It Takes All Kinds

Part 6

by Ri

Liz was staring at the computer, She had to find out what this girl did during her private time. 'Where did this girl hang out? Who does she spend time with? Damn' Thought Liz to herself as she drummed a pencil on her desk. It was like a needle in a haystack. It was the only lead Liz had though and she was like a bull dog, she wasn't going to let go of this one bone.

Toni came into Liz's office with a tray full of food. If she couldn't get the woman to come to lunch she would bring it to her. “Lunch.” She announced cheerfully as she entered room placing the tray in front of the taller woman.

Liz looked up and smiled amused at the persistence of her love, “Gonna make me eat, huh?”


“What if I'm not hungry?” Liz asked with a broadening grin.

“Too bad, I won't have you starve too death.” Toni replied placing a plate in front of the stubborn investigator.

“Do I look like I have malnutrition?”

Toni regarded the beautiful woman from top to bottom with loving eyes, “No, that is not something I could accuse you of., But you haven't eaten since lunch yesterday. I will not allow you to lose your strength because of this.”

Liz lifted an amused eyebrow and in an equally amused tone of voice said, ”Yes, dear.”

Toni rolled her expressive green eyes and giggled.

Liz laughed, “Ok, I'll eat.” Then she glanced over at the laden plate and then she looked back up into amused green eyes, “You are planning on joining me, aren't you?” She asked the smaller woman with a smirk.

“That was apart of my dastardly plans, yes? Do you object?”

“Absolutely not. Do you really think I could eat all this by myself?” Liz asked with a comically dubious look on her face.

Toni finally succumbed just as Liz wanted her to and laughed, Liz joined her after a moment of enjoying the sound of laughter from the woman she loved.

They ate heartily from the tray and Tony with a mouth full of food asked her companion. “So how goes the battle?”

Liz swallowed and laughed, “Toni please don't choke to death. I don't want to lose all...” Suddenly serious Liz's face fell and she looked away from Toni remembering how close to fact that could of been. Toni gently lifted Liz's chin and brought her face up till their eyes met and she answered, “You won't lose me, ever.”

Liz swallowed and said quietly, “ I could of when Jean had you in that corner, Literally.”

“Well you didn't. You told me to forget it, Please try to follow your own advise.”

Liz nodded and quietly looked down again. Toni could see that this weighed heavily on her broad shoulders. Toni took a deep breath making a decision to change the subject back to the car jackings. She would have to fight this battle later she would just have to prove to the investigator that she is not made of glass.

“Anything new on Harrington?”

Liz took a deep breath and smiled sweetly. She knew very well that she was being handled, under any other circumstances she would hate that, But for some reason when Toni did it; she felt very loved.

“Its going no where if you want to know the truth. I can't catch a break on this kid. I mean she seems... Well... mysterious. She doesn't belong to a group and yet she's not a loaner. She has a boyfriend but he never seems to know where she is. Its like she disappears between sightings. This is very, very tough.”

Toni thought for a moment while she nibbled a french fry. “Well, How about we stake out her boyfriend's house and then follow her?”


“Partners remember?”

Liz smiled and nodded, “Ok, We. I want you to listen to me very carefully ok?' Toni smiled up into her loves beautiful blue eyes and nodded. “Good, What I say goes. Your not trained for this, When I say run you run. No arguments, Do you we have a deal?”

“Yes Ma'am, We have a deal Ma'am.”

Liz shook her head and smiled. She took the glass out of Toni's hand and embraced her. “I'm not taking any chances with your life, My Love. I don't care if you get mad at me as long as you stay safe.” Before Toni could reply Liz had her in a liplock that would of protected Fort Knox. Toni decided to go with the flow.


They were sitting in the parking lot of the Athean Museum across the street from Jennifer Harrison's apartment. It was a new building and looked strange surrounded by the older homes around it.

“So this is a stake out?”

“Yep, Fun isn't it?”

“No but I'm with you and thats all I care about.”

“Really?” Liz asked shocked, “I mean your so bored. You some research from the house while I...” Toni's hand was over Liz's mouth and her gaze spoke loud and clear to the other woman. Very quietly without removing her hand she said, “Don't even begin that train of thought, young lady. I'm here because I want to be here. I'm not made of glass, Investigator, so don't even start with me. I am very strong and... I love you, “Her eyes softened and she released Liz's mouth.

