The Corporate Raider part 21- 22

by Denise Mayes


The next morning Alex and Taylor woke up still in each others arms, although it was the middle of the day. This was not all that bad, considering the two had argued from 4:45 that morning until 7a.m. that same morning. "Well sleepy head, are you ready to get up?"

"That would mean I would have to be out of your arms wouldn't it?"

"Yes Taylor, it would. I think it would be hard to dress or do anything if I couldn't use both arms; well not anything, but most things." Alex said, correcting herself as she rolled over onto her side so that she was now leaning over Taylor, who was looking up at her.

"Well you don't have to get dressed, so that eliminates one excuse." Taylor said with a coy smile.

" True, but it would be a little hard to drive, although I could manage." Alex said as she leaned down and captured Taylor's lips in a love filled kiss. Then leaned back away for a moment.

"I thought we were going to get up?" Taylor asked breathless.

"We are, but I want to enjoy you for a bit before we go and see D'Angelo, so you can tell him I'm not going to marry him."

"What?! Me?!! Alex I can't tell that man that you're not going to be with him, you have to do that." Taylor gasped in shock.

"No, you have to tell him. If you don't, then he will continue to pursue me, and then what?"

"You tell him it's over, and you're involved with someone that you're planning on spending the rest of your life with....HAPPILY." Taylor emphasized.

Alex laughed, and then said with a tease. "If I didn't know better my little sweetling, I'd think you were jealous?"

"No, I just plan on holding on to you from now on and...sweetling??

Alex smiled at the sudden change of Taylor's train of thought.

"Yes, that's what I've been seeing you as, but you never gave me a chance to try it out. I like the way it sounds, and the look it's caused in your eyes. Hopefully I'll always see that gaze?"

"You will, I can promise you that. I love you, and I never thought I could feel closer to you, but I do."

Alex kissed Taylor once again, acknowledging she heard and was willing to accept her at her word. Taylor moaned at the feelings and the contact. Then when they broke their embrace, Taylor took a moment to catch her breath and said in a sweet voice.

"I am completely in love with my boss."

"Well the feeling is mutual, only I'm in love with one of my employees. You know, in the military, this would be like fraternization. I would be an Officer and you would be like an enlisted, and we could both be court martialed?"

"Well Ma'am...I'm willing to take the risk."

"I'm glad to hear that."


"Meaning, my little sweetling, that you have a lot of making up to do."

"I thought we were even?"

"We are as far as your major transgressions, but it's the little ones you still owe me for."

"I think you're taking advantage Alex!"

"Really? And what are you going to do about it?"

"Well...I haven't thought of anything yet, but I will."

"Well in the meantime, I think we should go and talk to D'Angelo." Alex said with a smirk, then jumped up off of the bed lifting Taylor along with her. Taylor yelped as a result, and Alex let her down easily onto the floor, as if it were no big deal.

"Now?!!" Taylor asked, after she calmed down from the abrupt position change.

"Yes sweetling, we go now." Alex said, as she kissed Taylor once more before she turned to straighten her hair and her tee-shirt and tuck it back into her jeans. Taylor changed her clothes and dressed in casual wear. Alex told her to put a top on that had buttons down the front, and finished the statement with a wry smile. Taylor's hand came to her cheek to cover the blush that suddenly glowed under her naturally caramel skin tone. The two kissed again for long passionate moments and just before they walked out the door, Alex stopped in the middle of the doorway and looked back at Taylor.

"What is it?"

"I was just thinking."


"How much I love kissing you."

"Really??" Taylor asked with a coy grin.

"Yes." Alex responded and then turned completely around in the doorway to face Taylor. "From now on, I want us to always greet or say goodbye to each other with a kiss, no matter what?"

"I think I can do that. But, what about at your company when I come to visit?"

"Well, there we'll have to keep it professional for right now and...Visit?? What do you mean visit? You're not leaving are you??" Alex asked, shocked at the very thought!

