A Sibling's Rivalry

Part III

Katia N. Ruiz

Copyright 1997

Copyright Poem "Love Not Lost" By Katia Ruiz ã 1997

Copyright Poem "Almost lost you" By Erica Polanco ã1997


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A couple of weeks later, Ross sat on a table of the restaurant at the Waldorf Astoria, impatiently waiting for Syrah. He sighed in relief when he saw her approaching him. He stood and kissed her cheek. "Hello, Syrah." He said. He marveled at the beauty of this woman who had also been his sister's lover. As soon as he had heard that she had returned from Europe, through the newspapers and the TV, he had made sure he called her. She had called him back almost instantly, more out of interest for Frances' well being than for anything, and they'd made a date for dinner.

"Hello Ross." She responded, gracefully settling herself down when he pulled the chair out for her. "Why, I haven't seen you since... Your sister and I broke up four years ago." She was living in France when she and Frances had met and became lovers. Her work as an artist required a lot of traveling around the world. She remained in France for over a year, her deep feelings for Frances wouldn't allow her to leave.

Finally, when she saw that Frances was not really serious about her, she left. And she regretted it, when she found out that Frances had moved to New York, where her family was; she went to see her to try to get back together. That's when she found out that Frances was in love with this beautiful twenty-two year old woman.

Ross smiled, eyeing her closely. Syrah had long, curly blond hair with blue eyes. Her body was lithe, with perfect curves and gorgeous. In a way, Syrah reminded Ross of Katie, with her sweet smile and soft ways. "It's been long," He agreed. "And I need your help." He said, pretending worry.

Syrah frowned in concern. "What for?" She asked, wondering if something happened to Frances.

Ross looked down, silently cheering himself. He had the bitch hooked. "Well.... Do you remember that girl my sister married…"


FRANCES picked up the phone, dialing her house number. Katie picked up the phone. "Hello?" She said.

Frances felt a stirring of desire at the sound of Katie's voice. "Hello baby." Frances said in a low, sensuous voice. She heard Katie's smile. "How are you? I missed you."

"I missed you too." Katie whispered. "And I'm fine."

"How is the baby?" Frances asked when she heard him making some noises from somewhere close to Katie.

"William is fine. He's right here playing with that little car you gave him." Katie replied.

"Give him a hug for me." Frances said. "I called to ask you if instead of you cooking, I bring take out. Like that we have time to talk.... and make love." She whispered. She heard Katie's shuddering sigh.

"Okay." Katie replied, her voice was hoarse. "Get anything you want."

Frances smiled. "Okay." She said. "I will see you at six. Bye."

"Bye." Katie said. They both hung up.

Frances put the phone down, thinking about all the things she would do to Katie that night. Her eyes were dreamy and far away, her mouth held a soft smile. A few minutes later, her intercom rang. Frances pressed the 'Talk' button. "Oui, Lucy?"

"You have a visitor," Lucy said. "Miss Syrah Montague."

Frances was shocked. "Who?" She exclaimed.

Suddenly, the door to her office opened. "What happened? Did you forget about me already, Frances?" Syrah asked, walking into the office and closing the door behind herself.

Frances was speechless; she didn't think she'd ever see Syrah after all those years. "Syrah!" She nervously walked around her desk, rubbing her suddenly sweaty palms against her thighs. If Katie found out Syrah came to see her, she'd loose it. "What a surprise!" She said, very disconcerted.

Syrah smiled. She walked up to Frances, wrapping her arms around her neck, noticing her nervousness. "Why, you're nervous!" She said, a little surprised.

Frances nodded, swallowing air. "If Katie found out you were here, she'd kill me."

"I heard words to that effect." Syrah whispered, suddenly serious. What Ross had told her about the 'mental abuse' Frances received from Katie, disturbed her deeply, for she cared about Frances more than anyone.

"Pardon?" Frances frowned.

"Nothing." Syrah said dismissively. She put her head on Frances's shoulder, accidentally smearing lipstick on her shirt collar. Syrah's hands caressed Frances' shoulders, while she sweetly looked up at her face. "Strong and gorgeous as usual." She whispered. "I've missed you." Her lips approached Frances'.

Frances looked at her, frowning, feeling tempted. But she loved Katie too much to loose her. "I can not!" She said, turning around and walking away from her, wringing her hands nervously.

