War of the Vampires

Part IX

Katia N. Ruiz


See Part I.

Copyright 1997



        LISA shoved her hands deep into the pockets of her tight fitting jeans, as she emerged from between two buildings. She had just entered the quiet area of Holliswood, a nice high and upper-middle-class neighborhood that looked so much like Salum, only much smaller and it's smaller houses closer together.

        She walked through the area, searching for burglars that would forever be present in an area like this one. She'd left Angelo two days before, when she'd made sure Emanuel had taken both Les and Scarlette out of and far away from the house. Angelo had left when she'd left, a little sad because he wanted to spend more time with her. She'd agreed to meet with him at the house in a week's time.

She hadn't seen Lea since Lea had left after the violent incident with Les and Mariana. She missed her dearly and wished to be with her, but she didn't look for her, she knew how Lea desired to be completely alone sometimes. A string of confused thoughts jerked her to a stop, thoughts that didn't belong to her. She looked up and around quickly.

        Someone was watching her, a human, from the house in front of her. The thoughts trapped her, drew her in, and held her paralyzed, running through her mind one after another. Never had a human caught her in such a powerful web as this one did. Tears stung her eyes as she heard the thoughts, the thoughts that held her prisoner. Thoughts, memories, that included her. Memories of lovemaking, of looking into gray eyes, Lisa's eyes. The memory of ecstasy in Lisa's arms, of taking the blood from her, of feeling her taking the blood in return. And then the memories went even further back, back when Lisa was still a young human woman; and finally when she'd brought her into the world of the vampires.

        Lisa realized, with a small cry, that the memories belonged to Lucy.

KAITLYN had been laying down in bed with her eyes almost blankly open, staring out at her ceiling. When she'd felt the strong presence of someone important outside her house, her window. She struggled out of bed; her health was already deteriorating. Her parents didn't know what to do; her doctor said there was nothing to do but wait until her death.

        Now, she was staring out her window at Lisa, the dreams running rampant in her mind. How could this be? She thought in confusion. She's from my dreams! She's not real!

LISA heard her thoughts, recovered for just a second, to laugh. I am very real, my dear. She said into Kaitlyn's mind. But then she frowned and shook her head. 'Who are you? How can you have her memories?

        Kaitlyn gasped when the answer to her confusion came. She thought of what Anthony told her, about the possibility of vampires. There is no possibility, Lisa said again into her mind. We exist. I am a vampire. Kaitlyn shook her head in denial, thinking that maybe her approaching death was causing her to have hallucinations.

        And that was when Lisa's other senses woke. She heard the irregular heartbeat of Kaitlyn's heart, smelled the faint death stench already emanating from her body, felt the deep pain Kaitlyn felt in her chest, saw the frightening paleness of the beautiful human face. She looked deeper into her mind and saw that Kaitlyn was not at all afraid of her death, and that she'd already prepared for it. That she wrote letters of good-byes to her family, her boyfriend.

        Lisa felt sad for this one; she was only nineteen years of age. Wouldn't make it past the night. But as she looked deeper and deeper, held her in a deep mental grip, she heard Anthony's words and his suggestions: "Maybe you were a vampire before you came into this life, Kait. Maybe Salum, - remember Salum? That city that was found mysteriously deserted and full of bodies? - Was your home. Legend says it was full of vampires and sudden deaths and disappearances!"

        And then Lisa caught flashes of Salum, images that this young girl could not possibly hold, unless she was one of the vampires that ceased to exist that night. But she held images in her mind that only Lisa and Lucy herself were prone to. Like the lovemaking, the image of Amanda through Lucy's eyes as she ended her existence, the memory of the night of Lisa's making, among many other memories.

        This was Lucy, Lisa realized with a gasp. Lucy brought back in a very unhealthy human body. With a different name, with a different life. Kaitlyn shook her head and stepped back away from the window, her right hand over her increasingly aching chest, her left side numb and her stomach unsteady. Her heart was beating erratically, her breathing growing short. All of this was too much for her ever-weakening heart. She was on the brink of a heart attack.

        Suddenly, Lisa was floating outside the window, looking in at her. Kaitlyn cried out feebly and stumbled to the floor on her hands and knees. To her shock, the window began to open, the lock swung quickly from its position and the window began to rise on its own. Lisa climbed into the room, her eyes never leaving Kaitlyn.

        Kaitlyn found herself lost in the bright gray eyes that shone in the unlit room. As Lisa stepped closer to her, she struggled to move away, gasping for the air that eluded her lungs. "No!" She wheezed when Lisa kneeled at her side, staring at her curiously.

        "The more you struggle, the more your heart will fail you. It is very weak." Lisa whispered softly into her ear, sending her will to her.

        Kaitlyn shivered violently, the voice was a caress. She felt her arms weaken and she fell face down on the floor, her eyes rolling behind her head and closing. Quickly, she lost consciousness.

        Lisa stood and went to the bed, pulling the quilt. She knew Kaitlyn had just had a heart attack, and she wouldn't make it through the night. She threw it over Kaitlyn and bent over to easily pick her up in her arms. "You are my Lucy." She whispered, looking down sweetly at her face. She went to the window, with Kaitlyn still in her arms and climbed out, instantly going up in the air. She left the window open, not caring to close it.

