Part 7

Katia N. Ruiz

Copyright 2000


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        Natalie held the baby in her arms with such love. She kissed her cold chunky cheek and did a tiny raspberry. "Oh my goodness, she's so beautiful!" She exclaimed, bringing her into the house. Noemí and Terri followed her in, hugging Thomas and René. René reached for their coats, and walked off with them towards the coat closet close to Thomas' study.

        She returned and said to Natalie in a pleading voice: "Can I undress her, Natalie?"

        Natalie grinned at her and handed her the child, who was holding herself, stiff inside the full body coat like most babies do. René walked off with the child in her arms, talking to her with a cooing voice.

        "It's my turn next time." Natalie called after her jokingly, and turned to her daughter and Terri. "Come in, girls, everyone else should be here in about a half-hour." She said, throwing an arm over Terri's shoulder and grasping her daughter's hand. "Let me warn you, every single one of them is in love with little Noemí, and they will fight to carry her." She laughed softly along with them, guiding them to the living room. She had organized a little family get together for the baby's baptism. She had been baptized last night, but Natalie was smart in planning the get together for the next day, Saturday.

        "Victoria called, she should almost be here. Charles and Andrea should be coming along any minute." Thomas said to Noemí, squeezing his arm around her shoulders. Noemí nodded. "What is going on with her and Michaela? She's coming too." He inquired of her as Terri and Natalie moved ahead of them into the living room. They stopped and stood facing one another.

        Noemí shrugged her shoulders beneath her thick sweater and smiled at him. "Vicki's in love with her, dad," She explained, shoving her hands into the pockets of her slacks and meeting his eyes. "She doesn't know how to tell her, she goes speechless every time she tries to say it. She's never been in love in her life, so she has never been in the situation of talking from her heart." She chuckled softly.

        Thomas chuckled and shook his head. "Have you tried to talk to her?" He asked, pushing his hands into his pockets also. "Her father's talked to me, he's very worried. He and Andrea love Michaela, and Michaela has talked with them. She loves Victoria and she's told her, but Victoria can't seem to open up, so Michaela's frustrated and afraid that she doesn't love her that way. Charles and Andrea can only do so much to appease her." He looked seriously at his daughter. "Have you tried to talk to Victoria?" He asked again.

        Noemí nodded and looked at him with an amused smile. "Yes, I have," She said, reaching up with a hand to push her growing hair away from her forehead. "She doesn't' know what to do. She doesn't want to loose her. Every time I tell her to tell her of her feelings, she just about has an anxiety attack. I can only talk to her about it so much, I don't want to scare her from speaking her feelings."

        Thomas smiled fondly and then looked at her closely. She seemed so relaxed, even her shoulders had lost their rigid tenseness. Her face had softened in the past couple of months, and smiles came more readily, reaching her eyes. "How are you?" He asked softly.

        Noemí smiled at him. She had told him yesterday after the baptism of her feelings for Terri, and that they had made love. He had seemed happy, and genuinely glad that Terri had grown to love her in that way. "I'm doing great." She said in a low voice, looking happy indeed. "I love her more every day, dad. She's bewitched me." Her smile was dreamy.

        Thomas reached over and pulled her into a gentle embrace. "I'm so happy for you, darling." He said with deep feeling, then pulled back and gazed at her for a long moment. "Has she told you she loves you, dear?" He asked her, knowing from the way Noemí talked that Terri had probably not dared say it yet. But he could see it in her eyes that she did; he could see it in the way Terri gazed at Noemí when she thought no one else was looking.

        "No, dad, she hasn't said a thing." She answered, looking doubtful. "I think she does, I just don't know how much. I don't know if she's in love with me." She shrugged, and smiled wryly. "I'm hoping she is, though."

        Thomas squeezed her shoulder gently. "She loves you, honey, I'm sure. You'll see, she'll tell you." He reassured her and paused. "When are you telling your mother?"

        "Tonight, right now." Noemí answered, and on silent agreement, they moved on down the hall to the living room, where Terri sat holding the baby in her arms again, conversing with both René and Natalie. Noemí smiled at her and sat down beside her, slipping her finger into the baby's hand. She leaned down and kissed Terri's cheek softly. "Mom," She said, taking a deep breath and meeting her eyes. "There is something we have to tell you." René began to leave the room. "No, René, stay here, you should know too."

        René turned around to look at them curiously, her dark curls settling around her face.

        Natalie sat back on her chair, taking Thomas' hand as he joined her. "What is it, dear?" She asked, flicking her beautiful hair from her forehead with a graceful toss of her head.

        Noemí looked at Terri, who was looking at her with wide eyes. "Well, uh," She stuttered, and then coughed. "Well, um, Terri and I, we are, uh-" She broke into a coughing fit.

        Terri looked at Natalie, who was looking at them with question in her eyes. "We're lovers." She finished for Noemí, and watched Natalie's expression closely. Noemí had grown silent, and was staring at her mother with wide nervous eyes.

        Natalie broke into sudden laughter. "That's what you're having a problem telling me, Noemí?" She laughed gently, standing and opening her arms to them. "Oh, honey, don't you know that I was hoping to the powers of this earth that Terri would wake up and see the light, as Victoria delicately puts it? You don't think I knew that you were feeling something strong for her?"

        Noemí shook her head and stood to hug her, feeling happy that her mother was not feeling badly about this. "Oh mom, thanks, I thought you'd have a fit." She said gratefully, kissing her cheek heartily.

        Natalie swatted her shoulder gently as she pulled away, opening her arms to Terri and the baby. "I'm so glad you opened your eyes, Terri." She said, and kissed Terri and then the baby lingeringly on their cheeks. She then pulled back and met her eyes. "Is this for real?" She asked in a soft voice, feeling at peace now that her daughter had a family. Something that she would have had had she not lost Amelia that night.

