It Takes All Kinds

part 2

by Ri

Please see part one for all disclaimers.

They entered Lizís house in Rolling meadows. They had decided over dessert that it would be better to go over to Lizís place to avoid Jeanís snooping gaze. ĎEspecially if she was obsessing over Tonií thought Liz to herself as she opened the door to her home and led her new friend in. Once they were safely behind closed doors Liz embraced Toni and lowered her head to meet willing lips below her...suddenly she was stopped by her own need to establish some very important facts.

Toniís eyes fluttered open, "Oh , Uh...I thought ...we were going to kiss..Iím sor...."

"No, you're right. We are going to kiss. Its just that...well I I am so...well, Oh Damn!" Liz had never in her whole life been this flustered.

ĎWell I have never felt this way before, that this is so damn important. Even our first kiss has to be special. Talk about pressure!í She sighed and said aloud ,"I have never in my life felt this way about anyone before I laid my eyes on you today. I have never had a real relationship with anyone. I never trusted anyone. I really want this to work. I guess what Iím asking is do you feel this too? Is this more then just a roll in the hay for you? I donít know why but I want be forever...its really stupid I know..."

A small hand cupped over Lizís mouth and Toni smiled up at the nervous investigator. "Forever sounds really good to me, Liz. I really do feel the same way. I donít know why either but I really do know that you are the person that Iíve been searching for all my life. Iíve had only one disastrous relationship and please believe me when I say that it felt totally different then the way this does. I feel so different with you. The feelings are like night and day."

"What feelings do you get from me?" Asked Liz still very uncertain.

"Peace and electricity. Its an invigorating combination. Iíve never felt anything like it in my life before this moment. In fact when you held me earlier, only one thought came to my mind....home." Liz gasped and Toni smiled and asked, "You too?"

Liz nodded, "Then I guess I should tell you from the second I lifted my eyes I knew that I would never let you out of my sight again. Too obsessive?" Asked a very tiny unsure voice that Liz barely recognized as her own.

"I hope not because I felt the same exact way. Uh, can I have my kiss now?" Toni asked with a sweet smile.

Liz returned that smile with a bright one of her own, "Oh yeah!" She replied as she lowered head to meet sweet lips and found herself enthralled by the emotions evoked by the contact. ĎShit, Iím in love!í She thought as she sank into the feeling with helpless abandon.

* * * * *

They had been necking on Lizís couch in her sunken living room when they separated for some much needed air. It was the first time Toni allowed her perceptions to really see her surroundings. Lizís apartment was well furnished and in good taste but it lacked...her personality. It was almost like a nicely furnished apartment for rent.

"Um Liz, where are your nick-nacks?"

Liz was busy admiring Toni and almost missed the question, "My what?"

"Well your personal things. I mean the furniture and the pictures are lovely, but I see no personal stuff. No personal pictures, no collections, not any personal clutter. It like you're only visiting."

Lizís eyebrow arched and she looked around her place as if for the first time. "Oh...I donít know, Iím just not into things, I guess. I have some personal pictures in my bedroom. I have some books and my computer in my office. I also have a few books and magazines in a rack in my bathroom. Thats it. I donít collect anything. I really donít...I just never cared about stuff like that wrong?" She was staring at her hands, which were pulling at each other like an uncertain child.

Toni gently placed her hands on top of Lizís and grasped them to bring them into her lap, "No. There is no wrong in this. I just donít see your personal stamp in here and it confuses me. May I have a tour, please?" She asked her shyly.

Liz smiled again, brightening what had been a worried face, "Oh yeah, of course." She took Toniís hands and led her new love around her house.

The kitchen was untouched except for the microwave and refrigerator and of course the dishwasher. Lizís office was a little more lived in. Toni looked over her bookshelveswith curiosity. She had science fiction, mythology, biographies and history books. No romances of any kind and surprisingly no mysteries.

"You donít ready mysteries and yet you investigate?"

