Two Tuesdays

by M J

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She gingerly entered the room, she had last seen Neil enter and found the curly haired man sitting dejectedly by a row of filing cabinets. He looked up when he saw her enter, and swiftly looked down again.

“I know.” He stated quietly.

Alice frowned, “What?”

He sighed, “I know I don’t really have a chance, but I am never going to stop trying Alice…I love you.”

She didn’t know what to say, and stood stock still trying to pull her mind into gear, did he just say that he love me?

“I know you are with that courier woman, but I also know that I could give you more. I have loved you for so much longer, she could never give you what I could.”

Alice sucked in her bottom lip, then released it and softly spoke, “You don’t know what I want Neil…but I will tell you. I want her, I am sorry but that is the way I feel…you can’t help who you fall in love with.”

He looked intently at the blonde “No shit.” He said dejectedly.

Alice silently cursed herself, and mentally slapped her head, Seems he knows what I am talking about on this subject.

Neil rose from the wooden stool he had been sitting on. “Then you will understand that my feelings for you will never change. I will never give up hope that someday you will be mine, I can’t settle for second best.”

Alice frowned, Second best? “Then you will understand that for me, I have found that special person. And not only could there be nobody else for me, but I would not want there to be anybody else.”

The curly haired man looked at her intently before turning around and leaving the storeroom without saying another word.

Once she was alone, Alice sighed and buried her face in her hands, shaking her head softly. “Well I am not sure whether that actually went well or not.” She muttered to herself.

Rolling her eyes, she excited the back room and closed the door behind her, making her way back to her office. She spotted Mandy taking on the phone as she passed and the woman pulled a questioning face. Alice shrugged with a frown, causing an identical one to form on the secretaries’ face. Mouthing ‘we’ll talk later’ Alice wandered back into her office and closed the door behind her.


The humidity had increased and Alice opened the window for hope of a slight breeze that may pass by. Wiping the sweat off her forehead, she sat down and re-activated her computer screen. She had plenty of work to do, but had no inclination to get motivated; it was way too hot and…hell, she didn’t even want to think.

Forcing a strained breath through pursed lips, she pulled her chair up tight to her desk and tried to focus her mind.

Come on Ally think, think, think…work…oh but there are so much better thinks to think about…no come on focus. “Ah…hell, who am I kidding…I want to be anywhere but here today.” She dropped her head onto her desk, shoving her arm in the way before impact. “Ha…definitely learned my lesson this time…no sir…no more head bumps for me!” Yippee. Chuckling to herself she shook her head, “Oh…yes, second sign of madness alright.

The sudden ringing of her phone made her jump, and she shot up quickly as her hand flew to the shrilling apparatus.



“Hello this is Alice Bateman, can I help you?”

Still nothing.

“Hello, who is this?” God…not here as well!

“Look I know you are there I can here you breathing, talk to me.” A thought came to her, and hesitantly she took a blind leap. “Neil is that you?”

The disconnection was immediate, making the programmer jump. It sounded like the phone was slammed down. Fuck, what was that…Ok Alice be calm…Fuck calm how can I be calm when I know who is doing this?

Closing her eyes, Alice took a cleansing breath. Ok you are not one hundred percent sure that was Neil… “Oh please…don’t start trying to rationalise things now.” She shook her head and looked out into the main office, where Mandy was balancing a conversation between two phones.

“Maybe now that he knows that I know, he will quit phoning.” She said to herself. “Or I could just ring Lee…She will know what to do…actually maybe not…not yet anyway.” I remember how she reacted when some woman pinched my butt at a bar and then tried to blame it on the guy she was with…I knew it was the woman, but she nearly strangled the poor bloke.

“No I’ll wait for tonight.” Nodding her head at the final decision, she cleared her mind and tried to get her work done through the intensifying heat.


The sun was still blazing high in the sky when Alice left work. It had just gone six, and she could not wait to get home after having received a phone call from Leah telling her that she wanted her home on time, as there was a surprise awaiting her.

Well that was all it took. The petite blonde had left work on the dot, after enduring one hour, sixteen minutes and twenty-five seconds of torture from the moment she’d hung up the phone. Curiosity had eaten away at the programmer; she was getting quite accustomed to Leah’s idea of surprises and was impatient to know what was waiting for her. Events of the day forgotten, she hailed a nearby taxi and got a speedily trip home.


Approaching their front door, Alice became aware of a loud shrilling sound; and the closer she got the louder it became. Feeling a little alarmed, she dashed to the door, pushed her key in and turned the lock. The sight that greeted her was enough to bring tears to her eyes…literally.

Leah stood, surrounded by a cloud of billowing dark smoke, flapping a towel under the smoke alarm, just outside the kitchen. She wasn’t even aware of Alice’s presence as the blonde flew past her to open the kitchen windows. Frustration getting the best of her, Leah decided on a different approach.

Lifting up onto her toes, she reached the alarm, high on the ceiling and ripped off its outer cover. Then searching out the battery, she yanked it out the casing, there by silencing the ear-piercing device.

“God damn, stupid, son of a fucking bitch.” She growled, dropping the towel on the floor and sighing.

