The Corporate Raider part 25

by Denise Mayes

Chapter 25


"What if something's wrong? I mean it is rather late for someone to be calling with good news, don't you think?"

"Taylor, I just want to stay right here and make love to you."

"And I you, but please answer it?

"Oh...alright!!" Alex gritted her teeth, mad at the interruption of what was about to change both of their lives forever. She snatched the phone up and hissed into it.

"WHAT?!!" Taylor covered her mouth to keep from laughing at Alex's obvious irritation.

Taylor decided to play with Alex while she spoke on the phone. So she let her hands lower to Alex's breasts, and leaning forward she kissed along Alex's neck, which was blushing already from her highly aroused state. Alex's breathing began increasing as she tried to focus on the phone call.

"Hello, Ms. Madision?"

"Yes, this is she. Who is this?"

"This is the police, we just arrested a young man for arson."

"And you're calling me, why?!" Alex asked, completely missing the point of the call due to Taylor's distracting actions.

"He started a fire at one of your companies."

"What?!" Alex exclaimed, which caused Taylor to stop what she was doing and listen to the side of the conversation she could hear.

"What is it?" Taylor asked, lifting off of Alex and moving to sit next to her.

"Yes ma'am."

"How much damage?"

"It doesn't seem to be much. The fire department was able to contain the fire quickly."

"Oh, good, well which one?"

The officer told her where, and they hung up. Taylor was waiting for Alex to hang up to tell her what was going on.

"What is it?"

"There was a fire at one of my companies."

"What?! How bad?" Taylor asked, shocked to hear the news.

"The officer didn't think that it was too bad, because the firemen were able to get it under control quickly. But I need to go there to see for myself. They said they caught a young man who started the fire."

"Why would he do that?"

"I don't know, maybe he knows someone in the company and wanted to get them or get back at me for something. There are many people out there who would love to get back at me for some perceived wrong that they think I've done them. Anyway, I need to get dressed and get down there." Alex moved to get up and Taylor caught her arm.

"I'll go with you."

"No, you stay here. I don't want anything to happen to you out there at this time of night."

"Alex I'm not going to let you go out there by yourself! Besides, I thought we were supposed to be there for each other?" Taylor said with a gentle smile.

"Okay, but you stay where I can see you."


"Taylor, I'm serious! We have to go through a not so good neighborhood to get there."

"Okay, I understand."

"Alright, get dressed then." Alex said, kissing Taylor's forehead and then turning to go and get cleaned up a bit. She threw on some pants and a shirt.

Taylor did the same thing and they decided to let the chauffeur take them. They arrived at the site of the fire and saw that the building did indeed only have minor damage, which would be easily repaired. The two got out of the car and Alex was greeted by the officer in charge and briefed once again as to what was going on. She was taken around the building with the chief fireman also escorting them. Alex and Taylor spent about an hour with the two men.

"Where is the suspect?"

"He's already been taken from the scene. I would think you want full charges brought against him?"

"Definitely. Is there anything else that you need from me?"

"No ma'am, if something else comes up we'll call you."

"Fine. Taylor, let's go."

Taylor and Alex left the scene after only being there for a short period of time. Alex having gone just to see the extent of the damage. After seeing the results she decided it was not necessary to stay around, so they went back to the car and headed back home. On the way, they talked, but eventually Taylor laid her head against Alex's shoulder and soon she was asleep. When they arrived home Alex gently nudged Taylor awake, and they walked into the house. Taylor literally stripped out of her clothes as she entered the bedroom, and by the time she made it to the bed she was only in her underwear. Alex had watched Taylor the whole time and an amused smile lit her
eyes. She followed Taylor into the bed, and when she laid back, Taylor rolled over into her arms and within moments of wishing Alex a goodnight, she fell asleep. Alex hugged Taylor to her and drifted off, content with the girl in her arms. The next morning Alex woke Taylor up.

"Okay sleepy head, time to get up."

"Aww...Alex I don't have to be anywhere today, just let me sleep for a few more hours?"

"No...come on, you have to get used to getting up early again. Besides, when was the last time you worked out?"

"Oh...Alex no...I'll start everything tomorrow; getting up early, exercising, all of that, just let me sleep for a few more hours. Besides, we didn't get to bed until almost 4 in the morning?"

"And your point would be? Now come on! Get up, or I'll make you beg me to let you out of this bed."

Taylor's eyes popped open at the thought of what that meant, and Alex saw what she was thinking.

"You have to go to work, you don't have time to get that involved."

"Are you getting up or not?"

" one hour I'll get up, okay?"

"No. You have five seconds."

"Alex, only three hours of sleep, that's all I get?"

