The Retreat
by Ri


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This is a continuation of the stories Cybotic Love and The Request. Please read those stories for a better understanding of the following tale.

Anna stood at the head of her first class in her first semester as an associate professor. This was the last day of school before the semester break and she was reminding her class of androids that the midterms were on the heals of the break. "But try to still have some fun," She said with a smile. The class merely stared at her and said nothing.

'Oops,' She thought, "Class dismissed." She said quietly shaking her head at another miscalculation. She felt her partners presence before she saw her. She gazed at Hilda who smiled at her and lifted an elegant eyebrow in question. Anna
shrugged her shoulders, then smiled and turned to gather her belongings to accompany Hilda home.

Meanwhile, Hilda was asked to speak privately with a fellow Cybot named Donavan. "Professor were confused, Doesn't Professor Greene know that Cybot's do not have fun? We explore the physical activities but fun is not a concept we understand."

Hilda smiled, She understood completely. She leaned against the wall and crossed her arms, "Maybe the Professor is suggesting you explore the concept of fun? Actually if you do that you could use it as the paper that is due in my class after the semester break."

Both Donavan's eyebrows shot up, "Oh, I didn't think of that. That is a good idea, Ma'am. Thank you."

Hilda winked at the younger android, "Try to spend some of this break with some human students you may learn a thing or two."

Donavan looked hesitant, "That may be difficult..."

"Just try. You never know."Hilda replied with gentle sympathy.

"Yes Ma'am." Donavan replied and moved to join her fellow students down the hall.

"What was that all about?" Asked Anna as she joined her partner with her teacher's satchel slung over her shoulder.

"Trying to get young Donavan to explore new frontiers."Said Hilda with a bright smile for the woman she loved. She gently removed the satchel from Anna's shoulder putting it over her own to Anna's amusement.

"Well if anyone can inspire someone to do that its you."Said Anna her eyes glowing with admiration.

Blue eyes met green full of love and admiration and Hilda whispered, "Ditto, Little one."

** ** ** **

Jaime was fast asleep in Hilda's arms and she was unconsciencely humming to her child. She was staring at the fire thinking of their vacation up at their cabin retreat. She also had a plan and was trying to figure out the best way to present it to her mate.

After play time and bath time which usuasually turned into play time six-month old Jaime was usually kept with Mommy Hilda while Mommy Anna cleaned up the kitchen. Anna came into the living room and smiled at the sight before her eyes. Hilda had changed so much in the time since they became parents, She was more relaxed while home. She was able to express herself without fear and for the first time since her father died she felt loved by someone. She was happy.

Hilda looked up at Anna and on seeing the love of her life her face glowed with that emotion. "Hi."

"Hi, yourself. You two make a pretty picture."Anna replied with a proud smile.

"Come here you, We need you to complete the picture."

Anna smiled and slid in on the other side of the large chair. Then Hilda placed the their little girl on both their laps and her free arm around Anna's shoulders. "That's better." Hilda said with contented sigh.

"Much, Much better. You hum very prettily, Hil."


"You were humming."

"I was not. I don't know how."

"Well you were."

"Stop teasing me, Little one. I'm not human and I don't hum"

"Uh huh, Like you don't sleep and you don't snore?" Anna asked with a wide knowing grin.

Hilda couldn't argue with that. Anna had already proven those two to be quite true. She now knew it was possible that she was humming,"Umm, What was I humming?"

"It sounded like a lullaby."

"I only know one, My Dad used to hum it to me when he wanted to get me to rest or relax when I was upset...I guess...I ....well, wanted to give that to my daughter."

"Its a beautiful gift."

"Thank you," Hilda said as she leaned down to give a passionate kiss to the woman who meant everything to her. "I love you." She whispered as they parted.

"I love you too."

They basked for a few minutes in the glow of both the fire and their love. Feeling their baby gently breathing on their laps.

"Little one?"


"I have a request."


Hilda smiled caressing her soft cheek and looking into her partners liquid green eyes, "Don't say that till you hear this one."She said gently with light kiss to an upturned nose.

"What is it?" Asked Anna caressing Hilda's strong upper arm.

Hilda swallowed, She knew that she would need to put Jaime to sleep soon. Her newly discovered libido was very awake at the moment. "Uh... would it be ok if Andy and John came with us to the retreat?"

"Sure, That's not a big deal." She brought her mouth to a beloved neck and began to kiss it gently.

"Um...I....want to...bring her...oh....the think we need to put the baby to bed." Hilda said abruptly as she stood up bringing up Anna and the baby with her and carried her family upstairs. Andy could wait.

** ** ** **

Before Hilda met Anna she rarely slept. Her Father taught her that she could and that she should to re energize herself, But she felt fine and saw no need. Now with her mate and a child, she needed to rest. She had so much activity and emotion
that she was unaccustomed to that it became a necessity.

