Storm Surge

Chapter Twenty-Three

by KatLyn

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After going by the precinct to check on the lab results of Donald's attack, Alex and Conner arrived back at the house at about 4:00. So far, the evidence pointed towards José, but with him dead, little else could be done.

Alex walked into the quiet house, kicked off her shoes, and grabbing a beer from the refrigerator, headed towards the deck. Conner came out a few minutes later and sat down in the lounger next to her.

“I wonder why Olivia wanted to talk to Donald alone.” Alex took a long drink from the beer.

Conner crossed her ankle and shrugged her shoulders, “I don't know, I was wondering the same thing.” Conner looked at Alex and saw the frown that had creased her face, “Probably, just wanted to clarify something with the communications equipment.”

Alex sighed, “Maybe, but somehow I don't think so. I believe she is planning something, but I can't put my finger on what it is.”

They sat quietly, for a few minutes, each lost in their own thoughts. Conner felt Alex gently grasp her hand, “Let's take a walk on the beach.”

Conner let herself be pulled up by Alex's strong arms. Wrapping her arms around the taller woman, Conner lifted her head and captured Alex's lips within her own. The kiss was gentle and lingering, relaying the warmth and love the women had come to know with each other. “I love you, Alex,” Conner's eyes were sincere and tender.

“I love you. Don't ever leave me.” Alex's hold tightened around Conner's waist as they shared one of their last quiet moments before the mission.

Conner smiled up into Alex's somber face, “Never.”

It was only one word, but the promise behind it caused Alex's heart to soar. “Come on, let's take that walk before I change my mind and ravish you right here.”

Conner furrowed her brows and smiled at Alex, “Don't I get a choice?”

Alex pulled Conner out onto the sand, “No.” Alex laughed and pulled Conner into her arms, “Well, not until we get home tonight, anyway.”

They walked about a mile down the beach, talking quietly about their plans to sail the 'Shady Lady' up the coast to Blackbeard Island for a long weekend. Conner smiled as she thought about their first sailing trip. The 'Shady Lady' would always hold a special meaning to her because it was the first place she had made love to Alex. She had sometimes debated selling her, but that notion was completely out of the question now. The 'Shady Lady' was a part of their history together and would remain in their lives for a long time.

They returned to the house shortly after 5:00. As they climbed the steps to the back deck, Conner sensed a transformation in Alex. She looked into her eyes and saw the deep, dark eyes of 'The Shadow”. Taking a deep breath, Conner slid the back door open and walked into the kitchen, “I'm…uhh…going to take a shower and get ready.”

Alex only nodded her head as Conner left the room. She walked into her office, sat down at her desk and began searching for the folder Donald had given them the night before. Something wasn't right in Alex's mind about Olivia, she had sensed it earlier that morning but forced it out of her head, not wanting to question the trust they had built over the years. However, as she sat reading through the list of names in the Hernandez organization, a thought crossed her mind. Searching the list of names, Alex's eyes suddenly stopped, and she felt her blood turn cold as she read the name 'Angel Martin'.

Alex stared at the name, and closed her eyes in disbelief. Angel Martin, the alias Olivia had always used when she was working undercover. How could I have missed it? Alex questioned in her mind. There has to be an explanation for this. I have to figure out if she is really working undercover, or if she has turned rogue. Alex leaned back in her chair and closed her eyes, processing the information she had discovered. Her senses came on full alert as she felt Conner enter the room.

She closed the file and returned it to the filing cabinet. “I'll be back in a few minutes. I need a quick shower.” Conner watched Alex leave the room and wondered why she was so distracted. Deciding that it must be part of Alex's 'Shadow' persona, Conner went into the kitchen to recheck her gear before they had to leave.


Alex stood in the shower and let the warm water cascade off her body. She concentrated on relaxing her muscles, mentally preparing herself for the night's mission. The few hours that led up to a mission were always the hardest for Alex. Waiting wasn't something she did well. She quickly showered, stepped out into the cool air of the room and grabbed a towel to dry her body.

