Second Chance Blessings
By D.virtue

The next day was the start of forever for Noor and Lady Xena.

“ Xena? What are you doing?” Noor asked somewhat startled by the intense gaze
Xena had leveled on her.

“ I was just watching you sleep. I still can’t believe your here, your real,
and your mine until forever?”

“ Well believe it My Lady love, Because I am definitely here to stay.
Speaking of which, I need to get up and go and make breakfast for you and me.
Do you have to work today?”

“ No.” Xena said with a smirk on her lips.

“ What’s that about?”

“ Just how thoughtful you are.”

“ All of my thoughts are about you since the day we met, and bonded. My goal
is only to make you happy and comfortable with the choice you’ve made.”

“ You mean we’ve made?”

“ I stand corrected, we’ve made. So, are you going to give me permission to
get out of bed so I can make us breakfast?”

“ Only if you promise to come back here with our breakfast?”

“ That actually was my plan.”

“ Then you have my permission. give me a morning kiss.” Xena said
as she waited for Noor to give her her morning kiss.

Noor smiled and then rolled over onto her side and leaned in to kiss Xena,
and Xena caught her held her to her. Noor moaned, and appeared to melt in
Xena’s arms. Xena she felt Noor’s submission to her.

Xena broke their embrace and Noor gasped a great gulp of air as she buried
her head in Xena’s arms due tot he fierce blush covering her body and face.

“ You are truly special beloved.”

“ I’m glad you think so, that’s all that matters. I think I better go get our

“ Yes, before I decide to have my way with you.”

“ Anytime you want My Lady.” Noor said as she rolled and Xena gave a swat to
her bare behind.

“ Soon Beloved, very soon.” Xena purred to Noor and she bounced out of the
bed and picking up Xena’s robe she put it on and although it was longer on
her, it still complimented her form when she tied it on herself.

“ I’ll be right back.”

“ I’ll be waiting.”

Noor went and prepared their breakfast , and then she carried it back up to
their bedchamber.

“ Here you go My Lady.” Noor said as she settled the tray of food on the bed
between her and Xena.

Xena sat up and moved back to allow Noor to have room.

“ It smells wonderful.” The two ate and gazed at each other and Noor blushed
most of the time.

“ So what do you want to do Noor?”

“ What do you mean? Besides find out what it’s like to be made love to?”

“ hahahahaha, my aren’t you the provocative one, to be virgin?” Xena laughed
out loud.

“ Well....I don’t know what it’s like, I’m just a little curious. Anyway,
what did you mean?”

“ I meant with your life?”

“ Hmm....I could work with you and the children, but then you would see me
all of the time and possibly get tired of it?”

“ Never.”

“ I’m pleased you answered like that.” Noor said with a sincere smile at the
woman she loved. Okay, anyway, I could.... I honestly don’t know, there’s so
many choices.” Noor then looked at Xena and with a thoughtful look in her
eyes she directed the question back to her. “ What would you truly want me to

“ Whatever would make you happy.” Xena said matter-of-factly.

Noor then licked her lips, and then looked down at the empty tray. She picked
it up and moved it to the table next to the bed, she then turned back around
on the bed and laid on her belly with her ankles crosses and rocking her legs
back and forth while she supported her head on her hands and elbows.

The gaze she had leveled on Xena was one of study and amusement.

“ What’s running through that lovely head of yours?”

“ I’m still waiting for you to answer.”

“ I thought I did?” Xena replied back with an inquisitive brow raising.

“ I know you are trying to show me that you can handle me being independent,
and I really love you for that, but I can feel your anxiety about it. So tell
me what you would truly like for me to do, and I will do it, if I think it’s
something I would like?”

“ You can do anything you like and I will be fine with it, really?”

“ I know you mean that, but I can see it in your eyes you have an idea that
you want to tell me, but your worried that I will reject it. I’ll tell you
this My Lady, even if I decide I don’t want to do it.....” Noor said as she
crawled onto her knees and then decided to straddle Xena’s outstretched
thighs and legs. Then looking deep into Xena’s steady gaze, she spoke from
her heart. “ No matter what, I will love and honor you for your
thoughtfulness, and feel blessed to have such a wonderful woman as you in my

Xena’s heart was beating a song that sent her soul soaring. Noor leaned in
and placed an affirming kiss to Xena’s full lips. Xena moaned and then Noor

Xena broke the kiss once again and Noor once again had to catch her breath.
She leaned against Xena and was instantly enclosed by Xena’s warm embracing

Noor eventually turned around and sat between Xena’s legs as she leaned back
against Xena’s chest and Xena caressed along Noor’s arms and Noor returned
the conversation back to it’s original one.

