The Corporate Raider part 3

by Denise Mayes


Chapter 3

That night when Alex arrived home, she was really worked up and needed to calm herself. She went to her personal gym and worked out for a while, until her tension was gone. When she finally made it into bed, her thoughts were of Taylor, and how enjoyable the evening had been once they had both loosened up a bit. She chuckled at the memories of how Taylor looked at her in total confusion as to what to do with certain pieces of clothing. She laughed louder to herself thinking about the look on Taylor's face when she discovered that some of the strap tops were what was to be used to cover her breasts. Alex smirked when she thought of how the girl would blush and then shake her head and say things under her breath like, "I guess that one will sit there forever." Then she would look up to see Alex looking at her with one brow raised as if in challenge. After a while the woman finally drifted off to sleep with those pleasant thoughts floating through her head.

The next morning when Taylor arrived at Alex's residence, she was amazed at the size of it. Then she thought about Alex and it made sense. Taylor knocked on the door and a woman answered it. She was dressed in a maid's dark blue and white outfit. "May I help you?"

"Yes, I'm supposed to meet...."

"Aha, very good, your on time with plenty of it to spare, come on it."

Alex called from the staircase, as she descended down them. "That'll be all Theresa." The woman said, dismissing the maid.

"Wow, you have a beautiful home Ma'am." Taylor said as she stepped inside and looked around the open foyer.

"Thank you, now come with me, I want to get you started in learning what I like and don't like. By the way, that outfit looks good on you, I'm pleased."

"Thank you, but I have a question."


"I didn't know if this broach goes with it or not?" The girl asked, seeking the woman's advice.
Alex cocked her head at the girl. She approved of Taylor seeking her counsel.

"Hm....that's very nice, but I didn't see that when I was looking through your jewelry box?"

"I know,I have a collection of them from my grandmother."

Alex's eyes narrowed slightly as she turned fully around to face Taylor, and with an inquisitive brow raised she asked evenly. "Why didn't you tell me?"

"I....I'm a little embarrassed to say why."


"Because, I didn't know if you would have disliked them and therefore thrown them out."

"What would you have done if I didn't like them?"

"I would have kept them. I would have tried to appeal to your sense of family and how important anything from my grandmother is to me. Some of them are my mother's, but I don't really care which, I just love them because I have a piece of something that they themselves used to treasure." Taylor said, subconsciously caressing the broach in her hands.

"Well, first of all I am disappointed that you would think that I would throw anything of your grandmother's or your mother's away. I thought I made it clear to you that those type of things were important for you to keep." Alex said as she turned to walk towards the gym she had in her home.

"That's why, I was embarrassed." Taylor called out after the woman.

Alex stopped, but she did not look back except to turn her head slightly, as she waited to hear what the girl had to say. "When you were in my drawer of scarves and things, you asked me if any of them were from my grandmother. I saw then that you did understand what I might feel if you threw any of them out."

"But that was before the jewelry box, if that is true..." Alex said as she turned to once again face the blushing girl. "Why didn't you trust me with the broaches?"

"I was on overload at all of the things you were doing,I mean it's not everyday that someone comes into my home and literally throws away all of my clothes, with the expectation that I will just accept it." Taylor said, lowering her eyes. She then looked back up at Alex, then down again to regard her broach.

"Hmm....I guess not, but that is the way I work, I like to know everything about those people who are around me the most. It doesn't matter whether they are in my professional life or my personal. I've done this with other employees, mainly the senior management staff, only in a little different way."

"Oh." Taylor said, somewhat disappointed by the fact that she was just another of the employees, especially after the wonderful, yet strange dinner yesterday.

Alex heard the disappointment, but she did not let on to the girl that while she had rid the other's closets of things that she didn't like, it was a very different situation. She did it by telling them not to wear whatever they were wearing to the office again, and they then took it upon themselves to get rid of those things that Alex did not like. The men were especially easy as they all hoped that Alex would become attracted to them. Alex did give the girl a little something to make her feel better.
"If it makes any difference to you, I have never had dinner over at any of their homes." She then smirked at Taylor when she saw a smile playing at the girl's lips, despite her holding her head slightly down, trying to hide it.

"Come on, I need to go workout." Alex turned and headed to her gym. When she removed her robe, she had nothing on but a one piece body suit that was like a second skin on her. The muscles showing through it rippled along her abdomen and legs, as well as her back. Taylor stared openly at the woman's remarkable physique, and she couldn't help thinking how beautiful Alex was.

"Of course she's beautiful, she modeled and has been on every publication there is." Taylor chided herself for being naive, she couldn't help gasping at the magnificent body that was now stretching.

"Ah-hem." Alex said, clearing her throat to gain the girl's attention to what she was saying.

"Oh God She caught me staring at her body, what must she think of me." "I'm sorry ma'am, I..I.." The girl tried to explain, but nothing came to her mind. Alex cocked her head as she watched Taylor struggle to compose herself.

"It's alright, I'm not ashamed of my body, I worked hard to get it like this and I work just as hard to keep it strong and intact. It looks like you work out some?"

"I do, but I could never achieve such a physique as yours." Taylor said, praising the woman's body.

"No, you can't, because your body is not like mine. You're shorter than I am, but you can achieve just as toned a body as I have, and you will." Alex said, now doing some flexing exercises, starting with bending backwards and walking over to come to a standing position again. Taylor's mouth dropped open as she watched the woman do it again and again. Alex looked like a piece of smooth band of steel gliding away from her. She stopped and stretched a moment, then did the same thing in a forward fashion. When Alex stopped this time she was standing right in front of the
open mouthed girl.

"Close your mouth." She ordered and Taylor's mouth snapped shut. "Go push that button on the wall over there, and then sit down right there and watch. After you learn about my morning activities, you will be joining me in working out." The woman then watched the girl's mouth drop open again and she pointed to a far wall.

Taylor's eyes had a hard time leaving those of the woman's. Finally she managed to follow the direction of the indicating finger, and with a quick glance back at Alex, she went to go and do as she had been told. After she pushed it, she went to sit down and watch. Alex turned around and the wall in front of her divided up as a large video wall appeared. Taylor sat watching and was startled when a man's voice came on. "Good Morning Alexandra, all set?"

"Morning Joe, let's get on with it shall we?"

"Alright. Let's begin."

Suddenly music started and the two video conferencing people begun moving with basic aerobic type movements. Taylor thought at that moment that she could do what they were doing, and a smile came to her face. Alex saw the girl's response to what they were doing in a mirror that allowed her to watch behind her.

"Okay, ready?" Came the man's voice on the screen once again.

"Go!" The woman answered simply, and suddenly the music changed and the two of them were now moving in a synchronized pattern of boxing, and Martial Arts moves. It was rapid, and powerful looking, each move sharp as a knife, precision cut.

