Strangers When We Meet

Part 7

by Ri


See Part 1 for disclaimers.

        Margie followed Jessica into her apartment and looked it carefully over. If it was well cared for it would have been a charming apartment. The living room was a mess. Its walls were white and clean but there was stuff all over the floor. It looked like there was a thousand stains on the rug. The couch and tables were scarred like she had a battle with them. There were empty booze bottles in a pile by the couch and easy chair.

        Margie blinked her eyes and shook her head, How does she live like this? I understand little messes I'm the queen of those but this is frankly disgusting. She thought to herself as she watched the other woman make a beeline for the kitchen. Margie glanced through the door and decided to stay in the relatively clean living room. The kitchen looked like someone had a food fight a week ago and still didn't clean it up.

        “Is there anywhere I can relieve myself, Honey” She called into the kitchen.

        “Relieve yourself?” Asked Jessica from the doorway with a confused look on her face.


        “Oh yeah, Just go down that hall it's the last door on your right.”

        “Thanks, Honey I will be right back.”

        Margie went in the direction she was pointed toward but stopped dead in her tracks one door before the bathroom. It was suppose to be a small bedroom or a den. It was bare of all furniture except a small altar and an eternal flame. What had caught the policewoman's attention was what Jessica had plastered all over the walls of the room. She took a step in to look closer at the subject of the all the pictures.

        “Oh shit,” She said under her breath.

        The room was plastered with pictures of Randy. It was obviously done with a long-range lens. They were taken everywhere. The motorcycle bar, work, home, Brit's, even the motorcycle shop where Randy still worked from time to time. Oh my God, She stalking her. This changes things both of them are in danger from this loony. I have to warn them and protect them. She thought to herself as she carefully examined the pictures noticing some were done very recently. Fresh tape held them up where others were held up with worn out tape several months old.
        Margie peeked out the door and down the hall. She briskly headed down the hall muttering under her breath, “Time for the games to begin.”

    ***   ***   ***   ***

        Randy had just put the last empty box in the garage and tomorrow she would throw them all away before work. She went into the living room to find a very contemplative girlfriend sitting on their couch staring off into space.

        “What's wrong Brit?”

        Brittany's head shot up and she looked at Randy with worried green eyes. “I'm a little worried about Margie. She hasn't called yet and I wonder if something happened.”

        “I'm sure she's fine you told me she is a very competent and talented officer so I trust your judgment.” Randy answered with a smile as she walked over to sit beside Brittany.

        “She is, very, but this is a very dangerous job. That woman is a bit..well…crazy…”

        “No, Not just a bit sweetheart. She is whacko. I do think Margie can handle her though she is in very good shape and I think whacko has already focused her beady little eyes toward her so she won't hurt her.” She brought Brittany close to her in a tight embrace and whispered, “Would you like to watch some TV till she calls?” Brittany nodded so Randy surfed the channels while Brittany made herself comfortable cuddled against Randy's side.

        Brittany fell asleep against Randy's shoulder while Randy absentmindedly stroked Brittany's back. She watched a repeat of the show Providence that she had never seen and was enjoying it when the phone suddenly rang almost causing Randy to jump straight up in the air. She cursed silently to herself as she very quietly answered the phone she didn't want to wake Brittany.


        “Randy its Margie. I knocked the nut out with the herbs we discussed I gave her the strongest dosage possible because I need you to get over here.”

        “Why? What's wrong?”

        “Just get over here and don't bring Brit. This will really get her upset. Alone ok?”

        “Ok, She is asleep so I'll tuck her into bed and leave her a note. I'll be there in about 10 minutes, ok?”

        “Good, Get here quickly. Bye.”


        Randy stared at the phone for about 5 seconds trying to figure out what was wrong. She looked down at her sleeping partner and gently pulled her into her arms to carry to bed. After going into the bedroom and gently tucking Brittany under the covers she kissed her on the forehead and scribbled a note leaving it where she knew she would see it. She took a last look at the peacefully sleeping little one and then she quickly left the house.