“ So....what do you want?”

“ Are you serious?”

“ Of course I am. I surprised you had to ask that?” Noor said somewhat

“ There is something I would really want you to do for me, but only if you
really want to, and even if you decide to do it, it doesn’t mean I’ll be
strict about it, but I will question, as you know I will, just because of

“ I know. So what is it?”

“ It would mean so much to me if you here for me when I got home
from work?” Xena said unsure about whether she should have even brought the
whole subject up.

Noor took her time answering, so much so that Xena became nervous and her
hands increased the caressing along Noor’s arms, and then finally Xena could
wait any longer.

“ Noor? What do you think?” Xena asked calmly, although she was cursing

Noor sat up and Xena’s hands fell to her lap as she cursed herself silently
for making the suggestion.

“ Noor....I understand If....” Xena started to say to allow Noor a way out,
but then Noor turned around and Xena saw tears in her eyes. “ Beloved? What
is it? I’m sorry I didn’t mean....” Xena said truly fearing that she had
offended her.

“ No.... I would absolutely love to welcome you home each and everyday.” Noor
said with a slow smile expressing across her face.

Tears ran down Xena’s face as she searched Noor’s eyes.

“ I love you.” Was all Xena could manage.

“ And I love you. answer is yes. I will stay here and greet you the
moment you walk into this house, with all the love I have inside of me for

Xena’s moist filled eyes narrowed, as she tried to control the flood of
emotions that were filling her heart. She pulled Noor to her and held her
tightly and whispered many words of devotion and love to the woman.

After a while Noor leaned back and said in a shy yet sincere tone.

“ So...when are you going to make love to me physically? You know we still
have not consummated this relationship yet?”

“ Beloved, as much as I want to just ravish you to unconsciousness, I am just
still so moved by you and your gift.”

“ That is so sweet. But you know I think It’s just because your afraid?”

“ Afraid??” Xena asked her brows knitting together.

“ Yes, I think your afraid of hurting me?”

“ Well of course I wouldn’t want to hurt you.”

“ I know that, but I think your afraid that you might get carried away
because of the length of time that has past since you’ve been with anyone,
and therefore, your afraid that you might release a passion on me that I may
not be able to handle, and you won’t be able to control yourself as a result?”

“ Well That is part of my major concern, but I am still moved that you have
such a gift for me.”

“ I know. Okay, we’ll do it your way.”

“ Thank you.”

“ Anytime.” Noor said as she leaned in and placed a sweet kiss on Xena’s lips.

Xena pulled her to her and then leaned back and said in a silky voice.

“ But....that doesn’t mean I can enjoy the rest of you in the meantime.”

Noor’s brows knitted and a predatory gleam came to Xena’s eyes.

“ Um...” Was all Noor had time to say, before Xena whipped her around to lay
her over the bed and she covered her with her own body.

Noor was moaning and whimpering as Xena lit almost every nerve in her body.
By the time Xena finished Noor was dazed and dizzy, and breathing hard. Xena
on the other hand was more relaxed and enjoying Noor's attempts at calming
down, as she laid in Xena’s arms exhausted, but still breathing hard and

Later the two had gotten up and after cleaning up they dressed and headed to
the Palace to see Diana and Lord Xena.

“ We’re here to see Lord Xena and Lady Diana.”

“ Yes Lady Xena, right this way.”
Diana and Xena were out by the lake talking with Gabrielle and Questra and
Ephiny and Shatara, and Elain and Charli and Jeanni.

“ My Lord?”

“ Yes?”

“ Lady Xena and Lady Noor are here to see visit you and Her Majesty?”

“ Where are they?”

“ They’re over there, I didn’t know if you wanted them to come over with all
of your other guess just yet?”

“ Send them over, it should be interesting to see the reactions.” Xena
smirked at Miki.

