War of the Vampires

Part IV

Katia N. Ruiz


Violence. This is a vampire story, and there is violence and blood.

Language. There really isn't any curse words here.

Explicit sex. It involves vampires and includes exchanges of blood.

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Copyright 1997


     LES smiled and looked at Scarlette, who was sitting beside her on a fallen tree in the woods. Scarlette smiled tentatively. Les looked up at the sky, deep in thought. The thoughts running in her mind were jumbles, like fast balls thrown into her head to sort out on their own. Scarlette studied her slowly, taking in the incredible beauty; marveling at how quickly she had fallen in love with her. "Leslie," She said very softly; she was still trying to adapt to the incredible changes she had gone through in the last twenty-four hours. Les turned her eyes to her. "What are you trying to do?" She asked.

     Les laughed, never taking her eyes away from her. "I'm going to destroy them," She said with simplicity. "I'm going to be the new leader; all will bow down to me." There was a deep fascination in her eyes.

     Scarlette slowly lifted her hand and touched her face. "Why do you hate them so?" She asked softly.

     Les frowned; she took Scarlette's hand from her face and held it on her lap. She looked deep into her eyes. "They took something from me before I even had it," She said.

     "Lea?" Scarlette asked knowingly.

     Les' eyes filled with anger, but it wasn't directed at Scarlette. "Yes," She said. "I wanted her; I almost loved her." She looked away. "I have never actually loved, you know. Yes, I love my parents. But the closest I have gone to love someone else was with Lea, and they had her before I even got the chance! You know, I wanted her to make me. But when she made love to me, and didn't even try to bite me, I knew she would never make me what I am now." She smiled softly. "So, I went to Mariana, who was innocent enough to make me." She looked back into Scarlette's eyes. Her eyes bore deeply into hers, and then they widened in realization. "You love me!" She whispered, then looked away from her and walked away. "So quickly!" She breathed scornfully.

     Scarlette felt the red tears stain her cheeks. She was about to speak, but something in the sky caught her eyes. When she looked down at Les, she realized Les had gone after the thing. She ran and willed herself to the sky. She heard a scream ring out in the darkness and she followed it. She looked down at the ground and with a start, she saw Les struggling with another vampire. The female vampire screamed again when Les' fangs sunk into her neck. Scarlette realized that the female vampire was Mariana. Scarlette heard a low sound; she looked around and realized that what she was hearing was the sound of the other approaching vampires.

     She willed herself to the ground and pulled Les away from Mariana. Les staggered and glared at her. "They're coming!" Scarlette gasped. Mariana fell to the ground as Leslie dropped her; her body was paler and incredibly thin. The absence of the vampire blood was taking its toll. Les' eyes were wild like an animal's. She was too distracted to argue when Scarlette pulled her away and up into the sky.

      LUCY was sitting in the living room with Lisa when they heard the scream. She jumped off the couch and ran out of the house, taking to the air almost before she was out the front door. Lisa followed, close behind. The scream came again as she saw Lea come from the direction of the west. Question was in her eyes. They knew to whom that dreadful scream belonged to. Lea looked around and she saw the hundreds of other approaching vampires. Lisa took her hand and pulled her down towards the ground.

     They found Lucy standing in a clearing; a few other vampires surrounded her. Lucy looked around, her head cocked, listening for any other sounds. "Find her!" She said fiercely, taking her position as leader. The vampires nodded and walked away from her, some taking to the air, others taking the route on the ground. Her eyes were wildly moving in her immobile head. Suddenly, she sighed in relief. A few seconds later, a vampire came back to the clearing with Mariana in his arms. Mariana's eyes were sunk in and it seemed as if she had no life left in her.

     Lea gasped and she ran towards the male vampire with Mariana in his arms. Lucy stepped up next to her and sighed. "She won't die," She said reassuringly. She took Mariana from him and kneeled down, seating the utterly weak Mariana on the floor. With her fang teeth, she bit a piece of her wrist's flesh off and allowed the now flowing blood to trickle into Mariana's mouth. Mariana jumped with a jolt, and then she grabbed Lucy's wrist with her hands and suckled on the wound like a baby. Lea could see her skin filling out with the powerful blood supplied by Lucy. Lucy sighed, weakening little by little.

     Mariana realized that she was beginning to take too much and pulled away. Her once blurry senses were now at their peak. She gasped as the overwhelming sounds of the city and the town was flooding into her senses. She remembered the advice and willed them away. She looked at Lucy, who was already recovering and looked at Lisa and Lea, who were looking at her with relief and question in their eyes. She spoke, slowly and fiercely: "Leslie did this to me."

"WHAT'S happening to you?" Scarlette gasped as she pulled Les into her apartment. She could still see the wildness in Les' eyes. She was beginning to feel afraid.

     Les finally looked at her and smiled with delight. "Vampire blood!" She breathed. "The delicious blood of our own, that's what it is!" She laughed madly, and then she took a deep breath and sat on the couch, crossing her legs. She patted the place beside her.

     Scarlette sat next to her and studied her. She said nothing as she felt Les' eyes studying her. Les stood and went towards the light switch, flooding the living room with light. Scarlette jumped to her feet and walked to the window, standing there and looking out into the night. Les walked towards her and smiled softly. She turned her around, making her look into her eyes. "You are beautiful, my dear." She said seductively, before she kissed her softly on the lips.

     Scarlette felt an electric current run up and down her spine as she felt Les' lips cover her own. She slowly wrapped her arms around her and sighed. Les sighed in return and wrapped her arms around Scarlette's waist, pulling her tightly close. They swayed in each other's arms as each felt the other's passions. Les pulled away and looked into Scarlette's shining brown eyes. She could see very clearly the love Scarlette felt for her, but she would not love her in return. She couldn't deny the strong attraction she felt for this one, her vampire child.

     Les pulled her towards the bedroom, where she slowly undressed her, kissing her bare, pale shoulders and licking her erect nipples. Scarlette gasped as she felt Les' lips engulf one of her painfully erect nipples. She urgently tore at Les' clothes, easily shredding them to pieces from her body. She heard Les laugh softly against her neck; she shivered as Les' fingers softly moved up and down her back. They lay down on the bed.