Taylor once again sat completely amazed at all of it, especially with how powerful Alex looked. At the same time, Alex showed she was human by the perspiration that was now dripping from her brows as the workout went on for an hour. It was followed by a fifteen minute cool down. The girl managed to hold her mouth closed when Alex walked over to her after saying goodbye to her personal trainer, and stood wiping her face and neck of the moisture. "So, what did you think?"

"WOW! That was incredible, you just never seem to stop amazing me, I mean when I think I finally think I got you figured out to a small degree, you come along and floor me again. How did you learn that? Did it take long? How long have you been doing it, where did you meet him?" The girl said, asking a litany of questions as she stood up to follow the woman out of the gym.

"There is an almost endless list of things you don't know about me, but as my assistant you will learn most of them, if I feel I can trust you. I'll have to see. Anyway, I learned the martial arts first, and I used to do some boxing as exercise. Anyway, I met Joe a few years ago during a competition. He told me he had this workout that he thought I would really like. He offered to teach me the moves and let me see if I liked it or not. I did, so he's been my personal trainer ever since."

The two women ended up in the kitchen where Alex headed over to the refrigerator. "Have you eaten breakfast yet?"

"No Ma'am."

"Good, well look in that cabinet and get two bowls and two glasses out, and below it in the drawer, two spoons."

Taylor got the things she was told to and put them on the table. Alex brought the milk and a box of cereal over to the table. She took two apples out of the bowl and set them on the table for them. The woman filled both bowls halfway and then the girl poured the milk for the two of them. Alex waited for Taylor to start eating before she began talking to her about what she would do when she came to the house.

"I will give you a key to the house, you are to keep it in the same place you keep your other key. I don't want to take a chance that it will get lost. Anyway, once you arrive, you will get my paper and bring it inside with you. Come straight to the gym and workout with me, unless I am still in bed, and then I expect for you to wake me up. Depending on the time, we will either skip the workout, and just eat breakfast, and continue from there. I have never been late, and I don't expect to be late. If I am late, I will blame you for it. Part of your job is to make sure that I am never late, clear?" Alex asked, as the girl swallowed the mouth full of cereal she had in her mouth.

"Yes...yes Ma'am." Taylor choked out, while still trying to get all of the cereal down.

"Your going to need a note pad with you at all times, you will take over planning my day. I'm going to be having a business party here in the spring and I will of course expect you to be there. You will speak with the coordinator about how things are progressing. Have Salina give you the notes as to types of food, music and things like that, that I will want. Now as far as appointments, you are now a straight line to me, so if people get through you then I will take that to mean that you already screened them for whatever their business is. Do you understand what I am saying?"

"Yes Ma'am. No one gets in to see you unless it's important."

"Everything is important to everyone when it comes to wanting to get in to see me. No, you will see what their business is, and then handle those things that you will have learned hopefully very soon."

"Okay I understand now, but may I ask you a question?"


"You realize it is going to take me a little time to get used to this, as well as your habits and the things you like and dislike. I feel like you're going to be getting upset with me A LOT! and that really scares me." Taylor said, looking over her brows at Alex, who just sat listening to her without indicating whether what she had just expressed was true or not. The girl took a drink of her milk with shaky hands due to the silence.

Alex finished her quick breakfast and rose to her feet. "Come on, I need to go and get changed, I want you to take the garment bag with the silver tag out of my closet and lay the clothes out on the bed with the shoes."

They arrived at the bedroom while the woman was telling the girl what she wanted her to do while she went to clean up. Taylor looked in the room and was amazed at the size and beauty of it. "The closet is over there, the stockings are located in there also, in the drawer in the cabinet. Taylor moved to go and get the requested items, while Alex went into the bathroom to get cleaned up. She spoke to the girl through the door as she did. "Look on the dresser and get my planner out." The woman brushed her teeth while she waited for the girl to get it.

"Okay, I have it."

"Good. Look inside and familiarize yourself with my schedule for today. When we get to the office I expect for you to get my mail, sort it, and then watch what I do as I go through it. It'll show you what I feel is important for me to handle right away, versus those things that are less importtant."

"Why?" Taylor asked, as she heard the door open and Alex came out in a robe and went into her closet and pulled out a pair of panties and the matching brassiere. She put them on while she was in the closet and then came out and sat on the bed to put her stockings on.

The girl made herself busy by writing, so as not to stare at the woman, but at times she found herself stealing quick glances at the woman as she dressed, out of curiosity. Alex continued to speak to the girl as she finished dressing and applying the small amount of makeup she wore. This included eye drops, facial moisturizer, skin protecting sunscreen, mascara, and lipstick. The woman had her hair hanging freely over her shoulders and back. "I want you to eventually be able to step in and handle a lot of the routine parts of my work schedule, as well as be able to handle my mail when I am busy with other things."

"Oh, okay."

"Don't worry, I'm not about to just throw you into the fire without strict training as to what I want and expect. There will be many times you will wish you never came to my attention, but I can assure you that if you are not a quitter, then you will see the change in yourself. You'll be stronger and more confident about being around and interacting with people." Alex said, turning herself around to look Taylor straight in the eyes. The young girl could see the truthfulness in those piercing eyes.

"I'll do my best."

"That's a start. Call for a driver." The woman ordered, as she turned to get her earrings. Taylor stood for a moment not sure of how to contact the driver.


"The numbers in the planner on the phone list page." Alex said, as she put the next earring in her ear, and then turned around to watch the girl locate the number.

"Aha, here it is!" The girl exclaimed as she scanned the room to locate the phone. She found the phone and made the phone call. Alex stood listening to her call for the driver, and when Taylor hung up, she sent an approving gaze towards the girl. Picking up her purse, she motioned for the girl to follow her while reminding her to start memorizing their schedule for the week. Taylor was also told that she would be expected to have her own list of Alex's schedule so when they were apart, she could determine where to locate her. They were driven to the office in the limo, while Alex instructed Taylor on different things she wanted done. When they arrived at the building, they went inside together, but then split up. "I'll see you in my office in 10 minutes, and make sure you get the information from Salina when you arrive."

"Yes Ma'am." Taylor said, then turned and went to go to the mail room, while Alex headed for her office.

"Well Hello there." Olsen called to the girl, who jumped as a result of being startled.

"Oh! Mr. Olsen, you scared me, I didn't realize anyone was here yet."

"I came in early to get Ms. Madison's mail ready for you."

"For me?"

"Yes, you no longer work in the mail room so it would not be proper for you to come in and have to wait for the boss's mail."

"You know about that already?"

"Yes, but I'm the only one. She called my house to tell me to make sure her mail was sorted from the general mail, and that her new Personal Assistant would be in around 5 to pick it up."

"Oh. Well, Thank you."

"Your welcome, I'm just curious about something?"

"What's that?"

"How is it that you managed to go from Admin Assist, to Mail room, to Personal Assistant to Ms. Madison herself all in a matter of days?"