Miki, smiled back and then bowed and went to get the other guest.

“ Xena we’ve had a challenge made to us by the others, you feel up to it?”

“ Yes, but not just yet, we have more guest.”

“ Oh, who?”

“ Us.” Lady Xena chimed in.

“ Lady Xena?! Noor?! Welcome!” Diana said as she went and hugged Xena, and
then hugged Noor.

Lord Xena had come to her feet just as the two arrived.

“ Welcome you two, how is everything going? Or need I ask?”

“ Thank you Lord Xena, and no, you needed ask, everything is still a pure
dream. Thank you.”

“ Your welcome.” Xena said as the two of them clasped in a warriors handshake.

Noor then stepped to Xena and said pointedly.

“ Thank you for introducing me to such a wonderful woman.” Noor then elevated
herself to her toes and kissed Xena, and then she backed away back into her
Xena’s arms.

“ Your welcome.”

“ Noor, come with me, I want to introduce you to the band of people staring
at all of us, with their mouths hanging open., you too Lady Xena.”

“ I think they already know me?’ Lady Xena said with a raised brow at Diana.

“ Not the new you.” Lord Xena said sincerely.

“ Come on.” Diana said taking hold of Noor’s hand and pulling her over to the
group of women who were gathered.

“ Diana?” Gabrielle said with knitted brows as she looked at the other woman
who looked just like Diana, except for her hair having more red streaks.

“ Gabrielle, everyone, I would like to introduce you to Lady Noor. Noor, this
is my sister Princess Gabrielle, which also makes her your sister. She’s
also Queen to Lord Questra.”

“ Princess Gabrielle, I’m pleased to meet you, I hope we will become as close
as sisters should be?”

“ Noor, it’s nice to meet you, wow! Two Diana’s.”

“ I am not Diana, and I would appreciate it if you and everyone else remember
that.” Noor said matter-of-factly.

“ I’m sorry, I didn’t mean anything by it.”

“ I know you didn’t, that’s why I’m telling you now, that way you won’t make
the same mistake. It’s very nice to have met you Gabrielle.” Noor said as she
then looked to see who the rest of the people were.

Diana glanced at Gabrielle and a smirk came to her face, and Gabrielle
narrowed her eyes at Diana. Diana shrugged her shoulders and then went to
introduce Noor to everyone else.

“ Lady Noor, This is Queen Ephiny of The Amazons, and her mate Shatara the
seer of Lord Xena’s royal household, and alchemist.”

“ Queen Ephiny, Seer Shatara, it is a pleasure to meet you both, Queen Ephiny
I look forward to speaking with you about the life of an Amazon, and other

“ It’s nice to meet you also Lady Noor, and I look forward to those
conversations.” Ephiny said as she gave a nod to Noor.

“ Seer Shatara, I would also be pleased if you would allow me in your lab to
watch you from time to time?”

“ It would be my pleasure Lady Noor.”

Noor smiled at the two of them and then went to meet the others.

“ Lady Noor, this is Elain and her mate Chari, they are warriors of Queen
Ephiny's. They’re also very competitive.” Diana said giving a personal
characteristic to everyone she introduced Noor to.

Noor smiled and then said in a challenging tone.

“ Ladies it is definitely nice to meet you, and I look forward to any
challenges you may have.”

“ Well then, it is very nice to meet you as well Noor.” Charli and Elain said
with smirks.

“ Noor, this is Jeanni, she is also an Amazon, she’s from a different tribe,
but has stayed here because she hasn’t really been home to her other tribe in
years,and she met all of us and we became fast friends.”

“ Oh...yes, your the one that Lord Xena told me about, who looked at Diana
when Diana was wandering?”

“ Um....well yes, I guess, but I don’t know if I would have put it quite like
that?” Jeanni said somewhat unsure of how to answer the question.

“ Yes, I wouldn’t have put it like that either.” Diana said casting her Xena
a look of irritation.

Xena glanced away and then back at Diana and smiled.

“ Well, that is the way it was Diana, wasn’t it?”

“ Something like that, anyway, we were just getting ready to go for a swim,
would you like to join us?”

“ Thank you, but no, I think I would rather sit and talk with Queen Ephiny
and Lord Xena and My lady Xena, and who is this?”

