The Corporate Raider part 29

by Denise Mayes


Chapter 29


When Taylor returned, Alex was sitting on top of the freshly made bed in a white, silk nightshirt.

"You got up, changed the linen and cleaned up?" Taylor asked, somewhat surprised.

"Yes, it didn't make sense to not do it. Anyway, the food smells wonderful, and YOU look absolutely d.e.l.e.c.t.a.b.l.e." Alex purred, as her eyes raked over Taylor's partially covered body.

The white apron had two straps that ran over the shoulders and fastened in the back on each side. The square cut top, covered Taylor's breasts just enough, but left a little to the imagnation. Of course Alex had no trouble with it. The apron covered all of the rest of Taylor's front, down to her thighs, and it had a strap across the back that held it in place, due to it being completely open.

"Turn around sweetling." Alex cooed, as she continued to admire the sight of Taylor.

"Alex?" Taylor whimpered.

"Please?" Alex asked, with a voice that made Taylor shiver unexpectedly.

Taylor cocked her head at first, due to the ever so sweet plea coming from Alex. Then she slowly turned around while still holding the tray of food. Alex sighed with contentment, and then said to Taylor just as she came back around to face her.

"Beautiful." Taylor couldn't help blushing as a result of Alex's piercing gaze.

Taylor moved slowly over to the bed without taking her eyes off of Alex's. She bent down slightly to place the tray of food over Alex's lap, after extending the legs of the tray. Alex's gaze lowered just briefly to take in the sight of Taylor's breasts peeking out from within the top of the apron.

"Looks wonderful." Alex complimented. Not necessarily talking about the food.

Taylor caught it and grinned. Alex brought her hand up and guided Taylor's mouth to her own, and placed a kiss of devotion on the young woman. Taylor had to hold herself up due to the weakening effect of Alex's kisses. After Alex let her go, Taylor barely was able to stand up straight, but she managed, as she composed herself. Then she looked into Alex's eyes, and she had to ask.

"How do you do that?!" Still slightly breathless from the kiss.

"What?" Alex replied, as she picked up and broke a piece of toast. Using a fork she took a bite of the sunnyside up eggs, as she looked up at Taylor.

"Kiss like that?"

"Like what Taylor?"

"Like...well you know. It seems like everytime you kiss me, I feel like I'm going to fall to the floor. I just can't understand how you're able to make me feel like that?"

"Hmm...I never thought about it. If I had to say something, I would have to say, it's because of you still having such a fasination about me, and the fact that you are in love with me. You know how much I love you, and I think all of those things, heighten your sensitivity to my touches, which I will admit, I certainly do love." Alex finished, as she raised a teasing brow at Taylor, who was now trying to hold back a grin.

"Okay." Taylor said quickly, due to not knowing if she could say anything more without embarrassing herself.

"Here, sit down and have some." Alex said, offering some of her breakfast to Taylor.

"You know we never ate dinner last night, but all of the food was put away in the refrigerator?" Taylor asked, informing Alex of what they had forgotten about.

"I know. I thought about it, before I came into the shower with you, but I decided I wanted you more than I wanted the food."

"Aha...well, as a result, you're stuck with me." Taylor said, with a different tone than the one she had previously been speaking in. Her hand came up to Alex's cheek to caress it, but this time, Alex caught her hand with her own, and looking Taylor straight in the eyes, she smiled and turned the hand over and kissed the palm. Taylor's eyes now glistened and when Alex let loose of her hand, she leaned in and wrapped her arms around Alex's neck.

"I just love you so much." Taylor said through the tightening in her throat.

Alex wrapped her arms around Taylor and whispered the same to her as they held one another.

"You're such a sensitive soul Taylor Young."

Taylor leaned back and said with a smile.

"And you're a closet romantic Alexandra Madison."

They both laughed at the teasing, and then went back ton sharing the food. The two finally decided to get dressed, but Alex was surprised when Taylor dressed in a business suit.

"Where are you going?"

Taylor just smiled and walked over to the dresser, and opening the drawer, she pulled out Alex's appointment book, and began going over her schedule for the day. Alex grinned brightly and gave Taylor a big hug as a result, then she settled into Taylor's cadence of her schedule. After Taylor finished and a few changes were made, Alex turned to look at her.