Alice appeared in the doorway to the kitchen, “So this was my surprise?”

Leah spun around, surprised to see the blonde there. “No.” She grumbled. “How long have you been here?”

Alice shrugged, “Long enough to see some strange heap of black stuff, emitting smoke from the oven.”

The dark head nodded once, looking down.

“Was that strange heap of black stuff in the oven my surprise?”

Leah raised her head, “I wanted to cook you something nice…a romantic meal…but I forgot about it when I was in the shower. It kinda got a little singed.”

The blonde woman laughed, “A little singed? Leah we should put that in an urn or…” She stopped, noticing the beginning of a pout on Leah’s lips. “Hey Lee, you know what they say… ‘It’s the thought that counts’”

By this time the pout was full grown, “Yeah but I still killed the dinner.” The blonde was not sure, but that almost sounded like a whine.

Alice tried no to smile at the complete distraught look on the lovers face; it was just too cute. Slowly she walked to the dark woman and placed her arms around the tall figure. Standing so close she was able to look straight up into the moping blue eyes.

“You know…you look so cute with that pout.”

“I do not pout.” Leah demanded, but Alice only nodded her head chuckling. “Oh but you do and it looks so damn cute on you too.”

A sudden gleam entered the tall woman’s eyes, “You have ten seconds to take that back, otherwise you will face the consequences.”

Alice raised her eyebrows, “Oh and what could a big old pouting baby like you do to me hey?”

Well that did it as far as Leah was concerned, the chase was on. Alice had only moments to react as she took off, on a mad dash around the flat. Leah kept a casual pace behind, waiting for the blonde to tire a little before she made her move, but Alice was relentless in her escape.

‘Damn…those little legs of hers must be powered by the Energiser bunny’.

Keeping close behind, she smiled in triumph when Alice ran into the bathroom. She heard a loud ‘Oh crap,’ as she came to a halt by the door.

“Gotcha.” She stated, sporting a feral grin.

Alice backed up until she was against the shower stall. “Oh come on, I know you don’t want to hurt me.” She fluttered her eyelashes for effect.

Leah stalked closer, “Save it little missy…you are mine now to do with as I wish.”

The small blonde rolled her eyes, “I though this was supposed to be punishment, or torture, or at least something in the form of retribution.”

Leah pushed herself up against the smaller frame, until she was looking down into dark green eyes. “Oh believe me…when I have finished with you…you will be begging for me to stop.” She moved forward to claim the soft inviting lips, when they heard the doorbell. Leah moved away.

“Leave it.” Alice whispered desperately.

The dark woman grinned and moved away, “Hmm…no…I think I shall get that actually.” She tossed an evil grin in the blondes’ direction, and trotted out the bathroom. Alice sighed, took a couple of deep breaths and took off in search of Leah.

She found the woman by the front door, seemingly picking something up from the ground. By the time she had reached her, Leah was shutting the door and looking at a strange long box in her hand. The dark woman looked up towards Alice.

“Hmm…looks like one of those flower boxes…has your name on it.” She passed the box over to a slightly dubious looking Blonde. “What’s that look for Ally…hey I hope it isn’t a secret admirer…I don’t do competition very well.” She chuckled.

Alice looked at the small envelope before opening it, there was nothing in side. The uneasy feeling growing, she pulled on the red ribbon that surrounded the golden box, until it fell away. With trembling fingers she pulled off the lid.

Leah couldn’t see what was in the box, but knew by the hurt, confused look in Alice’s eyes, that it was not what she had expected to be in there.

Taking a step forward, she looked down into the packaging. There lying among a mass of white tissue paper was a single rose, a dead single rose. Looking up at Alice, she noticed the strange almost ghostly look in her eyes.

“Hey, sweet heart…what’s going on?”

Alice turned towards the kitchen, still slightly cloudy with smoke, and entered angrily. She dropped her ‘present’ on the pine table and leaned against the work surface.

Leah was close behind, “Alright, what are you not telling me?”

The blonde let her head fall back, and she looked intently at the ceiling. “I know who has been making the calls.” She stated, looking at the courier.


“Neil…you know that guy at work. The one who is always badgering me for a date?”

Leah nodded.

“Yeah, well it’s him. I realised today…he tried again and when I said no…he made some speech about not waiting forever and then stalked off. I tried to talk to him but he decided to declare his love for me. I though I at leas had gotten through enough for him to realise that there is no hope for him. But then when I was back in my office later, I got another call…when I said his name, he hung up.”

The tall woman frowned, “That doesn’t mean it was him, how can you be sure.” She walked forward, placing a reassuring hand on the small frame.

Alice sighed, “I don’t know…I just know this is all down to him…I know it…I can’t explain it, it’s just like a gut feeling…deep inside…you know?”

The tall woman forced out a deep breath, “So you think this rose was from his too?”

Alice nodded.

“Ok…so what do you want to do about it? Call the police, talk to the bosses at work. Do you want me to go round there and give him the willies?” Alice smiled. “We have to do something otherwise he will keep badgering you like this…and when you are upset…I am upset.”

