The Request

by Ri

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Hilda was silently staring out the window. She couldnít believe how her life had changed in the last eleven months. She had fallen in love with a human. ĎLove,í She thought of the word with irony and smiled sweetly. She leaned her head against the coolness of the window pane and watched the snow fall on the other side of the glass. To allow herself to fall in love was the best decision of her life. She knew her beloved father would be very proud of her.

He always wanted her to lead a normal life. She had convinced herself that he was wrong; that she, his creation was incapable of love. ĎAfter all I waited fifty human years for my little one to come to me. How was I to know she would stumble into my class and my heart all in one fell swoop?í She thought with a a happy contented smile.


Hilda turned, aprofessional looking woman was just inside the door at the waiting room she was in, "Yes?"

"Its time for you to prepare for the procedure."

Hilda nodded her had and followed the woman down the sterile corridor to another room where she was to change. The other woman left to give Hilda her privacy. Hilda sat down and stared at her hands and shook her head.

ĎI canít believe this is happening,íshe thought as she mechanically began to change her clothes. ĎIt all began so informally...í

* * * * *



"Can I talk to you about something?"

"Sure, little one. Whats wrong?" Hilda asked putting down the information plate she was studying. It was finals and she had a lot of tests to read on the plate.

Anna smiled and shook her head, "Nothing is wrong....I....uh....just need to discuss something with you."

Hilda smiled at Anna. Everytime she looked at this human her heart fluttered. Hilda never believed she could be so happy and content but she was and she would do anything for the little human. "What would you like to discuss?"

Anna sat down across from the tall beautiful android and took a deep breath. ĎHere goes,í She thought to herself, "Hilda, how do you feel about children?"

"I love human children, you know that."

"Yes, um...well I wasnít thinking of children in general, I was...well I kinda though....well about our child?"

Hildaís beautiful blue eyes widened in shock. She thought she must have a circuit in her ears malfunctioning, "Uh...Anna, we donít have...are you want...but..."

Anna couldnít help it she began to cry. "Its ok if you donít want to..."

Hilda had the smaller woman in her arms in seconds, "Its not that...I canít... Anna....Iím not human and...even I were... I am not a male and..."

Anna was cuddled within Hildaís comforting arms. "I know all that. I was thinking of child implantation."

Hilda looked at her in astonishment, "But why?"

"I want to have a child with you."

"Iím an android."

"You're my love. And while we're still young..."

"I am 50 human years old...."

"You wouldnít carry the child. I would. And you're immortal."

"No Iím not. Love, I will die too. I just decompose slower then a human. Do you really want to have a baby?"


"What can I offer a human child?"


Hilda nodded, "Yes, I can do that. But what else? Iím not exactly a role model for a human."

"The hell you arenít. You're wonderful. And you damn well know it." Anna reached up and caressed a cheek and then lifted the lowered head till their eyes met, "Donít you?"




"Will you?"

A deep agonizing sigh and then Hilda nodded and whispered, "Yes."

"Thank you, I love you."

"I love you too, little one."

* * * * *

There was knock on the door and Hilda looked at herself in the mirror in amazement. She was in doctorís scrubs on the way to coach the love of her life to have their child. "Life was just too bizarre for this Android."

* * * * *

Six grueling hours later she and Anna were looking in amazement at the healthy six pound, five ounce daughter nestled in Annaís arms. She had blonde hair, sky blue eyes and was a delightful combination of both her mothers.

"Sheís beautiful." Hilda said caressing a soft little cheek.

"Yes, She has your eyes and skin tone."

"She has your hair color and cute little nose." Hilda replied with a sweetly besotted expression on her face.

"God, I just canít believe we did it."

"You did all the work."

"Not really, I almost pulled your arm out of itís socket during the delivery.

And I wasnít very nice to you. I think we both earned this little joy." She said smiling at her partner and caressing her childís soft hair.

"Anna....Iím scared."


"How can I help raise a human baby?" Hilda had tears in her eye ducts from both fear and frustration.

"You're not. You are raising our baby. She is not just some human foundling. Though I think youíd be incredible to a foundling too. This is our child, carefully picked by both of us. We have only have one job to do. To love her."

"I already do."

"Then we're half way there."

"I love you both."

"And we love you."

"So what do you want to call our little girl?"


"After my Father?" Hilda asked in breathless disbelief.

"Why not? If it wasnít for him I wouldnít have you or her. Iím very grateful to him."

"So am I." Hilda bent down and gently picked up her daughter. Anna smiled at her love and partner with tears streaming down her cheeks. She was so proud of her.

"Well my darling, Jaime, as soon as your Mommy over there is rested from bringing you into the world, we will go home and I will love you both till the end of time."

Blue eyes met green and they knew that what Hilda said was how they both felt. They were a family. They both knew that this was only the beginning.

The End

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