The Corporate Raider part 7

by Denise Mayes

Chapter 7


They dropped Yasmeia off at her home and then they headed home. Once they had arrived, Taylor was in an upbeat mood. She was relieved that the trial was over, only the sentencing remained, and that the man had gotten so many years.

"I’m hungry, you hungry? I’ll make you the biggest and best meal you ever tasted, and whatever you want it’s yours for the asking, I don’t care what it is, my first born, anything you want, you just name it. I can not tell you... The girl’s words were choked off from the large lump that had formed in her throat, at the very thought of all that Alex had done for her.

"I know, I can see it in your eyes. You're welcome." Alex said, reading the girl's thoughts correctly. The girl once again wrapped her arms around the woman. Alex found herself really enjoying times like those, when the girl would embrace her. She realized it was a guilty pleasure, but she knew she would never do anything to hurt Taylor, so she allowed herself the guilty pleasure. She held the girl tightly to her as she comforted her. After a bit, the woman decided it was time for the girl to get on with her life and put all of the stuff behind her.

"Okay, that’s enough, you owe me a dinner, I suggest you go and get cleaned up, changed and start cooking. I am very hungry and I can be a bear, I think you know that, so go, now." Alex said, as she swatted the girl on the behind as a parent would. Taylor chuckled and allowed herself to be turned and slightly pushed in the direction of the stairs. She went up them, but before she was out of sight of the woman she stopped and turned back around to look at her. Alex saw her stop.

"You okay?"

"Yes, now, thanks entirely to you. Thank you for being there for me, I couldn’t have asked for a better friend." The girl said as tears ran. She broke the eye contact, suddenly confused by what she was feeling. She looked away slowly, not sure if she should go on upstairs or say something else. She finally decided to go on up the stairs. She was not bouncing as she had started, but more of a confused stagger. Alex watched the girl, and her brows knitted with concern and wonder. The next week was stressful and relieving. Finally the day came for them to return to court for the man’s sentencing.

"Are you ready to go?"

"Yes, I just want this to be over." Taylor said, as they stood by the door to the courtroom.

"Okay, let’s get it over with." Alex replied, as an officer opened the door and they entered the courtroom.

"Mr. Marcellis, do you have anything to say before I pass sentence?"

"NO!" The man said, then turned and sneered at Taylor. She started to look away, but Alex caught her chin and turned her back to look right back at the man.

"You don’t let him intimidate you." She then let go of the girl's cheeks and the girl's eyes remained locked on his. Eventually, he scoffed and looked away. Taylor smiled to herself at her success, and Alex looked down at her and gave a slight nod. The girl grinned and interlocked their arms, albeit discretely.

Alex looked down at the girls embrace, and her heart leapt at the possibilities of what she had been seeing in her mind for months now, but she said and did nothing about it, except to casually cover Taylor’s hands with one of her own, and gave a pat to Taylor’s.

"All right Mr. Marcellis, I will now pass sentence. I hereby sentence you, Mr. Giovanii Marcellis based on the agreed upon time by both counsels, and yourself, to...fifty years without possibility of parole. Bailiff, take Mr. Marcellis to be processed." The bailiff took custody of the man, as he cursed at Taylor on his way out of the courtroom.

"Ms. Madison, it has been an absolute pleasure to have met you in person." The Judge called from the bench he sat on, to the woman as she sat in the front row of benches with Taylor and Yasmeia.

"Thank you your Honor." She returned, with a teasing wink at the elderly man.

He blushed and said "Court dismissed." Then struck his gavel, thereby ending the trial. The next two weeks things were returning to normal, although Taylor was quieter than usual. She had not thought about the things that had happened two weeks ago, her mind was constantly on Alex.

