The Corporate Raider part 17

by Denise Mayes


Chapter 17


On the final day of Yasmeia's stay, Taylor went through her routine of checking on her grandmother and taking care of some things around the house, and then they sat down at her grandmother’s computer. Using the copy part of her fax machine, they copied the information that they had, then Taylor called the SEC.

"Hello, may I speak with someone regarding information on possible insider trading?"

"Hold a moment, I will get Mr. Rouse."

A moment or so passed and a man’s voice came on the other end. "Hello, This is Thomas Rouse."

"Yes, Mr. Rouse. My name is Taylor Young. I worked with Ms. Madison, as her PA for a while and it has recently come to my attention that the companies of Ms. Madison's may be about to undergo investigation regarding inappropriate actions?"

"How do you know this?"

"I told you, I used to work with Ms. Madison, but that's irrelevant now. The point is, you and I both know that Ms. Madison has never and could never be involved in any misbehavior, or anything that appears to be illegal."

"I take it you have something that would help to prove that?"

"Yes, and I will send it to you via fax, if you will agree to one thing?"

"What’s that?"

"If you will give me your word that you will not tell Ms. Madison about what I am sending you. I believe it could be detrimental to your investigation of the two people that the information is about, if Ms. Madison were to find out that they are the one’s who are messing with her Companies."

"I understand, all right, we won’t let Ms. Madison know about who we’re investigating, for now."

"Good, because one of the people is Ms. Madison’s new Personal Assistant."

"OH!!! Okay, then send me the information, and we will start our investigation immediately."

"How long will you take to conclude it?"

"Well it depends on the information you have, it could take years, months, weeks, or days."

"Well If you follow your instincts when you see the information, I think you can have it concluded within a few weeks, or before the holiday at the most. Please let me know how things are going. Also when you do decide that you have enough evidence to prosecute, please don’t do it anywhere that will embarrass Ms. Madison. I’m sure you can be discreet?"

"Yes, don’t worry, we can do this without Ms. Madison ever knowing if we choose."

"Well that won’t be necessary. Oh, by the way, I’m sending the fax to you right now. Let me know what your initial reaction is to it. If you find it to be enough, which I’m sure you will, but if you do, it would mean that Ms. Madison’s companies will not be mentioned as being under investigation by the SEC right? Because you know that it is like a death sentence for a company to have that mentioned about it.

"We realize that, and depending on what I see, Ms. Madison’s companies are safe. Ah, hold a moment, the fax just arrived..." The man said, then he picked it up and took a moment to scan over the information. "Hmmm...well now. Hello?"

"Yes, I’m here?"

"Just from the quick scanning I did, it seems like this will be a pretty quick investigation. I'll have to read everything first, but right now I can tell you if the rest of the information is like this, Ms. Madison has nothing to worry about when it comes to her companies."


"Yes. I believe Ms. Madison would appreciate knowing who helped her."

"Well, we’ll see how things go. First you have to do your investigation."

"Very well, I will be in touch, and if you come across any further information call me directly?" The man suggested, and then gave her the number.

"Okay, thank you."

"Thank you."

The two hung up and Taylor turned to Yasmeia, who was giving her an approving nod of her head, seeing how she had listened to the whole thing. "Excellent, well it looks like Salina and Mr. Wellington will be getting theirs, and Alex’s companies are safe." Yasmeia said, praising Taylor's handling of the SEC.

"Well I just hope this is resolved soon. It would be a shame to go into the holidays with this hanging over her head."

The rest of the day the two spent helping Taylor's grandmother. Alex in the meantime had her detectives already working on finding the person, or persons involved.

"D. Angelo, I know I’m missing something obvious, but for the life of me I just can’t seem to see it."

"Well Rose, I know you will, but right now I think your mind is divided between other things. The holidays are coming up, and then a few months later your annual Business Party."

"Who can think about the holidays with the SEC possibly looking at investigating my companies for some illegal activity!" She said bitterly.

"Well hopefully all of this will be resolved before the holidays get here."

"Well I’m not one for waiting for things to happen, you know that."

"I know, but you can’t do any more than you already are."

"Maybe not, but I am not in the holiday spirit right now."

Over the next month Alex was able to give some information to the SEC. Her contact inside told her that they had gotten some information that indicated it was not necessary for her to worry about her company being investigated.

"What have you discovered?"

"Well Ms. Madison, I can’t tell you that at this moment, due to the investigation still taking place."

"But my company is in the clear?"

"Yes, but it is someone in your company that we are investigating, so I would suggest you not let on that you know?"