     Les lay on top of Scarlette and buried her head into her shoulder, kissing it and biting it softly. Scarlette moaned and cradled her head in her hands. She felt Les' kisses as if they were feather caresses; she shivered with pleasure as she felt Les' tongue graze her nipples again. She moaned louder when Les moved lower along her body. She anticipated the touch of Les' tongue in between her thighs.

     Les allowed her passion to take its toll. She softly spread Scarlette's lips apart and licked the engorged flesh between them. She wrapped her arms around Scarlette's hips and pinned her down. Scarlette cried out as she felt Les' tongue push against her. "Leslie!" She gasped, taking a hold of her hair. She came with a strong explosion of her insides. The orgasms continued as Les lay next to her, taking her in her arms.

     It took Scarlette a few long minutes to relax. She looked up into Les' cold blue eyes. "I want to please you too." She whispered softly.

     Les laughed softly. "You don't have to," She reassured her.

     Scarlette ignored her and turned them over. She was now on top of her and Les spread her legs apart. They sighed as she pressed her hips slowly and softly against Les. Les moaned as Scarlette pushed herself harder against her. She wrapped her arms around her torso and fiercely scratched her back, moaning with the pleasure Scarlette was expertly inflicting. Spasms shook her as she felt herself nearing more and more towards orgasm.

     Scarlette shivered over her, she closed her eyes tightly and cried out as she felt another strong orgasm come to her. Les gasped as she suddenly exploded and she felt Scarlette exploding against her. Both of them shuddered as utter and complete ecstasy, orgasms like they never felt as humans, attacked their newly extra sensitive vampire bodies. Scarlette's arms weakened for the first time since she became the vampire. Les' breathing took longer to return to normal, she pushed the shivering Scarlette off and lay on her stomach, wrapping her arm around Scarlette's waist. They fell into the deep, comfortable vampire slumber in each other's arms.


      LES woke up with a start as she heard the muffled sound of footsteps in the living room. She looked at Scarlette, who was deeply asleep next to her. She stood and fearlessly walked towards the living room. "Who are you?" She asked the dark unmoving shadow that stood now by the window. It was still dark outside and the streetlights provided the only light.

     "I am the vampire Manuel," His voice was soft and deep and it reverberated through Les' ears. He moved forward, his pale face gleaming in the darkness.

     Les cocked her head, narrowing her eyes in suspicion. "And what does that have to do with me?" She asked, her voice a menacing whisper. “Why are you here?”

     He laughed softly, amused by this very young, but brave vampire. None of the young ones had ever stood up to him in that way and he liked challenge. "Word came to me of this young rebellious vampire," Les noted his deep Spanish accent. "Who is fearlessly challenging Lucy and her cohorts," He paused and looked at her in the eyes. "And I want to join you."

     Les' eyes revealed her distrust. "Why do you want to join me against Lucy?" She asked, putting her hands on her hips.

     Manuel's smile faded. "Because she killed my vampire father and human brother." He answered; his voice was almost a whisper.

     "And who, may I ask, was he?" She demanded.

     He smiled proudly. "My brother was the vampire Marco." He announced.

     Les smiled at his obvious pride at the mention of his brother. "And why did she kill him?"

     "Marco and I are much older than your friend Lisa," He said and chuckled; Les didn't smile, waiting for him to continue. He did. "He made me shortly after Lucy took him to herself and made him what we are. Lucy and I never got along, but I never gave her a reason to have to destroy me, like my mindless brother did. He began by trying to kill young Lisa when she was merely a vampire baby, then recently he began killing young innocent vampires; vampires that had nothing to do with his anger towards her or Lisa." He walked over to the couch and sat slowly, looking up into Les' eyes. "He was stupid, and careless!"

     Les looked at the window and walked towards it. "Did you see when she killed him?" She asked quietly.

     Manuel nodded, his face twisted in bitterness. "Yes, I did."

     Les turned around to look at him. "Why didn't you do anything to stop her?" She demanded, not believing that he wouldn't try to protect his own brother.

     He sat forward and looked at Les in surprise. "Don't you know how powerful she is?" He asked. "That night, I saw her throw a car aside as if it were a baseball. A car that Marco, with some effort, had just thrown over her. Lucy could kill me with the mere thought, just like she did my brother!" Les didn't seem phased by this revelation. Manuel sat back and narrowed his eyes at her. "You're not afraid, are you?"

     Les smiled. "I'm not afraid of anything." She whispered. "Fear is weakness."

     Manuel smiled; he was very satisfied. "There are many others around the world who are willing to join us against this powerful vampire." He said, standing as he saw Scarlette slip into the room. She was naked and her beautiful body still glowed with the human light. She made a very beautiful and enticing vampire. He bowed and smiled at her. "Scarlette, it is my pleasure to meet you."

     Scarlette looked at him with the distrust Les originally had. She looked at Les and asked with her eyes who this vampire was. She could see his incredible strength and age. Les smiled reassuringly. "Don't worry, he is a friend." She said softly. "And there are many others that are willing to join us." She looked at him, narrowing her eyes in concentration. "Others almost as old as he is."

     Scarlette looked into his mind and saw the same. "Why do we want to do this, Leslie...." She asked, her voice was starting to trail off. "I don't want to start..." The hunger attacked her like a swarm of flies. Her eyes clouded over with the predator's darkness.

     Les walked to her and wrapped her arm around her waist. "You're hungry," She said softly. "Come, let's get dressed. I'm starting to get hungry also." She pulled her towards the bedroom.


      LUCY was sitting on the couch again, Lisa and Lea were to her left, and Mariana was to her right. Lucy was in deep thought and her eyes were narrowed in anger. Mariana put her hand over hers and squeezed it. Lucy didn't feel her hand, but the thoughts that Mariana released, trying to reach out, banged into her own thoughts with force. Lucy shook her head, blinking rapidly, and looked at her with softness. "Don't mind my brooding, child." She whispered.

     She looked at Lisa and Lea, who had her head on Lisa's shoulder. She smiled and looked back at Mariana. She lifted her hand to her face and leaned towards her, kissing her softly on the lips. Mariana opened her mouth to her and sighed. Their tongues met for only a few seconds and then Lucy pulled away, stood and walked towards the stairs. She looked back before walking up the stairs.