Looking at herself in the mirror, Alex regarded her reflection. Her body, defying time and her job, still looked firm and muscular. Although there were scars, scattered along her back and legs from last years raid, most were fading and would soon disappear. The one she wanted to remain was a bullet wound that had penetrated her chest four inches above her left nipple. That scar she wanted to remember, and tonight she would get her revenge on the man who had put it there. Alex heard a soft knock and turned to see Conner step through the door.

“Hey! What ya doing?” Conner smiled and knew she would never tire of looking at Alex's body.

“Hmmm, just looking at all the scars this old lady has on her body,” Alex moved to pull the towel around her, but was stopped as Conner reached for the towel and pulled it away.

“I love your body, Alex,” Conner leaned to kiss the scar on Alex's chest, “Each one is a reminder of how lucky I am to have you in my life.” Conner turned Alex around to face the mirror, “However, I don't intend on your getting anymore. I love your body just the way it is.” Conner lifted Alex's arms, wrapping the towel around her, and kissing her lightly on the neck. Conner wrapped her arms around Alex's waist as they looked at their reflections in the mirror.

Alex swallowed hard, feeling the now familiar heat rise through her body. She smiled and reached back to caress Conner's face, “You are so bad. Even at a time like this, you make me want to block everything out, take you to bed, and make love to you all night.”

Conner grinned, “Yeah? Well we'll have plenty of time for that after tonight,” Conner nipped Alex's ear lobe, “Right now you need to hurry up and get dressed. We have a few bad guys to get.”

Alex smiled as Conner released her, swatted her on the ass, and headed for the door. She turned just as Conner was closing the door, “Conner?”

The door swung open and Conner stuck her head back in the bathroom, “Yes?”

Dark Eyes met blue, “I Love you.”

Conner took a deep breath and smiled, “I love you too, Alex Montgomery,” She lifted an eyebrow, “Now, get dressed before I loose my resolve.”

The women quickly gathered their things and headed out the door. Alex was driving North on I-95 when her cell phone rang. Flipping the cover, she saw that it was Sam, on the caller ID. Talk about bad timing, she thought to herself as she pushed the send button.

“Hello Sam!”

“Hey Alex. What's up? Kelly and I were just discussing the weekend and decided to call and remind you that you are coming over on Saturday for the barbecue. You do remember, don't you?”

“Uhhh, yeah. Is it okay if I bring an old friend? She doesn't know too many people in town and I thought maybe…well, if it's okay with you and Kel?

“Sure Alex, bring whomever you like. Who is this old friend?” Sam stressed the word old, making Alex roll her eyes.

“No one scandalous, I can tell you that. Just my old partner from Chicago.” Alex thought she heard Sam choking, “Sam are you alright?”

Sam tried to calm the sudden coughing. Sucking in her breath at Alex's comment, Sam had almost strangled herself on her beer, “Yeah, I'm…uhhh…fine.”

“Hey, if you'd rather I not bring her, that's fine.”

“I just don't care for Olivia Morgan, Alex, that's all.” Sam's voice was cynical and short.

“When have you met Olivia, Sam?” Alex was confused. She had never mentioned Olivia to Sam, at least not that she remembered, and couldn't figure how Sam would know her.

“I haven't met her Alex. I just…well…look, I need to run. We can talk about this later, okay, bye.”

Alex heard the click as Sam hung up the phone. She flipped her cell phone shut and placed it back on the console. The conversation had confused her, but shaking her head she tried to push it out of her mind. I can't think about that now. I have to focus on this mission.

Conner saw the odd look on Alex's face, “Are you okay?”

'Umm…yeah. Sam was just acting strange, that's all.”


Sam hung up the phone and sat back in the recliner, thinking about Alex's former partner. When the hell did she surface again? Sam remembered a cold December evening when Alex and Kelly both were away on business. She and Feryle had decided to go to Antonio's for dinner to pass away the lonely hours. Feryle had been distracted all throughout the evening and Sam had finally asked what was bothering her. She sat shocked as Feryle recanted her trip to San Diego, and the subsequent meeting with Olivia again, a few months later at the airport.

Feryle told her how she had awakened the next morning, nude in her hotel room, remembering the mysterious woman, and what they had done. After considering everything, she decided not to tell Alex about the terrible mistake, thinking it unlikely that she would cross paths with the nameless woman ever again. Now she was wondering what she should do, knowing that Alex and Olivia not only knew each other, they were once very close. Feryle didn't know if she could live with herself, knowing that she had slept with Alex's ex-partner, even if she had been drunk and manipulated.

