A Visit to a Friend

by Ri


This is a tribute to one of my favorite series M*A*S*H and one of the dearest most complex characters in television history, Hawkeye Peirce. This is purely a work of fanfiction no copy right infringement to Paramount pictures or universal and Reinsance studios for borrowing the essence of two of my favorite ladies.


Jane entered the camp of the 4077th and was greeted by a Whoop and a flash of red bathrobed maniac who enveloped the tall brunette in an affectionate embrace.

"Janey!!" Hawkeye yelled as he twirled her.

"Hawk!" She laughed as she allowed herself to be spun around like a top.

They smiled at each other as they checked out how much the other had changed since their residency at Boston General.

"Well my beautiful brain surgeon, How goes the demonstrations? Are you enjoying the luxury of being world famous?" He asked with the teasing they had developed between them so long ago.

"Everything is great."She looked at how thin and worn her friend looked and smiled sadly,"How's the best surgeon in our class at medical school?"

"How do I look?"

"The same...a little thin...a little sadder, maybe a little wiser."She replied seriously to her friend knowing that he'd expect no less.

Hawkeye shook his head in wonder at his old friends astuteness, "Your a wonder, Janey. You want a snort or something to eat?"



Jane rolled her eyes, "Hey, I can't help it if I'm hungry."

"Can I be of service?"


"Oops, I forgot, we're after the same game and let me tell you old friend there is plenty of that particular species here." He replied with wiggle of eyebrows.


"Come on, I'm sure we can satisfy some of these enormous needs."

"Benjamin Franklin Peirce." Jane said exasperated.


Jane grabbed his arm and dragged him to the mess tent.

"My we are strong, Aint we?"

"No, we are not. I sure as hell am though. Come on, Hawk I am hungry."

"Ok, time to feed the beast."

They entered the mess tent and Hawkeye introduced Jane to several friends including Trapper and Radar who both sat the same table with the old friends. As Jane ate she felt her before she saw her. She slowly turned her gaze to the back of the mess tent to see a lovely blonde nurse sitting at the nurses table her big green eyes trying hard not to look at the dark
haired beauty at Hawkeye's table.

"Who is that girl, Hawk?" Jane nodded toward the pretty blonde.

"Oh no you don't, that's nurse of my dreams."

"Maybe your not her dream."

"Maybe I could be a quick snack?"

"Hawk...um ...could you....?"

Hawkeye smiled at his smitten friend, "Ok, ok come on you gorgeous hunk of competition you. Let the games begin."He announced as he lead her to the nurses table.

"Ladies, I want to introduce you to one of the best brain surgeons in the world, Jane Christopher. Dr. Christopher is here to lecture us dumb doctors on her specialty. So she managed to squeeze in our slice of heaven on her tour since we haven't seen each other since residency. Jane, This is the best group of nurses I have ever worked with." Mutual smiles and Hello's were exchanged. The young blonde shyly kept looking at Jane through her bangs.

Jane elbowed Hawkeye in the ribs, Hawk looked toward the blonde and back to Jane and nodded. "Lt. Benson This is Dr. Christopher, Jane this is Lt. Maggie Benson."

The two nodded to each other, Jane smiled and asked Maggie," Uh, Lt. Benson, would you mind showing me where the latrine is? I'm kind of new to this?" Jane asked quietly.

"Really romatic."Hawkeye whispered.

Jane elbowed him in the gut. Hawk got the message and let the two ladies do their own thing.

"I'd be happy to Doctor. Excuse us, Hawkeye."

"Please, When you remember me, be kind." He said with a smirk at Jane, She rolled her eyes and turned to follow the pretty nurse. He smiled at his friend with brotherly love as they left the mess tent.

** ** ** ** ** **

"Um, Lt. Benson, I really don't need the...I....Uh....I just wanted to have a little privacy. I mean Hawk is a great guy...but he is a little..."

"Childish ,selfish , egotistical..."

Jane laughed whole hardily, "You know him pretty well."

"Let just say the man can not take no as an answer. He believes in the wear down theory of seduction."

"He can be very charming." Jane admitted.

"Oh, He is. But he can't seem to understand that when I say I'm not interested that I really am not interested."

"Oh," Jane looked down, She wondered if she firmly inserted her foot into her mouth. She felt a soft caress on her cheek and lifted her head to meet the most beautiful eyes she had ever seen."Can you take a hint?"

Jane cleared her throat and nodded.

"Good, Let me give you a personal tour Doctor."

"Thank you, Nurse."

"Call me Maggie."

"Only if you'll call me Jane."

"Thats a pact."

"I'll hold you to it."

They smiled at each other as they entered Maggie's tent.

** ** ** **


"Well what?"

"Oh, Come on, Janey! What happened? I'm dying to know."

"Then die." Said Jane with a smile. She kissed her dear friend on the offered cheek and said, "Watch over Lt. Benson for me, Hawk. She's a nice girl...I ...well just make sure she stays safe."

Hawkeye's face sweetened, It reflected understanding and love for his friend. "I will. Don't worry, Janey. The good Lt. Benson is due to be rotated stateside in just two months."

"I know. Guess who will be meeting her plane, Hawk?"


"Yep," Jane sat down in her jeep and smiled up at her friend, "It's incureable, Hawk."

"What is?"


"Yea, but may we never recover from such an incredible illness."He replied with an understanding smile. He'll watch over the young nurse till she is in his friends capable hands.

"Damn straight,Old friend. Damn straight."

The End

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