     Mariana looked after her, desire imprinted into her features. Lisa's voice startled her. "Come, Mariana, I must take you both home." She said slowly. Mariana nodded and stood along with Lea and Lisa. Lisa walked out the front door and both young ones followed her.

     LES held Scarlette's hand and pulled her down the streets of Queens, New York; Marco followed close behind, out of respect. Scarlette held her stomach; the hunger was almost painful. "I want you to try the Innocent blood, Scarlette. Innocent blood! There is nothing more delicious." Les said softly, as if this were a normal conversation, for them it now was.

     Scarlette moaned and her steps faltered. "I couldn't," She said, her voice was a monotone. "Innocent means not guilty of any crime, Leslie."

     Les laughed and wrapped her arm around Scarlette's shoulders. "So beautiful and conscious," She said, then she suddenly turned serious. "But let me tell you something, your little Innocents don't care; if they see you dying in the street, they stop out of duty. Not because they care, but because they're told it is the right thing to do. All because they want a clear conscience!” She didn't know were all the venom was coming from, but it came nonetheless. “You did the same thing to me when I pretended to need help. Hell, you didn't even want to help me at all!" She let go of Scarlette as she saw a young blonde woman walking down the streets towards them. “Take her!” She hissed angrily, and disappeared from her side in a flash. Scarlette fell down to her knees, clutching at her demanding stomach, gagging.

     The woman ran to Scarlette's side and kneeled. She put her arm around her shoulders and helped her to her feet. "Are you okay, miss?" She asked with concern. Scarlette's hair was loose over her face and she couldn't see it.

     Scarlette gasped, the smell of the young Samaritan's menses drove her beyond oblivion. She wrapped her arm around her waist and pulled her close. She spoke softly, wrapping her other arm around her waist also. "I thank you, dear girl, for trying to help me," She whispered dryly as she looked into the woman's brown eyes, which were looking up into hers with trust and care. "But you see, you've made a big mistake." She continued and bent her head to kiss her neck. Without normal thought, she sunk her fangs into her neck and sighed as the blood filled her mouth. The young woman slowly wrapped her arms around Scarlette's neck and pulled her closer, mesmerized, sighing at the strong feeling between her thighs. 'Mine.'

     "Yes," The woman whispered weakly. "Completely yours...." And then she died quickly, painlessly.

     Scarlette pulled her head back just as the heart stopped beating. "Oh, God!" She rasped, letting the woman fall at her feet. Les came from somewhere behind her, and bent over the woman, biting her tongue and letting a bit of the healing blood cure the bite wounds on her neck.

     She stood up and smiled proudly at Scarlette. She licked her own lingering vampire blood from her lips; her eyes were beginning to cloud over with hunger. "You see... you are just like me, Scarlette." She whispered.

     Scarlette shook her head and looked around them. She spotted Manuel a few feet away from them. "Why is he following us?" She demanded, loosing her temper.

     Les smiled blankly. "He'll be of good help to us," Was all she said. "Now, come, I'm very hungry." She walked past Scarlette and continued down the street. She looked back and beckoned Scarlette to follow her; she caught up to her and Les took her hand. "Manuel, you are free to join us." She whispered.

     Suddenly, he was at their side, walking along with them. He held his hands behind him, walking in a diplomatic manner. There was a small smile on his face, his black eyes studying Les.

     Les looked at him and frowned. "You haven't fed either... Let's go," She said. "Tonight, I want to feed on the Scum..."


     MRS. Montes stood up as she heard the sound of the front door swinging open. "Where were you?" She asked Lea as she came through the doors. Lea looked at her, not answering. She quickly walked towards the light switch and turned the light off. Maria walked up to Lea and grabbed her arm. Lea stopped short, careful not to pull her arm away, for she would surely brake her mother's fingers. Maria looked up at her daughter, but she didn't see that her daughter was not the same. Lea looked down at her and sighed in relief. She looked at her mother and willed her to let go of her hand.

     Maria let go of her arm and looked at her with confused eyes. Lea looked at her mom in the eyes and said: "I'm tired, mom." Slowly, she turned away and walked up the stairs.

     Maria looked after her and suddenly shook her head, forgetting the whole incident.

     LUCY stood staring out Lisa's living room window, her mind in deep thought. Lisa had left her and gone to her bedroom to sleep for a while. Lucy was thinking about the events of the last few days. The memories came in vivid images. First, the making of Lea. Lea, whom Lisa loved like she never dreamed of loving Amanda, her first vampire child. Beautiful innocent Lea, her soul would probably be scarred beyond recognition when this would be over.

     And then the death of Marco, who had completely gone over the edge when Lucy made Lisa. And then Marco and she remembered when had tried to kill Lisa when she was first born into vampirism. Handsome Marco, who could have stayed with Lucy even after she made Lisa because Lucy loved him, was in love with him. He was her lover and her first vampire child.

     He had made his own younger brother, Manuel, into a vampire. For six hundred years, Marco was Lucy's only lover, the only one she had given her gift to. And then she met Lisa, beautiful young Lisa, a girl of only seventeen years of age. And she fell in love with her too, very deeply. And she took her to herself, even against Marco's wishes. She had naively thought that the three of them could spend eternity together. But much to her dismay, three months after Lisa was made, Marco tried to kill her.

     Lucy remembered this as if it were yesterday. At three months old, in vampire time, Lisa was still in awe of her new powers. It was about midnight and Lucy was watching her from afar, watching her walk or run through the forests at a quick speed. Trying to read the animals' minds, to bid them to do her wish. Watching her concentrate on the colors of the plants and green or yellowed leaves of the tall trees; jumping up on very high tree branches, smiling in satisfaction when she did without problem. Climbing a tree as if it were nothing at all.

     And then Marco coming up behind Lisa, concentrating all his powers on her, unaware of Lucy keeping watch. Trying to make her burn from inside. And Lisa, feeling his presence and powers, turned around to look at him with frightened gray eyes. Then feeling the burning inside her own body and deep hate coming from his glare, she turned away and ran. Marco moved to follow, but suddenly, Lucy was behind him and she knocked him over.

