An Unexpected Pleasure Trip

Part 2

by Ri

Disclaimers: This tale does have the essence of our favorite ladies, but it is entirely developed from my warped little mind.

        Dina was stretched out on the couch, She was wearing black jeans, a black silk shirt, black ankle boots. Around her neck was a simple silver chain and her hair was loose around her shoulders. She looked sleek, beautiful and very sexy.

        Colleen came out wearing a white sundress with white strappy shoes and a pearl necklace, her hair was down with a two strands pulled back caught in white shell barrette. She looked angelic.

        Dina felt her jaw drop and she swallowed a couple of times before she could smile and say,

        Colleen was having the same exact trouble. She could barely breath but she squeaked out a
barely audible, "Hi."

        "You ready roomie?" Asked Dina after a slight pause to get her eyes back in their sockets. Colleen merely nodded, she was just a stunned but less experienced so she didn't have the reserves that would allow her to speak at the moment.

        "Great, "Said Dina as she jumped off the couch. She extended a hand and said, "Come on."

         Colleen accepted the hand and was stunned by the jolt that went right though her whole body, down to her toes. So was Dina, She hadn't expected that. She kept the little hand in her own though.
It felt like it belonged there and led her new friend out of their suite.

                ***                ***                ***                ***

        The two women were seated beside each other on a small tour bus for their night tour of San Juan.
They were still holding hands and their knees were touching. Dina kept repeating in her head, I will keep my libido in check, I will keep my libido in check

        The tour guide was very good. She was informative, funny and had a good handle on her audience and how to deliver the information. The driver was a maniac however, Dina wasn't sure but she thought he tilted the bus sideways while negotiating the narrow streets. Dina did enjoy one thing about the ride, everytime he would make them bob and weave her companion landed practically in her lap. This was the reason for her mantra of the raging libido.

        After the tour they ate dinner at the Mandalay restaurant which featured some delicious Japanese food. They ate and chatted amicably deciding to go to the casino after dinner. A man in black turtleneck sweater caught Dina's attention. He seemed to be staring at Colleen and Dina didn't like the feeling she got from the little man one bit. He looked like Peter Lore in one of those old Humphrey Bogart movies and gave Dina the creeps.

        "Colleen, I don't want you to look until I tell you but very slowly on my signal look over your left shoulder. Be very casual." Dina instructed. Colleen eyebrows shot up in surprise and she became a little alarmed. "Don't worry, I'll take care of you. I just want you to take a quick"

        Colleen did as she was told and saw the man look away quickly. When she looked at Dina she was very confused.

"Does he look familiar?"

        Colleen shook her head, "No...Why do you think he's watching us?"

        Dina eyebrow arched and she said grimly, "Not us, my friend. He is watching you. I don't like this. Maybe we better skip the casino tonight, we can always go tomorrow before departure time." They were only in town till 8pm the next night and they wanted to see as much of the city as possible.

        "No, we have to take the tour of old San Juan tomorrow and we wanted to go to the beach before we go...I don't want to miss anything I may never get another chance...Is that terrible?" She asked her new friend shyly.

        Dina chuckled and stroked Colleen's hand, "No, my friend I think that is perfectly normal. I just...well that guy is giving me the creeps. I feel...danger...when we leave her please don't leave my side. Is that a deal?" Dina was suddenly gripped by a raging panic, but she fought it and smiled at Colleen sweetly squeezing her friends hand.

        Colleen smiled back. She knew she would have no trouble sticking close to this fascinating woman. She was so mesmerizing she didn't think she could separate to go to the restroom. "That's a deal.

Dina felt a sense of relief and winked at her friend, "Good girl."

        ***                ***                        ***                        ***

        They entered the casino. They had both been to Las Vegas many times but wanted to see a casino in the Caribbean. It really wasn't too different from the ones on the Las Vegas strip. Colleen started toward the poker machines when she felt a strong hand gently grip her forearm, "Deal remember?"

        She looked up into concerned blue eyes and nodded, "Sorry."

        Dina smiled and winked, "Its ok. We can check out those machines later let's try the blackjack tables first."

        "I don't know how to play, Dina..."

        "Its ok, I'll teach you. The dealer will help too..."

        "But I thought we play against the house?"

        Dina was surprised but then she realized her fellow Californian had probably been to Vegas as many times as she had, "We do, but it is part of their job description to help newbies at the different card games. They rather teach you and have you play right so you will have a good time, then be miserable and play wrong and never come back. They want you to come back and bring your friends."

        "Oh, That's smart."

        "Yep, That's why they have built these palaces, they are very smart cookies," She said with a smirk as her hand slipped down to capture a little hand and lead her to an empty table, "Come on, Lets get started, Roomie."

        ***                ***                ***                ***

        Two hours later Colleen was ahead and Dina was down twenty dollars, "I thought you said you never played this game before?"

"I haven't,"

        "Beginners luck," Grumbled the dealer as he paid out to both the women.

        They both smiled up at him but then a flick of something out of the corner of Dina's eye caused her to stiffen. She noticed the man in the turtleneck again and he was still watching Colleen like a hawk. "Colleen, Turtleneck man is back." She looked up at the dealer and smiled charmingly, "Johnny would you mind making sure no harm comes to Diamond Jim here?," The tall handsome black man nodded and winked at his new friend, "My pleasure, Dina."

        The three of them had been the only people at the table the whole time and had become very chummy with each other. Johnny had taken a liking to both women, Colleen was sweet and Dina was kind and a great tipper despite her losses.

        Dina got up but found her wrist grabbed by small desperate fingers, "Please...Don't get hurt. Especially not for me.."