“ Noor, This is Lord Questra, she is Gabrielle’s mate.”

“ Hmm, if I wasn’t apart of all of this, I would almost find this to be a
circus. Lord Questra, it is a pleasure to meet you, I feel like I’m in the
twilight zone, no offense, but I’m sure you understand what I mean?”

“ I understand perfectly, I don’t know if you know this but there is at least
one more out there, who looks like me?”

“ Really? And is there another clone of Her Majesty Gabrielle?”

“ No, at least it had better not be?” Questra said cutting her eyes to Lord

“ No, there isn’t.” Xena said quickly.

“ Good, speaking of which, how did all of this come about Lord Xena?” Questra
asked as she now looked over at Xena.

“ Why don’t we all have a seat, and we can fill you in?”

“ Great idea.” Questra said as she started to go and find a place to sit, to
listen to the story.

“ Gabrielle, ladies, you all remember Lady Xena?” Xena said introducing all
of them to the clone.

“ Yes, we remember her, but she was definitely no lady!” Gabrielle said

Noor turned around and went back towards Gabrielle.

“ Excuse me Gabrielle?”

“ I just said she was no lady.” Gabrielle said standing her ground.

“ Obviously there was things in the past that she has done that your still
angry about?”

“ You got that right.”

“ Well, I suggest you get over it. Whatever happened back then is not today.”

“ That’s easy for you to say, you didn’t have to see how she beat up on
Diana, or how she threaten to kill everyone of them, and those in the
household if Diana tried to escape her, you didn’t see how badly her partner,
the woman who looks like my Lord, beat Diana up, she had a broken leg, which
she had NEVER had before she came into our lives. They kidnapped both Lords
and sent them to some other time, where they were stuck to watch the abuse we
were going through with those two. She bedded Diana, pretending to be her
Lord, knowing she wasn’t!” So don’t tell me to get over it!” Gabrielle hissed
at Noor.

Noor raised a thoughtful brow at Gabrielle, but her gaze never wavered,
instead, her eyes narrowed and then she crossed her arms over her chest.

“ Well, you’ve told me a lot, you’ve told me why Her Majesty she be pissed
with Lady Xena, and no one could blame her.”

“ Right!”

“ And your anger is obviously because of the way for the most part Diana was
treated by her and the Questra, and you too have a reason to be upset.”

“ I don’t need you to tell me that.”

“ Well then, let me tell you this.”

“ Noor!” Diana chided.

“ Your Majesty, this is between my sister and me, not you, so stay out of it.”

“ Excuse me? Noor, I don’t appreciate....”

“ I’ll be right back.” Noor said to Gabrielle as she stepped over to Diana
who stood with her hands on her hips glaring at the woman.

Both Xena’s, Questra, and Ephiny all stood looking at the scene, with both
concern, and amusement at the boldness of Noor towards both Diana and

“ Your Majesty, I see why your always getting into trouble with Lord Xena,
you do have this need to protect your sister, even from me, her sister? I
find that very hypocritical, I mean either she is MY sister also, therefore I
can tell her my opinion on things, just as I’m sure you or any of these other
woman would do if they had a complaint about something she has said or done,
or she’s not my sister and therefore I will speak to her anyway I choose to
and I would not expect for YOU to intervene between us? So which is it, is
she a sister whom I may express myself to freely, or not?”

“ It’s just that you were....”

“ That’s not what I asked you Your Majesty.” Noor said pointedly.

Diana inhaled sharply, as she now crossed her arms over her chest.

“ I just think?”

“ I didn’t ask you to think anything for me, I just want to know is she my
sister the way you introduced us, or not?”

Diana’s mouth twitched as if she were about to say something, but then she
cut her eyes to The woman all standing looking for all the world like they
were afraid to say anything for fear that Noor would turn on them.

“ Fine! Yes, she is your sister.” Diana said through her teeth.

“ fine, then I would appreciate it if you will stay out of this.” Noor said
matter-of-factly, and then she turned and stepped back over to Gabrielle. “
Now, like I was about to say, You had a reason to be upset then, but what is
your excuse now?”

“ What?”

“ You heard me, why are you still upset with her?”

“ Why wouldn’t I be?”

“ said you were angry with her for the way she had treated Her

“ Yes, that’s right.”