"Welcome back sweetling, and thank you."

"Happy to be back, and you're welcome."

"By the way Taylor, I need you to do me a favor."

"What do you need?"

"I'd like you to call Zadria when we get to the office. Explain everything that has been happening and ask her if she will meet with us later today or tomorrow. Maybe we can help her save her company, and if she wants to I want to implement your proposal. I called her once while you were gone, but she read me the riot act and hung up on me. She thought I was behind the buy up of her stock, and she was also furious at me for hurting you. I don't think she'll talk to me until you explain it all to her."

Taylor walked over to Alex and said. "I'm sorry she yelled at you Alex."

Alex replied. "Don't be sweetling. The fact that you evoke such loyalty from your friends, shows what a special person you are. I'm just so sorry I treated you and your proposal the way I did. Never in my life have I let my personal feelings affect work. You did a superb job on that proposal, and found a way for everyone to benefit. I should have told you how proud I was of your work."

Taylor had tears running down her cheeks as she quietly said. "You just did. I love you Alex."

They embraced for long moments. Taylor then turned and picked up the phone and called for the driver. The car arrived and they headed to the office. When the car pulled up to the front entrance, Taylor was amazed by all of the activity that was going on.

"What's all this about?" Taylor asked, somewhat nervous.

"I don't know, but if I had to guess I'd say it's about the arrest of the CEO of Wellington Inc."

"Oh, so what are they doing here?"

"I don't know, but there's only one way to find out. You up to this?"

"What?!" Taylor asked, now scared.

"Up to being questioned by reporters?"

"No, no, I can't! Alex?" Taylor gasped, now near tears at the very thought.

"It'll be alright. I promise. I'll be right there with you and if any question gets you stumped, I'll answer it, okay?"

Taylor looked into Alex's eyes and saw that she would be fine, and she visibily relaxed as a result.

"Okay, but only because I trust you, not them." Taylor said, making sure Alex understood why she would endure such public acknowledgement.

"Good. I know the first few will be directed at me, but the moment they find out who you are, they will be on you like white on rice. Don't worry, I will be there the whole time."


Alex leaned over and kissed Taylor in a reassuring matter. When she was sure Taylor was ready, she unlocked the door and the driver opened it. Alex stepped out first, wearing a white and black trimmed, doublebreasted suit, and the press was all over her.

"Ms. Madison! Ms. Madison! Is it true that it was one of your employees who was involved in the insider trading with the CEO of the Wellington company?!"

"Yes." Alex answered simply, as she was surrounded by the press. Taylor stayed in the car for a few moments to watch Alex deal with the press with gracea and sophistication. Her admiration showed in her eyes, and when Alex turned to glance in Taylor's direction she smiled and then took a deep breath.

Alex smirked at Taylor, although the press thought she was being her usual self. Taylor stepped out of the car, and Alex introduced her after receiving an approving nod of Taylor's head to indicate she was ready.

"This ladies and gentlemen of the press is my Personal Assistant, who was instrumental in the discovery of who the insider was."

Suddenly it seemed as though time itself had stopped, when first one, then another, and then finally all of the press were now surrounding Taylor and throwing question after question at her. Taylor was initially flustered. Then Alex came to stand by her, and she looked up into her eyes and with a slight nod from Alex, Taylor took another deep breath and finally spoke.

"Yes it is true." That was all Taylor needed to say, because the press was off and running with question after question. Soon Taylor had gotten comfortable and her confidence showed as she answered some questions and deferred others to Alex.

Finally they excused themselves from the press, and walked inside of the building. At first the two were just walking side by side, but when Alex put her arm around Taylor's shoulder and pulled the girl to her to congratulate her on how she had handled the press, a reporter happened to be watching them, and he took a quick few pictures. That afternoon, the papers all ran a special edition. The headlines reading different things, but all with the same theme.

"Personal Assistant Takes Down Wellington, Company and all."

Both Alex and Taylor were on the front cover, but on one of them, it was two pictures, one of the two of them talking to the press and the other of Alex with her arm around Taylor's shoulder, holding her close to her. Underneath the picture was a caption that read.

"Personal Assistant, and obvious companion and friend."

Alex smirked when she saw it, and upon reading the article her eyes widened with both amusement and concern. She glanced at Taylor, and then handed the paper over for her to look at.

