The Survivor: part 8
by lynka


Please see part 1 for all disclaimers.

Corey was the first to wake. She was often up, getting dressed and either heading to her gym or out for a run by the time Rachel first stirred. This morning however she thought about just sleeping in. Looking down at the beautiful blonde woman in her arms with the child-like expression on her face Corey just couldn’t bring herself to disturb her. ‘Oh well' She thought to herself, ‘a little more shut eye won’t hurt.’ Then a grin crossed her face remembering the long hours they spent the night before fulfilling each other's needs. It had been a long night of lovemaking and cuddling. Neither woman seemed able to get enough of the other. Finally exhaustion took them both into a world of dreams. Dreams about each other, dreams that seemed settling but she was now unable to recall the details. She settled her arms more securely around the smaller woman, who immediately scooted closer, and closed her eyes feeling sleep once again claim her.

It was mid morning when Rachel finally opened her eyes finding herself held tight by the taller woman she was half laying on. ‘I wonder if she’s comfortable with me on top of her?’ She thought. ‘Maybe I should ask her sometime.’ Then she let her thoughts wander as she looked at the calm face of her bedmate. She reached up to stroke the side of Corey's face when the phone rang making her jump and inadvertently waking the sleeping woman beside her.

Amused blue eyes opened into green pools of love just above her. "Sorry, didn’t mean to squish you." Rachel said trying in vain to move off to the side but finding herself being held in place. Gently she smiled. "The phone." She nodded in the direction of the night table.

"Let it ring." Corey said, not willing to move.

"It might be important."

A groan crossed the taller women’s lips as she reached for the receiver feeling Rachel slide off of her and to the side. She kept one strong arm around her, unwilling to break the contact as she pushed the button on the phone. "Yeah?" She mumbled, her voice still filled with the huskiness of sleep.

"I just don’t know about giving you another assignment to protect someone." Captain Daniels chuckled into the phone.

Corey half raised in bed her brain not completely awake yet. "Huh?"

"Corey…Corey…Corey, what am I going to do with you?" He continued his teasing tone.

Finally sitting up completely and rubbing the sleep out of her eyes, "John?" she asked not sure whom she was talking with.

"Yeah…yeah its me. Want to call me back when you’re more awake?" He offered.

"Ahh…no…I’m fine. A long night." She said looking at a smiling blonde woman who was trying to be quiet as she got out of bed and motioned to her partner she would go put the coffee on. A grateful Corey nodded. "What’s up?" She asked more awake this time.

"Just wanted to let you know Agents Larsen and Simmons interviewed your lost truck driver."

"Really…could he tell them anything?" She questioned now fully awake.

"He pointed out on a map where he picked Ms. Woods up at…" He was interrupted.

"Where…I want to get up there."

"Hold on Corey…" he chuckled. "I have already sent Larsen, Simmons and two full squads of agents up there. I gave them the instructions to call you no matter how small a detail it was. Will that keep you where you are?" Captain Daniels asked amusement in his voice.

"Guess it will have to do. You know…"

"Yeah, yeah I know. You would rather do it yourself but we have some good people out there. Trust someone else to get the information you want." He finished.

"I know…" She sounded defeated. "I’m just afraid some details might be missed."

"Corey…I also sent Pete."

Pete was the forensic expert with a good eye for detail. He had even twice found details that Corey herself had missed. As much as she hated to think she wouldn’t miss anything Pete was the best and she knew it. "Okay John…thanks."

"I want to see this woman behind bars just as much as you do." For the first time his voice took on a serious tone. "We have to stop her before she kills again."

"You're absolutely right." Corey agreed.

"How’s Ms. Woods doing?"

"Oh Rachel is doing fine. Everything I ask her to do to help like the photos, she’s more then willing. She’s also willing to testify."

"Good." He cleared his throat. "How are you doing? I know you didn’t want this assignment but you do understand there was no one better. Don’t you?"

Corey’s turn to chuckle. "Relax John I’m fine and it’s…been kinda okay." Corey wasn’t about to tell him about their relationship or the long hours of talking, playing and just enjoying each other.

"Then you’re not still mad at me?"

Laughing. "No I’m not mad." She thought about that for a moment. "But you owe me big for this one." She growled into the phone.

It was John’s turn to laugh. "Anything you want Corey." He said shaking his head as he hung up the phone.

Rachel was standing at the foot of the bed when her lover placed the phone back into its cradle. "What did you mean he owes you big for this one? Where you talking about me?"

"Oh hon.…no…no…no. You misunderstood." Corey was scrambling out of bed to reach her lover and explain what she meant. The angry set to Rachel’s shoulders told her she took the comment all wrong. "Rachel…Please." Corey begged reaching out to put her hand on the younger woman.

"Is that all I am to you..." She paused, "an assignment?"

"No, and don’t you ever think that!" Corey said as an angry and hurt Rachel finally turned to face her. "I can’t tell John about our relationship right now. It would jeopardize everything. I only said what I knew he was waiting for me to say. I’m sorry it upset you. I never wanted that to happen. He was teasing me and I was teasing him. That’s all." Corey finished in a quieter voice. "I thought you knew I loved you." She put her hand on Rachel’s cheek and looked deep into the green eyes she never got tired of.

