The Survivor: part 3
by lynka


Please see part 1 for all disclaimers.

"NO!NO!OH MY GOD!NO!" The screams ricocheted through the cabin bringing Corey to Rachelís side in less then five seconds.

"Rachel!Rachel, itís me Corey. Wake up. "Gods how could you do this to her? Why did I make her relive this nightmare? How stupid can I be? I should have known this was going to happen. One time, Corey Van, just one time can you think of anything besides work? "Rachel, come on now, wake up," she spoke softly as she gently shook the sleeping woman.

Eyes flew open at the all too real touch. The shaken woman jerked back refocusing her eyes in the dark until she recognized the dark haired woman that kept whispering to her, telling her she was safe and nobody could hurt her here. Finally her mind registered what was being said. Itís Corey. Iím safe. Instinctively she clasped her arms around the stronger womanís neck while the tears began to flow unhindered.

Coreyís long arms immediately circled around her pulling her into a safe embrace. "Itís all right! Iíve got you! youíre safe," she repeated as she moved her hand across her back. Corey held her until the tears were just a trickle and the younger woman no longer gasped for air in between sobs.

Reluctantly, Corey started to let her go but Rachel clutched onto her. "No. Please!" she said, "donít let go. Not yet."

Corey tightened her arms around the blonde woman, "As long as you need." Corey felt the younger woman finally relax and her breathing slowed to a steady rhythm. "You okay now?" She whispered into the nearby ear.

The blonde headed woman nodded her head. "Yeah!thanks again. I seem to keep getting you wet." The younger woman said. "Iím beginning to really hate closing my eyes at night. Every time I do, I relive the night that she..."

"Iím sorry." Corey apologized, "I should have never had you go over it again tonight." Her gaze wondered to the floor as she sat back on her heels. "I should have known!youíd ahh!"

"Corey, itís okay, honestly!" Rachel said running her fingers down the investigator's jaw line.

"I need to face it. Iíll never move on if I donít. Iím just sorry I keep waking you up." She smiled realizing for the first time what she was doing. Clearing her throat she sat up reluctantly removing her fingers. Did she see regret in the investigator's eyes when she did that or was that just wishful thinking?

"I could camp out here for the night." Corey indicated the rug she was kneeling on. "That seemed to help you relax and feel safe last night." Her voice hesitated then cracked slightly as she continued, "Or we could both be more comfortable if we shared my bed." She laid the invitation out. Rachel pulled back from the taller woman. Sensing the younger womanís discomfort Corey sighed, "My bed is big enough for us both to sleep in. But if thatíll make you uncomfortable, Iíll just stay here beside you tonight. Besides!" she paused, "I donít bite!" Another pause "Well, I do but!" she let the sentence drop giving her companion a devilish grin.

Rachel contemplated the suggestion. What are you afraid of? Gods, Rachel, sheís probably not even gay and youíre acting like all she wants to do is jump you!maybe just wishful thinking huh? Get a grip. "No reason we both shouldnít be comfortable."

"Good" Corey said offering a hand up to the younger woman. "You got a favorite side you like to sleep on?" She asked, extending her hand out over the bed.

"No, not really!you?" Hesitantly she looked up at the investigator who nodded and pointed to the other side of the bed.

Lying on her back Rachel had her hands behind her head staring at the ceiling. "Corey?"



A broad smile crossed the investigatorís face. "Youíre welcome." Rachel turned on her side towards the edge of the bed curling up and soon drifted off to sleep.

Well, no chance sheíll wake up on my side of the bed from there. Corey, girl, youíre being foolish if you think this beautiful woman wants any part of you. She chastised herself. Go to sleep. But she couldnít. Corey lay awake most of the night listening to the smaller womanís breathing. It had been a long time since anyone was this close to her.

The chill of the morning air found its way inside through the cracked window as the rays of the early morning light began their journey through the cracks of the trees to invade the sleeping women. Coreyís body could sense the early morning battle and started it's own struggle of waking. Even as she was just coming out of her sleep, she sensed the body lying next to her as Rachel had shifted during the night next to the taller womanís body. A peaceful, serene look replaced the tension and fear from the night before. Hate to leave but I have to keep this body in some kind of shape. Quietly, without disturbing the sleeping form, Corey slipped out of bed tucking the covers around her. Before starting her morning routine Corey just stood beside the bed watching Rachelís facial expressions for an endless moment. ĎGod sheís beautifulí a wishful look appeared on the dark headed womanís face.