"It's really a VERY strange story, one that I find hard to believe, I think it rates right up there with a D.Virtue novel, absorbing and a fast read. But in short I'll tell you this, I tried to remain anonymous, and now I've been thrown headlong into the limelight. I have to go, but thank you for getting the mail ready for me, I'll see you later."

"Okay, I hope things work out for you. It's a known fact that Ms. Madison has never had a Personal Assistant. I can only imagine what it will be like for you, hopefully not hellish. Anyway, goodluck to you, and the mail will always be ready for you."

"Thank you Mr. Olsen." Taylor said, now more nervous than when she was first told about becoming Alex's assistant. She made it up to the floor, went inside the office and saw Salina was already there.

"Hello." Taylor said in greeting to the woman sitting at her desk.

"Oh, hi, what are you doing here?"

"Um...I need you to give me the information on the Business party that's scheduled for the spring?"

"Why? That's not for mail room personnel. I'm surprised you would even know about that, yet alone have the nerve to ask about it. Anyway, I have that handled. Now you better get in there with the mail before she has to call you, you know it upsets her if she has to wait?" Salina said condescendingly.

Alex was on the phone and had her back to the open door of her office, but she was listening to the whole conversation. She had told the person on the phone that she would talk to them later, and was just holding the phone up to her ear while listening to the two women. She wanted to see how Taylor would handle an interoffice power struggle, with one of the greediest and most determined, lower echelon of the company. Salina was known to be a very determined young woman who pretty much did whatever it took to get to where she now was in the company. She wanted to get a leg up so as to be offered a recommendation into the Junior Executive Program in house. That would also pay for her education. The last supervisor she had worked for told her the best way to get into that program was to either graduate from college with a degree in business, or get a position as Alex's Personal Assistant. She was told that Alex did not trust anyone enough to put them in that position. The only other way to be accepted into the program was to go to work for Alex as an Admin. Assist.


"Ms.Young, it's very unprofessional of you to address me or any other person by their first names. You should know that, you use to be an admin yourself...until you were demoted...ha. Now I have work to do, and so do you, I would think?"

Taylor was completely flustered by the woman's response to her request and the tongue lashing. She was not sure as to how to handle the woman. She held the mail she had in her hands closer to her chest and with a look of humiliation on her face, she walked nervously by the woman who now acted as if she was no longer in the office. The girl went into the office where Alex still had the phone to her ear but was just getting ready to hang it up.

"Aha...there you are, ready?"

" Ma'am." Taylor said, as she glanced back at the outer office while moving towards the large desk. Taylor began handing Alex the mail in the order of priority. While Alex took the time to read some, the girl sorted the rest and then handed it all to her. Then Taylor picked up her pad and pen and prepared herself to go to work observing the woman. But Alex wanted her to handle things with Salina, so she brought the subject up indirectly.

"Let me see the layout for the party." She asked, sticking out her hands for the information that she knew the girl did not have.

"Um...Well.." Taylor said, looking over at the door trying to decide whether she should tell the woman that Salina had been rude to her or just accept the blame for not having it.

"Well, give it here!" Alex now demanded.

"I...I don't have it."

"What do you mean you don't have it? Didn't I tell you in the lobby you were to stop and get it from Salina?" Alex was now glaring at the young girl who was fidgeting with her notepad due to the gaze that was leveled on her. She nervously flicked at the corner of the notepad. "Yes Ma'am."

"And didn't I tell you back at my place that you were to get the information? And STOP THAT!!"

Taylor's hands stopped their fidgeting and she gripped the pad closer to her as Alex now began to lay into her about the information. Reminding her that when she was told to do something she was expected to carry it out. The girl now had tears rolling down her face, as Alex continued to reprimand her. "Now go and get them!!" The woman demanded, and the girl moved towards the door as if she had just been whipped. She didn't know whether to keep her eyes on the woman who made her feel that way, or the woman who caused it.

"Yes Ma'am." She said, as she opened the door of the office and went quickly out to get the reports.

Salina was talking to someone from one of the departments, and when Taylor came out, she just looked at her and went back to talking. The girl waited for a moment for the woman to finish her conversation. "NOW!!" Came the commanding voice from the inner office and both women jumped, as well as the man Salina was talking to.

"Salina, I'll talk to you later, bye!' He said, as he nearly ran out of the office.

Salina looked at Taylor and then back at the office. "What?!" Salina said angrily towards Taylor.

"I need the information about the party." The girl stated, trembling at having to come back and ask Salina for the same information she was originally denied.

"I told you, that is not for you and if you ask me about it again, I'll report you to her, and let her deal with you. Now go away, I have to get in there." Salina turned, and picking up the information, went into the office with it.

Taylor followed after her, and the woman looked at her and said sarcastically, "What are you doing?"


"What? Are you slow in the head? YOU...Are...Not... Supposed...To...Be...Here, you understand that?" Salina purposely emphasized each of her words as if she were speaking to a mentally challenged person. Alex didn't say anything, she just sat and looked at the girl waiting for her to say something for herself. Taylor was now completely embarrassed. She had never had to deal with confrontations so she was totally unprepared for this. She looked at Alex, and then back at Salina and finally, she just turned to run out.

"Damnit!" Alex hissed to herself, and then she called out to Taylor. "Where do you think your going?! Get back in here RIGHT NOW!!" The girl dropped her head into her hands and took a deep breath, then turned back around and headed back into the office. "Close the door, and the two of you sit down!" Alex said, as she now sat back in her chair and studied the two for a few moments. Then she finally spoke again. "Salina I want you to meet your new boss." Salina's mouth dropped open, and she came to her feet in a huff.

"What?!! HER?! YOU?!! You made her my boss Ma'am?! How, why?"

"She's my new Personal assistant, therefore she is over you as my Admin. What she says goes without question, as if I had said it myself, clear?"

"Ma' could you put her in such a position? She's a timid little rabbit who will be eaten alive by all of the other CEO'S. Ma'am she's not the right choice for that position." Salina said, outraged but keeping her control so as not to offend Alex.

"Then who is?"

"Me! I would do anything for that position, ANYTHING." She emphasized.

"Hahahaahhaha, I'm sure you think so, and would, but she has her degree in business. She graduated the top of her class, and writes perfect reports, even though she was only working a lower office. She is a bit shy, but I thought she would be the perfect candidate to mold the way I want. You already have your own mindset with your goals clearly outlined. I see you want to one day be a vice president, if not a president in one of my companies. But this young girl will one day own a company, and it will be one of the elite companies, because she will have learned from the best...ME. I will mold, push, shape, and reprimand her when necessary, to get her to come out of that shell of hers. But she will be great by the time I get done with her. "Alex said, directing the last part of her statement at Taylor, who was sitting on the sofa chair rubbing her forehead."

Salina looked back over at the girl who was now looking at her. "I can't believe you got such a position?! You must be kissing ass damn good. Maybe I need to take lessons from you on how to properly kiss ass?" The angry woman said, with venom pouring from her lips, as she stood, towering over the the young girl.