"Well Alex I don't have a job or a place to live. That won't be a problem now that I have money though. I don't even need a job, and I will just take a few weeks off before I think about looking for one. In the meantime I can just enjoy being back with you. Anyway, outside of that I could find a place here in town I'm sure."

"Hmm...well if that's the only problem, then it's not a problem." Alex said, now relaxing.

"What do you mean?"

"It's not a problem. You'll move back in with me and when you're ready to return to work, you will return as my P.A." Alex stated as a fact, but then had a moment of doubt about whether Taylor even wanted to live with her again. "That's if you want to?"

Taylor smiled at the thoughtfulness, and then smirked as a result of the thought that came into her mind at that moment. She walked past Alex without so much as a backwards glance.


"Yes Alex?" Taylor responded, as she continued walking to the elevator, to where Alex had to walk rapidly to catch up with her.


"Well what Alex?"

"What are you going to do?" Alex was now standing next to Taylor looking hard at her.

Taylor smiled again, and the elevator sounded as the door opened. She stepped casually inside and pushed the button for the first floor, then turned to see Alex still standing outside of the elevator just looking at her.

"Aren't you going to get in?"

"I don't know." Alex stated evenly.

"Well my dear Alex, the doors are going to close in a moment."

"Fine, but I want an answer."

Taylor looked up at the woman as Alex stepped inside still facing her, only now she had her arms crossed.

"I love you."

"Uh-huh. Now answer my question."

"I will, but...oops, can't right now, the door, we have to get off," Taylor said, as she nearly jumped out of the elevator.

"Taylor?!" Alex called as she walked to the middle of the lobby and stopped.

"Come on Alex, I know you want to get over to your house to tell D'Angelo that you won't be marrying him."

"Taylor, please answer my question?"

Taylor stopped walking at the sound of Alex's voice. She turned around and the smile she previously had on her face left when she saw the look in Alex's eyes, and the deeply knitted brows. Alex was standing there with her hands at her side, looking very vulnerable.

Taylor's heart felt as though it constricted. She quickly walked back over to where Alex stood, and their eyes locked. Taylor saw the glistening in Alex's eyes and her heart stopped.

"Alex? Please tell me you know I was just playing with you? I'm so sorry if you were worried." Taylor wrapped her arms around Alex's neck and hugged her close. "Alex, of course I will move back in with you. I love you. I was hoping you would ask me. Alex I'm sorry, I was just playing with you, honestly, you know like the bedroom thing, remember? Taylor whispered to Alex in the middle of the lobby. People cast gazes over towards the two women, but none stopped as they passed them.

Alex buried her head in Taylor's mass of hair, then raising her head she said in a quiet voice.

"I was worried, but I see you were only playing, usually I can pick it up when you do that."

"Don't worry about it, you have a lot on your mind, and weren't focused on me playing around. You asked me a serious question and I shouldn't have played about it, I'm sorry." Taylor said, leaning back to look in Alex's eyes.

"It's okay, I forgive you, and I should have known you were playing, it's as much my fault as it is yours. I guess I'm just sensitive."

Taylor smiled, lifted up and kissed Alex, while the two of them stood in the middle of the lobby of the hotel. After they broke their embrace, Alex turned around and guided Taylor towards the doors. As they went out, Alex looked down at her and said with a bright smile, that made Taylor's heart skip all sorts of beats.

"You know, you did something very brave back there."

"Brave? What are you talking about?" Taylor asked, as they made it to Alex's car. After hitting the remote alarm and automatic door unlock, Taylor opened the door and sat down inside on the passenger side of the sports car, and waited for Alex to get in and answer her. Alex got in and put the key in the igniton and turned the car on, then answered Taylor's question.

"The fact that you kissed me back there in the middle of the lobby with all of those people walking past and watching us, yet you didn't seem to notice, or care?"

Taylor blushed fiercely, then covered her face in both surprise and embarrassment. Alex laughed out loud and said in an amused tone.