        It is especially for you...I don't know why but I need to protect this girl. Its instinctive...There is a hell of lot more to it then that I just don't have the time to think about it right now. Dina thought to herself as she gently disentangled herself from the smaller woman, she smiled sweetly and said in a steady reassuring voice, "Don't worry, Roomie. I just want to have a little chat with him." She tapped her friends nose and gently caressed the little cheek, Then she took a deep breath and headed for the man in the corner. He was reclining against a wall between two huge pots at one side of the casino. As Dina approached he got more and more nervous. When she addressed him directly he practically jumped out of his skin.

        "Why are you watching my friend?"

        "I'm not...."

        "Bull shit,"Said Dina aggressively moving closer to him with a feral grin on her face. She looked like the angel of death and he almost had accident with out her laying a hand on him. "You've been staking her out I want to know why and I mean right now." She said in a low growl, she had him effectively pinned between the planters he had no where to escape. He fidgeted and squirmed but he didn't answer her.

        "Don't make me mad ,Little man. Believe me you wouldn't like the results."

        "I was hired by a man here on the island..."

        "Why?" She growled she was very close to him he could feel the anger pouring from her very core. It scared him to death, he yelped and tried to get around her. She now leaned into him but still did not touch him she knew he was intimidated, she didn't have to lay hand on the scum.

        "He saw her get off the plane and he wants her..."

        "Wants her? What the hell for?"

        "I don't know. Shit, I was told to watch her and tell him all her movements."

        Dina growled and looked over her shoulder at her new friend. She was calmly talking to Johnny she could see no one close to them. She knew she had to get back there and protect her. "You tell him this for me. If he harms one hair on her head he will have to answer to me. Believe me I can be one deadly bitch if I have to be." The man shivered and had no trouble believing this scary woman in black as she stalked back to her friend.

        ***                ***                        ***                ****

        They were back in their suite. Dina had Colleen stand just inside the door while she methodically checked every room in the suite for intruders. Once sure it was safe they both retired to their rooms to change and go to sleep.

        Dina had slipped on her Brooklyn Dodgers nightshirt and paced the room worrying about her friend next door. What did that creep's boss want with the beautiful sweet girl next door? She shivered as her imagination supplied the answers. Damn, I am so worried I won't be able to sleep and I goddamn need to. Shit!

                ***                                                ***

        Meanwhile Colleen had changed into a silk two piece Asian style set of pajamas. She was sitting cross-legged on top of her bed, book in hand but her mind couldn't concentrate on the words in front of her.
All she could think of was the wonderful beautiful woman next door who for some reason was going out of her way to help and protect her. She was also wondering about the strange man watching her. What on earth could he want? Dina seemed really upset when she came back from talking with him. She was even more protective of me...I kind of like that...Lets face it young lady you like her... a whole lot!

        There was a knock on her door that broke her out of her thoughts, She looked up surprised and said, "Come in."

        Dina walked in and she had to stop and swallow. Breathe you idiot! She told herself trying to get a hold of her emotions. Colleen was sitting there in those green silk pajamas looking absolutely delectable.

        Colleen was having a hard time breathing herself and to keep remembering to look at Dina's face and not those incredible long legs.

        "Um...I...." Dina stopped, closed her eyes and took a deep breath. When she opened them there was Colleen looking as sweet and vulnerable as she did the moment before. "Colleen, I wanted to apologize for....well being so..."

        "Kind, protective, caring? Dina there is nothing to apologize for."

        Dina had an overwhelming urge to take the smaller woman in her arms and kiss her and make love to her all night long. Yeesh! Calm down girl. She scolded herself inwardly. To Colleen she simply said, "Thank you."

        Colleen then followed her heart, She patted the bed and said, "Come sit and talk with me for a little while."

        Dina was torn but like a sleepwalker she found herself walking to her friends bedside. She gingerly sat down next to her and looked down to her own twisting hands suddenly very nervous. The smaller woman took both her hands into her lap and began to gently stroke them, Dina's heart beat frantically in reaction, "Colleen I need to explain something...'


        "I'm ...well.... Colleen, I'm gay and I'm incredibly attracted to you and I'm finding myself reaching deep into my reserves not to touch you in a non platonic manner....and...I....I...."

        Gently Colleen did the last thing that Dina expected. She took her hands and brought them to her lips and kissed each palm gently sucking on each finger till Dina felt her toes curl up. It was the sweetest most intense sensation that she had ever felt in her life.

Colleen smiled sweetly into overwhelmed and confused blue eyes and said, "I'm gay too. I've wanted to kiss you since you sat beside me on the plane and joked me out of my nerves. You are so kind to me..." She was suddenly engulfed in a hug and needy lips pressed into hers. They simultaneously deepened the kiss. Colleen found herself being gently pushed back against the pillows with Dina on top of her, One of the taller woman's hands straying to breasts beneath the silk pajamas. Colleen moaned into Dina's mouth in pure reaction to the sensation. They slowly parted their lips in need of air and they looked deeply into each others eyes as Dina said," I want you so badly I think I may strain something."

        Colleen laughed and she caressed the other woman's cheek. Dina rolled them so they were side by side on the bed facing each other, still exploring each others bodies slowly and with deep appreciation.
"I know we don't have long alone together but I want it to be so special...I want the passion but...I want so much more with you ...I really care for you. I don't understand this. Colleen its really not at all like calm rational me....but I think...I...I think I'm in love with you." She said as she put her head in the nook between Colleen's head and the pillows suddenly not wanting to see those beautiful green eyes. She was terrified of seeing rejection in them.

        "I think it makes perfect sense because I feel the same," Said Colleen as she lifted the chin so she could look into those beautiful blue eyes. "I want you too, Dina. I want you forever..."

        "That's it...I want you forever,"Said an astonished Dina looking into the wonderful green orbs seeing her own love reflected back, "I need you."

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