War of the Vampires

Part II

Katia N. Ruiz


Violence. This is a vampire story, and there is violence and blood.

Language. There really isn't any curse words here.

Explicit sex. It involves vampires and includes exchanges of blood.

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The War of the Vampires

{Part II}

By Katia N. Ruiz

Copyright 1997


LEA lay on her bed, waiting for Lisa to come see her. She didn't know how long she had been lying looking at the ceiling, when she heard the soft tap on her terrace door. She stood quickly and opened it, finding Lisa standing outside by herself. Lea beckoned her to come inside. Lisa walked in, smiling at Lea. Lea took her in her arms and kissed her softly. "Today was the worst day ever." Lea whispered. "I had to hold myself back, and it is so hard to do that!" She let go of Lisa and sat on her bed, burying her head in her hands.

        Lisa's face softened. "Poor baby." She whispered, caressing Lea's back. For long minutes they sat like this. Finally, Lisa stood and took Lea's hand. "I want you to come with me." She whispered.

        Lea looked up at her, confused. "What do you mean, go with you?" She asked stupidly, the need for blood was blurring her senses. Lea felt her mind begin to cloud over with the desire to drink blood. She was beginning to feel painfully hungry.

        'That's why I want you to come with me.' Lisa said into her mind. 'You're going to feed tonight.'

        Lea looked down, adamant. 'I will not kill.' She thought stubbornly.

        Lisa laughed softly. Suddenly, she turned serious, deadly. 'You will die if you don't, you stubborn little vampire!' Her eyes showed the anger of her thoughts. She turned away, walking towards the terrace.

        Lea stood up from the bed, following Lisa. "Lisa, don't you understand?" Lea pleaded out loud.

        Lisa turned to look at Lea. "I do understand!" Lisa said. "But you have to understand too. You can't thrive on animal blood! Human blood is what we vampires thrive on!" Every sentence she spoke became more passionate, her voice louder.

        Lea begged for her to be quiet, putting her hands to her ears. "You're too loud!" She gasped.

        Lisa quieted down. Red tears had formed in her eyes. She composed herself, the tears seemed to vanish right into her eyes. "I apologize." She whispered. "It's just the thought of you dying drives me crazy. If you don't feed from human blood, you will not gain the strength that you need to survive through out the day." She wrapped her arms around her. "And Lucy nor I can keep killing animals to feed you; people will suspect. Some of us even leave this town to kill the Scum of the cities. That's where I'm taking you."

        Lea thought a moment. In her life she had scarcely left this town to go to the city; although she had always wished to go. Suddenly an excitement grew within her. She would go to the city and look at it with her keener vampire eyes. She seemed not to see Lisa, her excitement growing, then she did focus on her to see her smiling.

        Lisa had read her thoughts. "Come. We shall feed from the Killer." She whispered. She turned around and walked out through the terrace door. 'Come with me.'

        Lea followed. A small animal like sensation ran through her body, the craving for blood was already tearing at her. Outside, she found that Lisa wasn't on the terrace anymore. She looked up to find her in the air, as if floating. How beautiful she looks! Lea thought slowly, her mind seemingly drugged with hunger. She saw Lisa lift her hand and beckon for her to join her. 'How?' Lea thought.        'Just will yourself to fly to me.' Lisa replied. She smiled softly.

        Lea thought for a moment. To her surprise, she began to move up towards Lisa. She was flying! Her body was light, weightless. She became afraid. Suddenly, she felt her body plummet towards the ground. She began to cry out, but suddenly Lisa was holding her by her waist. 'Careful, my love.' Lisa cautioned; she had a tender smile on her face. Lea looked into her eyes, not realizing that they were already moving through the air towards the city.


LEA realized that she had fallen asleep in Lisa's arms when Lisa gently slapped her face. "Lea, wake up." Lisa whispered. When Lea opened her eyes to find that they were in an alley between two buildings. Lisa's features were shadowed by the streetlights, making her look even more inhuman. Lea stared at her, marveling at how white her skin was.

        She quickly stood on her own feet and fixed her clothes. "Where are we?" Lea asked. She looked around them, slightly disgusted at the sight and smell of the garbage in the alley.

        "Come on." Lisa whispered. She took Lea's hand and pulled her out of the alley.

        Lea enjoyed the sight of all the people walking around. People of all races and ages walked down Michigan Avenue. Lea gently laughed to herself, the scent of blood surrounded her and Lisa. She felt her hunger flaring. She looked around and around. She sensed another presence like their own around them; greetings of other vampires that were in this one city. She felt Lisa return their greeting and then Lea herself responded to the friendly messengers.

        Lea looked back at Lisa and smiled. She could see the cloud of hunger in her eyes. Lisa pulled her between another alley. "I have to feed too." She whispered slowly, breathlessly. She spoke slowly, as if drugged. "My body doesn't need it, so powerful it is. But my hunger still flares as if I were a newborn." Lea nodded and Lisa smiled, her eyes were blurry. Lea could tell that animal-like sensation was taking over Lisa's body. She looked like a savage predator now. Her eyes were clouded. "You watch how I do it." She whispered hoarsely.

