Storm Surge

Chapter Thirty-Two

by KatLyn

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The sun peeked softly through the window as Alex slowly awoke. During the night, she and Conner had slept, legs and arms intertwined, each needing the reassurance that the last few hours were a reality.

Alex opened her eyes and watched as Conner lay in the crook of her arm, her breathing softly caressing Alex's breast. Turning onto her side, slowly, so as not to wake Conner, she kissed her sleeping lover's soft lips and heard the wonderfully familiar growl she had come to love. “Wake up, sleepyhead.”

Conner burrowed deeper into Alex's arm, her muffled voice still hoarse with sleep. “Nooo…sleep…. more.” She slid her leg over Alex's and turned, burying her face between Alex's warm, firm breasts.

Groaning as Conner's thigh brushed against her still aching clitoris, Alex closed her eyes and relived the wonderfully sensual reunion they had enjoyed just a few hours ago. Unable to control her growing hunger, she reached down and held Conner's leg, pressing it tighter against her quickly hardening clitoris and released a primal moan as she felt her own wetness swathe her lover's thigh.

Conner's eyes opened to the glimpse Alex's passion filled face, eyes closed, and hips slowly thrusting against her thigh. Feeling an intense heat rush through her body, Conner opened her mouth and sucked in the erect nipple that teasingly beckoned her attention, and released a deep pent up whimper when she heard Alex gasp as the unexpected sensation brought her orgasm closer.

“Oh God, Conner, I…I need you…now.” Reaching over, Alex drew Conner's hand down and slipped her fingers into the slick wetness. “Please, baby.”

Pressing her hand against Alex's shoulder, Conner pushed Alex onto her back. Draping herself on top of Alex while sliding her leg between the open, inviting legs, she pressed her hips into the warm wet heat between Alex's legs. “Not so fast, lover.” Conner kissed Alex deeply, her tongue gliding into the warmth as Alex's urged her on. Alex moved her hips, gliding her hard clitoris along Conner's thigh and smirked as Conner cried out, her hips thrusting. “You make me so wet, I can't get enough of you.”

Alex grasped Conner's hips and pressed her closer, harder between her legs. “You still want me to slow down, lover?”

The muscles in Conner's arms rippled as she pushed herself up onto her arms. Their hips bucked against each other as they danced the sensual dance only lovers can share. “No, I…want…you…now.”

Looking down into Alex's eyes, Conner was overwhelmed with love for this woman who only a short time ago sped into her life and stole her heart away. Bending her head down, she gently brushed Alex's lips and heard a rumble deep in Alex's throat, “I love you so much, Alex.”

Alex's body was reeling with the electrifying charges Conner was sending through her. Knowing she couldn't hold back any longer, she drew Conner down to her, capturing her lips with her own. At the touch of Conner's tongue on hers, Alex's orgasm exploded and she felt Conner follow her over the edge, their cries muffled as their mouths hungrily devoured each other. In complete harmony with each other, they rode the wave as it brought them slowly back to reality.

Chest heaving and heart racing, Conner fell into Alex's arms, listening to the still racing heartbeat of her lover. Tracing the line of Alex's jaw, Conner looked deeply into Alex's dark eyes, “I love you so much to ever be away from you again.”

Alex's hands glided over the firm muscles of Conner's hips before coming to rest solidly around her waist. Alex could still feel the trembling muscles, “I love you too and we'll never be apart again, I promise.”

“Good, then you'll like my surprise.”

Alex lifted a solitary brow at her grinning lover, Alex teased Conner's ribs, “Oh? And just what kind of surprise would that be, Officer Harris?”

Conner tossed back the covers and slid out of bed, making a long sensual show of her muscular body as she strolled across the floor to the bathroom. Never looking back, but knowing Alex was watching her every move, she chuckled over her shoulder, “I suggest you get your lazy butt up if you want to find out.” Turing at the bathroom door, Conner crooked her finger, beckoning Alex to follow. “First we need a shower, then we need to pack. I'm taking you on a long cruise to Blackbeard Island.”

Rising from the bed, Alex followed Conner into the bathroom. “Pack? A Cruise? What about Donald? The case? We can't just leave, can we?”

Conner stepped into the shower and pulling Alex in behind her, backed her lover against the cool tile wall. Cupping Alex's breasts in her hands, Conner tugged on the quickly hardening nipples. Dropping her head, she captured one of the taut peaks between her lips and sucked it deeply into her mouth. Hearing Alex's moans, she released the rigid nipple and moved towards the other, “Sometimes, Agent Montgomery, you talk too damn much.”


By noon, Conner and Alex were packed and on their way to the island and the 'Shady Lady'. The last few weeks had been difficult for both of them and they were looking forward to two weeks alone, cruising the intercoastal waters along the coast of Florida and Georgia.

Donald and Jack had insisted that they both take some time to rediscover each other and absorb the events of the Hernandez case. Conner had made all the plans prior to seeing Alex again, and now the boat was stocked and ready to sail, thanks to Benny.

They spent the first hour on the boat, checking the lines and their provisions. Then as the sun shone brightly from the sky, they began their journey to rediscovery.


Donald slowly sat the phone down on the desk as a deep frown crossed his face. An unnerving sensation ran up his spine as he considered what Jack had just told him. His face fell into his hands as he realized the danger Alex and Conner were still facing. The case that he thought was now ending was, in truth, taking on a new dimension, the murder of Alicia Vergara had thrown a new twist into the case.

Reaching for the phone, Donald punched in Alex's number and waited only to hear the recorded voice of the answering machine. Slamming down the phone in frustration, he sat back and considered the options, knowing he should bring Alex and Conner into protective custody. Sighing heavily he paced his office, finally stopping at the window deep in thought, trying to consider for once how Alex would want him to handle the situation. After a long while he finally decided that the safest place for them would be right where they were.


As Conner maneuvered the 'Shady Lady' past the old city marina, Alex watched as the landscape on their left, the natural marshland that made up so much of the area faded into the distance. As the wind caressed her face she was once again reminded of how lucky she and Conner had been. Looking back, she watched Conner expertly maneuver the boat through the channel and was again filled with an excited anticipation of what the next few days would hold for them.

Conner watched as Alex made her way back towards the cockpit. She couldn't help but smile as Alex's arms slid around her waist. As they stood together, savoring the feel and warmth of each other, the wind rushing across their faces, neither woman saw the man watching from the pier.


He lowered the binoculars in his hands, as he watched the boat sail around the bend.

Slowly walking back to his car, he pulled the cell phone out of his pocket and punched in the familiar numbers. “Yes, it's me. They just departed on a little sailing trip.”


The End...for now
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