"I see, you didn't notice...hahahaha, aww my poor sweetling, she was more concerned about her love than she was about what others would think. She simply reacted to comfort that love." Alex cooed in the third person.

"That's good right?" Taylor asked, thinking it was good but wanting Alex to say it.

"Very, and I am so touched by that simple act, thank you. It showed me a lot."

"You're welcome, but I did it because I don't ever want you to wonder about my feelings for you again. I love you and I want you to always know and feel that in your heart. Besides, I have to make you forget that those breaks are there, right?"

Alex smiled as she lifted the necklace from within her tee-shirt and let it dangle by the chain from her fingers.

"You're wearing it?!"

"Yes, I put it on when I returned back inside the house during the party."

"Really Alex?"


Taylor gazed at Alex for a moment, then smiled, as she looked straight ahead and let the emotion wash over her. Alex put the car in gear and headed to her home to talk with D'Angelo. As they drove, something occurred to Taylor and she had to find out.



"Does D'Angelo live with you?"

"No, but he spends a lot of time over at the house."

"Have you two been intimate?"

"Wow! That was straight forward. I'm impressed Taylor."

"Well, I just want to show you that I won't hold back from you when something bothers me. I'll ask you or tell you what's bothering me."

"Well I'm happy to hear that. Anyway, we've done some petting, but nothing major."

" two didn't...well you know?"

"Hmm...can't say it huh?, it's alright, I suppose it will take you sometime to be able to ask that straight out. But in answer to your question, no, we didn't."

Taylor grinned brightly at the revelation and then subconsciously nodded her head in approval. Alex cut her eyes over to watch intermittently, as she drove the winding road. They arrived back at Alex's and got out of the car. Alex and Taylor walked up the stairs together to the front door and opened it to go inside. Taylor became nervous once again.

"Alex you're going to tell him right?"

"Yes Taylor, I was just playing with you. It's my place to tell him. Don't worry about it. Go make some tea for all of us, and bring it into the den, alright?"

"Alright, I love you."

"I love you too sweetling."

Taylor's fears disappeared at those simple words, and Alex saw when they did.

"There's that gaze." She whispered, then leaned down to kiss Taylor, who returned the feeling in kind as her hands came up to hold Alex's face between them. Alex sighed and pulled away slightly. Taylor's hands were still holding her cheeks. Breathing hard, she gazed lovingly up into Alex's matching gaze.

"Now go." Alex said, shooing her towards the kitchen.


"And Taylor?"


"Hurry up and join us."

"Okay." Taylor said beaming, and then turned and headed in the direction of the kitchen.

Alex watched Taylor go and a quick thought flashed in her head, which brought a smirk to her face. Once Taylor had disappeared around the curve, Alex turned and headed for the den, where she heard D'Angelo on the phone.

"Mizani I will call you back, go ahead and take care of those documents. Right, I'll call later." D'Angelo hung up the phone as Alex came to sit down in her recliner chair, although she did not recline it.

" finally made it back Rose, are you okay?"

"Why wouldn't I be okay D'Angelo?"

"Why? Because of the way you went out of here. I hope you didn't hurt her...too much?"

Alex raised a brow at the man and leaned forward in her chair. She rested an elbow on one armrest and her chin on her hand.

"D'Angelo, I did go over there with the intention of verbally laying her out, because of what I thought she had done. I discovered that I was wrong. Terribly wrong. She not only didn't do what I thought, she could never have done such a thing to me."

"What did you think she did?"

"I thought she and Ms. Sains were the one's doing the insider trading, but I found out it's not them."

"Why would you think that?"

"Because she gave me a cashier's check for a very large amount of money, which I knew she could not have had, or earned, at least legally."

"So what changed your mind, did you find out who the insider trader's are?"

"Her Grandmother left her a large amount of money, and no I haven't found out yet."

"Okay, so now the two of you are on speaking terms again, that's fine."

Alex leaned back in her chair and tossed her hair back behind her head as she studied D'Angelo for a moment.

"Rose? Is something else on your mind?"