"Ms. Madison, I can hear in your voice that if I tell you, then you will most likely do something to the persons."

"There’s more than one?!"

"Only one in your company, and one outside of your company."

"How long before you wrap up your investigation?"

"We thought we would have it done before the holidays, but it looks like it will go on until around February."

"Damnit! I didn’t want to have to think about this over the holidays! Well at least my companies are in the clear." She said.

"Right, I apologize that this will go on through the holidays, and get so close to your annual spring Business Party, but the two that we are investigating seem to be planning on other endeavors."

"With my company as their shield?!" Alex said through her teeth.

"They assume." Thomas Rouse replied.

"You're learning Mr. Rouse. You're learning."

"I learned from the best Ms. Madison." The man said, giving credit to his mentor, although the SEC didn’t know that.

"True. Well keep me updated, and I still want to know who it is in my company. I will find out one way or another. Talk to you later."


Alex went back to reading over the reports from her own investigators. Yasmeia and Taylor continued to work behind the scenes, with Taylor putting more and more together. At the same time, Taylor was hurting from the information that Yasmeia had tried not to talk about. She had seen in the papers or heard around the office about Alex and D’Angelo being seen around town together at different events, more and more. Taylor began feeling anxious every time she spoke to Yasmeia. She had opened a can of worms about what Alex was up to, and the man escorting her around town, by begging Yasmeia to tell her what she knew. Yasmeia tried to play down all that she had heard and read, but finally decided it was best to tell the girl the truth. She hoped that maybe Taylor would get over Alex, but instead it only fed her desire for the woman.

One morning Taylor stayed home from work due to her grandmother seemingly doing worse. She was very worried about her, especially when she saw her grandmother’s attorney over at the house. When Taylor had asked what was going on, she was told that her grandmother just wanted to go over her will. That was very disconcerting to the girl, but her grandmother seemed like she was doing better at that time, so she just filed the memory in the back of her mind.

Just when Taylor thought her grandmother was doing better, she took a turn for the worst. Taylor was stressed over everything that was happening within her life, her grandmother’s illness, the company and Alex, and what was happening between Alex and D’Angelo. The holiday was in the next few days, and it appeared to Taylor that her grandmother may not see them. It made her heart heavy at the thought, and she stayed by her grandmother’s bedside, only leaving to go to the restroom or to get something to help make her grandmother as comfortable as possible.

On the 23rd of December, Alex had her annual employee Holiday party, for all of her companies. She and D’Angelo attended a few of them that were in state, and she called those out of state, or sent faxes to all of the others to wish them a happy holiday. When the festivities were over, D’Angelo and Alex returned to her place around 3 in the morning. The man began kissing and fondling her, but Alex never let it go any further with D’Angelo, despite how close she felt to him. While they were involved the phone rang, but Alex didn’t answer it due to D’Angelo telling her to let it ring. Since he wasn't going to be able to make love to her, he at least wanted to enjoy what he was allowed to do. The answering machine picked up the call.

"Hello, Ms. Madison, this is Yasmeia..." Alex heard the voice and name and actually turned her head to look at the machine. She couldn't believe Yasmeia would be calling her at 4 in the morning, yet alone at all.

"If you're there, please pick up, I’d rather not say what I have to an answering machine?" Yasmeia’s voice cracked, and Alex heard it, and concern crossed her face.

"Stop D’Angelo, I want to hear this, something's wrong!" The woman chided due to his continuous attempts at distracting her.

"I guess you're not there, well..."

Alex's heart started racing, and it wasn’t because of D'Angelo. There was something about Yasmeia’s voice, the tone, the stress in it, that made the woman focus all of her attention on the phone. "It’s about Taylor..."

The woman now practically knocked D’Angelo off the sofa trying to sit up. Her heart racing, her breath appearing to have stopped for that moment in time, as she thought something horrible had happened to Taylor. She was tempted to pick up the phone, but she couldn’t bring herself to lift the phone. So she just waited. Fear showed all over her face.

"Her grandmother just passed away at 1 this morning, and Taylor’s not taking it very well. They took her grandmother’s body to the mortuary and Taylor refuses to leave. I’m calling from the place now. I flew in when Mr. Daniels called me and told me what had happened. He said the community is worried about Taylor, and I know I don’t have to tell you of all people, how much she loved and depended on her grandmother. I’m heartbroken for her and I don’t know how to...comfort her...I don’t believe anyone can, except maybe...well anyway, she knows I am here, but she keeps talking to her grandmother telling her that she’s all alone, and there is no meaning for her anymore. I’m scared for her...please...I know you’ve moved on with your life, but I didn’t know who else to call...I’m sorry to have to leave this message on your machine, especially on this day. The funeral will take place on the 28th and she will be laid to rest at Wrights Cemetery, at 3 pm. Again I’m sorry for the way you're hearing about this." Yasmeia then hung up.