        Lea nodded. She followed Lisa with her eyes, still hidden in the darkness of the alley. Lisa walked slowly through the unaware people; she deliberately let Lea read her mind as she walked, looking for her prey. Lea was seeing through her eyes. Seeing the power through her eyes was overwhelming; everything seemed sharper, the movements of the humans around her more pronounced, defined, it was as if she saw the shift of every muscle in the body. As frightening as it was, she remained seeing through her mind, at the same time watching her through her own weaker eyes.

        Lisa found her mark: A strong middle-aged man. Brown eyes, jet black hair, body of a man who's lifted a lot of weights. Hispanic. He was ruthless, and a criminal- who kidnapped helpless women and cut their throats as he mercilessly raped them, getting turned on by their blood spurting onto his face. Lea felt Lisa send thanks to the others for having left this precious meal for her. The man's eyes were immediately drawn to Lisa, his eyes widened. Lea could see that now he pictured doing the same to Lisa, or rather… Lisa was sending these images to his mind. Lea simply didn't know, she watched closely, growing excited.

        The man followed Lisa. Lea followed them, walking slowly and watching as Lisa walked into another alleyway between two buildings and the man followed her in. Lea stood staring at Lisa, who was luring the man deeper into the alley. He followed as if hypnotized, feeling for the knife that was hidden inside his back pocket. His organ was beginning to stir. Lisa suddenly stopped, turning around. Her eyes shone in the darkness. "Come here." She whispered.

        It seemed as if the man would have had an orgasm right there. He stumbled towards her and wrapped his arm around her waist, burying his head into her neck, to aroused to notice the unnatural hardness of Lea's body. Lisa stared up to the sky and her mouth parted. He kissed her neck, groaning feverishly. Lea could see the flash of Lisa's white teeth.

        Lisa felt the man against her. She kissed his neck and opened her mouth on it. She read his mind and saw that he was remembering his numerous murders. Hungrily, angrily, she sunk her fangs into his neck, feeling the warm fountain of his blood enter her mouth. He cried out, trying to pry loose of Lisa's too strong grip around his shoulders. Lisa squeezed her arms tightly, breaking his shoulder bones in an instant. She moaned deeply as his blood still gushed out from his wound and into her mouth.

        Lea could smell the blood. Her hunger flared. She listened as the man's heartbeat slowly dropped to a stop. Lisa dropped him on the ground. She cocked her head, licking her lips slowly and methodically. Lea could see the blood working through her veins. Lisa turned to look at Lea, a smile on her face. She slowly walked towards Lea, her arms opened to her. "It's your turn." She whispered.

        Lea nodded, licking her own lips. Lisa walked ahead of her, pulling her along. She turned and looked at Lea, gesturing to her. Lea stood closer to her. Lisa pointed her finger at a young woman standing on a corner. "You see her?" She asked. Lea nodded. "Can you read her mind?" Lea nodded again.

        She really looked at the woman. The woman was a dark skinned, brown-eyed Spanish girl. Her dark hair hung in curls around her head. Lea found her very enticing. "She is a drug dealer," Lisa continued. "But she is not legit, not that drug dealing is legit. She laces her blunts with cocaine and other things she is not supposed to use. Sometimes she laces the snuff with glass, causing her clients to die, for the fun of it. She doesn't care. All she wants is money." Lisa looked at Lea, smiling. "Are you interested?"

        Lea had been studying the woman as Lisa spoke. Now she looked down into her gray eyes. "Yes....." She said, her voice trailed off.

        'So then go.' Lisa said into her mind.

        Lea walked ahead, feeling her hunger growing painfully. She approached her target, looking into her eyes. The woman seemed to be suddenly hypnotized, following Lea.

        Lisa watched from a few feet away, as she followed Lea and her target. Lea seems to be a natural. Lisa thought in proud amusement, watching as Lea walked into another alley and the woman followed her in. When Lisa reached the alley, she watched as Lea took the woman into her arms. Lea kissed her lips softly. Lisa could sense the hunger in Lea, she could sense her arms tightening around the woman. Suddenly Lea's fangs were on the woman's neck. The woman moaned as Lea's fangs sunk into her neck.

        Lea sucked the warm, living blood. She felt a pleasure rise within her. She wanted to feel the bones break, so she squeezed hard, hearing as the bones broke under her strong arms. The ecstasy she felt was incredible! She felt the warm blood go into her veins, her strength increased like it never had been in the short time that she had been a vampire. The woman was whimpering from pain as the life was leaving her body. It felt like hours had gone by when Lea dropped the woman's dead body to the ground.