     Turning him over to look at her, she grabbed him by the neck, and lifted him up. "You better leave, Marco!" She snarled at him, tightening her hold on his neck until he gagged. "Because if you don't leave now, I'll kill you." And then she let him fall back; and then he was gone, taking Manuel with him. And Lucy went to look for Lisa. And she found her by a lake, huddled beside a rock, trembling with fear. And she took her into her arms and Lisa cried, cried like she never had before.

     And then the making of the passionate and beautiful Mariana, who loved Lea like she had never loved anybody. Mariana, who might also be scarred after this was over. And then the image of Mariana innocently making Les a vampire. She knew Mariana didn't want to kill Les and that this was the reason why she had given her the vampire blood. And now Les had made an innocent human into one of them, putting her against Lucy. But maybe Scarlette had a chance. When this would all be over, maybe Scarlette could be one of hers, if she survived all of this.

     Lucy frowned and walked away from the window. She walked slowly across the living room and walked towards the dark kitchen. She went towards the basement door and opened it. She went in, closing the door after herself. She went slowly down the stairs and then she walked to the bed that was in a corner. Laying herself upon it, she allowed herself to sleep the true vampire slumber.


     LES stood on a platform, staring at the hundreds of vampires that were staring back at her. She never thought there were so many vampires who wished vengeance upon Lucy. Most of them were young rebels who had sometime or another encountered Lucy in her three and half thousand years of life. Many of them were older vampires whose vampire progeny were eliminated by Lucy, due to some illness of their mind.

     Some just didn't like Lucy at all, some wanted her power and couldn't have it. And when they heard of Les, the clever month old vampire who had managed to become a one of them through trickery and mind blocking, they knew she was to be their leader.

     "My friends," Les began, her blue eyes shone in the darkness. "You all know why I'm here." They were in a deserted place in the lands of Africa; no one, no human, could interrupt them there. "Some of you have a personal vendetta against Lucy... some of you desire her powers... some of you want a new leader... Well, I am here to fulfill your wishes. I am here to destroy Lucy Sebastian, or at least to take away her power." She smiled at them, that dazzling smile that could seduce anyone, even the oldest. "I am here to be your friend," She continued. "To direct you through the path to victory, to help you be the best, be the strongest...."

     Her voice was overwhelming, sensuous, hypnotizing. Everyone listened with great interest; their eyes riveted on the beauty that stood in front of them. They could feel the power she represented, the sensuality. When she spoke, shivers ran up and down their spines. Slowly, they were falling for her voice. They would do what she wanted, and she knew this very well.


     AFTERWARDS, Les sat on the same platform, speaking with Manuel. "Have you ever made someone into one of us?" She asked him.

     Manuel was a little surprised at this question. "No," He answered. "Never."

     Les' eyes lit up. "Then you should make some powerful ones." She said, slightly musing. Leaning forward, she looked deeply into his eyes. "How would you like to make some children?" She asked, smiling. Her fangs weren't baby fangs any more; they had already sharpened to their full length.

     Manuel smiled at the idea. Not until Les mentioned it, had he thought about making any heirs to his by now immense power. He knew his first would be very strong, just like Lisa's Lea was. Although Lisa had made the young woman named Amanda a couple of thousand years before, enough time had passed and it was already as if Lisa hadn't made a vampire before at all. If only Lea knew the extent of the powerful blood that was coursing through her immortal veins!

     From what he saw, Lea still had no idea how powerful she could be; and he noticed that Lisa wasn't bothering to tell her either. He gathered that Lisa was probably allowing Lea to discover this on her own, which she probably already was. He'd had a chance to watch Lea. He mused she would be a great vampire someday when she didn't depend on Lisa any more. She probably wouldn't leave Lisa for a few hundred years anyway; but it would happen, of that he was certain.


     "MAYBE if we take her parents she'll listen." Lea said, her green eyes were bright in the dimness of Lisa's living room. It was the middle of the night; a full moon was out. Stray thoughts from other vampires were in the room as if they were bouncing off the walls.

     Lucy shook her head vehemently. "That would be playing into her game." She said slowly. She knew Lea and Mariana were getting desperate. These two young vampires were still dealing with learning their new powers and their decisions were spontaneous and thoughtless. If it weren't for the fact that Lisa or Lucy went with them to the city to feed, these two young would not even try to dispose of the bodies of their victims. That would cause certain chaos.

     Mariana agreed with Lea's idea. She was not feeling as guilty as she was before. The other vampires, under pressure from Lucy and Lisa, had forgiven her and were concentrating on keeping the city safe from Les. Mariana's guilt had turned into a determination to end with Les and to prevent disaster; she wanted to make up for the chaos she had started when she made Les into one of them.

     She would be a powerful vampire; her strength was already stupendous.

     Everyone was looking out for Mariana though, who was getting more careless and grim. It was agreed amongst all vampires around the world, the vampires that were on Lucy's side, that not one of them would go out on their own. They knew Les had not appeared yet because she was probably planning something to catch them by surprise. But to that, Lucy assigned guardians on every point just outside the city. Powerful enough vampire guardians who could allow their thoughts to be heard from whatever point of the world they were in.

     The vampire Emanuel went to Salum Town from his home in Greenland. He had brought quite a few of the brothers and sisters with him. They were helping out in any way they could. He was presently sitting with Lucy, Lisa, Lea and Mariana in the living room. Mariana sat by the window, her green eyes were intent on the moon, but her ears were on the conversation going on behind her.

     Emanuel had his long red hair picked up on a loose ponytail; his face was pale from not having fed. He was sitting next to Lucy, an arm around her shoulders. He studied Mariana, who sat quietly by the window, and looked into her mind. Yes, she was listening to the conversation, but her deeper mind was on something else. He saw the betrayal she felt, the hurt, the pain of having been lied to by Les. He saw her anger, her depression, and her desire to die if that was what it took to get rid of Les. He wondered if Lucy or Lisa had seen any of this in this poor young vampire.

     His question was answered when Lucy squeezed his hand and turned her eyes to look into his. She made a silent connection to him. She did see the depression, the willingness to die, the desire for revenge; but she didn't know what to make of it. She honestly didn't know how to deal with it. She admitted it to him, and only him. Mariana might get over it, or she might not.