"Here, what do you think?"

Taylor took the paper and after reading the caption, she looked up at Alex. Then she looked back down at the paper and read the article.

"Oh my goodness!! They found out all about me, and my inheritance."

"Are you okay with their assumptions and the fact that the world knows about your inheritance? I mean they are correct, but they don't know that for sure."

"Hmm...actually, I don't know, but it won't change anything between us, I promise you that. I am a little concerned that they found out about my inheritance. There's no telling what creeps will come out of the woodwork."

"That's all I wanted to hear Taylor. I just want you to know that I know this morning was scary for you, as is this, but you trusted me, and it showed in how you handled the press. Very impressive. I'm so proud of you, you've come out of your shell a lot since that first time we met. You've grown into a very sophisticated young business woman, despite your having left for a while. You haven't lost a step, if anything, it made you stronger. It took a lot of courage to come to me and tell me how you felt. You risked rejection, and my anger, but you had the courage, and you swallowed your pride to come to me, and it paid off. Now, as far as your inheritance, just ask me about
any strange requests or opportunities that seem to good to be true. Also, be watchful at what's going on around you, that way no one will take you by surprise. Always, and I can't stress this enough, always tell me where you're going and when you will be back. Leave me a note or something, that way I won't worry about you. Even if you get upset with me about something."

"Okay. But you know I will never leave for any reason again. You know I never make the same mistake. Now, as far as coming to talk to you about things that day, it was so...scary, but not as scary as when you showed up at that hotel I was staying in. I was sure you were going to break me in half if you got your hands on me. Lucky for me, Yasmeia showed up and was able to help explain things. By the way, did I say thank you for the promotion you gave Yasmeia?"

"Yes, but I didn't do it because I owed her anything. I did it because she deserved it."

"I know, but thank you anyway."

"You're welcome."

The rest of the day Alex and Taylor went about their work. Taylor having her own desk and things once again set up in the large office of Alex's. Taylor had set up the meeting with Zadria after explaining everything to her. The meeting had gone well. Zadria apologized to Alex for what she had said, but Alex told her not to worry about it. She was just glad that Taylor had friends who were so loyal to her. The three women had worked out the business aspects after that. Alex's corporation would form an "umbrella" of protection for Zadria as well as pumping much needed capital into the company. Within a week of the information getting to the media, Zadria Fashions was well on the road back to recovery.

Over the next few weeks things seemed to be going smoothly, as if Alex and Taylor had not been apart.

One morning when Taylor and Alex were working in the office, the phone rang and Taylor picked it up.

"Ms. Madison's office, Ms. Young speaking, may I help you?"

"Taylor, this is your aunt Dorothy."

"Oh, hi, how are you and the family?" Taylor said somewhat uneasily.

"Fine, just fine, we saw you in the paper sometime back."


"We were so proud of you when we read that you were the key person who brought that man and his company down, along with that woman inside of the company you work for."

"Well, thank you, um...I don't mean to sound impolite or anything aunt Dorothy, but...why are you calling?"

"Oh, I wanted to get together with you and talk, I mean we see so little of each other."

"Oh, well, I don't..."

"Oh please don't say no? I'll meet you at mother's house, or better yet we can meet at the hotel in town."


"Yes, you know this area, I don't know that one."

"Oh, well, alright, I'll see you tomorrow at 1pm at the hotel in town?"

"Okay, see you then, bye Taylor." The woman hung up and Taylor sat shocked that she had agreed to meet her aunt. She hadn't seen much of the family before, and definitely not after her grandmother's death.

"Taylor? Everything alright?" Alex asked having heard Taylor's stressed filled voice.

Taylor looked over at Alex who was watching her with a concerned look on her face.

"Oh, yes, fine, that was my aunt. She wants to see me, so I told her I would see her tomorrow at the hotel."

"What hotel?"

"The one in my home town."

"Oh, well I guess no one could miss it, considering it is the only one in the town close to your grandmother's. When will you be back?"

"Tomorow night. I have no intention of staying there, away from you."

"Well, I'm happy to hear that, at least I know I'll have my pillows." Alex said with a wry smirk. Taylor blushed.

"You're so bad." Taylor chided playfully.

"I know." Alex said waggling her brows.

