The Corporate Raider part 10

by Denise Mayes


Chapter 10


The next morning at 6am, They had spent an hour at breakfast, and although it was a stimulating one, by the time they arrived people were already coming in. The two walked in together, but Taylor excused herself and went to go and get the morning mail. Alex headed to her top floor office suite.

"Good morning Ma'am, did you have a nice vacation?" Salina said in greeting.

"Morning, and yes. Are there any changes in my appointments today?"

"Yes, just one, The 10 o’clock had to cancel, his wife went into labor just a few minutes ago."

"Did he reschedule?"

"No Ma'am, he said he would be in touch with you in the next few days."

"Hmm...all right, well send my first appointment in when she gets here. Also have Shearer report to me with updates on what’s been going on, in the next hour."

"Yes Ma'am. Ma'am?"


"May I ask you something?"

"What is it Salina?" Alex asked, as she went into her office and Salina followed in after her.

"Did you and Ms. Young go on vacation together?"

Alex didn’t even look back at the woman. She continued what she was doing as if the question did not phase her, but she did answer the young woman. "Since when did I say it was all right for you to ask me any personal type questions?" She now said, as she turned to level a steady gaze on Salina. "You have overstepped your place in asking me anything dealing with my personal life. I know you continuously try to flirt with me, and probably are feeling like that makes us close or something, but it doesn’t. Don’t ever presume with me again, or you’ll end up getting your feelings hurt. Now get to work." She said as she dismissed the nosey admin.

"Yes Ma'am." Salina said, as she left the office feeling like a complete fool for asking such a question.

A few minutes later Taylor arrived on the floor. She sorted through the mail as she headed for the office.

"Well, Well, Well, you made it back, wonder what you did on YOUR hiatus?"

"Have you always been so spiteful?" Taylor asked.

"You know why I don’t like you."

"Well, I assume it’s because of my position, I told you I had nothing to do with it, so I would suggest you get over it. As far as my hiatus goes, I made a new friend. Now please call Mr. Hairsten and tell him that Alex wants that proxy list by noon today." She then went back sorting through the mail and headed into the office where Alex was sitting smirking at her.

"Close the door."

"Yes Ma'am." She said, respectfully, and closed the door. She handed the woman half of the mail including the red envelope with the white stripe on top.

"Hmm...good, you remembered." Alex praised, and instantly put the other mail down to open the red one.

After which she picked up the phone and called the investor. She spoke to him for a moment as Taylor took the letter and read over it. Then she listened to the conversation that went on as a result of it. The woman hung up the phone and the girl handed the letter back to her.

"So, you have to call him every time you get this type of letter, or else you lose money, right?"

"I can lose money."

"But why do you need to call your stockbroker, when he’s the broker, I would think that’s what your paying him for? He should already know to sell, or buy?"

"He does, it’s just that when we’re talking about millions of dollars and it’s my money, I just feel more comfortable with the final decision. Besides, this isn’t the every day trading, that’s something entirely different."

"Oh, okay. I think I understand."

"Good." Alex said, letting it drop there.

Taylor smirked, and said under her breath, "I know I owe you a few million."

The woman looked up over the letter she had in her hand and raised a brow at the nonchalant matter the girl was presenting after having made such a statement. "Do you really believe that?" She asked, as she went back to reading the mail, while at the same time listening for the girl's answer.

"Yes." Taylor said, as she picked up the phone to make a phone call.

"Hang up the phone." Alex said in a serious, yet still conversational level.

She hung up the phone and the woman spared a glance at her, and then went back to her mail. The girl followed the woman’s lead and put the one letter she had to reply to on the desk while she went back to the other mail. "I can’t believe you actually think that?"

"Why wouldn’t I? I mean that’s a lot of money no matter how rich a person is."

"Yes it is a lot of money, I would be lying if I said it wasn’t, but you do not owe me anything."


"But nothing. Did I ever say you owed me?"