One day while she was at Alex’s house looking through a book of homes, which Alex didn’t know anything about, the phone rang. The maid came and told her that she had a phone call. Taylor excused herself from the woman and went to go answer the phone. "Hello, Grammy?! How are you? I’m fine, yes Grammy, I really am. Yes, I would love to. It’s been a while I know, but I’ll come to visit for a week. I don’t know if I can come next week? Okay Grammy, I’ll see what I can do. Yes she’s right here. Grammy no, you don’t even know her, she’s a very busy woman?" Alex was now looking at her with inquisitive eyes. Taylor told her grandmother to hold on for a moment and she covered the speaking part of the phone to whisper to Alex. "My grandmother wants to know if I can come and see her next week for a week?"

"Yes, that’s fine, a lot of the things that are scheduled can be rescheduled. Plus it would be nice for you to get away from this town for a while. Tell her yes."

"Great, but..."


"She wants to know if you will come also. She wants to meet the person who has been so "sweet." to her granddaughter, so she can give her a hug." Taylor finished, with a fierce blush coming to her cheeks as she tried to avoid looking the woman in the eyes.

Alex knew that’s what she was trying not to do, and she thought the blush was absolutely adorable. She sat silently waiting for the girl to look at her. Finally Taylor chanced a glance to see why it was taking the woman so long to answer. Alex had not taken her eyes off of the girl and in fact had one brow raised."Good, now I’ll give you your answer."

Taylor seemed to stop breathing at that moment, not knowing if the offer would be rejected, but she assumed it would be due to who was being asked. "I would love to go, it’s been a while since I’ve gone on any type of vacation."

"Really?" She said, uncovering the phone due to her amazement at the woman.

"Yes, now tell her." The woman, ordered as she looked at the phone and then back at the girl.

"Oh, Hello, Grammy, yes, you heard that? Well I guess you would, okay, we’ll see you next week. I love you Grammy. Okay, bye." Taylor hung up the phone and at first wasn’t sure if she should turn around, or just stand there by the phone.

"Are you going to stand there all day, or are you going to come back over here and finish this game of chess?" The girl turned, still flushed but grinning, and went back over and sat down. She took her move, then looked up at the woman who was concentrating on her move, the girl smiled to herself.

"What are you thinking about?"

Taylor's eyes widened at the unexpected question, then her eyes were captured by those deep sapphires of the Alex’s. "Um...I..." The woman cocked her head, but did not allow the girl to break eye contact with her." just thinking about us."

"What about us?" The woman asked calmly, which was in total contrast to her heart which was now racing wildly in her chest.

" ironic things are. I mean, less than nine months ago I was doing anything and everything to stay away from you, trying to remain completely faceless and nameless to you. Now when I think about everything that would have happened had that fateful day not happened...."

The woman didn’t say anything, she just listened to the girl.

"I mean have you ever thought about it, how if Mr. Evans had not tried what he did, how I would have never been put in the position to try and warn you. Therefore you would have never known about me, and I would have ended up marrying a rapist and a mobster, WOW! That really blows me away." The girl narrowed her eyes slightly, trying to break the eye contact, but not being able to due to the radiance of the stars that were shining at her. "You realize I owe you for not only saving my virginity...?" Taylor blushed, but managed to continue. "But also my very life, the quality, if not the actual. I would have been involved with a family that has no concept for the value of life, and I would have died a thousand deaths due to my very soul being torn apart. I probably would have had to have children and subject them to whatever abuse I would have been going through. Man, I owe you, and I thank the Lord every day and night for you...Hmmm...I better stop talking before I get all emotional again." She said, as she felt the tears forming in her eyes.

Alex brought her hand up to the girl's face and caressed her cheek. "I will gladly accept anything you want to give me, other than money." She said quietly.

Taylor caught the woman’s hand, and without thinking about it, she brought it to her lips and kissed her palm, and tears fell into the open palm. Alex wiped her eyes with her other hand, then inhaling deeply to compose herself, she lifted her hand back to the girl's cheek to caress it again before she slipped it out of the girl's grasp.

"It’s your move." Alex said, changing the subject.

"Oh, right." The girl said, returning her attention to the game, as the woman now looked at her with pure love.