“ Then again I ask you, WHY are you still angry with her?”

“ I don’t understand what your asking me.”

“ Really?” Noor said with some surprise. “ Okay, I’ll make it simple. If you
were mad at My Lady because of what she did to Diana in particular, and Diana
was mad at her at one time as well, how is it that you have any excuse left
to be mad, when Diana is no longer mad at her, but in fact loves her as a
friend and also, because of me, as family as well? Answer that for me, and I
will accept your anger towards My Lady.”

“ I....” Gabrielle started, and then looked over at Diana, who stood with her
eyes averted for a moment in embarrassment, and then she looked at Gabrielle
and gave a slight nod to her, telling her that what she had just been told
was true. “ Well, I guess I don’t have any grounds left to be mad at her, if
Diana has accepted her.” Gabrielle said quietly as she looked Noor in the

“ Then like I said before, get over it. Now I don’t ever expect to hear you
or anyone say anything disparaging about My Lady, she is not that same person
you all knew, she is a kind and loving woman, whom children adore, as well as
myself. I see by your expressions that you are finding it hard to believe,
well believe this, Diana willingly and knowingly slept with My Lady just
recently, do you think Diana would have done that with someone she despised?”

“ You slept with her?” All of the younger ladies asked of Diana, who now
stood completely embarrassed and on the spot.

“ Yes! Thank you Noor.”

“ And Lord Xena knew about it??” They asked again in unison.

“ Yes!” Diana said now impatient with the attention.

“ And your still alive??!!”

Diana cut her eyes to her Xena who was looking at her with you asked for it
type eyes.

“ Obviously. Anyway, the point is Lady Xena is not the same person she use to
be and I have completely forgiven her and I have great respect and admiration
for her, That’s while Lady Noor is here, if she had not changed to the
wonderful woman she is today, then there is no way in Tartarus, I would have
allowed certain obvious things to take place, but as it is now, I have no
regrets, except the indiscretion that I hurt My Xena, which by the way, for
all of your information, will NEVER happen again. Now, can we move on? I’m
going swimming.”

Diana then turned and headed for the water. Her hair flying out behind her.
Noor looked back at Gabrielle and with a raised brow she asked pointedly.

“ So Gabrielle, what will you and my relationship be based on, past events
that no longer apply, but will always be remembered, or shall we be bonded in
sisterhood, and connected as family as Diana obviously wants from the two of

Gabrielle looked at Noor, and taking a deep breath she then looked over at
Lady Xena, and then Lord Xena, and then to all of her’s and Diana’s friends.

“ If she apologizes, then I will give you my answer.”

“ My Lady Xena, can you come over here please?!” Noor called to her Xena.

Xena walked over to where the two stood, and looked between the two girls.

“ Yes?”

“ You owe Princess Gabrielle an apology.”

Lady Xena looked down at Gabrielle and then she turned to squarely face her.

“ Gabrielle, what I did to you and Diana was wrong and cruel, I didn’t know
either of you then, but as I got to know Diana, I found that she was a
wonderful loving person, who’s only thought was of you and Lord Xena and Lord
Questra. I felt a light inside of both of you, that I wanted to know more
about, but I had no knowledge of how to go about it, not until Diana showed
me, although it was under false pretenses to get Lord Xena back, the idea
that Diana loved me, was enough to make me try to change. I was determined to
prove to Diana that I was capable of it, and maybe one day she and you and
your Two Lords would hear about my work and be at peace that I was not a
threat to any of you or anyone else. I was fortunate enough to be offered a
position working as the Commander of King Jensen army, but even more than
that, he offered me a position as a teacher working with children.”

“ work with children?” Gabrielle interrupted, shocked by the news.

“ Yes, I’m a teacher.”

“ And how does the children respond to you?”

“ I think Lord Xena should tell you that?”

“ Xena stepped over to where they were standing and added the information
Gabrielle sought after.

“ They love her, and respect her. They adore her. She is loved in King
Jensen’s kingdom, and I will say although I am pleased to see the change in
her, I knew it was possible, I mean she is a clone of me, so if I can change,
why couldn’t she?”

