An Unexpected Pleasure Trip

by Ri

Disclaimers: This tale does have the essence of our favorite ladies, but it is entirely developed from my warped little mind.

Work was quiet. Really quiet, If she wasn't so disciplined she'd start shooting airplanes across at her co-workers. Colleen was simply not made to sit and wait. Yet that's exactly what they were paying her to do.

She yawned and started the trivia in her system trying very hard to keep her mind from turning to mush. The phone rang and she sprang for it to beat her co-worker. She put a false cheerfulness in her voice as she made the expected greeting and tried not to let her voice reflect the disappointment she felt when it turned out to be someone else's client.

'Damn I'm bored' Thought Colleen, 'I think I am now beyond bored. I just can't stand this inactivity.' She shook her head and started to drum her fingers with suppressed frustration.

The phone rang and her associate answered it first, Debbie looked at Colleen with a teasing look and stuck her tongue out at her friend. Colleen returned the same gesture with the exact same look.

"One minute, "Debbie said as she rolled her eyes and said, "Yours, you toad."

Colleen laughed and then picked up her transfer in a professional manner.

"Miss O'brien?" Said the cool professional female voice.


"My name is Egan Cathay, I'm a representative for Bosner Adventures and your boss has put your name in for a prize at last weeks travel show. Well Miss O'brien you won!"

"He did? I did?"

"Yes ma'am. You will join a group of eight agents on Familiarization trip to Puerto Rico on the weekend of the 17th. Do you accept?"

Colleen audibly gulped and nodded her head yes.

"Ma'am?" Said the voice on the phone.

Colleen in a high squeaky voice said, "Yes, I accept."

"Wonderful, Thank you Ma'am."She hung up.

"Oh my God,"she uttered barely above a whisper.


Dina Grant sat on her bed staring at her two packed suit cases. She didn't want to go on this trip.
She had so much stuff to do at the agency and had no time for this damn Fam. "Damn, Why in hell did I let George talk me into this thing?" George was her business partner at the Travel Agency and he felt his friend deserved this treat.

"Damn." She said as she stood up and picked up her two matching suitcases. She took a deep cleansing breath and headed out the door.


Colleen was sitting in her seat on the airplane nervously trying to read her book. A tall striking woman strode down the aisle and plopped in the seat next to her with a weary unhappy expression on her face. She smiled at Colleen and asked, "Are you being shanghaied on this trip or did you want to go?"

Colleen smiled back and replied, "My boss put me in for this through a raffle at a show and I won. I...I've never gone anywhere....I'm kinda ...."Colleen suddenly clamed up and turned to look
out the window bright red with embarrassment.

Dina smiled at the pretty blonde and said in a much softer tone, "Don't worry, Kiddo. I'll stick by you. It'll be fine."

"But...You don't know me...and...."

"Your Colleen O'brien and were going on a fam like it or not to San Juan. My name is Dina Grant."She replied with a big lopsided grin and her hand held out to shake with the petite woman's tiny hand.

Colleen accepted the hand with genuine pleasure. A tiny bit of her fear was receding just being around this confident woman. "How did you know my name?"

"I asked. You're my seatmate and roommate on this trip. Hi roomie."She said as she crossed her big beautiful eyes in such a comical way that Colleen couldn't help but laugh. It was the first time in days she relaxed even slightly. "Hi,"She spluttered.

"That's better. Now relax. I think were going have an adventure." And for the first time since George mentioned this trip she was looking forward to that adventure. She winked at her new acquaintance and leaned back in her seat, she had a very sweet smile on her pretty face.


Dina and Colleen walked into their hotel suite that they were sharing at the Condado Plaza. It was all antiques and gold leaf. It was a stunning room. The suite over looked both the Atlantic and the Caribbean ocean. The water was even bluer then Dina's eyes.

Both girls enthusiastically explored the suite in semi shock. They had been told they were sharing a two-bedroom suite but the size of it overwhelmed them. Dina picked up the hotel magazine after a few minutes of perusing it she called out to Colleen, "Hey they offer tours of the island,would you like to go?"

Colleen looked up from examining small gold containers of shampoo and conditioner and smiled at her roommate saying, "Yes, I'd like that."

Dina blinked, It was a surprise to her that just hearing the young woman's voice had an effect on her. "Great, We can change and go on the tour then have some dinner, Ok?" She asked with a bright smile.

Colleen swallowed twice and nodded her head saying, "That sounds perfect."Then she went to her room to change.

Dina had to take a couple of cleaning breaths herself, "Its going to be an interesting weekend."

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