Semper Fi
Part 4

by Larisa

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Brennan pulled back to see the hurt in Ronnie's swollen blue eyes and then the love that poured them from.

I love you Ronnie, don't you ever leave me again!" They shared a gentle kiss that developed quickly into a kiss to make up for all of lost time. Brennan broke the kiss to gaze at her lover noticing the small lines now at the corners of her eyes and the silver at her temples that her fingers running through.

Civilian life is aging me." She said giving a small smile

I'll still think you're beautiful when you're all silver. Here I am hanging all over you and I don't even know if your single?"

That all depends on if you are Brennan?" Brennan gave her a soft kiss. "With that settled lets get out of here I think mom will give us this one indiscretion."

Big John and the major returned to find her office empty. "Kids I tell ya I'm glad my daughter's already married and has a family lives in Texas! With Ronnie as a daughter Major I'm surprise your not in the loony bin by now."

Well believe me I've come close. Well, I guess First Lieutenant Magdoon will brief Ronnie then you two can compare notes, then we will see what happens."

Aye aye ma'am!" He grinned as he popped off a salute. "Retired for Sergeant third MarDiv."

GODS were every where aren't we?"

Yep ain't it great?" John replied.

When they got to Lisa's no one was home, before the front door had closed the were halfway up the steps undressing each other as they went, leaving a trail of cloths the whole way. Inside Brennan's bedroom they came face-to-face, standing in their underwear. Brennan's eyes started to tear up from looking at her lover, walking into outstretched arms they hugged for what seemed eternity until hands started to explore flesh untouched for so long. Ronnie removed the barriers between them by stripping Brennan the rest of the way, then her own T-shirt and boxers followed being deftly removed by small hands, the same hands that lead her to the bed and threw her down. Brennan completely covered her lover's body with kisses to work her way back to soft lips. She teased in Ronnie's bottom lip with her tongue at first then her teeth until she pulled it into her mouth. Ronnie flipped them over, taking control of the kiss she drank deeply of her lovers mouth, sliding her tongue beside Brennan's she swallowed the moans she caused when she caressed a her firm breast with her callused hand. Kissing her way down she stopped at each hipbone leaving a kiss and worked her way down to the insides of each thigh, placing kisses closer and closer to her destination. Brennan was thrashing on the bed, her body being tortured from the wait.

Ronnie, stop teasing me, I'm dying here!" She begged.

The grin on Ronnie's face soon disappeared with her first taste of her lover after so long brought tears to her eyes. It wasn't until this second that she knew how much she loved her lieutenant and how stupid and selfish she had then by denying them a life together if that's what Bre wanted.

Brennan felt her lovers tongue slip between her nether lips tasting her juices. As she moved up to circle her enlarged clit that one touch sent her over. "Rooonnie!" Tremors hit her from deep inside crashing all through her body to leave her limp and wasted in her lover's arms, tears ran down both their cheeks and mingling where their faces were buried in each other's necks.

I've missed you so much Bre!" She pulled away to look into lovers eyes. "I'm sorry, at the time I thought just leaving was the best but now I know I was wrong."

Brennan wiped the tears from Ronnie's. face. "Its over and in the past and you will never get away from me again!" She pushed Ronnie back on the bed and loved her slowly all the way down her body until she was lying between her muscular thighs, running her tongue up each side of the area between her thigh and nether lips. As she moved closer each time until she teased her engorged clit with her tongue, pulling it between her lips she lightly sucked until she felt Ronnie's hips keep rhythm. She pulled on it with her teeth and felt shock waves shoot through her lovers body. Pushing two fingers deep inside her she brought her to another climax and heard her name echoed off the walls. Cuddling together they fell asleep in the only place they ever wanted to the in each other's arms.

Laurie unlocked the front door and Lisa, Danny and Jack carried bags of groceries in, everyone piled into each other when Laurie stopped dead in her tracks. Bending over she picked up a black suit jacket, then holding it out in front of her she showed it to the others. "This does not belong to Brennan."

The 4 of them picked up the trail of discarded clothing, Jack put the dress shirt to her nose. "Who ever he is he wears Dracar cologne."

Brennan was on her back with the blankets pulled up to her neck one arm was flung out to the side and the other one was flung across for warm body cuddled against her stomach. After listening for noises Lisa opened the bedroom door slowly to see Brennan asleep. They crept in and Danny picked up the tank top off the floor along with the silk boxers, she showed Lisa who stood leaning over the bed. She whispered in Brennan's ear.