"Do you mind backing up?" Taylor asked, wanting her space, and expecting the woman to do it, seeing as they were in the C.E.O.'s office and she was watching all of it.


"Excuse me?"

"I know you heard me, I said no, I will not move, I can stand anywhere I choose to stand."

Taylor gave the young woman a look of complete amazement, and then looked towards Alex who had her head cocked, just watching with both amusement, and anger.


"I know." Salina said as she stepped back and turned around. With a shake of her head she left to go back out to her desk.

Once the door closed, Taylor covered her face with embarrassment. "If you intend to make it as MY personal assistant, then your going to have to develop a backbone with people. I will not waste my time with a weak person. I knew you were timid, but what I just saw borders on cowardly behavior. Are you a coward?"

"No, at least I never thought of myself as being a coward." The girl said, blushing with embarrassment at being considered a coward by the woman she wanted to learn the business from.

"Hmmm...I didn't think so either, until this little display." Alex said, as she steepled her fingers and sat back to look at the girl with curiosity and thoughtfulness.

"I'm sorry."

"Sorry won't cut it, from now on I expect for you to stand up for yourself with everyone. If I think they are beyond your handling, I will step in and handle them, until you develop more confidence."

"Yes Ma'am."

"What you seem to not realize is that you are now over everyone in the company except myself. This means what you say is as good as if I said it myself. If they give you a problem that you've tried to handle and find that they are just resistant to listening to you, then I will handle them in my own...special way." The woman smirked.

Taylor sat listening to her mentor, as she explained the facts of the position's rank in terms of her job. Alex picked up the party plans, glanced over them and then handed them to the girl to look over, as she spoke to her. "Remember, you are the first line to me. If you allow them to walk all over you then I will be left to handle them, and that would mean that you failed. I don't tolerate failure...Are you catching my drift?"

" Yes Ma'am."

"Alright. Here, take this budget analysis to the accounting department and give it to Ms. Huston, then come back and we will get to work on all of this."

"Yes Ma'am." Taylor said quietly, as she stood to take the folder from the woman, only to have it held back from her.

"When you get back, I expect for you to be ready to get to work. You have 20 minutes, go." Alex then handed the folder to the girl, who gave a timid reply, and then turned and left the office. When Taylor had gotten onto the elevator, Alex turned her attention to her admin. "Salina get in here right now!" She demanded.

"Yes Ma'am." The young woman said as she came in and closed the door. The next 17 minutes were the longest of Salina's life. Alex read her up one side and down the other. By the time she was finished with her, Salina was crying hysterically as she ran out of the office to go and get herself composed. When Taylor returned from her errand, she saw the desk was empty, and assumed Alex had sent the young woman to do something.She went into Alex's office and was told to call purchasing and have them deliver another file cabinet for her to store her records in. After that was taken care of, the woman told Taylor to come over to the desk. She began to go through her mail showing the girl those things she needed to know. She explained to her why certain things were handled in particular ways, and why with other things she made the calls necessary to handle them. She put the speaker phone on while she spoke to different people, but did not tell them about her new assistant just yet. She wanted Taylor to develop a lot more before being put out to the wolves.

After four months, Taylor was now more of a shadow to Alex than her own shadow. She was still shy, and somewhat timid, but she was handling most of the everyday correspondence. The admin assistant was becoming more and more resentful at how much Alex depended on the girl to handle things that she herself used to handle. The girl was not impolite or rude, in fact, she was very nice with how she asked Salina to do something, but the woman was eaten up by jealousy.

One morning, the young girl had collected all of the mail, when she saw a red envelope with a white stripe on it. She remembered what Alex had told her about those envelopes, so she immediately grabbed the other mail and went to deliver it to her hands. Alex had left the office to go and do something, and the girl asked Salina where she was. Before Salina could answer, the phone rang and Taylor went to answer it since it was in Alex's office on her private line.

"Hello, Ms. Madison's Office may I help you?"

"It's me, meet me in the lobby, we have to take a ride over to a company that I am about to take over. The CEO wants to see if he can talk me out of taking it over."

"Yes Ma'am." Taylor said, as she put the mail into her briefcase. She met Alex in the lobby and as they walked out to the limo, she explained to the girl what was going on. "So why are you taking this particular company over?"

"Because I can." Was the simple response.

"But what is it going to do for you?"

"I know what you meant, but that answer is the basis of why I take over any company. In this case, they have a wonderful distribution industry, and I am always looking for faster ways to get things to my overseas companies."

"Oh, so why would The CEO think that you wouldn't take it over?"

"Because it's been in his family for such a long time, over a century, and they're hoping I will give in because of the sentimental value." Alex said, with an ironic gleam lighting her eyes.

"Well...I can understand why they would try then." Taylor said, not noticing the look of irritation that came into the woman's eyes at the very thought.


The girl turned to look at Alex when she heard that tone, and she flinched as a result of that look in her eyes. "What?"

"You're not serious are you, I mean after being around me all of this time?"

"Well I...."

"You what? You think that my business success is based on other people's sentiments?" The woman asked pointedly, as she looked hard at Taylor, who was now embarrassed. "Well..."

"You said that! Now answer me, is that what you think?"

"No Ma'am." Taylor finally managed, as she swallowed a lump in her throat.

Alex relaxed a little, but continued to look at the girl with some skepticism. "Why are you going to them, usually you make them come to you? Taylor asked, cognizance of the change in Alex's normal routine. She looked out the corner of her eyes at the woman who had not taken her eyes off of Taylor.

"Because, they'll think I'm thinking about it."

" you have NO intention of even considering not taking the company from them?"

"None what's so ever."

"Hmm..." The girl answered, as she chewed her lips.

They arrived at the company, and Alex told the girl to take notes of everything. "Welcome to Lanskey Corporation, I'm Mr.Jessup's President in charge of export, and this is his Admin."

"Thank you, where is Mr.Jessup, and why didn't he meet us himself?" Taylor asked pointedly, as Alex scanned the corridor of the building.

"He's waiting for you..." The President started but was cut off.

"Excuse me, but please address me." The girl said, calling the man on his manners. Alex just looked at him and waited for him to continue.

"Oh, pardon me, I didn't mean to offend you, you are?"

"I'm the Personal Assistant to Ms. Madison. Please take us to Mr.Jessup."

"Yes Ma'am." The President said, as he turned along with the admin assistant to lead them to where the meeting would take place. The admin kept looking back at Taylor as they walked to the elevator. Alex, in the meantime strode to the elevator as if it were no big deal. She was actually very proud of the girl's progress in terms of handling people and it was showing in how she handled the President, and she would make sure to tell her later. They arrived at a large conference room where many of the senior staff as well as the CEO himself were sitting at the table. He stood, as did the rest of his staff.

"Welcome." He said in greeting as he watched the girl pull out the large chair for the woman."

