Storm Surge

Chapter Sixteen

by KatLyn

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Alex brought Conner a bag of ice and a beer, and sat down beside her on the sofa. "I really am sorry for pinging you out there." Alex leaned over, lifted Conner's chin tilting her head back, and placed the cold bag on Conner's forehead.

"No apology necessary. It was my fault I shouldn't have startled you." Reaching up and lifting the bag off her head, Conner gave Alex a mischievous grin. "Just be prepared, because the next time I'm just going to stand out of the away and toss a bucket of water on you." She lay her head back down and groaned as the weight of the bag pressed against her head.

"Hmm, well I'll probably deserve that one."

Conner reached out blindly and captured Alex's hand in her own. They sat there in the semi-darkness, talking about their newest case, while Conner held the bag on her face. Alex drew soft circles in the palm of Conner's hand as they talked and she felt the tension drain away from the other woman. After a few minutes, Conner became quiet and Alex realized she had fallen asleep. She rose and went into the bedroom to pull the sheets down on the bed, then returned to wake Conner. Luckily for Alex, Conner did not have the same reaction upon being touched as she did and only groaned a sleepy groan when Alex shook her shoulder.

Conner pulled the ice from her face and Alex returned it to the freezer. Taking Conner's hand, she pulled her up and led her down the hall to the bedroom. Conner came full awake when she realized that Alex had led her into the master bedroom.

"Umm, Alex, if you would rather I sleep in the guest room."

Alex cut Conner's words off with a tender kiss. "No, I want you here beside me tonight." Alex led Conner to the bed. She pulled on the hard leather of Conner's service belt and gently dropped it to the floor. Starting at the top of her shirt she slowly unbuttoned Conner's shirt and slide it off her shoulders, then reached down and unclasped the snap of her pants sliding the zipper down. Tucking her thumbs into the sides of the pants, she pulled them over her hips and gently pushed Conner backwards, sitting her on her bed.

Conner was still a little dazed from the blow she had sustained earlier and could do nothing more than watch as Alex slowly stripped her. Alex knelt in front of Conner, untied, and removed her shoes and socks, before pulling her pants and underwear over her feet. She stood once again and took hold of the bottom of Conner's t-shirt.

"Raise your arms"

Conner did as she was told as Alex pulled the shirt over her head taking great care not to make contact with the tender lump on Conner's head. Conner felt a chill run over her body as her bare skin was exposed to the cool air, but the chill was replaced with a searing heat as Alex leaned in and gently captured her lips in a tender kiss. Alex reached between Conner's breasts and unclasped her bra, sliding it off her shoulders. Conner was now completely naked and pulled on Alex's shoulders trying to draw her nearer. Alex knelt between Conner's legs causing the woman to jump as the cloth of Alex's pants made contact with the sensitive skin between her legs. They continued to explore each other's mouths, until Alex finally broke the kiss with a gasp.

Taking a slow deep breath to gather herself, Alex pushed Conner back, lifted her legs to the bed, and pulled the covers over the naked woman. Leaning in for one more kiss, she whispered. "I'll be right back, I'm going to lock up and turn out the lights." Alex straightened and gazed down at the woman lying in her bed before picking up Conner's clothes on the floor and quietly leaving the room.

Alex felt herself tremble as she walked down the hall to the kitchen. There had been no one in her life since Feryle and it was strange seeing someone else lying in their bed. Alex walked through the house to the laundry room and put Conner's clothes in the washer. She retraced her steps through the house, turning out the lights and checking the doors, before returning to the bedroom. She could tell by the rhythmic breathing that Conner was asleep and headed to the bathroom to brush her teeth.

Alex eased into the bed beside Conner and felt the woman stir as she settled in. Conner turned and threw her arm across Alex's stomach


"C'mere" Alex lifted her arm and Conner nuzzled her head in Alex's neck. Pulling the woman closer, Alex lay there in the darkness and thought about how right it felt to hold Conner in her arms. It was not long before Alex heard Conner's rhythmic breathing again. She planted a gentle kiss on the top of Conner's head. Laying her cheek against the silky hair, Alex fell off into a rare, comfortable, and dreamless sleep.