     Emanuel nodded and stood up from the couch. His height was overwhelming and intimidating, being six feet two inches. His body was thin but muscular; powerful beyond belief, he was almost as strong as Lucy was. His hands, though, contained a tenderness that he was well known for. He walked up behind Mariana and put his hands on her shoulders. She stiffened and pulled away. Emanuel smiled, he could feel the withdrawal, see it in her eyes. "Mariana," He whispered, his voice was deep and resonant. "Don't pull away from me. I may be able to help you, dear."

     Mariana didn't look at him. "No one can help me." She said slowly. "The only thing that would help me is the death of Leslie Anne Robilland."

     Emanuel could hear the self-hate in her voice. Could hear the disappointment at her self for not having made the right decision. "It wasn't your fault, Mariana." He soothed. "You didn't know it would turn out this way."

     Mariana shivered, trying to keep herself from crying. "Just promise me that when we find her, you'll let me kill her." Her voice was bitter.

     "You don't have the authority to do it." He said gently.

     She turned around to glare at him. "What do you mean?" She spat. "I made her! I have all the authority I would need." Her eyes were filled with red tears.

     Emmanuel's face hardened as he grabbed Mariana by the chin and pulled her closer to him. "You cannot do it," He said slowly, his hazel eyes were cold. "Understand that. Les has got many powerful ones under her wing, powerful ones that with just the mere thought could make you turn into ashes."

     Mariana sobbed now, completely frustrated. He pulled her against his ample chest and held her while she cried. "Darling," He whispered. "You will get the pleasure of watching her be destroyed. Is that not enough?"

     Mariana shook her head against his chest. "I am responsible to end this." She whispered.

     Emanuel shook his head, he pushed Mariana away to look at her. Her green eyes were flames and her red hair was wild. "You are not responsible for anything, Mariana." He soothed her, running his hand through her hair, attempting to smooth it back. It wouldn't settle down, and he figured that was the reason Mariana didn't bother to brush it any more. He knew what taking care of a vampire's hair could be like, for a vampire's hair seemed to have a life of its own. He knew it would be hard for Mariana, at first, to take care of it. He gathered Lea would never have the same trouble. Her hair was short and would eternally remain short.

     Mariana seemed to understand his plea and quieted. She stood and walked around Emanuel, looking at Lucy. "I want to go home." She said softly and walked hurriedly out of the living room to the front door.

SITTING under one of the trees surrounding Lisa's estate, Les and Scarlette listened in on the little conversation. They had managed to get past the guardians. Les had learned, from her new older vampire friends, how to cloak her presence even better; and she taught Scarlette. It wasn't that Lucy couldn't spot her, but she was so preoccupied with Mariana, that she didn't even hear them arrive. Those vampire guardians Lucy had appointed were not as powerful as they thought. All the vampires that got through them, they'd be embarrassed if they had time to brood on it.

     Les had a self-satisfied smile on her face; she had heard the whole conversation that Mariana had with Emanuel. So Mariana wants to kill me, she thought, chuckling softly. She looked at Scarlette and smiled; Scarlette was looking at her with an unreadable expression. Les knew that Scarlette didn't agree with all those things that were about to happen. The atrocity of Les' plan was unbearable, rare times to even Les herself.

     She didn't want to speak; she didn't want her presence to be known yet. She knew that Lucy and Emanuel were distracted and worried enough to not feel her presence. She knew they were running on luck. Les took Scarlette's hand and stood up. Pulling her hand away, Scarlette bucked her knees and jumped up on a branch. She landed on her feet, and she looked down at Les, waiting for her to jump up beside her.

     Les was looking up at her with a smile on her face, delighted that Scarlette was using her powers more often. She jumped up too and looked into her eyes as she landed next to her. She turned her body to Scarlette and pulled her close. Scarlette stared at her, her brown eyes glistening with red tears. Les frowned and shook her head; the love Scarlette felt for Les was too much to bear.

     In the last month, Les saw how Scarlette's manner changed. She had become more aggressive in her vampirism, more ruthless, and grimmer. If she was hungry, she killed whoever was in front of her, not caring anymore whether they were Innocents or not. Les knew this was because she was depressed about the whole situation. Scarlette didn't want to be a part of the whole war Les was starting. But she couldn't bring herself to leave.

     She knew Les would let her go if she wanted, because Les did care for her, in a way. Les didn't like it that Scarlette was unhappy most of the time, and that she always brooded, that she always cried. She wished Scarlette would be happy with her, with the plans of grandeur she had for them. They stared at each other under the light of the moon, their eyes shone in the darkness. Les pulled Scarlette tighter to herself and kissed her softly. Scarlette responded, wrapping her arms around Les' shoulders.

     Les pulled away, not allowing herself to go any deeper into the confusing emotions that always beheld her. Her mind went back to the war, her eyes hardened. She looked up at the sky and flew, leaving Scarlette behind, looking after her receding figure. After a few seconds, she shook her head and flew after her. Les slowed down to wait for Scarlette to reach her side. They were heading west, almost towards Les' house, but Scarlette knew that it was not there where they were headed.


     LEA was with Lisa, in her room. She stood by the window, looking out into the night. Her arm was propped up on the window frame; her hand was on her head, running through her curly hair. Her nude body was tense and rippling. Love making with Lisa was intense and passionate, relaxing and soothing. But as soon as they had stopped, the sick feeling of anger and dread returned.

     She had not seen Scarlette nor Les' figures in the air. They had been on the other side of the house, in front of the living room, their presence completely and skillfully cloaked. Lisa lay on her bed, staring absently at Lea. Her gray eyes were far away and thoughtful. Her golden hair fanned beautifully around her bare shoulders. The sheets were on her, warming her small body.

     Lea turned to look at her and sighed. Walking towards the bed, she asked: "What are you thinking about?" Her voice was husky; her eyes held a wildness that seemed forcefully tamed. Her eyes were angry and held contempt. But it was not anger or contempt towards Lisa; it was anger and contempt towards Les. She knew Les was powerful and smart; she felt the dread run through her body as if it were the blood of one of her victims. She also knew that a lot of disaster would come out of all of this. She sat down beside Lisa.