Bre who's the guy?"

Bre mumbled something so Danny took over, pulling her little finger from her mouth she stuck it in to Bre's ear and pulled out making a popping sound. Bre grabbed her ear as her eyes flew open, her voice thickened with sleep she croaked.


Who's the guy?"

GO AWAY PONI!" Came from under the blanket. four shocked faces looked at the huge lump under the covers, an evil grin came to Poni face grabbing the covers she whipped them off the bed to reveal Ronnie wrapped around Bre's body. "By the GODS Ronnie you bitch!" Yelled Poni at the top of her lungs. Jack did her war cry and screamed for the amazons to attack. Six bodies rolled around the bed with Danny yelling her usual about group sex, after minutes of wrestling they all calmed down to one big heap of bodies. Lisa tapped Brennan on her forehead and gave her the cocked eyebrow look.

We thought you became a trader and had some man up here!"

Why would you think that?" She asked them.

Because we found men's clothes all the way up the steps." She bent down and pick up the jacket and a black wallet fell out, flipping it open she saw a gold badge with FBI crossed it and Ronnie's ID card on the other side.

Wholly shit guys Ronnie's fucking Bureau of Investigation's!" Danny went nose to nose with her friend. "What were you investigating under the blankets in here Special Agent?" Her eyes twinkled and with her trademark grin she answered. "Kinky sex and the women and who enjoy it." Brennan's face was beet red. "Can we get dressed now or is everybody gonna sleep with us?"

Brennan covered her face. "I can't believe I just said that."

Oooohhh I thought she'd never ask!" Danny latched onto Ronnie's leg. "Ronnie's allll mine!"

Jack and leaned into her wife and grabbed her by her ear and gave her something to think about. "You know the term in intensive care? Well that's where you'll be if it don't get up off Ronnie!" Danny looked to see green eyes glaring at her.

Just kidding Bre." She started to crawl on her hands and knees backwards off the bed. "Gods your easy Poni." Bre laughed. Poni looked to her wife.

Am I easy?" Jack slid her hand up between Danny's legs and rubbed her groin, Danny moaned and fell face first into the bed. "Does that answer your question?"

The kitchen was overflowing with laughter as the group sat drinking Foster's beer and throwing popcorn down the front of Jack's shirt, they knew they would pay when she woke up but they didn't care they were all happy that Ronnie was home and back with Bre. Their family was once again complete.

Ronnie told them about her training for the FBI Brennan's smacked her for not telling her that she was one credit away from graduating from college her reply was.

"She never asked?"

"Is it going to be a problem which both of you working on the same case?" Lisa looked down at her fingers peeling label from her beer bottle.

"No I think you'll feet a little easier, after all we'll have plenty of bedside chats to discuss strategies trying to catch this asshole." The week was spent gathering information and going over all the old records, Ronnie sat at her desk with folders piled all across the front Big John could hardly see her.

"Got anything yet?" He asked.

"Yeah eyestrain and a headache! John nothing matches with these women, they all look different, they had nothing in common, there different places no connection with friends some are depends or military. they don't belong to any group nothing. I think he just goes out and grabs someone and the MO is all the same, death by strangulation all cloths are quartered and are placed neatly beside the body with their shoes at the bottom, it reminds me of J O B (junk on the bunk USMC inspection) the way everything is laid out we could be looking for a military person or someone who is a dependent.

"What did the profiler say?" He asked.

"Call Clarice Starling." John chuckled at her. "To bad it's not Hannibal Lector, maybe we could give some good Pate`."

"You eat that stuff?" John wiggled his eyebrows oh I eat many things but one thing I really enjoy." John leaned close to her and Lowed his voice. "Something with real whipped cream all over it."

Ronnie's mind fell in the gutter. Brennan covered with whipped cream and me licking it off a little at a time, bringing moans and whimpers from my lovers lips right up until she screams my name." Ronnie pulled on the collar of her shirt which had gotten tight all of a sudden and a certain other area of her body that was throbbing.

"And can't you just feel those big old chunks just swimming around in your mouth covered with cream?" Ronnie's face paled with the mention of chunks. John was loving it and the look of complete ecstasy on his face as he smacked his lips, he watched the green pallor go up her neck. "And the flavor as they melt in your mouth!"

