Storm Surge

Chapter Twelve

by KatLyn

Disclaimers: See Chapter One of Storm Surge for all the legal yada, yada.

Conner radioed Benny at the Marina and went below to make a fresh pot of coffee. She could hear the shower running in the forward cabin and knew Alex was taking a shower. Pushing away the temptation to join her, Conner searched for something solid for them to snack on during their wait for Benny. Finding some frozen bagels, she thawed them in the microwave, and retrieved plates and cups from the cupboard.
Her mind wandered back to their morning together. In her wildest fantasies, Conner had never imagined that she and Alex would have ended up spending the night making love. Yes, she was interested in the other woman, but she had decided to take it slow and see what happened. Maybe, she thought, it had just been the romantic setting of the island and the boat. Set away from the rest of the world, they could pretend real life did not exist. Sighing heavily, she hoped that had not been the case. Hopefully, Alex would not get back to the city, back to what was once her and Feryle's home, and decide she had made a terrible mistake.

Seeing Alex step into the galley, Conner held up the plate of bagels. "Food, as I promised."

Alex had seen the frown on Conner's face as she rounded the corner, and wondered what she was thinking. Although Conner's mood seemed to be jovial, Alex noticed a thread of strain in the smile. Shaking off her curiosity, Alex snarled.

"Food? You call that food? I want eggs, bacon, toast, and juice. I want the works."

"Hey, it's all I could come up with in this tub. I'll get you food when we get back on land, but for now, nibble of these meek offerings, and quit snarling." Conner laughed. "Are you always this grouchy when you're hungry?"

"Actually, no; I'm usually worse. It just happens that I woke up in a great mood this morning, so the hunger didn't irritate me so much." Huffing and chuckling at the same time, Alex grabbed a bagel from the plate.

"Hmmm, well I'll have to remember to always make sure you wake up in a good mood, Agent Montgomery." Conner was busy putting jam on her bagel but stole a glance at Alex, who was now in a full blush.

"Uh huh, I guess you just might have to do that, Agent Harris." Alex moved closer to Conner and bent to kiss a spot of jam off Conner's lip.

"Umm, maybe I do like this kind of breakfast...quite tasty."

Just as Conner was about to take advantage of Alex's closeness, she heard Benny pull aside.

Sighing hard, Conner dropped her hands and moved to the ladder to go above. "Damn, his timing," She growled climbing up the rungs.

Alex chuckled and climbed up behind her, taking the opportunity to admire the muscular legs as they disappeared through the companionway.


Conner and Alex helped Benny tie the boat up in preparation for the tug back to the marina. As they got underway, Conner went below to retrieve their pre-breakfast snack. The two women sat lounging in the cockpit, enjoying the scenery and chatting about their weekend.

"Umm, I'm a member of the local sailing club. Sometimes we have weekend cruises to different islands and towns up and down the coast. There is one in a few weeks, and ummm...well, if you're interested, I could...well put us on the list." Conner knew she was asking Alex for another weekend commitment, and was not sure if it was the best thing to do. However, she had immensely enjoyed the last couple of days, and wanted to let Alex know she was interested in more.

"Hmmm," Alex almost purred. "Sounds like a relaxing and fun trip. Why don't you tentatively write us in, and when you have the dates and all the other information, we can make a decision then, 'kay?"

"Great, I'll have Benny pencil us in when we get back to the marina."

The rest of the short trip was spent telling Alex about the Naval Submarine Support Base at King's Bay, located in St. Mary's, Georgia, adjacent to Amelia and Cumberland Islands.

They had been forced to give passage to an incoming submarine on their way back to the Marina. Both women had been struck by the contrast of the sight. In one direction, Alex and Conner could watch the wild horses feeding in the marsh off Cumberland and witness the unspoiled natural environment of the surrounding islands. However, with only a slight turn of their heads they could view the passage of a nuclear submarine as it made its way through the channel back to St. Mary's.

"Wow, talk about coming back to reality," Alex spoke in a quiet voice.

Conner was not sure if Alex was speaking only of the ending of their weekend escape, or if she was referring to her entire life. Conner placed a hand on Alex's back. "You know, coming back to reality doesn't mean we have to forget the last couple of days. We can take them home with us you know."