A soft light was peeking through the clouds when the alarm sounded. Alex reached over and quickly hit the snooze button. Conner stirred behind her and pulled Alex closer into the spoon she had formed with their bodies during the night. Alex released a quiet moan as she lay there enjoying the warmth radiating from Conner's body.



Chuckling, Alex remembered that Conner was not a morning person and turned to lie on her back. Conner groaned at the movement, but quickly snuggled back closer to Alex, as she settled.

"As much as I hate to, we need to get up. We both have busy days today," Alex said planting a kiss on the small lump on Conner's forehead.

"Sleepy," Conner whined as she buried her head beneath the pillow.

"I know you're sleepy, but you need to rise and shine," Smiling, Alex reached out and brushed her fingers across Conner's nipple.

The other woman's eyes shot open, fully alert from the sensual caress. "No fair" Conner whined. "You can't do that unless you're going to finish what you start."

"You're such a baby in the morning," Alex teased and placed a gentle kiss on the lump between Conner's eyes, "I'm really sorry for pinging you last night. How does it feel?"

"Not too bad," Conner reached up to feel the lump. "How does it look?"

Alex bit her bottom lip and winced, "Hmm, looks like you've been pinged between the eyes. I am sorry," Alex bent down and gave Conner a quick peck on the lips, before grinning and throwing back the covers.

"Noooo, come on, ten more minutes."

"No way. If I stay here ten more minutes in this bed with you...naked, we'll be here for two hours. Come on get moving. I'll go start the coffee," Alex slid from the bed and pulled on her robe. She got another robe from the closet, placed it on the bed for Conner, and headed down the hall.

Alex put Conner's clothes into the dryer, started the coffee, and went back to the bathroom to brush her teeth. Conner was beginning to stir as she walked through, and she chuckled again at how child-like the tough cop could be in the morning.

Alex had just set the coffee on the table when Conner padded in rubbing her eyes with her fists. She walked over to Alex and gave her a sleepy hug.

"Morning," Conner tucked her face into Alex's neck and inhaled her spicy scent.

"Good morning again, to you too. Did you sleep well?"

"Umm hmm, what about you?"

"I slept okay too." Leaning down, Alex drew Conner in for a proper good morning kiss. They allowed their lips to explore and linger as they enjoyed the early morning tenderness.

"This robe smells good," Conner nuzzled Alex's neck and nipped her ear.

"Thanks," Alex could only whisper, as she took in the scent of both Feryle and Conner at the same instant.

Conner picked up the unspoken words and went still in Alex's arms.

"God Alex, I'm sorry. I'll...go get dressed, and."

"No, you don't have to do that. I'm the one that gave it to you to wear, remember? You're welcome to wear it...ahh, that is, if it doesn't bother you."

"No, it's just that I don't want it to upset you Alex."

"It doesn't. Somehow, I think Feryle would approve." Alex gave Conner a gentle smile and gently touched her lips to Conner's.

Conner's eyes widened in disbelief at Alex's declaration and before she could respond, Alex, again, captured her lips for another kiss. The two women stood in the kitchen holding each other for a long while, savoring their newfound emotions. Conner finally broke the silence and whined for coffee.

"God, you're impossible in the mornings. Maybe tonight, I will put you in the guest room." Alex teased.

"Well now, does that mean I'm invited back?" Conner asked nipping Alex's ear as she slid by on her way to the coffeepot.

"Maybe" Alex smirked, walking over to the cabinet to retrieve a couple of cups.

Alex pushed Conner towards the breakfast nook and prepared their coffee, before sliding in beside her. The two women sat silently as they delighted in the first few sips of the hot energizing liquid, enjoying their morning.

Conner let her mind wander back to the events of the previous two days. She had been certain that Alex would turn away after her involvement in the Hernandez case was revealed. Although Alex had tried desperately to do just that, Conner knew Alex couldn't deny the feelings they had shared on the island any more than she could.