        She closed her eyes tightly shut and threw her head back as the blood worked throughout her body. She felt Lisa's hand on her arm and she looked at her. Lisa had a smile on her face. 'Now you are a true vampire.' She said into Lea's mind. Lea nodded, smiling, her fangs making her seem fierce. Lisa looked down at the body, which was already pale and lay at a weird broken angle. "She did not care who bought from her, even if it was a child barely into puberty." She whispered. Her eyes returned to Lea. "Now let me go get the other body and we can bury them. Wait for me with this one," She pointed to the body of the woman. "At the edge of the city. On the road that leads to our town." And at that, she was gone in an instant.

        Lea picked the body up and looking up took to the air.


THE forest seemed like it had a life of its own. The branches of the trees moved with the wind in an eerie way. The new power was overwhelming Lea. She stared at everything; Lisa had to, many times, to call her out of her trance. They dug the grave easily enough, burying the bodies in the same grave. Lea was now more comfortable with her ability to fly. At times she would lose her height, but she would recover with the help of Lisa, who was always tenderly at her side.

        "So, are you still reluctant to kill?" Lisa whispered into Lea's ear.

        Lea was startled, suddenly loosing air. Lisa took a hold of her by the back of the neck and now she carried her in her arms. Lea looked up at her and nodded. She lay her head back and closed her eyes, falling into death-sleep again.

        When she woke she was in her room, lying on her bed. The sun was out and there was quick knocking on her door. "What?" She snapped; her voice was surprisingly deep.

        "Miss Leandra?" Louisa, the maid called out a little frightened. "Are you okay? Your voice! Do you have a cold?"

        "I'm fine." Lea said after clearing her throat. "I'm up."

        "But Miss-"

        "I said I'm up!" Lea snapped, suddenly angry. "Now go away." She listened as the maid quickly walked away from her door. Lea stood up and headed into the bathroom.

LEA was surprised to find that Lisa was in her driveway, leaning casually on her car. There was a smile on her face. The sunglasses sexily hung from her nose. Lea realized she had left hers in the house.

        "Don't worry about it." Lisa said, reading her mind. "I have a pair in the car... Come."

        Lea got into the car and Lisa turned on the ignition, driving away. They were quiet for a few minutes before Lisa spoke. "There is a new girl in Salem." Lisa whispered, looking away from the road to Lea.

        Lea looked at Lisa, shocked. "How-" She began.

        "I know you spoke to her." Lisa smiled. She never looked away from Lea; it was as if her body was doing the driving without the help of her mind. "You are not to make her a vampire." She whispered. "This girl is not to trust."

        "How do you know about Leslie?" Lea asked after she found her voice.

        "I know a lot." Lisa said simply. Her eyes returned to the road. "Now promise me you will not make her a vampire." She looked at Lea again.

        Lea was stunned into silence by Lisa's knowledge of Leslie. Lea nodded, looking into Lisa's eyes. "I promise." She whispered. She looked ahead at the road, noticing through the trees only the far away top of the tower of their school. "Am I the only one who you have made a vampire?" Lea asked after a while.

        Lisa looked at her again. "No." She whispered after a long silence.

        "How long ago?"

        Lisa looked back at the road. "It was about seventy years after I was made a vampire." She answered. Before Lea could ask another question, Lisa continued: "She was beautiful, just about 20 years old. Plump, delicious, a lot of meat on her body." She said, smiling mockingly. "All that time I had only been with Lucy, my one and only, my maker." At this she smiled to herself, Lea could see the love deep Lisa felt for Lucy. "Lucy took care of me and loved me like nobody ever did." She looked at Lea again. "You could say I was a little selfish. I wanted new things, wanted to try my power on someone. These things I let Lucy know; she listened, advised me, everything.

        "Then I met Amanda. Things were fine with this woman; she was all I could want. Beautiful, meaty, plump, so full with blood was she. I wanted to take her life, but then again, I loved her." She paused; she spoke again after she stopped the car on the shoulder of the road. Her eyes narrowed as she continued to speak; her voice was thoughtful and low. "She was lovely and innocent. And so one night, not even bothering to tell Lucy, I took her with me far away from that land and took her, made her one of us."

        Lisa was thoughtful, frowning, then her features relaxed. "She was a gorgeous little vampire! We went away together and I taught her how to kill, like I hardly needed to teach you." She looked at Lea with pride. "I was so happy that I hardly realized the kind of vampire she had become. She didn't care if she killed a poor Innocent or a poor child or a poor old man or woman. I was so happy even I didn't care. I let her do what she wanted, until Lucy caught up with us…

        "Lucy came up unexpectedly behind me. Right after I finished with a kill, she came up behind me. I was so surprised, I almost cried out. Didn't even hear her come up behind me. Still stunning, she was; and I realized how much I missed her and loved her. I had been gone for almost ten years." Lisa rested her head back against the headpiece of her seat; a very human thing to do.

        "Was she angry?" Lea asked shyly, Lisa seemed to be so in her own little world.

        "A little." Lisa replied with the trace of a smile on her lips. "The first thing she did was hug me, then she moved back and her facial expression changed from that of happiness to that of anger so quickly I was flabbergasted, the skin on her face became so red... She hit me so hard I forgot she was there for a second. How many feet I flew I don't even know, I just know that I was unconscious for hours.