"John that is the most disgusting mental picture of you have done yet."

"What you don't like pineapple and whipped cream?"

Ronnie's jaw dropped open and she groaned as she leaned back in her chair.


"Gotcha you fell right in the gutter! But I like your picture to, Brennan covered with whipped cream eating pineapple chunks." Ronnie couldn't help but laugh at her partner and the true love of his life, food! She was amazed at how fast he threw her mind into the gutter with his little play on word games.

"Ok ...lets just focus on the last one and work our way back." After few hours went by with both of them written notes down, then John tossed his papers in front of her.

"Tell me what you don't see?" Ronnie read the report again her eyebrows arched up at him. “Ok I don't see it." Ronnie sat there looking at him like he was nuts. "John stop beating around the bush and come out with it."

"No pictures." She looked at him. "How would you like your funeral?" John searched through the records. "Where is the toxicology records?"

"Not back yet, figure we've got four homicides in one month, it takes three to four weeks to get the tests back."

"Shit we're screwed Ronnie!" John groaned.

Brennan and Ronnie were at her house cleaning of all the cobwebs from the corners and doing a general field day of the place so Ronnie could move her stuff from the FBI Academy back into her own house. Ronnie was in the bedroom putting clean sheets on the bed when Brennan came in and noticed the shallow type boxes on the one wall. Getting closer she seen that one was all of Ronnie's ribbons on one side and chevrons made of solid gold from private first-class to GySgt on the other. The middle was empty, the box above the smaller one held an officer's sword and scabbard, tears came to Brennan's eyes as she remembered putting her sword on the handlebars of Ronnie's Harley.

"You kept that!" Ronnie stepped up behind her and enfolded her in a warm embrace.

"Of course I did I, will always cherish that sword and I never got to thank you for it." She turned Bre in her arms and kissed her softly, looking back to the wall she asked about the empty spot.

"That's where my discharge certificate is supposed to be."

"Supposed to be?" Brie questioned. "I never got it." She shrugged her shoulders and pulled Bre back in to her arms. Bre slipped away and ran off after giving Ronnie a quick kiss. She came back 10 minutes later carrying a photo envelope that she handed to her lover. Ronnie opened it and pulled out a certificate of Honorable Discharge signed by the Commandant of the Marine Corps. Tears came to Ronnie's eyes and she looked over the certificate in her hand. Bre took down the box and together they filled the blank space, Ronnie cupped her lover's face in her hands looking deep into sea green eyes she thanked her with a loving kiss.

"Where did you get that from Bre? I was retired with a general discharge not an Honorable."

"I know but when yours came Jack gave it to me and I kind of went off, and ended up at the Pentagon in the Commandants office."

"You what! My Gods you could have ended up in the brig! Why did you do that?"

"Cuz you deserved more and after I told the old dog whole story he made a phone call and five minutes later his clerk came and handed him that. He signed it and said he was sorry that the Corps had l lost such a brave Marine because of some assholes and their views on WM's.

"You are unbelievable you know that?"

Ronnie sat at her desk with papers all over the place, with creases across her forehead she rubbed her eyes. "Something's missing, this can't be all there was at the crime scene." She grabbed the phone.

"Legal department, Lieutenant Magdoon can I help you?"

"What are you wearing?" A deep voice asked.

A smile broke out on Brennan's face. "A pair of handcuffs and nothing else."

"What kind of cuffs?"

"Oohh I think there some MPs if I'm not mistaken."


"Hi honey, want to do me for lunch?" Brennan asked.

Ronnie's soft chuckles could be heard over the phone. "Do I get the same offer for supper?"

Leaning back in her chair she put her feet up on the desk and thanked who ever for the private office since she was in a skirt and knew the feet on the desk was in no shape or form ladylike.

"All that depends on how well you cook for lunch."

"Just wait and see, any way I got a question about the case, why don't I have any crime scene pictures and the inventory sheet of the collected evidence on any of the cases?"

Brennan return to a more normal sitting position. "I don't know let me look in my files." She came back a few minutes later to the phone. "Ronnie I don't have any either, now this can't be an oversight, all four cases with the same paper were missing?"

"No something's wrong, who were the investigating officers? I'm missing that paperwork to.

"Tell you what honey I'll get everything over here copied and I'll bring it home with me at lunch time."

"Ok but I know that I'll be too busy to look at them!"

To be continued.

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