She and Feryle had talked well into the night, with Sam finally convincing her that the meeting probably wasn't accidental after all and that telling Alex was probably what Olivia wanted in the first place. Feryle had finally agreed and decided to put the incident behind her.

Sam took a long pull from her beer, got up, and walked to the window, What the hell are you after, Olivia Morgan? Whatever it is, you had better not hurt Alex. Sam shook off the bad feeling that had washed over her, and headed to the kitchen to start dinner. Kelly was coming home early tonight…she would talk to her about it and figure out what they should say, if anything, to Alex.


Alex and Conner pulled up at the empty garage at 7:15. They were almost an hour early, but neither woman could sit at the house any longer and decided to use the extra time to prepare for the rest of the team's arrival. Alex checked her Sig and Glock, satisfied that her weapons were ready, while Conner walked over to the window. Using binoculars, she searched the area surrounding the warehouse for signs of movement. Seeing none, she moved back to the center of the room beside Alex, “How ya doing?”

Alex glanced at Conner, nodded, and then looked back at the various pieces of equipment lying on the table. Donald had dropped off the equipment earlier in the afternoon, not wanting to arouse suspicion from anyone watching the building.

Alex selected two stun guns, handing one to Conner, “These work well when you can get close enough. They can put a bear down with little or no noise.”

“Yeah, I took and in-service class last year, and these things were demonstrated, I like'm.”

They continued to select ammunition, quick cuffs, tear gas grenades, and a few other items, before walking back towards the window. Alex picked up the binoculars and looked towards the warehouse, “We have movement.”

Conner brought her binoculars up to her eyes and watched as a small sports car drove towards the warehouse. A lone figure stepped out of the car and walked the short distance to the door. “What the hell is she doing?” Alex didn't realize she had spoken aloud.

Conner looked at Alex, “Who? Do you know that person?”

Alex caught herself before she spoke out again, “Umm…no, I just meant the person looked like a female. I wonder what they're up to?” Alex didn't like the idea of not telling Conner the truth, but she didn't want Conner rushing in gunning for Olivia. She decided to let things play out and see what happens. If necessary, she would tell Conner of her suspicions later, and they could decide what to do then.

Conner held Alex's gaze knowing her partner wasn't telling her everything. Before she had an opportunity to delve any further into the subject, the rest of the team started arriving.

Alex quickly made use of the interruption and headed over to greet the other members. She pointed out the equipment Donald had left for them, and started pinning the maps and floor plans on the wall. By 7:30, everyone had safely arrived at the dark garage, except Olivia. Alex heard Donald's voice over the earpiece tucked into her ear, telling everyone that he was ready for the comm. check.

Once they had completed the task, Alex asked Donald to call her cell phone. A few moments later, the phone vibrated against her leg, “Montgomery.”

“Yeah, hold on a sec,” Alex walked to the far side of the garage and turned her back to the group. “I just saw Morgan go inside the warehouse. Donald, what the hell is going on?”

“Shit.” Donald hesitated, “Listen Alex, I couldn't tell you before, but Olivia has been working this case since you were hurt last year. She's been inside now for over six months, and…”

Donald's explanation was cut off by Alex's seething voice, “And what Donald, you couldn't trust me, is that it?”

“Alex please, let's not go into this now. Just know that she is one of the good guys and allow her some space to work. This can't be communicated to the rest of the group. It will only give them a false sense of security…we can't risk that. I need everyone alert and on their toes.” Donald let out a long harsh breath, knowing he had just lost what little ground he had made up with Alex.

“Oh I'll give her plenty of room, Donald, since you don't seem to think I can handle the situation.” Alex was furious and had to concentrate on keeping her voice down.

“This isn't about you Alex, it's-“

Again, Alex cut him short, “Yeah, I know Donald, it's all about you and always has been. Well, I only have one thing to say…Fuck You, Donald!” Alex slammed the phone shut and looked back to see the rest of the group watching her.