Rachel leaned her head against the bare chest in front of her. "I’m sorry." She whispered. "I just know…" She paused. "that you’re just… too good to be true and that whatever being watches over us is just playing with me. And yes, I do know you love me. I just seem to be very insecure where you’re concerned."

"What can I do or say that will convince you that my heart and soul belongs to you?" Corey held her tight against her feeling the skin on skin contact.

"I think you just did…I’m sorry. I hope you know I feel the same way." She finally got out after wiping tears from her face.

"We okay then?" Corey asked hesitantly.

"Yeah…we’re okay." The smaller woman mumbled into the bare breast of her companion.

Corey squeezed her to her one more time. "How about that coffee?"


"Damn lines." An ever increasing anger was rising in the woman dressed in black waiting her turn to talk to someone in the Property Records Division. "At least its air conditioned in here." She continued to mumble to herself. Slowly weaving her way through the maze of poles and ropes.

"Next." A voice finally directed itself to her.

Stepping up to the woman behind the counter she pulled a piece of paper out of her shirt pocket. "Yes ma’am I’ve been looking for my half sister for a number of years and tracked her here to Phoenix and was told I could get an address from you."

"What’s the name?" The clerk said in her most monotone voice.

"Corey Van." Johna gave the woman a smile.

The clerk looked through the records for a few moments. "The records are sealed. I can’t give out that information."

"What do you mean the records are sealed? I was told I could come down here and get the address." Anger colored the stocky woman’s voice.

"There are any number of reasons why the records are sealed. I don’t control that." The clerk shot back not intimidated by the woman on the other side of the counter.

Johna waved her hand thinking to herself, ‘okay try a different approach.’ "Look, I haven’t seen her in over 20 years and I’m so close…please." She begged.

"I’m sorry, I don’t even have the information here. Is there anything else I can do for you?"

Johna stared at her for an uncomfortable moment then just turned and walked away. Stepping out into the hot Arizona sun she just looked up and down the street. "Damn, I knew that was too easy. Now how am I going to find Lacy?" She mumbled walking down the five steps and turning the corner.

The Property Records clerk sat at her desk for a moment then decided to go talk to her supervisor. "Tina," The clerk said poking her head in the office. "I just had someone here trying to find out information on a Corey Van." Her supervisor looked up from her paperwork. "The records are sealed." The clerk added.

"Thanks, I’ll take care of it." She said writing down the name the clerk had given her. "By the way," She said as the other woman turned back around. "did she leave her name by any chance?" A shake of the clerk’s head gave her answer.


"Alright…everyone listen up!" A voice boomed over the talkative agents standing on the side of the road by the mile marker the truck driver had pointed out on the map. "We need to spread out and search both sides of the road. Chris you take charge of team B and I’ll be in charge of team A. It was remembered that there was a camp fire so if you see any signs of one don’t disturb it until we get Pete and his forensic team in there. Any questions?" Judy asked as she finished her directions.

"How far do you want us to keep going?" One of the agents asked.

"At least half a day out, half a day back. I want you to fan out but always keep the person next to you in sight. Is that understood?" A sea of nods affirmed her question. "And on the way back walk an area you have not yet covered. In the van are waist pouches for everyone with food and drink holders. Be sure and take plenty of water with you. We don’t need anyone keeling over in this heat, and remember, above all your safety is paramount." She paused and looked at her co-workers. "If there’s nothing else, let’s get started." She said turning to the west. She stopped, held up her cell phone and yelled at Chris "Every 15 minutes." She saw the knowing wave and led her team into the high desert terrain.


"Why haven’t they called yet?" Corey asked the air as she paced around the cabin.

"Who?" The calm, blonde-headed, woman asked looking up from the book she was reading.

"Judy." She paused. "They went up to where the truck driver picked you up."

"Oh." Rachel thought about that for a moment and looked at the clock. "Hon it’s only eight am. Maybe they haven’t gotten there yet." She reasoned.

"I would have been there at the crack of dawn." She growled.

"You hate waiting like this don’t you?"


"Why don’t you give them a call?" She nodded to the nearby phone.

"No…If they had anything Judy would call." She paused and paced a few more steps. "You think?" She said walking towards the phone.

Ring…Ring…"Larsen." A woman’s voice answered.

"It’s Corey."

"Hey, what took you so long?" Judy felt a smile come to her lips. She liked Corey and would do anything she could for her.

"I don’t know what you’re talking about." The tall investigator said smiling. "I’m on assignment here." She deadpanned.

"Ah huh." Came a mocking tease. "We got here about half an hour ago and are in the process of searching as we speak."

"What took you so long?" Corey said.

"Have you ever tried to wake up or keep track of 50 agents on a bus trip? This is worse then the time we tried that picnic in the park." Judy’s good humor was always infectious to the taller woman.