Liz smiled and shrugged, "I did when I was kid. For some reason I could always figure out who did it long before the detective. Even with the best Agatha Christie and Dorothy Sayers I could always figure out long before the end. So I decided to stop reading and start doing it for myself."

"Yep, I can see that. You are brilliant."

"My we are prejudiced already." Liz remarked with an embarrassed grin.

"You betcha!" As she was once again led by both her hands to the last stop on the tour, Lizís bedroom. It was the most lived in looking room in the house. The bed was unmade and there was papers and a historical novel along with a water glass on one side table. On the other side table was an alarm clock and 8 X 10 of Liz and two young men and an older woman. On her dresser was more pictures of the same people and a picture of Liz winning some kind of an award from her insurance company but looking around she didnít see the award. Her eyes were drawn again to the family pictures which she studied closely..

She smiled up at Liz who was watching her with an amazed, indulgent expression on her face. "These are your brothers and your Mom, right?"


"Did your Father pass away?"

Lizís faces clouded over, "No, heís alive...He was very abusive to my Mother and she divorced him when I was eight. I never saw him after that. Thank God!" Lizís face reflected the anger she still felt toward the man.

"Iím sorry," Said Toni she went to the taller woman and embraced her affectionately.

Liz returned the embrace and quietly in Toniís ear she said, "Itís ok. I guess Iím still pissed at the old bastard. How about you? Are you close to your family?"

Toni pulled away slightly and looked up at Liz nodding her head, "Yea, Iím lucky. My parents and brother and I are all really close. We all have a good solid bond of love."

"You are lucky. I do have a great relationship with my Mom and brothers. I have two nieces too!" She said proudly pointing to a picture of two little girls dressed exactly alike about two years old.

"Oooo, do you have baby sitting rights? Toni asked with loving interest.

"Oh yeah, exclusive." Liz replied with a chuckle. She gently brought their lips together in a well connected kiss. "Mmmm, would it be too soon to test out my Jacuzzi with you?"

"God you're sweet, and no it wouldnít be too soon. Iíd love to take a plunge into water with you."

"Your wish is my command, Mon Ami."

"Ah French, speak more french and you may just have your way with me tonight." She said with a giggle.

Liz chuckled, "Oui Mon Ami, Jeí tem."

Toniís face was suddenly was serious, "Do you?"

Liz had tears in her beautiful blue eyes. They slowly fell down her cheeks as she whispered, "Yes, I love you."

"Thank God, cause I love you too," Their lips met again in a soul healing kiss.

* * * * *

Splashing and giggling sounds were coming from the bathroom as the telephone rang. A long naked arm hit the button for the speaker phone and gestured for Toni to be quiet.


"Hi Liz, its Amanda."

"Hi, whatís up?"

"Got a lead for you."

"I hope its a damn sight better then your last one. It was completely bogus. A total innocent." Liz answered as she caressed the beloved cheek next to her causing the blonde to blush a deep red.

"Yea, well you canít tell till you check them out. We got to follow them all up. This one is in the same area..."

"Email the details would you? Iím in the middle of something very important."

As the caress became stroking.

"Sure, talk to ya soon."

"Yep, bye." She quickly flicked the disconnect button.

"Donít you need to check that out?" Asked Toni as she stretched her neck to allow a cascade of sweet kisses along her jugular.

"Mmmm, later. I have more important research to conduct here."

"Really?" Toni asked softly her eyes closed and her body going slowly limp from the sweet sensations.

"Really," Liz said as she picked up the beautifu,l willing body and headed toward her bedroom.

* * * *

They cuddled in Lizís large bed caressing each other, both utterly content.



"I ...could...shit, I never do this!" Liz exclaimed experated by her lack of control.

"Itís ok, " Toni cooed, " What do you want to ask me?"


Liz did something else completely foreign to her, she blushed deeply.

"Uh, Toni, would you consider moving in here? I really donít want you out of my sight...I love you...and Iím scared for you..."

"Scared for me?"