The two played many matches throughout the night, and then during the day they went to work, still having not admitted anything to themselves or one another. Although the woman knew what her feelings were, Taylor still was confused by her own. She loved the woman, and knew it was something more than just a friend type of love, but she couldn’t put her finger on it. The next week came quickly and everything was turned over to Mr. Shearer to handle.

Alex and Taylor arrived at the girl's grandmother’s house late in the day. It was out in the country in a small town in Georgia. It was a misfit in the environment, with the surrounding area being more subdued. The house itself sat in the middle of a large, well manicured lawn with multicolored flowers encircling the whole thing. The house was white brick, with bay windows sticking out from different areas. It was a modern day house in a quaint environment.

"Hmm...I take it this is your grandmother's home?"

"Yes. I know. I told her when she first was having it built that it would stick out like a sore thumb. But she said why settle for anything less, when she’s worked hard all of her life to have the things she wanted for us. She’s not a flashy woman or anything like that, but she does believe in living comfortably, especially at her age. She likes the quietness of country living, but the couldn’t live without some modern elegance and conveniences"

"Who helps her take care of it, and the lawn?"

"Oh, a few men like her and they take turns maintaining things for her. She sees them as nice gentlemen, but she has no interest in them any further than that. She said she was too in love with my grandfather to think of marrying anyone else, and she doesn’t want to miss the chance to be with him when she passes on. I love her so much, I wish she could live forever, but I know one day the Lord will call her home, and I will miss her terribly" Taylor said, stopping at the door, and composing herself so that she didn't greet her grandmother with puffy eyes.

Alex smiled down at the girl and once again she found herself caressing her cheeks. Taylor smiled up at her, then rang the doorbell. After a few minutes the girl's grandmother opened the door. "Little one."

"Grammy!" Taylor exclaimed, as she hugged her grandmother tightly. It’s so good to see you." She whispered as she continued to hug her.

Alex stood patiently waiting for the two to break their embrace, finally the grandmother was the one to do it."I’m sorry, forgive us, please come in and make yourself at home."

"Thank you." The woman walked in and stopped, as the older woman closed the door behind them.

"Grammy, I want you to meet my dearest friend, Alexandra Madison. She's also known as "The Raider"." The girl whispered conspiratorially to her grandmother.Alex cocked her head and looked at the girl with a question in her eyes. Taylor did not see the look, but her grandmother did.

"Well Ms. Madison, welcome to my home, I am very grateful to you for watching after my granddaughter. I was heartsick when I heard what had happened to her, but thank the Lord she had a friend like you to guide her." The elderly woman said, as she opened her arms to embrace the slightly taller woman. Alex allowed the embrace and even returned it. Taylor stood looking at the two, and her heart leapt with joy at the connection.

"Okay you two, I want you both to march up those stairs and pick any rooms you like. Get cleaned up and then we can sit in the living room by the fireplace and get to know each other better." The elderly woman said, directing the last part of her conversation to Alex.They did as they were told and chose rooms that were right next to each other. The girl gave the bigger room to Alex and she took the other. The two quickly cleaned up, changed and went downstairs to the living room where the girl's grandmother had tea and finger food waiting for them.

"Have a seat. Would you like some tea Ms. Madison?"

"Alex, please, and thank you."

The woman poured the tea and handed the cup to the woman. Then she poured some for her granddaughter, who sat closest to the fireplace."So...Tell me about yourself Alex?"

"What would you like to know?"

"Well let’s start from the beginning, are your parents alive?"

"No, they’re both deceased."

"Any siblings?"

"A half sister."

Taylor sat listening intently. She had not thought to ask Alex about her family or anything that personal, but her grandmother was not one to bite her tongue.

"What’s her name?"


"Nice name." The older woman said, as she noticed the subtle glances the woman sent at Taylor when the girl was not looking. The elderly woman also noticed the slight smile that seem to form during those times on Alex's lips. "So, are you from here?"

"No Ma'am, I’m from overseas."