"Understood." Corey couldn’t help but laugh remembering the picnic. "What a disaster that was."

"Yeah." The laughter continued on the other end of the phone for a moment. Then in a more serious tone "I have Chris taking charge of the squad on the other side of the road. I told her 15 minute calls whether she found anything or not."

"Yeah. Sounds good. You’ll keep me informed?" Corey asked.

"Got you on my speed dial." The humor returned.

Chuckling. "Talk to you soon then." She shook her head as she hung up the phone.

"Anything going on yet?" Rachel questioned.

"Not yet, they just got started. It could take hours." Corey responded.


"Yeah, once I was looking for a knife that was thrown into a wheat field from a moving car. We only had a vague description of the area and it took us 4 days to find it. We don’t have much more of a description now. And if the truck driver was wrong about the area then…" Her thoughts broke off and she shrugged her shoulders.

"Well then, sweetheart, I guess you need a distraction." The smaller woman purred.

Both brows shot skyward. "What’d you got in mind? Hummmm…." Corey asked, advancing on the smaller woman and grinning as she watched her back up with her hands out in front of her. "Gotcha!" The investigator laughed at the startled squawk she got from her lover.

"Damn, didn’t even see you move." Rachel complained as she was being picked up and cradled like a child..

"I have many skills." Was the response.

Sliding her arms around the taller woman’s neck, "This is one skill I really like." she whispered capturing her lover's lips with her own.


The phone only rang once. "Federal Bureau of Investigation. How may I direct your call?"

"I would like to speak to Corey Van please." A pleasant voice answered the operator.

"One moment please." The operator said connecting the call.

Tina McFaren the supervisor in the Property Records Division tapped her slim fingers on her desk. ‘All the operators sound the same.’ She mused to herself, ‘wonder if that’s a job requirement?’ then she smiled to herself. She was brought out of her musings when the phone was answered.

"Damn phone!" Marilyn Dunn said out loud. Not that anybody would hear her. "Agent Dunn." she answered abruptly.

"I would like to talk to Corey Van please."

"She’s not in the office. Can I take a message?" Marilyn said knowing that what ever the message was that ‘bitch’ would never get it.

"This is Tina McFaren. I’m the supervisor at the Property Records Division for Maricopa County."

That got Marilyn’s attention she sat up and leaned over her desk. "Yes Ms. McFaren what can I do for you?" Her voice suddenly sounding interested.

"It has always been our policy when someone wants information on sealed records such as Ms. Van’s we call that person and let them know." Tina said.

"Someone wanted to know where she lived?" Marilyn asked somewhat surprised.

"Yes, there was a woman here not more then 20 minutes ago claiming to be her half sister and got rather upset when we couldn’t give her any information."

Marilyn was curious now. "Do you have a description of the woman?"

"Stocky, probably 5’7', short brown hair and wearing black jeans and a black long sleeve shirt." Tina relayed the information the clerk originally gave her.

"Anything else?" Agent Dunn questioned.

"No, I just need your name for my report." Tina said having already written down her last name when the phone was first answered. Tina has worked for the government for 15 years and learned long ago to always write down a name as soon as she got one.

"Agent Judy Larsen." Marilyn Dunn said into the phone with a smile on her face.

Tina looked down at her paper and furrowed her eyebrows. ‘Maybe I made a mistake.' She thought to herself. "Yes, well, thank you Agent Larsen." She said almost hesitantly as she placed the receiver back down onto the cradle. ‘That’s odd’.' She continued to think about that over the next couple of hours.


The search had continued through its fifth hour when Judy’s cell phone rang. She chuckled to herself ‘probably Corey again.' She though as she pushed the button. "Larsen." she said.

"Its Chris. I think we found something."

"Describe it." Judy said halting her steps and reaching for her water bottle.

"There was a small camp fire here at one point or another, small ruts in the dirt as if from maybe shoes scuffing or something and several pieces of rope. There’s tire marks about 100 yards to the south and a dirt road just beyond that." Chris stood back and observed the area. She wouldn’t let anyone near it until Pete and his team could get there.

"Alright, I’m going to turn my team around but keep them searching just in case. I’ll call Pete and let him know. When you see the chopper send up a signal. I’ll have the pilot land off to the side far enough away so nothing will be disturbed by the wind. I’m going to have them pick me up first." Judy said in her no nonsense voice feeling confident they found the area.

With the chopper and Pete called she started back with her team. Relaying everything she had been told she let them know Anthony would be in charge once she was picked up. She gave Agent Anthony Burnes his instructions and reminded him about 15 minute calls. 10 minutes later she spotted the helicopter and signaled with the flare gun each teamed carried. Sitting safety on the helicopter with her seat belt on she sat back taking several long drinks of the water she carried. "I’ll call Corey as soon I get there." She muttered.

"Excuse me," A loud voice shook her out of her mumbling "did you say something?" he pointed at his earphones and mike.

She waved and shook her head sitting back watching the desert rapidly go by under her. ‘God I hate these things.’ She thought holding the edges of the seat.