"I know, I didn't mean what you are thinking. I'm sure I'll not forget this weekend for like ever." Alex leaned over and kissed the tip of Conner's nose, gently tracing the line of her jaw with one finger. "After all, you'll probably have a little scar right there on your chin to always remind us of this weekend."

Conner rolled her eyes and smirked. "Alright already, I know I've been a klutz, but it was only because you had me so stressed."

The two women laughed, leaned back in a relaxed comfort with one another, and were soon back in the marina. Conner had Benny write them in for the sailing trip and asked him to check the engine sometime the next week and have her ready to sail the next weekend. Although Conner had not asked Alex, she was silently hoping for another weekend getaway.

The women loaded their packs in the Jag, and were soon heading towards Conner's condominium. They stopped off at the grocery store so Conner could get food for breakfast and decided to add a few more things, just in case Alex would stay for dinner.

Raising the garage door, Conner could not help but smile at the Jeep sitting in the other stall. Looks like it belongs there, she thought to herself. Alex caught the smile, and somehow knew what had provoked it.

"My Jeep seems to like the luxury of your garage," Alex mused. "She just might have to come visit more often...doesn't get this kind of treatment at home."

"Well, she's welcome to come visit anytime she wants...oh yeah, and by the're, ummm, welcome to tag along, too, if you want." Conner added the last part with a teasing grin as she hit the button to lower the garage door and reached out and took Alex in her arms.

Placing a gentle kiss on Alex's lips, Conner sat back and let out a satisfied sigh. "I've wanted to do that since Benny showed up."

The women headed into the house and were met by a very attention-deprived and very energetic Magnum. The cat pounced on Conner's shoulder just as she cleared the door her and causing her to scream and fling the bag of groceries she held in her arms to the floor.

Plucking the cat off her shoulder, she held him under his front arms and dangled him in front of her face. "Jesus, you little shit. You trying to kill me or something?"

The cat simply meowed and swatted Conner on the nose, causing her to shriek with pain as the tiny needle-sharp claws contacted her skin. The sight had Alex almost in tears, and she held her stomach as she laughed.

"God, Conner, I hope I never see the day some big bad drug dealer sneaks up behind you." Alex could not keep from laughing as she watched the stare down that was now occurring between the two, albeit out of the swatting range of Magnum's claws.

Conner dropped the cat gently to the floor, and wrinkled her nose at Alex. "Har, Har...drug dealers I can handle, cats...well at least this particular one has managed to get the best of me."

The women retrieved the groceries from the floor and headed to the kitchen, Magnum, trailing behind being very vocal about his hunger.

"Well, I think he's just precious," Alex said, bending over to scoop up the cat. "See, he's not a bad boy; listen to him purr." As if the cat and Alex had conspired against Conner, Magnum reached over and racked his rough tongue against Alex's face, then bent his head to nuzzle her neck.

"Damn cat...Well, you can feed the precious little baby while I go get cleaned up." Conner growled as she tried to hide her smile. "I'll be back in a few. Make yourself at home. There's juice in the refrigerator if you want some," Conner added as she headed down the hall to her room.

Conner entered her bedroom and noticed the blinking light on her answering machine. She hit the play button and listened to the messages as she turned on the shower and got clean clothes from her closet. The first message was from Seth, telling her he would be by Monday night to pick up Magnum.

"Couldn't be too soon for me, pal."

The next was a message from someone wanting to sell her vinyl siding.

"Go stick your vinyl siding up your...why am I talking to the damn machine."

The next message got Conner's full attention. It was Captain Peterson. "Alex, this is Peterson. I wanted to let you know there has been some progress in the
Hernandez case and we are having a task force meeting tomorrow at 8:00 AM. I want you there, so be prepared to give a complete update on all you have so far. Oh, yeah, I almost forgot we have some new people coming in on this case, and I will need you to provide them with copies of everything you have. Uhhh, Conner, I...well, just get a good night's sleep. Looks like it's going to be a long week."

Conner stood and stared at the machine. Peterson rarely called her at home, unless it was important. He knew how much this case meant to her. This monster had murdered one of her ex-lover's best friends. Running her hand through her hair, Conner realized there was yet another important factor involved that made this case even more important to her now. Sam's friend was also the partner of the woman she had just spent the weekend making love to: Feryle Hughes.

"Damn, Harris, you always have to go and complicate things, don't you?" Conner said to herself as she hit the erase button on the machine. Heading for the shower, she was glad for a few minutes by herself. She was going to need it before facing Alex again.