The small woman knew she was right; she did have to do something, but what. This was a man that she had to work with, every day. She didn’t want to cause any bad feeling in the work place. Having people find out and be divided about who they stand by. Neil was a well-liked guy…hell even she liked him, when he wasn’t bugging her for a date.

She started to wonder why the dead rose. Maybe it was a sign…maybe it was a symbol of what they could not have…or simply to state that he saw there was no way she could ever return his feelings. Maybe he realised they had no future together (finally) and with was a symbol of that end. Damn it, she just did not know.

Leah put her arm around the blondes shoulders, “What do you want to do?”

Alice shrugged, “Not sure. I could just confront him about it at work tomorrow. Ask him whether he sent it, you know. When every one is there… but not in the same room, a neutral environment.”

Leah moved to stand in front of Alice and put both arms round her. “Do you want me there. If you feel like you need some support or anything just let me know. Maybe you should just sleep on it tonight…sometimes things seem clearer in the morning. We could come up with a diplomatic solution.”

Alice nodded, “Yeah…might as well. It will give me time to think about this. You know how before I was afraid? Well now I just feel angry…not necessarily at him…just this whole situation.”

The taller woman nodded, “Yeah…well I am angry at him.”

Alice hugged Leah tightly. “Lets change the subject for now. I am dying to eat something.” She looked down towards the oven with the still smouldering heap of black stuff. “Leah…what is…or was that anyway?”

The dark woman laughed and pulled the tray out of the oven. “It was supposed to be toad in the hole. Thought I would do the traditional British dish…except although you are supposed to cook it at the ovens highest temperature, you are not supposed to leave it for…well the time it takes me to have a shower.”

Alice laughed and looked down at the charcoal remains. “Do you think we should bury it and say a few prayers?”

Leah swatted the joking woman with the back of her hand, “Ha…just for that…you will not get the desert I was planning.”

Alice’s ears pricked up at the mention of desert, “What desert?”

The courier shrugged, “I guess you will never know now.” She stated and walked away. Leaving a small blonde thinking up different, painfully pleasurable ways in which to extract the information.


She had tossed and turned in bed all night, not able to sleep for more than an hour at a time. There was no outside disturbances or light snoring from Leah, ‘which makes a change’ that could have pulled her to consciousness. Her mind just refused to rest.

Lying on her back, Alice looked up towards the ceiling, obscured by different shades of shadow. It was still early, too early but she had no desire to sleep now, her mind was fully awake.

Realising there was no point in just lying there thinking, she decided to get up. The digital bedside clock told her it was four fifteen, still way too early for…well anything, as far as she was concerned. It was an ungodly hour and she was sure it was the first time she had ever actually seen the clock portray that time.

Sitting on the side of the bed she looked out the window. It overlooked the park and was her favourite view. She loved to watch the dogs, and children playing with each other on these agreeable summer days, it took her back to her own childhood.

Hearing a rustling sound, she turned around and looked at the source. Leah was half sitting in the bed, leaning on her elbows looking sleepily at Alice. Her blue eyes shone a pale hue in the filtering moonlight.

“What you doing?” She asked groggily.

Alice smiled and moved to the edge of the bed, “Nothing…I just can’t rest…go back to sleep.” She moved over and kissed the heavy-eyed woman who was rapidly losing consciousness once again. Leah smiled and lay back down, falling into a deep slumber.

Alice sighed and looked at the clock, it had just gone half four. Deciding she needed to get motivated, she headed for the bathroom intent on a shower. Might, as well get dressed not doing much else anyway.

After a long hot shower she got dressed. It was still dark in the bedroom and she put on a pair of smart black slacks and cream coloured top. It was so dark that she didn’t even realise the socks she had put on were odd, not that she would have cared much anyway; she had decided to wear boots today.

It was now half past five. Alice paced the living room looking at the brief case that she had just retrieved from the bedroom. Feeling there was no point doing nothing, she decided to make an early appearance at work. If her new program was to run parallel with the current system, for a while, she wanted to run a few tests herself first.

Realising it was probably too early for a taxi, she decided to take her car. Walking into the kitchen she took a piece of paper and pen from the counter and jotted a quick not to Leah, informing her that she had gone off to work early. Sticking it to the fridge with magnet, she thought better of it and went back into the bedroom to the sleeping brunette.

Placing the note down onto the bedside table, Alice leaned over, looking at Leah’s sleeping face, bathed in a soft moonlit glow. She smiled tenderly and moved to kiss her cheek.

Instantly feeling the soft touch, Leah moaned and rolled onto her back, wrapping her arm around Alice. The small woman grinned and gently pulled away, pulling the taller woman into a semi conscious state.

“What you doing?” The sleepy woman asked groggily.

Alice bent down and kissed her forehead, “Just wanted to say goodbye, I am going into work early as I can’t seem to get much sleep. See you later ok.”

Leah nodded and rolled back onto her side, “Hmm…love you.” She muttered and slipped back of into her pleasant sleep.

The blonde smiled, “Love you to.” She whispered.


Alice sat in her office, illuminated by the desk lamp. She had her legs crossed in her chair while diligently reading over the new program files.

