Sweet N’ Juicy

By D.Virtue

"Nicole, we need to go to the store. We don't have much of anything in the pantry because of going away on vacation."

"Aw Shit, Ariana! Do we have to?! Can't it wait for one day? I mean, this is our first day back home, and it is beautiful out there. I wanted to go play some tennis, maybe go for a swim, and just hangout outside for a while. Our vacation was a bust as far as doing anything outside, because of all the rain. The only good thing about it was our indoor activity, and even THAT was interrupted with your damn monthly coming on, and now, we're home, and it's beautiful, and you want to go to the damn store?? Why don't we just have the cook go to the store?"

"Because the household staff is off today, and although I don't want to go, we have to go. There is no milk, bread, eggs or really anything, and no fruit."


"So? So??"

"Yes, so."




"No, what does that mean?"


"Don't give me that…you know what I mean…that "Hmmm" crap?"

"Oh, nothing, it doesn't matter, we can go to the store another day if that is what you really want."

"Wait! What does that mean?"


"That, "if I really want." You mean something by that."

"Maybe, maybe not, what does it matter, you don't want to go, so…we won't go today." Ariana's tone carried a meaning to Nicole's ears that sent a shiver up her spine. For some reason, Nicole suddenly felt like she needed to go to the store, otherwise there would be consequences.

"Ok, let's go to the store. But..I don't want to be there all day, alright?!" Nicole's voice filled with meaning as well, but obviously not the same meaning.

"Ok, we won't, just long enough to get what we need."

"Alright. Are you ready to go?"

"Yes, let me get my purse."

"Hurry up. It's already 11 o'clock."

"Alright." Ariana went to get her purse and then the two left for the store to grocery store.

After one hour had passed, Nicole's patience's was wearing thin.

"Ariana, what are you doing? Why is it taking you so long to pick out a few pieces of fruit? Just pick some and lets go! I told you I didn't want to spend my whole day at the store."

"It's not the whole day. It's only been one hour…goodness."

"Well it seems like more." Nicole stated as she protested to herself.

"Well…you could make yourself useful and go get some of the other things on the list, while I get the fruit I want." Ariana's mouth was fighting the smile that was desperately trying to work it's way out. She found it amusing how Nicole seem to pout so easily around her, but when their friends were around, Nicole would not be caught dead with a pout on her lips. Their friends saw Nicole as one of the strongest women, in fact, person, that they had ever known. She was very much in charge of things around her, and she seemed to be the energy that drove most people. Yet…here she was, pouting about being at the store for such a short period of time.

Ariana watched Nicole stride away swatting at things, like a child who didn't want to be somewhere, doing something they didn't want to be doing…Ariana wondered if Nicole would kick out her foot as if to say "shoot!" The thought made Ariana laugh out just loud enough for the few people in the fruit section to hear.

When Nicole turned up one of the isles, Ariana shook her head in amusement, and then turned her attention back to picking out the fruit she wanted. The two arrived home from the store at 1:30 p.m. Nicole fussing the whole time about how all of the morning was gone, and now by the time they put away the groceries, a lot of the afternoon would be gone as well.

Ariana, just let Nicole fuss. She had her plans set, and she wasn't going to let Nicole's fussing spoil them. The whole time they were putting the groceries away, Nicole fussed. After the last item was put in the refrigerator, Nicole grabbed Ariana's arm and pulled her out of the kitchen and headed for the back door with Ariana in tow.

"Where we going?"

"To play tennis, then go swimming."

"But we don't have our bathing suits."

"Who in the hell needs bathing suits?! We're on our own property!"

"Hmm…I guess you have a point."

The two made it to the tennis court, and after getting all of their gear, they began playing. They played 6 games before Ariana told Nicole she was tired.

"Ok, well let's get something to drink, take a dip in the pool, and then sit out for a while."

"Alright, I'll get it, you go ahead out to the pool."

"Ok, well bring me a wine cooler."


Ariana went into the house, decided to take a quick shower and put only her robe on. She also got Nicole's robe and two large towels before going downstairs. She took out the wine cooler for Nicole and poured herself some juice, then she took out the watermelon and sliced it up so that it was ready to be eaten without having to do a lot of cutting.

She washed off some seedless green grapes, and sliced up a few kiwi's and strawberries. She took out the sweet cream they had bought and put some in a container. After placing all of it on the serving tray, she filled a small cooler with small cubes of ice. She also placed a small bowl on the tray with everything else and carried everything out to the pool.