Alex met their stares, then walked slowly back to the window and picked up the binoculars, searching the area of the warehouse. David Seay stepped over beside Alex and looked out the window. “Was that phone call something we need to know about Alex?” He asked in a low voice.

“No, just a personal disagreement between Donald and myself,” Alex glanced at Seay and read the uncertainty in his eyes.

“Then you need to put it out of your mind and focus on the mission,” Seay knew he had no right to speak to Alex this way and hoped she wouldn't take offense at his concern. Alex's reputation was well known throughout the Agency, and he didn't want any flack from 'The Shadow'.

“It's over, okay?” Alex's eyes bore into Seay's and she could see that her point had been made. She turned to the rest of the group, “We need to get into place, and it's almost 9:00. Does everyone remember their assignments?” Alex made eye contact with each member, then walked slowly to the map, “Okay, Watson, Garrett, and Willis, take off and let us know when you're in place.”

The three men hurriedly gathered their equipment and quietly left the building, as Alex returned to the window to watch. I'm coming for you Malcolm. I hope you're ready to die. Alex thought to herself as she looked for any signs of movement around the warehouse and container building.

Conner stood off to the side watching Alex, as she tried to figure out what had happened during the phone call to upset her so much. Conner could see Alex's jaw flex as she peered through the binoculars. Before she had a chance to walk over and speak to her, she heard Watson's voice whisper through her earpiece.

“Crab pots set. Let's move on up the river.” Watson's coded message was meant to be meaningless to anyone inside the Hernandez organization that happened to be listening, and he had used an unsecured frequency to further throw them off. They had decided earlier in the day to make their conversations appear to be that of fishermen setting crab pots in the river. After each group went in, Donald and Jack would ease 'The Shady Lady' a little further up the river towards the warehouse.

Alex turned and watched as 'The Shady Lady' slowly crept forward, stopping closer to the far shoreline. Donald had turned on the running lights, not attempting to hide their presence, as one of the men on-board leaned over the side of the boat to look as though he was setting a crab pot. Alex turned back towards the rest of the group, “Goldberg, Quincey, Bannister…head out.”

As the men headed out the door, Conner took up the spot next to Alex by the window, and raised her binoculars to help watch the buildings. Glancing back over her shoulders, she saw the others were on the far side of the room, “So, are you going to tell me what's going on between you and Donald?” Conner could see the muscles in Alex's hands tighten around the binoculars, and then she heard an exasperated sigh.

“Olivia's already inside,” Alex whispered

Conner could hear the anger spill into her voice, “What do you mean, she's inside?” Her question was louder than she intended, and she quickly lowered it, along with the binoculars, “What the hell is she doing?”

“I'm not sure. Donald seems to think she's on our side, but I'm not so sure anymore. Stay alert in there, I have no idea what she is up to, or what will happen.” Alex raised the binoculars back to her eyes just as she heard Goldberg's transmission.

“Okay boss, this one's set. Move on up.”

Alex was impressed with the team so far. She knew they were out there, and still couldn't see any movement. She watched as 'The Shady Lady' eased closer and stopped once again about 100 yards from the end of the dock. “Andrews and Seay, head out.”

Alex and Conner continued to watch the surrounding area. Soon, Andrews voiced the go ahead, and once again Alex saw 'The Shady Lady' pull closer. She could clearly see Jack leaning over the side of the boat, positioning another crab pot.

Things were going well. Everyone was in successfully, except for the four remaining members. Alex set the binoculars down on the table and turned towards Blake and DeTomasso, “Alright guys, I'm going to tell you something, even though I have been ordered not to. Morgan is already inside. Donald seems to think she is one of us…I'm not so sure. Don't go in there gunning for her, but don't let your guard down either.”

Blake looked at Alex and growled, “If she is one of us, then why didn't she say anything this morning at the hotel?”

Alex smirked and shook her head, “My thoughts exactly. Just be on your toes, and let's keep it clean.” Alex watched as Blake, DeTomasso, and Conner looked uneasily at each other. “We are the only four that know about this. Keep it that way, I don't want any confusion once we get in there, got it?”

Everyone nodded their agreement as Alex retrieved the binoculars from the table and headed for the door, “Let's move.”


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