Semper Fi
Part 5

by Larisa

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Ronnie laid with her back propped against pillows looking through the case files, her brows gathered over the bridge of her nose in concentration, the deep growl that rose from her chest woke Brennan from sleep. She turned her head from its resting place on her lover stomach to see flashing blue eyes, her lover's name came out as a croak.

"Ron what's wrong?"

Ronnie dropped the file over the side of the bed with a thwak.

"Part of all the reports are missing, someone's covering it up!"

Bre crawled up her lovers body taking her place in strong arms, tucking your head under Ronnie's chin she mumbled for her to get some sleep.

The next morning Major Mom sat behind her desk reading the latest issue of Playboy. Her feet were crossed at the ankles and resting in the center of her desk when Brennan walked in.

"Major can I speak to you?" A blush went from her neck to her hairline when Bre saw what the Major was reading.

"Would you look at this shit!" She turned the centerfold so Bre could see it. "She ain't no real blond!" Bre couldn't help but notice since the majors finger was pointing out the area to her "They should make the bitches shave if they ain't gonna dye everything!" Bre caught herself paying too much attention to the picture. "Uhm.... ahh.. yeah your right they should shave.... I mean.... never mind." Seeing an image of her shaving Ronnie flashed through her head, she was brought out of her fantasy by the Major hitting her on the head with the magazine. A sheepish grin came over her face.

"Sorry who do I speak to about the reports on the case and working on?"

"The Investigating Officers, why?"

"Well that's the problem, I don't know who they are."

After explaining what her and Ronnie found the Major made a phone call then sent Brennan to the MP shop where she was given a run-around until she was standing in front of one of NIS guys.

"Are you Tom Ashford?" She asked the tall sandy hair man who was standing there stripping her clothes off with his eyes.

"Yeah, what do you want?"

Bre was taken back by his lack of respect.

Ronnie threw all files in her backpack and headed out the door, passing John way she yelled over her shoulder that she was going to see her mom. She found her Ma in the same position that Bre had earlier except she was laughing so hard tears came to her eyes. The magazine was yanked from her hands and the centerfold was pulled out again.

"What the fuck! The phony bitch." Ronnie pulled the picture closer to eyes. "There's enough silicone in there to make a set tires for my truck and she's not even a real blond!" Ma grinned at her daughter.

"Is Bre?"

Ronnie lowered the magazine and gave her Ma 'The Look.'

"Ain't you the lucky one." Ma replied.

Ronnie grinned at her. "Speaking of the real deal, where is my woman?"

"She's over at the MP shop chasing down paperwork and the IO's on her case.

Brennan's blood pressure was skyrocketing fast. "And I don't give a damn if your the fucking Adjutant General, you're not getting any of my files, so just haul your ass out of my office. You split tales have no business in a man's world! The only thing you're good for is laying on your back!"

Brennan was just about to jump over the desk at him when a hand came down on her shoulder stopping her. In two quick strides Ronnie had Ashford by his throat and on his back across his desk. Silvery blue eyes bore into his shocked brown eyes.

"You need to show some respect to women not to mention an officer! So what ever she was asking for I suggest you give it to her or I'll let her tear you apart!" Ashford pointed to a stack of folders on top of his filing cabinet, Brie grabbed them then stood in the hallway waiting for Ronnie. Ashford clutched his throat and glared at Ronnie's back.

"Fucking Dyke I'll report you!" Ronnie turned around and flashed a toothy grin

"Go right ahead, the names Agent Xeronin Flaherty, and I'm sure your CO will be thrilled with what I have to tell him." After they left Ashford grabbed his phone when the other party picked up he whispered into the handset. "We got a problem, I need to see you ASAP!"

Ronnie and Brennan were in Brennan's office, still shaky after what happened in Ashford's office Ronnie pulled close the door then pulled Bre into her arms and held her.

"You ok?"

"I am now, Gods I wanted to punch the shit out of him! I've never had anyone talk to me like that!"

"He's a first-class chauvinistic dick, I should send Poni over to rough him up." Ronnie felt the chuckles coming from her small lover. "I can see it now Amazon Recon Patrol." Brennan pulled back a little to gaze up her lover, when a wicked grin came over her face to match flashing green eyes.