Taylor’s brows knitted at the sound of Alex calling anyone else Ma'am, out of all of the time she had known Alexandra, she had never heard her call anyone with such a respectful tone. Taylor smiled at the thought.

"Oh?" The grandmother replied.

"Really?" The girl asked, surprised by the news.


"But I thought you were born and raised here in the states? I mean your English is perfect."

"How did you come to that conclusion when I never told you where I was from? We were taught English in grade school." Alex asked, focusing her gaze on the girl.


"You assumed. What have I told you about assuming anything about me?" She chided teasingly, but with a serious undertone.

The elderly woman watched the exchange and found herself wondering. She decided to observe the two interacting more before she said anything.


"It’s okay, just don’t do it again." Alex said meaningfully.

The girl chewed her lips, but nodded her head in understanding.

"So, are you a legal resident of the U.S?"


"Where are you from?" Taylor asked, curiosity getting the best of her.

"Does it matter?"

"Hmmm...not really, I was just curious." She said disappointedly.

"I’ll tell you one day, but it will depend on how good you are." Alex ended the dubious statement with a smile, and the girl beamed and blushed.

The elderly woman was now really intrigued by her granddaughter's reaction to this woman.

"Hmm...I see, Alex, do you mind helping me with these dishes?"

"Of course not."

"I’ll help also." Taylor volunteered.

"No darling, you stay here and tend the fire, we’ll be back in a few minutes."

"Oh, but Grammy?"

"Ah...stay here and wait, or I’ll show your friend the photo albums of you as a child."

"Grammy, you wouldn’t?!"

"You know I would dear, now take care of the fire, and we’ll be right back."

"Yes Ma'am...I can’t believe you would threaten me like that." The girl said, as she pouted.

Alex was speechless at how absolutely adorable the girl was, sitting there pouting, while poking at the logs in the large fireplace. A bright smile actually lit her face and eyes.

"Come along you." The elderly woman said sternly, so much so that Alex blinked at her boldness, but she followed her without a word. "Put them there." The elderly woman said, pointing to the counter near the sink. Then she went to a back door and motioned for the woman to join her out on the patio.

The woman looked back at the door they had come through and then back at the elderly woman. "Don’t worry, she’ll be fine, we won’t be gone long, I just want to talk to you about something."

"Oh, all right." Alex said, as she stepped outside onto the patio.

The elderly woman went to sit on the swinging bench, while Alex went and sat on the steps, right near the swing."So what is it that you want to talk to me about away from your granddaughter's hearing?"

"Well first let me ask you this, what do you think of me?"

"Hm..well..." Alex said, licking her lips slightly at the unexpected question." I think your a very intelligent woman, a lot like myself in knowing yourself and the things you want in life and knowing how to get them. I also think your a funny old bird, who obviously has a suspicion about me but wants to be sure before she comments?" Alex said, as she looked over at the elderly woman with a smirk.

The elderly woman returned the smirk and gave a nod of her head to indicate that Alex had indeed read her correctly.

"So, what is it that your suspicious about?"

"Well first I’ll tell you that you are completely right on track with who I am. I’m not the type to bite my tongue, and I make no apologies for being true to who I am. I also have been around for a long time, and just because my body has aged, my mind is still as sharp as a razor. I've seen a lot of things in my 80 years, and God has blessed me to remember all, while still in my right mind. I believe I will pass from this life with my mind still intact one day, and therefore I don’t have time to beat around the bush."

"So, what is it you want to ask me?"

"How long have you been in love with my granddaughter?"

Alex exhaled the air she had just inhaled in a gasp, and then looked over at the woman. She saw her looking at her the same way she looked at others when she already knew the answer, but was just waiting to hear the response. " that what you see?" Alex asked, without admitting or denying anything.


"How?" She asked, wanting to know what weakness in her defenses the woman had seen.

"By the way you look at her. You steal glances at her when she’s not looking, and your mouth curls into a slight smile with whatever thought is going through your mind at the moment you are looking at her. It seems to me you're either afraid to confront your feelings, or you don’t know what her reaction will be to you if you admitted your feelings to her?"