        Terri smiled at her and leaned forward, whispering close to her ear. "Yes, it is for real. I love her more than anything," She whispered with a grin. "But Noemí doesn't know it yet."

        Natalie sparkled with laughter and took her grinning granddaughter in her arms just as the bell rang.

Noemí went to answer the door and returned with Charles and Andrea Terrence under each arm. They crooned at little Noemí, and each took her in his and her arms to kiss her gently. Noemí kissed Terri gently on the temple. "I love you." She whispered close to her ear, and Terri shivered at the feel of her warm breath against the sensitive skin of her neck.

        Terri pulled back and touched her cheek softly with her hand, grinning up at her. She broke away when Andrea and Charles greeted them. Andrea, small and thin like Terri, hugged her hello. Victoria got her dark eyes and soft curly hair from her mother; she was also thin like her mother, though much taller. Her height, she got from her father, who was tall like Thomas, and burly. He took Terri into his arms and kissed her cheek gently, pulling back and moving to Thomas. The doorbell rang, and René left the room to go open the door.

        Victoria arrived with Michaela, and they moved to hug everyone. They seemed to have already handed their coats to René, who did not return with them. Martha arrived not much later, a date in tow. Despite the cold temperature, as always, she was dressed outrageously in a deep red sundress and red velvet army-style boots. Her hair was actually a little better styled this time, pushed forward, but dyed a bright red. Noemí moved to hug her, and eyed Martha's date with a smile. Completely the opposite of Martha, she wore a black vest over a white turtleneck shirt and black trousers with loafers. Thin-framed glasses were pushed low over the bridge of her nose and her hair was long and pulled back in a loose ponytail. She extended her hand to Noemí with a small smile. "My name is Tanya." She said in a perfectly polite voice.

Most definitely preppy, Noemí thought to herself as she shook her hand and introduced herself. "Pardon me if I'm rude," Noemí said with a grin, and looked at Martha. "Completely preppy if you ask me, I just thought you'd go for the punk rock type of woman, cousin. I wasn't prepared for the preppy woman."

        Tanya laughed softly, and Martha grinned salaciously, saying to Noemí: "Well, you know what they say, Noemí. Opposites attract. Our sex is-"

        Noemí interrupted, trying to hold back her laughter. "Might the mighty womanizer Martha have settled down already?" She feigned wide-eyed shock.

        Martha swatted at her shoulder playfully. She moved closer to Tanya, who was blushing red, unused to their teasing banter, and took a hold of her arm. "Maybe." She blinked her outrageously colored eyelids at Tanya fast, in a dreamy fashion, smiling grandly.

        Both Noemí and Tanya laughed, shaking their heads at Martha. "You obviously don't know what you're getting into, Tanya." Noemí said, laughing as she shook her hand once again.

        Tanya returned her shake firmly, shaking her head and saying: "Trust me, I do know what I'm getting into." She looked at Martha and then back at Noemí. "I'm hoping to settle her down a little, it's about time she grew up a little." She draped an arm over Martha's shoulders. "Oh, but trust me, I like her wild this way, but not all the time. At home, she is the saint, she doesn't even dress this way-"

        "Nonsense," Martha cut Tanya off, wrapping her arms around Tanya's waist and pulling her close. "You met me this way, and this way I stay." She winked at Noemí and leaned towards her to kiss her cheek. "Say, why don't we go out later tonight? You, Terri, Vicky and Michaela. You know mom won't mind staying with the baby." She called Noemí's mother mom, having been very close to her in childhood since her own mother had died when she had been a child.

        Noemí shrugged, considering. "Sounds like a good idea to me." She said. "Let me talk to Terri about it."

        Martha nodded, her suspicions confirmed. Noemí and Terri were lovers, as she had suspected when she visited a few days ago. The way their eyes met, and how they talked as a couple, made her suspect. "Great," She said to Noemí with another salacious wink, making her blush. "Let me know."

        They moved towards the rest. Terri's back was to them, and Noemí slipped behind her and wrapped her arms around her waist, pulling her back against her. Terri's arms hugged Noemí's to her, and turned her face to smile at her. She pulled out of her arms and grasped her hand, excusing them from everybody and pulling her towards Thomas' study. Inside, she closed the big oak door behind them and slipped into the heat of Noemí's arms slowly, wrapping her arms around her neck. They kissed slowly and deeply for a long time. Terri pulled her lips away slowly, and opened her eyes to gaze up into Noemí's eyes. "I missed you." She whispered, and kissed her again, fingering the strands of hair at the back of Noemí's head.

        Noemí's arms around her tightened, and pulled her tighter against her body. Her lips were softly demanding, her hands on her slender back caressed with a tender firmness. She was aware of Terri's chest pressing against her own, of her thighs pressed against hers. Their tongues met, and she pulled her lips away to look down into her eyes. "Mm, I want to make love with you, Terri." She whispered hoarsely, and felt Terri tremble against her, watching her close her eyes softly. "Do you think they'll miss us if we disappear for an hour or two?" She asked breathlessly, kissing her jaw line softly, moving down to kiss her neck.

        Terri threw her head back and took a deep breath, and then she kissed Noemí's lips very softly. "I think they'll miss us, yes." She whispered against her mouth, clasping the back of Noemí's head, pulling her mouth harder against her own. She felt her teeth against her mouth from the force of their kiss, and shuddered in her arousal.

Noemí's hands were cupping her breasts, her thumbs caressing her nipples to life over the tight silk shirt. Suddenly, she stopped, and Terri moaned her complaint, pouting sensuously. "I want to show you my old room, when I used to live here." Noemí whispered, meeting her eyes mischievously.

        Terri breathed through her mouth, breathless at the insinuation of lovemaking that Noemí's interest in showing her old room held. "I want to see it." She whispered, and Noemí read clearly that she wanted to make love at all costs.