"No, but?"

Alex slammed her stack of the mail on the table, not as hard as she normally would have, but the point was the same, and then she glared at Taylor. The girl started at the action and her eyes immediately went to the woman’s, unfortunately for her. "I’m only going to say this once more and then I don’t ever want to hear about it again, am I making myself clear?"

"Yes." Taylor said in a rush.

"You do not owe me any money. I don’t want or need your money, and I don't want to have to have this conversation with you again, got it?"


"Good. Make your phone call." Taylor picked up the phone and the woman glanced at her over her mail intermittently, until the girl started speaking to the other person on the phone.

The first two meetings were held in the office, with one of those being Mr. Shearer. The third meeting of the day was the weekly meeting with the upper management. "Mr. Thomas, go." Alex said, as she picked the people in random order for them to make their presentations.

"Yes, Ma'am. The Corporate Research department has been looking into a little company, that while small, has grown over the last year by almost 50%. Stocks are trading at 110 a share. It’s a very hot company, that was started by one person and now has subsidiaries overseas in some of the major markets. There are a lot of companies watching this one, but I think we have the upper hand because we already have stock in it. We think that if we can get hold of some others who maybe willing to sell their stock, then we can be put in a good position to take it over within the year?"

"Hm...First of all, what makes you think anyone would be foolish enough to sell stock that has increased in value by almost 50% in a year? And what is the product? Which major markets are we talking about, and do they match up in product and market?" Alex questioned, her eyes never leaving the man’s. Alex already knew the answers to her questions, she just wanted to see if the man had the answers.

He was nervous, but he knew he had to answer her.

"Well, we have thought about the stock issue, and we figured we could give them stock in one of the companies you already own. That way it would be more of a swap than anything, and for those who didn’t want to trade with us, we could make them an offer? But we didn’t think there would be anyone out there foolish enough to not want to have stock in one of your companies versus a small one. Your holdings have made many people financially well off. The product is clothing, and the markets are Milan, Paris, those markets."

"Okay, next time tell me those things first. You should know that. Go ahead with the preliminary, and get back to me when you think you have all the information I will need to begin the takeover. Talk with Johnson in the cost analysis department."

"Yes Ma'am."

"Petersen, you're up, go." Alex said, as she went through each of the department heads, praising some, penalizing others. Finally the meeting ended and Alex left with Taylor walking beside her. "What’s next?" She asked the girl.

"A business Lunch, with Mr. D’Angelo Marazzda, of Technology Incorporated." The girl said with a grin.

Alex raised a brow at her, and then said in a factual tone. "For me, yes, for I want you to go and enter those reports about the Kingston’s Group takeover, in my computer for the meeting later today."

"But why can’t Salina do that?"

"Because I told you to." She said pointedly.

"All right, no need to get testy. This is really going to be interesting." Taylor said under her breath, as she started to turn and head for the elevator.

Alex caught her by the shoulder and turned her back around.

"What does that mean?"


"What do you mean what?! What you just said?

"Oh, nothing, I was just talking to myself." She said nervously, due to the tone the woman was using.

"Well talk to me. What did you mean?"

"Nothing." Taylor insisted.

Alex abruptly let go of the girl, realizing she was getting upset. Instead of yelling at Taylor and making a scene, she simply took a deep breath and then looked at the frightened girl.

"It’s all right, we’ll talk about it when we get home, go do what I told you to do." She said without a second thought.

"It was nothing."

"What did I just say?"

Taylor looked at her, then turned and with some concern, she headed off to do what she had been told to do. The woman in the meantime watched the girl and wondered what she meant. She went to her business lunch and met the man she had once thought about dating seriously. "Ah...There you are, I was beginning to wonder if you had stood me up my dear Alex?"

"D’ why would I do that?" She asked, as he greeted her with a kiss. "All right D’Angelo, it’s not like that between us anymore, so just cool your heels."