WHEN Olivia Villasenor came into her only daughter's room, she found the window wide open. She ran to it, her dark hair bouncing, expecting to find her daughter dead on the ground underneath. Though Kaitlyn wasn't there, Olivia knew she'd never see her again. She cried and cried, unable to call out to her husband yet. Then she spotted the box with the letters on the desk, and scooped it up into her arms, holding it tightly close to her chest.

        She read the note taped to the box, and knew that it wasn't time yet to open it. Somehow, as mother instincts are always correct, she knew Kaitlyn was not completely gone from their world.

        Somehow, the police never crossed her mind. Not that it would have helped anyway…


MARIANA had been alone for two whole days in the house, reading in the library without stopping. She had gotten home only hours after Lisa had left the house with Angelo, hurrying to the library and burying herself in her books. Suddenly, she was jarred by Lisa's powerful presence. She closed the book she'd been reading; Lisa was calling to her. The call seemed excited, nervous. In an instant, she was out in the living room, from where she'd felt Lisa's silent call. And there Lisa stood, with a dying young woman in her arms.

        Lisa hadn't taken blood from the human, Mariana knew, but there was still something wrong with her. Her heart was beating irregularly and her skin was unnaturally pale. "She's got a heart condition." Lisa explained; her eyes were bright with excitement.

        "Yes, but why do you bring her here?" Mariana asked, her eyes never leaving the dying human. "Couldn't you just end with her wherever you found her?" The truth was that she couldn't take the death stench already emanating from the dying human, she knew the girl wouldn't last through the night.

        Lisa walked to the couch, looking at Kaitlyn's face with tenderness, and laid her gently down. "I couldn't end with her, she's special." She replied calmly.

        Mariana scowled. "Does that mean you're bringing her into our world?" She asked, very confused. "What makes her so special?"

        Lisa sat down on the love seat, inviting Mariana to join her. She took Mariana's hand and squeezed it gently. "You may think that I am mad, but I have to tell you this." Lisa hesitated, which surprised Mariana because Lisa never hesitated. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. "This one you see there, she is Lucy reincarnated."

        Mariana pulled her hand away, standing abruptly from the couch. Her mouth fell open when she heard the crazy words. Lisa's gone the deep end, she thought in bewilderment. She's gone mad. Grief has sent her-

        "I've gone nowhere, Mariana!" Lisa said sternly, standing also. "I was walking through this neighborhood, she saw me, and I felt her and read her thoughts. She has the memories of Lucy; she remembers things, about me that only Lucy and I know about. She knew!" Her gray eyes grew full of red tears. "I thought I'd gone mad too, believe me. And that is why I brought her here. So that you can see-"

        "Maybe you put those thoughts in her mind without wanting too, maybe you-" She stood quiet for a few seconds, not knowing what to say, then she grabbed her head in her hands and shook it. "Oh, hell! I don't know."

        Lisa stood staring at her for a long time, and then she looked at Kaitlyn, realizing that she had been staring at them for some time. Her eyes were wide in disbelief. She sat up slowly, her eyes on Mariana; she recognized her form the dreams, or the memories, for that matter. Yes, she was the one who made the redheaded one who caused disaster in her dream-memories. The one that she liked and felt a deep attraction to, but never made love to. And the blonde one, the one who had stood outside her window, she was in love with. She was baffled; she'd never felt something of that magnitude for another woman.

        "But I am not what I appear to be," Lisa said to her, a tender smile on her face. "I am not human, I proved that to you before," She laughed softly. "At least I thought I did." She walked up to stand in front of her, stared down into her deep milky green eyes; without skipping a beat, she grabbed Kaitlyn's face between her hands and pulled her closer, their lips almost touching.

        Kaitlyn closed her eyes, just waiting to feel those lips that looked so appealing, so soft. But Lisa just let her wait, feeling Kaitlyn's warm and irregular breath against her sensitive skin. "Do you feel these hands holding you?" Lisa asked silkily; Kaitlyn nodded slowly. "They are unnaturally cold… and hard… aren't they?"

        "Yes…" Kaitlyn breathed, a deep wave of arousal running through her body. She remembered these hands on her body, in her dreams.

        "Memories," Lisa whispered huskily, feeling her body ignite with fierce vampire hunger.

        Mariana watched this exchange quietly, scanning Kaitlyn's mind all the time. The memories were genuine, at least the ones Mariana knew of. And the way her eyes, though they were now different in color, looked at her at that moment. It was the same tender glance that always brought out a feeling of security from her…

        Mariana realized she was crying, and that the tears ran down her cheeks thickly.

        And now she watched as Lisa kissed Kaitlyn tenderly, opening Kaitlyn's mouth with her lips, pushing her tongue in, connecting to hers. With her keen eyes, Mariana saw Kaitlyn shudder, sensed all rational thought swiped from her mind, smelled the deep arousal from between her legs. She became aroused herself.

        She took a step forward, then stopped, hesitating. She didn't sense any restriction from Lisa, and walked up to the couch behind Kaitlyn, looked at the beautiful shiny black hair flowing down her long back. She touched it; silk caressed her sensitive hands. Mariana lifted the hair from Kaitlyn's back, threw it over her shoulder, and tore the silk nightgown down the middle, hearing Kaitlyn moan softly. She sat slowly and stared at Kaitlyn's lithe back for a long moment. It was beautiful and slender.