        Noemí held her hand as they passed down the hall and moved towards the stairs. Natalie was standing by the entrance to the living room, talking with Martha. Noemí flushed a deep red as they both turned to look at her and Terri with question in their eyes. "I'm going to show her my old room, with my trophies and all, since you've kept it the same." She explained nervously, and pulled Terri up the stairs quickly, not missing the look Martha and Natalie exchange.

        "Don't take too long now, honey." Natalie called after them with a mischievous tone. They heard Martha giggle.

        Closing the door behind them, Terri didn't have a chance to look around the room; Noemí's lips were upon her, her hands were all over her body, inflaming her, commanding. She pressed her hands on Noemí's chest and pushed her back with all her will, feeling her own throbbing. Noemí leaned forward to kiss her again, but Terri pulled back, meeting her eyes. "I want to make love to you." She whispered, and reached towards the bottom of Noemí's sweater, pulling it up, signaling with her eyes to lift up her arms.

Soon, Noemí was standing with only her pants and boots on, her sweater and T-shirt discarded onto her old desk's chair. Noemí moved to take Terri in her arms, but Terri pushed against her shoulders. "No, let me look at you." She whispered, her eyes wandering over Noemí's erect nipples, over her smooth and strong shoulders, over her arms. "Oh God, Noemí, you're beautiful!" She gasped, and allowed her hands to touch her arms, squeezing wonderingly as her eyes took in the faint lines of her muscles. "You're so strong, baby." She whispered hoarsely, and moved forward to kiss her chest with soft lips.

The muscles of Noemí's arms and shoulders clenched as she threw her head back and groaned passionately. She felt Terri's tongue flick across the skin of her chest over each nipple, bringing them to erect life and sending a stream of electric desire through her body. Silky hair teased her skin as Terri's tender lips suckled Noemí's nipples into her mouth. "Terri..." She whispered huskily, her voice trailing off as Terri pushed her down onto her bed.

Terri wanted to straddle her, but she couldn't, her skirt was too tight against her thighs. She laid on her, her lips possessing her nipples all over again, feeling them engorge against her tongue. She moaned softly, feeling Noemí's hands sift through her hair, her lips pressing against the top of her head, her low groan as her teeth gently bit on Noemí's nipples, the clenching of her muscles as she pushed her hips up against hers. Terri moved lower, kissing along her stomach softly, unbuckling her belt slowly. Noemí's taut stomach quivered as Terri's fingers deftly opened her slacks, pulling them and the boxers down quickly.

She could feel Terri's warm labored breath against her thighs, her tongue tracing the thin sensitive scars, her small soft hands reaching up to caress the insides reverently. This was the first time that Noemí let her this far with her body and let her touch her so close. Noemí sat up suddenly, and for a second Terri thought she had changed her mind about letting her touch her, but Noemí was bending down, yanking off her boots and the rest of her clothing. She was panting hotly, she lay back along the bed and pulled Terri on top of her again, kissing her passionately, tongue moving in an explorative fashion inside her mouth, her hands moving all over her body.

Terri groaned, pressing against her, aroused by the fact that she was fully dressed and Noemí wasn't. Suddenly, she slithered down along Noemí's body, her mouth tasting and kissing her breasts, her stomach, lower... Noemí arched, her body trembling violently as Terri's explorative tongue caressed between her thighs firmly. Terri's long moan of desire sent the breath from her, her silky tongue made Noemí shudder and undulate her hips crazily up and down. She groaned loudly, her back arching, her hands reaching down and grasping Terri's head, pulling her mouth tightly against her wetness.

Terri tasted and explored hungrily for a long time, savoring the taste of her orgasm; aware of Noemí quivering against her tongue. Noemí lay spent across the bed when Terri climbed up from between her legs, her lips trailing kisses along her now sweaty skin. She lay beside her and kissed her neck softly, still tasting Noemí's essence on her lips. "You taste so good." She whispered passionately. "Why didn't you let me do this sooner?" Her hand stroked her still quivering stomach, her head rested against her bulging biceps.

After a while, Noemí's breathing grew normal and she turned her head to kiss Terri's lips softly, tasting herself on her. "I don't know. I didn't think you were ready yet, I guess." She whispered, stroking cheek with a tender finger. "I guess I was wrong."

Terri smiled and propped herself up on an elbow. "You need a shower now." She said, and kissed her face tenderly.

Noemí sighed contentedly, and kissed her lips briefly. "And you need to wash your face," She said teasingly, sitting up and looking at her. "And your hands, you smell like me now."

Terri licked her lips and around them as far as her tongue could go. "I love smelling like you, you taste so good." She whispered, moving forward to kiss her on the lips softly. She then pulled back and looked around the room, a sudden flush of embarrassment covering her pretty face. "Oh my God, I can't believe we just made love in your parents' house."

Noemí laughed, throwing her head back and slapping her palm against the bed. "Please! Do you know the women I used to bring in here before Amelia came along?" She said with laughter. "It seems I had a brothel going on in this house, with the traffic going in and out of my room." She shook with laughter, and Terri joined her.

"So you were a player, eh?" Terri asked, reaching over, draping her arm over her waist and stroking the line along her spine.

Noemí moaned softly, shivering as Terri's fingers teased the line of her spine. "Oh yes," She said breathlessly. "And then I calmed down when I met Amelia, but I used to bring her here too, before we moved in together. So that means I just baptized you with my love." She winked at Terri and grinned.

Terri sat up and pushed her, making her stand up. She followed her off the bed, and wrapped her arms around her neck. "Go take a shower, honey, I can hear your family downstairs already. They're probably driving the baby crazy by now." She said with a chuckle. They began to lift Noemí's discarded clothing and Noemí searched in one of her drawers for a shirt or something she could wear to the bathroom. She found an old bathrobe, and they both left the room to go to the bathroom. Noemí to take a shower, Terri to wash her hands and her face. Not long after, Noemí's hair conspicuously wet and Terri's cheeks red with warmth, they went downstairs to be with Noemí's family.