He smiled mischievously and then spoke to her in Italian. She replied back in the same fashion. They were led to their table, where he pulled out her chair for her and she smirked at him, then sat down. He sat down across from her. "So what has my Rose been up to these last few years besides becoming the most powerful woman known in the business world?"

"Well if I’m only known as the most powerful business Woman, then I obviously am not doing what I’m supposed to be doing. You know I want to be THE most powerful business PERSON ever!" The woman said, slightly baring her teeth.

He leaned back in his chair to regard the woman he had been, and still was, very much in love with.

"Actually my dear, you are known as that, but I didn’t want to give you a swelled head."

"I take it all in stride, trust me."

"I know you do. So, what else is new in your life?"

"How about I ask you that. I mean you did fly all this way under the premise that you wanted to talk to me about business?"

"I did, but why not combine the visit?"

"Because things are different now. Anyway, tell me about this company you think I will be interested in and why aren’t you going after it?"

"It’s a wonderful company, but I really don’t have the finances to go after it, There are a lot of other companies that are looking at trying to acquire this little gem. But I thought of you when I realized I couldn’t get it."

"Hmm...go on." Alex said, as she took a moment to order and he did the same.

"Well, It’s an international company that started here, and has grown over 50% in the last year."

"Really? That sounds pretty interesting, what’s the product?" She asked, already knowing the possible company he was speaking of.


"Hmm...what’s the markets?"

"The fashion hubs of course. So what do you think? I know there are other companies trying to position themselves to get this little hot dish, but I think if you move within the next can be yours by the end of the year. Huge tax write-off as well. What do you say?"

"Your practically drooling D’Angelo."

"I know, because I know you won’t. But of course I’m drooling for more than one reason. He said, as he took her hand.

"I think we should eat." She said, as she took her hand back and picked up her fork and knife.

"You still haven’t told me what you think of it?"

"I don’t know yet, I have to think about it."

"Well that’s fine, I’m in town for a while. I’ll stop by the house this evening, and we can talk about it there, and whatever else comes up?"

The woman raised a brow at him and a curious smile came to her face.

"Fine. Well, I have to go. I’ll see you this evening, It should be interesting." She stood up and D’Angelo came to his feet and they walked out of the restaurant.

Alex arrived back in her office 15 minutes later. Where’s my P.A?"

"I don’t know Ma'am, but she said she would be right back." Salina said, only telling the woman half the story.

"Hmm...when she gets back tell her I want to see her."

"Yes Ma'am." The Admin said with a smile of satisfaction, assuming that the girl was in trouble.

A few minutes later Taylor arrived and Salina was more than happy to tell her that she was wanted in the office.

The girl's eyes narrowed slightly, then she looked into the office and saw Alex on the phone walking back and forth, apparently upset about something. Taylor swallowed hard, but then looking at Salina and seeing her delighting in her discomfort, she turned and headed for the office.

"I don’t care what you thought, I told you to do something and that is exactly what I expected for you to have done. Now you get it done and then go to personnel and have them put you in a more suitable position, since you can’t seem to handle a simple closing deal."

Click! The woman slammed the phone down and then turned around. "Where’s my report?"

"Oh, here, I put it in your computer like you said to." Taylor said, as she walked over to the desk. She bent over slightly facing the woman, her chest at the woman's eye level. Alex looked up at her, then back down her blouse, and raised a brow in appreciation. Especially seeing the nice mark she had made earlier. "Here it is."

"Hmmm....nice." Alex said, without looking at the screen.

"You haven’t even looked at it."

"I wasn’t talking about it." The woman hinted.

Taylor blushed and then stood up straight, moving her hair back as she went and sat down on a chair on the other side of the desk. The woman smirked, then turned her attention to the screen and began reading the report. Taylor sat quietly waiting for her to finish and tell her if things were the way she wanted.

"Excellent job, as always. I’m very pleased."