"Hello, and thank you for the invitation. If you don't mind, we really need to get straight down to business."

" Certainly, and you are?"

"I am Taylor Young, The Personal Assistant to Ms. Madison" Taylor said.

The man gave a conciliatory nod of his head and proceeded to go into the purpose of the meeting.

"Well, I asked you here so that we could try to come to some type of agreement."

"What type of agreement?" Alex asked, now stepping in to deal with the CEO as the girl began taking notes.

"Well, I know your interested in adding to the distribution abilities of your foreign based companies. I thought that if we could come to some sort of mutual, yet beneficial agreement, then maybe you will look at other options, rather than acquiring the whole company?"

"And what would these other options consist of?" Alex asked.

The man looked at her for a moment, and then he answered. He explained the options he thought would be good enough to satisfy the woman's appetite, yet maintain his family's company. The girl whispered to Alex. "Yes, that's exactly what I want to do." Alex said to Taylor. Then she returned her attention to the CEO. "My Assistant makes a good point. Mr. Jessup, as a show of good faith, I would like to have a look around. I might change my mind about wanting any part of your company depending on what I see?" Alex said, insinuating something that she knew Taylor hoped would happen, despite having been told in no uncertain terms that she planned on taking over the company.

The man smiled at the thought, but he was still cautious. He had to allow the tour despite his concern, and Alex knew he would allow it, even with his suspicions, as to the real purpose of the tour. He was somewhat more relaxed by the Assistant's innocent looking face, and polite manner.

"Alright, I'll have Mr.Johnson take you around."

Alex leaned forward in her chair and steepled her fingers under her chin as she rested her elbows on the table in a thoughtful matter. She then made a counter suggestion. "NO I would feel more comfortable if the woman there...showed me around, she doesn't appear to be the type to lie."

The man looked at Ms. Rainer, and then smiled. "Very well, Vice President Rainer is one of my right hands, she'll take good care of you both. Ms. Rainer, will you escort our guest around?"

"Certainly sir, it would be my pleasure." The woman said as she came to her feet. Alex and Taylor both came to their feet to follow her.

"Thank you Mr. Jessup, we'll be in touch."

Alex was already out the door when Taylor spoke to the man. She followed the woman to the elevator and they did not speak until they were down in the shipping area. "So how long do you think you will need before I can come in and take it?" Alex asked the woman as the young girl was talking to one of the managers in the shipping department.

"Another month, and then you will have all the information you need to take it to the board for their approval, although the board will do whatever you tell them."

"I know, but good work. I'm pleased with how valuable you have become to Mr. Jessup. I hope that doesn't mean anything?"

"No Ma'am! I know where my loyalties lay, it's with you Alex."

"Happy to hear it." She said, giving the other woman a sidelong glance. "So I see you finally decided to take on a Personal Assistant. How did that happen?"

"Long story."

"I bet, she's very good, but it would be the least I would expect from any Personal Assistant you decided to take on."

"True, but she still has a lot to learn. I'm working on her, you can believe that." Alex said, as she watched the girl deal with the managers. Some of the men loading the trucks were somewhat crass in their language towards Taylor. Alex saw her blush a few times as a result of some of the words the men were using to describe her body.

"She's very cute. The men seem to really like her. They talk one way when they think she's out of hearing range, but when she's close to them, they seem to straighten up as if they are being inspected by her. Hmmm....I wonder?"

Alex's ears rang with the tone of the woman's words, and her eyes cut to the woman standing next to her. She spoke in a warning tone of voice. "Don't even think about it, she's already spoken for." She said with meaning.

"Oh, she has a man already, okay. I was just wondering." The woman said quickly.

"Well now you can stop." Alex said sharply.

At that moment the girl headed over to where they were standing. "They have an excellent system here, I see why you want it." Taylor said to her.

"Yes, well let's go, I've seen all I need to. Tell Mr. Jessup I'll be in touch." Alex said in a formal tone, so as not to give the woman away to her Assistant.

"Yes Ma'am. I'll walk you out?"


When the woman and the girl returned to their car, and were on their way back to the office Alex spoke to the girl. "I'm pleased with your perfomance."

"Really?" Taylor said with a bright smile.

Alex saw how happy it made the girl to be complimented on her work. "Yes, Really. You were strong,and confident, although I saw you blushing with the workers. What was that all about, are you interested in one of them?"

"No!" The girl said blushing again, this time at the way the woman was looking at her.

"Well don't let me see it again. Especially, when your dealing with a client of sorts."

"Yes Ma'am."

"Good. So what did you find out from the workers?" Alex asked, as she sat watching the girl go through her notes, and begin telling her the benefits of having the added distribution capabilities. They arrived back at the office around 2:30 p.m.

"Go get the mail, and I will see you in the office in a few minutes. I have a meeting."

"Yes Ma'am." The girl said as they split off and she went to get the mail. She picked the mail up and went to take it back to Alex's office. She arrived to find the woman in the meeting with a department head. Taylor went inside and sorted the mail and then handed it to Alex as she spoke to the man in the office. Alex would open and read through the mail as she listened or spoke to the man. He was amazed at how smoothly the two of them worked without either ever breaking their flow. As the girl would come to something the woman would want to see, she wouldn't say anything just flip it into the woman's empty hand as she made gestures that allowed her to take the mail without dropping it. They worked like an assembly line, only with two people rather than a line of them. When the day finally ended, the sun was just going down, but it was still comfortable outside. Alex told the girl that she would see her back at her place in the morning and that they would discuss the upcoming party. They went back to Alex's place where the girl's car was left.

"Alright, I'll see you tomorrow Ma'am."

"Alright. Be on time."

"I will." Taylor got in her own car and headed out of Alex's estate to go to her own home. When the girl was getting undressed to get into bed,it was around 10:30 p.m., she decided to clear out her briefcase for the evening. She had not taken it into the meeting with Mr. Jessup, she had just taken the notepad. She left the briefcase in the limo.She put her briefcase out in front of her now, and when she opened it, the first thing she saw almost caused her heart to stop. "OH MY GOODNESS!!! OH, My Goodness, Oh, My Goodness, oh, okay, what do I do? Arrghh!! How could I forget about all of this mail?" Taylor scolded herself for forgetting such a thing. But then as she was pulling it all out, she felt like a wrecking ball had hit her.

The red envelope, with the white stripe, was like a beacon. The girl fell back on the bed and covered her head with a pillow, and cried into it. But she had to get the envelope to Alex and try to explain to her what happened. "She's going to kill me." The girl sobbed into the pillow. She looked at the clock and saw how late it was, but it didn't matter, she had to get it to her.