"Xeronin?" Bre questioned.

Ronnie closed her eyes and groaned. "Uhm...well... shit! Don't you dare tell anybody!" She pleaded.

"It's better than what I thought it would be."

Bre stepped back a few steps to be safe side.


"Try being called Xero, does wonders for little kids ego. Thank the Gods I was already this tall at 12 and could intimidate all the trolls." Brennan planted her hands on her hips giving Ronnie her rendition of 'The look' she growled. "So I'm a troll?" Ronnie's eyes grew wide her mouth opened but nothing came out, Brie stepped up to her and poked her in the chest. "Am I?" She asked again.

"But your my little cuddly BEAUTIFUL troll!" Ronnie prayed that she had just pulled her foot from her mouth.

"You're lucky I love you so much, otherwise I'd tell Poni what your real full name is."

"She knows but she also knows that I'd tell everybody her middle name." Ronnie grinned evilly.

"Do tell."


A glean came to green eyes. "I'll tell her what you like to do on the Harley."

"Ooohhh shit, all right it's Danettella Esmeralda Poninski."

"Gods have mercy, what the hell were her parents thinking?"

"Now you know why she's so whacked, you ready go home?"

Ashford sat in his car on a dirt road in Dumfries waiting, within moments headlights cut across his windshield blinding him. He got out of his car and waited for the black car to stop, the driver's side window came down and a cellphone was handed out. "Sir we have a problem the FBI is now involved in the case and prosicuting Attorney has my files."

Ashford wiped the sweat from his face with a nervous hand as he listened. "No Sir the files they have been Doctored up but if they start asking too many questions someone's bound open the mouth. Yes Sir, I'll take care of it." Ashford handed the phone back to the driver and waited until the car was gone.

"Spooky son of of bitch."

Ronnie and Brie drove their vehicles towards home trying to keep the relationship of secret from the Corps Brie always parked her car at Lisa's and walked to Ronnie's house. Ronnie pulled the truck in the drive and leaned out the window. "If you don't see my truck don't worry I'm loaning it out."

Ok I'll see in a little bit." Bre said her hellos to her housemates then went to her room to change out of her uniform, when she started changing she flipped open one of the folders she had gotten from Ashford, scanning the report and finding it weird that was so short she looked at the bottom where the names of the IO's always signed. She grabbed the paper

"What hell!" Half undressed she spread the folders out on her bed so engrossed in the papers she never heard the noise behind her, all she felt was the weight of the body crushing her into the mattress.

"Take off your clothes!"

Bre panted. "You vile, perverted, uncouth pig!"

"Gods your sooo sexy when you talk mean."

"Ronnie I HATE when you sneak up on me like that! How'd you get in here anyway?" Ronnie grinned. Through the window." Bre rolled over on her back but stayed under her lover.

"Ya know we do have doors you could use."

"Yep, but this is more fun, kinda like playing cat burglar."

"What'd ya do shimmy up the drainpipe?"

"Oh I have many skills but pipes ain't one of them. Well, not that kind of pipe. I thought you were coming over?"

"I was but I got sidetracked when I started looking at the fictitious signatures for IO's."

"How do you know their phony?"

"Because Bre grabbed one and showed it to Ronnie. "Cagney and Lacey went off the air years ago that's why."

"What?" She looked at the signature. "Motherfucker! What about the rest of them?"

Bre squirmed on the bed. "Let's see, we have Starskey and Hutch, Andy Griffith and Barney Fife and the last one is Joe Friday and Perry Mason." Bre's eyebrow cocked at her lover. "Any questions?

"That's it he's a dead man, I'm gonna beat the living shit out of that son of a bitchin Ashford, he's gotta be the one behind all this, but what is he covering up?"

"But how are we could find out who the real officers were on this case and all the other ones?"

Ronnie closed her eyes and leaned back. "Only thing we can do is check with the EMT's who showed up on the scene and see if their records have the Investigating Officers names and if they don't have them then will check the coroners office. Bre wrapped her arms around Ronnie's neck and pulled her head down to rest on her chest.