Liz nodded, her blue eyes shining with sincerity. "Yes, Jean is trouble. I can feel it. Please Toni, Iím scared that youíll be in danger if you go back..."

"But Jean has lived next door for three years. Why now?"

"I donít know, love. My instincts are screaming for me to protect you, and not to brag but they are rarely wrong. In fact they have saved my life quite a few times."

"I bet." Toni said with an appreciative smile. "Talk about whirlwind.... Liz, Iíve never ever done this before...Iím not..."

Liz put a finger to Toniís lips and then met them with her own in a searing kiss. When she pulled back she smiled at the sweet face then she closed her eyes and answered her quietly. "I know that, Toni, neither have I. I donít pick up people Iím sent to investigate. Hell, Iíve never in my life had a one night stand! Iím afraid I have had several affairs that lasted a tormented few months then ended angrily. This is so damn different. Its so...sweet, comfortable, sexy, warm ....Damn and blast I sound like a God Damn hallmark card!"

Toni laughed and kissed Liz on the cheek. "No you donít. I guess itís just meant to be...but Liz, are sure you want me to invade your privacy?"

"I want you by my side forever. This will sound corny, but please Toni...Grow old with me?" Tears suddenly came to the older womanís eyes.

"Shh, I will, I want to. I love you. Iíll move in. God, how I love you." She began to kiss Lizís waiting breasts and worked her way to parts below. Liz let her head fall back and for the first time in her life surrendered willingly to another human being.

ĎI wouldnít do this for any one else. Oh God!...í "Toni!!!!!!" She yelled as slipped over the edge.

* * * * *

Jean watched with hooded, angry eyes as Liz helped her Toni move out. Two professional moving men were also helping, making it impossible to get the little blonde alone.

ĎDamn it Toni you're mine! I cultivated a relationship with you for my love. No! Now you betray me like this. Iíll get you Liz whats your name. God how I hate you. How shall I kill you? Hmmm? Iíll have to find a nice torturous way with our little Toni front and center.í She smiled cruelly as she went to her kitchen table to drink coffee and hatch her plan.

* * * * *

Once they had Toniís stuff in Lizís place they left to check out her new lead. Liz thought the best way to keep her by her side legitimately was to help her to do what she always wanted, write. Toni would follow Lizís investigation and then when it was all over she would sell them to a friend of Lizís who published a newspaper. This killed two birds with one stone; Toni would be with Liz all the time and she would get the hell out of travel. ĎIt makes us both happy,í Though Liz with inward glee.

They were outside a bakery on Old Schaumburg Road. Liz had instructed Toni to remain silent through this first inquiry and that she simply introduce Toni as an associate. They entered the bakery and Liz went into full investigator mode. This was not the sweet, shy woman who had talked to Toni for the first time. That in itself astonished the young blonde and she realized for the first time what kind of affect she had on the investigator. She smiled inwardly when she realized that it was love at first sight for both of them.

As they entered few noticed Toni, all eyes seemed to glide to Liz. She walked briskly full of confidence. Her voice was low and official and her gaze was cool and took in everything in the room. Toni had to literally shake her head at the transformation.

"Iíd like to speak to Sonia Marten, please." Liz told the stunned girl behind the counter. The girl was spell bound for a minute and didnít reply. Liz arched an eyebrow and growled, "Now, please." That seemed to snap her out of the daze she was in and she nodded her head dashing into the backroom to get the owner.

Sonia Marten was about 5í8 with long blonde hair and dark blue eyes. She had a soft Texas accent as she asked the investigator, "Yes, you asked to speak to me?"

Liz nodded briskly, "Yes , Maíam, is there anywhere my associate and I can speak with you in private?"

Sonia looked surprised but she nodded her head and led the two woman to her back office. She took the seat behind her desk while motioning for Liz and Toni to take the visitor chairs, "What this all about, Miss...?"