When she arrived back at the pool, she came to a stop at the lounging chair and tables. She just stood gazing at Nicole…her nude body glistening in the water, her strokes graceful and smooth as her slim, yet muscularly toned body glided through the water like a hot knife through butter. Ariana watched Nicole's body move, her breasts full as they flattened somewhat on her chest when she floated on her back. Nicole noticed when Ariana came out to the pool, and she finished up the lap she was doing then swam over to the edge of the pool where the stairs were. She came out of the water, graceful and light on her feet, the water beads rolling down off of her flawless skin. Her nipples wereerect and luscious looking. Especially as the beads of water would roll down onto one of them, and just hang off it. Ariana's eyes couldn't leave one of those beads of water, just teetering on that succulent tip.

Nicole's eyes watched Ariana's as she moved towards her. Just as Nicole came to stand in front of Ariana…their eyes met, and a sweet smile came to Ariana's lips, as a mischievious one came to Nicole's. She took the tray and placed it on the table without even looking at it.

She then pulled Ariana into her arms and planted a heated kiss on her. Ariana would have fallen had it not been for the hold Nicole had around her waist. Then, just as suddenly as Nicole had taken Ariana into her arms, she let her go, and stepped back.

"It's about damn time! Where the hell have you been? I've done twenty laps since you went to go get us something to drink."

It took Ariana a few moments to gain her composure before she could speak.

"I…I…" Ariana took another few minutes to catch her breath, and then tried again. "Well, I figured while I was in there, I would fix us something to eat."

"Oh…is that what you figured huh?" Nicole's voice carrying a sensual ring to it.

A shudder raced through Ariana's petite frame and Nicole saw it and seemed to enjoy it. She slipped around the extra wide lounging chairs and slid onto one of them next to the table of fruit. Ariana smiled and after a moment to give Nicole a look of 'I'll get you back'…she walked around and sat down next to her. Ariana picked up a grape and lifted it up to Nicole's mouth, offering it to her. Nicole opened her mouth and took the fruit in and chewed thoughtfully. Ariana then popped one into her own mouth, and for a bit, she fed both of them.

The two talked as they ate and drank their drinks. Ariana began kissing and caressing Nicole as they sat reclined back on the wide lounger, enjoying the late afternoon sun. Nicole slipped her hands inside of the robe Ariana was wearing, and smoothly removed it from her shoulders, then slid it down her back as her hands floated lightly over Ariana's soft skin. Picking up a piece of watermelon that was sliced thin and shaped in a way that she particularly wanted, she made two holes in it, one at the top, and the other at the other end. She then put it on a small saucer. She picked up some grapes, and removed some of the inside fruit from within many of them through the stem end of the grape, leaving the inside somewhat hollowed. She filled the small bowl with a few ice cubes and then placed the grapes in the bowl. When she turned back to face Nicole, she found her looking at her with a curious expression on her face.

"What are you doing?"

"You'll see."

"Really? And what will I see?"

"You'll see." Ariana put the fruit next to her on the wide lounger, and leaned forward and placed feathery light kisses to Nicole's full lips. Ariana's tongue slipping out to tease and taunt. Their tongues danced in unison with one another, then Ariana began to suck lightly on Nicole's, and after a few minutes, she slowly sucked it into her mouth. Once she had it captured within, she used her mouth, tongue and teeth to massage it.

Nicole could not hold back her enjoyment, and she pushed her tongue further into Ariana's exquisite mouth. The two moaned and caressed each other's bodies, their skin heated from the intimate touches.

Ariana slowly pulled back and with a final kiss to Nicole's lips, she kissed her chin, sucking lightly on it for a moment before moving down to Nicole's long graceful neck. Ariana's hand glided around Nicole's neck, caressing it as she kissed and nipped at the soft flesh.

Ariana smiled as she listened to Nicole verbalize how much she loved her. Her kissing moving downwards over Nicole's full breasts, where she used her hands to manipulate the pliant flesh. Squeezing them and massaging them as she licked around the erect, delectable nipples, not touching them just yet, just teasing them. She let her tongue glide over the outer edge of her areoles causing all of the area to tighten further.

Ariana let her hands glide down over Nicole's flesh, her fingernails skimming over the sun-kissed skin, goosebumps shadowing behind. One hand slipping between their heated bodies and sliding down over Nicole's naked nether lips.Ariana's hand cupped the whole area at first, and she lifted her head up just enough to look Nicole in the eyes, and whisper in loving appreciation….

