The Reef part 7
Lois Kay


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A pair of eyes the color of stormy clouds stared into the distance, without noticing the surroundings. Strong, slender fingers nervously drummed on a cotton clad thigh, while jaw muscles were rythmically contracted by the clenching of teeth.

Willam Jensen knew that time was drawing near. Only two more days to go and then he would be home free, or there would be hell to pay. There was no middle way.

His eyes followed the gracious greyhounds that were frantically trying to catch the rabbit that was held in front of them. Their speed was amazing and their muscular bodies a beauty to the eyes, but he didn't even notice it. His eyes were transfixed on the cream coloured dog, leading the pack. He never blinked when they rounded the last corner. All movement and sound around him seemed to disappear. There was just this one dog he had his eyes on. He could almost hear the animal breathe, while pushing itself forward. His future depended on the elegant creature that was desperately trying to stay ahead of the ones following him. Inch by inch a dark brown greyhound came closer, and closer.

Willam Jensen could feel his breathing stop when the two competing animals were running side by side, dashing for the finish line.

The voice through the loadspeakers became hoarse from excitement, almost screaming the names of the dogs into the wide open space. It seemed to encourage them even more. The dark brown dog pushed himself a little more and with his hands clenched into fists, his nails digging into the palms of his hands, and horror in his eyes, William Jensen saw the dog that had been so important to his future, lose by an inch.

All blood drained from his face, when he crumpled up the small slip of paper he had been holding, tossing it on the ground.

He lost and there was just one thing left for him to do. It was the last option, but he had to take it. There were only two more days left. And only one chance to save his life.

It was late when Joan McDonnell and three of her children left Sarah and Megan's. Jody's mother had looked drained and compassionately Sarah had asked her to stay for dinner. But Joan had refused in a friendly way, knowing her husband expected her to visit.

" I have to sort this out myself, " she had answered, sending Sarah a grateful smile. " There are so many things to think about, so many things to consider. I think I need some time."

" I'm so sorry, mom, " Jody had whispered, while hugging her mother. " I wish things could have been different."

" So do I, love, " her mother had answered, pulling her eldest one close and stroking her long, thick hair.

" What are you going to do now?"

" I don't know yet, Jody, " Joan McDonnel sighed. " I have to sort things out first, maybe talk to that cardiologist, see how much your father can take at the moment. I have to thoroughly think things over first."

Sam, who was watching the exchange between mother and daughter with gentle eyes, caught Jody's gaze and smiled reassuringly.

" If there's anything I can do, anything at all, just let me know. Okay?" she adressed Joan McDonnell.

Jody's mother nodded and smiled at the tall Dutch woman.

" Thank you, Sam. You are very forgiving."

" It wasn't you who drove us apart." Sam simply answered. " You are a victim, just like we are."

Sam turned to Gerald, who was bickering with Lucy about who was going to drive the car.

" Ger, " Sam called. " You know what to do. Right?"

Sam looked up with a boyish grin

" Keep my eyes open. Don't drive straight home, but make a detour. Make sure mom and Fiona get home, without being followed, so we'll take the back road and make sure this sorry excuse for a sister gets her shapely behind home in one piece."

" Gee, thanks, " Lucy snapped, pulling her car keys out of his hand unexpectedly. " You are just too kind."

" Hey, what can I say? " Gerald replied with a smirk. " I am your brother."


The bedroom was very quiet. The fan at the ceiling was doing it's routine of lazy circles, making a soft buzzing sound. A pair of emerald green eyes followed the motions, without really seeing them. Jody was so absorbed in the thoughts that kept spinning through her mind that she didn't even notice Sam coming out of the bathroom, staring at her.

" What are you thinking about?" she finally asked, when Jody didn't aknowledge her presence. " Are you all right?"

With startled eyes Jody looked up and a warm smile crossed her face when her eyes met Sam's.

" I was just thinking what a weird day this has been, " she answered softly. " I can hardly imagine it has not even been a full day since we got up this morning. So many things have happened." She sighed heavily. " It just…boggles my mind."

Sam smiled and tossed her towel in the laundry basket. She walked towards the bed and stretched her long frame alongside Jody's smaller one.