The man sitting next to her bumped her elbow causing her to turn in his direction. He pointed indicating the flare. She nodded and looked at the area from the sky as the helicopter circled the area then finally landed a half-mile away. Judy didn’t want to take any chances of the blades causing so much wind it would disturb the area. She yelled at the pilot. "Can you lead a car this way?" He nodded waiting for Agent Larsen and the forensic team to step out of the helicopter and took off again heading to base camp.

"You up for a little walk?" ?he asked Pete. He was in his early fifty’s. He stood an impressive 6’ 3" tall but was at least 50 pounds overweight and smoked like a train. She knew he wasn’t in the best of health having had two major surgeries last year. She added. "I promise you won’t have to walk back." This she said with a smile.

"Well, in that case…" He smiled back and motioned his team of three other forensic experts to follow them. A few moments later they were standing at the edge of the area in question.

Chris was going over details with Agent Larsen when she caught out of the corner of her eye Pete moving towards the campfire. "Hold it a minute Pete." She said retrieving her cell phone. "I need to call Corey first." He nodded his understanding knowing how particular the tall investigator was and her being a stickler for details.

As with all the previous calls the phone was answered on the first ring. "Corey." she said for about the 50th time.

"It’s Judy." But before she could go on...

"Anything yet?" Corey asked.

"Yeah, I think we may have found the spot Ms. Woods was taken to." She relayed to the taller woman.

"Describe it. I’m going to let Rachel listen on the other phone. Okay?" She motioned for Rachel to pick up the extension.

"There is a small clearing. What was once a small camp fire to the side. Several small ruts are in the hard ground. Some discoloration of the soil on the left side of the fire, possibly blood. Several pieces of rope laying around. It looks like there might have been a scuffle here but it’s hard to tell for sure. It could have been some animal scratching around although I doubt it. There are tire marks in the dirt about 100 yards to the south and a dirt road just beyond that." She finished letting her eyes scan the area.

"Are there any rock formations in the area?" Corey looked over at Rachel watching the woman biting her lower lip to keep her emotions in check.

"Several. I have people looking and have sent a team back the way they came looking for an area that might look like what Ms. Woods described."

"Sounds like you have things under control out there." Corey praised Agent Larsen. "Don’t forget to use the metal detectors around the area."

"We have three of them in hand." Judy paused. "Okay to send Pete in now?"

"Yeah, I’ll be right here. I want to know about anything and everything you find." Corey said tapping her long fingers on the desk. "You do have the digital camera?"

" Yep…already taken a few shots. Call you soon." She said folding her phone and clipping it on her belt.

They both set the phones down. "What do you think?" Corey asked walking over to her lover.

"It sounds like what I described to you. Doesn’t it?" She wrapped her arms around the strong body in front of her needing the contact.

"Yeah." Corey said returning the hug.

"If they find the ring…" Her thoughts drifted off for a moment. "If they find that ring then it proves I was really meant to die that night." A shudder ran through them both at the prospect.

Corey tightened her grasp on the smaller woman being completely at a loss for words. "Yeah." She finally muttered.

"Up until now I could convince myself it was all a mistake and even though Johna killed those other women she really wasn’t going to kill me. But now…" She stopped.

"I can’t began to know what any of this feels like but I’m here for you and I'm never letting you go."

That earned her a small smile from the woman wrapped up in her arms. "How about some tea?" Rachel finally got out taking a long slow breath feeling the warmth of the older woman.

"Sure." Corey agreed letting her lover go.

Ring…"Corey." She said watching the smaller woman walk into the kitchen.

"We have the ring." Judy’s voice sounded over the line.

"That was quick." Corey returned.

"Yeah, well its not like she was intentionally trying to hide it or anything." She said holding the plastic bag that contained the ring up to the fading light.

"Good work Judy, and thanks. Go ahead and let Pete get the rest of the evidence there and get back here okay."

"You're the boss." Came a cheery voice back at her.

"Honey." Corey said walking into the kitchen where Rachel was pouring the hot water into the cups that already contained the tea bags and sugar. "They found the ring." There was no other way to tell her other then straight out.

"I figured." She said setting the teapot down and stirring the contents of one cup. "I’m okay." She looked up into worried blue eyes.

The tall woman cupped the blonde headed woman’s chin studying her intently. "You sure?" she whispered.

"Yeah, as long as I have you."

"I’ll always be here for you." Was the immediate response, earning her a smile and a fierce hug.

"I love you." This was mumbled into the shoulder she rested her head on.

"I love you too."


"Well shit!" Johna said pounding her fist on the steering wheel of the dark green car she steered down Indian School Road. Spotting her objective she quickly turned into the parking lot of a bar crossing over a lane of trafficand cutting off an old white pick-up truck that honked at her. She quickly raised her middle finger at the driver as he drove on.

'Well, I think I’ll get a beer or two'. She entered a small bar filled with women enjoying happy hour. The bar had a pool table to one side and a small dance floor on the other. The bar was long and almost filled to capacity except for two stools in the middle. It appeared when the women went into the Incognito after work they all had their own little clutches and nobody met in the middle.