“ Gabrielle, I am very sorry for all the pain I put you and Diana through,
and I promise you I am not the same person I use to be, I am so in love with
Noor, although I still and always will have great love for Diana, and I will
forever be indebted to Lord Xena and Diana for the gift of Noor to me, she is
my light and I will do anything to make her as happy as Lord Xena and Lord
Questra makes the two of you, I humbly ask for your forgiveness?” Xena said
standing with her arms at her side looking at Gabrielle.

Gabrielle had tears in her eyes but she didn’t let them fall.

“ I...I forgive you. Noor, I hope we will be as close as Diana and I are?”

“ We will Gabrielle, I promise you.” Noor said as she wrapped her arms around
Gabrielle and hugged her tightly. Lady Xena stood watching the two as her own
eyes filled. She averted them to avoid letting her emotions be seen so
blatantly, only for them to land on Lord Xena and Lord Questra, who were both
looking at her with raised brows.

Gabrielle returned the embrace and then she broke it and said in an unsure
voice, as to what to do next, so she decided she would go swimming.

“ I....I think I am going to go for a swim with Diana.” Gabrielle then turned
and headed for the water, and Shatara and Elain both headed with her.

Noor stood and smiled to herself and then she turned around to face her Xena.

“ I am soo...proud of you.” She then kissed her passionately, and Lady Xena
blushed when she finally broke it.

Lord Xena and Lord Questra both laughed out loud and then invited everyone
else to come and have a seat with them. Lord Xena also ordered for the
Servants to bring food out to the lake along with drink.

While Noor sat and conversed with them, Diana, Gabrielle, and Shatara, and
Elain all talked while they swam.

“ That Noor is really something?” Elain said as she flipped to her back to
float with the others.

“ Yes, she is, it’s like she looks like you sis, but her personality contains
more of your serious side.”

“ I know, but yet she’s a lot of fun, but she seems to enjoy doing whatever
it takes to make Lady Xena happy.” Diana said thoughtfully as she watched the
other women on shore as they listened to Noor, who was pouring her Xena and
the others their drinks, and then sat back down next to her Xena, and
continued to talk, and then listened while the women responded to the things
she had said, with words like, that’s right, exactly, or some other term of

“ Well it seems like she’s won over all of them over there. Shatara said
pointing to the looks, and nods of heads by the two Xenas, and Ephiny, and
Charli and Jeanni.

“ So it would seem.” Diana said as she watched how her Xena was responding to
a more serious form of her.

“ Oh....look! It’s Nebula!” Elain called to Diana and them.

“ Aha, now this should be interesting.” Diana said to the others.

“ What do you mean?” Gabrielle asked.

“ Well, Lord Xena owes Nebula, and she also owes Jeanni, and Jeanni thinks
that Nebula is a very good-looking woman...if you know what I mean?” Diana
said with conspiratory eyes.

“ AH!! Let’s get over there.” They all said as the flipped over and swam to
the shore and jumped out of the water and all of them grabbed their towels,
except for Diana who just strolled over to the other group of women just as
Nebula arrived at the group.

“ Nebula. “ Diana said as she went over and gave the woman a hug of welcome,
despite the fact that her swim outfit was quite revealing and Xena’s eyes
gazed along the length of Diana’s watered speckled back and behind.

“ Diana, it is so nice to see you again.”

“ Yes, it’s been too long.” Diana chided playfully.

“ I won’t let it happen again, things have just been real busy, and it
finally quieted down.”

“ No trouble I hope?” Xena said as she came to her feet to greet the woman
also, and take hold of her Consort, in a discrete matter.

“ Oh, No, it’s just a lot of land issues. How are you Lord Xena?”

“ Very well, thank you, and yourself?”

“ Fine, thank you for your concern.”

“ Well I do consider you a friend.” Xena said honestly.

“ Nebula, let me introduce you to two people?”

“ Alright.”

“ Princess Nebula, This is Lady Noor. Lady Noor this is Princess Nebula.”

Nebula’s eyes went wide when Noor stepped up to her.

“ By The Gods, she looks just like you?”

“ I know she’s....” Diana started to explain.

“ Hello, it is a pleasure to meet you Princess Nebula, and your right, I do
look like Her Majesty, but who else would I look like seeing how I came about
the same way My Lady Xena did?”