Before leaving the cabin, Corey went over and checked on Rachel. She covered her t-shirt clad shoulders with the forest green comforter then placed a short note she wrote on her own pillow now occupied by the blonde. She didnít want the younger woman to worry or be frightened if she woke up before she got back from her run. She needed Rachel to feel safe. She wanted Rachel to be safe.

Silently she walked out to the road and started a slow jog waiting patiently for her muscles to warm up. With every breath her lungs filled with the cold, mountain air and expelled a puff of white smoke. The temperature had dropped lower than normal for this time of year and it took her body a little longer to adjust to it. She gradually ran faster until her body settled into its normal rhythm. Thereís something about her, something familiar. I see it every time I look into those emerald green eyes, every time I touch her, every time I hold her. I wonder if she feels it to? Like the fates are drawing us together. Youíre dreaming again Corey. Sheís just been through hell and is probably not thinking about you at all. She practically jumped clear across the room when you asked her to share the bed. If thatís not an indication of how she feels! Time to clear the old head. Her pace quickened as she pushed herself harder the last mile. She ran through the winding dirt paths until her cabin came in sight down the embankment then she slowed her pace.

Stepping on the porch she could hear the sound of bacon sizzling not to mention the smell. "Mmm," she patted her stomach in approval. She stepped into the kitchen just as Rachel was turning the fried potatoes. "Good Morning." She walked over to the stove and peeked at the various items still cooking. "Wow, I havenít had anyone cook me breakfast in a long long time." She smiled at her houseguest. "What can I get?" She asked moving around the counter.

"Good morning, yourself. I loved the note. If you get the coffee Iíll finish these eggs. Obediently the dark haired woman did as she was told.

"Good stuff but if you feed me a breakfast like this everyday Iíll gain twenty pounds easy. I donít think I can run off all these calories." She said rubbing her full stomach.

"No problem although a few pounds wouldnít hurt you, you know." Mental note: something a little healthier for breakfast tomorrow.

"Maybe not but I better not take the chance." She mused. Rachel just shook her head. "I gathered up the fishing gear if youíre still interested in that fishing trip?" She asked as she started to clear the table.

"You bet."

"I need to start packing the cooler then!"

Rachel cut her off, "What! you! need! to do Ms. Van!" Rachel stepped closer with each word, " is to get out of those smelly clothes and take a shower. I already started on the cooler."

"Iím hurt." She said trying to put on her best Ďhurt faceí but to no avail as Rachel started to laugh. "I can see youíre not buying any of this so I guess Iíll be in the shower."


Corey was peacefully snoozing in her favorite fishing chair, resting her feet on a rock with her line in the water, when her line bobbed once then a second time jerking her awake.

She grabbed for the pole sitting between two smaller rocks that were next to her, just as she reached for it, the pole was ripped from her hand and headed out to the lake. "Hey! Damn it!" She yelped jumping to her feet, "that fish just stole my pole." She continued watching it go farther underwater. She started to mentally chastise herself, damn, you never fall asleep while doing something as important as fishing. Whatís gotten into you? "Damn," she grumbled, "that was my favorite pole." The tall woman turned to Rachel seeing an amused looked as she starting to apologize for her language, "Sorry!but that was my favorite pole."

"So I gathered." Rachel said sitting up looking at the water then back at the angry, flustered investigator. "Whatís the matter? Never had a little fishie steal your pole before?"

Corey turned with her eyebrows raised giving a good, menacing, look to her young companion. Corey just mumbled, "That was my favorite pole." She tried to get a sympathetic reaction from Rachel but the blonde haired woman was doing all she could to stop herself from breaking out in a fit of laughter. The site of the big, bad investigator defeated by a little fishie was too much for her to bear and Rachelís laughter broke free. The more menacing Corey tried to look the more Rachel laughed. Finally Corey couldnít help herself and joined in on the infectious laughter.