"Yes D'Angelo, and this is not easy for me. I wanted to tell you how much I care for you. We have gotten closer to one another, and I do honestly care about you."

"Rose are you about to tell me that you're breaking things off?"


"Did I do something?"


"Did I not do something?"

"D'Angelo, you did nothing that brought this about. It's just that Taylor and I were able to straighten a lot of things out, and I find myself still very much in love with her, and she with me."

" you're breaking up with ME for HER?!"

"D'Angelo, I know this has got to hurt, but I am not going to allow you to assume that I did this on purpose. I didn't, so anything you have to say, just remember that." Alex stated in warning, not willing to sit and hear D'Angelo or anyone else lambaste her inappropriately.

"Alexandra, I love you, and I want to marry you! I thought you were thinking about us coming together in the same way. Yes Rose, I am very hurt, I don't want to lose you. It took too many years to get back together, and when we did I thought it would be forever.Everyone expects to see us together, We've been everywhere with each other over this last year. But then when she shows up, you're suddenly willing to just drop me like a hot potato and run off with her, despite all the pain she has caused you! I never caused you any pain, and I never would, but she has, and she's done it twice, I think you're being foolish."

"D'Angelo, I know you love me. I see that, but I told you when we first started spending more time with each other that I still had a lot of unresolved issues about Taylor. I told you I couldn't promise that things would work out between you and I, at least not until those things were resolved. I never misled you about that, I was always straight with you. I even told you to be careful about your feelings getting away from you because of those unresolved issues. D'Angelo, I didn't plan this. In fact I went to bless Taylor out and then I was going to return here and focus all of my time and energy on seeing what could develop between you and I."

"Then what happened?"

"We were able to resolve all of those issues that were unresolved. D'Angelo, Taylor makes me feel complete, and I intend to spend my life with her."

"But Rose, you said yourself that you had never been hurt the way Taylor hurt you!"

"Exactly D'Angelo, no one could hurt me the way she did, because I was never in love with anyone the way I am with her."

"Does that include me Rose?"

"D'Angelo the first time we were together, I was very much in love with you. But I was more focused on my career than I was on us. That's why when you told me that I had to choose, the only choice for me at that time career. You know how much fire I had in me, and the rush I got from work. D'Angelo, no matter how much I loved you, at that time I actually loved my work more, the time for us was not right. After that, I never got involved in another serious relationship, just companions or escorts, but not anyone I wanted to love. Then Taylor came along, and I saw in her a spirit that just calmed me. A spirit that touched my very soul, and I was drawn to her.
Mostly out of curiosity at first, but as time went by, I saw how brilliant she was. She's introverted and kind, loving and loyal, and as naive about the world as a newborn. She's beautiful both inside and out, and my heart sings when we're together. D'Angelo, I am sorry that this hurts you, but I was really on the rebound and I can't and I won't apologize for my feelings. I'm only sorry that you're hurting, and if you decide that we cannot continue as friends, I will understand."

"And there's nothing I can say or do to change your mind?"


"Then...I guess I have no choice, I'll have to accept your decision. I am hurt, but I will admit that I knew you were on the rebound, and I should have known better than to try to gain your affections when there was so much going on with you. I should have been your friend rather than trying to be your lover, so, in a way it's my own fault."

"So, where do we go from here? Do I still have a friend, or not?"

"Alex, you are blunt if nothing else."


"Yes Rose, you still have a friend for as long as you want. I can't say I won't be hoping things don't work out between the two of you. That way I get another chance."

"D'Angelo?! Are you saying you're hoping my relationship with Taylor fails?" Alex asked, amused by the statement, and the fact that she was able to maintain a longtime friendship.

"Well, there's got to be some hope, right?"

"Well...I guess? Although it's going to be an eternal type hope." Alex said with a wry smile.

"Well as long as there's hope." D'Angelo grinned.

Taylor walked into the room with the tray of tea and cups. She looked over at Alex, to see if things were alright, especially when D'Angelo looked at her and then back at Alex with a questioning gaze.