Syrah followed her. She stood in front of her again. Before Frances could react, she placed a soft but quick playful kiss on her lips. Frances pulled back. "Stop it!" She said, suddenly angry. "Is that all you came here for? To cause me trouble?"

Syrah was shocked. She has changed, she thought. What has this woman done to her? A few years back, Frances wouldn't give two flying fucks about any woman she was seeing, she'd be in someone else's bed without second thought. "You're afraid!" She whispered. "You were never afraid before. When you were with me and all those other women wanted you, you didn't think twice about fucking them." She was dismayed. "You've changed so much."

Frances nodded. "Oui, I have changed. I am in love, I am committed, I am happy, and most important, and we have a child." She said quickly, pulling Syrah's arms from her shoulders. "Please go."

Syrah frowned. "I'll be coming back," She said softly. "You will be seeing more of me." She said as she walked out of the office.

Frances sat on her desk, breathing a deep sigh of relief. She quickly wiped the lipstick from her lips.


KATIE was in the kitchen when Frances got home. She noticed Frances was a little nervous. "Frances, why are you so nervous?" She asked, taking the bag of take out from Frances' shaking hand.

Frances looked at her, though she couldn't look at her directly in the eyes. "I am not nervous." She said, turning away from her. "What makes you think I am nervous?" She opened the water on the sink and began to wash her hands.

When she turned, Katie noticed the red mark on her collar. Her eyes widened, and then narrowed. "What is that?" She whispered fiercely, grabbing Frances' arm and turning her around.

Frances frowned. "What?" She looked down at her shirt, but saw nothing.

Katie moved closer. When she realized what the mark was, she gasped and stumbled back. As she regained her balance, her face turned red with anger. She lifted her hand, slapping Frances in the face, Frances' head snapped to the side. "You dared!" She screamed. Frances stared at her dumbly in confusion. "How could you?" She slapped her again.

Frances was too shocked to try to ward off the first two blows. Then, as Katie lost more and more control, she put her arms up to protect herself. "What?" She yelled back. "What is it?" She took Katie's flying hands, pinning them behind her.

"Lipstick!" Katie gasped, feeling tears stinging her eyes. "Who is she? Tell me!" She cried, her voice was full of hurt and tears. "I knew you were playing with me. I didn't want to believe it. Oh, God!" She sobbed, trying to free her hands. "I knew it!"

Frances became furious, her face flashed red and her eyes were full of her own pain at not being trusted. She shook Katie, not letting go of her hands. "I have not!" She yelled and repeated, making Katie shut up in shock. "Syrah showed up at my office today!" She said. "She tried to kiss me, but I told her to leave!" She felt tears sting her eyes. "Believe me!" She shook her again.

Katie sobbed, she didn't believe her. She pulled against her strong grip on her arm. "All these beautiful women always want you! How can you say no? You never did before." She cried out, remembering Ross' words. Why would he be lying about his own sister? She got one hand free, backhanding Frances hard; her wedding ring jewel drew blood from Frances' cheek.

Frances felt her fury boil at the top of her head. She pushed Katie back and before she could stop herself, her hand landed on her face with full strength, sending her stumbling backwards. Katie landed on the floor, with her back against the cabinets, her eyes wide with shock and anger. Frances suddenly realized what she had done. She moved slowly towards her lover, the tears still in her eyes brimming over. "Katie! I am so sorry!" She grabbed Katie's shoulders, trying to pull her up.

Katie pulled away, pressing her back against the cabinets. "Get away from me!" She screamed. "Go! Get out!" Frances tried to touch her again. "Don't you dare touch me!" She screamed again. "Get out!"

Frances fell backwards, sobbing, feeling her knees weaken in her distress. She had never touched Katie to hit her, never! It had always been to make love or to let her know how much she cared. She felt the loss of Katie. She leaned against the cabinet, burying her face into her hands. "I am sorry!" She repeated. "Please! She just showed up and kissed me, but I pulled away! I swear!" She sobbed, frustrated. "I did not mean to hit you! I did not!"

Katie looked at her, suddenly feeling her love for Frances taking over the anger and pain. She crawled quickly to her side. Frances was sobbing, looking at her in painful frustration. "Frances!" Katie gasped; slowly she wrapped her arms around her neck, pulling her close.

"Katie!" Frances whispered, her tearful eyes on her lover's face. "I love you." Her hands caressed Katie's face. "I did not mean to hit you!"