“ Lady Xena??” Nebula said with her brows knitting deeply at Lord Xena.

“ Yes, me?” Lady Xena said from behind Nebula.

“ YOU??!! are you doing here?” Nebula asked completely in
shock at seeing the clone once again.

“ I’m here because I was invited.” Xena answered simply.

“ Invited?? By Who?”

“ Us.” Diana and Xena both said.

“ You?? But why? Why would you invite her to be anywhere near you, or this

“ Because we have forgiven her, and she is no longer the cruel woman she use
to be, she has literally done a 360 degree turn, and I love her as family as
I love all of you.” Diana said as she walked over and brought Lady Xena over
to where they were all standing looking at the completely shocked Nebula.

“ So....your all.....she’s her....”

“ Yes.” Came Noor’s soft voice. “ They have all accepted Lady Xena into their
family, she is now loved as you are by all of them.”

“ And your..?”

“ I am Noor, Lady Xena’s mate, and yes I am a clone of Her Majesty, but I am
far from being Diana, I have my own likes and dislikes, my own personality,
and while I admire Diana, and love her as a sister, I am not her, and like I
have already told everyone else, I hope I will not have to repeat that.”

Nebula flinched by the directness of the young girl, but then she had to

“ I understand, and I will not make the mistake again.” Nebula said sincerely.

“ Then again, it is a pleasure to meet you.”

“ And You too Noor.” Nebula said as she raised a thoughtful brow at the girl.

“ Don’t forget Nebula, she is mine.” Xena said with both a light tone, and a

“ I certainly will not forget that, even if I forget many other things, you
can be sure.”

“ Then I hope that you will accept my apology for my past behavior and know
that, that Xena is buried deep and will not reappear?”

Nebula looked at the outstretched hand with suspicious, and glancing over at
Lord Xena, and then at Gabrielle, and then at the other women, and finally at
Diana she saw Diana give a slight nod of her head as her eyes lowered to Lady
Xena’s outstretched hand. Nebula inhaled and then turned her eyes back to
Lady Xena.

“ If my friends can forgive you, especially Her Majesty and Princess
Gabrielle, then who am I to hold a grudge, Although I could because of what
you did to me personally, but I won’t!” Nebula then clasped her hand with
Lady Xena’s arm and Xena in turn did the same and they agreed to let the past
stay in the past, with a warrior’s handshake.

Lady Xena smirked at Nebula, and Nebula wasn’t sure how to take it, but then
she smirked back, and Xena smiled.

“ Okay.” Xena said as they broke their clasped hands.

Noor then stepped up to Nebula and said in a very gentle tone.

“ You are a very wise woman, I can see why Diana admires you. Thank you for
opening your heart to My Xena, you will not be sorry that you have so
willingly taken a leap of such faith.” Noor then gave the confused woman a
hug and a gentle kiss on the lips.

“ I trust my friends, and if they see a change so drastically in....Lady

“ Yes.”

“ Lady Xena, then I trust thier judgment, and I am willing to give her a
chance. Besides, if she has such a person like you in her life, then she has
got to be a changed woman.” Nebula stated factually.

“ Like I said, you are a wise woman.” Noor again said with admiration.

Nebula smiled at her and gave a friendly caress to her cheek, and Noor
Blushed slightly. Nebula then smiled brightly, and then her eyes meant with
someone she had yet to meet.

“ And who is that?” Nebula asked of no one in particular.

Everyone’s eyes traveled to land on Jeanni, who was standing slightly back
from everyone else, just gazing at the Pirate. Lord Xena’s mouth curled in a
conspiring fashion as she glanced at Diana who was looking at her with the
same look.

“ Well this shouldn’t take long.” Xena said with her mind to Diana.

“ I know, it looks like they have made a connection. you want to, or
shall I?”

“ Oh, I WILL Definitely do this one.” Xena said with her mind and then spoke
up to make the introduction.

“ Princess Nebula, this is a friend of mine, Jeanni, she is an Amazon warrior
as well. Jeanni, this is the caramel woman in the picture, Nebula of
Summaria.” Xena said pointing out to Nebula that the woman had already been
told about her.

“ Hello, it’s nice to meet you....finally.” Jeanni shot back at Xena for
exposing her.

“ The Same, I’m sure. So your and Amazon?”