"I don't like any of this, there's just something to weird about."

Ashford sat alongside the dark road hidden in the dark watching Ronnie's house, he ducked down in the seat when he seen her truck pull out on to the road. He waited until the truck was half a mile down the road before he started his car and began to follow. He knew the road that they were on was deserted with just a few farm houses that sat far away from the road and at one area they would come to a small bridge that went over a creek that was at least 30 ft. below. As they got closer to that area he sped up until we was right on the truck's bumper, ramming it from behind he tried to push it off the road, all he accomplished was making it swerve. John panicked he wasn't paying attention to his surroundings so when the truck was hit from behind he wasn't ready for it. Over correcting the slide the truck was put into left him broadside across the road. The car behind him slammed in to him and pushed him off the edge of the bridge causing the truck to fall and land on the passenger side in the creek bed. John was bounced around in the truck. The seat belt holding him in the seat but with the impact he was jerked so hard this head cracked the window knocking him into unconsciousness. Ashford stopped his car and got out and look down at the truck, not wanting to risk being caught in that area he quickly jumped back in his car and took off in the opposite direction.

John didn't know how long he was out but the first thing he noticed was the scent of gasoline inside the truck's cab, his left arm was numb and he could feel warmth running down the side of his face from his temple, his right leg had sharp pains shooting through it along with his ribs where the seat belt pressed in to him. With the position of the truck on it side he was hanging by the seat belt he tried unlocking the seat belt but it wouldn't release, he tried to get his hand in his pocket to get his pocket knife out to cut himself loose but he couldn't get. He started jerking on the seat belt but it did no good, panicing he knew he had to get out of the cab before the truck caught on fire and exploded. Feeling around floor and the passenger seat he tried to find something sharp, he felt the handle of a knife wedged between the smashed door and the seat, pulling as hard as he could he finally got the knife loose, after cutting the seat belt he fell towards passenger door, sharp pains shot through his body from the impact. He tried to get his bearings back and find a way out of the truck but with the darkness of night it was hard to see anything, he felt around with his hand finding the windshield missing he pulled himself clear of the truck and started crawling away from it. Reaching in his jacket pocket he found his cellphone, hitting the speed dial he called Ronnie's house but got no answer he then dialed Lisa's house.


His voice filled with pain he managed to ask for Brennan.

"She's upstairs hold on a minute."

Lisa pounded on Brennan's door. " Brennan you have a phone call."

"Who is it?"

"I don't know, I think it's John, Ronnie's partner?"

"Ok hold on a minute I'll grab it in here."

Brennan and answered the phone but could barely hear John talking, she quickly handed the phone to Ronnie who kept calling his name.

"John where are you?"

All she could make out was truck and creek. Her face paled and her hands started to shake she got up off the bed and started to go out the door but was stopped by Brennan grabbing her arm.

"What's wrong Ronnie?"

"I don't know, it's John something about truck in the creek. I've got to go check it out."

"Your not going alone and I'm going with you!"

"No your staying here!"

"No no no I am going with you, I don't care what you say, you might need help!"

Ronnie gave in she knew was useless to argue with Brennan. So she waited for Brennan to change clothes then they ran down the steps. Lisa and Laurie watched them run past, they knew something was wrong so they went out the door after them.

"Ronnie what's wrong?" Lisa asked.

"I don't know but something's wrong with John, I have to find out what happened."

"Come on we'll take my truck." The four of them piled in to her truck and headed off down the road. Lisa asked Ronnie where John was headed with her truck, she told her that he was using it to get lumber so he could build something in his House. They knew that there was only one creek in that area so that's the direction that they headed. Being the paranoid type Ronnie kept checking behind them to make sure no one was following them. Laurie sat in the back with Brennan wondering what the two of them had gotten themselves into this time. Lisa came up on the bridge slowly scanning the area to see if she could see Ronnie's truck. When she stopped they got out and Lisa grabbed a flashlight from her glove compartment and started shining it on the road and at the edges, that's when she seen the skid marks. She called to Ronnie they followed the skid marks to the edge of the bridge and that's when they seen her truck laying on its side down below. Thet ran to the end of the bridge and started to climb down the embankment to grt to the truck. at the bottom they started calling John's name but got no answer, then Brennan found him lying about 20 ft. from where the truck was. She yelled to Ronnie that she had found him and that they needed an ambulance