        She softly kissed the center of her back, going up and down, at times running her tongue along the smoothness. She felt Kaitlyn shiver violently, felt her tender human body grow warmer, and heard another soft moan. Mariana reached around her and cupped the full breasts, feeling Lisa press against the back of her hands. Kaitlyn's nipples were erect, her back arching.

        Lisa kissed Kaitlyn deeply, her hands never moved from her face. She allowed Mariana the pleasure of caressing her, to also arouse her, to ready her for the ecstatic bite. She pulled her lips away slowly, opened her eyes to look at Kaitlyn, and saw the most beautiful expression of rapture on her face. Her eyes were closed tightly, her lips parted and her breathing quick. Her heart was beating even more irregularly, too weak for her excitement. Mariana stopped and sat up straight, looking at Lisa with question in her eyes. Lisa nodded almost imperceptibly, giving Mariana permission with her eyes. Mariana sighed, pulling Kaitlyn backward towards her, roughly caressing her breasts again, pressing her body up against hers.

        She sank her fangs into her neck slowly, hearing the sharp tearing of skin.

        Lisa watched as Kaitlyn sucked her breath in sharply, her eyes opening wide to stare at nothing. Mariana moaned, her body jerking with passion. Kaitlyn's blood was delicious, but her heart was weakening quickly; she couldn't bring herself to stop, though. Lisa's hand softly pushing her head back did it. She stared at her ecstatically, allowing her to pull Kaitlyn from her embrace.

        Lisa bit her own wrist, felt the blood flow, and pressed it against Kaitlyn's mouth. Kaitlyn's body jerked, and then her mouth fastened onto the flowing cut. She was groaning, her body moving languorously, strengthening. And then the wound closed, and Lisa wrapped her arms around her hardening body, pulling her to herself and violently sinking her fangs into Kaitlyn's neck. The sound was ghastly. She took the new vampire blood from her, the blood still mixed with human, rocked her gently back and forth, her arms completely wrapped around her torso. She was aware of Kaitlyn's heart healing slowly, but surely.

        Kaitlyn's arms had fallen from Lisa's shoulders to lay limply at her sides; she was so weak. Lisa loosened her grip and with her mind, told Mariana to take her into her arms, to allow her to take from her also. Mariana turned Kaitlyn around to face her, studied the pale face, saw the new fangs through her parted lips. She pulled Kaitlyn to herself, grabbed the back of her head and pressed the drying lips against her throat, silently beckoning her to take.

        After a few seconds, Kaitlyn responded, her arms slowly wrapping around Mariana's shoulders. Her fangs sunk in slowly, hesitantly; but as soon as the blood flowed, she was sucking like a baby, moaning loudly, her legs bending already unnaturally to wrap around Mariana's waist. Lisa watched, breathing hard, deep arousal stroking her powerful body.

        Mariana pulled Kaitlyn's mouth from herself, pulled her head back, bit into her neck again, gulped down the vampire blood. She tightened her arms and sucked more violently, Kaitlyn cried out in orgasm, coming in great waves, her hips thrusting hard, her legs around Mariana tightening with every wave. She was in complete ecstasy, her mind in Nirvana, her fingers digging into Mariana's back.

        Kaitlyn felt Lisa move up to them closely, opening her legs to rest them on Mariana's thighs. She felt Mariana move her arms to wrap them around Lisa also, to pull her close. It was incredible, this intense feeling on her body, the taste of their blood, the ecstasy. Never, in the time she spent with Anthony, did she feel this intensity, this light behind the eyes feeling, nothing close to this magnitude.

        Lisa bit her wrist again, placed the flowing wound against Kaitlyn's parted lips, and felt the gentle suckle. With her free hand, she pulled Mariana's wrist to her own mouth, sinking her fangs into the soft flesh. She winced as the strong blood spurted into her mouth. The three of them moaned feverishly, feeling the deep connection they shared in this position. The great orgasm coursed through one inhuman body, and then the other, and then the other…


KAITLYN opened her eyes slowly, concentrating on the feel of her body uncoiling, loosening, relaxing, and becoming mobile again. She had become conscious even before her body woke, only seconds apart. She was laying face down on a bed, completely naked. She was fiercely hungry, confused as to this type of hunger.

        She slowly lifted her head from the pillow, looked around the large room. She realized it was dark outside and that the room she was in was completely dark also. She realized she could still see every object had an aura that let her see perfectly. She was seeing in the dark, and her body now held an energy it never held before. And she somehow knew that there was more energy, immense energy, still contained inside her. That she needed blood to add to that energy, to sustain her.

        Kaitlyn then realized that she wasn't human anymore, that she was something else. "A vampire." It was a whisper, the answer. But it came from someone else, not herself. She looked around again, found the source of the whisper. Wearing a white robe over her smooth body, looking gorgeous, Mariana stood at the door, she had been as soon as she'd felt Kaitlyn wake. She had woken only an hour before Kaitlyn, and had been waiting for her. She was staring at Kaitlyn with a small smile, thinking that this was the leader of all vampires reincarnated. Kaitlyn smiled as she sat up slowly; yes, she remembered.