        Julie's in New York City was full that night, sweaty bodies pressed together and moving to the music. Strangers danced together and enjoyed themselves as the music pumped into their ears and the drinks flooded their bodies. Noemí and Terri made their way through the throng of women towards the dance floor, followed closely by Martha and Tanya, then Victoria and Michaela. They found an area at the perimeter of the dance floor where they could all stand comfortably together; Victoria and Tanya went towards the bar to get some drinks.

        It was already two in the morning, Michaela and Terri had insisted that they each be allowed stop at home so that they could change into more comfortable clothes. Noemí looked at Terri and thought her beautiful in the snug beige slacks and wool sweater that she had donned at home, her shoes were feminine black leather boots that Noemí had given her one day as a present. She had let her hair loose, and it flowed loosely over her shoulders and down her back.

Michaela had changed into blue jeans, one of Victoria's white dress shirts worn open over a tight black tank top and brown shoes. Victoria couldn't take her eyes away from her, even as she stood with Tanya at the bar waiting for their drinks, and Noemí noticed with a smile.

Martha winked at Noemí and turned to Tanya, taking the drinks from her hands and placing them on the high table that they managed to find. She pulled her towards the dance floor and into the throng of dancing women. Noemí watched as she wrapped her arms around Tanya's neck and Tanya wrapped her arms around Martha's waist, they held each other closely and dance slowly despite the fast beat of the music.

Noemí felt a sudden urge to hold Terri and she grabbed her hand. She pulled Terri towards the dance floor, smiling at Martha and winking back. Terri hesitated, and looked around shyly; she'd never danced in public before, or with another woman. As she moved to take her into her arms, Noemí sensed her discomfort and paused, looking deeply into her eyes. "What's wrong?" She asked close to her ear after a while, her hands on Terri's shoulders.

        "I've never danced with another woman or in public, Noemí." Terri answered truthfully, bringing her mouth close to Noemí's ear.

        Noemí laughed softly, wrapping her arms slowly around Terri's slender waist and pulling her close. "But you've made love with another woman, Terri." She said, kissing her gently on the temple.

        "It's not the same." Terri argued, pulling back to meet her eyes, her arms resting on Noemí's broad shoulders.

        The smile in Noemí's face was sensuous and patient at the same time. She brought her lips close to Terri's ear and began to move her hips against hers. "Yes," She breathed softly; feeling Terri's arms wrap slowly around her shoulders, she heard Terri exhale shakily as she began to surrender to her. "It actually is." She kissed below her earlobe very softly, dancing against Terri. Her arms around her waist pulled them closer together and she pressed her thigh between Terri's legs. "Just move your body against mine, be aware only of me, of my movements." She whispered huskily, closing her eyes tightly when Terri released a soft moaning breath. She brought her hands to Terri's hips, grasping them gently and firmly at the same time pressing against her and dancing.

        It didn't take long for Terri's desire to ignite, or for her body to match Noemí's sensuous movements. "You're a great dancer." She whispered into her lover's ear, allowing her body to be guided by Noemí and their desire. Her arms tightened around Noemí's shoulders and she ran her fingers slowly through her hair, feeling Noemí's hot mouth kissing her throat. "You're right," She gasped against the delicate skin of Noemí's throat, gasping again when Noemí's arms tightened convulsively around her. "Dancing is like making love. I want you so much right now!"

        Noemí groaned softly against her shoulder, her eyes closed as she guided Terri in their dance, everything else ceasing to exist as their love and desire took over.

        Michaela and Victoria watched them from their table, uncomfortable in their silence. Victoria's hand was on Michaela's shoulder, caressing gently. Michaela didn't seem to acknowledge the touch. It had been a few weeks that Michaela had been behaving coldly with Victoria, and Victoria knew it was because she still hadn't expressed that she loved her with all her soul. But Victoria didn't know how to, she'd never been the kind of person who talked of her feelings in that way. From time to time, she glanced over at Michaela with a look in her eyes that betrayed her feelings.

I'm losing her, she thought to herself, the pain at the thought killing her inside. If I don't tell her I love her, she'll leave me. I can't loose her, I can't! "Michaela," She said close to Michaela's ear. Michaela half-turned to look at her, question in her pretty eyes. Touched deeply by Michaela's eyes, Victoria leaned forward again and said shakily, her voice breaking with tears: "I need to speak to you."

        The way Victoria said this made Michaela look at her for a long moment with narrowed questioning eyes, trying to read her expression. The pain she saw there made her instantly stand up and grab Victoria's hand, pulling her towards the front of the bar. They walked past the bouncer, and stepped out the door. Outside, Michaela pulled her a few feet away from the door of the bar and turned to face her, meeting her eyes. "What is it, Vicky?" She asked softly, moving closer.

        Victoria wiped the tears from her eyes and took a deep breath. Michaela waited for her to compose herself, arms crossed in front of her as she stared at Victoria. Finally, Victoria said, her voice still broken: "I'm loosing you."

Their eyes met momentarily and Michaela looked away. She didn't deny it, which hurt Victoria more. She started to cry, turning away and wiping at the flowing tears on her cheeks with the back of her hand. She began to walk away, but Michaela reached out with a soft feminine hand, grasping her shoulder, pulling her into her arms. Victoria's arms wrapped around her and she pulled her close. She buried her face into Michaela's shoulder and cried like she never had, her shoulders shaking. Michaela closed her eyes and wrapped her arms tightly around Victoria, fingers brushing comfortingly through her hair. She couldn't stay withdrawn from Victoria's pain, as she'd been for a few weeks.