"What are your plans for the morning?" Alex shook Conner out of her musings, as she spoke and placed her soft hand on Conner's exposed thigh.

Conner cut her eyes towards Alex and reached down in a bold move to pull the other woman's hand closer to the heat she was feeling, stopping just short of the soft down between her legs.

"I know what I'd like to do. However, I need to look up one of my informants and see if there is any new information on Hernandez's arrival plans." Conner gave Alex a sideways glance, trying to gauge the other woman's reaction as she spoke of their, now, shared case. "I also want to get another look at the warehouse, just to see if I can find any breaches in their security." Conner groaned. "Damn, and sometime this morning I have to go to the island and check on Magnum."

"Oh Conner, I forgot about the poor little thing. He must be starving." Alex's hand tightened on Conner's thigh, sending a surge of heat up her legs.

"Starving hell. I'm worried about the house. He has plenty of dry food out so I'm not worried that he's hungry." Conner waved her hand in the air dismissing Alex's concern for the cat-from-hell. "I'm worried about what he's destroyed in the last twenty-four hours." Conner let her face fall into her hands, remembering the destruction she had walked into a few nights ago. "Anyway, I got a call from Seth yesterday. They decided to stay and extra night, but he'll be home sometime this evening, then I won't have to worry about the little shit any longer."

"Does that mean you'll have to go back to the island tonight to meet Seth?" Alex continued to gently stroke Conner's thigh, as she looked into the flushed face of the woman beside her.

"Well," Conner wiggled one brow at Alex. "If that invitation comes through for tonight, I'll just bring him back with me. Buet will spoil him rotten till Seth comes to pick him up."

Smiling Alex saw the gleam in Conner's eyes and reached out to place a tender kiss on her eager lips, "Consider the invitation delivered," Alex let her tongue slide over Conner's bottom lip in a seductive invitation. "Bring him back with you this afternoon. OK?"

Conner groaned, and wiggled her eyebrows in a bad Groucho Marx imitation. "Your wish is my command, Agent Montgomery"

The women laughed at Conner's bad comedic attempt and regretfully decided they needed to get moving if they were going to get to work on time.

Conner went off to the guestroom to shower, while Alex retrieved Conner's clothes from the dryer and put them on the bed. She called the JPD precinct and left a message for Jack that she needed to postpone their meeting until nine, since she wanted to go by the hospital to see Catherine.

Setting the phone down, she turned to face the closed bathroom door in the guestroom. Biting her lip, she glanced at the clock as a thought formed in her mind. "What the hell," she mumbled and stripped off her clothes.

Conner' senses came to full alert when she felt cool air touch her skin. Her body shivered as Alex slid in behind her and wrapped long arms around her waist.

"I thought we might save a little time if we...umm, both showered together" Alex's voice had become low and husky as she tucked her head and placed a kiss on Conner's neck.

"Mmm, I'm not sure that was a wise idea, Agent Montgomery, if you want to be on time for work." Conner reached behind her and drew Alex's body closer. They stood there savoring the nearness, as warm water ran across their bodies. Pulling away slightly, Alex reached for the soap and silently covered Conner's body with a spicy cinnamon lather. Conner reached her arms out to steady herself and gasped, as Alex's hand's moved between her legs making contact with the sensitive nerves below.

"Mmmm." Conner groaned, as her breathing became fast and ragged.

Smiling to herself, Alex turned Conner so the spray could rinse the lather from her body. Conner stood with her eyes closed, savoring the sensual caresses, when she felt a hand on her shoulder, gently turning her around. Alex gave Conner a tender kiss, then bent and captured a hard nipple between her lips.

Conner's hands wrapped around Alex's head and she pressed the woman closer. "God, Alex, that feels so good. I...I've missed you so much."