" I know, " she finally replied. " It has been a very emotional day. Lots of unexpected things happened."

Jody looked up into a pair of gentle blue eyes and again felt like time stood still, when her own eyes were drawn into it's clear depths, like magnets.

Sam reached out a hand and carefully brushed away a strand of hair, that was hiding a part of Jody's cheek. Her fingers lightly traced the soft skin, enjoying the feel of the warm, silky skin.

Jody swallowed hard when she felt her heart rate increase and she tried to ignore the tingling feeling, that Sam's fingers caused.

" This morning, " she hesitantly started. " Was that….unexpected too?"

Sam's fingers stopped their gentle caressing and she scooted closer, leaning her head on her hand.

" Was it to you? " she replied, her voice soft and tender.

" You are answering a question with a question, " Jody smiled, gently poking the taller womans shoulder.

Sam smiled and captured Jody's hand in her own.

" It was unexpected, " Sam admitted. " But not unwelcome. And to you?"

" The same, " Jody honestly answered. " Unexpected, but very welcome."

They stared at each other, Sam's smile deepened when she saw the sparkling green eyes that were so close to her own, even seeing the tiny golden dots around the pupil.

" It was something I thought I could only dream about, ' Sam confessed. " A week ago I would have declared anyone who would have predicted this, insane. Running into you was a dream come true. I never thought I would see you again, let alone restore our friendship. Everything beyond that would have been a blessing. And it is, " she smiled. " You are a blessing."

Sam crossed the small distance between herself and Jody and her lips captured a pair of equally soft ones for a long and tender kiss. Jody's lips were very willing and she eagerly returned a kiss that spoke more than words could ever do. It left them both breathless and aching for more, but Sam gently retreated, her eyes darkened with unspoken need.

"I have to tell you something, Jody, " she whispered. " Something I want you to know about…me…my past."

" I don't care about the past, Sam, " Jody replied, her voice husky with desire. " This is the present and we are both here, together. It's so much more than I ever hoped for."

" You need to know, " Sam insisted, seeing the look in Jody's eyes turn into a worried one.

" What is it, Sam?" she asked, raking her fingers through the unruly, blond hair.

Sam took a deep breath and cast down her eyes, not able to look at Jody, because those green eyes were just too distracting.

"," she cleared her throat and decided to start again. " I…Oh, God, this is so embarrassing."

Jody saw a pink flush creep up Sam's cheeks and she turned on her side, leaning on her elbow. She had never seen Sam this subdued and she couldn't help wondering what would be the cause of that.

" You can tell me, Sam, " she encouraged. " I won't judge you. I would never do that."

A pair of blue eyes were raised and Jody could clearly see a mixture of shyness and humor. A small smile tugged on Sam's lips when she took Jody's hand and gently squeezed it.

" Eight years ago, I was madly in love with you, " she began. " Believe it or not, but secretely I was already making all sorts of plans for us. Like taking you back to Holland with me, going to university together, getting jobs, staying together and living happily ever after. After the accident and I went back home, it took me along time to recover, physically." Sam paused and saw a look of intense concentration on Jody's face. " It took even longer for the rest to heal. It took years, " she admitted. " I finally thought I was over it, just before I came back."

Jody just stared at Sam, trying to let the words sink in, so she could register them.

" Sam, you mean…? " Jody's eyes filled with tears and she desperately tried to swallow them away. " Sam, there's been…no one else?"

Sam slowly shook her head and silently wiped away a tear that had escaped it's green confinement, finding it's way down Jody's cheek.

" Just you. Only you," Sam simply declared.

Jody pressed her forehead against Sam's hand, experiencing such a feeling of guilt that it left her almost dizzy.

" Don't feel bad, honey, " Sam tried to comfort her. " You didn't know. Neither did I. Please!"

" But Sam, all that time…and I…I mean, Megan and I…"

" Honey, we already talked about that. I don't blame you! It's not like we had taken vows or anything."

" No, we didn't, " Jody agreed. " But while Megan and I were lovers, I still felt committed to you. I did love Megan, in a way and I'm grateful we still are friends, but in my heart it's always been you. But I thought I had lost you forever."