Victoria hands were clawing at her back, pulling her impossibly close. Her shoulders shook with her cries. "I love you!" She whispered raggedly, close to her ear. "I love you so much!"

Michaela burst into tears herself, her nails sinking into the back of Victoria's shirt, her mouth pressed against her neck. She held her for a long time, whispering sweetly into her ear, comforting her.

Victoria pulled back a little, meeting Michaela's eyes. "You just have to love me too, Michaela, you have to!" She croaked, biting her lower lip and closing her eyes. "I love you, I just didn't know how to tell you. And then you started to act cold towards me, and I didn't know what to do!" She pulled her into her arms again and kissed her deeply, feeling Michaela respond eagerly, tasting the salt of their tears.

Feeling intensely happy, Michaela kissed Victoria deeply, her body straining against her. Michaela tore her lips away from her lover's to whisper in her ear passionately: "I love you too, honey!" They kissed again, hard, wetly, breathing hard in the middle of the sidewalk, not caring. "I love you so much!" She moaned against her lips, eyes closed tightly, body trembling with happiness and desire.

Victoria's arms tightened almost painfully around her, and she pressed her face into Michaela's throat, kissing the scented skin passionately. "Marry me!" She whispered with a tiny moan, and Michaela gasped in surprise. "Please marry me!" Victoria begged.

"Yes!" Michaela burst out loudly, happy like never before. She cupped Victoria's head and pulled her back to kiss her mouth deeply. "I'll marry you, I'll marry you!" She mumbled against her lips as they kissed.

Victoria pulled back and yelled, laughing and crying at the same time: "She'll marry me! She'll marry me! Ha!" She never knew love could feel this way, when free and known. The happiness coursed through her body and she began to cry out with happiness, burying her face into Michaela's shoulder and shaking.

        They stood outside, holding each other for a long, long time, until their companions emerged looking for them, concerned. Upon finding out the good news, Noemí happily ushered everyone back inside, intent upon treating them all to a drink and celebrating.

        Before the door even closed, Noemí had pulled Terri into her arms, taking possession of her lips with a passionate kiss. Desire instantly re-ignited within Terri, the wetness between her legs grew intensely, and she wrapped her arms tightly around Noemí's neck. Their lips danced together passionately, their bodies strained together as they lost control of their desires. Terri moaned into Noemí's mouth, her body quivering against hers as they yanked off their coats and threw them down carelessly.

        Bending her legs, Noemí wrapped and tightened her arms around Terri's waist; she then straightened her legs and lifted Terri clear off the floor. Moaning again, Terri lifted her legs and wrapped them around Noemí's waist, hearing her moan deep in her throat. Their breathing grew erratic as Noemí made her way towards the couch, where she sat down on the edge, holding Terri to her tightly. Terri pulled against the back of Noemí's sweater, pulling it upwards until Noemí took her arms from around her and frantically yanked it over her head, throwing it down somewhere. Terri lifted her arms in submission when Noemí pushed her sweater upwards, baring her beautiful slender torso and round hanging breasts.

With a loud animal-like groan, Noemí took a nipple into her mouth and sucked it passionately but gently. Terri's head fell back and she moaned, her hips jerking against Noemí's stomach. Noemí rushed to her feet, unbuttoning her slacks quickly and yanking them and her underwear down to the floor. Terri stepped out of the pants and trembled when Noemí slid her fingers through the silken wetness between her legs with a low moan. Terri's legs weakened and she sat astride Noemí; legs opened wide to allow the slender fingers access to her heat.

With a groan, Noemí slipped her fingers inside Terri, who arched and tensed as her breath caught. "Mm, Noemí!" She gasped, riding the fingers deep inside her, undulating her hips to meet the deep thrusts. Suddenly, Noemí stopped, taking her fingers away and wrapping her arms around Terri's waist. She stood, lifting Terri easily with her and felt her wrap her legs around her waist again, the intense wetness pressing against her stomach. She made her way quickly to their bedroom, her arms holding Terri up as Terri hung onto her with all her strength.

Terri lay on her side, breathing hard, her head resting against Noemí's muscled arm. She could feel Noemí's strong and smooth body pressed against her back and legs. She could feel her strong hand between her legs, still stroking her, as her silky lips caressed the back of her throat. She brought her arm up and around Noemí's neck, pulling their mouths together in a passionate kiss.

Noemí loved the way Terri felt against her body, the way her sweet smell mingled with the ripe scent of their sex and the bar, the smoothness between her legs yielding to her fingers. She could feel Terri's hips writhing, her body trembling, as she slipped a finger deep inside her wetness. She pressed her palm hard against her swollen clitoris and heard her release a long moan. "Terri," She whispered against her mouth, feeling the heat filling her own body from where her skin met Terri's. "Oh God, Terri. I love you!" She groaned loudly and began to move inside her, pressing her body against her back.

Terri arched, moaning as she felt Noemí's tongue imitating the movements of her fingers. She felt ready to explode, tightening more and more around her; she pulled away from her mouth to stare into her eyes. The love and passion in Noemí's eyes excited her more. She closed her eyes and began to tremble as her abdomen muscles fluttered in a prolonged orgasm.

They held each other under the spray of the shower; their lips made love the way their bodies did. "I can't get enough of you." Noemí whispered huskily against her throat, her hands caressing her smooth back and hips.

Terri's arms were around her neck, and she pulled her mouth to her own. "I don't want you to ever get enough of me." She breathed, meeting her lips again. They kissed for a long moment.

"Mm, I don't think you have to worry about that." Noemí whispered hotly against her mouth, her hands cupping her buttocks and pulling her close. She felt Terri lift her leg against her waist, and she pulled her up, feeling her wrap both legs around her waist.