Taylor chuckled at Alex's playfulness, then stood up and said she was going to go and get the mail.

"Okay, scaried cat." Alex teased.

"Very funny, ha, ha, ha." Taylor said, opening the door to leave.

"I'll call and make arrangements for the jet to take you there and a car to meet you and take you to the hotel. I'll also reserve a room for you just in case you can't make it back, okay?"

"Oh, okay, thank you, but I won't be staying." Taylor said, again assuring Alex that she was just going there to see her aunt and return home.

"Good, but it doesn't hurt to be prepared. Go get the mail and I'll take care of your arrangements."

"Alright, do you want anything from the dining hall while I'm down that way?"

"Hm...I'll take a slice of cheesecake, a very SMALL piece."

"Okay, I'll be back in a few minutes."

"Alright." Alex picked up the phone and called the airport to have her pilot and the plane prepared. Then she called the operator for the number to the hotel in the town where Taylor was going to be meeting her aunt. Alex gave the operator the information she needed and then the operator gave the number to Alex. She dialed the number and made the arrangements. Then she thought about something that Taylor had once told her about her grandmother's kids. How they seemed to always show up when they wanted something, always taking, but never giving. Alex made another call to Kiara, and told her what she wanted. Kiara assured Alex she understood what she wanted, and they hung up. When Taylor returned a while later, Alex made a suggestion to her.

"Taylor, I was just thinking while you were gone. Would you like me to go with you?"

"Oh...Alex that is so sweet of you, and I really am touched by it, but you know, it really isn't necessary. I'm only going for a short time, and I'll be back before it gets late here. Besides, I know we have a lot of meetings planned. At least by you staying, you'll get all the information first hand, and you can tell them exactly what you want from them."

"Okay, you made your point, but you know I would leave it to Shearer to handle in a moment if you wanted me to go?"

"I know, and I appreciate it."

"Okay, well here's all the information for your trip tomorrow."

The next day Taylor said goodbye to Alex, and after a love filled kiss, Alex let her go.

Taylor got into the waiting car and was off to the airport. Taylor arrived at the hotel, went inside and was greeted by not only her aunt, but all of the other aunts, and uncles. There were four aunts, and two uncles. Taylor was taken aback by the sight of all of them. "Taylor you made it! I was afraid you'd changed your mind."

"What's going on?"

"Oh, nothing, I just told them that you were coming for a visit and they wanted to see you."

"Oh, well I can't stay long. What is it that you wanted to see me about?"

"Well, rather than talk about this here, why don't we get a room and we can talk there."

"Well I already have a room." Taylor said, as she turned and walked over to the desk. She asked for her key and then headed for the elevator with her family following her. They all got on and went up to the fourth floor, Alex had gotten a moderately priced room due to what she thought the family was up to. Taylor got off the elevator and led them to the room. After she opened it, and went in, they all followed inside. She stood holding the door open for a moment longer, while watching all of them look around the room, and then she closed the door.

"This is nice Taylor, it must be something to be able to afford this suite?"

"It's okay, it's not expensive, and it's not a suite, it's just a room."

"Well, at least you know you could afford an expensive room if you wanted to."

"What do you mean?" Taylor asked, now certain of where the conversation was going, but not wanting to let on just yet.

"Oh, Dorothy, stop beating around the bush! Taylor we know about the 60 million dollars!" Ray, her uncle, stated bitterly.

"Okay, I wasn't trying to hide anything, the whole world knows about it. What's your point?"

"We want our share of it!"

"Excuse me?"

"You heard me!"

"Ray! Calm down. Taylor, it's just that we're the children and that money should be ours."

"Well obviously Grammy didn't see it that way. Besides she left all of you a nice bit of money for yourselves and all of your kid's educations."

"Well Mom was wrong."

"How was she wrong? You know aunt Dorothy, I had a feeling that this is what this meeting was about. I was willing to give you the benefit of the doubt,'ve proved my first thoughts right! The only time you guys show up is when you want something! Whenever Grammy called for any of you to help with something, well actually it was me who called, because Grammy never wanted to ask any of you for anything, because she knew. I told her that maybe she was just being a little sensitive about all of you. But she said no, you guys were leeches to the 10th power.