" Then there's nothing to feel bad or guilty about.We are together now."

" Yes, we are, " Jody smiled, kissing the back of Sam's hand. " That wasn't embarassing, Sam."

" No, " Sam drawled. " But this might be a little. I had women and men chasing after me. Of course I made the men very clear I was not interested and the women, even though I did go out with a few of them I…I have never been with one."

Jody's heart was pounding so fast she was sure Sam could hear it. But Sam didn't notice, she stared at the sheet underneath her hand and her finger drew little patterns on the white fabric. Until it was captured by one of Jody's hands, while the other lifted up Sam's chin, so she had to look Jody in the eye. Sam swallowed hard when she saw that the emerald green had been replaced by a darker shade, radiating such a love and tenderness it nearly took her breath away.

" Thank you for opening up to me like that, Sam. That means a lot to me. I have to admit I didn't expect this, don't ask me why. Maybe because you always look so confident about everything, you are so sure of yourself and even this morning I…I would have never thought it…it was a first."

" Second, " Sam corrected with a smirk.

" Second, " Jody laughed, remembering that night eight years ago.

She brought her face close to Sam's and kissed the tip of her nose, her cheeks and finally her waiting lips. Sam's arms slid around her waist, pulling her close and very soon the kiss changed intensity, going from soft and tender to passionate and demanding.

Jody gently pushed Sam back until the taller woman was laying on her back, with Jody half on top. Jody placed soft kisses on Sam's face and neck and playfully bit her earlobe, catching it between her healthy, white teeth.

" I want to make love to you, Sam," she whispered, feeling Sam shiver underneath her body.

Sam's hands had found their way underneath Jody's shirt, caressing the soft, bare skin of her back. Going around in lazy circles, causing goosebumps to appear.

" Please, " Sam's husky voice answered, before she was silenced by a pair of lips that took complete possession of hers. And when a insistant tongue demanded entrance, thoroughly exploring her mouth, Sam lost all ability to think. The only thing her world consisted of was the feel of Jody's lips on hers, the small hands that roamed her tall body and tantalizingly slow, peeled her out of her shirt, leaving her burning with a desire that was so intense, it threatened to totally consume her.

Jody was tender but passionate. With patience and incredible self control, while ignoring her own need, she guided her newfound lover to such a high place of ecstasy, it left Sam shuddering and gasping for breath. When she finally reached the pinnacle and went over the edge, she whispered Jody's name, but with such intensity she might as well have shouted it out aloud.

Jody saw the tears leave the now darkened blue eyes and with infinite tenderness she gathered Sam in her arms and kissed the salty drops away, holding the taller woman close, until her breathing returned to normal and her thundering heart beat slowed down to it's normal rhythm. When Sam finally opened her eyes to look at Jody from up, she smiled and radiated so much happiness and love, words were not needed. Jody just kissed the lips that were so near and nuzzled Sam's neck. Feeling like she, finally, had come home.


It was still dark and very quiet. Two bodies were laying close together, covered only by a thin, cotton sheet, tossed halfway their naked torso's. Jody's head rested on Sam's shoulder, her arm possesively draped around her bare waist, while Sam's arm was curled around the smaller woman's back, providing her all the room she needed to snuggle as close as possible.

After what seemed like hours of quiet, intimate talking and indefatigable lovemaking they had finally fallen asleep, exhausted but happy. Their bodies relaxed and satiated.

Suddenly the silence was rudely interrupted by an insistent buzzing. Jody stirred and mumbled something unintelligible, while Sam's eyes snapped open, kicking her brain into action. It didn't take her long to realize what the source of the sound was.

"Honey, " she groaned, her voice hoarse from sleep, trying to extract her body from Jody's firm grip. " It's my phone. I better answer it."

A pair of sleepy green eyes were opened and reluctantly Jody released her grip, so Sam could reached for the still, annoyingly buzzing cell phone.

" Hello, " Sam spoke, anything but friendly.

" Woah, sis, what's up? Grumpy are we?"

Immediately a bright smile lit up Sam's face and she sat up straight, all traces of sleep vanished.

" Tom! Hey, brother. What a nice surprise."