Johna got the bartender's attention after a few moments of just sitting. She wiped the bar in front of her and placed a paper cocktail napkin down. "What can I get for you?"

"Bud." Was all that was said as she reached into her pocket and laid a five dollar bill on the bar. The bartender returned with two bottles and placed them in front of her. Johna looked at the bottles then back at the bartender. "Happy hour." The woman behind the bar said shrugging her shoulders and walking off as someone else called her name.

The stocky woman was just finishing her second beer when a voice on the right side of her asked, "Is this seat taken?"

"No." Johna grumbled at the woman still wondering how she was going to get Lacy back.

"Boy have I had a week." The young woman in her early twenties said. "Sure is packed in here for only a Thursday night." She spoke to the woman sitting beside her dressed in black.

"Yeah, I haven’t had such a nifty week myself." She looked at the young woman for probably the first time. ‘Hum…nope, just not my type.’ Sshe thought to herself. She continued her musings to herself. ‘Lose 50 pounds let your hair grow, and die it blonde, then…' Something the young woman said beside her caught her attention as she continued to complain about work.

"Excuse me?" Johna said turning her complete attention to the woman beside her.

"I said," Her turn to sound slightly annoyed at having to repeat herself. "I had this really big job I worked on for the FBI."

"Where do you work?"

"Oh…" she smiled sweetly at the sudden attention she was getting. "I work for the DMV."

"What did you have to do for them?" Johna practically had to yell as the volume on the juke box was cranked up.

Karla shook her head and pointed to her ear unable to hear the question. Johna ordered another drink for her and one for the young woman she thought she could convince to help her and led her off to a table in the far corner away from the loud speakers. Sitting the drinks down and sitting down herself she leaned over to continue the conversation.

"Sorry, I just couldn’t hear you over there. They seem a little rowdy tonight for some reason." She observed the crowd of women at the bar.

"Yeah." Was the reply as she also turned her attention that way. ‘Come on Johna make small talk, you know how to do that.’ She mused to herself. "So what’s a nice gal like you doing in a dump like this?" Johna smiled and raised her eyebrows

A shy smile appeared on Karla’s face. "I stop here once in a while. I hate going to an empty apartment every night."

Johna smiled at that thinking ‘If I play my cards right I may have someplace else to sleep tonight.’ "Yeah." She paused. "I hate that too."

Karla’s smile broadened. "So, I didn’t catch your name."

Damn dumb bitch I never gave it.’ She thought "Joh…Joanie." She finished. "And yours?"

"Karla…it’s nice to meet you Joanie." She said picking up her rum and coke and taking a small sip. "What do you do for a living?"

"I’m in computers, programming." Johna thought that was safe. After all who isn’t in computers these days. "But I’m on vacation for the next two weeks. What did you say you did?" Johna remembered but wanted to start that conversation over.

"I work for the DMV. Are you going to do anything while you’re on vacation?"

"No, just thought I would hang around town here. I live in Tucson and just decided to get away and drove up here. What do you do for the DMV?" Johna hoped she could remember the mounting lies she was telling this woman.

"Issue license plates mostly." She paused "Except for this past week. I had to go through files and download a bunch of information for the FBI."

"The FBI, really? What kinda information would they want from the DMV?" Her curiosity peaked.

Taking a long drink of the now warming rum and coke. "I’m not really supposed to talk about it."

Johna picked up the empty glass and walked over to the bar to order a double. ‘Lose lips.’ She smirked returning to the table and placing the drink in front of the young woman. "Thank you." Karla whispered almost embarrassed. It had been awhile since someone paid this much attention to her.

Scooting her chair closer Johna leaned over and put her arm around the back of Karla’s chair. "So tell me, what did you do for the FBI? I promise I won’t tell anybody."

"I…um." Karla was aware of the hand that rested on her shoulder. She considered for a moment just shrugging it off but thought about how it’d been awhile and Johna wasn’t really all that bad looking, just kinda plain. But she seemed nice enough. "Well, as long as you promise." She turned a sweet smile on the stocky woman who returned it. "I had to go through the database and extract all names and personal info on a first name or initial."

"Yeah…" Johna paused. "That must of taken you forever."

"It did, I thought I would go cross eyed." She said picking up her drink again. "This tastes stronger then the last one." She commented.

"Nah, I just had them make it with a better rum then that old bar drink. You like it?" An eyebrow raised.

"Yeah, but I better not have anymore until I get something to eat. I haven’t eaten since breakfast." She suddenly was aware of how hungry she was.

"How come?"

"Just trying to lose a few pounds and skipping lunch is easiest." She looked at the tabletop.

"Why, you look good to me." Johna said looking her up and down. "How about letting me take you someplace to eat. Since I’m not from around here how about you pick the place."

"I’d like that. There’s a JB just down the street. The foods okay. Nothing fancy." She finished not wanted to take her too far from the bar. "Then if you want we can come back here for awhile."