Standing in the shower, Conner thought about what this could mean for her and Alex. She was sure Alex would not be thrilled about her involvement in the case. However, she had not mentioned anything about Hernandez to Alex. Maybe...just maybe, she could end this thing without Alex having to know. She quickly finished her shower and headed back to the kitchen.

Conner stopped short and her frown turned to a pleasant smile as she spied Alex, lying on the sofa, asleep. Magnum had crawled onto her chest and was nestled between Alex's breasts in a peaceful slumber.

"Damn, cat. She better not have a scratch on her when you two wake up, or you'll be needing all of your remaining it?" Conner whispered as she scratched the top of the purring cat's head. She quietly headed to the kitchen to fix breakfast for the hungry, sleeping woman.


Alex woke up to the purring cat on her chest, and lay there stroking his head as she listened, and laughed at Conner in the kitchen. Magnum quickly tired of the bouncing and jumped down. Alex stretched, thankful for the power nap, but felt guilty for leaving Conner to do the cooking. It was obvious from the grumbling and clanging that natural culinary traits were not in the woman's genetic make up.

" need some assistance, Chef Harris?" Alex was leaning against the doorframe, attempting with great difficulty to hide her amused look. Conner was on her hands and knees searching through a cabinet, for what, Alex was not quite sure.

"No thanks," Conner said defiantly, self-consciously brushing flour off her sleeve. "I can manage."

Sitting back on her haunches, Conner growled at the other woman. "Just because cooking isn't one of my most favorite pastimes, doesn't mean I can't fix a simple breakfast."

Alex walked over to the stove and looked at a very interesting concoction in the skillet. "Ummm hmmm, and just what are you preparing for this glorious meal?"

"It's a old family recipe called Sailors Sunrise. It's one of my favorites." Conner took Alex by the arm and led her towards the door. Giving her a little nudge, she ordered Alex out of her kitchen. "You need to go outside on the deck, and enjoy the morning, and get out of my way, so we can eat before midnight."

Alex let herself be led out onto the deck and placed in a chair. She knew that for some reason preparing breakfast was important to Conner, so she relented with little argument. "OK, OK but call me if you need any help."

"Thanks, but I won't. Just relax and enjoy the fresh air. I'll have everything ready in a few minutes." Conner then retreated into the kitchen to fight the culinary demons.

Alex sat on the deck, thinking about the weekend she and Conner had spent together. She knew Sam and Karen had been disappointed when she called late on Friday to cancel their cook out. However, both women did seem to shrug off their disappointment when they found out Alex and Conner were going sailing together the next day. Leaning her head back against the pillow in the chair, Alex smiled. "Boy, would they ever be surprised to find out what I've been up to this weekend."

"Hey, I didn't mean to bore you so much you started talking to yourself." Conner walked out into the warm sunshine and sat on the end of the deck chair Alex was lounging in.

"Not bored, just thinking about Sam and Karen."

Conner looked out over the ocean, a frown crossing her face, causing a thin line to crease her forehead. "I take it they didn't approve of you going sailing with me."

Taking Conner's hand, Alex gave Conner a reassuring smile. "Not at all. They were not happy I called to cancel. However, when they found out what I had planned, they were more than happy to reschedule. Sam loves to play matchmaker, so you should probably be warned that she will most likely call to have you over next weekend."

Conner could not read the expression in Alex's face, so she decided to just jump in and see if there was any water in the pool. "And what do you think of that? Would that be OK with you?"

A deep frown crossed Alex's face; her lips were pinched tightly together forming a small line across her face. "Well, know...I'm not sure. I mean, if you had to choose between facing Sam and Kelly all alone, getting drilled to no end, or having someone there by your side to protect you." Alex broke out in a grin. "...which would you choose? Of course, silly, I want you there. I'd ask you myself, actually I will now. However let's keep it our secret, so Sam and Karen can enjoy their scheming."

Conner's shoulders noticeably relaxed, and the movement did not escape Alex's keen eye. "Kay, Now my lady, time for breakfast."

Alex was pleasantly surprised at the breakfast Conner had prepared. The interesting concoction she had earlier spied in the skillet was now a delicious mixture of eggs, bacon, mushrooms, onions, cheese, and several ingredients that even Alex did not recognize, and of course shrimp. This was set on a bed of fluffy white rice and accompanied by what tasted like homemade buttermilk biscuits and jam.