" I'm glad you think so, " her brother grinned. " You did sound very pissed off, baby sister. I was afraid you didn't want to talk to me."

" Of course I do," Sam smiled. " But you do know what time is it, don't you?"

" Sure. Four a.m., " Tom answered and in her mind Sam could see his blue eyes sparkle with mischief.

" Right. At your place, " Sam laughed. " It's two o'clock at night here, you goof. So, what's the emergency?"

" Well, Sam, I did try to email you a few times, but I guess you weren't on line tonight. You didn't answer me, so I decided to call you."

Sam cast a look at her laptop in the corner of the room and realized she completely forgot to check her inbox that evening. She mentally slapped herself. The last thing she wanted to do was to worry her brother and although he did sound relaxed and teasing she knew he never would have called her in the middle of the night, if he hadn't been worried about her.

" I'm sorry, Tom. I forgot to check my inbox," she apologized.

" That's all right, Sam, you must have had a good reason. I'm just glad you are okay. But listen, I did not just call for fun, although it is great to talk to you, but I ran some analyzing programs on that data you sent me. And I did find out some very interesting things. I sent them to you. You got your laptop at hand? I can make more sense if you can see what I am talking about."

" It's right here in the bedroom, Tom. I'll get it, just a moment."

Sam smiled at Jody, quickly kissing her lips, before jumping out of bed to boot up her computer.

Following her brothers lead she scrolled through a few different programs and Jody, who was awake now, saw the expression on Sam's face change from surprise, to astonishment, to anger and finally to grim determination.

Finally, after a long time she ended the call, switching off the computer and slowly turning so she could face Jody.

" You're not going to believe this, " she sighed. " This is even worse than I expected. That lovely manager of ours managed to transfer more than three hundred thousand dollars into three different accounts, all owned by him."

Jody's eyes widened and she sat up straight, staring at Sam with a shocked look on her face. She pushed away her disheveled hair and rubbed her forehead, totally confused.

" But, Sam, how did he do that? I mean, I know he did most of the bookkeeping himself, but…that much money. I should have noticed."

" No, honey, you wouldn't. He has been very crafty. According to Tom he did use fake employees and transferred their paychecks into his own accounts. I knew that wouldn't add up to the total amount of money he stole."

" Then, what did?"

Sam looked at Jody pensively. Her eyes took in the picture of her lover, sitting cross legged on the bed, her long hair disheveled from sleep and love making, covering her bare shoulders. It was the only thing covering part of her naked body and Sam had to try very hard not to lose her train of thought.

"Ummm…well, have there been many so called 'accidents' lately. I know about the fire, but before that? "

" Actually, " Jody drawled. " A few weeks ago there has been a leak in one of the water pipes at the gym. It ruined a large part of the floor. And before that there was a short circuit in the kitchen, causing a little fire."

" Did the insurance company pay?"

" I guess so, " Jody answered. " William took care of the, he….oh…you mean…..?"

" I mean, " Sam answered. " The money from the insurance company was deposited into his own account."

" But the damage has been repaired Sam."

" I know, " Sam answered. " Guess I'll have to ask him about that. But I have my suspicions. I wouldn't be surprised if he used some poor illegal immigrant to do that for him, or someone who owed him a favor. Tom has been checking out some of the accounts that popped up regularly and he did find a pattern. Jensen transfers large amounts of money into the same account every week and it's not his. Tom thinks he is in serious debt. He might be right about that. It would explain a lot."

" You are going to confront him, Sam? Do you think that would be wise? Maybe we'd better leave it to the police. Those blokes that trashed my apartment are probably working for William. They mean serious business. I mean, they desperately want those disks. They scare me, he pulled a knife, remember?"

Absently Sam rubbed her affected shoulder, a determined expression on her face.

" They're gonna pay for this, Jody," she answered, her voice soft, but decided. " It's not just the fraud thing, but they set fire to 'The Reef'' , risking people lives. They demolished your apartment, pulled that knife, and I'm sure they were trying to kidnap Fiona. They are dangerous, honey."

" That's exactly what I mean, Sam. You have to stay away from them. Why don't we give Carol Wong a call in the morning and go talk to her? Let them take over. Sam, please?"