From outside the first sounds of the new day were filtering through. Sporadic engines sounds became more frequent. The first bird made its presence known in the morning sky. She could hear voices from the bakers next door as they opened their shop and the appetising smell of fresh bread filtered through her office window. Alice breathed in deeply, appreciating the welcome scent. Her stomach growled in agreement.

Chuckling at herself she turned back to the files she was working on.

Suddenly a creaking sound caught her attention. She looked up, wondering what it was. It sounded again, and she put down the paper she was holding and looked towards the office door. It was slightly ajar, and the blonde was sure she had fully closed it, upon entering the room.

Hesitantly she got up and walked towards the door. Sounds from the outer office made her halt her movements, and she stood looking into the obscured darkness for a while. After long seconds she resumed her path towards the entrance.

“Hello…who is out there?”

The sound stopped.

Alice opened the door and stood in the entrance, “Hey…who is here? Mandy that better not be you again.”

Silence greeted her.

“Fine.” She muttered and walked back into her office. She took a hold of the door and began to push it shut again. Suddenly a loud bang sounded from the outside as somebody’s hand stopped its progress. Jumping she moved backwards, the door slowly opening.

Biting her bottom lip, Alice took a backwards step as a dark figure appeared in the shadows. She frowned and looked closer, a calm exterior betraying her rapidly pounding heart. The light from the desk lamp only caused to cast the figure in shadows. The blonde woman took another step back nervously.

At that moment the surrounding silence was painful, almost deafening. It closed in around her like a smothering shroud, producing a feeling of acute claustrophobia. Stealing a breath against a sudden chill, Alice felt slight tremor course her body. The person in the doorway had yet to speak, even move.

“Who are you?” She asked, cautiously; hoping this figure was nothing more than a figment of her over tired imagination.

Without answering, Alice watching an arm rise to the main light switch. Suddenly the room was brilliantly illuminated.

Squinting against the brightness she turned her head slightly, yet still tried to keep the now clearly viable figure before her in sight. When her eyes became accustomed to the light she quickly turned her field of vision towards the woman standing in the doorway.

Alice frowned; she had never seen her before. The lady must have been of similar age and height to the programmer, with obvious short, bleached blonde hair. Her face held a somewhat calm yet accusing expression.

“Do I know you?” Alice asked.

The woman let out an unexpected bark of laughter, “I very much doubt it.”

Unnerved, the petite woman took another step back, only this time to be followed by the other.

“What do you want?”

“To see you.” The other woman replied, holding out her hand. “My name is Nicole…pleased to meet you.”

Alice looked down at the offered hand but did not take it, the uneasy feeling inside refusing to leave her.

“What…too good to even take my hand?” Nicole accused, pulling away.

“What are you talking about…I don’t even know you.” Anger replaced Alice’s fear, “You just show up here, at this hour, obviously trying to intimidate me…why. What the hell do you want?”

Nicole smiled, her brown eyes narrowing to tiny slits. She took another step into the room, closing the door behind her. “What I want…is to see the woman who has ruined my life.”

The blonde backed up until she was against her desk, “I have ruined you life…how have I done that?”

“You have ruined my life…because you took the heart of what belongs to me and I decided it was about time I came down here to see you face to face, before…”

The detached tone in Nicole’s voice caused an anxious tremor to run through Alice’s body. She wanted to move away, but was backed up against her own desk. The woman in front of her smiled acridly, her jaw tight with emotion. The brown eyes widened as she realised the fear she was instilling in the tiny blonde.

“I never realised just how much I hated you until this moment.”

Alice looked to her side at the phone on her desk; she wondered whether she should attempt to call for help. The clock on the wall said it was half seven. That meant the security guards on the ground floor would by changing shifts.

Nicole shook her head, “Don’t bother I really don’t intend on being here that long.”

“What do you intend on?” She had to ask, she wasn’t sure whether she wanted to know the answer but she had to ask.

Nicole shrugged, “Not sure…I just know that as long as you are around…I will never have what I truly want.”

Alice scrunched her brow, rubbing her head in confusion, “What is it that you want?”

Nicole moved up close, to less than a foot away, “Why Neil of course.”


Leah opened her eyes to the rising sun, shining into her room. Growling she turned over to her other side, and realised Alice was not there. Frowning she lifted her head off the blue pillow, listening out for signs of life. There was none.

Letting her head drop back down, she let her thoughts wander. The events of the early morning, forming in her mind, Oh…she got up early…I remember now. Something about going into work early, I think.

She lifted her head again, and looked towards the wardrobe where Alice had last dumped her brief case…it was gone. Yep that was it.

Taking a quick look at the clock, Leah noticed it was only half past seven. Deciding she didn’t have to be up for another two hours, and knowing the alarm was set…she dropped her head back down, intent on getting as much sleep as possible.


Alice looked disbelievingly at the bleached blonde, “Neil…what are you talking about.”

Nicole laughed, “Oh you really don’t get it do you…I suppose a person like you wouldn’t.” The last part of her sentence was said with tainted disgust.