        "When I woke I was back at the place Amanda and I shared, Lucy was sitting by the window, staring out into the night. She looked at me and smiled. 'Did you think you could forget about me just like that?' She asked, her voice was like silk against my skin. Right then, I knew I loved her even more than I loved Amanda. 'Your little Amanda does not care about you.'' Lucy whispered. 'She is out there killing Innocents as we speak. And I can not let that continue to happen.'

        "Lucy was suddenly at my side. She kissed my lips softly. Then she spoke the words I still remember now: 'I have to end her existence.' She whispered this as if she spoke any louder; I might break into pieces. I knew Lucy was right. Amanda was killing almost half a dozen people a night." Lisa looked at Lea again; pain was in her eyes now.

        "So we set out to find her." She continued. "We found her easily, she was in the middle of killing a young boy who was not even entering puberty. She sensed us right away," Lisa shrugged. "We didn't even try to hide our presence. She saw Lucy and realized she was very old, much older that I was. Lucy didn't even give her a chance to speak, she was in front of her before Amanda even realized it and killed her with a hard swing that severed her head. I cried out and fainted, something I hadn't done in almost a hundred years." Lisa looked at the trees outside her window. "We buried the body deep in the ground and left together, and that was the end of my beloved Amanda. My pain for her left me soon though, I was fulfilled with the love Lucy and I shared for each other." She started the car again, not saying a word through the rest of the ride to the school.

        Lea sat quiet, out of respect for Lisa. She felt Lisa's cold hand take hers and squeeze it gently.


SAINT Gabriel High School seemed smaller now that Lea looked at it with her new sight. She could see the end of a long hall very clearly, when before she would see it in blurs. She found that if she looked at the people long enough she would actually see their insides, their living organs. Lisa had led her into the school with her arm wrapped tightly around her waist. Lea found that she was getting hungry. Lisa tightened her grip around Lea's waist, pulling her into the bathroom.

        There were some girls and some female vampires inside the bathroom. The girls suddenly stopped what they were doing, grabbed their stuff, and walked out of the bathroom. The vampires looked at Lea and bowed, giving her a silent welcome.

        Lea was feeling light, her eyes were beginning to hurt. She looked down at Lisa and saw that Lisa had arched her head back so that her neck was exposed. Lea saw the jugular vein swell as if to call to her. She frantically pulled Lisa to herself and sunk her teeth into her neck. The hot and tasty vampire blood flowed into her mouth, sending hot shivers throughout her body. Lea wasn't aware of how long Lisa let her drink her blood, but she was aware that Lisa suddenly pulled away.

        Lisa looked into Lea's eyes and saw that she was temporarily mad; the old and powerful vampire blood could do that to some young vampires. She saw that Lea had a small dried trickle of blood on her chin. She walked to the sink and wet a piece of paper, then she dabbed it on Lea's chin. Lea's eyes were glowing. "Relax." Lisa whispered. "Take deep breaths." She kissed her lips softly. The bell rung loudly, sending a painful sensation into their ears.

        Lea relaxed, taking deep breaths. The blood tasted so good! She followed Lisa faithfully out of the bathroom.


MARIANA walked up to Lea, who was already sitting on her desk of first period class. "They did it to you!" She gasped; tears came to her eyes. She sat down on the desk in front of Lea, looking at her with troubled eyes. "I tried to warn you." She whispered. "Those monsters!"

        Lea looked at her with puzzled eyes. Then she realized what Mariana was talking about. "Mariana," She said; Mariana gasped, shrinking back. Lea saw that the sound of her voice startled Mariana. "Relax, I won't hurt you." She assured her. She studied Mariana from behind the sunglasses. She looked into Mariana's mind and realized that Mariana loved her. Loved her since they first met, loved her now. She really felt that being a vampire was a curse and she had tried to protect Lea from it, but she failed. "You didn't fail." Lea said pleadingly. Mariana gasped again. "It's not as bad as you think." She looked deeper into Mariana's eyes and saw herself as Mariana saw her. The extremely pale face hidden behind the sunglasses, the beauty unnaturally enhanced by the powerful vampire blood, the sharp and small vampire fangs that Lea had yet not learned to hide behind her lips.

        Lea stopped reading Mariana's mind. Mariana had tears in her eyes. She quickly stood, turning away. Lea stood also. "Mariana." She said simply. Mariana turned to look at her. "Would you die for me?" Lea asked before she could stop herself.

        Mariana nodded, turned, and walked away. Lea didn't follow her.


LISA lifted her eyes up to look into Lucy's, that had been watching her for some time. They had been sitting on rocks at the edge of the Salem Lake for hours; it was already dark. Lisa stood and approached Lucy, sitting down on her lap. "Lucy, Marco is causing too much trouble amongst our kind." Lisa whispered. "I know you love him, being that he is almost as old as you are." She kissed her forehead lightly. "But think about it: He's killing a lot of our young ones. Young ones who don't know why he even hurts them. I know that has to hurt you, Lucy. He is reckless and murderous."