D’Angelo noticed that Alex was trying to control her breathing, so as not to let on to what was really happening with her. "Rose?"

"Please leave D’Angelo, I need to be by myself for a while. I’ll call you at the hotel, sometime tomorrow." She managed to say without her voice cracking.

"All right Rose, but if you need me, just call and I’ll be right here. I love you, and I’m sorry for your friend's loss."

"Thank you." She said, without looking back at the man as he put his shirt on. D'Angelo put his shoes on and left the woman alone.

After he had gone out the door, she laid on the sofa and let her tears roll freely as she thought about Yasmeia’s message. Alex knew how much pain Taylor was going through at the loss. She also felt the pain of losing such a kindred spirit. The next day Alex went to the office to check on somethings and then went back home. When she got home there was a message from Thomas Rouse at the SEC. He was calling to tell her that bids had been placed on the open market to buy any Wellington stock that became available. The investigation was winding down, and arrests were expected in the near future. She shook her head in anger and frustration at having that back at the front of her mind along with trying to decide whether or not she should go to the funeral. She thought about that and other things for the next few days, and finally, the day of the funeral, at 10a.m, she had her driver take her to the airport where she got on her private jet and flew into the larger city just outside of where the girl was. She had a car waiting for her when she arrived. She told the driver to take her to Wright Cemetery.

Meanwhile Taylor and all of the many people who came to the funeral to offer condolences and support to her, arrived at the cemetery. Taylor was standing, still crying and holding herself, despite Yasmeia also holding her. The minister stepped up to the head of the open area, where the casket was. He opened his bible, and began to quote a scripture. Taylor kept her eyes lowered on the casket, and just let her tears fall. When the minister had finished, he signaled for the casket to be lowered. The girl’s eyes widened and her trembling was now apparent. She stood watching the casket until it was within the grave and then fell to her knees and called for her grandmother. The sight tore at everyone’s heart, and the elderly women whispered to each other as they themselves went and stood around the girl. They all rallied to soothe their adopted grandchild, but Taylor was inconsolable.

Yasmeia thanked everyone for coming out and for their love and support of Taylor and her grandmother. The people eventually left, still wanting to stay and help in whatever way they could, but realizing that the girl needed to be alone, so they allowed her her privacy. Yasmeia went back over to where Taylor sat on the ground on her heels and now rocking with her arms crossed in a hugging type fashion.

"Taylor...I’m so sorry." Was all Yasmeia could manage before she lost her own composure.

After a bit Yasmeia looked up and when her eyes glanced around the cemetery, she noticed that there were no other people around. It was starting to get late, so she told Taylor they had to go. At first Taylor didn't want to budge, but then, she lifted her eyes to let Yasmeia see that she had no intentions of leaving. In the distance she saw a figure, just standing tall and regal, watching everything. Taylor stood up, and Yasmeia followed her. She too turned her head to look at whatever it was that had the girl’s attention and had caused her to quiet.

"She came." Yasmeia said, more to herself than Taylor, but Taylor heard it, and spared a glance at Yasmeia. A faint attempt at a smile tried to make it's way to the girl’s mouth, and then she saw the woman in the distance cock her head as if in wonder. Taylor took a step in her direction, and the woman seemed to snap out of whatever trance she was in. She turned and the driver opened the door of the black limo, and she stepped inside. Taylor’s heart seemed to stop, and she made an audible gasp as if she had been struck, she brought her hand to chest and watched the limo drive away.

The tears rolled once again, this time at the profound loneliness she felt due to the indifference she felt from the woman. Yasmeia felt it as well, but she recognized it for what it really was. Alex was just showing her respect for the girl's grandmother. She still had not forgiven Taylor for what she did to her, and how she just left. Therefore she did not want to get into anything unpleasant with the girl on such a solemn occasion. Alex flew out that same day and returned to her home. Taylor in the meantime had returned to her grandmother’s home, where she appeared lost. Yasmeia stayed with her until after the new year, but then had to return home. She tried to get Taylor to return with her for a while, until she felt better, but was unable to convince Taylor to leave with her. Yasmeia arranged for some of the women of the community to stop by and check on the girl just to make sure she was all right. Yasmeia returned to work the following day after arriving back in town.



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