It Takes All Kinds

part 3

by Ri

Please see disclaimers in part one.

Once they got back to Lizís apartment they settled in front of the computer to find out some more information about their new lead, Jennifer Harrison.

"Do you really think this girl is involved?"

"Its a hunch, my instincts again, but yes, I think that the boyís generous mother has lent the girl her SUV on more then one occasion."

"But Mrs. Marten never said that." Toni said very confused.

"It was the expression on her face, and the way she looked as she disclosed the information on Harrison. In my business you have to be able to read between the lines. Itís almost like poker, Toni; the more you can read the other personís thoughts; it becomes even more likely that you will win the hand. In my case the hand is finding out who is responsible for these car jackings. Do you understand, love?" Liz asked caressing her love's arm and shoulder.

"Yes," She answered quietly as she closed her eyes to enjoy the feel of Lizís caress. Then they popped open as a thought came to her mind, "So you think that Mrs. Marten is an innocent?"

Liz smiled and kissed Toniís shoulder, "Yep, and her son too. I think itís the girl. Sheís very bright, look at her records at school love."

Suddenly Toni found herself in Lizís lap in front of the computer. She couldnít even concentrate let alone read the words floating before her glazed eyes, "Uh... What does it say? I donít have my glasses." She asked in a husky voice.

Liz smiled, she kissed the top of the head that was gently pressed against her neck, "You didnít wear glasses before." She whispered kissing a pretty ear.

The ear she kissed turned pink, and the woman attached to it breathlessly replied, "I usually wear glasses to read from the computer at work...uh...geez ..."She cried as soft lips met hers and she allowed herself to sink into bliss.

The computer was forgotten for more important things for the time being.

* * * *

Liz was sitting in front of her computer totally absorbed in her work when Toni stuck her head in to announce, "Dinner is ready." Liz nodded but didnít move as she was deeply entrenched in trying to solve the mystery that was Jennifer Harrison.

"Is she a solid lead?"

A grunt and a nod but still no verbal reply.

"Liz, quick the house is on fire!!"Toni yelled, though her face was quite calm.

Liz jumped out of her chair, on her face was an expression of intense concern. She turned and saw Toniís amused smile and leaned against the chair taking several deep breaths. "Shit Toni! You scared the hell out of me!"

Toni shook her head and said, "Well next time maybe you wonít ignore me."

"I didnít ignore you." Liz answered still trying to get her nerves under control and her pulse down from doing the conga.

"What did I ask you?"

"Um...It was....You wanted...."She looked into sparkling green eyes and smiled sheepishly. "Ok, I did ignore you. Is that any reason to try and give me a heart attack?"

"Iím sorry, " She walked over and embraced the taller woman, "You do look awfully cute when your adrellinlin is all pumped up though. Kind of sexy."

"Do I now?"

They kissed sweetly and then when they drew apart Liz caressed Toniís cheek and asked, "What did you ask me?"

Toni giggled, "First, I told you that dinner is ready. Then I asked if Harrison was a solid lead?"

Liz nodded, "Both good things to discuss, and what was my response?"

"You nodded and grunted."

"Ahhh, not the most appropriate response. Sorry. Well to answer your two excellent statements in order. Good, Iím starved. And, yes this girl looks like she could be involved; sheís been in the vicinity of each crime. Iím going to check her out tomorrow. You want to come along?" ĎPlease say yes,í She thought inwardly.

"Sure." Toni replied with happy smile.

Liz gave her an answering smile and kissed her deeply. Then her stomach sounded off causing both of them to laugh.

"Come on lets eat."Liz said taking a hand and bringing Toni with her to the kitchen.

"Where ever you go, my love, I go..."They both stopped dead at Toniís words. They were stunned by the emotional impact, especially when they looked into each otherís eyes and saw that it was mutual, the words were echoing within them with a strong familiarity.

"Strange, as the words left my mouth it was like it was the hundredth time I Ďve said them."

"Yea, me too."

"Liz, its a quote from the bible."

Liz nodded but she knew there was more too it then that, "Come on love, lets get something to eat."

* * * * * *

They were cuddled in front of the TV after dinner when Toniís cell phone rang.

"Hello," Toni answered with a surprised expression. Her family all knew her knew phone and no one else ever called her cell.

"Hello, Toni, honey?"

Toniís eyes widened in pure shock. Liz sat up and Toni mouthed to her, "Its Jean!"

Liz got close so she could hear and motioned for the blonde to answer.

"Hi Jean, how did you get my cell number?"

"Oh dear, you gave it to me once when you were out of town, remember?"

"Not really, no." Toni looked terribly confused.

Liz put an arm around her shoulders to show she was there and supporting her.

"Oh well dear, Thatís not important right now. I need your help with something."

Liz's insides prickled at both the endearment and the request. She tightened her arms possessively around her love's shoulder and waist so they were very close together. Toni patted the arm around her waist and put her cheek against the arm around her shoulder.

"With what, Jean?"

"Well, I wondering if you could come over to discuss it? Iíd rather not discuss it on a cell phone you know how easily these things can be picked up on them?"

Liz violently shook her head no, "Um, no, I couldnít possibly come over right now. I have a new job that's taking alot of my time."

"Well could you meet me somewhere? It really is important, Toni."

There was a desperation in her voice that touched Toniís heart. Her partner still violently shook her head.

"Could you hold on a minute?"

"Of course, dear."

Toni hit the mute button on her cell. "She sounds like sheís in real trouble. I..."

"I donít care! Toni, I donít trust her. Sheís up to something...and...well...Honey, do you ever get the feeling that she has....uh, feelings for you?"

"No...well...sometimes she looks at me kinda funny...but...Jeez Liz, sheís old enough to be my mother."

"True, if she got knocked up early, but that doesnít affect who people are attracted to. Maybe its jealousy on my part, but I...Please donít meet least not with out me."

"If you go too?"

Liz knew Toni felt compassion for this woman and she loved her for it. To meet her was a mistake she was sure of it. Looking into those hopeful green eyes she took a deep breath and against her better judgment said, " OK, somewhere very public tell her to meet us at Woodfield."

Toni smiled and nodded, "Jean, meet me at the entrance to Pennyís at Woodfield Mall."

"Wonderful, perfect. See you there. Bye." Jean hung up.

Toni looked at Liz with a concerned expression on her face. "Liz, I have never given anyone my cell number except for my family and now you. How on earth could she of..."

"Easily, my love. Thatís why I know she is up to no good. You and I are going to go over there early tomorrow to stake out the place. I will not allow that woman to touch a hair on your pretty head." She said as she tightened her hold on her love even more.

"Sweetheart, I canít breathe." She said with a smile at the older woman.


"Itís OK. Will it be all right if you touch my hair? I would love to feel your touch on my head."

"Yes, your hair, face, your skin..." She started to kiss every inch of the beautiful woman in arms. All thoughts of Jean were forgotten.

To be continued....

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