Suddenly, Katie's lips were on hers in a hungry kiss. She ripped open Frances' shirt, tearing the buttons off. She touched Frances' breasts hungrily. Frances pulled Katie's skirt up, and slipped her hand under her panties. Katie took a deep breath as she felt Frances' fingers slide along the sudden wetness between her legs. Their lips met again, embracing each other passionately. Their tongues searched each other. Frances' fingers softly pleased Katie, causing her to shudder violently. Katie lay on her back, on the cold tile floor, feeling the sudden pleasure Frances' fingers inflicted on her. "Frances!" She moaned, pushing her hips to meet Frances' fingers. Another moan escaped her throat.

Frances felt her own passion swell. "Katie...." She whispered over and over. She took deep breaths as Katie's fingers dug into her back, letting her know how much she enjoyed this pleasure. Katie arched her back, her moans becoming frantic. She closed her eyes against the intensity of the fingers caressing her. She felt Frances' whisper against the skin along her neck, felt her desire expressed through her fingers.

Frances sat up. In one sweeping motion, she pulled Katie up off the floor, balancing her on her lap. She took her hand away; she tore down her panties.

"Oh!" Katie gasped. Suddenly, she felt Frances' fingers slide deeply inside her. She heard herself cry out. Her legs shook, her thigh muscles grew taut, as Frances' fingers moved in and out of her; she buried her head into Frances' shoulder, pressing her face against her neck, tasting the flow of tears that was running from her eyes. Katie's arms wound tight around her lover's neck. She felt the quick movements of Frances' fingers deep inside her, felt the strength of her thrusts, thrusts that left her moaning and crying out in her ecstasy.

Frances' lips were on her face and lips. Katie's passion erupted, sending an explosion of ecstasy rippling through her body. She cried out loudly. Her body went rigid, her thighs quivered violently. She remained that way for a few minutes, until the shocks of ecstasy subsided.

"Katie," Frances said after a while, she cradled Katie in her arms. "I swear-"

"Do not talk about it." Katie said, covering Frances' mouth. "I do not want to know." They kissed passionately, crying softly. Katie's shaking hands caressed Frances' body slowly, possessively. She teased her, making her groan with desire. And then, slowly, lovingly, she brought Frances to incandescent orgasms on the kitchen floor.


RICHARD stared at Katie, noticing the bruise on her cheek, also noticing she had been crying. He looked past her at Frances, who stood huddling by the kitchen doorway realizing that there was a small but deep cut on her cheek. Her body was slumped; her hands were shoved into her pockets. Richard frowned. "What is going on here?" He asked, putting William on the floor. William ran to Frances, who picked him up.

Katie looked down. "Come in." She said. "Frances, come here." Her voice was cold and withdrawn.

Frances slowly walked to the couch and sat. "Sit, Papa." She whispered hoarsely, indicating she had been crying too, although he already knew from the redness in her eyes. "Would you like anything to drink?"

Richard sat. "No, thank you. What happened, Frances?" He asked, concerned. His eyes went from Katie to Frances and he realized that something had gone terribly wrong.

"Syrah went to see me." Frances replied. She looked at Katie, her eyes widened in sudden panic. "But I did not do anything! She does not believe me!" She said frantically.

Katie looked away. Richard looked on, worried. "Okay," He said slowly. "But what are the bruises for?" He asked, not really wanting to know the answer.

Katie looked at him, completely avoiding looking at Frances. "She had lipstick on her collar," She whispered. "We fought."

"How did that happen?" He asked Frances, not believing that his daughter would return to her old ways when she was so happy with Katie.

Frances looked at him in the eye. "She tried to kiss me." She said evenly. Her eyes went to Katie, who had been watching her. "I would never hurt you." She whispered.

Katie looked away. "I don't believe you. I know how you used to be before I came along." She said, her voice was a glacier.

Frances put William down on the floor. He ran to Katie, jumping onto her lap. He seemed completely oblivious to the situation. Katie wrapped her arms tightly around him. "I want you to leave." She said to Frances.

Frances was shocked; she felt tears coming to her eyes. "I- can not." She whispered. "I love you."

Richard looked at Katie. "Give her a chance." He pleaded. He moved to her side, taking her hand. "Please. My daughter has never been devoted to a woman as she is devoted to you."

Katie looked at him. Then her eyes went to Frances, who stood and went to her; she kneeled in front of her. William struggled free of Katie's embrace and ran off to play with his toy car on the floor. Frances took Katie's hands and lay her head on her lap. "Please." She begged. Katie looked down at her; her eyes were full of pain.