She got out of bed and dressed in a T-shirt without her bra, and some jeans. Then she put on tennis shoes and a coat and got in her car to drive back over to the Alex's residence. When she got there she thought about using her key, but decided it was too late at night, and she knew the woman would not be expecting her and may already be asleep. Taylor stood outside for over 30 minutes debating whether to ring the doorbell or not. Finally she decided to ring it, and hoped that the maid would answer. She had been told the maid didn't live there, so she stood nervously hoping against hope. After a few minutes, she heard someone coming down the stairs, but when she looked at the height of the figure her heart dropped. The woman obviously knew it was her, from seeing her through the sheer window treatments.

"What are you doing here at this time of night?" Alex asked, as she stood in the doorway with just a night shirt on and her arms crossed over her chest. Her long legs were bare and had no marks or blemishes on them. Taylor didn't answer for a few moments and it was then that the woman noticed something was wrong. "Have you been crying? Come in here." The woman ordered, so that she could close the door. Seeing how cool it was at that time of night.

"I...I...I messed up." The girl finally managed to admit.

Alex's eyes narrowed at the girl as she tried to figure out what she was talking about.

"I forgot to give you your mail this morning."

"You forgot?! The woman said somewhat harshly, but then seeing the girl flinch as a result of it, she tried to find a way to keep her cool. " was VERY irresponsible of you, but if it was the routine mail, then it'll be fine, you'll just have to call a few people and straighten things out. I'm upset with you, but I'll get over it, at least you didn't cause any real damage." The woman said, as she pinched her lips to keep from scolding the girl any further. She turned and headed up the stairs and the girl followed after her. The tears rolled down Taylor's face despite the woman's words and she was concerned by it. "I told you it will be alright, it wasn't like it was a red envelope or
anything." Alex said,trying to express to the girl that she was actually fine with the mistake.

The girl then pulled out the red envelope, and the woman's eyes went wide, as did the girl's. Suddenly, Taylor's heart was racing from fear, and Alex's was racing from anger. But she held it. She needed to get to some water. "Take off your coat, you'll be staying for a VERY long while." The woman hissed as she turned and stormed towards her bedroom, after having stopped briefly to see why the girl was teary, now she understood why.

The girl took off her coat and followed slowly towards the bedroom, and by the time she got there Alex was using all sorts of expletives. The girl stood in the doorway afraid to enter the room, but her arm was literally grabbed and she was pulled inside with the door slamming behind her. The woman glared at the girl for long moments, and then she let go of her arm and pushed her so that she was sitting on the bed. "Do you realize what you have done?!"

"I'm sorry." Taylor gasped, as the tears ran.

"Sorry isn't good enough! I told you how important these were!" The woman shouted, as she held up the now opened envelope. The girl dropped her head and covered her face with her hands as Alex yelled at her. "Look at me!!" The woman shouted, and the girl's hands immediately dropped from her face and she looked back up at the angry woman. "That does no good!"

"I don't know what to say!"

"You already said it! You screwed up, and because of it I've lost millions of dollars." The woman said evenly.

The girl looked at her horrified, her hands came to her chest as if her heart was about to beat out of it and she had to stop it. "Millions, Oh My God...I..." The girl said coming to her feet, despite how weak they felt. She went over to where the woman was now leaning on the dresser with her back to the girl, shaking her head. The girl went and stood behind and to the right of her. Both women were facing the mirror, but the girl had her head down as the tears and stress of what she had done felt as if it were about to consume her. The woman looked at the girl via the mirror, and it was then that she noticed the tee shirt without a bra. She looked at Taylor discreetly for a bit, but when the girl finally raised her head, she looked up into her eyes. They both looked at each other via the mirror.

The woman finally stood up and turned around. She sat on the edge of her dresser and studied the girl for a few minutes. She didn't want the girl to be eaten up with guilt, but she did want her to know how badly she had screwed up. Despite the fact that millions were lost, but it wasn't a lot, when compared to the woman's networth, it was like losing 3 dollars out of a 1000. It was still a lot of money, and she usually used the money from those investments to do certain charity things with. But because of this mistake, she would have to use money from another of her many investments, and she didn't like to do that. As a matter of fact, she had never done it, and now she may have to.

Alex sharply raised her hand with the envelope in it for the girl to take and look at. Taylor slowly took the envelope, and taking the slip of paper out, she read the note that simply said, " Call me before the end of the day, and let me know what you want me to do, otherwise the loss could be at least three million."

The girls hands shook at the thought, and she wanted to crawl under a rock and die at what a huge mistake she had made. "I'm sorry..." She gasped again as she laid the envelope on the table and once again covered her face and cried.

Alex sat and watched her for a few minutes and then with a sigh, she took a few deep breaths. She let them out slowly and spoke to the girl in less harsh tones. "Come here." She said, as she opened her arms to the girl.

Taylor looked up at her, and at first her brows knitted, but when she saw the questioning brow of the woman's raise she decided she didn't care. She went into her arms and wrapped her arms around Alex's neck and buried her head in the woman's neck and cried pitifully. The girl was shocked to feel the tender touch of the woman's hands on her hair, as she spoke to her and told her it would be alright. She even praised her for being responsible and honest enough to come over in the middle of the night and own up to her mistake. Taylor quieted, and then leaned back away from the woman with her head still lowered. Alex handed her a kleenex and the girl dried her eyes and then blew her nose. Alex then spoke again. "This had better not EVER...."

"It won't. I promise." The girl interrupted, before the woman could finish her sentence.

The woman leaned back and regarded the girl for a bit, and then said understandingly. "I know."

Taylor gave a small, appreciative smile, but her brows still had concern written through them.

"May I ask you something?"


"Actually two things?"


"Why did you...hug me just now?"

"Because you looked like you could use it, I was hard on you, but not without good reason, right?"


"Anyway, does it bother you that I did that?"

"No, I actually did need it, but I was just...surprised that it would be you to give it. I mean...your not really known for your....maternal side." The girl said, trying not to offend her.

"Just because I don't show certain emotions of myself to others, doesn't mean I am not capable of them." The woman stated matter of factly.

"It's just that..." The girl said, as she gave a thoughtful look at the woman, then turned to go and sit on the bed once again.

"Just what?" Alex asked, remaining on the edge of the dresser with her arms now crossed under her breast.

Taylor noticed the difference in how the woman had her arms crossed. Normally they covered her chest, but now her chest was on top of them. The girl blinked her eyes to avoid staring, and looked off to one of the sides, or down at her hands as she spoke.

"Look at me when your speaking to me, you know I don't like when you do that." Alex said, having noticed the glances at her breasts by the girl, and how she blushed when she caught herself looking.

"Sorry, I'm just still shaken up about what I did."

"I know, but it's rude and it makes me suspicious when people don't look me in the eye.

"I understand. But you realize it's very hard to do that with you?"


"Because...your eyes are so...piercing, they seem as though they could penetrate a person's very soul, their so...expressive, when you allow them to be."

"Really? I didn't think you've been studying me?" Alex asked, raising an inquistive brow.

" told me I'm to watch everything you do, and how you do it, so I have to study you...right?"