    ***     ****     ***

        Randy approached a familiar door that she wished she had never crossed and knocked gently. Margie answered the door on the first knock. She looked past Randy to make sure Brittany didn't come and then she dragged the tall brunette into the apartment. Margie led Randy to the altar room and just let it sink into the tall brunette's brain what this meant to her and Brittany. Randy was speechless as she looked around the small room in circle and saw thousands of pictures of herself. They were pasted on every inch of wall space some taken just the day before when they were moving. Finally finding her voice she said in disbelieve, “Margie…I can't believe this. Oh my God!”

        “I know this is really creepy isn't it?”

        “Very…Where is the whacko?”

        “Knocked out cold in the bedroom.”

        “Did you remember to tie her up?”

        “Oh yeah! As soon as she slipped into oblivion.”

        “This is worse then I ever imagined. Brit and I are in real danger as long as she is free to continue this stalking. Margie, this could escalate and she could threaten my little one…We have to do something. What can we do legally?”

        “Not a thing yet. It's not against the law to take someone's picture.”

        “Not even with a restraining order?”

        “I'll need to read yours but usually no it is not standard to have a restraining order mention taking pictures unless you're a celebrity against a photographer that's harassing you. That's not happening here.”

        “So what do we do?”

        Margie shrugged, “Phase two.”

        “Phase two it is then, “ Said Randy with a determined look as she headed out of the room.

        I'm glad she isn't my enemy,
Thought Margie as she followed her out of the eerie room.

  ***   ***   ***   ***

        Randy arrived home more then a little upset. She parked her car and went through the garage into the family room She called out from there, “Sweetheart I'm home.”

        “Good! I'm in the livingroom trying to sort through all of our stuff.” Came a muffled voice.

Randy's face broke into a small smile she needed a distraction from what she had just seen a few minutes a go and Brittany was always very distracting. She stood in the doorway and the smile broadened, there was a sea of books stacked waist high. They were both big readers and they both collected a lot of books that needed to be sorted. Randy couldn't even see Brittany in the room, “Brit where are you?”

        A blonde head popped out from behind a huge stack and she said “Here,” With a huge smile on her face. That smile vanished as soon as she looked into upset blue eyes, “What's wrong?”

        “I really don't think you want to know…”

        “Oh yes I do, What?”

        Randy leaned against the door and took a deep breath, “It seems that Margie made a very disturbing discovery at Jessica's house that makes it crucial that our plan does work and she goes to jail and stays there.”

        “Wh…what discovery?” Was the whispered question.

        “She's been stalking me. Taking my picture through a long-range lens. She has them plastered all over one of her spare rooms. I almost threw up when I saw it; I wanted to break every bone in her body. The only thing that stopped me was my promise to you…”

        Brittany saw how upset Randy was and rushed to her bringing her into her arms and kissing her all over her face in sweet little butterfly kisses. Randy fell into those arms and allowed Brittany to take care of her. She didn't want to resist her so she allowed herself to be led to the couch by the smaller woman who then sat down on her lap and kissed and hugged and nuzzled the taller woman till she slowly felt herself relax and enjoy the attention. She pulled back and kissed this sweet woman with all the love, passion and devotion in her heart. When they came up for air she said, “Brit, I love you so. I need to protect you from her. You wouldn't believe how sick that was she actually has an eternal flame on an alter with my picture plastered all over like I was some sort of Goddess. If I hadn't promised you and Margie wasn't there I would of…Well I would of…”

        “Well you didn't. So what did Margie say?”

        “All she said was Phase 2, She allowed me to check the ropes and then she kicked me out.”

        “Well Phase 2 it is then.” Said Brittany as she brought the trembling woman close to her and soothed her till she fell asleep.
    ***   ***   ***   ***

        Margie walked slowly into the master bedroom and carefully studied her handiwork. She had Jessica tied up in the manner of an S and M Mistress. She was now wearing the appropriate clothes including a whip she had borrowed from a friend who went to South America every year to study ruins it was her form of protection. She felt the long piece of leather in her hand and smiled, she knew she wouldn't use it but it made an excellent prop.

        Jessica was tied spread eagle and upright against the bed. She had her head on a pillow for comfort but she was tied securely so she couldn't move a single limb. A silk scarf was in her mouth to keep her silent in case she wanted to scream her head off when she woke up.