"Sounds perfect." Johna said smiling tipping her beer and finishing its continence. Johna placed her hand on Karla’s back to lead her out of the bar and to her car.

An hour and a half later they were back in the bar and to their surprise the same table was empty. Johna led her over to it. "Our table ma’ lady." She bowed. "I’ll get the drinks. You want the same?" Watching her companion nod with a slight giggle. ‘This is kinda fun.’ She said to herself.

Two drinks later she could see the her companion was relaxing. She thought it was time to start questioning her again. "So, you said you had to look up a certain name. What was it?"

"Hum…oh, sorry. It was Lacy or any first name or middle name or any initial L that was used instead of the name. Do you know how many L’s there are here?" Her words where beginning to slur a little.

Now or never the stocky woman thought. "Can you look up a name for me?" She said leaning over to kiss her cheek. "I have a half sister that I haven’t seen in 15 years. It sure would mean a lot to me." Johna put her finger under the younger woman’s chin turning her towards her and lightly kissing her on the lips.

"That’s so sad…" She paused. "Fifteen years?" Now Karla leaned forward putting her arms around the stocky woman’s neck and pulling her close. "Have you got a place to stay tonight?"

'Bingo!' Johna smiled. "No not yet, I figured there would always be a hotel room around somewhere." She paused. "You have a suggestion?"

"Huh huh, my place." The lonely woman said. "How about it?"

"I was hoping you would ask." Johna whispered into her ear then licked the edge with her tongue feeling the intake of breath. "I think we had better get outta here," She continued "before we put on a show for them." She nodded towards the bar. "Come on…I’ll follow you home." She pulled the younger woman to her feet wrapping an arm around her as they walked through the bar and out into the parking lot.

Twenty minutes later they pulled into the parking lot of a small complex just north of Indian School Road. The white two story building curved into a U shape with a pool in the middle. Karla drove on around the back and pulled into a dark space. Johna couldn’t help but think how perfect all this was. A parking lot not visible from the street, and the area was dark due to the tall trees blocking the light. "Right over here." Karla motioned to a door on the bottom floor in the back of the complex. "I’m afraid its only a small studio apartment but living alone its all I can afford right now." Pushing the door open and entering first she turned around to judge Johna’s first reaction and was greeted with a smile. "This is perfect."

"Well, come on in and relax Joanie. I’ll get us a couple of beers. Hope you don’t mind Coors?" She reached into the refrigerator and removed the cans.

Johna walked over to her taking the cold cans out of her hands and placing them on the small table that set against one wall with two chairs on either end. She cupped the woman’s cheeks in her hands and kissed her soundly. Pulling away she whispered "You didn’t say for sure you would help me find my sister." Then kissed her again before the other woman had a chance to answer.

"Sure, I’ll help you." She breathed. "What’s her name?"

"We’ll talk about her in the morning. Right now all I want to do is make love to you." Johna whispered pulling her closer.

Later that night Johna laid with her hands behind her head looking up at the ceiling still dressed in her t-shirt and panties thinking about Lacey. ‘I’m sorry Lacey, I had to make love to her. I only did it so I can find out where you are. I didn’t let her touch me though. Nobody will touch me except you so I hope you’ll forgive me. ‘I love you Lacey.’ She mumbled to herself as sleep finally over took her.

Music filled the small room as the occupants stirred. A dark headed stocky woman sat bolt upright looking around in puzzlement. The other occupant opened her eyes looking at her companion with sleepy eyes. "Hi." She mumbled her voice thick with sleep. Sitting up she rubbed her eyes and reached over to the small night table to turn the radio off. "Good morning Joanie." She said more awake this time.

Johna laid back down rubbing her hand over her face trying to clear her thoughts. ‘Joanie?’ She thought to herself.. ‘oh…oh…right, that’s me.’ "Good morning Karla. Hope you slept well." She said cordially not really caring one way or the other. Karla leaned over snuggling up to a reluctant Johna. ‘Got to be nice until I find out where Lacey is.’ So the stocky woman extended her arm out and let the smaller woman cuddle up.

"I almost feel like calling in and spending the day with you." Karla said.

Johna stiffened then kissed her forehead. "Yeah, that would be nice but you promised you would help me find my sister. Remember?"

"I remember. Guess I better not start this off between us by breaking my first promise to you. Huh?" She relented.

Johna visibly relaxed thinking. ‘You're not even in the running baby!’ Then she finally said. "Yeah, promises are important."

"Okay, let me get up then. Sorry I couldn’t return the love making last night, but I know how those periods are." She smiled. "Maybe soon huh?"

"You bet." Johna said returning the smile as she pulled on her pants.

"Hey, listen. If you don’t have anyplace to be today. You can hang out here." She paused. "If you want to that is."

"Thanks. You sure you don’t mind?"

"Nah…If you give me your sister's name I’ll get her address for you then meet you back here after work, unless you’d like to meet someplace else?" Karla offered.

"No, this’ll be fine." A broad smile. ‘Yeah, this’ll be fine.’ Johna thought to herself.