Richard stood. "I am taking William with me again. You two need to talk. There are some of his clothes and toys in my house." He said. "Is that okay?" Both Katie and Frances nodded absently, their eyes never straying from each other. "William," Richard called out. He watched William stand and run to him. Her watched Frances lower her head and rest it against Katie's chest, her arms winding around her waist. Katie didn't respond.

"What?" William asked, jumping into his arms.

"Care to join me on another trip to grand-mère?"

"Yeah!" William gasped. "Gramma!" He waved as Richard carried him out of the house. "Bye!"

Frances lifted her head to look at Katie, who was looking down at her. Frances lifted herself to put her head on Katie's shoulder. "You have to believe me." She whispered into Katie's ear.

Katie didn't know what to do. She felt Frances' warm breath on her neck, and shivered. "I don't believe you." She whispered. She felt Frances' tears wet her neck.

"Give me a chance to show you!" Frances whispered, almost sobbing.

Katie's own tears flowed from her eyes. "I never trusted you." She whispered. "What makes you think I'll trust you after this?"

Frances pulled Katie tightly to herself; the pain Katie's words sent her killing her inside. She closed her eyes tightly, feeling Katie's soft skin on her lips. Katie slowly wrapped her arms around her neck. Frances pulled her to the floor. "Je vous aime." She whispered.

"I love you too." Katie whispered back, melting. Their lips met softly, sending shivers through their entwined bodies.


FRANCES and Katie had made love all night long, each loving the feel of the other's passion. For hours they had been making love in the warmth of their bed non-stop, bringing each other to orgasmic rapture over and over again. From time to time, they cried as they each experienced the explosion of ecstasy. Frances had sworn over and over again her loyalty to Katie, but Katie would cut her off, telling her to just make love to her. In the neutral times that they quietly lay in each other's arms, Frances' mind worked to find a solution. The revelation of Katie's non-trust had cut a deep wound through her heart. It hurt her deeply to come to this solution. It was morning when she finally brought herself to speak.

"Katie," She whispered, closing her eyes tightly.

Katie lifted her head from her chest and looked up at her, sensing something was about to happen. "What?" She asked.

Frances took a deep breath. "I-" She stammered, pushing Katie gently away from herself. "I am leaving." Suddenly, she sat up. She sat there, trying to control her thoughts. "You want me to leave." She whispered.

Katie looked at her in confusion. "What?" She asked.

Frances stood up from the bed quickly, grabbing her clothes. "I am leaving you. It really hurts to say that I am leaving you." She said, starting to put on her clothes. She looked at Katie, who sat up and was still looking at her with a confused expression on her face. "Do you not understand?" She asked, walking back to the bed and taking Katie by the arms. Katie still stared at her, as if she didn't understand. "You do not trust me!" She shook her softly. "I would prove it to you, I have been trying to prove it to you since the beginning, but now I know that you never even trusted me!" She whispered with passion, tears stung her eyes. "That it was all futile."

Katie could not believe what she was hearing. She never thought these words would come out of Frances' mouth. "What are you saying?" She breathed.

"I will never abandon William." Frances assured her, letting go of her arms and continuing to get dressed. "He is as much my son as he is yours." She said. "I will see him every day, that I promise you... Je vous aime," Frances whispered, looking into her eyes. She moved forward and kissed her softly on the lips. She pulled back, looking deeply into her eyes. "But I cannot stay with you, not like this." She whispered. "You have to trust me before I can come back to you. Before I can show you that I never did you wrong." She put her jacket on. "I will be at my father's house." She turned away, walking towards the door.

"Frances," Katie choked out. Frances turned to look her; there was hope in her eyes. Katie felt the tears coming to her own eyes. "Do-Goodbye." She whispered, too proud to beg Frances to stay.

Frances looked up at the ceiling, tears flooded her eyes. "I thought it would be harder for you-," She croaked. She cut herself off and shook her head and walked out.

Katie listened until the front door slammed shut. The tears flowed from her eyes as cries escaped her lips. "Frances!" She cried out as Frances' car drove off. Too late. "Please!"

As Frances was driving away, the tears burned her eyes and the sobs escaped her lips. She didn't want to do this, but she had no choice. Until Katie trusted her, they would not be together. And now she wasn't sure if Katie ever would trust her.

Continued in part IV

Katia N. Ruiz

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