        Margie smiled as she thought of the shock on Randy's face when she walked into the bedroom to check the knots for the officer. She walked briskly into the room and stopped dead center staring at a stark naked Jessica tied to the bed.

        “Why on Earth did you strip her?”

        “For realism. You don't tie someone up for S and M games if the person isn't naked. It doesn't make sense.”

        Randy shook her head and cleared her throat as she replied quietly, “Guess not.” Then she checked each knot carefully to make sure that it was secure while trying to focus only on the rope and not the naked woman beneath. This amused Margie greatly, Some tough warrior, She's a pussycat, Thought the redhead as she watched Randy from the end of the bed.

        When Randy was convinced that Margie would be safe she looked up with concern still in her eyes and she bore them into Margie's as she asked, “Do you want me to stay out of sight here in the apartment? I really don't like the idea of you being here alone with this lunatic.”

        “Randy I am perfectly capable of taking care of myself. You have your own responsibilities at home, so go home.”

        Randy had her head tilted to one side and she studied the strong officer and saw she was in complete control. “Yes I do have responsibilities at home but Margie, Um….What ….?”

        “You and Brit said Carte' Blanche.”

        Randy nodded and smiled at the policewoman. Margie smiled back grabbed her by the hand and pulled toward the door and gently shoved her out. Then she went to the bathroom to change to her current outfit.


She took the glass of water that she had in her hand and threw it in Jessica's sleeping face. Jessica spluttered awake and tried to speak but found that she was bound and gagged. Angry eyes looked up at a smirking Margie who said quietly, “As a mistress I really don't like my slaves to pass out during foreplay. Don't worry, Sweets I am the forgiving type.” She took the whip and swatted the end just above Jessica's head. Jessica now looked terrified. “Now that I have your attention, Shall we begin?”
    ***   ***   ***   ***

        Randy woke up and searched the house for her missing girlfriend. She found her sorting stuff in the bedroom. All the drawers were open and the closet doors were wide open and all their combined clothes were piled on the bed.

        “May one inquire what you are doing?”

        Brittany was on the floor pulling sweaters out of a drawer and making a neat pile of them beside Randy's sweaters on a bench by the dressing table. “I'm sorting all our clothes so we can keep them in the same drawers but separated by size.”

        Randy's face broke into a huge smile. “Oh I see, “ She said as she walked over and sat down next to her on the floor. “Um, Where will be sleeping in the meantime? Down here?”

        Brittany slapped her gently on the arm and said, “Don't be silly it will all be sorted long before we go to bed.”

        “Yep, Well it's already 10 o'clock I know I fell asleep but…”

        Brittany met Randy's eyes with horrified green ones, “Oh Shit, I didn't realize it's so late…I…”

        Randy couldn't help it she found herself laughing helplessly causing Brittany to laugh too. Once she got a hold of herself she said, “It's ok, Hon. We can sleep in your spare room.”

        “Our spare room.”

        Randy smiled and brushed some stray hairs out of her eyes,” Our spare room. Come on lets get ready for bed I'm still very tired.”

        Randy helped Brittany up and put her arm around the smaller woman's shoulder as they headed for the spare room. “Is Margie ok?”


        “Is everything going ok despite the altar room thing?”

        “Its not exactly going according to your carefully worked out plan but yes its going fine…”

        “What do you mean?”

        “I think I will tell you in the morning you won't be able to sleep if I tell I you now. I'll just say that Margie is perfectly all right and in complete control.”

        Brittany sat down on the bed and looked up at Randy with a confused expression, “Well as long as Margie's ok, that's all that matters. You have me dying of curiosity though.”

        “Well don't die I promise to tell you absolutely everything in the morning.”

        “Ok I won't die.”

        “Good girl now it's time for all good little moving bees to get some well deserved rest.”

        “Ok, But you promise to tell me everything right?”

        “Yeash, I said I would, didn't I?” She asked the smaller woman with a smirk as she picked her up and carried her to the bathroom to get ready for bed.

        “Yes you did….Um, Where are you taking me?”

        “The shower that's also where good little moving bees go after a long day of unpacking…”

        “Mmmm, I think I like being a bee.”

        “Yep, so do I?” She said as she kissed her deeply after closing the door to the bathroom with her hip.

Part 8 (conclusion)

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