"Come over here Taylor." Alex said, motioning for her to come and sit on the sofa next to the recliner, where there was a table to put the tray of tea down on between them. Taylor moved to where Alex asked, set the tray down and then greeted D'Angelo.

"Hello D'Angelo."

"Ms. Young." D'Angelo greeted flatly. Taylor heard the tone and glanced over at Alex.

"I told D'Angelo what the situation was and he understands; he's not happy about it, but he understands."

"I'm sorry D'Angelo that you're hurting. I know how Alex is capable of drawing people to her and making them fall in love with her, whether on purpose or inadvertantly. It does hurt to lose her, and I can only imagine to lose her twice is a little much."

"Yes it is, and it does hurt, especially to know that I lost her to such a young one as yourself. But I can see why she loves you. You have a compassionate heart, and you're obviously good at business, otherwise I don't think she would want you around."

"Thank you."

"For what?"

"For not making her feel any worse than she already does about having to hurt you."

D'Angelo chuckled and nodded his head at her statement, which indeed beared out what Alex had just told him about Taylor.

"I wanted to hate you, but I can't, you're just too adorable. I hope you and Alex will be happy together. I do plan on being around as a friend, but if you screw up like you did this time, I'm going to try to win her affections. So don't screw up!"

"Trust me, YOU won't ever have a chance at Alex again. She knows that I don't make the same mistake twice."

"Then it is truly my loss, and your gain."

"Okay you two, that's enough! Taylor, are you going to pour me some tea?"

"Oh, yes, would you like some D'Angelo?"

"Yes, thank you."

Taylor poured the tea and the three sat and talked for the better part of the day. Then D'Angelo said he was going to go to one of his state side offices and check on some things. He kissed Alex goodbye and gave Taylor a kiss on the cheek that made her blush, and she covered her cheek as a result. After D'Angelo left, Alex turned to Taylor and with a raised brow she levelled an inquistive gaze on her.

"He caught me off guard! I wasn't expecting him to do that, especially with everything that's happened." Taylor explained.

"Uh-huh, well I'll let it go this time, but I don't want to see that again?"

"Alex I can't control it."

Alex didn't say anything, she just looked at Taylor with the one brow still raised.

"Okay, okay, I'll try."

Alex still didn't say anything.


"Alright, now I'm hungry. What do you want to do about dinner, go out, stay in, you cook , I cook, we both cook? What?"

"We cook, therefore we will stay in. By the way, when do you want me to move back in?"

"You already have."

"How is that, I don't have any clothes here?"

"Oh, but you do, right where you left them."

"You mean you didn't throw them out?"

"Taylor, those clothes are way too expensive to throw in the trash, besides....I was hoping things would work out between us and we would get back together." Alex said with a gentle tone, as she raised a hand to caress Taylor's cheek.

Taylor caught her hand and held it to her cheek as she smiled up at Alex.

"Okay, so, what do you want to make for dinner?" Taylor asked, as she gave a quick kiss toAlex's hand, then stood and turned and headed for the kitchen.

"You mean us, and I thought it should be something special. A celebration of our reunion?"

"I like it! You're such a closet romantic Alex. You know if people knew this side of you, it would shatter all their perceived images of you?" Taylor said, as she and Alex entered the kitchen and headed over to get what they thought would be a good celebration meal.

"Well, that's one thing that they don't need to know, my little sweetling." Alex said, as she put her items on the counter and walked around to wrap her arms around Taylor's waist from behind. Taylor wrapped her arms over Alex's arms and squeezed them slightly. Alex then began kissing Taylor's neck, causing her to squirm from the tickling sensation. Suddenly Alex felt a Deja'vu feeling, as if they had been there before. Then she remembered they had, it was just before D'Angelo came to the house sometime ago and met Taylor for the first time. A wicked smile came to her lips as she proceeded to repeat those actions again. She turned Taylor around and kept her
between herself and the counter. There was such a look of desire in her eyes, that Taylor was taken aback by it.