After stuffing themselves on the meal, both women sat back rubbing their stomachs. "I think I'm going to explode," Alex groaned. "I have to correct my previous observation. You certainly didn't look like you were very astute in the kitchen when I walked in, but you just proved yourself to me. I stand corrected."

Conner blushed a bright red as Alex bestowed the compliments on her. "Well, I have to admit, it's probably the only thing I do cook well, but thanks...I'm glad you enjoyed it."

"I did. And since you cooked, I get to clean," Alex said, standing and picking up the empty dishes.

"No way, my house, my kitchen; my mess," Conner countered.

After a few minutes of friendly arguing, Alex won out and sent Conner on her way to the deck."

As Conner sat on the deck listening to Alex move around in the kitchen, she could not help but think of how natural it sounded and felt. She knew she was setting herself up for a big disappointment if things did not work out between them, but she decided to just enjoy the experience and worry about the fall later if it came.

Once the dishes were done, Alex wanted a tour of the island. They climbed into Alex's Jeep, so they could enjoy the open top, and headed out with Conner at the wheel.

Conner took Alex down to the City Marina they had passed on their sail to Cumberland. They spent a couple of hours strolling through the various shops along the brick-paved streets, moving easily among the other tourists. Conner then drove them to Fort Clinch State Park, the Civil War-era fort that overlooked Cumberland Sound. They enjoyed a leisurely walk through the park, which was replete with cannons, jail cells, a blacksmith, and hospital. Before they realized it, the day had swept by and it was dusk was beginning to settle over the island.

Walking back to the Jeep, Alex thought of how much she had enjoyed the weekend, and realized that she was not ready for it to end. However, she did have a busy day tomorrow. It was to be her first day back at the local FBI field office, and she knew it would be a stressful day in many ways. She had not been back in the building since the warehouse raid, and knew just walking through the door would stir up a flood of emotions.

Conner watched as Alex's face took on a dark mask. She walked silently beside the woman, deciding to let Alex talk if she wanted and content to just be with her if she did not.

"It's getting dark, and as much as I don't want to, I guess I had better be heading back to the city."

"I know--I've enjoyed it too." They were simple statements, but carried a lot of meaning for both women.


Arriving back at Conner's, the women quietly began to gather Alex's belongings for her trip home. After stowing everything in the Jeep, Alex returned to the house to say her good-byes to Conner.

Conner was standing at the window, looking out at the receding tide. Alex eased in behind her and embraced the woman in her arms and bent to plant a kiss on Conner's neck.

"Mmmm, you taste so good." Alex continued to kiss and nibble on Conner's neck. Moving her hands in small circles, she caressed the taut muscles of Conner's stomach. Alex could feel an excited tension building in Conner's body which caused her own to react likewise.

Deciding to toss all caution to the wind Alex nibbled on Conner's ear lobe and whispered, "You know, it's only about an hours drive from here to my house...and's really not that late...what do you think about giving me another tour of your bedroom before I go?"

Conner let out a primitive growl as she turned in Alex's arms. She pressed her lips against Alex's forehead in a tender kiss, and without saying a word, took Alex by the hand and led the way down the hall.

The room was dark, only the fading light seeping through the blinds, as Conner reached for Alex. Alex, gently took Conner's arms, and placed them by her side once again, and reached up to take hold of the top button of Conner shirt.

"You have made me feel so good this weekend...made me feel so many wonderful things I never thought I would feel again. Now it's my turn to make you feel some of the same things. I want to make love to you like you did to me this morning. I want you to talk to me...tell me what you want...I want to be the one to take you there."

Conner gasped as she felt Alex slowly unbutton her shirt. She felt electric shocks each time Alex's fingers met her skin as she undid the buttons. After what seemed like forever, Alex gently pushed the shirt off Conner's shoulders and leaned in to nip the tender skin in the hollow of her neck. Conner shook her arms to shrug off the shirt and reached up to wrap her arms around the other woman.

Alex quickly grabbed Conner's arms and once again placed them by her side. With a quick bite to her collarbone, hard enough to get her attention but not be too painful, Alex looked up and locked eyes with her lover.

