Only You

by N. Hill and KatLyn

The ocean's roiling surge of white-foamed sheets smoothed her last footprint from the sand. In the distance beyond the cliffs, I hear only the raging sounds of the surf, muffled crashes belying such energy that brutally punishes the rocks and sand; an errant gull's raucous cry punctuates the night air. All is silenced in the scorching crackle of lightning overlapped with the thunderous report generated. A dying sun inflames the waves, before me looms the encroaching blackness of the night. Such blackness could tear into my soul and expose the want, the need, the desire... thieves of my haunted heart. The last footprint is gone now. I watch as she turns toward home, the first hard beads of rain spilling from the now shadowed sky.

The cabin, perched atop the rock-strewn cliff safe from the ocean, glows from within and releases into the night the flickering, honeyed tones of heart-pine walls. And this sight before me-shelter from the storm; and the landscape behind me-the black swelling of the ocean, confine me inside the longing, the desire, the want, and the need borne from that singular footstep, disappeared into itself, while she passed beyond the dunes and into...into the nothingness of the moonless night.

As I make my way back through the treacherous rocks, where jagged- edged spires threaten and slice at my feet, I hear her calling from within the wind's embrace. Calling, whispering my name. Bah! She never even knew my name...that moment's hesitation when she looked into my eyes, and I let her walk past...through the darkened hills of sand into the rocks, vanished like a spectral fog burned by the sun. She never even spoke my name. I have no conception of the sound of her voice.

I am thankful for the fire, blazing when I left to wander the dunes and amble over cooling sands, now a tumble of seething embers that emit only the occasional flicker of bluish-orange, smokeless flames. The night air, chilling me to the bone yet repelled by the fire's hotness, still knocks at the solid oaken door. This night alone, I shall neither fear the haunting blows upon the door, nor protect my heart where first they struck.

Later, with the fire newly fed and the salty spray washed clean from my body, I stand before this hearth trying to warm away the wintry grasp that squeezes me. Still I hear her calling my name, tenderly, and her voice strokes my senses. 'Where did you go...why did you not stay?' I mumble into the open hearth. As if continuing my thoughts with its own voice, the heavy door creaks, opening as the gusting winds push inward their icy fingers. Yet, I do not turn to close out the night, seeking rather to accede to its entrance as it cools the fires of my mind.

Then, as a warmth settles in behind me, I realize I am no longer alone by the fire. Like a gentle wave moving to the shore, lips slowly caress the sensitive point just below and behind my ear. The guttural moan that touch elicits from me makes us both tremble just as the majestic lightning and thunder dance initiates our joining. And the shadowed walls reflect two yearning lovers entwined as one as I turn into your arms. The look in your eyes is almost as electrifying as the lightning, for in them I see a desire, such a want and need, as I have never seen from another. "Where did you go...why did you not stay whe-..." "Shhh...I'm here now, and I've wanted to kiss you from the first moment I saw you," you whisper with an almost imperceptible movement of your lips toward mine. "Do you have any kisses, love?" you continue. "Yes, only for you."


I feel your breath, as soft as a memory, brush across my lips as you sigh. I capture your soft, swollen lips between mine and feel you fall into my arms as my tongue probes, seeking the warmth and sweetness of yours. Your lips part, trembling with anticipation, granting me the touch...the taste I crave as your hands reach gently upwards to cradle my face. I feel a searing heat pulse agonizingly slowly through my body as your fingers feather across my skin. My legs become as molten lava, weakened by your touch, and you slowly pull me down to lie before the fire. As the flames cast flickering shadows upon the walls, your hands caress my skin. My body yearns for your touch.

Tumultuous in intensity, the thunder roaring beyond the window echoes the passion I feel. I hunger to touch you, taste you. As I fall into your embrace, my leg slips between your thighs and I feel you, sleek and hot, against my skin. I unwind the sash of your robe parting the soft fabric, searching for the silkiness of your skin. As I lower my body onto yours, your hips rise pressing closer, silently urging me on. I kiss the soft skin beneath your chin as my hands seek out the fullness of your breasts, and I hear a deep primitive moan escape your lips as my fingers trace across your breast. Slowly, I move lower until my lips are within inches of tautly drawn nipples. Your fingers intertwine with my hair, pressing my face closer as my warm lips seek relief from my hunger.

I feel you move against my body as you open yourself, fervently granting me complete access to your rising desire. Your hands press against my shoulders as my lips feather soft kisses along your torso. My journey continues, my lips tasting the sweetness of your body, until finally I feel soft curls upon my chin. I gaze into your eyes, dark with desire, and move lower still until I am settled softly into your sweet embrace. Your scent, sweet and spicy, my mouth, warm and hungry.

My hands gently caress your thighs, I feel you tremble. I kiss the swollen folds of your desire as my fingers slowly seek you. Your hand reaching out to touch my cheek, guiding me closer, taking me home. Eyes holding eyes, soul touching soul, as I lean in tasting your sweetness. Soft and warm, my lips play the melody of your desire and I feel your trembling body arching to greet my gentle ministrations.

I watch as your eyes flutter closed and you whisper, "Yes my love, yes."

I fall into the warmth of your desire, drinking of the sweet essence that flows freely from your lonely soul. I slip easily into the silky wetness of your core, searching, seeking your most precious treasure. I feel you open to me seeking the touch only I can give you. Higher we climb as I take you gently to the edge of this cliff we both lie poised upon.

Hot, sweet, liquid fire teases my senses and is like water to this thirsty soul who has for so long wandered in the vast dryness of the desert. I feel the cadence of your desire quicken as you rise to meet my eager lips, inviting me to drink of your wine, begging me to take you over the precipice toward the pulsating fall into your heavenly release.

Your cries fall softly upon my ears as we continue on this fevered journey, my caresses bent on only one quest...seeking out the path I know surely will plunge you over the cliff. My hand caresses a heated path across your body hungrily seeking, finding, and soothing the raging fire within your breast. Breath ragged, consumed with an untethered fury, you cry out, "Yes, my love, yes.

The fire within my soul desperately yearns for your touch, but still I seek only to satiate your desire, knowing that when I hear your cry of passion, my own thirst will be quenched and I will follow you into the spiraling vortex of release.

I bring you closer, finding your rhythm, as we dance the dance only lovers sense. Slowly we edge closer until a myriad of colors sparkle before our eyes, and I hear you cry out. Your body, once gentle and shy, now fierce and sure caresses my soul, pulling me into you, through to your very essence as you fall into the abyss and into my waiting arms.

Your eyes, so dark and warm, meet mine as I float away with you to the place only we can know and feel. Gently we drift then settle quietly back into the comfort of each other's arms. I feel you quiver as the last spasms of your desire recede past the storm into the night. You reach out, and welcome me into your open arms. I shudder as your warmth surrounds me and lay my head upon your breasts to hear the cadence of your heart.

The thunder beyond the window, once roaring within our souls, becomes ever quieter in the distance as we touch and hold and gaze into the fire. I look into your eyes and see reflected in the dying firelight a peace and warmth, like that of which I have only dreamed, and gently I kiss your lips. "Only you...only you." My head upon your heart, my breath soft upon your breast, I fall into a gentle, peaceful sleep wrapped in your embrace and dream once again of only you.

Copyright 2001 N. Hill and KatLyn

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