back to her and said very loudly. “Shut up Joey. I said…Shit…” She growled and put the phone in a drawer.

        Candy sat down next to her pulling her into a hug, “Who was that?”

        “The press agent from my team. He wants me to go on TV and pretend I'm some kind of hero just for loving Jimmy. Jerk!”

        “You're kidding?” Candy asked tenderly stroking the tall woman's back instantly calming her down. She also was hiding her loves assets since her brother was right there.

        “I wish I were…He thinks it would be great for the team. Well I could give damn!” Then realizing that Candy's brother was in the room she looked sheepishly over Candy's shoulder and said softly, “Sorry. That wasn't how I wanted to meet you for the first time. It wasn't the nicest introduction was it?”

        “Hey its ok,” Said the blonde haired blue eyed man sweetly with a wink. “I think that you are a hero and you don't have to proof it to anyone.”

        Roxie blushed and looked at Candy who smiled cupping the soft red cheek. “I did tell you he was already a fan didn't I?”

        “Hey rug rat, you're a nice kid but to capture your heart is really hard. It took a really brave soul and that's who got you. A brave soul with the heart of a hero.”


        “Sweetheart, don't you think…?” She pointed the phone in the drawer and shrugged.

        “Oh?” she pulled it out and listened. She looked at the two other people in the room and smirked. “Good, he hung up. The idiot!” She pulled on her T-shirt and then stretched out hand toward the young man looking at her affectionately.

        “Hi, I'm Roxie.”

        “I'm Mark. Nice to meet you finally.”

        “It's great to meet you too. Why don't you get settled in your room and then we can all go to the hospital. I can't wait to introduce to the rest of the family. OK?” She asked with a sweet smile.

        “I'm looking forward to it. How did you talk miss stubborn into it?”

        Roxie winked at her love and said with a wicked smile shrugging, “I just asked her.”

        “Really? Please believe me that is something else. She is the most stubborn person on the planet.”

        “Oh, I already know that. Actually I am very grateful to it. It helped me survive all this.”

        Candy shook her head as if unsure she heard Roxie correctly, “It did? How?”

        “Yeah, if you weren't stubborn you'd have believed me the first time I told you to go home. I now know that I would have shriveled and died if you had done what I so stupidly had told you to. I am soooo very grateful to your blessed stubbornness.”

        Tears suddenly came to the green eyes as Candy asked quietly, “Really love?”

        Roxie nodded.

        “Oh…I…Oh” She hugged Roxie even tighter. “I am glad I'm stubborn then too.”

        Roxie smiled pulling the small woman onto her lap and cradling her like a child. She kissed the top of her head and whispered softly against the little ear, “There are no words that can really express how I feel except three. I love you.”

        “I love you too,” Candy reached up and kissed the other woman tenderly her love pouring from her right to Roxie's soul.

        “Um I think I'll take a walk while you two get ready.” Mark said softly and quickly left feeling like it was rather warm in there.

        Roxie pulled back and looked into Candy's eyes, “Your brother is a nice man.”

        “Yes he is.”

        “I hope I didn't embarrass you too much.”

        “You didn't…he really is sweet and he's happy for us.”

        “Good, lets do what he said let's get ready,” said Roxie with an impish grin while she bent down and kissed her beloved passionately.

        ***                ****                ****                ****

        Jimmy had finished his physical therapy for the day and he had rested per the doctor's instructions afterward. He was allowed several visitors since his doctor was very pleased with his progress.

        Kate was in the lobby reading when Mark and the girls appeared. The older woman smiled and hugged both the girls happily. She then turned toward Mark giving Candy an expectant look.

        Candy smiled shyly and said, “Mama, this is my brother Mark. Mark this wonderful woman is Roxie's mother Kate.”

        Kate smiled at her new daughter's use of her children's name for her. She loved it and gave Candy a gentle kiss on the cheek, which caused the young woman to blush. That caused Roxie to chuckle behind her hand of course.

        “Hi Mark, its great to finally meet you. Welcome to our little family.”

        “Nice to meet you finally too. I have wanting to for a very long time. My sister is very protective of you all…”


        “Well come off it Candy, your like a lioness protecting her cubs. It took you how long to pick up the phone…”

        “I had to be sure and…”

        Roxie pulled the angry woman into her arms and kissed her passionately. When they pulled back she asked Candy in sexy purr, “Now what were you saying?”

        “Saying?” Repeat the thoroughly bewitched woman who pulled Roxie back for more.

        “Should we go out and rent a movie,” Mark whispered to Kate with a huge smile.

        “Well at least I have my book…”

        “What are you reading?”

        “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone.”

        “Cool, can I read it when you're done?”

        “Sure, come on Mark, I'll introduce you to your new brother in law.”

        “Fantastic! Finally at last.”

        ***                ***                ***                ***

        Jimmy had been transported by special hospital plane home. The owners of the team did it for Roxie. She was happy to get Jimmy home so she accepted it even though she knew some kind of payment would be due them for their kindness to her brother.

        The girls just got back to Roxie's after dark. They walked to the door and Candy asked, “Rox, would you mind if we got a dog?”


        Candy shrugged looking at her shoes as they stood just inside the now closed front door. “I'd like a pet.”

        Roxie put down their bags and shook her head smiling. “Sure, I don't see why not. I adore dogs. Love really…”She gently lifted Candy's head, “Not as much as I love you of course.”

        Green eyes now filled with tears and love met Roxie's eyes. Candy said softly, “Thank you.”

        Roxie pulled the small woman into a loving hug and whispered into her ear, “I'd do anything that would make you happy.”

        “Really? Um…How about a baby?”


        “I think you'd make a sensational mother…”

        “Sweetheart, I'm a hockey player…”


        “I'm just…Do you really think we could?” Her face reflected interest fighting visibly with a deep uncertainty.

        “I know we can do it. We have so much love to give why couldn't we?”

        “Oh my love with you I could do anything.” She picked up the smaller woman and carried her to their room. They had a lot of planning for the future amongst other things to do.


 The End

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