        Kaitlyn also remembered the way she'd been reborn into the vampire kingdom. The passion, the ecstasy. She watched as Mariana walked slowly towards her, her eyes intense, her body taut. She sighed when Mariana took her into her embrace, kissed her deeply, wetly. Their tongues met for the first time and Kaitlyn was shivering from the pleasure of it.

        Mariana pushed Kaitlyn onto the bed and lay on top of her. Looking into her eyes, moving along her body slowly. She felt Kaitlyn pulling at her robe, easily tearing it to pieces along her body. She wrapped her legs around her waist. Soon, Mariana was naked against her, pushing her own pale body along Kaitlyn's. Kaitlyn was gasping, moaning, kissing Mariana's lips softly, and licking them with her tongue. Mariana began nibbling on her tongue, sometimes pressing her own tongue against it, feeling her body ache with increasing pleasure.

        She moved lower and began to kiss Kaitlyn's breasts, wetly sucking on each of her nipples, feeling Kaitlyn begin to shudder, her back arching. Mariana moved lower, her lips and tongue caressing everywhere. Kaitlyn felt a river of sensations running between her legs, she was wet and couldn't wait until Mariana touched her with her tongue. Mariana was between her legs now, alternately kissing her taut inner thighs. "Oh, Maria-" Kaitlyn was gasping loudly, her fingers buried in Mariana's hair, pressing her mouth towards the source of her pleasure; she was wide open, waiting in desperation.

        But Mariana was relentless in her teasing. She was alternately running her tongue along the inside of her thighs, from her knees, down to the joint that joined the inner thigh and the outer lips, sending ripples of pleasure coursing through Kaitlyn's body. Making her want more, need more.

        And then suddenly, without Kaitlyn expecting it, she buried her lips into her wetness, opening her mouth wide to allow her long tongue to caress her clitoris, to bury itself inside the wet walls of her passion, tasting the bloodstained drink. "Yes!" Kaitlyn was moaning; at times, when Mariana found now extremely sensitive spots, she would groan and then cry out loudly; her beautiful body would tremble violently, her hands would leave Mariana's hair to grasp the bed.

        Soon, she was exploding in wide, great waves; her body arching, her cries frantic, almost desperate blood tears escaping her eyes. She was saying Mariana's name over and over as each wave of pleasure stabbed into her heart. She loved Mariana, she realized as each wave ran through her, sending her limbs fluttering.

        Mariana moved up on her body, kissing softly, tenderly in spots in between. Kaitlyn's hands caressed her torso, touched her breasts, and squeezed them gently. Mariana shuddered, remaining on her hands and knees to allow Kaitlyn to touch her. She was gasping, her soft curly hair falling over her face and Kaitlyn's. Kaitlyn reveled on the simultaneous softness and strength of Mariana's body. Her arms looked so sensitive and soft, easily hurt. But in reality, they were strong and could break through a wall with just a stroke.

        Her eyes were tightly closed in the rapture of feeling Kaitlyn's fingers stroke some soft spots, spots that made her shiver and groan, made her arms falter as they held her up. And then Kaitlyn's fingers moved slowly down across her hard stomach, toward the world between her legs. Kaitlyn groaned in her own pleasure as she touched. Mariana felt fingers, at first hesitant, touching her engorged clitoris, then felt them move wetly up against her stomach, to her engorged nipples. Mariana was moaning, her body rocking feverishly. She felt Kaitlyn's fingers touching between her legs again, entering her, and she cried out, feeling orgasm, ecstasy come closer to the edge, getting ready to send her to oblivion, to a place where no had ever sent her.

        Kaitlyn's fingers moved quickly inside her, remained still when Mariana would temporarily come out of her ecstatic trance and her hips would thrust violently, sending the slim fingers gliding with great force into her. She was drawing in sharp breaths, her face enthralling Kaitlyn. She was frowning, biting her luscious lower lip, moaning, crying out as ecstasy ran through her body quickly, seemingly thousands of times.

        Her body quivered around the enthralled Kaitlyn's fingers, squeezing tightly, in quick succession. For long minutes, she experienced orgasm and cried out, her mind wiped clear of any thought. Her arms weakened, and she fell over Kaitlyn, burying her face into her neck. Kaitlyn wrapped her legs, and arms, around Mariana, kissing the blood-sweaty forehead gently, tasting the blood in the sweat. "I'm hungry." She whispered into Mariana's ear.

        Mariana lifted her head, looked into Kaitlyn's eyes, and smiled softly. "So am I, let's go feed." She replied, still breathing hard.


LISA had been, one could say, eavesdropping on Mariana and Kaitlyn. She couldn't help herself, though. Her hearing reached miles, and sometimes those sounds just couldn't be ignored, no matter how much she tried. She just learned how to deal with the sounds. She was searching for Lea; feeling compelled to see her; she missed her, felt empty without her by her side.

        She still felt happy, immensely happy, to have brought Kaitlyn over into her world. She was definitely sure that Kaitlyn's spirit was Lucy's, that would be the only explanation for why the memories were so accurate. The only explanation to why she knew what Lisa looked like before she saw her, why she knew things that only Lucy and Lisa knew about.