Ashford pulled his cellphone from his pocket and hit the speed dial. "Sir its done, she's been taking care of now the only one that's left is that Lt. but I think I can just scare her away from the case since she doesn't have her dyke to stick up for her." Ashford shut off his phone and put it back in his pocket. He drove to the mall in Spotsylvania where he had stolen the car he was driving and parked it amongst the rest of the vehicles then walked to the opposite side of the mall and retrieved his own car then headed home.

The small group were in the waiting room at the hospital waiting to hear of John's condition it had taken the fire department in Sheriffs Department over an hour to get him up the embankment because of his injuries and now he was in surgery repairing his broken leg and arm. Ronnie had called his wife and she was on her way. Ronnie paced the floor mumbling under her breath that it was all her fault she knew from the skid marks on the road that John had been forced off the bridge and that whoever had done it thought that she was driving it. Brennan tried to calm her lover down but the faraway look in Ronnie eyes kept her seated, at this point no words would get through her, Brennan would just have to wait she knew once they found out his condition she would be able to talk some sense into Ronnie but for now she would let her pace.

A hour later John's Doctor came into the waiting room an gave them a report of the procedures that were carried out in the operating room, they were told that John was in ICU an they would have to wait until morning to see him because of the extensive repairs they had done to stop internal bleeding and repair the broken bones in his arm and leg. And for them to go home and get some rest.

Ronnie and Brennan laid in bed but Ronnie couldn't sleep she laid and stared at the ceiling and stroked the blond head that was resting on her chest she started to get up but small arms clutched her closer keeping her from moving. Exhaustion finally hit her and she drifted into sleep.

Ronnie sat at John's desk searching through the file folders that she found stashed in the bottom desk drawer, she was looking for the tiniest of clues to push her in the direction of the person who tried to kill her or the reason why. Her biggest worry was Brennan, that if anything ever happened to Brennan she didn't know if she would be able to control herself. She couldn't sit in office anymore she had to get out and do something, leaving the office she went in to John's car and headed towards base to Brennan's office. She replayed over in her mind everything that had happened since they got on the case. They had barely talked to anybody except for the parents of the victims, it was basically just desk work. Still mulling the information over her brain she hadn't realized that she had gotten to Brennan's office until she heard her lover call her name, coming out of her stupor she blinked at her lover.

Brennan smiled at her from behind her desk. "Where were you just now?" She asked.

Ronnie rubbed her eyes and trying to ease the stress from them. "I was just thinking and trying to come up with a reason why somebody would want me dead? Do you wanna go get some lunch? Brennan grinned at her. "You need ask?" Grabbing her cover out of her in box Brennan started following Ronnie out of her office. Stepping close to her she grabbed Ronnie's ass as she stepped past her out the door. Whispering just loud enough for Ronnie to hear her she asked if they would have time for dessert?

"That all depends on where you wanna have lunch?"

"I know this nice little place out in the middle of nowhere, are you game for it?"

Brennan was answered and with a grin.

They had just gotten into John's car when Ashford was pulling into the parking lot, he did a double take when he seen Ronnie driving.

"Son of a bitch!" He slammed on the brakes to avoid sideswiping another car in the parking lot. He reached in his pocket and grabbed his cellphone, hitting the speed dial he broke the news to the party on the other end.

"It wasn't her last night, she's still alive! Jerking the phone from his ear so his hearing would not be damaged from the yelling he spoke into the phone from arms length away. "Sir I'll take care of it tonight. I promise I'll make sure it's her this time." With that he hung up the phone. Thinking out loud to himself. "I should of just gone in there and shot both of them, well this time there will be no mistake!" Circling the parking lot he went back out knowing this called for certain items. And that he had to go get them to prepare for that night.