Jody's eyes were pleading and desperately searching Sam's face for any sign of resignment. She could see Sam debating with herself and patiently waited, not wanting to pressure her too much.

" All right, " Sam finally answered, causing Jody to sigh in relief. " We will give Carol a call. I can show her the data Tom sent me. They can go from there."

Jody reached out her hand and when Sam took it, she slowly pulled her on the bed, wrapping her arms around Sam's body, holding her close.

" Thanks, Sam," she whispered. " I feel much better now."


" Two days, Billie Boy, " Joe Michaels smirked, watching the fidgeting manager who was sitting on the other side of the table. " Have you already decided where to run to? You know you can't hide, not from me. "

Joe Michaels casually leaned back in his chair, studying the nervous man with keen interest. His cold eyes narrowed when William Jenkins didn't respond to his words, clearly avoiding the piercing eyes from his Nemesis.

" You gonna take your wife with you? Might be a bit of a hassle, hey? I could look after her, if you want. Of course I've got no use for the kid."

William Jenkins suddenly sat up straight, his eyes blazing.

" One finger, " he hissed. " Touch her with one finger and I swear you will regret the day you were born."

" Don't worry, mate, " Joe Michaels chuckled. " She's not my type anyway. But I tell you one thing, Billie. As long as you don't come up with the money, I have all the power. So, it's up to you. You need a plan!"

The manager of 'The Reef' debated with himself for a few seconds, and made a decision. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a neatly folded piece of paper. Without saying a word he threw it on the table in front of him.

Joe Michaels raised his eyebrows and looked surprised. His eyes traveled from the piece of paper to William Jenkins.

" What's that?"

" Have a look."

He reached out his hand and picked up the item, slowly unfolding it, smoothing it out on the table in front of him.

" Mmm, foxy lady. Your new girlfriend? " he joked.

" Take a better look." You moron.

Joe Michaels picked up the photo copy and studied it closely.

" Samantha Stevens? " he reacted, the surprise evident in his voice. " Isn't she the daughter of your big boss? Where did you get…? Wait a minute, she is the blond my two apes are chasing?"

William Jenkins didn't answer, only nodded, trying hard to push away the feeling of guilt that was creeping up his conscience.

I have to do this. I don't have a choice. Maybe Joe will take over from me, so I'm off the hook. I don't think I could look Jody in the eyes if…I have to do this!

" You mean, those disks are really in the wrong hands? My God, William, how could you be so stupid? She is a Stevens for crying out loud. If she knows her business, she'll figure out those accounts you created. They will be after you, but that's not my problem. My problem is they'll be after me soon as well! You idiot! You are risking my whole business!!! I should have thrown you off that cliff when I had the chance. Damnit!

"" I've been thinking it over, Joe. I have a plan that will get us the disks and a lot of money as well. But I want you to promise me one thing."

" Me? Promising you? Aren't you a little bit confused, mate? I am the one who is calling the shots."

" But I worked out a plan, " William Jenkins courageously objected. " I'll be off the hook and you'll be a lot richer. So, you want to make me a promise?"

" What? " Joe Michaels grunted, finding himself cornered by the manager, something that rarely happened.

" Leave my family alone."

Calm on the outside, but feeling sick to his stomach William Jenkins stared into a pair of cold eyes. He knew Joe Michaels did not have much of a conscience, but when he made a promise, he stuck to it.

So, this is what it feels like when you sell you soul to the devil. I am a coward, I know. But it is the only way. The only chance I've got. I'm sorry, Jody, I really am. You don't deserve this.

" All right, I promise to leave your family alone. Now, what's this brilliant plan you came up with?"



It was a regular Monday morning. The streets were busy with people going to work, tourists that wanted to enjoy themselves before the blazing heat of the afternoon set in and school children, dressed in uniform, waiting for the bus to pick them up.

The breeze, coming from the East, sliced the already present heat and provided some relief for the two men sitting in their car, waiting.

" How do we know this is the right place?" Fred mumbled, still suffering from a headache after sitting in the hot car for so long, the previous day.

" Because Joe told us, that's why," Little Steven replied with a grunt.