“He is obsessed with you. You are all he talks about night and day. Alice said this…Alice did that…Alice designed a whole new computer program for the Log Tech system.”

The petite blonde looked on shocked.

“How would you feel, if you were constantly being compared to somebody else. He asked me to dye my hair blonde…said it would suit me…should have know he just wanted me to look like you. Fuck…he even calls out your name in BED.”

Alice’s eyes widened, her hands gripping the side of the desk behind her, “Look Nicole I am sorry b…”

Nicole slapped Alice hard around the face, “Don’t you dare…don’t even try to apologise for this. You have absolutely no idea what it has been like for me…having to comfort him after he found out you had found somebody…and a woman no less. Did you know he walked past you and your…woman…on the stairs into work, and you didn’t even notice him…too busy with other things it seemed.”

Alice placed her hand against her throbbing cheek. “Well…what do you want me to say…what am I supposed to do…you wont let me apologise. I made absolutely no advances towards him Nicole, You have no right to come in here like this.” Her anger was rising again.

“I tried calling you…loads of times, but I couldn’t think of what to say. I knew I needed to see you in person.”

“You were the one making those calls?”

Nicole nodded, “Yeah…now the only problem left is how do I stop my man from wanting you. You know what they say, ‘you covet what you see every day’ if he didn’t see you every day, there would be nothing for him to want.”

Alice looked at her incredulously, “I am not leaving this place if that is what you think. I really think you need to find yourself somebody else, somebody who wants you for you.”

Nicole surprised Alice by grabbing her at the shoulders, “I can not find somebody else. We are destined to be together, that’s something you wouldn’t possibly be able to understand.”

Alice shrugged out of the woman’s grasp and moved to the side of her desk, “Then why the hell are you here, what do you want from ME. I have made it clear to Neil that there could never be anything between us. Nicole, have you considered asking him to get some help, it seems that his behaviour is having a negative effect on this whole situation.” She knew she didn’t mean to sound condescending, but couldn’t take the words back once they had left her mouth.

Nicole reared forward, causing Alice to back up until she was against the outside window. “How dare you try to patronize me…you have no right. It is clear to me what I have to do and that is take YOU out of the picture.”

Alice held up her hands, trying to stop the woman who descended upon her. They grabbed each other by the upper arms, eyes wild…fear in one set, and resentment in the other.

Nicole pulled Alice back before smashing her against the window, “You have to understand…it really is nothing personal.” She grated out, “But Neil and I are Soul Mates and nothing on the earth will ever be able to keep us apart…not even an immature infatuation.”

“Let me go.” Alice screamed as she felt her self pounded against the window again and again.

Nicole laughed, “Oh believe me I will, as soon as the time is right.”

Alice pushed herself against the woman, trying to get away from the fracturing glass. It was no use; the other woman’s strength was immense. Repeatedly she shoved Alice against the window until they both became aware of the sound of splintering glass.

Nicole grinned wildly, “Nothing personal you understand?”

Alice felt her whole body pound and throb mercilessly…she could not break free and the harder she struggled the more the woman used her own force against her. She could feel the glass give way, and her body smash through the ruptured pain.

“NO!” She cried, feeling the ground leave her, and her body propel backwards by the frontal force. She held on to Nicole, with all that she was worth.


Leah awoke with a searing pain. It started in her chest and wound its way around her body. Instantly she doubled up, moving into a foetal position and crying out. Her breathing began to labour and a sweat broke out upon her brow.

Groaning she closed her eyes and focussed on her breath. “Ally?” She whispered almost in wonder.

The pain stung her again and she folded her arms around her chest, “Oh God Ally.” She cried out.

With an unknown urgency she managed to drag herself out of bed, feeling the pain in her chest continue. Without any though, other than the need to find her lover, she pulled on the discarded jeans and white top from the night before and left the flat.


The blue flashing lights shone like a beacon in the early morning radiance. A small crowd had gathered around the Log Tech offices surrounding the scene ahead. Leah urged her bike forward towards the gathering mass of people and pulled in by one of five police cars. With terrifying apprehension, she turned off the engine dismounted the vehicle.

The mass of voices mixed together and she was unable to identify what one person was saying to another. Moving forward she pushed her way through the crowd with anger, they were keeping her from finding Alice.

Running a hand through her long hair, she came to the front of the crowd.

She took in the scene. Shattered glass covered the path. Police officers and other official looking people were milling around trying to move away the onlookers. On the ground she noticed two still forms, covered by red sheets.

Taking a step closer, she was halted by a uniformed officer standing in front of her.

“Miss, could you please keep back, this is a…”

Leah put her hand up interrupting the man, “No…I am here to find my…” Her words halted as she spotted a familiar figure standing by the entrance to the building. It was Mandy, Leah called to her and the woman looked in her direction. The red heads face was pale and tears stained. Their eyes met in communication and an unwelcome understanding.

Leah frowned and shook her head. She looked down at the two forms laying on the ground, then back to Mandy. The secretary’s eyes flooded with tears once again.

“No.” She whispered.

Mandy broke down and had to turn away.