        Lucy looked up at her; red blood tears stained her cheeks. "I can't." She whispered so low that even Lisa with her very powerful hearing had to strain to hear her.

        Lisa sighed. "I did not question you when you wanted to kill Amanda." She whispered in return. "Lucy, when Amanda turned reckless, you didn't think twice about getting rid of her, and I did not stop you because I knew you were right. I know I'm right now. Don't question me. I am more than two thousand years old now, not a young one anymore." She kissed Lucy's lips softly. "I hear them crying from New York, our young ones. Don't let more suffering continue. You are the oldest one, the strongest one of us all. Don't abandon us." Tears stained Lisa's cheeks. She'd never seen Lucy so depressed, so unwilling to help her youth.

        But then Lucy stood up, lifting Lisa in her arms. She nodded resolutely. She turned around when they heard a rustling sound behind them. The sight of Lea startled them. Lea looked at them, question in her eyes. Lucy put Lisa on the ground, and slightly bowed to Lea, who bowed in return. "You have to return home child; Lisa and I have business to tend to." She whispered.

        Lea shook her head. "No." She said, walking closer to Lucy and Lisa. "I want to go to New York with you."

        Lucy laughed aloud. "You have learned how to hide your presence well, child." She said, still laughing. She wiped the dried line of tears from her cheeks. "But No, you are not going." She said simply.

        "I want to see who this Marco is." Lea said, there was no fear in her eyes. Her eyes brightened. "You said that I can hide my presence well. If anything, I'll just remain with Lisa." She smiled. "Please," She pleaded. "I just want to see."

        Lucy looked down, sending her thoughts only to Lisa. 'What do you think?'

        Lisa smiled to herself. 'Well, think about it, Lucy.' Lisa sent. 'Marco is in no way stronger than I am. With all the infusions of your blood that I've had, I'm almost as powerful as you are. I could very easily fend him off.'

        Lucy nodded, deliberating. 'Lisa, you are responsible for this child.' She looked at Lea and nodded. "Very well." She said softly. "You may come. But I must warn you, this may not be a pretty sight."

        Suddenly, she was gone. Lea looked up and found Lucy very high up in the air, looking down at her and Lisa. She made a beautiful gesture for them to follow her. Lea looked down at Lisa, who was now standing beside her. Lisa took her hand and began to float up into the air. Lea willed herself up in the air and went along with Lisa, who held her hand gently.

LISA was first to reach the ground. The alley way between the buildings was dark and gloomy. Lisa could smell the burnt essence of one of the young vampires. Angrily, she realized Marco was near. She felt Lucy's hand on her shoulder. She looked back and smiled bitterly. She reached back for both Lea and Lucy's hands, pulling them along with her.

        Greenwich Village was full of people. They were black, white, Asian, and all beautiful to their vampire eyes. The people walked along the sidewalks and the street, unaware of the three inhuman figures walking along with them. Lucy looked around at the well-remembered City of New York. She frowned, trying to locate the presence of Marco. "He is not around here." She whispered into Lisa's ear. "More towards uptown." She let her mind wander, in search of the minds of those who were dying. She pulled Lea and Lisa between two buildings and took to the air; Lisa and Lea followed behind. Lucy turned her head to Lea. 'Hide your presence like I told you.' Suddenly, Lea's presence was dim, even though she still felt the dim hum. 'Good enough.' She smiled.

        Lucy felt Marco's undisguised presence in Central Park. She went down, motioning for Lisa and Lea to stand somewhere close but safe. She reached the ground, her keen eyes skimming the darkened park. She spotted Marco's dark, muscular form. Marco stood by a tree, a young vampire's neck in his hands. The young male vampire was whimpering. Lucy could sense his pain from where she stood. Her anger flared and she realized that she could very easily kill him without any regrets. Nobody hurts her vampires!

        Marco sensed the anger emanating from Lucy. He looked at Lucy, startled. He tossed the young vampire up into the air and watched him land on the floor with a thud, still whimpering. Marco smiled sheepishly at Lucy. "Hey Lucy!" He said, hiding his fear very well.

        Lucy looked at him with venom in her eyes. Her pose was menacing. "You haven't been behaving Marco." She whispered.

        Marco gasped, moving back. The sound of her voice was deadly, cold. He quickly composed himself. "Your young ones are no good." He said. "They don't know the true meaning of being a vampire." His tone turned to that of anger. "You haven't taught them well."

        Lucy laughed humorlessly. Then suddenly, she stopped, staring at him through her now luminous eyes. "It hurts me to tell you that your time is over as a vampire in this world." She whispered.

        Marco snarled. "You wouldn't kill me! You love me too much." He whispered. "I am directly from you. You created me."

        Lucy smiled. "True, I do love you. But that is not going to stop me from doing what's right."