" How does he know?" Fred asked, knowing full well he was driving his partner insane with his questions. But he had enough of sitting in overheated cars, doing nothing, while he was being scolded at all the time.

Little Steven cast his younger companion a threatening look before answering.

" Because he checked. Allright? And I don't care how he did it, so don't ask! You are driving me insane with all those questions."

Fred looked outside the window, a small smile tugging on the corner of his mouth. He knew Little Steven was annoyed with him, but this time Fred didn't mind. He was secretely pleased he was able to provoke the older man. He had reacted the way he had expected and was becoming more predictable. It gave him more self confidence in dealing with the gruff right hand of Joe Michaels. Something that might come in handy in the near future.

" Okay, Freddie, showtime, " Little Steven interrupted his musings, pointing at the corner where one of the schoolbuses had stopped. " Just stick to the plan. I will be right behind you with the car. We'll be out of here within two minutes."

Fred just nodded and opened the door to get out of the car. Without looking back he casually walked to the corner of the street, while his eyes took in his surroundings. Just a lot of school children and some teachers. But they were standing close together, having an animated discussion and didn't seem to be very alert.

With a confidence he didn't feel, Fred walked to the spot Little Steven had pointed out to him before, his eyes scanning the children that passed him on the street. As soon as he was out of sight he stopped a twelve year old boy, who was strolling passed him, kicking an empty beer can with his foot, apparently enjoying the noise it made.

" Hey, mate," Fred called and the boy looked at him with curious brown eyes. " Do you know my sister, Fiona McDonnell?"

" Yeah, " the boy drawled, his eyes examining the man in front of him.

" Could you do me a favor? Would you tell her I want to speak to her a few minutes. I am her brother, Gerald. Just tell her Jody and Samantha sent me."

The young boy, who had heard all the lessons about not talking to strangers, just shrugged his shoulders and looked bored.

" Why don't you go up to her yourself? " he asked, not at all impressed.

" Because I don't want my mom to see me, okay? " Fred's brain was working overtime to come up with a logical explanation. " See, we're trying to organize a party for her, you know. She's not supposed to know anything about it. Just ask her, mate. It's no trouble for you, is it?"

"Guess not, " the boy answered, still not entirely convinced. " I'll tell her."

" Thanks mate, " Fred sighed. " I appreciate it."

The boy mumbled something and continued his way, leaving the beer can alongside the road. Fred's keen eyes followed him and with relief he saw the boy walking up to Fiona, who was the center of attention in a group of peers.

When the boy addressed Fiona and pointed to the corner of the street, Fred made sure he was out of sight. The last thing he wanted, was the girl recognizing him from a distance and raise an alarm.


" My brother? " Fiona repeated, looking at the younger boy, her eyebrows raised. " Which one?"

" Gerald, " Robert Finn answered, shuffling his feet, feeling very uneasy under Fiona's scrutinizing look. " Listen you…"

" Gerald? " Fiona repeated. " That's strange. He's supposed to be going to Brisbane today. Did he say anything else?"

" Just that Jody and Samantha sent him and something about a party."

" Samantha? " Fiona snorted. " He never calls her that. Maybe I should check it out."

" Are you crazy, Fi?" Suzie Bowden reacted, grabbing her friend by her arm. " If your brother wants to see you, why doesn't he come up here? "

" Yes, Fi, " Anne-Marie Gunn backed up Suzie. " It's weird. Don't go. If he wants to speak to you he should come here. Besides, you know we're not allowed to leave the grounds."

" School has not started yet, " Fiona replied. " I'll go have a look. But I won't go up to him if it isn't Ger. If it's someone else I'll come running back, okay. I will only go until I can see him."

" But he's around the corner, Fi, " Suzie whined, not at all happy. " I think you should tell Mr. Richards, he could come with you."

" Dicky? " Fiona chuckled. " No, thanks, he hates my guts ever since I accidently knocked off his wig wihen I ran into him. He'd kill me, given the chance. No, I'll go have a look. Just keep an eye on me."

" Why don't you go across the street? " Robert suggested. " You don't have to go around the corner to see him then."

Fiona looked at the younger boy, who was blushing fiercly when the three older girls all watched him in silence.