“NO.” Leah ran forward, pushing the officer away. Her heart ached painfully as tears stung her eyes. “Oh please no!”

Reaching the two covered bodies she knelt between them. Suddenly she felt her body jerk back, as two officers pulled her from the scene. Struggling against their firm hold she shouted to get their attention.

“Get your hands of me…I have to know…have to see if it’s true.” Her voice broke with emotion, yet she refused to let the tears fall.

They released her at the Log Tech entrance; Mandy stood three feet away.

“Thanks.” She whispered to the officers.

Leah looked at Mandy accusingly.

“I had to…I had to make sure they stopped you. You don’t want to see it Leah…you don’t want to see her like that.” Her voice was hollow, yet rough with emotion.

Leah sucked in a deep breath, sealing her emotions behind an internal brick wall, “What happened?”

Mandy shook her head, “I don’t know…nobody saw what happened. Not inside the office anyway. Just saw them both come through the window.”

Leah gulped, she felt a rising feeling of nausea, “She went through the window…they?”

The secretary shrugged, “I arrived before the emergency services got here. You didn’t want to see that Leah…believe me sweetheart.”

Leah moved away bewildered. She blinked her eyes unseeingly, seemingly in a trance. She could not take in what she was hearing. Body trembling she walked back over to the two concealed forms, the officers watching her closely. Mandy had informed them she was partner to one of the two bodies.

Stomach twisting and churning, the courier knelt by one of the forms. She knew it was Alice, she could feel it in her heart. Lowering on to one knee, she noticed a small hand just poking out from the corner of the red blanket. Numbly she reached out and traced the appendage with her index finger. The skin was cold to the touch.

Leah could feel the emotions well inside her and pulled her hand away quickly. She couldn’t loose it now. Swallowing against the threatening nausea she pushed herself to her feet and backed away, not turning her back until she had entered the Log Tech offices.


It was late in the evening; Leah sat in the cold stillness of Alice’s office. The room had been declared a crime scene but she had entered just as soon as the forensic team had left for the night. Broken yellow tape around the door, stood as a witness to her unlawful entrance. The window hadn’t been sealed and an unearthly wind whistled through the room, adding to the already cold ambiance.

Leah sat on the dark sofa in the corner of the room, knees pulled up to her chest. She was only wearing her slight top and the chill of the room covered her skin with goose bumps but she didn’t feel anything. Her arms were folded over her knees and her head rested on top.

The day had passed in a complete haze, full of continuous questions and investigations. She had watched from inside the building, as Alice’s body had been taken away, un-willing and unable to move. It didn’t feel real, and she wondered whether she was still dreaming and had yet to awake.

It had taken until early afternoon before the second body had been identified, but still the motive and reasons why had yet to be determined by the authorities. All of the Log Tech employees had been questioned about the identity of the woman and it appeared nobody new who she was.

Leah had spent the day avoiding one emotion after another; everything seemed so…unbelievable. Constant activity had buzzed around her, and all questions throw in her direction, were answered without presence of mind. And now in the mounting darkness of night, she sat in the chilled office trying to find purpose or meaning in all that happened.

“Fuck,” She whispered into the empty office, even to her own ears, her voice sounded so cold and strained.

“Fuck it,” She said, louder this time. Lifted her head and running her hands through her tangled dark hair.

Suddenly she jumped of the couch, “FUCK YOU.” She shouted.

Walking into the centre of the room, she looked over to Alice’s desk. She spotted the mound of stress toys and knick-knacks the young woman used to collect. Moving over she picked up the rubber airplane; she could still smell the familiar scents that she associated with her lover. Everything held a trace of her perfume, an aroma that she would never be able to associate with anything else ever again.

Dropping the toy back down, she looked over to Alice’s chair, noticing the slight indentation on the leather seat, made by the young programmer.

Inside, the walls she had built around her emotions began to crumble. She felt her eyes mist over and her body tremble with un-controllable rage.

“NO!” Leah shouted picking up the desk lamp and throwing it across the room. It hit the wall producing a loud clashing sound as the bulb shattering inside.

Whirling around she swept her leg in a roundhouse kick, projecting the computer screen off the desk and shattered on the floor. Sparks flew around the room.

“Damn you.” She screamed onto the freezing darkness, her emotions reaching a heightened state of despair.

Grabbing the next item to throw, she looked down at the object she had just lifted from the table. It was a picture of herself with Alice. They had asked a passer by to take it during their impromptu trip to the coast one sunny weekend. She looked at them together and the young woman’s smiling face as the first heavy tears ran down her face. Clutching the picture to her chest, she fell back against the wall.

“WHY?” she shouted, “Why bring us together only to tear us apart like this. What kind of a sick joke is this?” She looked towards the ceiling, as if waiting for an answer, the images of Alice’s lifeless body flashing before her eyes.

“What do you want of me? What do I have to do? How am I supposed to live without her now?” Leah sobbed as her body slid down the wall. She wasn’t even aware when she had reached the ground. “Please don’t make me live without her,” she pleaded to the unknown force that had brought them together months before, “Life wouldn’t be worth it, please give her back to me.”