She was in bed with her arms around Anna's waist and Anna's head was resting comfortably on her shoulder. She loved this feeling of intimacy that she felt cuddled in bed with her little one. Sleepy green eyes opened to loving blue, "Good Morning."

"Good Morning," Hilda replied and leaned down to give Anna a solid good morning kiss. Then a string of kisses going down till she reached her neck sucking gently at a pulse point.

"Mmmm"Moaned Anna, "I thought ....I....Uh....we were going.....Uh to talk. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh"She brought their lips together in a passionate kiss giving the android no time to reply.

"Not at the moment," Hilda replied moving to a delicate ear nibbling it gently.

"Ah...ok...Uh, did you....ohhhh....a baby....?"

Hilda stopped and kissed her nose, "Yes, Little one."

Anna smiled up at her licked her nose playfully, "How about cuddle and play. Then take care of the baby, then we'll discuss Andy and John?"

Hilda rubbed noses with Anna and said, "Sounds like a plan. Now back to the main event."Hilda descended down onto waiting lips and complete bliss.

** ** ** ***

The three of them were at breakfast, Hilda was feeding the baby specially designed food to bring strength to the babies immune system. It tasted like apricots and Jaime loved it. She smiled sweetly at her daughter as she gobbled up her food.

"Do you think if she was an older child and knew that this stuff was good for her she's eat it with such enthusiasm?"

Anna laughed as she put the coffee in front of Hilda, "Of course not. Your a behaviorist you know it goes against human behavior."

Hilda nodded her head, "It is hard to maintain a clinical distance when discussing my own daughter with my life mate." Hilda stated with an arch of an elegant eyebrow.

"True, You wanted to discuss Andy and John coming to the cabin?"

Hilda nodded, "Yes, I would like to help Andy. A bit more gently then she helped me, us really...I want her to be happy...Uh, Like us..." She had it all planned out and now she was stuttering, the emotion was overwhelming her logic once again.

"Its ok, Love. I understand. I want to do it too. Umm, I don't think its possible for them to be as happy as we are...I mean...were..."

"I know, But I'd like to do as much for them as...I mean I've known Andrea for 30years. Besides you she is my best friend...I want...."

Anna came behind her and put her arms around her shoulders squeezing gently, "I understand. What do you think it will take for them to get together?"

"I don't know, I mean, Andy is a 45 year old adolescent. John may be way to mature for her. But I have seen that spark between them. I think if they had the same opportunity we did...they would...well you know." Said Hilda impatiently upset with her own inability to convey such a simple concept.

"Don't worry, I understand completely and I agree. Andy is my best friend too. So lets help her. "Anna said cheerfully as she kissed the androids neck.

Hilda smiled and leaned into the embrace, "Mmmmm, Don't distract me. I still need to finish feeding the baby." Hilda said as she tried hard to focus on the words.

"Ok," She nibbled an elegant ear and then pulled back, "Chores first then pleasure." She caressed Hilda's cheek and then kissed her daughter on the nose causing her to giggle.

"Jaime Darling, What I go through for you my love." Said Hilda with a smile at her giggling child. Jaime looked at her two Mommies and gurgled happily accepting another mouthful of delicious glop from the taller one.

** ** ** ** **

Hilda was driving the aircar up to the cabin. Anna and little Jaime were beside her. John and Andrea were in the back.

"Hil, How long till we get up there?" Asked the impatient woman in the back seat.

Hilda rolled her eyes and looked at the woman beside her with an upraised eyebrow. Anna smiled, "Ok, you win. Hey, Darling," Anna said to the baby, "Mommy Hil gets to read a bed time story to you every night while I get to slave in the kitchen."

Hilda rolled her eyes again, "Don't worry Anna I'll make it up to you after my darling girl goes to sleep." Hilda said with an exaggerated wink.

Anna blushed and hid her face in her daughters soft blonde hair.

Andrea laughed and said, "Try to hide that blush, Kiddo. It does look lovely on you."She said to her friend with a teasing smirk.

Hilda glanced at her mate who was now studying the passing scenery with deep concentration, "You are beautiful when you blush."She said very quietly.

"Thanks,"Anna choked out.

"Your welcome," Hilda looked over her shoulder with a look of frustration toward her best friend, facing forward she said,"Andy shut up, You've teased her quite enough for one drive."

"Hey, thats not fair. You started it."

"And I'm ending it."

John smiled at Andrea and said sweetly. "Andy just look at the pretty scenery for a while and let the newlyweds relax."

"Hey, If it wasn't for me they wouldn't be together in the first place."

"And were grateful; now shut up." Said Hilda shaking her head at her friends pouting face.