Ronnie and Brennan just barely made it through the front door before Brennan had her pinned up against the wall. "I say we skip the lunch thing and get right to the desert!" She received a growl as her hands moved from Ronnie's hips up her chest to tangle in long black hair, pulling Ronnie's head down their lips connected in a fierce kiss. Pulling Ronnie away from the wall Brennan walked her backwards towards the couch. Without losing contact she pushed her down across the cushions. Bre broke the kiss, her lips trailed across Ronnie's jaw to her neck while at the same time her fingers undid the buttons of her shirt. Surprised at finding bare flesh beneath her fingers she brought her head up to find blue eyes. "You have truly shocked me! No bra, no T-shirt. I can just imagine what was going on in your brain all day!"

"Oohhh just in the same place it always is, the gutter." Ronnie started undoing the buttons on Brennan's Cami jacket.

"Oohh no this is my dessert, you can have yours later." Pinning Ronnie's hands over her head Brennan attacked her lips once more. Then moved her way downward. Ronnie's heart skipped a beat as Brennan straddled her hips, Brennan whispered in to her lovers mouth.

"No touching!" She received a groan from Ronnie. After releasing Ronnie's hands she started caressing her breasts, nimble fingers brought nipples to hardened peaks as soft lips worked their way down her throat with her teeth slightly nipping a flesh. Ronnie felt warm fingers slid down her stomach towards her belt. But all was forgotten when one of her nipples was sucked into a warm mouth. Bre undid Ronnie's belt and zipper on her trousers without loosing contact with her lovers flesh, running her fingers under the waistband she played with soft dark curls teasing the lips they covered, moans came from her lover along with small thrusts of her hips hinting at more than just a teasing touch was wanted. Bre moved up to kiss Ron deeply, stealing her breath, their tongues tangled and dual together, Ron broke the kiss when she felt a finger slip inside her. Gasping she fell back on the couch her hips bucked upwards. Moving downward Bre sucked the soft skin of her lovers breast into her mouth nipping with her teeth. She heard the groan come from Ronnie's chest, sucking hard once more she released the skin to see a dark bruise left behind. Grinning at her mark of possession she worked her way down leaving butterfly kisses in her wake. Ronnie was going crazy with the assault on her body, every nerve ending was screaming. She never felt her trousers or boots being taken off. All she felt was the soft blonde hair cascading over her thighs and the tongue licking her throbbing nether lips. Her thighs flexed and tightened lifting both of them up off the couch, Bre's tongue slipped between her lips, tasting the sweet juices flowing out with each heartbeat. Hanging on to thrusting hips she captured the swollen nub of nerve endings between her lips and flicked it with her tongue. "Bre...oooohhhh Gods....inside meee!!!! Two fingers slipped back inside of her, thrusting with the time of her rising hips. Bre sucked hard on her clit sending Ronnie over with a war cry. Licking the last of the juices away she raised her head from between Ronnie's trembling thighs, her lips and chin glistening she crawled up her lovers exhausted body. Blue eyes watched her from half closed lids, a feral look on her face as she lifted Bre up to straddle her hips. Pulling the webbed belt loose she pulled the front of her Cami trousers open. Bre stood up and let her trousers fall around her ankles, kicking one leg out of them she started on the other but was pulled back down by Ronnie. Lifting her up by her hips she pulled her over her mouth, burying her face between her lovers thighs she licked hungrily at the juices that covered her lips. Bre held on to the back of the couch for balance, her hips thrusting on her lovers face, she caressed her own breasts, pinching her nipple between her fingers brought her closer to the edge. Ronnie opened her eyes and watched her lover, she was already aroused but this caused her nether lips to twitch. Sliding 2 fingers into Bre from behind she felt her lovers walls clamp down on them, pumping deeply into her she felt the muscles tighten and then all stilled as Bre went over the edge taking them both with her. Juices flowed over Ronnie's fingers and between her own thighs. Bre fell forward over her and then moved back down to lay on her chest and bury her face in Ronnie's damp hair. Their bodies trembled with aftershocks, wrapping her arms around Bre they fell in to a deep sleep.