A random though entered her mind as she remembered their last moments together. She remembered Alice’s kiss and the softly spoken words ‘Just wanted to say goodbye.’

She looked again at the picture in her hands, but her vision was blurred by tear filled eyes. Feeling her anger well inside her once again she lifted her arm and projected the frame from her hands. The picture flew through the air and hit the door with force, yet it didn’t break, just fell to the ground with a clatter drowned out by the whistling cold winds.

In the outer office, Mandy stood by the door listening, not wanting the stricken woman to be left alone. She had heard Leah’s pleas and had wondered as to what she had meant. She was in someway aware that something strange had happened in the way the two women had come together, but what it was she did not know.

Closing her eyes, she prayed that somehow Alice could return to her lover.


Leah opened her eyes against the rising sun shining into her room. Growling she turned over to her other side, and realised Alice was not there. Frowning she lifted her head off the blue pillow, listening out for signs of life. There was none.

Letting her head drop back down, she let her thoughts wander. The events of the early morning, forming in her mind, Oh…she got up early…I remember now. Something about going into work early I think.

As her thoughts drifted she suddenly bolted up right in their bed, what the?

Blue eyes wide open she looked around the room, as if seeing it for the first time. Realisation slapped her hard around the face.

Without another coherent thought she dived out of bed, one thought on her mind…to get to Alice.


Alice looked disbelievingly at the bleached blonde, “Neil…what are you talking about.”

Nicole laughed, “Oh you really don’t get it do you…I suppose a person like you wouldn’t.” The last part of her sentence was said with tainted disgust.

“He is obsessed with you. You are all he talks about night and day. Alice said this…Alice did that…Alice designed a whole new computer program for the Log Tech system.”

The petite blonde looked on shocked. She could not believe what she was hearing. She tried to apologise but was slapped in the face for her efforts.

Nicole went into more detail of how Neil’s affections towards her had escalated; mentioning a time when he had passed them both on the stairs. Alice quickly wondered when her and Leah had ever gotten into a situation like that on the stairs and realised it must have been when they had just started their relationship. She distinctly remembered a heated kiss in the stairway before she had dragged the woman home for the first time.

She was not expecting the next confession and answered, “You were the one making those calls?”

Nicole nodded, “Yeah…now the only problem left is how do I stop my man from wanting you. You know what they say, ‘you covet what you see every day’ if he didn’t see you every day, there would be nothing for him to want.”

Alice looked at her incredulously, “I am not leaving this place if that is what you think. I really think you need to find yourself somebody else, somebody who wants you for you.”

Nicole surprised Alice by grabbing her at the shoulders, “I can not find somebody else. We are destined to be together, that’s something you wouldn’t possibly be able to understand.”

Alice shrugged out of the woman’s grasp and moved to the side of her desk, “Then why the hell are you here, what do you want from ME. I have made it clear to Neil that there could never be anything between us. Nicole, have you considered asking him to get some help, it seems that his behaviour is having a negative effect on this whole situation.”

By the look on the woman’s face she realised she had made a mistake in sounding so condescending.

Nicole reared forward, causing Alice to back up until she was against the outside window. “How dare you try to patronize me…you have no right. It is clear to me what I have to do and that is take YOU out of the picture.”

Before the young blonde knew what was happing she found herself, slammed up against the window, the irate bleached blonde yelling at her continuously.

Alice was afraid, she could feel the pane of glass behind her slowly start to give into the constant pounding. Her struggles were futile and in the back of her mind she thought of Leah, not wanting the woman in front of her to be the last sight she ever saw.

“Let me go.” Alice screamed as she felt her self pounded against the window again and again.

Nicole laughed, “Oh believe me I will, as soon as the time is right.”

The pounding became more insistent and the pain of glass began to splinter rapidly.

Just then Nicole felt a sharp, violent tug from behind. She turned around in time to see a large fist impact her face; she fell unceremoniously and unconsciously to the floor.

With bewilderment, Alice looked down at the suddenly floored woman. Heart hammering loudly in her chest, she pushed herself away from the window and looked up shocked to the person standing no more than five feet away from her.

Leah looked away from Nicole to Alice, noticing shock and fear, still in her green eyes. Moving forward she pulled the blonde into her arms and held tight as Alice wrapped her arms tightly around Leah’s back and sobbed into her chest.

“It’s alright baby…I would never allow you to leave me.” She stated, realising just how true her words actually were.

Alice only clung tighter, relief flooding her senses with startling intensity and heavy tears.

Leah hung on to Alice with an emotional possessiveness; she tucked the blonde head under her chin, and rubbed her slight back with small reassuring circles. Relief washed over her, as she realised what she had come so close to loosing, and her eyes stung with surfacing tears.

“Thank you…” she whispered, burying her head in the mass of blonde hair.

Hearing the softly spoken words, Alice looked up at Leah, “Pardon?”

Shaking her head, the tall woman looked down into moist green eyes, “Who was she Ally?”

Alice sighed, as Leah lifted a hand and wiped the fallen tears from her face. “She was Neil’s girlfriend I think…well that was what she said, but she was kind of obsessed with him. She said she couldn’t have him as long as I was around because he wanted me. I did explain to him…honest I did.” Alice buried her head back under Leah’s chin, trying hard to hold back her tears, still trying to comprehend what had just happened.