The girl smiled brightly at the woman who sat back and regarded her for a few minutes.

" was your business luncheon?"

"Fine, we’re going to have a guest over this evening."

"Oh? For dinner?"

"Maybe, we’ll see."

"Hm...well should I make dinner, or have the cook come in and do it?"

"You do it."

"Okay, what would you like?"

"Surprise me. But make sure it’s something that will keep over conversation."

"No problem."

"Good, thank you." Alex said, showing a bit of her soft side with the girl.

"You're welcome." Taylor returned, and then pulled out her appointment book.

"You have a two o’clock with Ms. Overton of International banks."

"All right, I think I will hold that one in the smaller conference room, as she’ll probably bring along a few of her loans and investment people."

"All right. Are you taking out a loan with her bank?"

"No, she’s coming to ask me if they can borrow from me."

"Hahaahaha, now that’s ironic." The girl said, amused by the irony of the situation.

"Yes, I guess it is." Alex returned, with the same amusement in her eyes, yet the constantly thoughtful gaze also showing within.

At the end of the day, the two left the building heading for the waiting car. Once inside, the woman leaned back against the seat and stretched her long legs out in front of her and crossed them at the ankles. Taylor watched her discretely she thought, but the woman always seem to know when she was looking at her. She looked up to catch the girl's eyes on her legs.

"What are you thinking about right now?"

" do you do that?! The girl finally blurted out, embarrassed at being caught again.


"Seem to know when I’m looking in your direction?"

"I feel your gaze on me."



"Well how come I can’t seem to do that?"

"Because you get to flustered at the thought of me watching you, although I do it all of the time."

"Really??" Taylor said again in amazement.

"Yes. I watch the way you move, the way you play with your clothing or your hands when you get nervous. I see the way your eyes fill with moisture when you think I’m upset with you about something, that you know I have the right to be upset about. I watch how you fluctuate between being embarrassed and being angry at Salina. I see how relaxed you have become around me when we’re alone. I see how you have grown in your confidence in dealing with clients, yet you still seem to balance things. Your still as kind and gentle, naive yet very intelligent, and you have a strong sense of what is right. But sometimes you don’t seem to understand that just because something is right, doesn’t always mean it is the best for a person. I see all of that in you and a lot more. I’ve watched you from that very first day you came to the floor. Your a beautiful young lady, who I am pleased to have in my life."

Taylor smiled, as tears ran down her face.

"I absolutely love when your like this." She said, as she went into Alex’s arms and laid against her.

The woman did not intend to get into all of what she did, but once it started and she saw how adorable the girl was she just couldn’t seem to stop the words from coming out.

"That’s because your just a softie." She teased, as she kissed Taylor’s forehead.

When they arrived home, they went inside, and headed upstairs to get cleaned up. When they got to the top of the stairs, they stopped once again. This time Alex turned to the girl and said in a matter-of-fact tone of voice. "This is going to change." She then turned and walked to her room, leaving Taylor standing on the stairs with her mouth open.

After the two had cleaned up, they went into the kitchen and the girl began taking out the things she would need to make the dinner that she had in mind.

"I like your choices." Alex complimented, as she walked around to the other side of the counter and stood next to the girl. She leaned one hand on the counter and looked at Taylor.


"You still owe me an explanation, and I’m just waiting for it."

"I don’t know what you mean?"

"About the statement you made when I told you to go and do the report."

"Oh! It was nothing." Taylor said, assuming that the woman would let it drop.

Alex continued to study the girl, until Taylor looked up and saw annoyance in Alex's eyes.

"Your not getting upset about it are you? I mean it really was nothing."

"Upset about, at you for not answering me....yes." The woman said, as she stood to her full height and walked around to the other side of the counter to look straight at the girl. Taylor’s hands trembled slightly, and the woman saw them.

"If it’s nothing then why are you trembling?"

"Because you're upset."