"How about something to eat?" The smaller woman offered when she regained some of her composure thinking that food might get the tall woman to forget about the now lost pole.

"As long as it's not fish." She mumbled, "That!was!my!favorite!pole." She managed to get out while pointing to the blue water of the lake.

"Yeah. Yeah. Get over it all ready." Rachel teased, "Look."

Corey finally stopped laughing long enough to notice the blanket spread out on the grass.

There was a bottle of wine chilling in a bucket with two glasses beside it. A selection of meat and cheese on one tray and different breads and chocolate chip cookies on another were carefully arranged to leave enough room for the two of them to sit. "Wow. When did you do all this?"

"While you were snoozing," Rachel quickly corrected herself when Corey gave her a raised eyebrow, "I mean fishing," she quickly corrected. "What do you think?"

"Wow! looks great. I was expecting a sandwich or something boring like that." She smiled and motioned for them to sit. Carefully pouring the wine she handed a glass to Rachel. "Thank you," Corey said tapping her glass to the younger womanís.

"Youíre welcome." As blue meet green. Rachel finally cleared her throat and looked out onto the peaceful lake. So!how long have you been with the FBI?" She asked after taking a sip of the Zinfandel. Corey regarded the other woman without saying anything. "That is if you donít mind my asking?"

Corey gave this invasion a quiet consideration before replying. "Just over eight years."

"What about the book I picked up yesterday? You mentioned something about your time in D.C."

"I spent five years on a special task force in D.C. We tracked serial killers all over the country. I worked with the best agents in the world. We tracked some dangerous men. A friend of mine thought the inside scoop would make for interesting reading but a lot of the work is really just tedious stuff," Corey couldnít believe she was actually revealing herself to this young woman. She was breaking all of her own rules and at the moment she really didnít care. Lazily, she picked up a piece of cheese popping it into her mouth.

"So thatís why youíre on this case?" Rachel asked in-between bites.

"Yeah. I left Washington after I lost everything. I was drained both physically and emotionally. So, I asked for a transfer and was sent out here because there was a possible serial killer attacking young women." She paused, and then finished her thought. "I really didnít care where they sent me, I just wanted to get away from DC."

"Oh!" The younger woman paused in thought for a moment wondering if she should pursue that last statement. Deciding maybe it should wait she asked, "You mean this case?"

"Yeah!I have a total of six women that I think can tie to her directly and another four that are possibilities." A chocolate chip cookie found its way to her mouth. She decided to relax a bit laying down on her back across the blanket.

Rachel cleared the trays and cooler leaving plenty of room for them to get comfortable. It was mid-day and it seemed like a good time to just be lazy. So she lay on her side facing the investigator. She wondered if Corey was "fishing" again and if her warrior had gotten any sleep the night before. Warrior? Where did that come from? Well, she is like a warrior, always there, keeping me safe. The sound of Coreyís voice startled her out of her thoughts. "What about you?"

"What about me?" She tried to feign deafness.

"I asked you why you were teaching computer skills instead of pursuing your interest in psychology?"

"Youíre probably going to find this ironic, but I actually applied to the FBI when I was 21, right after I graduated. My application was turned down. I remember the lecture that balding, beer-bellied guy gave me just before he rejected my application. His voice was, well, raspy like from too much smoking." She did her best to imitate the man, "We have numerous applicants from the military as well as different law enforcement agencies from across the nation with enough experience to keep me busy for the rest of my natural years if I had to listen to them tell me about themselves. What makes you think that a twenty-one year old from New Jersey with no law experience and just out of college would make my cut list?"

Corey laughed, "I know who youíre talking about. Old Military stock he is. Thinks weíre still in the middle of World War II or something."

"Thatís him. Anyway, after that Meg thought we should start over somewhere. Get a fresh start. She had an offer here in Arizona and I just tagged along." She shrugged.

"What happened?" Now it was her turn to get some information about the young woman that wasnít in her file. "Are you still with her?"

Rachel sat up turning her gaze to the lake. "No. She was my first. Funny, you would think that someone with a degree in Psychology wouldnít!"