     Lisa smiled warily, sitting up and putting her arms around Lea. She pulled her close, lay her head on her shoulder, and buried her face into her neck. "Oh, Lea," She gasped softly, her breath on Lea's neck making her shiver. "This is too much for me."

     Lea tightened her arms around Lisa and sighed against her. "I love you." She whispered.

     Lisa didn't seem to hear the loving words meant for her. "Normally," She continued. "It would have been so easy, to get rid of someone like her. But she is very smart, very quick-witted. She is Truly immortal. There are many like us around the world who hate us, Lucy and I; many who have already joined her. They want to see us dead just as much as Les does."

     Lea couldn't believe this. She couldn't understand why anyone would want these two great and loving leaders dead. She thought about Marco, but Marco was crazy, she could see it. Whoever would want Lucy and Lisa dead, would have to have been crazy also. Lisa heard her thoughts. "Oh, darling," She said softly, her face still buried into Lea's neck. "You tend to be so innocent sometimes! A whole lot of vampires want to see us dead." Her lips touched Lea's neck softly, her tongue so soft against her skin.

     Lea shivered and pulled back. "But, why?" She demanded, looking deeply into Lisa's eyes. "What have you done to deserve that?"

     Lisa touched Lea's face with her cold fingers. "When some vampires go mad, like Marco did, it is only up to Lucy and I to decide what is to become of them. Their vampire parent may sometimes decide their fate, but when they do nothing about it, we have to step in. Most of the time, the older vampires are the ones who usually go mad, sometimes even the young. Remember what happened with Amanda?" She didn't let Lea answer.

     She continued: "Amanda was a threat, to me and to the Innocents. So Lucy had to do something about it; she saw, as well as I did, that Amanda would never recover from the madness that made her kill all those Innocents. So she ended with the madness." She pulled Lea to her and kissed her again; Lea responded, pushing Lisa back and laying on top of her.

     Suddenly, Lea leapt from the bed, her eyes wide and wild. Lisa stood up and went to Lea, looking into her eyes; she grabbed her arms and pinned her. Lea was crying out continuously, her widened eyes were brimming with tears. Her mouth was wide open, releasing her shrill voice. Lisa couldn't figure out what was happening. She looked deep into Lea's mind and saw. Something had happened to her parents and Lea felt it.

     Lucy tore into the room, breaking the door off its hinges. Emanuel followed her. "What is going on?" She demanded; she had been in the living room talking with Emanuel when she heard Lea's shrill cries. Her eyes were alert, her fangs bared; she was ready to fight.

     Lea pushed Lisa off with surprising strength and ran to the window, jumping right through it. The glass broke and she flew up in the air. Lisa was stunned but she quickly recovered and followed Lea, naked also. Lucy and Emanuel looked at each other and followed them.

     LEA landed on her driveway and she ran into her house, through the wide-open front door. Her eyes were wild, her fangs were bared and she hissed. Lisa ran in after her. Lea reached the stairs, suddenly stopped and kneeled. Lisa heard a weak heartbeat, and stray thoughts. She kneeled next to Lea and looked at the torn woman staring at them.

     Luisa had been the Montes' maid even before Lea was born. Now the woman lay dying at their feet, her throat had two long open gashes. And those ugly gashes that would purposely cause her to die very slowly. And that was the point, because Les knew that Lea would come. Lea lifted the bloodied woman in her arms and took her to the couch, laying her there. "Luisa," She whispered hoarsely, her eyes and cheeks were wet with red blood-tears.

     Luisa smiled weakly at Lea, thankful that she was safe. Suddenly, her eyes turned fearful. "Lea," She croaked. "Bad man.... Woman... Monster... Took my blood.... Red hair...." She shuddered and died.

     Lea closed her eyes and put her hand over Luisa's dead eyes, pushing them closed. She lifted her head up and smelled the air. There was bloodshed in her house, not only Luisa's. Through out the whole house, there was death. Lea suddenly flew up the stairs and ran down the long hall towards her parents' bedroom. The door was completely open and she could see into the room. The bed was out of sight, though. And she walked in, not really wanting to. The sight that awaited her was ghastly.

     On the bed were both her parents, throats torn and bodies bloody. Les had torn their throats out with her teeth. The blood had splashed all over the walls and the bed was soaked with it. Both Maria and Richard were dead, their faces pale and their lifeless eyes wide open. Lea sobbed, staggered backwards and against Lisa, who was looking at the bloody sight with surprise. Lea pulled away from Lisa with violence and cried out, her voice rung loudly all over the house, out into dark night.

     Lisa tearfully tried to calm her, but Lea was too much in pain to even listen. Her cries became a deep, loud and endless roar, her body was rippling intensely, her face was that deep shade of red, and her eyes were ablaze, her mouth open in a perfect O. She was storming all over the room, punching holes into the walls, throwing down dressers. Lucy and Emanuel ran in. Emanuel looked at the bed and closed his eyes, shaking his head from side to side. Lucy went to Lea and grabbed her by the arm. Lea pulled away from her, screaming in her anger and pain. Her fingers were curved like claws.

     Lucy grabbed her again and pinned her down. Lea struggled to free herself from Lucy's too strong grasp. Lucy shook her. "Lea!" She said firmly; Lea stopped and looked at her silently. Her body was rippling and shivering, her eyes vengeful and hurt. "We need you to be rational. I know it hurts, Lea. Your parents didn't deserve to die this way, but we can't loose you this way. Now we know that Les managed to somehow get into Salum. We have to stop her." Lucy said, looking into Lea's wild green eyes. "Do you understand?" She asked very slowly.

     Lea nodded and sobbed. Lucy pulled her to herself and hugged her, letting her cry into her shoulder. "Now, child," She said after a while. "You need to get dressed, and let Lisa borrow some of your clothes. You see, she ran right after you." There was a smile in her voice.

     Lea pulled away from Lucy and looked at Lisa, who was looking at her with tears in her eyes. Lea didn't want to look at the bloodied bed again; she went to Lisa and took her hand, pulling her out of the bedroom with her.

     Lucy stared at the bed and sighed. She stood quietly and thought about what kind of crazy vampire Les was to do something like this. She also knew that if Les was in Salum, the guardians not having noticed her entrance, then others must be inside also. She sent this message out for other vampire minds to hear.