"Alex? I...I thought we were going to cook?"

" dear sweetling...we are, of that you can be sure." Alex's voice was so low, smooth, and silky, that it made Taylor's ears ring.

Alex brought their lips together once again, and although the kiss started out slow and tender, it soon increased to a more needing passion. Taylor moaned as a result, and Alex sighed as a result of that, and soon Alex was once again following Taylor down the side of the counter to the floor. They ended up with Taylor on her back slightly pushing at Alex's chest so as to be allowed to catch her breath. Alex allowed it and the moment they broke the kiss, both she and Taylor took in large gulps of air. Alex watched Taylor catch her breath and saw how her skin tone had the red undertone that showed her that the girl was blushing fiercely. When Taylor opened her lidded eyes, she saw the gaze of desire in Alex's eyes, was even more apparent.

"Good, you see what I'm feeling, now all I have to do sweetling, is show you." Alex purred, as she lowered her head once again to kiss Taylor.

Taylor began squirming to move out from under Alex's upheld body. Alex was supporting her weight with her hands, and had not touched Taylor's body with her own. Taylor scooted out from under her and Alex allowed her to, watching Taylor repeat the same behavior as before, only this time, there would be no one coming by to stop them. That thought made Alex grin, baring her teeth at the thought that Taylor was playing right into her hands.

Taylor in the meantime had made it a little distance away from Alex, and had managed to make it to her knees. Alex was once again crouched in a catlike position, looking as if she were ready to pounce. Taylor looked over at her and saw the look in her eyes. She now felt like she had been there before in that same position. She tried to look away, but Alex held her gaze with her own. Taylor's breathing, which was already increased from the feelings and sensations running through her, now had Alex's gaze to contend with, and it made her unsteady.

"Alex...Alex, we...we have to..." Taylor tried to speak, but she found it getting harder and harder with every provocative move Alex made towards her. She began swaying as a result, and Alex's gleaming teeth bared even more.

"Taylor my sweetling, I want you. I've wanted you for a long time, and I'm going to have you. You understand?" Alex's voice was low and sensual, adding to the hypnotic effect she already had on Taylor.

"Al...Was all Taylor managed, as she swayed more and more, Alex increased her catlike stalking towards Taylor, and the girl's breathing increased and became slightly labored.

Alex's own breathing had increased at the thought of her and Taylor. Although she had all the intentions in the world of taking the two of them to the full pinnacle of ecstasy, she decided she didn't want that to happen in the kitchen. She wanted it to be in her bed, but in the, meantime, a few preludes would not be a bad start. So, after a few more feet, she raised herself up off of her hands just enough to level their gazes. Alex brought her face to within inches of Taylor's, looking deep into her lidded eyes.

"Kiss me." Alex ordered in a loving tone.

Taylor gasped, but leaned forward, and closed her eyes as she brought their lips together. Alex increased their contact. Taylor attempted to stay with her, but lost in a big way as she was once again overwhelmed and slowly lowered onto her back. Alex's hand guided her, and once Taylor was on her back again, Alex began unfastening her blouse. She would fluctuate between kissing Taylor's lips to kissing on Taylor's neck. Once Taylor's blouse and bra were open, Alex brought one of her hands to Taylor's exposed breast. She kneaded the flesh in her hand, and both women flushed, as a result. Alex purposely avoided touching Taylor's taut nipple, despite Taylor's chest subconsciously rising for that very purpose.

Finally after a bit, Alex allowed her hand to graze over one, and Taylor's breath caught for a moment, as a result. Alex lifted her mouth off of Taylor's neck and brought her head back up, just enough to look Taylor in the eyes, and speaking in a husky voice she said to Taylor. "So... responsive to my touch aren't you sweetling?"

"Yes!!" The girl managed to gasp out.