The hair on the back of Corey's neck stood up at the tone in Rachelís voice. She moved so that her long body stretched behind the younger woman and she could see into those green eyes as she spoke. "Wouldnít what?" She asked with more concern than she wanted.

Rachel took in a long breath. "Wouldnít stay with someone who was so abusive. All my education and knowledge couldnít open my eyes."

"She hit you?" Corey had to suppress the anger that was slowly building inside her.

Rachel turned to regard the investigator, "Oh, Iím sure there were times when she would have loved to, but no, she didnít hit me. I donít think I would have been stupid enough to stay with her if she had. No, her weapon of choice was verbal assault." She turned her gaze once again to the rhythmic movement of the lake. "Iíve must of thought for years about how subtle she was about it. She would make me feel as if the only reason I could do anything was because of her; that I wasnít good enough for her and her friends; that I couldnít make it on my own. And I believed her. She took away my confidence, my self-worth, my trust and my innocence." Corey let her hand rest on Rachelís thigh letting her continue, "It took the death of a friend to open my eyes."

The investigator swallowed hard before asking, "What happened?"

The cool, green eyes never left the lake as if the ripples across the water could somehow magically ease the harshness of the images invading her brain. "Sam and Meg always hung together. They were known as ĎS&Mí to all the barflies. As badly as Meg treated me, it was nothing compared to the way Sam treated Lori. She would humiliate her in public constantly. Sometimes to a physical beating if Lori would say the wrong thing or not be quick enough to fetch a beer. Circumstances kind of bound us together so we would help each other stay out of trouble.

One day we were chatting and out of the blue Lori says, 'Why do we stay with women who treat us so badly? Can we really think that little of ourselves that we think we donít deserve better than this?' I remember saying something like Meg really didnít treat me badly at all. Lori just shook her head at me saying just as calm as could be, 'I said the same thing.'

We were supposed to meet the next morning, one of the rare occasions we could be alone. Meg and Sam had left earlier to go fishing on the lake in someoneís new boat. I knocked on her door but no one answered. I though she must be in the shower and used my key." Rachel just stopped cold. Her voice was cracking and tears were beginning to swell up in her eyes. Corey sat up pulling her into a safe embrace while she finished. "She was just there! hanging in the middle of the room. I froze. I couldnít move, couldnít scream, and couldnít cry. Finally I willed myself to the phone and called the police. I spent the rest of the day just crying alone in our apartment. Meg got home about ten or so that night drunk as a skunk. When I told her all she could say was, ĎNo shit. I better let Sam know.í She tried to call but there was no answer. About fifteen minutes later the loud banging and yelling told us she was at the door. ĎWhereís my bitch?í She yelled. Meg let her in and told her what happened. Do you know what she said?" It wasnít a question that needed to be answered by the older woman rocking the smaller woman in her arms. "Guess Iíll have to find a new pet then.í And she laughed about it. She laughed. It hit me then like a ton of bricks just what she was trying to tell me the day before. They both started to drink again and one of them had some pot. When Meg and Sam finally passed out on the living room floor, I packed enough clothes to get by and I left. Never bothered to looked back." Rachel curled back into the safety of the arms behind her burying her head in the waiting bosom letting the tears flow. "She was my friend." Corey brought her hand up stroking the blonde hair as she continued rocking the distraught woman. Good going Corey! Do you think you can do anything that doesnít upset this woman? If I ever bump into Meg, Iíll be sure to make her life a living hell.

"But you survived all that and you survived all this. You really are a survivor. What did you do after that?"

"Well!that night I drove around a little then found a motel. I tried to feel sorry for Meg but I just couldnít. The only thing I felt was relief. I found my own place the next morning. It wasnít much just a studio apartment but the price was right. I was already doing some free-lance training and decided pretty much to stay with that. After a couple of months I had more work then I could handle. I have all the proper certifications. It pays well, so in no time I was back on my feet. I applied and was accepted into ASUís masterís program but I havenít finished it yet." She shrugged. "Anyway, what about you? Are you seeing anyone?" Rachel wanted to change the subject away from herself.

"No, not since!"

"Not since that person took everything from you? You mentioned something about losing everything, I assumed you were talking about a divorce."