"Yes, I guess so. So that's why you have a hard time looking me in the eye?"

"Well, I only have a hard time when your upset with me. You have this way of looking that is so..disconcerting. Actually a look from you can either cut a person down, or send their spirits soaring. At least that's what I find."

"And what do my eyes do to you?"

"Both. When your upset with me, I just want to crawl under a rock and die, because I know how busy you are. I know how hard it was for you to take on a Personal Assistant, when you have been adamant about not having one prior to now. I find myself trying to please you as I have never consciously tried to please anyone. I don't like disappointing you, and I don't know why that is so important to me, but I have for so long admired your success. I mean...I questioned your harshness, and the necessity of it, but I see how well it works for you. I do want to be successful in this business, and I know I'm learning from the best. But whenever I mess up, I feel like I'm causing you to reconsider whether this was a good idea or not, and I don't want you to question your decision. At first I didn't want this position, but now, I find I really want it, and I want to keep it...BADLY. "Taylor spoke honestly of her feelings about the woman, and her position. The woman leaned back and continued to balance herself on the dresser, as she listened to the girl.

"So what about the other?"


"You said my eyes can make people feel one of two ways...what's the other."

"Oh...yes. Well, you have many looks that light your eyes when your either pleased, or if something is humorous to you, or when you are just tickled by something."

"Tickled? Hmm...not a word I would use to describe a part of myself." Alex said as an aside, as she listened to the girl.

"No...I wouldn't guess you would, but it is what causes you to laugh out loud."


"Anyway, I know when your pleased with something I've done. You have this way of looking at me out the corner of your eyes with a slight curve to the corners of your mouth that you don't quite let show as a smile, but I can tell that's what's hidden within it. Your brows, no matter what side I'm on, you seem to raise the one that is nearest me to acknowledge your approval of whatever it is that I've done to please you. You also have this look that lights your eyes when something is humorous. You get this sort of raised brow look while at the same time your pinching your lips, and your eyes then look over your brows when they return to their normal position. It's like your thinking about something, like your trying to figure out the punchline before it's revealed or you've already figured it out. Your always looking as if your thinking no matter what's going on. When you were yelling at me, you still looked like you were thinking about your next move. How to rectify the mess I've made, while at the same time wondering if you should let me off the hook or not, as long as you believed I've learned from my mistake and understand the importance of what I've done. Which by the way, I really do, and again I am so sorry, it will not happen again, I hope you believe me?"

"I do, now go on, I want to hear about these looks you say I have."

Taylor smiled as she continued. "Well, you seem to have a depth to you that shows through your eyes when you choose for it to. When I asked you why, a moment ago. The look in your eyes was one that I had not seen in them before, one of compassion. It touched me, deeply, that I was the cause of it, very unsettling you know?"

"So you were seeing me as one dimensional?"

"Hmm...I don't think I would say one dimensional, I just didn't know whether you were capable of those soft feelings."

"Why? Do you think I am always a hard ass?"

"No, but when your not hard you're usually still to busy to have time for those emotions."

"I relax."

"Well maybe so, but over the last months that I've been around you, I have yet to see that. Except for the time you came over to the house to talk to me about this position, and right now, but other than that, I haven't seen you relax. I mean, what do you do when it's the weekend? Do you ever take a day off from work during the week? Do you go on vacations, if so, what type? Where do you go? What do you like to do for entertainment? Is there a man in your life? What type of people do you like to be around, what type of games do you enjoy? What type of books do you read? Do you even have time? Where did you find the time to write your books?" Taylor was now on her feet approaching Alex, wanting to get to know her, wanting to see the other emotions that the woman possibly had. Alex stood up, turned and sat down in the chair of her dresser vanity. She picked up the brush, not sure whether or not she wanted to open up that much to the girl.

"Are you going to answer me?" Taylor asked, as she gently took the brush from the woman's hands and begun to brush the woman's hair as she admired the silky softness of it in her hands. "Wow, your hair is so soft. You must spend a fortunate on your hair?"

"Why would you think that?"

"Because of how healthy and well cared for it is."

"Well I don't, I don't believe in being wasteful with my money, despite how much I make. I just take care of my hair the same way I take care of my body, and mind. Speaking of which, I understand from an acquaintance of mine that you are back in school?"

"Oh, yes, I was going to surprise you with my Bachelor's Degree." The girl said, lowering her eyes to look at the woman's hair.

"Why is it important for you to do things to surprise me?"

"I don't know, I guess I like seeing that approving look in your eyes, especially from someone like you? I mean to me, you're like the preeminent goal and motivator of every business person. All striving to emulate your successes, in their own businesses."

"Well I'm pleased that you're using that brain of yours to get the papers that match the knowledge you have already. It shouldn't take you long to complete the courses. If you want I can have the instructors come to your home or send you all of your study information via your computer." Taylor smiled a gentle smile, and Alex smiled back at her with a thoughtful look in her eyes.

"It might help, that way I will be able to study at night, and it not interfere with my work."

"Okay then, I'll call them tomorrow and set it up, I'll also have it available via my computer, that way maybe I can help you study...if you want?" The woman said, looking up at the girl as she stopped her hand from brushing her hair.

"You would do that for me?"

"If you like, maybe I can give you the benefit of my experience with your studying?"

"If you can't, then there is no one who can." Taylor said, with a wry smile for the woman. To her complete delight she received a full smile from the woman.

"Finish brushing my hair, that feels good." Alex said, as she looked back at the mirror image of the girl. The girl begun brushing the woman's hair again, this time in earnest.

Taylor lifted her eyes to look at the woman's eyes in the mirror, and she smiled again and then said in a quiet, shy voice. "Thank you."

"Your welcome." The woman said, understanding the girl's meaning without having to have her explain. "You know you need to get used to calling me Alex."

"Yes Ma'am." Taylor replied, then blushed when Alex chuckled.

The two developed a more obvious connection from that point on, their relationship took on a deeper meaning. As the party neared, even though the girl had made no overt overtones towards her mentor, Alex, for some reason was possessive of the girl, although she was never obvious about it. She found she would become upset with anyone who spent too much time with the girl. Salina was not pleased by this at all.

One day the two were coming into the building with some clients, when Taylor looked around upon hearing a familiar voice. She caught the guy's eyes, and gestured that she would be with him in a moment. She then turned and whispered to the woman.
"Where?" Alex asked, now concerned about the fact that there really was a boyfriend in the girl's life. Even after all of the time they had been around each other, the girl had managed to avoid any conversation about him.

"Over there." Taylor smiled, as she waved at him, and he waved back.

The woman's eyes narrowed as a result. More than just her concern about the girl being in a relationship, but who the man was..

"Come on, I want to introduce you to him?" The girl said quietly to Alex.

"I don't..."

"Oh, please?"

"Alright, you go ahead and I will tell Mr. Halson that we will meet them in my office in a few minutes?"

