Thank You
By Leigh McEoghan


Disclaimer: This is an Uber story so the characters belong to me and me alone but there may be a wee chance that the two leading ladies remind you of a couple of ass-kicking TV heroes. That, I assure you, is pure coincidence.
Language: There are no words that may be considered naughty but who gives a fuck?
Sex/Violence: no this is ok for everyone..
Author's Note: Not much to say really. This is my second attempt at writing fanfic and my first attempt at an uber story so don't be too harsh. I started Queen to Queen a long while ago and had two parts posted when I realized that yes, it was indeed possible for something to both suck and blow. It was shit and I won't be finishing it. If there is anyone out there who wants it and thinks they can do something with it then give me a buzz. Anyway back to this story. It's just a little something that I've been playing with so I hope ye all like it. It's not very long but I was going for quality and not quantity. If ye like it, please let me know and I may do a reply or something from the other woman's p.o.v. The characters have no names yet. Also, I just wanna say that I edited the story myself and I am apologizing in advance for my brutal grammar and speling J
Archive: Anywhere if you let me know first.
Summary: Remembering an event that changed her life, a woman says thank you.

Dear Love
It always amazes me how one simple act of kindness can effect a person on so many levels. Do you remember when we first met?
There I was a lonely, depressed, single and very wet woman, a stranger to you, with bright green eyes and a frumpy sweatshirt, getting splashed by every car that drove past and getting funny looks from every person that walked on by, busy with life.
I didn't care. There was no point. I had no job, no friends and no love in my life. I wasn't living, I was merely existing in a world that I felt didn't need me. The passion that once burned within me was gone, replaced by a bitterness that almost shocked me. My youthful exuberance was no more, replaced instead by an angry cynicism that almost upset me. I was alone, afraid but still unwilling to admit that I was beaten. There was nothing wrong with my stubbornness.
Another car drove by, sending a shower of muddy water cascading over me. It didn't matter, I was already wet. This time, however, I cried, letting the rain wash away my tears. Still no one stopped. I didn't care. I wasn't there to get attention, I was there because I had gone as far as I could and, physically tired and mentally drained, I just stopped and let the world go on without me.
This was not how it was supposed to be. I was 26 and already I had lived my life and I had nothing to show for it.
As I sat, I noticed people pretending not to notice me. I could almost hear their thoughts. What was a pretty young creature like me, in Gucci shoes and Armani jeans doing sitting in a gutter? Their feigned indifference only made the tears come faster. As the darkness fell and the crowds disappeared, I tried to move. But I couldn't.
Or was it that I didn't want to? It was still raining, this was Seattle after all, I hadn't moved for the sunny days and balmy nights. I watched as the rain trickled down my nose and counted as each drop hit my face as I looked up into the night, searching.
For what?
I didn't know. A star to wish upon? A guardian angel? What I did find was more than this.
I found you.
I guess it would be more appropriate to say that you found me. At first I thought you were an evil, someone that I knew I should be afraid of. At that moment though, I didn't care. It was only when I looked into your eyes, my love, that I knew it was safe and suddenly, I cared and with this newfound emotion, I cried even more. You didn't say a thing, you just held out your hand.
And I took it.
It was warm and soft. You smiled at me and pulled me up, underneath your umbrella. Standing in the pale moonlight, you were at your most beautiful. You were wearing your old blue jeans with the rip in the knee. Do you remember? Your raven hair shined a pale blue. It was then and there that I fell in love with you. I asked you, in a small voice that I hardly recognized as my own, to take me home. You did. And you stayed with me to make sure I would be ok. The next morning, we made love, and my life began again.
Yes, I will always remember how a simple act of kindness can change a person's life. I love you now as I will forever.
Thank You.

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