"Yeah, you could say that," Coreyís voice carried a tang of bitterness.

"He must have been something else. To let someone like you get away."

The investigator hesitated a moment then said, "She."

She. She said she. Maybe I wasnít imagining. Gods, I can be really dense sometimes. Stay calm. Rachel eyes quickly met deep blue ones, "What happened? If you donít mind me asking."

"She took everything, except a few clothes. She took everything I owned then disappeared. She ! ahh!" Corey suddenly felt very uncomfortable. "Went back to a husband and kids I didnít know she had."

"Didnít know she had?" Rachel sounded surprised. "How could you not know?" Rachel asked innocently.

Your turn, hotshot. Let her know what kind of fool you are. "I was just assigned to the special task force in DC. I was away often, traveling to different sites, tracking different killers. She would take trips to Kansas City a lot to visit her mother who was ill and in a nursing home. I had no reason to think otherwise. When I managed to have some free time I offered to fly out there with her but she would always talk me out of it. She said it would be more of a hassle if she had to worry about me while she was at the nursing home most of the time. So!" Corey let the thought drop.

"How long were you two together?"

"Just about five years. We met in DC just after my assignment started there. Everything happened quickly with her. It wasnít long before we moved in together." Corey grimaced with the pain the memories inflicted. "I feel pretty stupid now," She added picking up a pebble and tossing it into the lake.

"You shouldnít." Rachel reasoned. "You had no reason not to trust her. How did you find out?"

"She left a note in the apartment. It just said she was leaving. I guess she thought no reason was necessary. But being the investigator I am, I needed to know why. I took a short leave and headed out to KC hooking up with the local office there. It didnít take long to trace her change of address at the Department of Motor Vehicles; after all it was my car. I drove to the residence and scouted it out. I thought she went back to an ex-lover or maybe just back home to be with her mother. She came out of the house with two kids and a man while I was watching. I just drove away. Later that evening I called the number a colleague of mine had given me and she answered the phone. While I was talking to her, demanding an explanation, I heard the manís voice in the background. He asked who was on the phone. She said, ĎNobody, dear. Iím not talking to anybody. Just a wrong number,í and she hung up. I flew back to DC in time to join the end of a hunt then asked for the transfer. I still canít believe what a fool I was."

"Guess we've both had some bad luck with relationships."

Shaking the memories from her thoughts she finally noted, "Itís starting to get cold. Ready to head back?"

"Do you want to watch the sunset first? I think itís going to be a pretty one." Rachel settled back into Coreyís welcoming embrace as they watched the skyís canvas fill with mixtures of blues and reds.


Corey stepped out of the hot tub first wrapping herself with a towel and keeping her back turned while the younger woman followed her lead. Rachel went into the bathroom to change into her sleeping clothes while the taller woman let the towel drop by the tub before slipping into something more confining. She wasnít used to sleeping with anything on but considering the danger her company was in, she thought it best to be ready at all times. Running after a murderer naked just wasnít an option for the investigator so she donned sweats and a t-shirt at night. Rachel stepped into the bedroom wearing the same sweat pants and t-shirt she had the last couple of nights, "Iím glad you took it easy on me in the gym. Iím even happier that you have that tub!" She noted rubbing her neck.

"You wonít feel it in the morning. How about a cup of tea?"

"Sounds good."

"You get comfy on the couch and Iíll bring it over."

Rachel settled herself on the couch staring into the fire. Corey handed her the cup then settled into her usual position on the floor leaning against the couch. "Hope you enjoyed yourself today."

"Yeah, I did. It really is a beautiful spot. The sunset was just awesome from there. You know I found out today just how appealing Ďfishingí can be. I might have to take it up as a hobby," a wicked smile came over the young womanís face and was returned by an equally amused smile. "I canít believe how late it is all ready."

"Well, letís see. We must have spent at least an hour hitting the weights and another hour soothing our muscles in the tub. The perfect end to a near perfect day."

"Near perfect?" Rachel stopped cocking her head to one side. "Oh, yeah. That little fishie that stole your pole." She managed to get out before the giggles took control of her again.