Alex grinned through her highly aroused state and once again laid a kiss filled with passion on the girl and Taylor whimpered, and moaned. She also trembled at the possible end result of everything, and both excitement and fear took hold of her. She brought her hands up to Alex's tee-shirt and began lifting it. When it was out of the way, she unfastened Alex's bra, which allowed her breasts to pop out. Taylor placed a shaky hand on one and after a moment to get used to the feel of another woman's breast in her hand, she found she liked the feel of Alex's, and began copying her actions. Alex now moaned and the two slowly discovered the other's upper body. Alex lowered her head to Taylor's breast and then went on to her areole. Taylor's body tightened and after a few
minutes of Alex loving her breast, the girl's back flexed up. Alex was once again so amazed at her ability to please Taylor in this way,along with what Taylor was doing to Alex's breast, that they both fell over into the ecstasy. Taylor was gripping hard on Alex's breast as her body locked in ecstasy. Alex's body was also stiff as a result of her own. Her mouth was still holding onto the firm tip, sucking on it as Taylor's moan's vibrated from deep in her throat as the sensations washed over her.

When it ended, both she and Alex collasped, their breathing labored and shallow. They both drifted off right there on the kitchen floor for a brief nap. When they woke up, Alex kissed Taylor who stretched her way back to wakefulness, then yawned.

"Wow!!" she said, through a yawn. "That is such a wonderful, absorbing feeling. I love you so very much Alex."

"I know, it is, isn't it? And I love you Taylor Young."

Taylor lifted up off of the floor, wrapped her arms around Alex and hugged her tightly. The two embraced for long moments, right there on the floor. After a bit, they finally made it to their feet, and once again, tried to go and make the dinner that they were now starving for. When the evening was winding down, the two of them decided to go and turn in. Taylor didn't have to go to work in the morning but she still had things she had to get wrapped up back at her late grandmother's home. They headed up the stairs, and as if it were yesterday, the two stopped at the top of the stairs, and once again Alex felt that feeling of Deja'vu..


"So....what? Taylor asked with a wry smile.

"What will it be?"

"Well, let me ask you this; no matter what I decide, you won't get mad or feel hurt or anything, right?"

"Well I can tell you I won't get mad, but I will feel disappointed with a certain decision."

"That's fine, as long as you realize that it's just a matter of me getting used to being back here with you, okay?"

Alex gave a small understanding smile, then said in a tender yet longing tone.


Taylor smiled and stepped over to where Alex leaned against the rail. She wrapped her arms around Alex and kissed her with all the love she felt for her. Then she stepped back, and with a gentle smile for Alex and her feelings, she gave her answer.

"I just need a little time, okay?"

"Alright, see you later?"

"Yes." Taylor responded, as Alex walked up the remaining stairs and headed down to her room. Taylor watched her go and a warm smile came to her face at Alex's complete understanding of her feelings. She knew then that things were going to be fine.

She walked up the remaining stairs and headed down the hall in the opposite direction. She went into her room and after pulling out a nightgown that she had left there, she went and got herself cleaned up as did Alex in her room. Afterwards, when they were both in their in their night clothes, Alex climbed into bed and laid down. After about a half hour of thinking, she closed her eyes with the intention of going to sleep.

Within a few minutes there came a knock on her bedroom door.

"Come in." Alex called, to Taylor. Taylor opened the door and stood in doorway. "Taylor, is something wrong?"


"What? What is it?"

"I was feeling...restless, and I was this anxious feeling was running through me."

Alex listened to what she was saying, and at first she had a concerned look on her face. Then she thought about Taylor's words, and saw the slow smile curving the girl's lips. Alex cocked her head, and Taylor smiled fully and walked over to the bed and crawled in under the covers. She laid down on her side, facing towards Alex, who was now looking down at her. Taylor not only had crawled into bed with her, but had taken hold of Alex's hand with her own and had closed her eyes. She whispered, "I love you. Sweet dreams." And drifted off to sleep.