        And Lisa didn't feel at all hurt or jealous because Mariana and Kaitlyn took to each other, made love like animals in heat, fiercely. She liked that, because she had Lea; Lea completed her, loved her like Lucy loved her in their two thousand years together. She was calling to Lea at the moment, beckoning her to come home, telling her to come home, and telling her she needed her.

        Wherever Lea was, Lisa knew she heard her. From experience, Lisa knew that a silent call from her could be heard from all the corners of the earth, if she wished. She felt Lea close the distance between them, come closer to the house. In seconds, she was walking around the side of the large house, to the front porch, where Lisa stood with her arms crossed and her back against the doorframe. Lisa gasped; Lea looked so beautiful.

        She was wearing a big red button-down shirt and loose black slacks; for the first time in what seemed a long time, she was wearing shoes, shiny black men's shoes; small because of her feminine feet. In fact, everything she wore belonged to a man. The large faced watch on her right wrist, the thick gold chain around her neck; possibly belonged to her last victim. Her short hair was unruly, which added to her ethereal beautiful. Her pale flawless skin shone in the darkness of the night.

        Lea was smiling softly at her lover, letting her know that she also missed her, needed her. Her eyes traveled the length of Lisa's body, lingering on the long legs and then moving up to her eyes, staying there, holding her with her eyes. Lea's eyes were bright, her skin warm from her latest victim.

        Lisa slowly walked up to her, wrapped her arms around her neck, and pulled her head down to kiss her softly, deeply. Lea wrapped her own arms around Lisa's waist, pulled her body tightly closer to herself. Lisa could still taste the victim blood in Lea's tender mouth; she'd just fed minutes before. But this wasn't her first victim; since sundown, when she'd woken, she'd fed three times. She reveled on the killer's, the rapists, the gangsters.

        Her last victim had been a mobster from New York City bringing in a large stack of cocaine into the ports of Nuuk, a holding area. She'd ended his life when he was still in what is considered international waters. His three employees, she'd disposed of in front of him, breaking off their heads and throwing them out to the sea. After everyone else was disposed of, she'd gone down under to his cabin, dragging him along with her. He was too afraid to refuse. To his shock, she'd told him that she loved the way he dressed and asked him to pick something out for her wear. He did, thinking that maybe she'd spare his life for doing her this favor.

        But no, as soon as the clothes and jewels were laid out for her, she pounced upon him and sunk her fangs into his neck. He didn't have a chance to scream a cry out; she broke his neck with the force of her bite. He was dead in less than a minute. Lea had become a very skilled predator, Lisa was proud.

        Lisa pulled her lips away, and stared at Lea. "I've something to tell you, my love." She whispered.

        Lea nodded. "I figured so when I saw your mind block." She replied softly. "What is it?"

        Lea nodded, smiling. "I figured so when I saw your mind block." She replied softly. "What is it?"

        Lisa shook her head. "I can't, yet. Not until Emanuel comes back with Leslie and Scarlette." She explained. "And Mariana."

Lea frowned in confusion, reading the part of Lisa's consciousness that was not blocked. "Why have they been gone so long?" She asked.

        Lisa stared at her. "Why have you been gone for so long?" She retorted, her voice betraying her hurt. "It was over a week."

        Lea's face softened. "You know that happens to me at upsetting moments, Lisa. Specially after what happened between Mariana and Leslie." She frowned again. "You know things of that type bother my nature."

        Lisa didn't answer; she'd become enthralled with the different expressions on Lea's face as she spoke. She pulled her head back down to kiss her, slipping her tongue gently into her mouth. Lea responded, pressing her back onto the doorframe, bending her knees to be able to kiss her neck, pushing her hard body against hers. She was quickly becoming aroused, and so was Lisa.

        Lisa lifted one leg to wrap around Lea's waist, to allow her hips to be pressed by Lea's. Lea was running her hands reverently up and down Lisa's sides, allowing her thumbs to run across her taut nipples. Lisa was quivering, shuddering, wanting Lea like never before. She heard, felt Lea's quick breath against her throat; felt her lips, her tongue tracing little circles on a spot. And then Lea's very sharp fangs were sinking into her flesh, the blood flowing into her mouth.

        Lea pushed her hips hard against Lisa's, groaning as Lisa moaned. Lisa's hands were on Lea's long back, gripping, fluttering as she felt orgasm surprisingly close. Suddenly, Lea was pushing harder, frantically, against her, orgasm running quickly through her own body. Lisa wasn't far behind, she was crying out in ecstasy, her body surging against Lea's; arching as a lightning storm of sensations ran through her.

        Lea's legs weakened, she and Lisa went slowly down towards the floor; Lea ending up on her knees with Lisa's legs wrapping around her. Lea pulled open Lisa's robe and took a nipple into her mouth. Lisa threw her head back and groaned; she arched her body, pushing her breast harder against Lea's soft mouth. Lea went from one full breast to the other, moaning from the soft, taut feeling against her tongue.