"I love you too."

Nicole being moved by Ariana's tender, loving words brought her hands up to Ariana's face, and guiding her back up to her so that they were eye to eye, she brought their lips together once more. Then, when Ariana pulled back from the embrace once again after long moments of enjoyment, she kissed her way back down to Nicole's breasts. This time, she let her tongue flick over first one, then the other before she began long firm strokes over each. Her hand that was still between Nicole's legs, now began moving with purpose as well. Her fingers dipped down between the wet nethers, and stroked gently at first around Nicole's throbbing clit.

Nicole's hips lifting up, trying to catch a feel of Ariana's stroking, but Ariana making sure her hand purposefully avoided touching the impassioned peak. Ariana's mouth was busy delighting in Nicole's delectable nipples. She sucked one at a time into her mouth quite slowly, to the point that Nicole's body was being bombarded by many sensations all at once. Ariana used her other hand to reach down next to them on the lounger, and she picked up two of the grapes she had prepared. Because of them sitting in the bowl with the ice, they were quite cold. As she carefully twisted one of the grapes onto one of Nicole's erect nipples, the contrast in temperature sent a visible shiver racing through Nicole's body, as well as eliciting an audible gasp.

Ariana didn't let it end there, she let her tongue take a few light licks around the areola, making the nipple bulge against the confines of the grape that covered it. She blew a light breeze of air over where she had licked, and Nicole nearly lifted up off of the lounger as the hot heat hit her in her groin. Ariana immediately followed that reaction with a quick tweak of Nicole's throbbing clit.

The sensation nearly sent Nicole over, but because of the briefness of the contact, it just left a throbbing need for release, which she didn't foresee happening anytime soon…at least she didn't think so. In a way, she didn't want it to end; she was thoroughly enjoying everything. Ariana let go of the other nipple with her mouth and after blowing on it to get it harder, she lifted another grape from the small ice filled bowl and twisted it onto the erect tip. Again Nicole's body reacted to the coldness as it hit her hot nipple, and once again Ariana followed it up with a few wet licks around it and then blew upon it. But then, instead of tweaking the peak the way she had the first time, she tweaked it and held on to it causing the pressure to build ever so lightly.

The sensation was too much…that, mixed with the eroticness of the whole thing sent Nicole crashing over into ecstasy as she shouted out "YES!" Her body was shaking hard as she peaked. Ariana stroked at the captured clit thus prolonging Nicole's orgasm. She was thoroughly enjoying Nicole's reaction, so much so, that she orgasmed just from being so turned on.

When both their orgasms had ended, they collapsed back onto the lounger with Ariana collapsed on top of Nicole's trembling body. After Ariana caught her breath, she lifted up and kissed Nicole's slightly open mouth. Nicole wrapped her arms tightly around Ariana and pulled her closer.

"I Love you Babe!" Nicole's voice was sultry and sensual, as it rang perfectly in Ariana's ears.

"I Love you." Ariana sighed, as she lifted up off of Nicole. Seeing the grapes still in place, she looked up at Nicole and then she quickly moved down and captured first one, then the other grape covered nipples in her mouth and sucked them off. At the same time sucking on the nipples underneath…causing them to firm up once again.

"Ok, ok…It's my turn to have you."

"No, not yet, I'm not done."

"What do you mean you're not done yet?"

"You'll see."

"Ooo…again??" Nicole's tone was anticipatory. A cocky smirk played at the corners of her mouth.

Ariana just smiled and slowly rubbed her fingers through Nicole's saturated nethers. As she did she would dip inside and stroke the inside of Nicole's nature. The walls were slick with Nicole's recent essences. Ariana pumped superficially at first in and out of Nicole's rapidly stimulated flower. Nicole's hips moving with the rhythm set down by Ariana's rapidly increasing thrusts into her. Her three fingers provided a filling sensation, as Ariana's thumb stroked Nicole's clit, feeling the faint throb grow and grow,
increasing with every passing moment as she drew near to her zenith once again. But just as it seemed that Ariana was about to take her over again, Ariana pulled her fingers out. When Nicole was ready to complain about the sudden halt, she felt another sensation that sent an electrical impulse spiraling up her spine.

The coldness once again contrasted with her heated body, only this time, it was not covering her nipples, but instead, the whole inside of her outer nethers. Ariana had picked up the specially trimmed piece of watermelon and laid it down on top of Nicole's hot, wet, womanhood. It had two openings in it to allow it to lay flat again her.