"Not just any pole, my favorite pole. And you think thatís funny do you?" She towered over the younger woman finding every ticklish spot on her well-curved body. Rachel fought back tickling the agent on her sides. The two women finally gave up to catch their breath. Their faces were inches apart and each left their hands on the otherís body. This is treading in very dangerous waters, Agent Van. "I better get the blankets for you." She reluctantly backed away looking into deep green eyes all the while.

"I am kind of tired." Rachel offered. You could have just kissed her. She was right there, waiting. Was she waiting? Does she want this too? Her eyes followed the investigator as she walked away.

"Here you go." Corey spread the comforter around the small body lying on the couch. "If you donít mind, I think Iíll just sit here in front of the fire for a while. At least until you fall asleep." A tiny nod of the blonde womanís head answered her question and she slid down on the rug leaning against the couch with a sigh. Why is it every time I get close to her I shake inside? I feel like Iím going to melt into her, like sheís a part of me.

The minutes passed with the crackling of the firewood echoing through the cabin the only audible sound. Rachel watched the tall investigator wondering if she felt the same sense of familiarity. Corey laid her head on her arms wrapped around her legs for support. The younger woman finally broke the silence, "Corey? Can I ask you something?"


"Why are you sitting here?"

Because I have this need to be close to you even if itís just sitting here watching you sleep. Corey raised her head to answer the young woman, "You donít wake up with nightmares when Iím close by. I just want to make sure you get to sleep all right."

"Is that the only reason?" Rachel countered supporting herself on her elbow.

Coreyís heartbeat increased and her palms became sweaty, what does she mean by that? Could she? Oh god, she knows. "What do you mean?" She answered in a shaky voice.

"Corey, why are you really sitting here?"

The dark haired woman didnít know how to answer that question. She knew what her heart wanted to say but her mind wouldnít allow it. At least that was what she thought at the moment. She knelt to face the blonde haired beauty trying to think of some reasonable explanation. The only response she could think of was to brush a loose strand of hair away from the deep green pools she disappeared into every time she looked into them, then slowly brush her lips across the pair that belonged to the woman that held her heart. Rachel reached behind Coreyís neck pulling her closer needing to take her fully with her kiss

"I donít understand it." Rachel managed between ragged breaths. "I feel so much at peace in your arms. Itís like!"

"! We belong together," Corey finished her thought picking up the smaller hand holding it in her own with a tenderness the investigator had not known for a long while. "I wondered if you felt it too?"

Rachelís left hand traced the line of Coreyís jaw with the gentleness of the soft breeze against the rose petals in the early spring. Her voice stayed just as soft, "For a while now." She gently pulled the dark haired womanís lips to her own.

"I donít know if we should be doing this."

Rachelís answer came between soft gentle kisses well placed across Coreyís neck, "I! want! I need! you."

"I need you too," The taller woman said in a voice just barely above a murmur. Standing slowly she extended her hand out to the younger woman. Watching Corey dreamily Rachel placed her hand in Coreyís and allowed the investigator to pull her to her feet and lead her to her bed.

Corey claimed the younger womenís lips once again. Rachel moved her arms around the taller womenís neck and pulled herself closer. Corey placed her right palm to Rachelís cheek as her tongue asked for permission to enter. The smaller woman parted her lips inviting the wandering tongue inside. Their tongues danced a wonderful ballet as they each gently licked and sucked the other's for what seemed to be an eternity. As their lips finally parted Corey had to hold the smaller women to keep her from falling. "Umm," was the only sound that came from the blonde haired women. She opened her eyes to prove to herself that it wasnít a dream.

The dark haired investigator slipped her hands under Rachelís shirt swiftly lifting it off of her in one easy motion. Kneeling down in front of the beauty before her, she lowered her mouth gently taking a nipple between her teeth. It swelled the instant her tongue made contact. Then it disappeared as her mouth engulfed it along with part of the breast. Reluctantly, she released the captured nipple circling it with her tongue. As she moved her tongue towards the other waiting treasure, Corey used the same efficiency to add her own shirt and pants to the pile. Then she turned her attention back to the erect nipple waiting patiently for the sensual feelings to resume. Corey claimed the nipple with an uncontrolled desire this time. Rachel couldnít believe how incredibly erotic and aroused she was, she could feel her wetness escape from its safe haven.