“ Yes.”

“ So how did you come to meet Lord Xena?”

“ That is a long story, but maybe I can tell you about it sometime?” Jeanni
said with a steady gaze at the woman.

“ I would love that. It should be an interesting tale, I’m sure, considering
how most of us came to know Lord Xena?’ Nebula said with a wry smirk to Lord

“ Alright now. I’m going to sit back down, and the rest of you can do what
you want. As for you Diana, Xena said swatting her on her backside firm
enough to make Diana yelp. “ Your coming with me.” Xena said as she waggled
her brows at Diana ever so discretely.

“ Your kidding, right?”

“ Am I.” Xena replied as she wrapped an arm around Diana’s waist and turned
and walked back over to where they had all been sitting and taking one of the
blankets, she covered Diana’s body with it, although one of her hands
discreetly stayed with in the folds of the blanket.

“ AH!” Diana gasped as Xena’s hand uncovered her breast and then covered it
with the palm of her hand where Xena changed it to a mouth, and it begun
sucking on the now tightening nipple, with want and desire.

Diana looked at Xena with both surprise and desire.

“ What are you doing?” She asked with her mind.

“ Enjoying the taste, among other things, you can be sure.” Xena replied in
the same matter. Then she licked her lips, and then she made the mouth on her
palm bite into Diana’s producing nipple.

Diana buried her head in Xena’s chest to cover the shriek that erupted from
Diana’s mouth at the sensation. She moaned into Xena’s chest and Xena hugged
Diana closer to her as she felt the woman’s body begin to shiver, Diana
continued to moan ever so quietly, and Xena, continued to take her fill of
her love, unbeknownst to everyone else except Lady Xena.

The two Xena’s eyes meant in mutual understanding, mainly on the part of Lord
Xena understanding that the clone was feeling Diana’s highly aroused state as
well, but she knew that she had nothing to worry about anymore, now that Nor
was in her life.

Soon Diana was allowed to experience the ecstasy, and she sighed into Xena’s
chest as she faded into the covert release. Xena sent Diana a private message.

“ I’m impressed, you didn’t let on. “

Diana was still breathing harder than her normal breathing, but she sent the
thought back to her.

“ Are you ever going to let go?”

Xena laughed out loud despite the conversation was suppose to be a private

“ Well you just let on.” Diana said turning her head so that she could look
up at Xena and then she looked out and saw Lady Xena and a few of the others
all looking at her with raised brows.

Diana swallowed hard, and then went to sit up to face all of them, but then,
just as she thought she was going to be fine, Xena let go of her nipple
abruptly. Diana gasped outloud unexpectedly,a and they all laughed. Diana
turned her head to give Xena a hard look, but Xena had a look of amusement on
her face at the blushing young girl.

Diana looked back over at everyone and not being able to hide the afterglow
of her skin, Diana simply smiled and reached for Xena’s plate of food and
begun eating.

“ Diana, it was beautiful, one day I’ll be fortunate to experience that for
myself.” Noor said honestly, and with sincerity.

Both Diana and Xena stopped eating at nearly choked on their food.

“ W.h.a.t.??” Lord Xena asked with a drawl and amusement.

“ You two haven’t .....?”

“ Matter of fact, we haven’t, I wanted to speak to you Lord Xena about

“ Of course.”

“ Can we take a walk?”

“ Certainly. If you will all excuse us.” Xena said as she stood up along with
Lady Xena, and the two of them walked away from everyone else.

Diana then moved over to where Noor was sitting, seeing how everyone was
paired off, even Jeanni and Nebula were paired off, oblivious to everyone
around them as they walked in the opposite direction of where the Xena’s had
walked, and Ephiny and Shatara were feeding each other, and Elain and Charli
were over by one of the trees nearest to the lake, with Charli teasing Elain,
as Elain leaned back against the tree and Charli leaned against it with her
shoulder, holding her up. Gabrielle and Questra were talking about everything
that was happening.

“ Noor, I’m surprised that Lady Xena and yourself have not consummated your
relationship yet, is everything alright between the two of you?” Diana asked

“ Yes Diana, we’re great, it’s just that My Lady wanted to know if my body
could reform my virginal state anytime she wanted.”

“ And if your not able to, then what?”

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