Think about it! Everytime I called and asked any of you to help with something of Grammy's, what did you tell me?" Taylor paused for a moment to give them time to think of what they had said, but when they didn't answer she answered for them. "I'll tell you what you said, "Sorry hon, but I just don't have time to come over there and do that." Or, what about this one, when the roof needed to be reshingled, and she wanted to hire someone to come in and do it. I told her to ask one of you guys to come over and do it, especially seeing how both of my uncles had experience in construction. But did you come? No, instead you told me, "Have the old woman hire someone to do it, I don't have time." Or this one, when the ice caused the pipes to break and there was no water for four days...Uncle Larry can you come over and help with repairing the water pipes, they've ruptured, and now there is no water? Your answer, sorry darling, it's just too cold to go outside, when it warms up I'll stop by. In the meantime just collect some of the ice from outside and melt it down and you can use that as your water supply. HA!" Then you hung up. But then whenever you needed anything, any of you, Grammy though reluctant, which you never knew, but because it was me who talked her into giving you help with what you wanted and asked for.
Time and time again Grammy was there for all of you, but never not once were you there for her.

You only showed up to the funeral just so that you could meet the lawyer who would read the will. Well, what Grammy left you is all you will get, and to be honest with you, none of you deserve that! You were horrible children to your own mother, and now when you hear she had a lot of money, oh...all of you come crawling out of the woodwork like bugs. Well I'm the "Raid" and you might as well just crawl back in, because it will be a cold day in hell when I even THINK about giving you anymore than Grammy already left you. I would also venture to guess you guys have already tried to get your way with Ms. Levy. She told you there was nothing you could do legally, because it was a will, that a woman in her right mind wrote up and signed. The fact is each of you waived any further claim on Grammy's estate when you got what you thought was all there was to get. Not hearing my name mentioned during that meeting, I'm sure you all thought what a fool I've been assuming Grammy really cared about me. Well, you see she did, just like I adored Grammy. Anyway, I believe that's why you guys asked aunt Dorothy to call me and see if I would be willing to give you some of the money? Well, now you see, I'm not, so if that's all, I think I will be leaving." Taylor turned to leave, but was stopped by her uncle Ray's voice.

"Well, it's going to be a shame that Pastor Samuels and the church has to find out about his favorite little missionary. Being involved in a relationship with a WOMAN, should be enough to have you thrown out of the church I would think?"

Taylor turned slowly around to look at Ray and then look at the others. She saw they were serious, and they saw her uncertainty.

"You think about it. You have one week, and then it's either you give us all 5 million each, or you get kicked out of the church."

Taylor now had anger and hurt in her eyes, and she once again turned to leave, only to hear one of her aunts say in a taunting tone.

"Wow, hell sure froze fast."

Taylor didn't look back she just gave a derisive "hmpff", and walked out the door. She made it to the lobby before the tears began to roll. She had the concierge call for her car. She paid for the room while she waited, and the woman behind the counter asked her if she was alright.

"Fine." Taylor said as she saw the car pull up. She quickly headed out the doors for it, she jumped inside and was just being driven away when she saw all of her aunts and uncles come out and watch her go.

After Taylor was out of sight, Kiara had one of her investigators pretend to be a reporter wanting a story.

"Excuse me? Hi...Do you all know that woman?"

"Yes, why?"

"I'm doing a story on her."

"Oh, what type of story?"

"Well it's not really her that the story will be about, but those people who know her. I am collecting different comments from friends of hers, I haven't met any of her family yet, but who knows, maybe I will?"

"Is there any money for us if we give you an interview?"

"Yes, but it depends on who you are to the woman."

"Oh, okay, well we are all her aunts and uncles."

"Yeah right, as if her whole family would just happen to be in one place?"

"Well that's who we are! Whether you believe it or not is your choice."

"Okay, fine. Here, here's a hundred dollars for each of you. Now I need to get all of your names and addresses on this, along with your phone numbers and occupations. This is for if want to get more comments from you later, we need to be able to contact you." The fake reporter handed them a pad and they wrote all the information that was requested, and handed it back to him.

He then proceeded to asked them how they felt about their niece having been the one to discover the insider trading scam? They gave him an answer of how proud they were of her.

"Well, thank you! I think I have enough to write the article, thank you." The man turned and walked to his rental car and left them all standing there talking excitedly to each other.


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