"I’m not afraid of my feelings, I have no problems being in a relationship with either a man or woman. The only thing that matters to me is whether they will love me as I will love them."

"I believe you." Alex looked over at the woman with a thoughtful gaze, but she continued to just listen. "So the problem is that your not sure how she feels about you, why?"

"I don’t know, sometimes I feel as though she is just waiting for a sign from me, then there are those times when I feel as though all she sees me as is just a mentor and or friend."

"I noticed you looked a little surprised by how she introduced you to me, it was as if it were the first time you heard those words."

"It was."

"Hm...I thought so. Do you know why I asked you to come with her?"

"She told me that you wanted to thank the "sweet" person who took care of your granddaughter, which by the way was not necessary, I adore her."

The elderly woman smiled and then looked up towards the heavens as if in thought. She turned back to look at the woman who was now watching her.

"You're a very beautiful woman, and I can tell that you are not the type to take any relationship lightly. I see by how she reacts to your touch, or a gaze by you, that she’s in love."

"Love?" Alex gasped, coming to her feet to go and stand in front of the woman.

"Yes, she is in love with you."

"Did she tell you that?"

"No, but I know my granddaughter, like I know myself. She used to tell me all the time what type of person she would love to fall in love with and spend the rest of her life pleasing that person, learning, and growing, and sharing her deepest thoughts with, without fear of being judged. She is a sweet innocent child, and I am so proud of her, for succeeding in her life, but most of all..." The elderly woman came to her feet and placed a gentle hand on the woman’s cheek and said in a gentle voice. "I am so very thankful and proud of her for having a friend like you in her life. You're caring for and protecting her without asking for anything in return, your selflessness has not gone unnoticed by her, or me."

"Love? She’s in love with me? You don’t know how much I want to believe that."

"Yes I do, I see it in your eyes. But I have to tell you, I am not the least bit comfortable about that aspect of your relationship with my granddaughter."

Alex blinked, then removed her cheek from the woman’s hands when she realized she had tears on her cheeks. "Funny, I never remember being so...."

"Out of control?" The elderly woman offered.

"Yes, I think your granddaughter has put a spell on me or something."

"She has, the most powerful spell in this world."

Alex knitted her brows at the fact that the woman didn’t seem to catch on to her little joke.

"I know you meant it as a joke, but I am serious. She has put the spell of LOVE on you, and you're not used to the feelings."

"You're scary." Alex said dubiously.

"And you dear child I will consider the biggest fool, if you say you didn’t know that." The woman said factually.

The two women stood regarding each other, as if they were different side of the same coin. One elderly and wise, the other young and intelligent, full of energy. Both strong and passionate women.

"I think we should go back now, she’ll be pouting something fierce." The elderly woman said, and opened the door to allow the younger woman to go in, but instead Alex reached above the elderly woman’s hold on the door and held it for her.

"After you."

"Thank you."

They walked through the kitchen, to the kitchen door that would lead them back into the main house, but just before the elderly woman went out, she stopped and turned back to look at the woman walking behind her."I know you have more questions as to what I said about my discomfort, but we will talk again later about that." The woman then turned back and went on into the main house.

Alex looked after the receding figure, as she thought about the woman’s statement. Then she too continued on into the main house, and back to the family room.

"Oh, there you are."

"Did you miss me?" Alex asked, now more confident in her dealings with Taylor.

"Well...yes, I two were gone so long."

"So you missed your Grammy also?"

", I mean not the same way, I mean..."

"Um, ladies if you will excuse me for a moment, I need to go check on some things upstairs, and make a few phone calls, but I will be back in a while."

"Oh, all right Grammy, if you need anything let me know?"

"I will little one, relax and enjoy yourselves, I’ll make dinner in a while, if you two are hungry."

"All right. But I’m not hungry right now." Taylor called after her grandmother, as she tried to avoid looking back at Alex.