        Marco realized that Lucy was going to kill him. Suddenly, he was in the air, leaving Central Park as fast as he could. Lucy was surprised, but she quickly recovered and followed him, quickly catching sight of him. "You won't get away." She whispered, as she got closer to him.

LISA and Lea were startled by their sudden disappearance. Lisa quickly wrapped her arm around Lea's waist, taking high into the air in less than a second. Lisa saw the after-flash of the two older vampires going higher into the air. Lea was trying to catch sight of them, but they were too quick for her.

LUCY followed Marco; aware that she could catch up to him anytime she wanted. She wanted to give him a full start, so that when the time comes, he'd know that at least he tried. Her killer instincts were once again awakened. She smiled to herself.

LEA went passively in Lisa's strong arms. She tried to locate Lucy, who was quickly catching up to Marco. Lisa looked down at her and smiled. "This boy is going down." She whispered.

LUCY was restless already. She caught Marco by his jacket and pulled him back. "Not so fast!" She hissed into his ear. Marco cloaked his mind and suddenly dug his elbow into her stomach, startling her. Lucy gasped as her grip loosened on him. He turned, throwing a fist into her face. Lucy fell backwards against a building, some hard bricks breaking off from the impact. She growled as she regained her composure and went after him. Marco flew higher over the high-risers and Lucy followed him, now completely angry at his disrespect. "Marco!" She yelled, at the top of her lungs, her arms outstretched to him.

LISA gasped as she saw Lucy grab a hold of Marco again. She could see Lucy's anger clearly. Lucy's face was at that shade of red that only a vampire could get at its angriest moment. Lea watched as Lucy's fist landed on his jaw, his head snapped back. She saw the distortion of Lucy's face very clearly and she was suddenly afraid. Her grip around Lisa's shoulders tightened.

        "Shh!" Lisa soothed. They were now floating in mid air, watching as the two old vampires, mother and son, fought.

MARCO suddenly kicked Lucy with all his preternatural strength. His foot landed on Lucy's face, sending her sprawling backwards. He went quickly down to the ground. Lucy followed him slowly, her thin figure an eerie vision to those that sat by the windows of their apartments and caught a glimpse of her.

        When Lucy arrived to the ground, Marco was already waiting for her. He flew straight at her, crying out as he flew. Lucy was too quick for him, grabbing him by the neck and punching him hard in the face. He fell a few feet away from her, landing on his back. Lucy looked around, seeing that the street was deserted. She realized that they were in some part of Manhattan, old Harlem, she realized. She concentrated her attention on Marco, who was already standing back up. He was weak already.

        Marco shook his head. His anger was also visible. "Damn you!" He cried out, running towards an abandoned car at the side of the street. He picked it up not so swiftly over his head. The red sweat was coming out of his dark face. "You are no queen!" He screamed loudly, hurling the car at Lucy.

        Lucy let the car painfully fall on top of her. Then she lifted her arms up to lift it…

        Marco had a triumphant smile on his face. "I know you're here Lisa!" He called out, his arms outstretched, turning around in circles as deep laughter escaped his throat. "You would never leave her side. Her little tail, that's what you are!"

        Lisa began to get angry. She placed Lea on the ground, ready to go fight him. But a strange movement caught their attention. They looked at the overturned car that was moving slowly, lifting itself quickly and then the figure of Lucy standing under it.

        Lucy turned around and tossed the car aside. "And you are no true vampire, old friend." Lucy said, her eyes returning to Marco. "Now, let's finish this!" Her voice was angry.

        Marco was frightened now. Lucy saw in his mind that he realized that he could never beat her. "What's wrong, Marco?" She teased. "Tired of running?" She smiled menacingly. "You know there's no use in you running, don't you?"

        "Damn you!" He cried out loudly. Lucy heard the frightened thoughts of the people inside the buildings, who didn't know what was happening.

MARCO looked around the streets and spotted Lea beside Lisa, realizing that she was very young, just born into the vampire world. Lisa was at her side, he saw, and instantly knew that Lea was Lisa's progeny. He sent his power towards Lea, ready to tear her insides with his preternatural mental powers. But suddenly he was attacked by a painful sensation inside his body. He realized Lisa, who was glaring at him, was sending this painful sensation; her strength was immensely surprising! Much more than the last time he'd seen her. His insides were beginning to burn. He sent his own power against Lisa, who stumbled back, loosing her painful psychic grip on him.

        But now the pain was back, hot, scathing, worst than before. He looked at Lucy and realized it was she. And he felt the heat and instant merciless the flames consuming him and then darkness.

LUCY looked at the burning vampire body and lowered her head. Marco was gone, after almost two thousand eight hundred years, his first six hundred spent with Lucy, until Lisa was born into the darkness of the vampire world. Tears came to her eyes as the body turned to ash and then blew away in the wind, leaving only the faint scent of burned vampire.

        She felt Lisa and Lea come up behind her reluctantly. She turned around and looked at Lea, who had a worried expression on her face. Lucy approached Lea and gathered her in her arms. "Now, now child. I am okay." She whispered into her ear. 'We should go back home. There is no need to stay and bear this any longer.' She continued into her mind and pushed Lea away so that she could look into her eyes.