Terri moaned, burying her fingers in Noemí's hair, her arms on her shoulders. The heat between her legs was driving her wild and she drove herself forward against Noemí's hard stomach. "You make me want you so much!" She gasped as Noemí moaned and responded to her passion.



Anthony knew he needed money. He still had some, but not enough to last him forever.

From Aruba, he had returned to New York, and then he left again and went to Las Vegas, Nevada. He spent most of his money there, gambling, and returned to New York with what little he had, where he had been staying in nothing less than a Suite at the Plaza Hotel in Manhattan. Money was running very low, and he would soon be unable to afford to pay his stay at one of the most expensive hotels in New York. He knew his father wouldn't give him money any more, because of his deflection of the responsibility to Terri and her baby.

He knew the baby was born three months ago, on January the first, and that it was a baby girl. He didn't much care what it was, really, what he wanted was money and he knew the way to get it was to get Terri to forgive him. He knew he had to feign deep interest in the wellbeing of his daughter, and to try to marry Terri. After that, his father would give him all the money he wanted.

Today, he would go to Noemí's house and seek Terri, using the excuse that he remembered Terri's birthday was next week, April twelfth, and that he could not stop thinking about her all the time he was gone. She would fall for it like all the others had, like she fell for his bullshit story that he would be there for her when she told him that she was pregnant.

A family member told him that the child was a pure Leone, and that there was no doubt that she was his daughter, so forget about the theory that she slept with somebody else.

He was not told that Terri was obviously in love with Noemí, a fact of which the whole family approved of, or that she would definitely not give him a single chance to say he wanted to be with her. His cousin had always liked seeing him in situations that made him look the stupid fool, just because he was such a stupid jerk and an irresponsible bastard. That cousin was Martha Leone, daughter of his Uncle Theodore Leone, may he rest in peace; he was equally a jerk, and had three kids outside his marriage to her mother.

The bell rang, and Terri covered the baby with a small quilt and adjusted her little hat to protect her from the cold. Little Noemí sat quietly in a specially designed baby swing, staring up at her mother with wide bluer than green eyes. She then stood to open the door. She was momentarily surprised, but recovering, she crossed her arms over her chest and glared. "What are you doing here?"

Noemí drove home at a sedate pace, wary of the patches of ice on the road. She really wanted to speed home, to be with Terri and the baby. As she drove up the street, she saw a familiar vehicle in her driveway, and she frowned. As she got closer and pulled in, she recognized Anthony's blue BMW and his license plate: GTTA¤ME.

She pulled into the driveway beside his car and climbed out of hers slowly, looking up at the house with wide eyes. A slice of fear made her shiver, a thousand questions rushed through her head: What if Terri wants to be with him now that she has his child? What if he's back to claim her and the baby? What would I do without them? Her life would be more meaningless than before, her heart would be so broken. She pressed the button of her car alarm, and the resounding beep signals that it was active. She walked slowly to the door, biting her lower lip, almost expecting to find Terri in Anthony's arms when she walked in.

But such was not the sight she found. Terri was standing by the couch, glaring down at Anthony with gray-brown ice, hands shoved into the pockets of her sweats. Anthony was sitting on the couch, staring at the child sleeping peacefully in front of him on the baby swing. There was no expression on his face that Noemí could see, no unexpected love for such a beautiful child that was, whether he liked it or not, part of him. He looked up at Noemí, who had closed the door quietly, and smiled broadly, standing up and spreading his arms to her. Hesitantly, Noemí moved to him and hugged him. He patted her back hard and kissed her cheek lingeringly. "I've missed you, Noemí." He said softly, with genuine feeling.

She pulled back and said nothing, disconcerted by his presence. "Why are you here?" She asked evenly, and walked around him to look at the sleeping child with obvious love.

Terri, during the time between his arrival and Noemí's, had been telling him to leave. She wanted to be alone with Noemí, knowing that they would make love over and over again tonight. "Leave, Anthony." She said with greater emphasis, and her eyes met Noemí's for a quick second. In that quick look, she saw Noemí's fear of loosing her and her anger at Anthony increased.

He stared at her beseechingly. "Can't I see my daughter?" He asked with an oily voice he mistook for sincere. "I want to be a part of her life."

Noemí finally came out of her fearful stupor. "Which means that you ran out of money." She stated and saw a flicker of something in his eyes before he masked it with feigned hurt feelings.

"How could you think that?" He said in a "hurt" whisper. Terri rolled her eyes and he saw her. "Oh Terri, I love you so much!" He continued quickly, taking a step towards her. "I haven't thought of anyone but you all this time. That's when I realized that-"

Noemí cut him off. "Cut the crap, Anthony, please." She said coldly, knowing he was lying.

"Don't get involved, Noemí, this isn't any of your concern," He said harshly.

"Yes, it is." Terri surprised them all by saying.

Anthony frowned and looked at her for a long time. "Really? And why would that be?" He asked sarcastically, showing her with his attitude, as if she didn't already know, that his words were lies.

Noemí answered him truthfully: "We love each other." Her voice was bold, her eyes challenging.

Anthony's confused frown turned into a scowl. Her glared at them, then his eyes narrowed. "I don't believe it." He said simply, convinced that they were lying, just trying to get him to leave.

Terri moved closer to Noemí and slipped her hand into hers. "That's your problem then." She said, and held Noemí's hands with both of hers, standing on the tips of her feet and kissing her lips gently. They both stared at him as he stared right back at them, shocked.

        He shook his head and looked at them. "Is this what it was all about?" He asked Noemí suspiciously. "You wanted to get me out of the way so that you could take her into your house and then for yourself?" He said, and then laughed as if that was it. Noemí just stared at him, her eyes narrowed. "Oh, okay, well, you should have told me that's what it was, Noemí! Though I feel sorry for you, you know, she's not that good of a lay."