"You know I’m waiting for you to look at me, so you might as well do it now." She said knowingly.

The girl nervously looked back at the woman, who had now moved over to where she was sitting on the floor in front of the fireplace, still poking at the logs.

"I think they will be all right." Alex said, taking the poker.

"So tell me what the difference is in the way you missed me, versus your Grammy?"

"I...I..." The girl said flustered.

"You what? Did you feel restless, and anxious again? "

"YES, that’s it!" The girl exclaimed.

"Did you feel that way when your grandmother came back into the room?"

"Well yes, but not as much."

"Do you still feel restless or anxious at all?"

" I don’t, isn’t that something?" Taylor said without realizing.

"Have you thought about why you don’t feel that way right now?"

"Hm...not really, I just put it off to the things that were happening."

"Do you think it could be because of me?"

"You? What do you mean?"

"The fact that you felt so restless and things when I’m not with you and how calm and relaxed you become when I am?"

The girl looked at her with both confusion, and thoughtfulness.

"Maybe, or it’s just a coincidence?"

"Maybe. Anyway, you told me that whatever I wanted you would be more than happy to give me, did you mean that?"

"Yes, of course I did."

"Really why? Out of gratitude or out of deep feelings?"

"Both. Whatever you want, if it’s mine to give I will."

"Well it’s nothing that grand, but I will hold you to it. Right now why don’t you go and get some sleep and I will see you in the morning. I'll check on you before I turn in okay?"

"But what about dinner? Grammy said she would cook if we were hungry."

"I’m not hungry, are you?"

"No, I’m fine,

"Okay then, and besides it is rather late to be eating anyway. I’ll tell her not to worry about dinner tonight, because I’m sure she was only cooking for us, thinking we would be hungry."

"Okay, I am a little tired." Taylor admitted.

"All right, then you go ahead and get some sleep."

"Okay." Taylor said, rising to her feet. She said goodnight to Alex, then turned and went to say goodnight to her grandmother.

That night, after Taylor had turned in Alex and Taylor’s Grandmother talked more about the girl for a while. Then they moved on to other topics. They spent a few hours just getting to know one another better. When Alex was ready to turn in she said goodnight to the grandmother, and then headed up the stairs to go and check on the girl before she herself turned in for the night. Taylor had been sleep for a few hours, so when Alex arrived at the door and heard her moaning, she was concerned the girl was dreaming about her attack and that it was just the start of the dream. The woman went into the room and looking down at the girl. She saw the girl was flushed and moaning and squirming slightly in the bed, as if she were in the throes of passion. This made her wonder who the girl could possibly be dreaming about in such a matter. Her heart could only wish, but her mind told her impossible. She caressed the girl's face and cheeks to soothe and calm her. Taylor's squirming and moaning eased and then she quieted down. After a few minutes Alex thought the girl had gone back to a calm state and bent over to kiss her on the forehead. She was completely caught off guard when Taylor's arms wrapped around her neck and she began kissing her with the passion she had just been dreaming about.

At first Alex thought to try to free herself, but then she thought better of it, figuring this could be the start. Obviously the girl was dreaming about her and that made the woman’s heart swell, and she allowed herself to be kissed by the girl. After a few moments, something touched the conscious side of the sleeping girl, and her eyes flew open. Fear, confusion, and horror lit her eyes as tears welled up in them. Her arms dropped like a stone from around the woman’s neck, as she couldn't break the gaze. She was horrified and Alex saw it.

"It’s okay."

"NO IT’S NOT!! GODS What You must think of me!!" Taylor shrieked in complete horror.

The woman sat on the bed and the girl immediately sat up with her knees pulled to her chin, and her eyes now averted from those of the woman’s.

"I said it was. It’s perfectly natural for you to have these feelings."

"How could it be natural?! I’m a girl and you're a girl?! Gods I could just curl up and die!" She sobbed, as she thought about what the woman was probably feeling about her.

"You obviously have feelings for me, and I see nothing wrong with that, at all. Do you think people should limit themselves when it comes to love? Or do you think love between two people is all that really matters when you're looking for happiness?"