Alex rose and placed one hand on each side of Conner's face, as she looked deeply into her eyes. "I'm sorry, I was wrong about you. I know that now. "

Conner answered Alex by claiming the woman's mouth in a passionate kiss. Hands searched, tongues probed and passions ignited, until Alex backed Conner against the cool shower wall and knelt before her. Alex's hands slide across Conner's stomach as her body moved downward. She lifted one of Conner's muscular legs and pulled it around her shoulder, as she looked up into the dark sultry eyes of the woman above her. She allowed her eyes and hands to roam over the taut muscles of Conner's body as she reached up and took a hard nipple between her fingers, pinching it gently; and at the same time moved in to capture the swollen bud of nerves between her lips.

"God, Alex" Conner's voice was ragged and low as her body responded to the sweet onslaught of Alex's tongue. She held onto the built in towel bar for support, praying it would hold up against her weight.

Alex continued her exploration and soon had two fingers buried deep inside the woman. She felt the muscles tighten around her fingers as Conner climbed higher and higher. Alex looked up and saw Conner watching her from above.

"I love to watch you make love to me."

Alex smiled and gave Conner a cute wink, just before she added another finger, and drove deeper into the hot core.

'Ahhhh." Conner's eyes closed and her head fell back against the shower wall in response to the rapid change of pace. She let her body ride the wave up, higher and higher, as Alex's tongue softly stroked her hard shaft, and her fingers found the spot that always sent her over the edge. Looking back down at the stunning women below her, she felt the first hot contractions deep in her core. She buried one hand in Alex's wet hair, drawing the woman closer, and screamed out as the orgasm overtook her body.

"Aleeeex! Yes, don't stop!"

Alex continued pumping until she felt Conner sag against her shoulder, and then slowed her ministrations as she licked the warm juices from Conner's swollen lips and thighs. She allowed the woman to bask in the aftershocks of their lovemaking, before rising and wrapping her arms around Conner's waist. Alex held the exhausted woman in her arms as she buried her face in the warm clean crook of Conner's neck. They stood there, bodies trembling and minds reflecting, until the strength returned to Conner's shaky legs.

"Damn, What a wake up call." Conner leaned back against the wall and pulled Alex down to her lips.

"Mmm, well, you had better get a move on or we'll be late for our meeting. Get out of here so I can shower." Alex kissed the lump on Conner's forehead and gave her a tender swat on the ass as she pushed her towards the shower door.

"You don't play fair, you know that? I didn't get my turn." Conner whined.

'You can have your turn tonight, OK?" Splashing water in Conner's face Alex teased, "I'll make it worth your wait."

Conner's eyes turned dark and she started back towards Alex with and evil gleam in her eyes.

"Out! Now!"

"OK, OK, I'm going." Conner stepped out and left Alex to finish her shower.

Grabbing her towel, she quickly dried and walked out into the bedroom to find her clean clothes lying on the bed. Looking back at the closed door, Conner felt a warm heat fill her heart and knew she was falling fast and hard for this dark, dangerous woman they called 'The Shadow'.

By the time Alex had finished dressing and returned to the kitchen, Conner had scrounged around and found some bagels. Handing a travel mug of coffee and a bagel to Alex, they headed out the door.

"I need to go by the hospital to check on Donald and see Catherine. I'll see you back at the precinct. Will you tell Jack I'm sorry for bumping the meeting to nine, but I really need to do this, OK?"

"I really don't think he'll have a problem with it, Alex. He knows and likes Donald too, and understands that this has to be a priority for you this morning."

"OK, just tell him I'll be there as soon as I can."

Alex climbed into the jeep and Conner into her Jag, as they both headed out to their respective jobs.


Alex walked into the ICU waiting room and spotted Catherine asleep in a chair. She was quietly backing out to not wake the woman when she heard a weary voice call her back.


Alex walked over and sat next to Catherine, pulling the woman's hand into hers. "Any word?"

Sighing heavily, Catherine pulled her free hand through her hair and looked at Alex with heavy eyes. "I talked to the surgeon at about 2am and she said the procedure went well. They put in a shunt to relieve the pressure are optimistic that he will recover. They let me see him for a few minutes around five this morning, but he didn't wake up."

"I am so sorry, Catherine. I wish there was more I could do." Alex was gently rubbing her thumb across the top of Catherine's hand, trying to provide at least some comfort to her friend.