"I want you to be very still; don't move, understand? The only thing I want you to do is talk to me." With a mischievous grin on her face, Alex added. "I'll do all the work, you just lay back and enjoy the ride." She reached between Conner's breasts and unhooked her bra. In one fluid motion she pulled it off Conner's shoulders, leaving her naked from the waist up.

By now, Conner's breaths were coming in shuttering gasps. Both women could feel the heat radiating off the excited woman. Conner's knees gave away just as Alex gave her a slow push, effectively sitting her on the side of the bed.

Standing over Conner, Alex gave her a evil grin and pushed her shoulders back sending Conner into a prone position with her feet hanging off the side of the bed. She moaned as Alex leaned over her body to suckle on one of her hard nipples. Resisting the temptation to reach out and pull Alex closer, she tucked her hands and watched as the other woman continued undressing her.

Alex unbuckled Conner's belt and opened the snap. Letting her hands roam freely, she caressed the hard tight muscles of Conner's stomach, before grasping the zipper of her jeans and pulling it down slowly. Conner's chest was rising and falling in quick thrusts as she tried unsuccessfully to control her breathing. Alex let her eyes completely flow over Conner's upper body as she hooked her fingers in the jeans.

The only movement Alex allowed was letting Conner lift her hips as she pulled the jeans down. After removing Conner's shoes, she pulled the jeans off her legs and stepped back to admire the beautiful woman lying before her. Alex felt a rush of heat surge down her as she let her eyes fall on the trimmed hair between Conner's legs. Slowly, she lifted each of the long slender legs and placed them on the edge of the bed. She gently pushed Conner's knees apart, allowing her an unobstructed view of Conner's sex.

Alex stepped back and, never breaking eye contact with Conner, slowly removed her clothes, piece by piece, until she stood completely naked. In the back of her mind, Alex could not believe her own actions. She had never been this outwardly bold with anyone and still could not understand what it was about Conner that made her want to be this daring. She shook off her inner self and stepped between Conner's legs. Conner let out a ragged breath at the slight touch of their skin.

Placing one hand on each inner thigh, Alex slowly stroked the sensitive skin. As she reached the junction at the top of her legs, Conner whimpered and thrust her hips out to meet Alex's hands. Alex ignored the silent pleas and continued up her stomach until she reached the small mounds of Conner's breasts.

Planting her hands on each side of the woman's head, Alex bent in and captured her lips as Conner reached up and placed a hand behind Alex's neck. Grabbing her hand and pushing it back down once again, Alex ducked her head and nipped Conner's neck.

"Looks like you're going to be uncooperative." Putting on her best interrogation face Alex asked, "Am I going to have to handcuff you to the bed to keep you still, Agent?"

"Oh god." Conner's eyes were dark and hooded as desire swept through her body. She had never had anyone make her feel what Alex was making her feel at this moment, and her body responded in an almost violent need to be satisfied.

Alex knew she was driving the woman crazy with her teasing, and it only spurred her on for more. "Are you going to be good, or am I going to have get mean?" Alex ducked once again and bit Conner's neck.

It was not a feeling of control that urged Alex to continue; she did not want to control Conner. It was more like a power that she possessed when they made love. She had never felt like she had the ability to satisfy someone as Conner said she did her. That was the power Alex was seeking, a power to please and satiate. A power to bring her lover to her knees with desire, then gently lift her back up with gentle kisses, and soothing words.

The passion driving Conner had sent her imagination into a frenzied state, and she decided that two could play this game. "Looks like you're going to have to get mean, Agent, cuz I have no intention of being good tonight." Conner watched Alex's face as her eyes turned a deep blue and closed half way. Using a surprise attack, Conner slipped a hand free and captured Alex's hard nipple, rolling it between her fingers.

Alex's took in a shuttering breath before recovering and grabbing Conner's hand, once again pushing it above her head. Keeping Conner's hands pinned, Alex captured her lips and plunged her tongue deep into Conner's mouth. Tongues dueled for control as Alex slid up and straddled Conner's body, rendering her helpless, as the other woman rested her weight on her stomach.

Breathing hard, Alex finally broke the kiss and stared into Conner's eyes.

"Do you feel how wet I am for you?" Alex growled as she slid across Conner's stomach, each stroke teasing the hard bud buried between her swollen lower lips.


"Do you want to taste me Conner?