A pounding on the door woke Ronnie, not being able to move because of her lover wrapped around her body she yelled for who ever was there to go the hell away. The door burst open to show Poni and Jack standing there with amused looks on their faces.

"Think they need help?" Poni asked.

"Maybe an IV or something." Jack chuckled.

Jack stood beside the couch and poked Ronnie in her shoulder. "You lover are in deep shit with Mom, she's been calling all over Hell looking for Brennan!"

"Oh shit." She groaned. "What time is it?"

"Try 1700, Mom thinks you two have been kidnapped! She knew you guys went to lunch but didn't expect to not hear from either one of you two all day."

Poni stood at the opposite end of the couch with a stupid grin on her face which changed to a guilty one as soon as two sets of eyes trapped her. "Very nice!" She replied. "Gotta camera?" She heard growls and ran for the kitchen as a snapping Jack came after her.

"Princess, time to get up." All she got was a mumble, a wicked grin came over her face. SMACK! "Hey what was that for?" Bre asked. Ronnie gave her a soft kiss then rolled them over. "For flashing Poni."

"Huh, Poni I didn't flash Poni, I haven't seen her in a couple of days." Her ears picked up some noise and before she knew it Poni was hurdling the couch to stand on the other side ready to run if needed. Bre groaned and pulled a pillow over her head. "Yeah ya did." Ronnie got up and covered Bre over with the blanket off the back of the couch and headed to the kitchen to use the phone to call her Mom. Jack came flying over the couch and tackled Poni, they rolled on the floor until they ended up at the side of the couch. Bre leaned over to look down at them.

"Having fun?" Poni looked up at her grinning. "I had fun earlier just watching!" Jack growled and bit Poni in the side of her neck. "Aaahhhhh, Gods have mercy Jack, I love it when your rough!" They continued to roll around on the floor moaning and groaning. Bre crawled over the back of the couch and joined Ronnie in the kitchen. She was holding the phone away from her ear, her face scrunched up with one eye closed at the yelling coming over the phone. Bre grinned at her lover and sat on her lap, she took the phone and winced when she put it to her ear.

"Mom calm down, ok ok, I know... well we....yes Ma'am...No....ok...we will, bye." She hung up the phone and looked at her lover. "Uh oh, she is NOT a happy camper!" Ronnie chuckled. "But I am, so who cares?"

"Mom says we need to get beepers." Ronnie grinned at her. "The kind with the vibrating thing in them?" She asked. Bre cocked her eyebrow. "We'd have to get a lot of batteries wouldn't we?" A loud yell came from the living room just as Ronnie was about to answer her. "Guess we better stay in here for a while, besides I'm hungry."

The four of them were sitting in the living room watching TV when shots came through the front window of the living room, Ronnie rolled over on to Bre taking them both to the floor, Poni and Jack crawled towards the kitchen.

"Go with them and stay low." Ronnie whispered. Just as she was getting up to grab her gun from the coffee table a shot whizzed past her head to take out the lamp on the end table throwing the room in to darkness. She scrambled to the far corner of the room and pulled a corner of the carpeting up to reveal a hidden door, pulling it up she dropped down in to the blackness below. The 3 of them searched the kitchen for weapons to defend themselves against who ever was outside trying to use them as target practice. Ronnie emerged from the crawl space door at the back of the house and ran for the sheltering shadows of the trees, she waited for the shooter to give away their position so she could get to them before he shot one of her friends or her lover. Out of the corner of her eye she seen a small glimmer of steel from the side of the house near the living room, creeping out of the trees she ran to the opposite side of the house and waited.

The shooter looked into the darkness, the night goggles giving everything a green cast, he raised the rifle up to his cheek and was about to take a shot at the body he seen huddled by the door frame to one of the rooms when he heard a sound behind him, he pulled the trigger and spun trying to take out the person behind him. Ronnie was about to bring her gun down on the shooters head when she heard the shot and then a cry of pain come from inside the house, she froze with the pistol over her head and never seen the barrel swing towards her. A searing pain went through her head as she crashed to the ground landing on one of the landscaping ties at the front of her house, the wind was knocked out of her and all she could do was lay there and gasp. Two bodies fought on the ground, the rifle had been lost when the body crashed through the bay window and hit him, Ashford fought for his life when he seen the knife blade flash past his face, he felt the blade slam into his shoulder, he screamed at the burning and lashed out with his fist connecting with a solid punch the body over him fell to the side allowing him to get up and run for his car that was hidden down the road.