        Noemí suddenly let go of Terri's hand and moved to him, grasping the front of his shirt and shaking him with strength that surprised him. "You have a lot of nerve thinking I'm like you, Anthony." She growled at him, and pushed him towards the door. She opened the door with one hand, and then pushed him through. He stared at her with shocked eyes. She stepped outside after him and closed the door behind her back. "I'm not like you, you should know that." She said, pointing a finger at him. "I love her, like you never wanted to love her." She told him.

        He glared at her, shoving his hands in his pockets. His thick blonde eyebrows reflected the sunshine as he scowled. "What about Amelia?" He asked sarcastically, knowing very well what her feelings for Amelia were like.

        Noemí's expression didn't waver. "I'm at peace with Amelia, she loved me, and she would have wanted me to be happy, as I would have wanted her to be happy." She said. "I'm happy, Anthony, Terri fills me inside, and I love her for it. She fills all the wholes that were empty, and I love her all the more for that."

        Anthony glared at her. "You're an idiot, Noemí," He growled. "Can't you see what she wants? She wants our money. She knows you're vulnerable, she knows you'd go for anything that got in front of you-"

        In a burst of fury, Noemí swung before he could finish his sentence, her fist making contact with his face and sending him sprawling against her car. He brought a hand up to his bleeding lip and stared at her with surprised eyes. Without saying another word, she turned and stepped into her house, slamming the door between herself and Anthony. Terri was sitting by the baby, looking at her with a stoic expression, then her eyes moved away. She didn't look at Noemí. Noemí sat beside her and wrapped her arm around her waist, pulling her close. "I love you," She whispered by her ear, kissing below her earlobe gently.

        Terri suddenly turned to her and wrapped her arms around her neck, pulling her down for a deep kiss. "Oh Noemí," She whispered against her mouth. "I didn't know he was the one out there, I wouldn't have opened the door if I'd known. Don't be afraid, I want to be with you. I love you. I'm in love with you."

        Noemí pulled back and gazed at her for a long time, tears filling her eyes. She felt truly complete and happy now that Terri had finally told her of her feelings for her. Terri could read her emotions as if she was an open book, and that made her happy. "I love you too, baby. I'm so in love with you." She whispered tearfully, and bent down to kiss her again, passionately and deeply.

        "I need to see my father, René!" Thomas recognized Anthony's voice, and René trying to tell him to hold on a minute. He barged into his father's study, looking around almost crazily, his eyes meeting his father. He pushed the door closed on René's face before she even had a chance to come into the room to talk to Thomas. "I need to talk to you, dad." He said, looking disturbed.

        Thomas gestured to a chair, and Anthony took it, sighing. "What do you need to talk about?" He asked, grateful that Natalie was not here to interfere with their conversation with her unconditional motherly love.

        "What is this with Terri and Noemí, dad? How could you let them live in such vile circumstances? With the baby around them too!" He said loudly, sitting forward on the edge of the chair.

Thomas studied his son closely, taking in the small changes. His hair was longer, fuller and still beautiful. His goatee had grown into a full blonde beard, making him seem older, though not taking away from his handsome features. His bulk was larger, as if he'd been lifting a lot more weights than before, his stomach was a little paunchy, indicating to Thomas that he has been drinking a lot of alcohol. He shook his head. "They're fine, and that child will be better taken care of with Noemí than she would be with you." He said bluntly, meeting his eyes directly. He played with his pen, scribbling on a blank paper. "Noemí loves that child dearly, and so does everyone else, even before she was born she was loved. Do you even know what her name is?" He looked at Anthony closely.

        Anthony stared at him and shook his head. "No, I don't know." He said with a defeated expression. He knew he would get nothing from his father.

        Thomas smiled at the thought of his granddaughter. He decided to go see them today after he dealt with Anthony. "Terri named her Noemí, after your sister, because she loves her very much." He said softly, and looked at his son again. "Now, what can I help you with, Anthony?" He asked pleasantly.

        "I need more money." Anthony said quickly. He continued beseechingly, seeing his father's expression of bewildered disbelief: "I swear I won't bother you ever again, dad. I'll invest, you know, with cousin Mario, he's good and he can help me make the right decisions about it. That should keep me comfortable, and I wont bother you again, I swear."

        Thomas stared at him for a long time, a finger over his lips, the others braced below his chin. "You disappoint me, Anthony." He said, and Anthony could hear the deep sadness in his voice. "Your mother and I spoiled you and your sister rotten, we did everything we could to keep you both happy, and in doing that, we created an irresponsible individual out of you." He looked at him for a long time, not saying anything. "Your daughter has just been born, and you want nothing to do with her, is that what you're saying?" He asked.

        Anthony stared at his father for a long time. "I'll give up my rights as her father if you give me money." He said suddenly, meeting his eyes.

        Thomas' eyes narrowed and he looked at his son with palpable disgust. "Are you serious?" He asked in a bewildered whisper.

        Anthony nodded; there was no expression of regret in his eyes. "I give up my rights as that kid's father, and you give me money, it's easy." He said with a shrug.

        Thomas looked at him with a pained expression, not affecting Anthony in the least. "Are you that heartless?" He whispered softly, but Anthony didn't answer. He cleared his throat and shook his head, looking away from him. When his eyes returned to look at his only son, who so proudly resembled him, they were impersonal. "You weren't supposed to come back and ask for money after that initial deposit to your account." He said evenly.

        Anthony shrugged, and looked away from Thomas. "Well, as your only son, I also deserve part of your fortune, dad." He said, looking at him again. "Whether I like it or not, whether you like it or not, I was part of the creation of that kid." He sat back, looking smug. "And you love her and Terri, and you want me to leave them, - and Noemí of course, so mentally weak she is- in peace, so you'll give me what I want."