"I...I’m not sure." Taylor said honestly, still unable to look at the woman.

"Well, I’ll tell you what, in the morning I want you to talk to your grandmother, all right?"

"No I couldn’t!" She said, even more horrified.

"You can, and you will." The woman said sternly. Sounding more like The Raider.

"No, I can’t."

"Did I sound like I was asking you to? I’ll make it clearer. You...Will...Talk...To...Her...Otherwise I’m going to get VERY upset, and we don’t want we?"

"No Ma'am. But she’s going to be so disappointed with me." Taylor said, more composed by the tone of Alex’s voice. Although it was still low and compassionate, she definitely heard the warning.

"Well that’s okay, you need to talk to her. Now lay back down and get some sleep, and I’ll see you after you’ve spoken with your grandmother."

"Are you mad at me?" Taylor asked needing to know.

Alex’s eyes narrowed at the thought that the girl would assume she would be angry at her."No. I’ll see you tomorrow." She said, and leaned in to kiss the girl on the forehead, then made sure she was settled in. She smiled, then turned and left the room. She hurried to her own room and immediately stripped out of her clothes, grabbed a robe and went to take a cold shower.

"Ahh..." was the only sound she could manage from all of the sensations that were bombarding her body. The cold water steamed off of her, due to the contrast in temperatures with the cold water hitting her hot body.

It was hours before she was able to finally clear her mind enough to drift off. The next morning she made herself scarce. She went into town to look around leaving the girl and her grandmother alone so they could talk.

"Good morning Grammy."

"Good morning child, how did you sleep?"

"Hm....not well."

"Oh, why, was the bed to firm?"

"No, the bed was fine, it was because of something that happened last night."

"Last night?"

"Yes. By the way where is...."

"Oh, she went to town to look around, she said she would see you in a few hours. I really like her, she reminds me of me, in my heyday." The grandmother smiled nodding her head with in fond memory. " You have a great friend there, you realize that right?"

"Yes, she’s the best. It’s about her that I need to talk to you."

"Okay, have a seat, I’ll get you some breakfast and you can tell me while you eat."

"Okay." Taylor said, sitting down at the kitchen table and removing stray strands of hair off of her face.

"Here you go. Okay, so what about your friend Alex?"

She looked at her grandmother for a long time, before she decided to just tell her what had happened. "Last night I was having a dream."

"What type of dream, and was your friend in it?"

"An erotic dream, and yes she was." The girl said, and stopped to gauge her grandmother’s reaction.

"I see. Go on." The older woman said, not showing any reaction.

"I was dreaming that the two..." She couldn’t bring herself to say it out loud.

"The two of you were making love?" The grandmother asked knowingly.

Taylor’s eyes teared up at the fact that her grandmother obviously saw something going on with her. "Yes."

"Hmm?" The grandmother said.

The girl’s brows knitted not sure of how her grammy was taking her news.

"Grammy I’m so confused." She said honestly." I know your shocked to hear me talking like this, or even thinking like this, especially with the way I was brought up by you?"

"I’ll admit, I am surprised by this, and bothered by it.

"It does bother you that I was dreaming something like that." Taylor stated, not surprised by her grandmother’s reaction.

"Why wouldn’t I be? Although I shouldn’t be, I mean just because I’m old, and live out in the country in nowhere land, does not mean I don’t have access to what’s going on out there in the world? I’ve seen and done most things, so nothing should shock or surprise me. But this does. What I want to know is are you in love with her?"

"Grammy?!" The girl gasped, spraying the orange juice she had just taken in her mouth, out on the table. She was stunned by the question.

"No, no, don’t act like your shocked that I would ask that. Child, I have seen just from the brief time that you two have been together since coming here yesterday, that you have very strong feelings for her. I tried to put them off to hero worship, but now I see it’s not."

"But Grammy, I was brought up to believe that a relationship consisted of a man and a woman."