"Then tell me, and maybe I won’t be." The woman suggested, although it came out more as an order.

"Fine." The girl finally said, as she stopped what she was doing and looked over at the woman. "I only meant that it was going to be interesting to see how things worked with you treating me one way at home and another at work. I mean, I know you said you don’t mix the two, but there has got to be a middle ground where I am concerned."


"Because, it can get confusing. I mean what if I did something major at work, and you got upset about it? How do you rectify within yourself that you still want to hold me, or be near me, when you were only hours before pissed off with me about something that happened at work? How can you do that?"

"Simple, I know me. I am without a doubt able to reprimand you at work and then get home and want to do nothing more than just love you."

Taylor seemed to deflate with the last part of the woman’s statement. And she chewed her lips as she thoughtfully chopped up some green onions. Alex waited for her to say something else as she knew she probably would. Finally, the girl looked up at the woman, more understanding.

"Okay, I guess I have to add that to the things that you are good at?"

"I guess so."

The girl smiled at the sincerity in the woman’s tone, and then she went back to chopping with purpose as another thought came to her mind.

"What if I can’t?"

"What? Separate the two?"


"Then I will help you learn how."


"By constantly reminding you that it is never anything personal when I reprimand you, it is always just about doing your job and doing it right the first time. If you mess up and you admit it to me before I find out about it, I’m usually not as hard, but you’ve seen that?"

"Yes. All right, I’ll try to remember that."

"Good." Alex said, and then walked back and turned the girl around and planted a passionate kiss on her.

She only intended to kiss the girl as a thank you for understanding. But that soon changed when she heard the girl moaning and felt her leaning back and sliding down the counter. Her passion for Taylor ignited. She followed the girl down the counter as the girl tried to find something to hold on to. The whimpering began and the woman moaned as a result. She broke the kiss and saw the girl's heavily lidded eyes.

" are so...beautiful." Alex sighed, as she claimed the gasping girl's lips again. She laid her on the floor with her own body raised up in a pushup type position so as not to worry the girl.

Taylor was once again dazzled by the passion of the woman, and she began scooting out from under her. Alex let her go and went into a catlike position, poised to pounce.

The girl went to stand up, but when she saw the woman’s position and the gaze, her legs went limp and she went to her knees, eyes caught by the woman’s hypnotic sapphires that were sparkling with desire. Taylor whimpered as the woman now took on a predatory stance and began crawling towards the girl in that same catlike, stalking fashion, her eyes never letting the girl’s leave hers. The girl was trembling more noticeably as Alex neared her, her breathing labored, and shallow, her body and face colored the blush of passion and fear.

"I want you in my bed tonight." Alex said, as she slowly purred her desires to the girl. "I want to hold you, caress you, and when your ready, make love completely to you." Her voice was seductive, and silky to the girl's sensitive ears. Despite the woman still being a distance away.

Taylor could only whimper as her mind was completely blank except for what was being whispered to her.

"When I get to you, I’m going to burn you with my passion."

The girl eyes started to close, and Alex’s mouth curled with anticipation as she saw Taylor giving in to the idea of being burned. Her movement toward the girl increased slightly, but then...The door bell rang, and the girl seem to come out of her trance. Her eyes wide with both fear and relief, she focused on Alex, who was still flushed with passion. A slow smirk came to the girl's lips, and she steadied herself. Alex had stopped her advance towards the girl for a moment when she saw the expression. Taylor suddenly jumped to her feet, staggered slightly, but was able to steady herself and said with a wry grin.

"Oops....door, I better go get it?" She turned and ran out of the kitchen with the woman right on her heels. Telling her the door be damned.

"Don’t open that door!" The woman demanded. But the girl just looked at her and said in an innocent tone of voice.

"What kind of hostesses would we be if we didn’t?"

"Two very satisfied ones, I can assure you." Alex said, as she walked slowly towards the girl, with the intention of pulling her away from the door and continuing in their previous activity.



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