"Some graditude...I...."John had taken her in his arms and started to kiss her passionately, in a most distracting way.

Hilda smiled and winked at Anna. Anna rolled her eyes and lightly hit Hilda's arm. Then she caressed it and said, "Our work hasn't even begun yet, Hil"

"I know. But it is a damn good start"

** ** ** **

Once they arrived at the cabin the two parents put there bundle of joy to bed. Then joined their friends in the lush living room.

"Anny, your Mom had great taste." Said Andrea to her friend with admiration.

"Thanks Andy, I...Uh miss her." She felt a little sad that her Mother died before meeting either Hilda or Jaime. She would of loved them both so. She would of been fascinated by Hilda's complex nature and of course she would of fell head over heels for her grandchild.

Hilda sensing Anna's sadness was immediately by her side with an arm around her waist pulling her close. Anna was deeply comforted by the gesture. She looked up at Hilda seeing the loving concern in the deep blue eyes, she said, "Thank you."

"My honor, Little one. Come on, lets get settled. Did you two unpack yet?" She asked their guests.

"Nope, I'm going to relax tonight. I even convinced Mr. Organized to do the same.

Hilda and Anna looked stunned. John was legendary for his need to organize things.

He smiled at them and shrugged.

Hilda smiled and put her arm through Anna's "Come on, Little one, we have a lot to do."

** ** ** **
"Well?" Said Hilda as soon as she had Anna alone in their room.

Anna smiled at the android who was acting awfully human at the moment. "Well what?"

"Anna!" Hilda scolded exasperated.

Anna giggled. She shrugged her shoulders and said, "Its possible. That was a big sacrafise of himself that he's made for her. So he is willing. Now all we have to do is wait for Andy to do the same."

Hilda's face fell, "The most stubborn female on the planet."

"After me?" Anna asked with a huge smile.

Hilda ruffled her love's blonde hair and smiled sweetly, "She's not even in the same league with you. In fact your in a league all of your own."

"That's pretty lonely, Hil. Care to volunteer to join my league?"

Hilda swept the smaller woman off her feet and carried her toward their bathroom. "Any time, Any where."

** ** ** **

Hilda came in the living room to find John alone he looked very thoughtful. Though she was very curious she turns to give him his privacy.

"Don't leave Hil, I need your advise."

"My advise?"

"Yep, on Andy."

"What kind of advise?"

"I... uh...well I'm going to and...well ...should I ...I mean... I..."

"Wooa, I'm an android, remember? John, What do I know about Human love...."

John laughed and shook his head while Hilda looked merely confused. Finally he took pity on her and trying to keep the mirth from his voice said, "Hil, You are so in love in with Anny its not funny. Of course you know about human love you live it
every day...I envy your happiness."

Hilda blushed a deep red, That was another first for her. Pure embarrassment was not a feeling she had ever experienced before. What John said was true. She loved Anna with her whole heart. She had never been as happy as she was with this
special human.

Finally she looked up into his sparkling hazel eyes, John winked at his friend. That made her laugh. When she caught her breath and calmed down she quietly replied, "I...guess your right. I do know about my own love. My love for my
life mate and my child. But Human love in general, John? What do I know of that?" She asked her old friend honestly.

"Hey, I'm not asking in general. I'm being very specific here. I'm talking about your oldest friend. You know Andy better then anyone. Do you think she loves me enough to commit to me?"



"Yes, really. John, Andy has been head over heals in love with you for a long time. Just be romantic and ask her. She is a sucker for romance. You have the perfect setting and its safe, so go for it."

"You...You planned this?"

Hilda smiled brightly and nodded her head, "Yep, me and Anna."

"Shit, you sneaks! Um...Thanks, Hil."

"Your welcome, Now go."

He nodded and left in search of his love. Hilda shook her head and went onto the balcony.

'Mission accomplished. I think it should go well for them. I hope so.' Thought Hilda as her eyes sought out the beauty of the forest that surrounded their cabin.

Suddenly she felt a warmth at her back and two small strong arms snuck around her waist pulling her close to the body behind her.



"I see John is in private conversation with Andy, on one knee yet."

"My, he is a fast worker."

"So I take it this means our mission is accomplished?"


"So now that we have done the task that we set out to do. What's next for us?"

"Uh, we can explore the surrounding countryside?"

Gently but firmly Anna turned the android around so they faced each other. Hilda smiled at the human and she put her arms around her bringing her close to her body.

"We could stick close to home and explore new internal heights."Then Hilda sensually brought there lips together in a well connected kiss.

When they parted Anna smiled and said, "I take suggestion two."

"Your wish is my command, My love." Said Hilda as she picked Anna up and headed toward their own internal bliss.

The End

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