"Okay." The girl said, as she turned and strode off to go and talk to the man. The woman watched how they greeted each other, and it was a reserved kiss on the cheek the girl gave to the man. Alex then turned and spoke to the men she was with, and had one of the guards show them to her office. She made a phone call to her office to tell Salina to take care of the men,but Salina was not in. She called Mr. Shearer to handle it until she arrived. The woman hung up the phone and then looked back over at the two, and the girl was motioning for her to come over. The woman nodded her head, then strode over to meet the girl's boyfriend.

"Dominic, I want you to meet "The Raider" herself. Alexandra Madison, this is the man I told you I was involved with, Dominic."

"Dominic, huh?" She said, with a suspicious look in her eyes, as her brow raised questioningly.

"Yes, So...your the Bitch who demoted, my girl."

Taylor's face dropped; a moment she thought would be one of her happiest, had turned into a nightmare within the first few seconds. "Dom....Dominic, you apologize." The girl gasped out in total shock.

"You've got to be kidding, I'm not apologizing to some...woman, no matter how fine she is, besides, why should I?" The man said, as he looked at the woman and then at the girl who was flushed with embarrassment.

"Because she's my boss." Taylor said through her teeth in a loud whisper.

"Some boss, I remember how you use to cry at the very mention of her name."

"Dominic, please apologize?" She pleaded, hoping Alex was not making assumptions.

"I said I'm not apologizing, anyway, I came to take you to lunch."

"Ma'am, please don't be upset with me, I never..." The girl started to say, but was cut off by the woman's hand.

"Save it, we have to get to a meeting. I'll wait for you over at the elevator." Alex gave an assessing glance at the man, then with her brow raised, now in real concern about the man, she looked at the girl and indicated for her to hurry up.

"Okay, I'll be right there." Taylor said to her boss.

Alex strode away towards the elevator, and the guy watched her go and with both lust and contempt in his voice he said to himself. "Now that's a woman I wouldn't mind doing." Then he turned his attention to the girl he was with. "You know you are looking too good these days. You finally took my advice to fix yourself up. Wow, I knew you had a body, but those clothes you used to wear did nothing for them, like these. By the way, where did you get the money to afford clothes like these?" He now asked with suspicion.

"Never mind my clothes! Do you realize what you've done?"


"You humiliated me! You insulted MY Boss, to her face, about something that happened a long time ago. You've been out of town for a while taking care of some type of business. You don't even know what's happening with me lately." Taylor stated, as she kept pulling her arm away from his grasping hand.

"I can see you've learned to dress, I like it."

"I have to go." She said, sensing that she was not getting through to the man. He grabbed her arm and she couldn't get loose this time. "Let go, your making a scene." The girl said, trying to free her arm.

"No! And I Don't Care If I Cause A Scene, you're My Girl, and I don't appreciate the way your acting. I've been gone for a few months and I come back to this attitiude. What's wrong with you? I'm just trying to help you!"

"How Dominic?! How are you trying to help me?" The girl now said with tears rolling down her eyes. The man let go of her arm to allow her to compose herself. "By Insulting MY Boss? By humilating me in front of her, and the people in this lobby? By man-handling me? Dominic, tell me how you are trying to help me, because right now all I see is a man who doesn't like the idea that the girl he hasn't seen in months has changed to a more confident woman. I wanted to bring the two people to whom I felt the closest to together.I hoped that we could all be friends, But No! You blew any hope of that. You insulted a woman who has been instrumental in the changes you see before you. I'm hurt that you would have so little regard for my feelings. I have to go, My Boss is waiting...for me, her Personal Assistant."

Taylor then turned to walk away, but again her arm was caught, this time however, it was gentler. "I'm sorry. I'm just a little caught off guard with all of this. Can I stop by tonight and we can talk?"

"Not tonight Dominic."

"Will you call me? Or can I call you?"

"I'll call you...maybe."

"Are you breaking up with me over this?"

She didn't answer, just glanced up at him. He let go of her arm and taking a deep breath, he glanced over at the woman standing by the elevator just watching them. Then he looked back at the girl, and despite the fact he knew what she said was true, he felt jealousy rise up in him. He saw how close the girl was to her boss and how distant she seemed to be to him now. "Fine." He turned and stormed away from the girl and then out of the building. Alex glanced at the guards and gestured to them that they were not to let him in again.

Taylor stood and watched him leave with her arms crossed as if she were hugging herself. She let the tears roll. She looked over towards the elevator and saw Alex looking at her with compassion and concern in her eyes. Taylor smiled and at the sametime more tears rolled down her face, she dropped her arms, and wiping her eyes she strode over to where the woman stood watching her.

"Are you alright?" The woman asked matter-of-factly. To which the girl automatically assumed that she was upset with her about what the man had called her. She was afraid Alex would take his words as having come from her.


When they got into the elevator, Taylor pushed the regular button to the top, and once the doors had closed and they had gone up one floor, Alex pushed the stop button. Then she turned to look the girl straight in the eyes. "I...I didn't call you that, I never would have, especially now, please don't let his words reflect on me with you, I am so sorry, I just wanted to introduce the two of you. I never dreamed that he would act like that, or say something so disrespectful to you, I'm sorry." The girl pleaded with her.

"First of all, don't apologize for someone elses behavior or words, it's not your place. Secondly, I don't blame you for anything that he said."


"Yes. And finally, I don't want to see him around you again." The woman said, not expecting any disagreement.

"I know you're upset with him, but who I see is my personal business."

Alex cocked her head at the girl, and raised a disbelieving brow at her. Taylor flinched at the look and looked away for a moment. Alex then decided to just tell the girl straight out. "The man you know as Dominic is not his real name. His real name is Giovanii Macellis. He belongs to one of the most dangerous crime families in the country. I met his father, who helped me with my first takeover, years ago. He's dangerous, and I will not allow anyone to be around me who chooses to socialize with such a person. The odds are that he has his father's dispostion of being very physically abusive towards his women. If you choose to be a part of such a life, then I not only want you away from me, but away from any and all of my companies. I don't need all of that drama coming into my life. So close your mouth and make your choice right now." Alex stated
with a harsh and curt tone. Although she was hoping the girl was not a fool. Taylor's mouth snapped shut, but her eyes were wide with both uncertainty and fear.

"Well, who do you choose?" Alex asked impatiently.


"Good, then we'll talk about the rest of this after our meeting with the clients in the office." The woman hit the start button and the elevator once again climbed. Alex noticed the girl looking at her with concern in her eyes, so when they arrived to the top, just as the doors open, she stepped out, turned and looked the girl straight in the eye. " And No I do not still have ANY dealings with him or his family." She saw the girl's eyes soften, and a small smile came to her face. "Let's go." The woman then turned and they went into their meeting.

While Alex and Taylor held their meeting, Salina, who had overheard the conversation between the girl and Dominic down in the lobby, ran and caught up with him outside the building.


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