Ariana made sure the Nicole's clit was poking up through one hole, and the other hole was directly overtop of Nicole's opening. Using her hands she pushed Nicole's legs further apart and then held both ends of the watermelon strip down against Nicole's wetness. She took advantage of Nicole's exposed clit, and while Nicole looked on in total amazement and curiousity, the sight of Ariana's tongue sliding out of her mouth and the tip of it tickling just the tip of her clit caused Nicole to tremble with need.

Ariana's pink tongue lightly teasing at her pink clit was such an erotic sight that Nicole didn't realize how tightly she was holding on to the sides of the lounger. She was holding so tightly, that her knuckles were blanching. Her breath seemed to have caught in her throat so it appeared she was not breathing, and when she thought to, it was in rapid shallow pants.

Ariana's eyes never left Nicole's as she let her tongue circle the responsive nub, and every now and then her tongue stroked around the sides of it.

Nicole nearly came off the lounger almost knocking Ariana off as well, but Ariana was able to catch herself and continue. She let her tongue lick along the length of the watermelon that covered Nicole's womanhood. The sliced and shaped piece of watermelon was just the right thinness for what it was being used for. It was thick enough to not cause it to break after only a pass or two of Ariana's tongue or fingers, yet it was thin enough to be pliable and comfortable within Nicole's wet nethers.

Ariana licked down the strip with the tip of her tongue until she came to the opening that was above Nicole's own opening. She purposefully let her tongue slowly disappear inside. The sight caused another visible shudder to bring about another involuntary jerk from Nicole as well as an audible gasp, followed by panting. When Ariana's tongue filled Nicole's inundated hole and began thrusting in and out, Nicole couldn't help but push her nature into Ariana's buried face. She ground herself against Ariana, and Ariana let her tongue continue to pump deeper and deeper inside Nicole's heated nature. When she felt the walls of Nicole's nature begin to contract against her tongue, she brought one of her hands from around Nicole's hips and using her fingers she stroked the harden clit. Nicole's hands were now buried in Ariana's hair, holding tightly, as her familiar mantra played from her lips.

"Yes! Yes! Oh Babe! Yes! I Love You! AHHH!!! YESSSSSS….."

Ariana slowly pulled her tongue out of Nicole after she felt the contractions fade and she watched as Nicole's essences creamed through the opening in the watermelon and covered it slightly. Ariana couldn't resist the sight and she immediately went to licking at it forgetting that Nicole was not quite past being restimulated.

The effects of Ariana's ardent feasting caused Nicole to orgasm quite unexpectedly due to it following so closely behind the preceding climax. Nicole was wiped out and after she climaxed the final time, she collapsed exhaustedly back onto the lounger. Her breathing was labored and deep. Meanwhile, Ariana lifted the covered, warmed, watermelon strip and after feasting on
Nicole's essences until she was virtually dry, Ariana moved up Nicole's body. Once they wereat eye level, Nicole went to reach for Ariana to pull her down for a kiss, but she was too weak, and could only manage a weak smile.

Ariana smiled brightly at Nicole's spent energy and leaned down and kissed her. She then laid half on and half off of Nicole, so as to allow her to continue to catch her breath while she in the meantime delighted herself with the taste of Nicole's essences and the watermelon strip. She offered a piece to Nicole and fed it to her. After it was gone, Ariana laid her head down on Nicole's chest with the intention of sucking on her nipples until she drifted off. But Nicole's body was still too sensitized and all of the images too vivid let alone the memories of how things felt. The thought alone sent visible shivers through Nicole, to the point of causing Ariana to think that maybe Nicole was chilled by the change in temperature. She covered them both up with their robes and went to take the nipple into her mouth when Nicole's hands came up and caught her hair.

"No…I need to catch my breath, and right now…that's not going to happen with my Babe sucking on me. Can we just lay here and hold each other for a while? Just until I can focus again, ok?"

"Aww…is my woman too sensitive still?"

"Ok now, don't tease me. I am exhausted. I never thought I could be so turned on by you eating fruit! I do love the way you eat it though! We have to do this again. But next time…I'll get to eat the fruit…if you know what I mean??" Nicole's waggling brows told Ariana, exactly what she meant, and Ariana couldn't help but blush. Nicole found this so attractive that she couldn't help but laugh and pull Ariana close. The two drifted off to sleep. Ariana thoroughly satisfied at her small attempt to end a beautiful day in the most erotic fashion she could think of…smirking.

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