"Just find the person who did this Alex. That and getting Donald healthy again is all I want and need."

"I intend to Catherine. You just concentrate on Donald and get some rest yourself. You're not going to be any good to him if you sit here 24/7 and wear yourself out, ok?"

"I will. I'm going to go home to take a nap and shower after they let me see him again."

Alex stood, still holding on to Catherine's hand. "Good. You have my pager number, will you call me if anything changes?"

Catherine nodded, and stood to embrace the woman who had become an adopted member of her family. They said their good-byes and Alex headed out of the hospital. She had one more stop to make before her meeting back at Precinct One.


Conner called the precinct and Buet told her Captain Peterson wanted to talk to her. She waited until the line clicked and heard her Captain's voice.

"Harris, what's happening in the Fairfax case?"

"The lab has all the evidence that was gathered at the scene. I called sometime after midnight and Janet was staying to work the prints. I'm headed over there now to see if they have anything new."

"Ok, let me know what you find out. Get in touch with Agent Montgomery. I need to postpone our meeting until after lunch. The FBI guys from Orlando will be here around ten and I have to meet with them. I'm not sure how long that will take, so let's just meet back here at 1 o'clock."

"Sure Captain. I'll pass the word." Conner hit the end button on her cell phone then dug in her console for the number to Alex's pager. Once she sent the voice mail on it's way, she decided to spend the morning tracking down her contacts to see what else she could come up with on the Hernandez case. She also wanted to check out the warehouse again, and decided she would do that on her way to the island to pick up the 'cat-from-hell'.

Conner headed down to Union Street. She was looking for Reggie Walker, a one time Hernandez wannabe, who couldn't even keep his own pushers in line. He had been a middleman somewhere in the Hernandez Organization, but too many snorts of the white powder, and far fewer breaks, had landed him on the streets peddling for the new middleman.

Conner shook her head as she thought about Reggie. He could have made something of his life at one point. His father was a well-known investment banker, and his mother, a principal at one of the local high schools. To his parents' dismay, Reggie had taken a wrong turn early in his adolescence and was eventually arrested for the first time when he was eleven. He was caught selling pot to some kids behind the gym during a basketball game at his mother's high school. From there, he slid downhill until finally his father kicked him out of the house on his eighteenth birthday. He had now been living on the streets for almost ten years. Reggie knew the territory probably better than most and Conner was determined to find out what he knew.

She spotted Reggie coming out of 'Buddy's Pool Cue' and cut him off at the next alley with her car. He looked up just as her tires screamed on the pavement and the Jag came to swift halt. He turned and ran in the opposite direction, but Conner's youth and good health was too much of a match for the worn out junkie. She reached him in less than half a block and sent him sliding face first on the sidewalk as she tackled him from behind. Before he had time to recover, she grabbed the back of his smelly leather jacket and pulled him to his feet, shoving him against the wall.

"Where you running off to in such a hurry there, Reg?" Conner had twisted his arm behind his back and pulled up just enough to get his attention.

"Come on man, I didn't do shit."

"Then why are you running?"

"Shit, every time I see you coming you hassle me, what'dya 'spect me ta do, send you an invitation?"

"Don't get smart with me Reg. You know I'm not too happy in the mornings and beating the crap out of a little shit like you might be just what I need to start my day off good." Conner twisted the junkie's arm higher between his shoulder blades driving her point home.

"By the look of your face, somebody else's day started off good," Reggie knew the instant he made the comment that it was a mistake. He heard Conner growl, then felt a sharp pain in his face as the officer pushed him harder against the brick wall. "Ok, Ok, Damn, Whatcha want?"

"I want you to tell me whose been supplying you with the bad dope you've been selling on the street lately. I know you're a runner for them. I've hauled some of your customers to the hospital in the last few weeks. You tell me what I want to know and I'll let you alone...for a while. If you don't, then I'm taking you downtown to our friendly little bed and breakfast, and you know Reg, I'll bet I could arrange it so you get to travel up to Starke and see Frankie. Maybe I could even work it so you two could be cellmates. What do you think of that?"