Leah looked down at the woman, still unconscious on the floor. She had never physically struck a person before, never wanted to. Even as a child she had managed to stay out of physical confrontations, simply because of her intimidating size. But the thought of what the woman had done to her lover was just too painful to comprehend, with Alice the gloves would always be off.

“What the…?”

Both women turned around to see Mandy standing in the doorway to Alice’s office, a shocked expression on her face.

“What the hell happened here?” she asked, looking at the splintered window and cataleptic, bleached blonde lying on the ground.

Keeping both arms around her lover, Leah spoke to the secretary, “Mandy could you call the police…right now?”

The red head frowned “Sure…right away.” And she walked off towards her desk.

Alice looked up at Leah, “What will happen to her Lee?”

The tall woman shrugged, “Don’t know and I don’t care.”

Hear another set of footsteps, both women looked around again to see Neil stranding in the doorway, looking stunned at the woman on the carpet.

Leah looked at the curly-haired man, feeling a strong sense of rage engulfing her, it was his fault, she thought. She had lost Alice once and had gone through all that pain. It was all down to him and his stupid miss-placed affections.

Pulling away from Alice, she charged the man before anybody had a chance to see what was going to happen. She grabbed a hold of his shirt and pulled him further into Alice’s office, slamming him up against the wall.

“You did know who she was, you knew who she was and you lied before.”

Neil looked at her with a mixture of shock, fear and confusion.

“What the fuck is wrong with you, she tried to kill Alice just because you had a thing for my lover. I lost her, I had to go through all of that pain and it is your God damned fault.” She shouted, pushing the man hard against the wall.

Neil looked into her icy eyes, “I…”

“Don’t…” she demanded, “Don’t you say a word…I don’t want to hear anything you have to say.”

Then Alice was suddenly by Leah side, resting a warm hand on her back.

“Hey Lee…it is ok now…it is over.”

Without releasing the stricken you man Leah replied, “But…Ally don’t you know what happened?”

Alice looked from Neil to her lover, “Thankfully nothing because of you, you saved me…just in time sweet heart. Please let him go, this will do no good and you know it.”

Leah looked at Alice strangely, did she really not realise what had happened?

Confused, she released Neil and backed away from him and into Alice’s arms. Holding her tight with a sense of confusion.

Mandy, who had been watching the whole scene with confused interest, moved forward and took hold of Neil’s arm, guiding him into one of the other vacant offices.

Mindless of Nicole who was still out cold by Alice’s desk, Leah leant down and kissed Alice’s head, as the sound of police sirens approached from the distance.


The night sky was alive with a multitude of glowing stars. The air was cool, but not overly chilly. In the distance an owl could be heard from one of the surrounding trees in the city park. It was a beautiful night, made even more so to Leah by the presence of her lover.

Looking over to the blonde woman, she smiled and reached out her hand, it was immediately enveloped by the smaller one.

“So what do you think?” The tall woman asked.

Alice looked up towards the sky, “Hmm…picnic under the stars…well it might have taken you almost four months to get around to it, but it was definitely worth the wait.”

Leah grinned and leaned over brushing her lips gently across the other woman’s. “All good things are worth waiting for…including you.”

Alice smiled and looked down. “I though it was almost the end for me this morning you know.”

Leah nodded and moved up beside the petite woman on the red tartan blanket, putting a reassuring arm around her shoulders. She had come to realise that Alice had no realisation of what had happened and for some reason; she had no desire to tell her either. In her mind she could still see Alice’s lifeless body lying bloody and broken on the road. It was a vision that would haunt her for a long time to come, that…she was painfully aware of.

“For as long as I live that will never be the case…trust me. I have inside information on that.”

Alice raised her eyebrows, “Oh…care to share?”

Leah smirked, “Lets just say I fight for what I hold most dear in this world…and that…is you.” She poked the pert little nose.

Alice grinned, “Well I guess I am in good company.” She looked down at the food in front of them. “So…are we gona eat?”

The tall woman rolled her eyes, “I don’t know, anyone would think I never feed you.”

The mischievous little blonde moved up to the dark woman’s ear, “Oh believe me baby…if I could survive on your essence alone I would die a happy woman.”

Both smiling, searching lips found each other with devoted accuracy, drawing out long languid kisses. Alice pulled away first, much to Leah’s whimpers of protest.”

“I think I’d like to try it out.”

“What?” Leah asked distractedly.

“Seeing just how long I could survive.”

The tall woman smiled, “Well you have the rest of the week off now, think that would be a long enough period of research?”

Alice nodded, “Yep…and I can not think of any better way to recuperate.” She stood up and pulled the dark woman with her.

“What about the picnic?”

The blonde looked down at the display of food, “You really want to eat now? Ok…if that’s what you want.” She moved to sit back down.

Leah grabbed her by the arms, “Oh no…we have a little experiment to undertake.”

Alice grinned and waggled her eyebrows, “Lead the way baby.”


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