" Great idea, Bob, " Fiona finally grinned, patting his shoulder. " I will do that. Thanks."

Fiona cast a look at the teachers who were enjoying an animated discussion, not seeing the young girl leave the school grounds and crossing the street.

But Fred noticed and he mumbled a string of curses.

" Damnit, that girl is just too smart."



Jody yawned shamelessly and stretched her body, softly groaning. She had just woken up from a deep sleep, noticing the beam of sunlight peeking through the blinds, realizing it would be time to get up.

She rolled on her side and cast a fond look at Sam's sleeping form. The taller woman was laying on her back, one arm stretched out alongside her body, the other curled up around the pillow. Her breathing was deep and even and Jody couldn't resist the temptation of letting her hand wander across the exposed skin of her abdomen. She rubbed the skin in lazy circles, watching Sam's face for any sign of awareness. But Sam's face remained relaxed and her breathing never changed.

Jody's hand traveled up until she could caress the soft swell of a breast, enjoying the sensations that were running through her body, upon feeling the silky softness.

" You always take advantage of sleeping women?" Sam's amused voice shattered the silence and a pair of twinkling blue eyes were raised to meet a pair of startled green ones. But Jody recovered quickly.

" You sneak, " she smiled, softly pinching a very sensitive spot that immediately stood at attention. "You were awake the whole time, weren't you?"

Sam chuckled and reached out her hand to pull Jody close for a very tender and very long kiss. When they broke off they were both breathless.

" Good morning, honey, " Sam smiled.

" Morning, love," Jody smiled back, again lost in the blue depths that were so close.

" Magnetic blue, " she said, all of a sudden, surprising Sam.

" What?"

" Magnetic blue, " Jody repeated, her finger tracing one of Sam's eyebrows. " I finally found the word to describe your eyes. Remember that morning, a long, long time ago when you just woke up on me? I told you how beautiful your eyes were and you were wondering if I could come up with a word to describe them. You wondered if there was a poet inside of me somewhere."

" I remember, " Sam softly replied, her fingers gently scratching Jody's back. " Magnetic blue. Mmm, I like the sound of that. You must be a poet, honey."

" Only around you, " Jody confessed with a wink, making Sam chuckle. " So, how are you feeling this morning?"

" Blissfully happy, " Sam immediately answered. " And very loved."

They stared into each others eyes for a long time, until Jody leaned in for a fleeting kiss.

" I do love you, Sam."

" I know, baby. I love you too, I have always loved you."

It was a simple declaration, but said with such an intensity that it brought tears to Jody's eyes. But she smiled and buried her face in Sam's neck, sighing contendly, feeling the grip of Sam's arms around her tighten. One of Sam's hands idly played with a strand of long hair and she pressed her lips against Jody's temple, kissing her softly.

" I could easily stay in bed like this all day, " she lazily confessed, reveling in the warmth between them. " Of course, at one point, things could get a bit more intense, but somehow I don't think you would mind."

"Not at all, " Jody mumbled and Sam could feel her body shake from silent laughter.

" What is so funny?" Sam curiously inquired.

" Nothing," Jody answered in a strangled voice.

" Yeah, right, ' Sam chuckled, tickling exsposed ribs, making Jody squirm. " Tell me, baby. Come on."

Sam increased the tickling with one hand, holding her lover down with the other until Jody gave in.

" Okay, okay, I'll tell you, " she cried out, laughing. " I was just thinking that you handled your first time pretty well. You seem insatiable."

" You made a believer out of me, honey, " Sam grinned, pulling Jody on top of her and catching a pair of lips for a scorching kiss, that soon increased in passion, leaving them both needy for more.

" God, Sam," Jody panted. " I want this, I want you, but we have to go to the police station soon. We can't wait too long."

" You're right, " Sam hoarsly replied, feeling a pang of regret. " But….can I take a rain check?"

" Absolutely, " Jody breathed, drawn to Sam's lips and kissing her passionately.

" We will continue this later today, baby, " she promised with difficulty, extracting her body from Sam's arms, trying to ignore the persistent throbbing that their kissing had ignited. " I promise."


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Part 8

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