"Yeeesss." Conner was now grinding her hips up in an effort to make contact, although Alex had purposely positioned herself out of reach.

"Well, if you want me, you had better behave, or I'll stop. Do you understand me? "

Conner's eyes turned dark, and she growled in agreement.

"DO NOT MOVE, not a muscle, unless I say you it?"

"Yes." Conner was almost screaming. She would have agreed to anything as long as Alex kept touching her.

Alex removed one of her hands and placed it along the side of Conner's face. With an intense tenderness, she placed light pecks across her forehead, eyes, nose, and cheeks, and finally captured her mouth in a long, passionate kiss. Conner felt her senses reeling as Alex explored her mouth with her tongue.

As Alex continued her exploration, she dropped her free hand to Conner's side and traced a light path up her ribs, sending tremors through the woman's body. Smiling through her kiss, she eased down further and removed the other hand holding Conner's arms down. To her surprise, Conner left her arms bent above her head and allowed Alex full access to her body.

Feeling more certain of herself, Alex slid off Conner's stomach and again stood between the woman's parted legs. She bent and continued trailing a path of kisses over Conner's body, stopping to suckle on first one nipple, then the other. Raising her head, she saw Conner watching her and noticed that the woman had grasped the sheets in her fists.

In the boldest move Alex had ever made, she lifted one leg and placed it on the bed nest to Conner's side, allowing the woman a full view of herself. Conner stared at the Alex's hot, glistening core, and thought she would die from her need to reach out and touch Alex. Instead, she gripped the sheets tighter, wanting and needing to experience every second of Alex's fantasy.

Alex saw Conner swallow hard, and unconsciously licked her lips in anticipation. She reached down and pinched Conner's nipple, just enough to get her attention. When their eyes met, Alex reached down and buried her fingers inside herself.

Conner's moan was indescribable. Her face had turned a dark shade of red, and for a moment, Alex thought she had pushed the woman too far. Finally, Conner took a deep shuttering breath and the natural color returned.

"You like it when I do this, don't you?"

"God yes...please, Alex...let me touch you?"

As she continued to stroke herself, Alex smiled and spread her legs further apart. "Not yet, lover." She slowly removed her fingers and leaned over Conner, and parted her lips with her wet fingers. "I will, however, give you a little taste."

"Ahhh, Alex." Conner devoured Alex's fingers, sucking the warm juices off of them, and quietly whimpering as her need to be touched increased.

"Do you want me inside you?" Alex asked as she let her fingers trail down Conner's body stopping just at the hairline of her sex.

"Yeees." Conner lifted her hips, her need now reaching a point of desperation.

Alex slowly let her fingers fall until she felt the wetness on Conner's outer lips, knowing she was even wetter inside. Kneeling between Conner's legs, Alex gently traced the folds of Conner's lower lips, gently parting them with her thumbs to expose the hard nub. Beginning at Conner's left knee, Alex began placing slow torturous kisses along the length of Conner's thigh. When she reached the tender cleft, she paused for only a second before gently enfolding the hard nub between her lips.

Conner's hips bucked wildly as the contact sent tremors throughout her body. ", Alex." Her words came in shutters as Alex's tender lips rhythmically squeezed, and her tongue placed feathery touches directly to the tip of the ultra sensitized nerves.

Alex continued her slow ministrations as she watched Conner's face above her. As Conner bucked beneath her, she reached up and plunged three fingers deep into the woman, sending her into a frenzy of motion.

"Aleeex, God, I need to touch you, please...Alex...please...come here.

As Conner screamed her name, Alex felt her own body spasm and knew she could no longer deny Conner's need. Remaining deep inside, she slid her body up onto the other woman, and felt the electrical surges bolt through her body in response to her touch.

Conner released the sheets and wrapped her arms tightly around the other woman's neck, capturing Alex's in hers. Their tongues dueled in their united passion as Alex felt her body cry out for relief.

Conner pulled her mouth away, and took a shuttering breath. "Alex ,I need to taste you now, please let me...I've done what you I need this...please."

Alex smiled and placed a warm kiss on Conner's lips, and then she slowly rolled off her body and sat up looking down at Conner. For a moment, Conner thought Alex was going to make good on her threat and quit, and just as she was about to speak, Alex bent and placed a trail of kisses down Conner's stomach. When she reached the soft line of hair leading to Conner's sex, she lifted her leg and straddled Conner's face, allowing the woman full access to her desire.