Liz took that little hand in her own and brought it back to her mouth kissing it gently and then cradling it against her cheek. “I know your right, Toni... I can't help it. I guess I am just a touch protective...”

Toni laughed and cuddled closer to Liz, “A touch?” Then she suddenly jumped as she noticed movement across the street, “Look Liz, She's on the move!” And within seconds so were they.


They followed Jennifer to a coffee shop in Rolling Meadows. They were both surprised because it was a family style restaurant, were many families ate early dinners. Jennifer walked in and was seated immediately.

Liz and Toni discreetly followed and sat at the counter. They were at an angle where they could watch Jennifer with out her knowing it. Much to Toni's surprise one of her old neighbors came in; Mark Thomas. Toni was not in his line of sight so she didn't have to duck behind the counter like her first impulse almost made her do.

Mark was taken to Jennifer's table and they had what began as cordial meeting but it seemed to grow more intense by the minute.

“I wonder whats going on?” Toni whispered.

Liz smiled, “You don't have to whisper.”

Toni smiled back, “Oh sorry.”

“Its ok, Its natural to do it. I think thanks to you my love, we just found the links in the car jacking chain. Jean, Jennifer and this guy are all linked like a chain fence. This was a very good idea.” She did whisper this as she stroked Toni's leg beneath the counter.

Toni smiled and put her own hand on top of the gently stroking hand,“Thank you. Now how do we find out what they're saying?”

Liz smiled as she played with the fingers entwined with her own, “Thats easy.” With her other hand she waived the waitress over, “Could you get Tess for me, Jessie?”

“Sure Liz, right away.”

“They know you?” Toni asked her stunned.

“Yea, I've been here a few times in the past.”

“How often is a few times?”

Liz looked down, then up through her bangs sheepishly into amused green eyes, “Well you know very well that cooking is not one of my skills?”

Tony smiled and nodded.

“And before I met you I did eat out rather alot. I tried to vary the places I went... so about once a week.”

Toni chuckled and asked, “I see, any other places I should know about?”

Um..I think I'll let them be a surprise. I'll save them for you one at a time it will keep out lives interesting.” She replied with a wink. Tess came up to the counter and smiled at her friend, “Hey Liz old girl!”

“How are you doing, Tess? Tess this is my new partner Toni. Toni, This is Tess.”

“Nice to meet you. “ Said Toni with a sweet smile as she shook hands with the waitress.

“Nice to meet ya, too.” Said Tess as she shook the little hand. Liz smiled and squeezed the hand that was in her own under the table.

“Tess whats going on at that table of yours? The one with the young couple?” Liz asked nodding her head toward Jennifer's table and smiling engagingly at her friend.

Tess smiled and nodded as she replied,”They're talking about some job that someone was suppose to find a package for but now they are out of commission.”

Toni was stunned she understood, Jean was picking out the cars to be high jacked. 'Oh my God,'Thought Toni.

“Thanks Tess, “ Said Liz with a hand shake, “You've been very helpful.”

Tess smiled and shook her head, “I'm glad you guys understand. I thought it was a weird thing to get so agitated about. Do you need anything else?”

“Nope, we're going, Thanks.”Said Liz as she took the hand she was holding and pulled a surprised Toni out of the restaurant.

“Why are we leaving?”

“We know where they live. I need to go home and call my contacts at the police department so we can set up a sting, come on.”

“Ok,ok stop pulling at me, “Toni said with a grin.

Liz smiled back and shrugged, as she pulled Toni gently towards their car. She opened the door and said,”Sorry I guess I'm anxious to get this over with. Damn, I knew that crazy was connected somehow...”

“Your a genious.”Toni said as Liz closed the door of the car. Liz came around and sat in the drivers seat as she blushed a deep red and brushed some hair out of Toni's eyes. She looked at the small blonde affectionately and said, “Nope, just well trained. Lets get a move on, Love. We have got a hell of alot of work ahead of us.”

To Be Continued in Part 7

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