Alex didn't know what to do. She wanted to laugh, to cry, to grab the girl up in her arms and squeeze her so tight that her eyes would feel like they were going to pop out of her head. At the same time she wanted to just lay down and let the love that was filling her, wash over her. Her heart smiled, and that feeling made it's way to face and mouth, and she smiled. She decided to lay down and allow the feelings to wash over her, and so she scooted down under the covers. She brought her other hand over top of Taylor's waist and put her head next to the girl's. She whispered her own words of love to Taylor and then contently drifted off to sleep.

The next morning Alex awoke, and found Taylor laying on her belly with her head turned in the woman's direction. Alex smiled again, and just gazed at the peacefully sleeping young woman. Alex stayed in the bed just watching her sleep, until Taylor finally woke up. She was disoriented at first, but everything came back to her quickly when she saw Alex smiling down at her.

"Good morning sweetling."

Taylor stretched out the kinks of the night, and then after yawning, responded back.

"Good morning, how did you sleep?"

"Like a baby, thanks to you." Alex said, with a grin lighting her face.

"Why thanks to me?" Taylor asked, still not moving from her position. Alex sat up, pursed her lips at Taylor's question, then started to answer her.

"Because I got in bed last night trying not to be as disappointed as I was feeling. I understood your reasoning, but I had hoped you would come to my room and be willing to make it your room as well. Then when you walked in and told me that you in essence missed me, I thought I was hearing things. But when you crawled into the bed, I just knew I must have fallen asleep, and was dreaming. Taylor, you don't realize how much it means to me, the trust you displayed by coming to my bed. I was able to drift off completely at peace. Thank you."

Taylor raised up to a sitting position and turned to look Alex in the eyes as she spoke from her heart.

"You've never given me a reason to not trust you. All the things you have done for me have been to help me in one way or another, and again I am so sorry for my behavior towards you. You only showed me love and I... well, just know that it will never happen again."

"Taylor, that's all behind us. This is the first day of the rest of our lives together, and I look forward to it."

"So do I." Taylor said as she turned to give Alex a hug. They embraced for a bit before Alex said with reluctance.

"Alright, I need to get up and get to the office."

"Okay, I need to get up also."

The two went to their respective rooms to shower. After they had dressed, they both went down to grab something to eat before leaving the house.

"Are you going to join me for lunch this afternoon sweetling?"

"I love when you call me that." Taylor said as an aside, and then answered Alex's question. "Anyway, not today. Actually I am going to go back to my Grammy's house, to get things settled there."

"What are you going to do with the house?"

"I thought I would allow Mrs. Jackson's daughter to stay there. She's entering the university on a four year scholarship. She doesn't want to live on campus, but she doesn't want to stay at her mother's home either, as her mother is a little overbearing at times. I thought that it might be a good idea for her daughter to move into the house, and that would take care of two problems at once. I get someone to look after the house and the grounds, and it allows her a place to concentrate on her studies, rather than having to worry about her mother looking over a shoulder, as well as getting distracted by campus living."

"I think it's a great idea Taylor, and a very kind gesture." Alex said, caressing Taylors cheek.

"Thank you, but it's a little selfish on my part. I just can't stand the idea of the place standing empty. There was too much love there not to pass that on." Taylor said, with a thoughtful gaze in her eyes.

Alex let a supportive gaze come in her eyes, then leaned over and kissed Taylor. Taylor couldn't help moaning, and Alex only increased the pressure of their embrace. Finally, they broke their embrace to catch their breaths. They were both aroused, but realized that if they didn't get going, they would not make it out of the house. They leaned back from the kiss, and smiled a mutual smile that told each other that they both understood.

"You mind if I escort you to the airport?" Alex asked, as they headed for the door of the house to leave.

"If you have time, I would really like that."

"I'll always make time for you."

Taylor wrapped her arm around Alex's waist and gave a squeeze as Alex put her arm over Taylor's shoulder and gave a squeeze to her in return. They got in the waiting car, and the driver closed the door and then walked around and got in the driver's seat. He headed for the airport, after being told they were going there first.


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