Conner wrapped her arms around Alex's legs, and just as she was leaning in to kiss the swollen folds of her outer lips, Alex plunged her fingers deeply inside of Conner once again, sending her into another passionate whirl.

Conner buried her face in Alex's sex, raking her tongue the length of the hard, swollen shaft. The muffled moans of the women continued as they matched each other stroke for stroke. They held on as they soared higher and higher until at last they fell in unison into their orgasms.

After a few minutes, their breathing slowed and Alex turned around to face Conner. When their eyes met, Alex saw one prominent brow raised and a smirk on her lovers face.

"Hey," Alex said as she placed a warm kiss on Conner's lips.

"Hey yourself." Conner maintained their eye contact. She wanted Alex to squirm a little, so she just lay there quietly looking at the other woman.

Squirming was exactly what Alex was doing, and a lot of it. She knew there would be sweet hell to play for the torturous pleasure she had just made Conner endure. She ducked her head breaking the eye contact and gently bit Conner's jaw.

"Hmmm, you really know how to make a woman feel good, you know." Alex tipped her eyes up and gave Conner and innocent grin.

"Uh huh."

Alex was getting nervous that she had taken things too far. Not quite knowing what to do next she placed her hand on Conner's chest, and as she was pushing up into a sitting position, Conner pounced.

In one smooth quick motion, Conner flipped Alex over and somehow managed to straddle her stomach pinning Alex solidly to the bed. Grabbing her hands, she shoved them above Alex's head, and held them there in a position similar to the one Alex had previously held hers.

"You will pay, and pay dearly for that little stunt." As Conner grinned, Alex let out a relieved sigh. "However, I will require at least an entire night. However, considering the late hour, I will reserve my revenge for another night." Conner nipped Alex's ear lobe, "So be prepared my dear..." She kissed her nose. "...for a night of sensual torture."

Alex laughed as she threw her arms around the other woman's neck and hugged Conner close. "I've had such a great time this weekend...I ahh...don't want it to end."

Turning her head and glancing at the clock, she groaned. "As much as I hate to, I need to get going. My first day back is tomorrow, and I have an early meeting."

"I know I don't want it to end either, but we have lots of time. We'll be together soon." Conner nuzzled Alex's neck and took in one last breath of her lover's scent. Conner slid off Alex and they began to dress slowly, neither wanting to, but preferring to crawl back into bed to hold each other as they fell asleep.

They made small talk until they reached the door to the garage. Alex turned and pulled Conner close, kissing her deeply, trying to satisfy her need until they could be together again.

"Will you be at the precinct in the morning, or out on the streets?" Alex asked. She decided not to tell Conner her meeting the next morning was with her captain, choosing instead to surprise her if she was going to be in the precinct.

"I'll be in until around ten or so, then I'll probably head out to the streets."

"Good. You mind if I give you a call sometime in the morning?"

"Actually, I'd be upset if you didn't, I want to know how your first day back is going. Maybe we can...uhh...maybe get together for lunch. That is, if you have the time."

"I'll make the time for lunch. I'll call you and we can decide where we want to go, OK?" Leaning in for one last kiss, Alex held Conner close for a few moments, before straightening and turning to climb in the Jeep.

"Please drive carefully, OK?" Conner said, as she leaned in for another quick kiss.

"I will, sweet dreams, Agent Harris. I know mine will be." Alex grinned as she started the Jeep and backed out of the garage.

Conner watched Alex drive off until the taillights disappeared into the night. She slowly turned and went back into the house. As she stepped through the door, she realized for the first time how quiet and empty her condominium seemed at this moment.

Conner fed Magnum and headed for bed. As she lay there, she could smell Alex's perfume on the pillows and sheets. She tossed and turned for and hour before getting up and searching through the kitchen until she found a bottle of scotch. She poured herself a large shot and knocked it back in one swallow. Turning, she saw Magnum sitting there, staring at her curiously.

"Yeah, hotshot, I'm miserable. Go to bed and leave me alone."

Conner turned and headed back to her room. She lay on her side and hugged the pillow that still held Alex's scent. After what seemed like forever, she fell into a peaceful sleep, dreaming of the mysterious woman that had swept into her life and stolen her heart in just a few short days.

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