Bre ran to Ronnie's side in time to see him running for the road, she picked up the pistol and fired off six shots at the running figure, she didn't know if she hit anything and didn't care all that concerned her was Ronnie. Jack groaned from the ground beside a still gasping Ronnie, holding her jaw she laid the other one on her friends shoulder.

"You all right?"

"Yeah, except for the ribs that I think are broken and the dent in my head." She looked up at her friend then over to where Bre was standing with her pistol in her hand. "Bre?" Hearing her lovers voice she came out of her trance, spinning around she dropped to her lovers side. "Are you all right? When I seen you on the ground I thought you were..." Tears ran down her cheeks and were wiped away by Ronnie's fingers. "I'm ok." Looking around she didn't see Poni. "Where's Poni?"

"I'm right here, is everyone ok?" Limping she came over to join her friends and lover. "I could use some loving care here ya know."

Poni was leaning over the kitchen table with her pants around her ankles. "Mother fuck, That hurts Ronnie!" She screamed. "I can't help it, if your ass wasn't so big the bullet would have missed and I wouldn't be doing this!" Poni growled at her and winced with each pull of the needle. "Sweety, is my ass big?" She asked Jack. "No it's perfect and as soon as I can move my jaw I'll kiss your boo boo and make it better." This brought a big grin to Poni's face. "You promise?" SMACK! "Oooowww..Ronnie!"

"Your all done."

"But your not." Bre said as she came over to Ronnie with bandages.

"I'm ok really, I think there just bruised." Bre ran her hand along her ribcage and got a gasp for her answer. "Right now take off your shirt!"

"In front of them?"

"Like they haven't seen EVERYTHING before!"

Ronnie removed her shirt and growled at a grinning Poni. "Stop it!"

"Oh but it's ok to play with my ass?"

After everyone was all bandaged up they went into the living room to try and straighten it up. "Ron, ya have any ideas as to why someone wants us all dead?" Jack asked.

"Nope, but I'm gonna find out."

Ashford slumped in the kitchen chair after pressing a towel to his throbbing shoulder, he hadn't even realized that the knife was still sticking out of his shoulder until he was half way home. And now with his body relaxing he felt the pain in his leg. Ripping his pant leg open he seen the huge exit hole in the front of his thigh and knew that a smaller one was in the back. He knew that he couldn't go to the hospital because they would call the police and there would be questions as to how he managed to be both stabbed and shot. So the best he could do was to patch himself up and hope he didn't get any infections from the wounds.

Ronnie told their story to her Mom as they all stood around the Major's office, no answers were known but the Major promised that she would send out her feelers and see if she could find out anything. Ronnie followed Bre to her office and took the chair across from her desk.

"I don't want you out wondering around by yourself, if you have to leave have one of the MP's or Mom go with you , and I will be by after I see John to pick you up."

"Yes Ma'am!" Bre gave her a salute. "Don't worry I'm not going anywhere, now go see John." Ronnie leaned over the desk and gave her a kiss. "I'll be back."

Ashford limped in to his office and collapsed in to his chair, his legged hurt like a bitch and everytime he moved his right arm sharp pains shot all the way to the tips of his fingers. "Fucking Bitch's, I'll kill all of them next time!"

Ronnie was staying with Lisa and Laurie until she could get the glazier out to fix all the windows in her house, since the shooting everyone was packing a pistol with the exception of Bre, she hated guns and convinced Ronnie that there was no way in hell she was going to carry one. Ronnie finally gave up and took her lovers word that she would not go anywhere with out one of them being with her.

She had just finished her shift at 24 hour restaurant and was getting in her car when she felt someone come up behind her, before she could turn she was hit in the back of her head and her unconscious body was pushed across the seat to sit slumped against the passenger window. Her car pulled from the lot and headed towards the back gate to Quantico.

To be continued.

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