New Goal in Life

Part 6

by Ri


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        The game was just finishing up as Roxie saw a man from the opposing team trying for a last ditch effort to make a score. She was ready for him. He drove down the court his feet flying behind him as he brought the puck toward the goal post. She noted through her sharp blue eyes how good he was as he tried to get around her by aiming for an angled shot against the corner of the post. It hit perfectly and was heading toward the back of post till Roxie blocked it by flinging her body across the air knocking the puck out of the goal post with her hip. The whistle signaled the end of the game and her team had won.

        Roxie's face broke into a huge smile it was nice that they had won but she was looking forward to going on a side trip with her family. They were going to a fishing hole there in Vancouver that one of the guys on her team had highly recommended. She planned a nice quiet family vacation away from the city with out any obligations or problems. Just the peace of the woods and the lake. They all needed the respite to gain some strength after what they had all been through and for what Roxie knew was ahead of them.

        She glided effortlessly off the ice right into the arms of one anxious blonde. "Are you ok?" Cried Candy hugging the tall woman close to her.

        "I'm much better now. I'm fine Love, Why wouldn't I be?"

        "I saw that thing hit you on your side," said Candy anxiously searching the blue eyes for any sign of pain.

        Roxie laughed and kissed her love on the cheek, "Sweetheart, feel the padding I'm wearing. I didn't even feel it. Do you have my blade shields?"

        Candy nodded and handed her the shields; Roxie leaned on her shoulder as she slipped them on. Then she pulled the small woman into a tight hug. She pulled back looked into still concerned green eyes and said quietly; "I'm really ok. Where's the family, Love?"

        "They're in your dressing room relaxing on your couch. I kind of escorted them and then raced over here to make"

        "That I was still in one piece?"

        Candy nodded lowering her head.

        Roxie smiled lovingly and lifted the little chin; "Well don't I seem ok to you?"

        Candy nodded and said quietly, "I guess I overreacted..."

        "I think your soooo cute...."


        "No, the woman behind you...."

        "Where? I'll kill her..." she was interrupted by a flood kisses all over her face.

        "Your so weird..." She whispered as she seductively licked the little ear along its rim.

        Candy shuddered and whispered back, "Um I think we should get of the public eye..."

        "Your every wish is my command," Said Roxie as she scooped the smaller woman up and carried her toward her dressing room.


        "Shh, people will think I did something to you...."

        "Roxie..." Candy growled hiding her face in warm shoulder.

        The musical laugh was heard floating over the tall woman's shoulder as she walked with her precious cargo down the hall.

        ***                ***                ***                ***

        Roxie and Jimmy were sitting across from each other in the small motor boat fishing in the middle of the placid lake. It was a very quiet day they hadn't even had a nibble on the line. It was just a nice peaceful time for them alone together. They were both enjoying the solitude.



        "I'm glad you found Candy," He said quietly not looking at his sister but the shoreline.

        Roxie turned her head from the middle of the lake and looked at her brother and replied quietly, "She found me...well I guess we found each other..."

        "Sweetheart as long as you found her. She's so good for you. She brings out the best in you and its really lovely to see. You are so lucky. Hold on to her tight Sis, Ok?"

        "Oh I intend to, forever. She has brought happiness to my life. I really never had that before. She seems to see through me even when I'm not sure I want her to."

        "That's love." Said Jimmy meeting his sister's sparkling eyes.

        "Yes, forever I promise you that."

        "And you'd never break a promise to me."

        "Never....Um, Jimmy I'm glad you're my baby brother."

        Jimmy smiled and caressed his sister's cheek tenderly, "I'm glad you're my tough big sister too. You have always been there for me even if you disagree with me."

        Suddenly Roxie's line started to jerk, "Shit Jimmy! I've got a damn bite!"

        "Hold on Sis," said Jimmy as he repositioned himself so he could help her. He got a net and readied it, "Ok, come on land the sucker I've got the net ready for you."

        After a brief struggle they got the fish into the bucket in the back of the boat. Then they looked at each other and burst out laughing. Holding their sides with tears pouring out of their eyes as they laughed over the absurdity of life.

        The laughter rang all over the lake, out into the woods reaching the ears of Candy who was sitting on a swing on the front porch of the lodge they were staying in. She smiled as she listened to the wonderful sound of laughter her eyes filling with tears in pure reaction.

        ***                ***                ***                ****

        Roxie and Candy were curled around each other in bed. They were catching their breath as they recovered from some incredible lovemaking as they exchanged soft touches.

        "Did you have fun with Jimmy this afternoon, Love?" Asked Candy sweetly.

        "Yes, we did. It was like were kids again. It was all-playful and teasing...just a tiny touch of seriousness. Not anything to ruin the peace of the day but to add texture to was nice." Said Roxie with a dreamy expression.

        "Your Mom and I could hear your antics all the way from the lake."

        "Yeah Ma told me. She said that you kept smiling at each other every time you heard a chuckle," said Roxie as she gently kissed the small woman's soft neck.

        Candy stretched out her neck to give her love more room; "It was nice to hear."

        "It was a nice experience," said Roxie she kissed the smaller woman deeply soon all was heard were moans as other urgings took the forefront as their bodies merged together once again.

        ***                ***                ****                ***

        Candy and Jimmy were in the kitchen making breakfast for everyone. They had some music going as they playfully passed stuff back and forth between them. Candy's back was turned toward Jimmy as she was buttering the toast and he was setting the table.

        Suddenly Jimmy had a horrible headache and felt funny all over, "Candy...honey I..." He collapsed the dishes falling onto the hard kitchen surface.

        Candy swirled toward him and she cried out, "Jimmy! Oh My God, Jimmy! Roxie! Come here hurry! Roxie!" Cried the terrified woman as she ran to him pushing the shattered plate away sitting on the floor and gathering the fallen man into her lap.

        Roxie and her mother came running in, "Candy!" She called as she ran through the door. "Shit! Ma call 911!" She ran to her brother, checking his pulse and looking into the tear filled eyes of her beloved with blue eyes full of fear.

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