     Emanuel stood next to her, anger seething him. "We have to end this," He said. "We have to fight them." He paused; he felt the death of more Innocents in Salum. "They're killing Innocents, Lucy!" He continued with urgency and looked into her eyes. "We have to fight."

     Lucy nodded. "You're right, of course." She said slowly. "Come." They walked out of the room, closing the door behind them and went to get Lisa and Lea, who were finished getting dressed. They heard everything that was said between Lucy and Emanuel. Lucy studied Lea, whose face was a blank mask of anger, pain and mourning. Her body was rippling anger.

     Lisa had her arm around her waist and held her tightly to herself. Lucy spoke softly, not really wanting to say the words that would begin the War Of The Vampires. "We are fighting." And not only Lisa and Lea heard her, but all the vampires in Salum, both the city and the town.



LES held Mariana by the hair, having pushed her down to her knees. Manuel was close by, holding Scarlette down. She had tried to stop Les from killing Lea's and Mariana's parents, she couldn't allow that to happen. Those people were Innocents and they had nothing to do with the War. When she had tried to stop Les from killing all those people at both Lea's and Mariana's houses, Manuel had knocked her out with a quick, swift punch.

     When she came to, they were in the school. Mariana was trying to get loose from Les' too strong hold. Les had drunk some of her blood, leaving her weak and incompetent to fight back. Mariana couldn't remember what had happened and she couldn't think straight. All she could think of was getting away from this monster. Finding.... Who?

     Blood tears ran down her cheeks, leaving them stained. Soft sobs escaped her lips. Les looked into her eyes and smiled, her ghastly fangs showing. "So, Mariana," She said as if in friendly conversation. "How does it feel to have lost your dear parents?"

     And that's when Mariana remembered. She remembered seeing Les bent over her dying parents, taking their blood. Remembered trying to stop her and being overpowered because she hadn't fed for days. Remembered feeling the sharp fangs sink into her neck, and the blood leaving her body slowly. But she hadn't lost consciousness; she watched, crumpled on the floor as Les finished killing her parents. And then she passed out, more from the emotion than from weakness.

     Les' hair was loose, the broken window of the classroom allowing the air to run through the strands. She was beautiful, even though she was so ugly in the heart. Her blue eyes were ablaze in the semi-darkness. Her thin, sensuous lips curved in a smirk. She was talking with Manuel, now and then glancing down at Mariana. Sometimes she would falter, her eyes confused, but then just as suddenly, her mean stare would return.

     Mariana's eyes looked at her, momentarily forgetting that Les had killed her parents. A sudden wave of arousal went through her body. Les sensed this and smiled, pulling Mariana to herself. "I can feel what you're feeling, Mariana." She whispered against her ear. "You are very beautiful." She pulled away and kissed her on the lips, slipping her tongue into her mouth.

     Mariana closed her eyes and shivered, responding slowly. And then suddenly, there was a loud cracking noise and Les pushed Mariana away. Mariana opened her eyes slowly and saw Lea there. She saw Lisa fighting Manuel, who had pushed Scarlette to the ground. Suddenly, too quickly for Mariana to see, Les tore through the door. Lea followed her just as quickly. Mariana felt soft arms go around her and she tried to fight against them. She turned to strike, when she realized it was Scarlette's arms she felt. She gave up and cried into her shoulder, convulsing with sobs.

     Lisa grabbed Manuel by the neck and pushed him against the wall, a loud crack came from behind him. He snarled at her and tried to break her grip from his neck, but she was too strong. Having had Lucy's blood continuously for the last two thousand two hundred years paid. She was stronger and quicker than many wished to be. Her face was contorted in anger and her fangs were bared.

     Right in front of Mariana and Scarlette's eyes, with a quick movement, she broke his head off his shoulders. His body fell to the floor and thrashed wildly, his arms reaching out, trying to find the head. Lisa had his head in her hand; his mouth was opened in a silent scream, his eyes wide because of the approaching quick death. And as the body thrashed on the floor, it caught on fire; and so did the head. Lisa dropped it to the floor, next to the burning body.

     She turned to look at Mariana and Scarlette, who were holding each other and crying. She went to them and kneeled in front of them, smiling. Then she pulled them into an embrace.

LES had run into the auditorium, Lea right behind her. She ran down the aisle and suddenly stopped, turning to face Lea. Her eyes were soft as she looked at her. "Lea," She whispered softly. "Do you really want to kill me?" She asked.

     Lea was looking at her with pure hatred, her hands were at her sides, clenching and unclenching. Her mouth was slightly opened and her tongue ran across her lips. Her stance was fierce and animal like. Her fangs were visible. "You killed my parents." She whispered; her voice was still hoarse from crying.

     Les smiled slowly, completely forgetting her love for Lea. "They tasted good, Lea." She taunted. "I don't know how you hadn't taken them yet. The temptation must have-"

     "Shut up!" Lea roared. Her body shook as the tears spilled from her eyes. "I don't know how you could have done that. You have parents too."

     Les faltered; her eyes widened, then she suddenly laughed, and Lea frowned, as she perceived the different expressions that seemed to be fighting over control of Leslie's face. "Oh, my parents were the best!" She said, giggling. "So sweet and juicy." She licked her lips sensuously. "Yours weren't far behind." She said slowly, her voice a whisper.

     Lea growled, taking a step forward. Les smiled at her with a silent challenge. Lea looked over Les' shoulder, smiling slowly. Narrowing her eyes, Les tried to read her thoughts, but Lea's mind was completely veiled. Suddenly, Lea was pouncing upon Les. She grabbed her by the collar of her shirt and pushed her with great speed backward in the air. Les grabbed onto Lea's shoulders, looking back to see where Lea was pushing her.

     She saw it right before she felt it. The thick, pointy horn of the bronze unicorn, the symbol in the middle of the school flag made a statue by talented vampire hands. There were two unicorns; each stood at each foot of the two sets of steps leading to the stage. They were tall, almost like real horses. The point went through Les' back and came out through her solar plexus, going into Lea's stomach and coming out through her back. Les gasped, feeling the pain run like a bolt of lightning through her body. Lea groaned, she was so much into her anger that she didn't think of stopping herself after Les was stabbed.