        Lea moved to prop herself on her arms; Lisa clung to her, her body hanging off the ground, her arms and legs wrapped around Lea's body. And then Lea moved so that Lisa's back was on the cold floor, Lea's body pressing against hers from the front. Lisa pushed Lea back, unbuttoned her shirt, and undid her pants. Lea took it all off, threw it all next to them. Lisa opened her legs wider for her, allowed her to slip her fingers inside. She moaned fiercely, hissing and arching. Lea kissed her temple softly then kissed her cheeks, her chin, and her neck again and then her quivering lips. Their tongues met as Lea began a deep thrusting motion. They both groaned; Lisa arched, trembled. Her hips thrust uncontrollably, her cries tore from her. A slight motion from Lea's fingers, a knowing shift, and Lisa was melting in ecstasy, her hands holding tightly onto Lea's shoulders.

SOMETIME later, Lisa and Lea sat inside, on the couch, holding each other. They had gone back into their clothes, Lea bringing her shoes in and throwing them somewhere beside the couch. They were awaiting the arrival of their friends; Lisa felt them close the distance from herself quickly. She smiled, because Emanuel had made sure that Leslie and Scarlette were very far from Angelo.

        He'd taken them all the way to Australia, where he always said he wanted to go. As soon as he felt her call, he gathered Leslie and Scarlette and left Australia to come home. Now, he walked through the front door of his house, Les and Scarlette behind him.

        He had a frown on his beautiful face, a silent question to Lisa. When he sat down on the floor, legs crossed, and Les and Scarlette behind him on the love seat, Lisa spoke: "Lea, I have to let you know, Angelo is back." She watched Lea frown, a flame of jealousy shoot through her.

        A look of concern shot through Emanuel's face. "Speaking of the devil, where did you send him?" He asked Lisa. "What if he comes back, Lisa?"

        Lisa smiled reassuringly. "I would sense him, he was never any good at hiding his presence." She replied. "Les and Scarlette are under my protection, he won't sense them at all. As I was saying, he is back and yes, we must be careful of him. His anger is still seething inside him, if he sees our thoughts of Leslie there's no saying what he'd do." She grabbed Lea's hand and squeezed it. "And there's no reason for jealousy, Lea."

        "There's something else, Lisa." Leslie said, studying her. "You're not telling us something else. I can sense it in you."

        Lisa was impressed with her sense strength, her eyebrows rose as she nodded, contemplating Leslie. "You are bound to be a powerful vampire." She muttered. "But you are right. There is a new addition to this branch of the vampire world."

        Lea looked at her with shocked eyes; her hand around Lisa's tightening. Emanuel stared at Lisa in complete shock, waiting for her to continue. Scarlette's brown eyes widened in surprise, wondering why, if Lisa never showed any enthusiasm in bringing anyone else into their world. Les waited, her face a blank mask, though inside she was very curious to know whom this special person could be.

        Lisa smiled at her, she'd heard her thoughts. "Yes, this person was very special." She asserted. "Her name is Kaitlyn. She is-"

        "Where is she?" Lea interrupted impulsively, curiosity getting the better part of her. "And where is Mariana?"

        "They're together, they were feeding. They went far, but they are now close by." Lisa explained.

        Emanuel smiled softly. "Yes, I can feel them." He whispered.

        "Why can't we, though?" Lea asked, speaking for the other two young ones like herself, who were wondering the same thing.

        Emanuel chuckled. "Lisa and I are much more stronger and powerful than you are. We sense things from pretty far off, Lisa even farther than I. Around the world, actually." He explained patiently. "Mariana and this newborn are not in Greenland area. They are in the Atlantic, very close by. As I speak, they are entering this land, you should feel them by now."

        Lea felt them a little while before they entered land, she cocked her head and stared off into space. "Yes, I feel them." She recognized Mariana's power close by. But the other power, it was so intense, so authoritative, it had a definite presence. The other vampire was very powerful, fiercely intelligent, the conscience was familiar, though Lea couldn't place it.

        Lisa's voice brought her back. "Kaitlyn is Lucy, reincarnated." She blurted out, because she knew that if she took any longer to tell them, they'd keep interrupting her.

        Emanuel jumped to his feet in an instant, his eyes were rimmed with tears.

        Scarlette stood up behind him, staring at Lisa in wide-eyed shock. Les remained seated, the perfect mask on her face; the only sign of her shock was when she'd sprung forward on her seat. Lea's eyes narrowed, her mouth falling open. Lisa lifted her hands up, placating, saying: "Don't think I'm mad, I am telling you facts. You will see so yourselves when she walks through that door."

        As if on cue, Mariana walked in holding Kaitlyn's hand. She had a look of concern, wondering why Lisa had called upon them so urgently. Kaitlyn stared at the others with shock, she recognized them all from her memories, knew them all very so well.

        The one with the short curly blonde hair, Lisa's lover. Beautiful, this one, she always was; fifteen years old when she was brought into the vampire world. She'd lost her human parents in the disaster sixty-eight years back. Kaitlyn smiled softly, and Lea gasped, recognizing the tenderness.

        She also recognized the male redheaded vampire. He'd been her lover centuries before; he loved her immensely, still did. He had been made by her maker, her maker more than three millennia ago. She'd shared her bed with him many times, a love… She blinked slowly, studying him in wonder. He was sobbing openly, saying her old name in wonder. She nodded in response and his legs seemed to weaken in a very human way, he flopped onto the couch, covering his face with his hands and sobbing harder into them.