The large, strong hands slowly slid the sweatpants off of the statuesque woman she knelt before. Rachel stepped out of them as Corey lowered her to the edge of the bed. She let her hands wander over the blonde womanís thighs as she pressed herself into the younger womenís center. Rachel claimed her loverís mouth with a deep, passionate kiss. Corey thought she would erupt with flowing wetness when her lover gently caressed her breasts. Her nipples hardened under an expert touch. She continued to press herself into Rachelís center with a rhythmic motion. Their wetness mixed with each pressing motion driving both women to the edge of orgasm.

Under much protest Corey broke away from the melting together of their lips. Slowly, ever so slowly she kissed her way down to the flowing wetness. Rachel laid back on the bed in anticipation of the final destination of the tongue that left her breathless. Corey reached the source of the wetness and smiled as she became intoxicated by the aphrodisiacal smell of her lover. She started by bringing her tongue up the length of the womanhood in front of her. Then she found the swollen nub that pulsed, almost begging for release. ĎNot yet my love,í The dark haired women thought to herself. She circled the wetness that she fed on. Rachel tried to push her hips up to engulf the fingers into her. "Do you want to feel me inside you?"

"Oh, yes. Please," She begged.

Corey slipped a finger inside of her while continuing to assault a swollen nub in desperate need of release. She continued to pump into Rachel as she added a second of her long fingers inside the opening. Rachel continued to moan at the relentless assault by the investigator. The tongue continued itís lashing of her clit, sucking and licking causing more wetness to spill out of her. Two long fingers pumped into her with a steady rhythm that she moved her hips to. She could feel her body reach it's limits as she began to cry out in orgasm. "Ooh, Corey, Iím..."

Corey continued moving her fingers in and out while lapping up her loverís wetness moving her tongue over that wonderful nub. She felt the body she commanded tense and heard her lover cry out. She continued her assault without guilt. Only when she felt her loverís body shake in orgasm did she still her fingers and bring her total release. When Rachelís body finally went limp, Corey waited a minute before climbing from her paradise to hold the woman in her arms.

It took a few minutes before Rachel could move again. She had felt as if she would explode at that moment of release. Her sea green eyes met the deep blue pools of desire she could see in the eyes of her newfound lover. Some other time, some other place she had felt this same wonderful feeling. She couldnít be sure but there was something strongly familiar tugging at her.

She smiled as she turned them over, feeling the williness of the taller woman to let her take control. Her hands were exploring every inch of the long, muscular body under her. Her fingers gently glided over every inch of the soft, tanned skin of this woman. Her tongue and lips started their assault at the tall womanís ear and neck.

Rachel moved her body in between Coreyís legs. She could immediately feel the wetness as she rubbed against her. Her hands continued their exploration of the newfound territory she commanded beneath her. The stronger woman tried to gain control of the movements by pushing into the smaller women. "Oh no you donít," Came the reply. "I know what youíre trying to do, Corey Van so just forget it. Youíre going to suffer slowly before I allow you to climax, my love."

Rachel slowly sucked the long neck as if it were a feast laid out before her. Her tongue continued darting into the ear nearest her lips. Her hands continued until she felt every curve, every bump and every scar of this wondrous creation. Rachel allowed her fingers to wander over Coreyís swollen nub every now and again just to make the invincible investigator moan with need.

Once again their mouths claimed the other's and Rachel could taste her sweet nectar on Coreyís lips. "Mmmm. I taste good."

"Yeah!" Corey said as yet another jolt struck "You sure do."

A tongue darted across already erect nipples. Soon the nipples were consumed as an appetizer, first one than the other. She took turns so that neither felt neglected and both remained as simulated as possible. She slowly released her warm breath against the cool wetness and the entire area surrounding the nipple hardened much to the smaller womanís delight. She moved her hand to the wetness below her while she continued to taste the delectable mounds.

"Oh, please Rachel. Please, stop teasing me."