"Times up." Alex jumped astride Taylor's hips in one move and began tickling her unmercifully.

Taylor squealed as she struggled to get free of Alex's unexpected torture.

"Okay, Okay, I'll get up, I'll get up! Please stop? Please Alex?! Taylor begged, between bouts of hysterical laughter.

Alex suddenly stopped and jumped up off the bed onto the floor and waited for Taylor to calm her laughter.

"Okay, I'm waiting."

Taylor continued to giggle as she crawled off of the bed. After she composed herself, she crossed her arms and was about to head over to the dresser to get her workout clothes, but Alex already had them out and waiting. She picked up the clothes and put them on quickly and then headed out of the bedroom, leaving Alex grinning after her. The two did their workout and then went and made breakfast for themselves.

"Are you going to start back working as my P.A. today?"

"No, I thought I would take a few more days off before I do."

"Oh, okay, well you are going to join me for lunch everyday until you're back working."

"Are you asking?" Taylor asked, irony ringing in her voice.


"Oh, well in that case, I guess I don't have a choice, do I?"


The two finished eating and got cleaned up in the separate showers. Taylor called for the car for Alex and when she was about to leave for work, she reminded Taylor to not be late for lunch. They agreed she would meet Alex in her office and they would go together from there.

"Okay, I'll see you around 1pm?"

"That's fine. See you then. If you need me, call me Taylor, alright?"


Alex kissed Taylor and after eliciting the sound she was going for, she let her go and headed out to the waiting car and driver. Alex arrived at the company and was met by Kiara.

"Ms. Madison, we need to talk."

"Fine, walk with me. What is it?"

"I've been watching the Zadria stocks along with your attorneys. It had been rising steadily until 2 months ago. Now it's dropping rather rapidly. It looks like the company will go belly up in the next few days or so."

"What is Zadria doing about it?"

"There's not much she can do. She's tried splitting her stocks, but it didn't help. Whoever it was buying the stocks, bought too much of them for it to have any real affect. It looks like she's going to have to file bankrupcy."

"Hmm. Well hopefully we'll find out who is doing this, and then maybe we can do something about it."

"Well, because you suspect someone in the company you know I've pretty much had all of the phones in the building tapped, except for your office of course."


"There are some questionable calls made, but I can't say that any of them are suspicious."

"What about Ms. Lacy? Have you heard or seen anything suspicious?"

"No, not really, but her conversations are usually on her phone in your office, therefore I can't listen in to any of them."

"Well have there been any calls made to any one number consistently over the last months?"

"Not really, all pretty sporadic."

"Hm!" Alex sighed with frustration.

"We're trying ma'am." Kiara said, somewhat nervous about Alex's possible line of thought.

Alex cut her eyes over at Kiara, and with a slight nod of her head, she acknowledged Kiara's words.

"I know."

Kiara relaxed and when Alex stepped onto the elevator she stayed where she was and just said in a cryptic fashion.

"I'll be around if you need me."

Alex nodded her head and glanced at one of the employees who was holding the open button for her to finish her conversation. She nodded at him and he hit the top floor button. Alex thought about the conversation all the way to the top floor. When she arrived, she stepped off the elevator and took a few breaths to rein in her contempt for Salina, then strolled into the office.

"Good morning ma'am."

"Ms. Lacy bring my schedule in, along with the Chi-Tech report."

"Yes ma'am."

"Is my mail on my desk?"

"Yes ma'am."

"Fine." Alex went into her office and after opening her shades to let the light filter in better, she picked up the mail and flipped through it. Salina came in a few minutes later and began going over Alex's schedule for the day. Alex only made one change to her schedule and that was a 1 to 3 meeting. She didn't want anything interfering with her lunch date.

"Okay, buzz me when my first appointment arrives."

"Yes ma'am. Can I get you anything else?"

"Just my tea."

"Oh, yes ma'am, I'll get it right now."

Alex watched the woman go and saw how she looked over her shoulder. Salina had a funny look in her eyes, one that made Alex knit her brows. Salina obviously didn't realize that Alex had seen the look and was bothered by it. When Salina brought in her tea, Alex dismissed her and went back to going through her mail. She saw Salina peek back inside the inner office when Alex brought the cup to her mouth. Alex had no intention of drinking the tea, but she let the young woman think she was. Alex felt that while Salina wouldn't try to poison her or anything, she
was capable of adding undesirable flavorings to the tea. One's that would not be seen or smelled. She put the cup down and pretended to swallow. Although she had nothing in her mouth. She saw the smirk on the woman's face when she set her cup down.

"Hm...what are you up to Salina, why are you being sneaky?" Alex asked herself, as she read her mail and watched Salina return to her own work.


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