        "Do you regret it?" Lea whispered, frowning.

        Lucy smiled softly. "I am only saddened by the results." She whispered to Lea. She turned around to look at Lisa and smiled, also taking her in her arms. "You did very well protecting your child.... Now, let's go home. I could sleep for days."

THEY were unaware of the tearful, hateful eyes watching them from not too far a distance.


LEA lay in Lisa's arms, wrapping her arms around her waist. They were in Lisa's bedroom. Images of the night invaded her thoughts. Lisa kissed her forehead. "Don't let what happened tonight bother you, please." She whispered.

        Lea looked up at her. "It's just that Lucy's strength astonishes me." She whispered. She rested her head back on Lisa's plump chest. She felt Lisa's hands caress her back; she felt shivers run up and down her spine. Lisa suddenly pulled her up so that they were eye to eye on the bed. Lea looked into Lisa's unreadable gray eyes.

        Lisa's soft hands caressed Lea's thighs. Lea took a deep breath. She felt that hidden sexual desire for Lisa resurfacing; she could feel the hot and wet sensation between her thighs. "I didn't know-" Lea gasped.

        "That we can have sex?" Lisa finished for her, having read her thoughts. "I guess I should have explained you about that." She laughed a little, kissing Lea's neck softly. "You see, when you become a vampire the sexual urge goes away, becoming only the blood lust. Your body dies, yes, and that lust does too, but the ability to do it never goes away. I haven't had sex in centuries. But I am willing to try it again, only with you. I have to warn you, though, the feeling could be very intense now that you're a vampire." When she finished, her lips quickly covered Lea's, sending violent shivers through her body. Lea responded, opening her mouth to Lisa's tongue.

        Lisa pushed Lea on her back, lying on top of her. Her lips kissed Lea's neck softly and then her sharp fangs broke through the skin. Lea gasped, shivering with pleasure. She felt Lisa's hands on her breasts. Lisa suddenly pulled away; Lea moaned in distress. She allowed Lisa to take off her clothes and then she took Lisa's off also. They now lay naked in each other's arms, Lea weakened by the blood leaving her body, and Lisa taking it from her and caressing the soft skin that had just become that of a vampire's. Lisa pulled away, feeling a desire for Lea that she never felt before for anyone.

        She lay beside Lea and smiled at her with tender desire; Lea looked at her, her eyes narrowed from her weakness. Lisa wrapped her arms around Lea's waist and pulled her to herself, letting Lea's mouth go to her neck. She felt Lea's smaller though pointy fangs sink into her neck. Lisa felt Lea gently and then strongly pulling at her blood. She let her hands caress the inside of Lea's thighs, which quivered with the desire that pounded inside her painfully. Lisa caressed closer to Lea's passion, still feeling Lea taking her blood. She touched that passion, making Lea squirm with desire under her touch. Lea let go of the hold she had on Lisa's neck to take quick and deep breaths, moaning every time she breathed in.

        Lisa put her lips on Lea's and kissed her softly, slipping her long tongue inside Lea's wanton mouth. Lea responded to Lisa's touch like a desperate child, crying out every time Lisa's fingers brushed against her wet mound. Lisa moved down along Lea's body, kissing her neck again, and moving lower to kiss her chest. Lea arched towards Lisa, who took a nipple into her mouth and gently sucked on it. Lea's fingers went through Lisa's hair, tangling on it and gently pulling on it. Lisa moved to the other nipple and sucked on it also.

        She moved lower and kissed Lea's heaving stomach. She could smell Lea's blood tainted desire. Lisa spread Lea's legs open and she looked at the pink spot between her thighs. She closed her eyes as she pressed her tongue against Lea's small center. She could taste the mingling of Lea's new vampire blood and her tasty juice. Lea cried out, feeling free; they were far from her own home. She felt Lisa's tongue go in circles on her desire, gently sucking. She felt her body shake as her passion mounted until she could not take anymore.

        "Lisa!" Lea gasped as she felt her passion finally build up and thickly travel from her arms, through her stomach, through her legs and finally exit through that heavenly place between her thighs. "Oh god!" She cried out as her body was consumed in an almost painful, but pleasure filled, ecstasy that made her feel as if rays of fire were passing through her.

        Her body relaxed in Lisa's arms. She still shivered from the pleasure Lisa had inflicted. "Lisa." She whispered over and over. And then she said: "I love you."

        Lisa looked down at her and smiled softly. "I love you too, Lea." She whispered softly, feeling Lea begin to become stiff with the sleep of the vampires. She looked at her window and realized that the sun was coming up soon. Lisa closed her eyes, feeling the comfortable stiffness come to her also.

        She knew they had to try to get up in time for Lea to go home and not get caught out.