"True you were, but times have changed, and sometimes people have to change. You have to make whatever choice is right for you. That means also accepting everything about whatever decision you make, the good, the bad, and the ugly."

"Have you ever thought of a woman like this?"

"Yes. In fact I can remember one time when I looked at a woman in that way, she was a Commander in the military, at a training camp. She was so fine, I thought she was made out of the stars in the night sky. She was a hard ass too. She didn’t put up with petty behavior, or trivial conversation. She had a purpose to everything she did and said."

"Did you used to dream about her?"

"Yes, all of the time, during my whole time there."

"Did she know how you felt?"

"No, and I’m glad she didn’t. I found out sometime later that she liked me but she would never tell me because she didn’t want anyone in the unit to feel like she was pressuring me or them. So I never knew it. I was just as confused as you are right now about my feelings and why I was having them. I wondered what must be wrong with me to be thinking about another woman in such a way, I must be the vilest person alive." The grandmother said, sharing the feelings she had felt then and the feelings she knew her granddaughter must be feeling now.

"Yes, that’s how I feel, as if she will look at me in disgust."

"Did you tell her the dream?"

"Yes, but only after..."

"After what?"

"After I woke up with my arms around her neck, kissing her."

"AhA!! Now I understand. You were dreaming about her and she just happened to come in to check on you last night. She was probably looking to give you a goodnight kiss on your cheek or forehead and you somewhere inside knew she was there and reacted to the feelings you were having for her, right?"

"Yes." The girl said, looking as though she was not breathing.

"Honey I would like to tell you to follow your heart, but I can’t. Although your feelings are perfectly natural for a person in love. Especially when it’s your tender heart we’re talking about."

"You really think I’m in love with her??"

"Yes. Honey, I overheard a conversation the two of you were having just before you turned in last night, do you remember it?"


"Well if you think about that conversation and what happened and this conversation and you put them all together, you’ll see that what I am telling you is true. You are in love with her and probably have been for a while. I think you came here to try to figure things out."

" I came here because you asked me grammy."

"Yes I did ask you to come, but I think your happy I did, this way it gives you a safe place to explore your feelings without fear of ridicule?"

" Maybe? But what about the fact that she’s a woman?"

"Yes there are problems associated with that fact. But the question you should be asking yourself is how does she make you feel? Are you uncomfortable when she’s near, or is it only when she isn’t that you feel anxious? Do you ever have those times where you feel something is missing, but yet it seems like everything is right there, so what could it be that you're missing?"


"Well think about whether it’s her that’s missing when you have that feeling, and then when she’s near whether you still feel like that. Or does she make you feel complete?"

"Yes." The girls eyes widened with disbelief and joy.

"You're in love child. Does she feel the same way?"

"Gods I wouldn’t know, I doubt it! Taylor said, sure that the woman had never had a thought like that about her. She completely missed her grandmother's concerned brows knitting deeply.

"Hm...well, as far as I’m concerned, it’s up to you what you choose to do with your life." The grandmother said vaguely, not really letting on how she felt about it one way or the other. She decided she would talk with Alex when she returned. Taylor jumped out of her chair and hugged her grandmother tightly.

"I love you Grammy, thank you, thank you for loving me."

"Always child, always."

Later that day, Alex returned with a few packages of things she liked enough that she bought. Most of it was for Taylor, but she would give them to her later, maybe when they returned home.

"’ve made it back, how was your trip to town?" The elderly woman inquired, as she took the woman’s packages and coat.

"Fine, thank you. How is everything here?"

"Enlightening." The older woman said leaving the meaning floating vaguely in the air. "I’ll take these to your room, she’s in the den."

"Aha...okay, thank you, I think." The woman, said with knitted brows, as the older woman took the packages and started to walk away, but then stopped and turned back around to look at the woman.

"We need to talk later."

"Of course." Alex replied, seeing the look of deep concern on the older woman's face.The older woman then smiled and looked towards the den as she headed towards the stairs, leaving the woman to her thoughts.


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