        Thomas narrowed his eyes, and his fists clenched against the armrests of his chair. For a minute, Anthony thought he would actually get up and hit him. But Thomas just glared at him for a long time. "Alright." He said through clenched teeth, and took a deep breath. He reached into his desk drawer and pulled out a notepad, grabbing his pen and beginning to write.

        Anthony edged forward on his seat and tried to see what his father was writing. "What are you writing?" He asked.

        Thomas continued to write, not answering, then he finished and read the note over. "Okay, this is a stipulation stating that you, Anthony Leone, after the following transaction of cash, will not make any attempt at all to get money from myself, Natalie, or your sister." He explained, looking at Anthony. "You will use that money to make a responsible investment, and if you so much as waste that money, or loose it in any irresponsible activity, you will have to work for it. No longer will you attempt to get money from any members of your family. Also, you will no longer seek Terri or the child Noemí for any reason, not to try to get money, not to mentally torment them." He pushed the notepad at Anthony, who stared at it as if it were a ghost. "Now sign there." He said, and indicated the drawn line next to the X.

        "But- but-" Anthony stuttered, this was clearly not what he expected.

        "I expect you here tomorrow afternoon," Thomas continued briskly. "I will have our family lawyer here with a notary public, and you will sign a legal affidavit stating that you release your right as the father of Noemí Leone-Bledsoe to her mother Terri Bledsoe. Then I will give you the money." He looked at him for a long moment, then gestured to the notepad and pen lying in front of him. "Sign."

        Anthony frowned, staring down at the neat writing on the paper. "Okay, okay," He growled and picked up the pen, signing quickly. "Just give me the money tomorrow. What time should I be here?"

        Thomas shook his head in disgust and looked away. "Call at about twelve, I will give you a time." He answered, and said nothing as Anthony left his office without a word. It was hurting him to cut him loose like that.

        "I cut him loose, really this time, made him sign a paper and everything." Thomas explained about Anthony's visit that afternoon. "He's just thinking of money, and he doesn't care that he will be giving up his right as a father to the baby." He held the baby in his arms, her little head on his shoulder. Noemí crouched behind him, making sweet faces at the baby. Little Noemí cackled, kicking against his stomach excitedly, an innocent smile on her little mouth and eyes. Noemí laughed softly, making kissing noises and kissing her forehead playfully. She pressed her nose gently against the child's, nuzzling her chunky cheek tenderly.

        "I don't want him near my baby." Terri said protectively, watching them.

        Anthony understood her feeling. "Yes, but this child will grow into an intelligent little girl, and she will eventually ask about her father." He pointed out, patting the baby's back softly. He felt young again, like when he first held his daughter in his arms; she was so tiny then and had always been so endearingly beautiful. He loved Terri so much, for giving him this gift of a granddaughter.

        Terri shrugged, not in an 'I don't care gesture', but more like in a 'what can I do?' expression. "I will tell her the truth, Thomas, what else can I do? I don't want to ever lie to her." She said, gazing at both Noemí's with intense love. Love of a lover, and love of a mother. When he'd first heard that Terri and Noemí had become lovers, he was as shocked as the next person was. But when he saw how truly happy Terri made Noemí, and how truly happy Noemí made Terri, he decided that he would not object, and that he would love them both no matter what. Natalie was way ahead of him, upon being told she was ecstatic, as she had already been hoping that they would get together. She suggested the next day that they get engaged, so that she could plan her very first lesbian wedding, since she never got to do it for Noemí before. She also told Noemí to tell Victoria to marry that "nice girl Michaela, who loves her so much!" and that she will plan their wedding too, with her mother of course.

        He pulled the baby from his shoulder, grasping her gently right below her arms, swinging her little body like he used to swing Noemí and Anthony when they were babies. She laughed in the endearing way, pulling her tiny fist up into her mouth, suckling wetly. He grinned up at her, throwing little noisy kisses at her as he pulled her fist away from her mouth with his thumb. From the corner of his eyes, he could see Noemí move from behind him and sat beside Terri, kissing her gently on the lips. He could see she was so happy, and was grateful to God for giving her a second chance. "When are you getting committed?" He asked suddenly, and they looked away from each other at him.

        "I don't know." Noemí said hesitantly, sitting back comfortably. "I don't want to pressure Terri, really. If it is up to me, I would get engaged this minute, but she's new to this, and I want to give her time." She glanced at Terri, who was holding her hand, looking at her with wide eyes.

        Thomas pulled the child back into his arms, cradling her against his ample chest. He looked down into her staring eyes tenderly, swinging her softly.

        When he left, it was late in the afternoon, and a little dark outside. Terri and Noemí stood by the front window, looking at his car driving away, the baby peacefully asleep in Terri's arms. Noemí stood behind Terri, her arms around her waist, her face pressed against the back of her head, inhaling her sweet strawberry scent with a sigh. She bent down and kissed her neck below her earlobe, feeling Terri tremble against her. "How long do you think the baby will be asleep this time?" She asked huskily, her hands cupping her hips and pulling her back against hers.

        Terri moaned softly, and turned around to face Noemí. "I don't know, but can't we make the best of it?" She whispered suggestively, standing on the tips of her toes and kissing her lips softly. She brushed past her, walking quickly down the hall, mindful of the baby in her arms.

        Noemí followed after her, already discarding her clothing, throwing them uncaringly behind her. "Mm, remind me to fix my old room into a nursery for the baby. I'll start tomorrow." She said in a husky whisper, her eyes on Terri's sensuous buttocks, wanting to kiss them.

        Terri laughed softly as they walked into their room. "Yeah right," She said teasingly. "That is if you can keep your hands off my body long enough." Noemí left the door open, and Terri placed the sleeping infant gently in her crib. Temporarily forgetting about everything, Terri turned to her lover, and their passions exploded as they moved into each other's arms, a flurry of kisses and desire.


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