"Okay, I get off at 5:00 and it usually takes me about 30 min to get home by the time I fight with traffic. Here’s the key to the door in case you want to go out." Karla handed her new lover the key to her apartment.

"Thanks." Johna said wrapping her arms around the smaller woman and kissing her soundly. "See ya tonight then."

"Humm… sure it can’t wait until Monday?" Karla looked at the stocky woman seeing a sad expression in her eyes. "Don’t worry Joanie, I’ll get what you want."

Immediately Johna brightened giving the smaller woman a dazzling smile.

After seeing Karla to her car and giving her another kiss Johna went back into the apartment and laid back on the bed to wait. ‘It is finally within my grasp.’ She mused. ‘Tonight I find out where that bitch has my Lacey.’


A small blonde headed woman turned over in bed extending her arm out across the other side and found it empty and cold. She slowly opened one green eye then the other. Sitting up she finally spotted what she was looking for. A tall dark headed woman sitting at her computer studying the screen. As if on cue she turned her head spotting a very disheveled blonde woman rubbing the sleep out of her eyes. Standing, Corey walked to the small kitchen and poured two cups of coffee then walked over to the bed. "Well, good morning sleepy head." Corey teased.

"How come you're up already?" Rachel asked yawning as she accepted the cup of fresh coffee from her companion.

Shrugging Corey sat down on the edge of the bed. "I don’t know. I couldn’t sleep so I logged in and there where the pictures Judy took yesterday."

"Can I see them?" Rachel asked pushing long blonde hair off her face.

"You sure?"

"Yeah." She answered throwing the covers back then looking down at herself. Chuckling, "Guess I better put something on."

A broad smile and appreciative look came from the taller woman. "Not on my account."

Rachel kissed her on the cheek. "Thank you…but…"

Corey stood and wrapped a long arm around the bare body in front of her, nibbled on her lips then kissed her soundly. She could feel Rachel respond to her kiss and felt her go almost limp. Tightening her hold she asked. "You okay?"

"Yeah." She said touching her fingers against Corey’s lips. "You just have a way of turning me into butter with a single touch, a single kiss, a certain look." Before she could finish, lips captured hers until they were both breathless. Finally they pulled apart to breath.

"I know what you mean." The dark headed woman whispered. "You do that to me too." One last kiss and she steered her lover to the shower. Stripping off the t-shirt and sweat pants she had on she soon joined the blonde under the running water. Gently taking the soap she rubbed it in her hands until they where thick with suds and slowly began rubbing her hands over her lover trying not to miss any spots, even going over some areas twice and three times.

"I think those are clean." Rachel said looking down at her breasts as the washing continued.

"Oh I don’t know," Corey grinned. "gotta be sure." She mumbled into a tasty ear as she continued to rub her hands over the soft mounds. Moments later Corey scooped the smaller woman up in her arms and stepped out of the shower.

"Woo…sweetheart, let me turn the water off." Corey stopped and turned enough for the blonde beauty to reach the knobs. Rachel giggled at the insistence of her lover, barely grabbing the towel as they went by. Corey sat her down on the edge of the bed. Taking the towel, she quickly dried them both off then threw the towel towards the bathroom. She kneeled in front of the smaller woman nibbling on her neck while her hands explored the sleek body under them. Touching familiar spots and listening to the quickening of her lover's breath, not to mention her own.

Ring…Ring…Corey looked at the phone and growled. She had all intentions of ignoring it when she felt soft hands on her cheeks, "It might be important." the soft voice floated to her. Reluctantly Corey reached over and picked it up. "Yeah." she growled.

"It’s John." The voice said but this time no teasing tone was heard. She stiffened and moved closer to the night table, sitting on the edge of the bed and extending a long arm over her lover’s shoulders.

"What’s wrong?"

"I just received a call from a Tina McFarland. She’s the supervisor at the Department of Property Records."

"Yeah?" Corey said looking at her beloved and drawing her closer.

"It seems she called here yesterday to let you know someone was trying to find out where you lived."

"Did they give any information out?"

"No…but she called back today because yesterday she could have sworn Agent Dunn answered the phone. She said she always writes down a name when she first gets one, anyway she told her about this woman claiming to be a long lost sister and wanting your address. She got upset when they didn’t give it out."

"And Dunn never bothered to tell you?" Corey guessed not to surprised.

"That’s not all. When Ms. McFarland asked for her name for her report she told her it was Agent Judy Larsen." Dead silence.

"That bitch!" The tall investigator raved standing and pacing as far as the phone cord would allow. But before she could continue...

"I put her on administrative leave. I don’t know what her problem is. She’s always been very good at her job until lately."

"I’m her problem. You know she never has liked me. She always thought the promotion I got should have been her's." There was more reason then that and she wondered if she should tell the Captain. "She’s also…"

"I know Corey." He tried to ease the discomfort coming through his friend’s voice. "Corey, look, I know you're gay and that’s one of the big things she rants about all the time. The last time we had that particular conversation I told her I knew and it didn’t make any difference to me. And Corey, it doesn’t…okay?"