"Teasing? Wait Ďtil I show you teasing, darling. This is not teasing." Two of Rachelís fingers then slid through the wetness into Coreyís opening. Fingers and hips joined together in a slow, steady rhythm as lips and a warm wet tongue continued their assault down the well-formed abs to the damp, waiting curls. "Now my love!itís time I taste you." She knew it wouldnít be long before her lover reached that peak of excitement so she slowed the rhythm of their movement down even more. That allowed Rachel to position herself just right to bring the woman she held on the brink, to ecstasy.

Without warning, Rachelís tongue lapped at Coreyís already swollen clit. She took the nub into her mouth and gently played with it; licking it at the same time she applied pressure with her lips. Her fingers were still inside the taller woman and they began the second wave of assault only this time it was not the slow, steady rhythm she wanted. Her passion got the best of her and she pumped quickly and continued to swirl her tongue over the pulsating clit bringing Corey just to the edge before backing her away not allowing her to freefall to orgasm. Rachel felt her own loins stir again so she moved her hand to her own swollen nub. Her fingers didnít take long to bring her to the same heights as her lover. When she felt herself near the edge, she relentlessly kept her tongue on the swollen clit, not letting up at all. Within seconds the two women reached orgasm together. Rachel could feel the inner walls tighten around her fingers, but she didnít let up. She pressed into Coreyís clit harder as her own orgasm claimed her.

The body she had complete control over shook almost violently as wave after wave of orgasm ripped through the muscular body, leaving a limp, breathless form when it was over. Rachel didnít move her fingers from the opening. She quietly lay her head across her loverís stomach waiting for the body beneath her to begin showing signs of movement again. As the breathing began again, so did her fingers. As her two fingers began their rhythm, she moved her thumb over the all ready overly sensitive clit bringing Corey to a second orgasm rather easily. Only then did she release her hold on her captive and move to lie beside her on the bed.

Corey tried to mumble something but her throat couldnít produce any sound. "Shh, my love," Rachel whispered as she moved a wandering strand of hair away from the deep blue eyes she gazed into. "Go to sleep." She moved to her side and claimed a sleeping position for herself within the taller womanís embrace. So right, she thought to herself as she drifted off to sleep.

"That feels so good," Corey thought she said to herself in a dream.

"Mmm," a voice responded.

Startled at the sound of another voice, her eyes flew open and her body tensed. Just as she was about to pounce on the sound she heard a soft, gentle voice, "Easy there," it soothed. "itís just me."

The investigator relaxed once again moving her arm around the smaller woman bringing her into a tight embrace. "Sorry, Iím not used to anyone being so close when I wake up."

"So I see."

"How long have you been awake?" Corey questioned.

"About an hour. Just laying here watching you sleep. Wrapped in your arms like this, I donít think I have ever felt so safe. Then, humm!I couldnít help myself!there was this very nice looking neck only inches from my lips and !." She lowered her head and buried it in Coreyís shoulder.

"It felt wonderful." She said nuzzling a nearby ear taking the lobe into her mouth and sucking gently. Putting a finger under the blonde womanís chin and lifting her head, Corey looked deep into the pools of green she so willingly fell into the night before. Lowering her lips to the waiting pair below her she could feel her passions rise as the younger womanís soft exploration expanded to her breast. She felt her body betraying her as her nipples hardened on contact.

"I canít seem to be able to keep my hands to myself." The smaller woman confessed.

"Then donít," Corey responded as she began to burn with desire. Slowly, she brought the smaller hand covering her breast to her lips; gently kissing the palm then laid it back over the breast she gently massaged. She scooped the woman up in her arms placing her down across her abdomen. "I sure like the way this feels," she whispered. "I canít begin to explain why. You just feel so different and so!."

Rachel finished her thought, "!incredibly sensual." She gazed into the deep blue eyes that were transfixed on her.

"I was going to say good, but! incredibly sensual covers it much better." Coreyís hands slid down the smooth back of the smaller woman until she reached her buttocks. She kneaded and squeezed the cheeks finally pressing them into her as she raised her own hips moaning at the contact. Hoarsely she whispered into the nearby ear, "Please make love to me."

A whispered response came back to her, "Exactly what I had in mind." The blonde woman moved down to take a waiting nipple into her mouth sucking it gently until she felt a gentle pressure pushing into her. Rachel couldnít control her passions any longer.


Part 4

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