        She remembered Scarlette, the one she'd only seen once in her previous life, when the red-haired one next to her had gone to attempt her to end her life, had challenged her to the war, had taunted her… But this fair eyed one wasn't the same one; well, only in a sense, but she was different now. She had sentiment now, a conscience, and no memory of her own of the happenings of sixty-eight years before. She stared at Kaitlyn with wide baby-blue eyes, tears in her eyes.

        "Hello." Kaitlyn said, her cat-like green eyes sweeping over them. She walked deeper into the room, they all gasped from her beauty. Her dark, olive skin shone healthily from her first kill, her lips were pink and glossy; her beautiful long black hair was thrown over one shoulder, covering one breast. She wore one of Mariana's beautiful robes from Africa, an eccentric thing of gold plated designs that was long and reached her ankles. She was very comfortable in it, and completely nude underneath.

        She sat on the couch slowly, next to Lisa, Mariana sat on the floor beside her, their hands clasped tightly. Mariana was also staring at Kaitlyn, enthralled with the unreal beauty of this reincarnation of Lucy. Kaitlyn looked down at her, smiling tenderly. "I'm not a reincarnation of her, I am her." She whispered. They had no doubt about it.

        She turned her eyes to Lisa, smiled at her. "Angelo, where is he?" She asked. She was not as powerful as she was on her previous life.

        Lisa's eyes looked away from her, into space, trying to sense him near. Nothing. She shook her head, looking back at all of them. "I'll keep checking, though. Couldn't hurt." She glanced at Emanuel. "I'd appreciate it if you kept checking also." He was the next most powerful there.

        Emanuel bowed his head softly, wiping away his tears. "Whatever you wish." He replied, his blue eyes never leaving Kaitlyn, as if she might disappear if they did.

        Kaitlyn stared back at him, still smiling. Suddenly, her eyes went to Leslie, who was staring at her in her prolonged shock. She expected this one to be dead, in all reality. With all those positively angry vampires ready to end her existence. A knowledge suddenly came to her, the didn't know she was alive. No one knew, except those few who were sitting in this house.

        Les had woken one night without memory. She'd managed to find out her real name from some documents she carried with her and moved on to live all over the earth. Every time she caught sensations of others of her kind, she hid her presence, something told her to; instinct. Leslie had been alone, and had learned to survive. Only until she found this band of new friends, friends that where once her enemies. But one of them still was her enemy, and she narrowed the source of the angry thoughts to Mariana, who had already attempted to end her existence.

        Kaitlyn's eyes shifted to her lover, questioning, reprimanding. Mariana stared at her stoically, not at all embarrassed. She was always proud, this one, Kaitlyn remembered with a smile. "It is not her fault I ceased to exist," She began softly. "I had already become tired with earth, with my all too powerful existence-"

        "What about Lisa?" Mariana interrupted her. "Wasn't she enough?"

        Kaitlyn leaned forward, placed a gentle finger beneath her chin, and lifted her head further up. Their eyes met and Kaitlyn stared into Mariana's eyes curiously. "Lisa was enough, for a while. I wasn't worried about her, she'd found Lea, who could love her beyond belief. Although I loved her infinitely, I knew it was to take a break, to go."

        Mariana's eyes watered. "What about us? You were mother to all of us, our leader."

        Kaitlyn smiled. "Lisa was bound to be leader, as she is now. I trained her for over two thousand years, you know." She answered. "She doesn't take much stand, but she has. Like when she stopped you during that incident between yourself and Leslie." She sat back and stared at the rest of them, smiling like she used to when she looked at her vampires. "I will ask of you, Mariana, that another incident of that kind never happens again." She concluded, staring deeply into her eyes.

        Mariana closed her eyes, then opened them and looked at Leslie, who was staring at her now. She looked away from those too intense blue eyes, and took a deep breath. "Anything you wish, Kaitlyn." She whispered hoarsely.

        Kaitlyn ran her hands softly through the curly strands of Mariana's red hair. She ran her now pointy tongue over her lips slowly. "I'm rather hungry again." She whispered.

        "You were made with my powerful blood, and Mariana contains some from her blood exchanges with Lea. Your now powerful body craves for more blood to churn inside." Lisa explained, knowing Kaitlyn didn't remember everything about her previous life.

        Kaitlyn stared at her for a moment, then laughed throatily. "Oh, but I knew that already, didn't I?" She said breathlessly. "You'll have to forgive me, there are certain basic things that I seemed to have forgotten from my old life."

        "It's a miracle you remember so much." Emanuel said. "It is said that reincarnated souls don't usually remember much of their previous lives." He smiled tenderly at her, suddenly wanting to hold her in his arms.

        Kaitlyn stood, her arms open in welcome. "Then why don't you, my old friend?" She asked with a smile.

        Emanuel stood and walked into her arms, smiling broadly. "Welcome back, my friend." He said into her hair. He sighed loudly, cradling her against his broad chest. He loosened his grip on her and placed a soft kiss on her lips. The sudden angry presence arriving into the living room stopped him. He looked up in confusion to the source of discomfort, to find that it was Angelo, staring at Leslie in bewilderment. Damn, we grew restless! He thought to himself.