LESLIE stood in the hallway of Saint Sebastian High School. She spotted Lea, who looked at her in surprise. She was paler than when Les last saw her. She knew that Lea fed the night before, but definitely not from a human. "Hi." She said as Lea reached her side. She tried to read Lea's once again somber expression, but the sunglasses she wore shaded her eyes.

        "You go here now, I take it?" Lea said. She smiled and Les caught the flash of the pointy fang teeth. She gasped, feeling her heart begin to race. Lea looked at her again. "What's wrong?" She asked, not able to read her mind.

        Les laughed nervously. "You still astonish me!" She said. She linked her arm through Lea's. Lea allowed her to do so. "And yeah, I wanted to tell you that I come here now, but you left me rather quickly." She said. She looked at Lea's blank face for a while, a curious expression on her face. "I wish I knew what you were thinking." She whispered.

        Lea looked at her, smiling. "I would never tell you." She replied. There was calmness in her eyes that left Les very puzzled.

        "You are not hungry?" Les asked, curious to know.

        Lea looked at her, frowning. "No. I'm not hungry." She answered.

        Les looked down the hall; she had felt very keen eyes studying her. She spotted two pale, still figures standing together and looking at her and Lea. One was a gorgeous blond, who also wore sunglasses. Next to her was another equally gorgeous dark haired being. "Those are your friends?" She asked, surprisingly calm. She watched them slowly turn and walk down the hall.

        Lea nodded, her eyes were on the blond vampire.

        Les felt a pang of jealousy. "Is she the one who made you?" She asked.

        "Yes." Lea replied.

        "Do you love her?"

        Lea looked down at her, a surprised expression on her face. "Why, yes!"

        Les eyes watered. She took a deep breath, surprised at the sudden pain she felt and the hateful resentment she instantly felt for the blond vampire. "Would you like to hang out with me today?" She asked, her voice shaking.

        Lea seemed oblivious to Les' shaky voice; her attention was centered on watching the blond vampire walk away. She turned to look at Les again. "Sure." She said.

        "Okay, wait for me after school by the tree in the parking lot." Les said, turning and quickly walking away. Lea was puzzled by Les' abrupt attitude.

        She walked down the hall towards her classroom. Mariana was already sitting on her seat when Lea walked in. She gasped when she saw Lea. Lea frowned, a little hurt at Mariana's terror. "What's wrong?" She asked, standing next to Mariana.

        Mariana looked up at Lea. "I thought it was a nightmare." She whispered.

        "I guess it is not." Lea said simply. "I must speak you, Mariana."

        Mariana shook her head, suddenly afraid. "No," She said. "I can't speak to you."

        And Lea saw with pain what was in Mariana's mind. Mariana envisioned Lea with her mouth on her neck, killing her. "I would never hurt you, Mariana." She whispered, tears formed in her eyes. Mariana drew back at the sight of the red tears flowing down Lea's pale cheeks. She suddenly turned around and ran out of the class. With a sense of deja vu, Lea didn't follow her.


LES walked up to Lea, who stood casually against the mentioned tree. "Hello." She said, giving Lea a kiss on the cheek. Lea seemed to be distracted. "What's up?" Les asked.

        "Just thinking a little." Lea replied absently.

        Les smiled. "Did your maker give you permission to hang with me?" She asked.

        Lea gave her a sharp sidelong glance. "I am free to do what I want." She said indignantly.

        Les laughed. "Let's go to your house then." She said.

LEA sat on her bed; Les sat beside her. Leslie was looking at Lea's things: the posters on the walls, the pictures of her family, the ornaments that brightened the room more. "How is it that parents don't notice your pale and gleaming skin?" She asked.

        Lea woke from her thoughts of Mariana. "Oh, I think it has something to do with Lisa and Lucy. They're very powerful." She thought a moment. "They might be sending mixed signals to my parents and making them not see me as I really am now."

        Les turned to look at Lea, wishing she would become like her. She slowly put her arm around Lea's waist, pulling herself closer to her. Lea responded, wrapping her arms around Les. They kissed softly, touching each other slowly. Les sighed, pulling Lea on top of her. Lea moved down. Les felt Lea's cold lips on her neck.

        Lea kissed Les softly, while her hands caressed her face. Les was taking deep shallow breaths, her hands roamed along Lea's back. She felt the small tiny points of Lea's fangs and she thought to herself: 'Yes! Finally!' But Lea pulled away; she was suddenly by the window. Red beads of sweat lingered on her forehead. She was taking deep breaths, trying to calm herself down. "What's wrong?" Les asked, clearly disappointed.

        Lea shook her head. Her eyes were clouded. "You have to go!" She growled.

        Les shook her head. "No! Why?" She demanded.

        Lea looked at her; she was tempted to run into her arms again. "I can't make you into a vampire." She whispered.

        "Why?" Les demanded again.

        "Get out!" Lea hissed.

        Leslie was indignant. Without uttering a word, she picked up her things and walked out of Lea's room. On the limousine, she sat with a smirk on her face. "I'll get what I want. I always do!" She whispered to herself.

Continued in part III

Katia N. Ruiz

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