"Thanks." She said softly. "I wonder how she found out though. I don’t make it a habit of advertising my sexuality." She looked at her lover.

"Well, anyway she’s out of here pending investigation. I need to try and find out what else she’s done if anything. I just thought I should warn you." He finished, relaxing some.

"Did they have a description of ‘my long lost sister'?"

"Short dark hair, stocky build, 5’ 6" tall wearing black pants and shirt." He paused.

"Sounds like Johna." She circled an arm around her lover. "Guess she figured out Rachel’s with me huh?"

"Yeah, just be careful okay…" He paused. "If you want to find another place to go you have my support."

"Well, thanks John. I’ll talk this over with Rachel and I’ll call you back." Corey smiled at the blonde who was now dressed.

"Talk to you soon." Captain Daniels said hanging up the phone. He sat there for a moment wondering how someone could have so much hate in them they would throw away everything the way Marilyn Dunn just had.

Corey walked over to the dresser removing a t-shirt and a pair of shorts. "Well," she commented. "that’s one way to break a mood." She chuckled a little trying to ease the tension she could feel radiating off of her lover.

"What’s going on?" Rachel said looking down at the floor.

"Hey." Corey lifted her chin to make eye contact. "It’s going to be okay." She tried to tell her lover. "Apparently Johna was at the Division of Property Records trying to get my address. I’m not sure how she knows its me yet but they didn’t give her any information."

"Why not? I thought you could go there and get that stuff." The young blonde woman thought she had heard that somewhere or another.

"Generally you can. Property Records are public knowledge. My records are sealed and nobody can get that information." She was now rubbing her cheek maintaining eye contact.

"Sealed? Why?"

"When you work in law enforcement the state government does that for you so someone like her can’t get any information because of retaliation or anything. Some times criminals really take getting caught personally and blame the cop who busted them instead of themselves. Its just a little added protection for law enforcement personnel."

"Oh…then we’re still safe here?" The fright showed in the young women’s voice.

"Yeah, if I didn’t think so we would be out of here. But if it’ll make you feel more comfortable we can always go someplace else." Corey offered.

"No, I’m just being silly." She took a calming breath. "How about some breakfast?"

"Sure sounds good. But if you want I can fix it."

"Nope, you go ahead and do what you were doing…" She felt herself grabbed up into strong arms and gentle nibbles on her neck. "Not that silly." A hurt look in her lovers eyes. "I mean," she started. "I love you." That got a wide smile from her companion. Chuckling Corey gently set her down on the floor but before letting her go, "I love you too." She kissed her to seal her words.


"Damn, its 5:45 where the hell is she?" she said to the clock. "I’ll give her 15 more minutes then I’m outta here."

Ten minutes later she heard a key slip into the lock and watched it turn. "Where the hell were you?" Johna demanded.

"Sorry, there was an accident that tied up traffic pretty good. Sorry." Karla said furrowing her brow at the unexpected tone in her new lover's voice.

"Yeah." Johna softened her voice "I’m sorry too, I was just getting worried about you."

Karla thought about that for a minute. It had been over a year since anybody worried about her. She thought she liked that a lot. "Next time I’ll call." She offered.

‘Next time…yeah…right.’ She mused to herself then, ‘be nice Johna until you get what you want.’ she continued to think watching Karla change into something more comfortable.

"I got the information for you about your sister." She said talking loud as her voice drifted from the bathroom. "It wasn’t easy either. Did you know she works for The FBI?" She finished coming around the corner face to face with Johna.

"Yeah, I heard. What’s her address?"

"You knew? Then why didn’t you just call them?" Puzzled Karla asked.

"Where’s her address?" Johna insisted grabbing hold of the woman by her arm.

"You’re hurting me!" Karla objected as Johna squeezed harder. "It’s right there, in my purse." She finally got out now frightened.

"I’m afraid you know to much." Johna grabbed her by her other arm and backed her up to the wall.

"If you don’t let me go, I’ll scream!"

In a sudden move Johna grabbed her by the throat squeezing hard and cutting off any objections her victim had. "You’ll never tell anybody you got me that bitch's address. She has my Lacey." The name registered in Karla’s eyes as she tried to struggle away from the woman she was now sure was going to kill her. "Since you’ve been so helpful, I’m going to kill you quickly." She said pulling a long knife out of the waistband of her pants. She continued to hold Karla against the wall with one hand. She leaned forward and roughly kissed her bringing her free arm back and thrusting it forward into the stomach of the smaller woman. She felt the scream in her own mouth and smiled. Stepping back she watched her victim slide down the wall leaving a trail of blood behind and finally slumping over the knife that was left in her.

"Damn!" Johna said out loud looking down at her hands. "I hate when they get blood on me." She continued walking over to the sink and ran cool water over her hands before finally splashing some on her face. She used the nearby towel, the same one she used in the shower that morning and dried herself off. Dumping the contents of Karla’s purse on the bed and finding the folded up paper she looked at it and then smiled.

Part 9

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