Conner's patience was wearing thin. She knew Reggie knew more than he was letting on and with the rumors of Hernandez's reappearance just two days away, she was getting desperate for some answers. Conner reached around and patted his pockets. Digging her hand inside the grimy jeans, she came up with three little squares of coke.

"Come on man, you know Frankie'll kill me." Reggie was whining and Conner thought about how pathetic he looked.

Frankie had been the man that took over when Reggie was booted from the Hernandez Organization and he had always sought his revenge. Conner had arrested Reggie in the fall of the previous year, dealing dope to some tourist down on Beach Boulevard. She had nabbed him with a pound of pot, thirty hits of cocaine and a variety of other recreational drugs. He was looking at ten to twenty, until he rolled over and gave Conner the name as his supplier - Frankie.

A few nights later they raided Frankie's hideout and came away with almost fifty pounds of pot stashed away in the cellar and two kilos of cocaine buried in hundred pound, flour bags in the pantry, but not before Frankie took out a rookie cop. Frankie was now doing life without parole at the State Prison in Starke.

'Well, it's your call Reg, talk to me, or I'll make sure you get to share a cell with Frankie. Personally after what you did to him last year, I think I'd talk." Conner pulled up on Reggie's arm again and heard the cartilage grind as the joint began to give under the strain.

"Ok, Ok, just ease up on the arm." Conner released the pressure just enough to satisfy Reggie, but kept him well within her control.

"I'm waiting"

"All I know is there's something big happening this weekend."

"Tell me something I don't know, Reg. It's the middle of tourist season, something is always happening on the weekends." Conner was beginning to get pissed. She had a lot to do before her meeting and was tired of playing games with the junkie.

"OK, have it your way" She reached around to her back and pulled the handcuffs from the holder on her belt.

Hearing the familiar sound Reggie gave in and spilled his guts. "Whoa now, OK. I'll tell you everything I know."

"Five seconds Reg and you're going with me."

"OK, word on the street is that 'the man' is coming to town for a big deal."

"And?" This much Conner already knew. She needed something more concrete to take into the meeting with her today.

"Suppose to be at some warehouse out by the Brewery." Reggie was sweating and the smell coming off him was making Conner green.

"So, who's the big guy meeting with out there?"

"I.I don't know." Reggie hesitated just a fraction of a second too long and Conner went in for the kill. She slammed his arm up behind his back forcing his face into the brick wall.

"Don't fuck with me, asshole, I want names and I want them now."

Reggie howled as his nose hit the wall and he felt his shoulder begin to pull out of the socket. "Sarantos. It's Papa Paul, and Hernandez. They've got a huge deal coming down, even better than the one that was messed up last year by that other lady cop. They ain't taking no chances this time. I hear the place is locked down tight. Can't get within a hundred yards of it without getting electrocuted, eaten up by a Rottie or shot by a sniper."

Conner released Reggie's arm, more from the shock of what she had just heard than anything else. Reggie turned around and rubbed is shoulder, staring at Conner. "Hey, I know my advice don't mean shit to you, but I'm giving it to you anyway. You want to live to see Monday, stay the hell away from there. Those dudes tote some serious weapons. Better than you'll ever touch." Backing away and seeing his chance to flee Reggie gave her one last warning. "They're expecting trouble, ya know? They know 'The Shadow's' back in town."

Conner almost missed his last words as the junkie turned and ran down the sidewalk. She stood there staring him as she ran her hand through her hair. "Fuck, they're trying to set us up."

Conner walked back to the Jag and pulled out onto the road heading towards the interstate, and the warehouse. She wanted another good look at the layout during the daylight to see how much, if anything, she could make out of their security.

She drove down the road at a normal speed, eyeing the fence and surrounding property as she passed. She pulled in at the Colorado Container to turn around, and as she was backing out of the drive, she spotted a movement on top of the building. Trying not to act too obvious, she glanced around trying to appear lost and saw another dark figure on the other end of the structure. She shifted the Jag to drive and drove away from the building, speeding back to the interstate.

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