"Wagner, Liz Wagner and this is my associate Toni Hepburn." The older woman nodded at Toni who smiled and nodded back. Liz grinned inwardly, ĎMy little love can put anyone at ease with that smile.í She thought proudly to herself and had to shake her head to get back to her inquiry and away from these sweet thoughts,íTill later

"Iím here because you were reported as a possible witness to one the car jackings in the area to my company Anex Insurance."

"Me? I know nothing of these crimes..."

"Maíam, you might not realize it but your SUV was reported in the area of the last one."

"Where was that?"

"On National Parkway and Shaumburg Road," Liz said referring to the notes in her small notebook.

The other woman smiled and shook her head, "Miss Wagner, my son lives on National. Iím always there visiting him. I am rarely parked on the street though, I usually park in the garage in the back yard. Who could of reported this?" The older woman looked genuinely confused.

Liz believed her, but she knew that the womanís SUV was a part of this so she made the next logical inquiry. " Is your son married?"

Shook out of her daze by the last question she was even more shocked by the next, "No, he has a nice girlfriend though."

Lizís instincts clicked on this, "Oh, how long have they dated?"

"About two months, why?"

"Iím just trying to figure out who might of reported this lead."

"Oh Jennifer would never say such things about me. Sheís a nice girl. A student at the university."

"Jenniferís last name is?"

"Oh...Harrison, but..."

"Thats all for now. Thank you for your cooperation, Maíam." Said Liz standing up and shaking the confused womanís hand. Liz motioned Toni to follow as she left the shop.

Toni finally let out an explosion in the form of one word, "Wow!"

Liz looked amused and asked, "Wow what, my love?"

Gone was the investigator and back was Toniís lover. "Its like there are two of you. I mean you were a force to be reckoned with in there. You sounded like an episode of Dragnet. Then as soon as we step outside you become my sweet Liz...Uh, why were you so nice to me?" Toni asked suddenly shy.

Liz absorbed all Toni had said and easily accepted the truth of it. "I told you, I fell in love with you the moment I lifted my eyes and saw you before me. I just couldnít...I...It was impossible to talk to you like a suspect."

She twirled in frustration, "Damn it, Toni I knew I loved you before I even opened my mouth."

Toni smiled so lovingly at the tall woman she practically melted on the street. "I know. Me too."

They smiled at each other for a moment then Toni asked, "But why the coldness when you investigate? Why this persona of the....A ...Well a...."

"Bitch?" Liz asked with a smile.

Toni nodded and her head dropped sadly.

A long, gentle finger lifted the chin and blue eyes gazed into beloved green eyes, "Because my love, I learned long ago to intimidate to get the information I need quickly. It always works. Iím good at it...except with you and my family this is the way I am normally."

Toni shook her head, "No, this is normal for you, my love. If this is how you treat your family and... now me. Then this is the real you. That other Liz I saw in there is the act. I know we all wear masks at work, but wow! Where did you learn to that?"

They had slowly been walking down the quaint street to Lizís Jeep. During the small speech that Toni had just made Liz unlocked and opened the door for her. Toni slid into the passenger side and Liz shut the door. She shrugged her shoulders and replied, "It comes naturally, Toni. I donít do anything to get it, somehow when I need it, it just flows out of me."

She shook her head in frustration at her inability to explain as she walked to the drivers side and got in. She turned to Toni and asked shyly, "Does that turn you off?" Her voice showed she was bit scared of Toniís answer.

"No," Toni answered simply. "I love all of you. Even this persona is fascinating. Can I help it if I love this sweet, loving you much, much more?" Then she gently kissed Liz on the cheek. This simple contact wasnít enough for Liz. She pulled the smaller woman closer and bestowed on her love a reconfirming kiss.

"Thatís better. And ...Thank you, Toni for understanding that Iím still me even when Iím in my detective mode."

"Yep. You sure are. And wow is it ever fascinating to watch. I wasnít even in the room. All eyes were on you. Wow!"

"Oh you were in the room. At least you were for me. All I could think of was your presence. Believe me." She kissed her again to convince her of the honesty of the statement.

"Oh I believe you, My Love."

End of part two....

To be continued.......

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