        Lisa stood up, Lea with her; Mariana stood also, and so did Scarlette and Leslie. Leslie stumbled backwards, sensing the deep anger, anger deeper than even Mariana's. Hatred, unbelievable hatred. Directed straight at her. She looked wide-eyed at Lisa, who was staring at Angelo intently.

        "Angelo," Lisa said calmly, sensing the uncoiling of his muscles to move. "Don't do anything you'll regret."

        Scarlette stepped in front of Leslie, ready to defend her against this vampire, was so much more powerful than she was, and who hated her also. She could see the evil in him, and she didn't know how Lisa or Emanuel ever missed it. Angelo moved forward at an unnatural speed. In seconds, Scarlette lay sprawled on the floor; Leslie didn't have the chance to move away, Angelo was directly in front of her, his eyes wild with anger. "What are u doing here?" He snarled. "You are dead!"

        Lisa stepped forward slowly, seething. "Angelo…" She said, her voice angry.

        Angelo turned to her suddenly. "And you-" He yelled, pointing a long finger accusingly at her. "You- you traitor! You told us all she was dead. You lied!" His eyes were hurt, angry.

        Lisa's eyes flashed, her quick temper rising. "I did not lie, Angelo!" She said firmly, stepping forward. From the corner of her eye, she saw Emanuel step forward, felt his body tense, ready to defend her.

        Les stumbled backwards, her eyes moving frantically between Angelo and Lisa. From time to time, she glanced at Scarlette, who was dizzily getting to her feet. Everyone else seemed rooted to his or her spots, watching Angelo carefully. Angelo's expression turned incredulous. "You didn't lie?!" He said sarcastically, disbelieving. "Then what is this?"

        Lisa's eyes were deadly, she didn't need to explain herself to any body, least of all, Angelo. But she did anyway: "I thought she was dead, just like you did. We only found her a few weeks ago, with no memory of her own."

        Angelo tensed, a deep sound coming from his throat, Leslie flinched. "You should have killed her then!" He growled, his eyes returning to Les again, deadly, telling her sentence.

        "I didn't feel it was necessary, Angelo." Lisa said slowly, closer to loosing her patience.

        Angelo frowned, read tears springing to his eyes. "Then you didn't love Lucy enough," He concluded. "Lucy would have wanted her dead."

        "You are wrong, Angelo." Kaitlyn said for the first time, stepping forward. "I would never have wanted her dead if I'd found her in the condition she's in."

        "What?" He exclaimed, bewildered. "Who the hell are you?" He looked at Les again, silently warning her not to move.

        She cowered, and whimpered quietly in her fear.

        "She is Lucy reborn in human flesh, now made vampire." Lisa said softly. "Search her mind, if u can."

        He did. And he saw the memory of the first time they'd met, heard the echoes of their voices as they conversed that night, things from that year long ago that he'd spent with them. He shook his head, as if to clear it, not believing. "You put those memories into her mind, so that you can convince the vampires, me, not to do this- this-" He was trembling violently, crying. Anger and hate seethed him. He turned to Les suddenly, and growled, reaching for her.

        Before she knew what was happening, so fast her fledging eyes couldn't follow, he was pouncing upon her. But Lisa had been faster than he was, Lucy's extremely powerful blood thrived inside her. She was in front of him before he reached Les, her arm swung out and he flew across the large room. Angelo groaned and struggled to his feet, he looked at Lisa, then at Les and his face reddened further with anger. "You betray our kind, Lisa!" He growled. Then, blind with anger, jumped towards Les again.

        And again, Lisa appeared in front of him, this time grabbing the front of his jacket and hold him in place. Angelo struggled to free himself from her grasp, and then stopped. He looked at Lisa with hate, and swung hard at her face. The fist caught her by surprise, but not enough to loosen her grasp. And then Emanuel was grabbing his shoulder from behind, tearing him from her grip. His fists landed upon Angelo erratically, hard enough to stun, to hurt him.

        Lisa hardly sprung from her shock, and grabbed Emanuel's arm, pulling him off Angelo. Lisa's eyes widened in unseeing anger, her skin flushed an unnatural red, and she grabbed Angelo once again, and pulled him up to her face. "I could kill you right now, Angelo." She growled, her lips were pulled back and her fangs bared.

        He was bloody, but his wounds were already healing. He stared at her without expression, knowing he lost her forever now. Lisa shook him violently, not bothering to read his mind. "I hope you understand," She said in heated disgust. "Leave this house, and never come near." Her voice was menacing, cold. She pulled him up to his feet, dragged him to the front door, and said: "If you return, I end your existence."

        She let him go, and watched as he stumbled through the grass and took to the air, sensing as he left the area, and then Greenland. Her senses followed him to Spain, then she completely let him go. She'd been outside for several minutes, calming down, feeling tired now. When she returned inside, she found Leslie and Scarlette crying in each other's arms. Lea was sitting on the couch, leaning forward, her face buried in her hands. Kaitlyn sat on the couch with Mariana and Emanuel beside her, holding her.

Book Two Continued in part X

Katia N. Ruiz

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