     They looked into each other's eyes as they felt their blood flow down their bodies. "Lea-" Les gasped; she lifted her hand slowly to Lea's face. "I love you." She whispered. Tears ran down her cheeks. She was quickly paling; her body was beginning to jerk. Lea was experiencing the same things. She was no longer angry, she felt pity. She knew she was dying also, she heard Les' heart begin to slow and then stop. Les looked sweetly into her eyes one more time before her head fell back and her eyes rolled behind her head. Lea felt the blood leaving her body.

     Lisa ran into the auditorium, crying out when she saw Lea hanging from the horn of the unicorn. In an instant, she was by her side. "Lea," She gasped. "What have you done?"

     Lea slowly turned her eyes from Les and looked at her. She was gasping for air; her hands were still on Les' shirt collar. She smiled softly, too weak to smile fully. "Lisa, I love you." She croaked, more tears coming down her cheeks.

     "You're not going to die." Lisa whispered with conviction. Suddenly, she pulled Lea back, the point of the unicorn quickly retreating. She laid her on the floor, sitting down and cradling her in her arms. She pulled her wrist to her mouth and bit a big gash. The blood flowed from her wrist and she placed it over Lea's wound.

     Lea felt the blood quickly working on her wound, healing her. As Lisa's wound healed, she pulled Lea up and placed her neck against her mouth. "Drink from me, Lea." She whispered softly, sobbing. She felt Lea's fangs cut through her skin and suck her powerful blood. "Yes, help yourself heal, my love...."

LUCY and Emanuel were fighting their enemies in the air. Many almost as powerful as they were. Their other vampire friends were fighting also, all over Salum City and Town. Some were beside them, fighting just as fiercely. Lucy's face was contorted in anger and stained by the blood-sweat. Sadly for her, she had to terminate some that were as young as even a day. Some who were taught to hate her without reason. Some whom she knew for hundreds of years.

     Emanuel fought beside her, killing easily with his mind and hands. But more and more kept coming. He had not time to wonder where they were coming from, for his mind was only in the battle. Lucy fought almost mechanically. Her mind was despairing over all the loss. She knew many of her vampires and Innocents were dying at the hands of Les' soldiers. She heard their screams of pain and horror.

     The blood sweat on her face was mixed with the blood tears coming from her eyes. She knew she had to do something to stop all of this, but she didn't know what. She was also worrying about Lisa, Lea and Mariana. Where they okay?

     Suddenly, she knew. The thought came as a flash of understanding. She easily killed a young vampire and moved higher up in the sky. With her mind, she dared her enemies to come to her. And they did, turning away from Emanuel and all the others. They surrounded her, snarling and growling. She looked back at them, her eyes tranquil.

     Emanuel was baffled. What the hell was she doing? He wondered why they weren't moving, why he and the others weren't moving. Then he realized Lucy was not letting them move. All over Salum, the cries of war had stopped. Everyone was under her power. In a flash of understanding, all her friends knew what she was about to do. "No!" Emanuel screamed his voice a shrill cry.

     Carefully, Lucy linked her mind to all of her enemies. She was careful not to take the mind of one of her own. The only power she had over her friends was not allowing them to move to help her. She looked at Emanuel and smiled a soft smile, her violet eyes serene and resigned. "Tell Lisa I'll always love her." She whispered softly, and then she silently warned them to move away.

     Lucy threw her head back and closed her eyes. She was a beautiful sight. Her wavy auburn hair floated with the breeze. Her beautiful body was relaxed; her arms stretched open, as if offering an embrace to all, her legs were separated. All of her enemies were thinking as one with her. She thought about her destruction, they thought about their destruction. She thought about her own disintegration, her death. "By Fire..." She whispered.

     Suddenly, the burning sensation came from within her, the pain, the Fire. Emanuel cried out and moved forward, but the other vampires held him back. Lucy grimaced with pain. All around her, vampires went up in flames, having unwittingly thought of their own death by Fire. They were burning bodies in the air, and then they were ashes.

     Lucy went last, the fire broke from her stomach and singed her clothes. The burning was killing her slowly and she looked at Emanuel, who was struggling against the vampires who held him back. There were tears in all their eyes. The fire moved up and down her body; up to her beautiful head, burning her beautiful features and her beautiful hair. 'And I'll always love you, my friend.' She said into Emanuel's mind. She cried out and the last thought she had was of Lisa. Her beloved.

     Lucy was no more. After three thousand five hundred years of being a vampire, a leader, she was gone...

LISA gasped, sobbing loudly. Lea was in her arms, her head against her shoulders, feeling the healing blood work through her wounds. She jumped when Lisa cried out. Looking up into Lisa's eyes, she moved to a crouch. "Lisa, what's wrong?" She asked, worrying.

     Lisa stood and walked past Lea. "Come, my love." She said, her voice was shaky and full of tears. Lea followed her out of the auditorium and out of the school. Right outside the school's front doors, Lisa stood looking up at the dark sky. She closed her eyes, her head still thrown back and took a deep breath. More tears ran down her cheeks.

     Lea didn't know what was happening. Although greatly revived by Lisa's blood, her senses were still weak. She stood behind her, watching her with worried eyes. She heard Lisa say: "A True Immortal dies only if he or she wishes death upon his or herself." Her voice was sad and nostalgic. "Lucy was a great leader." She croaked, almost sobbing. Her shoulders shook.

     Lea shook her head, not understanding Lisa's words. "Was? What do you mean?" She asked, completely confused.

     Lisa turned and looked at Lea, red tears filled her eyes again. "Lucy is dead." She explained softly.

     Lea shook her head in denial. "That's not true, Lucy cannot die. You both said so yourselves." She couldn't believe it; Lucy was the most powerful of all vampires.

     Lisa repeated her words of before: "A True Immortal dies only if he or she wishes death upon his or herself." She watched, as Lea understood her words. "Lucy killed herself in order to destroy those who meant to harm us."

     Lea cried, walking into Lisa's awaiting embrace. She sobbed with abandon, feeling Lisa shake with her own sobs. She really cared about Lucy, loved her. And Lea knew that even though Lisa was in love with her, she was still in love with Lucy. Her once lover, her maker, her companion of more than two Millennia....

Continued in part V

     Katia N. Ruiz

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